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>>523642114concerned gape

>>523642114I don't think that's how trees work

>>523642584what are marshes

>>523642584Shut the fuck up, moron.

>>523642584>I am a huge faggot who has never heard of mangroves please rape my faceRead a fucking book.

>>523642734>>523642681>contradict itself already>things all trees are oaks.


Stardew is one of my biggest buyers remorse.


>>523642114wrong kind of trees

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new area(s)? Is the unused northen cliff ever gonna be implemented?


Are they going to fix the garbage rating and cooking system?

>>523642114but you could already fish in stardew?


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>>523643682nice edit faggot

>we live in a world where trash like stardew could overtake harvest moonFUCK

>>523643723Thanks, it took me a while

>>523643768Didn't Harvest Moon kill itself with shitty sequels and publisher shenanigans?


>game doesn't have an endingwhy even play this trash

>>523643768maybe if HM wasnt vastly inferior

>>523643682Those shitty reflections give away this is fake.

>>523642584The most stupid retarded post of 2020 belongs to (you)

>>523643869Story of Seasons is still good. >>523643939Stardew is fucking trash, m8.

>>523643768HM went to shit bro. It failed to innovate and became a mobile oriented cash grab.

>>523643939Stardew has super bland character and the town itself is dull. It's fucking awful.



>>523643723>>523643887deez nigguz neva been to soth cackalacky

>>523643768>not a rune factory chad

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>>523643921Literally all of these games don’t hav an ending. Cope harder

i played a ton of 1.0 the very first version that came out, like 70 hours but i didn't beat it. i've been meaning to go back to it but the thought of doing like 15+ hours of fishing again... idk.. i like the fishing in the game i really do but it would be a lot of retreaded ground to start over

>>523643953>>523643723>>523643887You're an idiot

>>523644231Retard spotted.

What's wrong with stardew compared to Harvest moon?I have not played Stardew yet.

>>523644080>Look up Story of Seasons>It's on Steam>£42.99You'd have to be an absolute retard to buy this compared to Stardew.

>>523643682A google search literally shows your image un-editted in the 3rd picture!dont f*cking lie to us user!

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>>523642114what super nintendo game is this?

>>523644196Only way to enjoy Maru

haven't played since 2016, i'll give the update a go why not

>>523644702>A mangrove is a shrub or small tree that grows in coastal saline or brackish water. >SMALL TREEtherefore a tree

>>523642114New area?I haven't played it since last year, it doesn't look like any of the current farm types there is, some sort of Marshland area?

>>523644469could you redditers shut the fuck up already? your pretend e-argument is cringe reddit shit

>>523642114Just make a new fucking game already.

Can you fags stop shit posting about trees in water and explain what the fuck OPs image is about?

>>523644873He's already making it, though it is still years away

>>523644196>Not using the Kemono version.

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>>523644883A new patch/expansion for Stardew Valley that has flooding in it. No idea why retards are going on about mangrove trees.

>>523644883New area apparently

>>523644830This "pretend argument" is sarcasm to make fun of those who think trees can never be in water.(They dont even need to grow in water either. sometimes water overtakes the area the tree grew in, and some trees handle it just fine)

>>523645002Not interested in anime girls with different skin colors

>>523642584High IQ post.


>>523645002>still recognizably same kind of furshit, but only 5% as niggerbreederishWhy are western furries so much worse than folded ones?

>>523643138It's like 20 bucks at most

>>523645002I love me some kemono bitches but those portraits are ugly.


are you guys actually arguing about some fucking pixel tree in a videogame? lmao

>>523645002They look like anime girls instead of kemono

>>523643682>>523644469That's obviously CGI

>>523643138It's a really good time sinker the first time you play, but it does get repetitive after the second year, not much to do once you got Grandpa's letter unless you are going for completionist shit

>>523643682That shit doesn't exist IRL retard.

>>523643682Fantasy retards are some of the less imaginative people alive> How about we put TREES in the WATERSeriously I feel like I'm in semen cooked d&d campaign

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>>523642114climate change?

>>523645359At least it's different from the usual arguments about gender, porn, consoles or epic/steam for once.

>>523644934he is? what game?

>>523643768Harvest Moon is just a shitty Stardew Valley ripoff.

>>523644196where's the cunny mod?

>>523642537under 8-ted

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>>523642537i dun geddit

Call me when I get to marry the milfs, otherwise this shit is an inferionr rune factory and a mediocre harvest moon


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>>523645713We don't know, he just said in a interview that he was already working on a new game but it would still take years to release it

>>523645132shut the fuck up furry faggot

>>523642114Oh my god, a chair!


>>523650592cringe furry faggot

>>523650439I'M MAD


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>>523644368Nothing, SW is vastly superior

>>523650869This is decentI want to marry Sandy

>>523650869>That RobinJust

>>523650903Stardew Walley?>>523651034It's my favorite reimagining of the characters because it's not really a reimagining, just drawing them in various silly ways. Only thing I'm on the fence about is replacing them replacing the wizard's cowboy hat with a slouch hat.

>>523650629cringe weeb faggot

>>523651136at least I don't want to fuck my dog

>>523651195>not wanting dog pussycringe

>>523644368SV is bland as fuck and lacks charm.

>>523642114Are there ducks in the game now?I don't remember and I played it a long time ago.

Abigail > Leah > Penny > Emily > Haley > Maru

>>523651249Why are you like this?

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river farm is best farmcome @ me hilltop fags>>523651416abigail is garbageleah is also garbage

>>523650869>that canthal tilt

When is he going to add polygamy?

>>523651475Because I want

>>523651475the pitbull owners are usually democrat voters though. especially the women ones.

>>523645002>normalfags didn't throw a shitfit about lolifurReally makes you think.

>>523650869i like how all of them are at least slightly changed except clint, who is just clint

>>523651609Oh no no no no bros

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>>523642584the most i've laughed in a long time. thanks


>>523651416Abigail looks like she's supposed to be the default choice.Leah is a basic bitch who drinks wine, does kitchy art and probably considers herself a "foodie".Penny is a breeding sow, not a person.Emily is a loon, but nice and has a feminine hobby. Not sure if danger hair is real danger or just wacky Stardew genetics.>HaleyMaru is a half nig and her 10 star event is fucking stupidSoEmily > Abigail > Penny > Leah > Haley = Maru

>>523644469KEK you can still see the watermarks on the ground texture

Stardew might be the most overrated thing I’ve ever played.

>>523651783So does this thot have some nudes or something

>>523651863Emily is boring and kind of a whore.

>>523652019You're kind of a whore and you don't see me bitch about that

>>523644264Christ man, stop falling for the bait.

>>523651863>clint's ugly used goodsKEK

>>523644196kill yourself

>>523652071>Implying clint isn't an incel virgin because Emily friendzoned him harder than that girl you liked in high school.

>>523650869>anime-style portraits for stardew that actually look gooddamn what mod?

>>523650869Gus is looking pretty checked out man. He's got that thousand yard stare going on.

>>523651960>LeahWhy couldn't they turn her into a farmer as well? A cow girl farmer who had been living by herself the entire time. I thought that what I was going to get with her, not some city dork who moved to the countryside because she couldn't take the art world and muh boyfriend wanting me to succeed.

>>523644469>f*ckingkill yourself


>>523652382He's the bartender, man. Can you imagine having to listen to all the personal problems the freaks in Stardew blather on about every evening?

>>523643682Dumb fuck

>>523652536>k*ll yo*rself

>>523643802t. God

>>523652443I thought her boyfriend had boundary issues?

>>523652747I don't remember. I thought her boyfriend basically kept pushing her to make art for money or some shit.

>>523651960Abby is the default choice because vidya games, her gifts are easy to get even early on, the player sees her probably every day just by visiting the general store, and big titty goth gf memes.>Not sure if danger hair is real danger or just wacky Stardew genetics.Almost assuredly genetics, given Caroline's green hair, the Wizard and Abby's purple hair, etc. Emily is a loon but magic is also real so it's 50/50. More worrying is how she's apparently a devout religious person who also does weird pagan rituals on the side and those weird red eyes in her portrait.

>>523652657Everything about his expression just screams 'Kill Me!' I blame Pam.

>>523652443>some city dork who moved to the countryside because she couldn't take the art worldthat's what the player did except they couldn't take the white collar world instead

>>523650869What mod

>>523653024>That's what the player did.Shut the fuck up about my self-insert.>They couldn't take the white collar world.Being stuck in a cubicle is suicide tier.

>>523653075Not a mod, so far as I know. Don't even have a source, just saved it from here.

>>523643887>>523643723>>523644469I live in Louisiana and you guys are fucking retarded. I seriously can't tell if you're baiting.

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>>523652947>be inna bar>cooking some mean spicy zucc>bar is empty most of the day>townspeople come filing in>drunk lady isn't paying her bill again, mayor and Marnie are eye-fucking each other so hard the paint is peeling off the walls, Emily is dancing behind the counter and summoning some ancient forest god, no one is buying a damn thing>new farmer runs in at mach 5, gives one cup of coffee to every person present, runs up to the counter, runs away from the counter, and hides in the back room playing Junimo Kart for 7 hours until passing out where he stands

>>523653335If you cant tell they are baiting you are a fucking retard, newfag, or most likely both. Dumb fucker

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>>523642584Blessed post

>>523653335I literally picked a picture of dirt that kept the watermark on the dumb can you be?

>>523653335That water looks fake as shit

>>523650869That dude does good shit.

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>>523642114I wish I could wipe my memory of that game so I could play it again for the first time.

>>523650869not bad/10

>>523653702>Christian crucifixWRONG

>>523645002They look like children

>>523642114Soulless shit.



>>' Portraits

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>>523654019>SophiaThe worst part of SVE.

>>523644873this star dew is so boring

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>>523642114There is not a single species of deciduous trees that grows in water in combination with beach sand as soil. t. Dendrologist

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>>523651783>>523651475women will fuck anything i wonder how long until we start having human dog hybirds

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>>523642114That pixel art looks good, for a NES game.

>>523644469thats clearly a dark souls 2 screenshot

>>523644146based. I wish there were PC Rune Factory releases

>>523644469What a masterful shitpost

>>523654364I don't think it's beach sand, the game just has a really fucked up color palette in general.


>>523654259I like the design and that custom portrait, unfortunately.

isn't stardew just a less unique harvest moon?


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>>523654736She's shit and no cowboy hat will make me like her.

>>523654019Such half assed sprites. If you're going to do such a bad work blending things with each other why not simply doing cartoony art instead.

>>523654364By your logic there is not a single species of goblins that roams in caves or shadow people fighting a secret war against Dwarves underground for centuries.

>>523643768Seriously. Stardew valley has no soul

>>523651398Always have

>>523653702Is Harvey worth it? I'm thinking of making him a girl because the doctor angle is hot, but what is his shit like in the first place?

>>523654804>She's shitYes.>no cowboy hat will make me like her.Now hold just a minute. Studies have shown that girls with cowboy hats are 10/10 boner inducers. You don't have to like them.

>>523644196it's hard for me to choose between cats, dragon and a fox, fuck

>>523644196>>523645002Yiff in hell, incel.

>>523655021>Studies have shown that girls with cowboy hats are 10/10 boner inducers.But the alternatives include girls in plate armor.

>>523655097Furries unironically have more sex and disposable income than most groups. Its weird, but a fascinating aspect of their social cultura.

>>523651863Hey thats my wife you're talking about.

>>523655097first time on Holla Forums?>incelwelcome to Holla Forums, user, enjoy your stay.

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>>523654841As far as I know that is correct.I am also german and have no humor.

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>>523653702Bros. I wanna absolutely fucking DESTROY Maru vaginally for the purpose of procreation while fem Sebastian watches in envy while touching herself

>>523652443Its kinda sad the boyfriend probably loves her that even when he comes back and tries to get her back is so heartless. The guy probably did it to get with her again. He keeps sending her messages just to get her. But she ignore him and gets with Eliot why are women so heartless

>>523642114Cool, now if only he can stop nerfing everything to make everything take longer that'd be nice. 1.4 ruined a good bit of progression.

>>523655350>Shadow people don't exist and their genocide against the Dwarves didn't happen.You need to go back to Holla Forums

>>523655245>disposable incomeTechnically correct, but that's largely because their hobby is literally all they spend money on outside of necessities.

>>523642584see everyone will tell you trees do grow in water but i might be the only one to say so far that trees don't fucking grow on sand literally except of palm trees

>>523655617He was kind of being a douche about it, desu. Its the way he went about it especially since her dream wasn't to be stuck in the city like a wife/do art only for profit.

>>523655097>user doesn't know

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>>523642734>live in a swamp>get mad not everyone is an ogrelmoe cuck

>>523642584Do you not know what a fucking cypress tree ist. floridafag

>All these Southerners ass ravaged nobody cares about their backwood flooded terrain people fly over.

Boy i cant wait for another update that breaks every single mod again

>>523656081No, you can't just update the game with new free content! What about the heckin' modarinos!

>>523642584Dangerously based retard


>>523655245>fucking your chubbo acne mate w/ bad dragonz>sex>embarrisingly spending your neetbux on said dildosThat's a yikers from me virgin.>>523655312Since 2006 tyke, keep lurking.>>523655830Oh no, I do know how fat you are and I think you get milked enough by society for me to let you go w/ your tailplug between your legs lmfao...

>>523650869>that ElliotIt's shit

>>523655932I know there are women in Cypress Grove, does that count?

>>5236564191\10too obviousbetter luck next time

>>523656758Kthnxbai, Johnny, sorry you let the family dog perma-fuck your head up.

>>523644368Nothing. It's just HM fanboys who hate anything that isn't HM.It does some things better than HM, and some things worse. It is the same shit more or less. If you like HM games, you'll like this. Unless you are a fuckboi that is.

>>523656886trying so hard, but theres something to it2/10 this time

>>523656963>mutt literally fucked the muttGot a diaper fetish too, Johnny?

>>523643682What did GOD mean by this??

>>523653519He's from state known for their anti intellectualism. Of course he's dumb.

>>523642584to top it off, these are fictional trees

>>523657004nah you lost me0\10whats with the johnny stuff anyway, that your dads name?not even the furry youre talking to, funny you assumed that right away though

>>523654259Why do people have such a raging hate towards that character?

>>523654416>women will fuck anythingExcept the average user.

>>523657221Trying to compensate this hard lmfao...>n-no I didn't!!1 n-not to Lassie n-no way!!1Fucking hell, Johnny boy, you're a mutt through and through.

>>523657314delete this

>>523657231Too many tropes in one. Her big character reveal (dead parents) can be spotted from a million miles away the first time you explore her house and every time you meet her she's always crying and the text box just describes her crying and she's all moping and sad in the graveyard. Oh, but she's also a happy cheery Wapanese girlfriend who loves anime and cosplay and tea parties, and she also runs her own enormous vinyard single-handedly that also happens to be famous across the state if not further. And she has bright pink hair to boot.

>>523657639really losing it now ehdog rape you when you were a kid? or was it your dad

>>523644469It saddens me how many people in this thread failed to realize this was a joke.

>>523642114>comfy little duckies happily swimming in the wateryey

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>>523658059>your dad, your dad!>you must be 18 or older to post hereKEK it was you who raped the dog, Johnny! Lmfao!

>>523651783sauce on this whore?

>>523658395you should let johnny gothe accident wasn't your fault

>>523645351But do they grow in sand

>>523658523your standards are THAT low?..

>>523658857Now that you've been thoroughly assblasted are you going to take that pent up anger out on the family dog, Johnny?

>>523642114I just started playing this game, would I need to make a new save to get the 1.5 changes?

>>523645176I can list probably 1000 better games for 20 bucks or less

>>523659024sure, why not

I bounced off Stardew Valley when it came out due to a constant feeling I wasn't "playing optimally" or missing shit. Maybe I was just being retarded though, is there actually stuff you miss by playing completely at your own pace? pls answer

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>>523658941Not pure sand but a lot of river sand is mostly silt made of dead plant matter and shit Sediment deposition motherfuckers go back to elementary school

>>523659151>is there actually stuff you missNo

>>523659151mr peanut butter hits rock bottom

>>523659151i played it for a week straight but when my farm got big enough that all i did was plant, water and manage animals it it became kinda stressfuli just wanted to relax, and theres always no time and i always pass out

>>523652536dumb r*tard

>>523659151There is nothing that's missable due to not playing optimally anymore. Keyword being "anymore."There's an event that occurs at the start of year 3 where your grandpa's ghost evaluates how you've played. You can find a big list of stuff on the wiki to see how exactly he grades you, it's a whole points system thing. You get a good enough score, you get a statue that gives you 2-8 free Iridum Ore daily. This used to be only a one time thing, but an update made it so you could more chances by giving Diamonds to grandpa's shrine.

>>523642584Let me correct you:*I don't think.There you go, champs

>>523659286kek>>523659225>>523659429>>523659610thanks anons, I'm going to give it another try.

>can't fuck KrobusThis game is bullshit.

>>523658382they're incredibly cute

>>523659429It's all up to you though, you could plant less, build sprinklers, or only grow reoccuring crops so you don't have to replant all the time. You won't make as much money, but you don't always have to go absolutely balls to the wall every season. And there's always winter, that takes farming off the table except greenhouse.

>>523650903>>523656915>>523644368>NothingHow about how the game has zero likeable characters? How it's ugly as fuck? How the game's events are all stiff and without charm? The expansions and automation to the farm does nothing to mitigate any of its flaws and some of the additions even detract from the core experience. And instead of adding cool things such as more new things to do with your animals or aim for with your crops it just devolves into a fucking soulless factorio set-up so that you get more time spend on the bootleg rune factory ripoff parts of the game or the awful characters that if it wasn't an objective to achieve you'd never want to interact with them ever because of awfully they're written. Stardew Valley really is absolutely fucking terrible. It took almost everything that was good about the games that inspired it, ruined it, and then packaged it one of the ugliest packages I have seen a game presented in. And then it became a huge success because it got a PC release and the real games didn't. And normalfags can't be assed to emulate or own a console.

>>523659938i knowit just snowballed and i dont enjoy myself anymorei havent played it for several days nowlinus was right

>>523654934 Kindhearted nerd with plane watching hobby. Unfortunately all the spouses are super underdeveloped aside from maybe Emily and Abigail. You can count Shane as well but marrying him literally relapses him which is hilarious.

>>523642584Confirmed for never going outside

>>523653772The upside down cricifix is also a Christian crucifix. It's the cross of Saint Peter.

>>523660113If all else fails DL the tractor mod. That shit makes big farms a breeze.

>>523659118t. Johnny the dog fucker

>>523660473but neither exists in stardew valley

>>523643410Yes, muh reality is so much more important than soul making shit look nice.

>>523643768To be honest, maybe it kind of deserves it. I'd played SoS ToT and A New Beginning for a while and it's just kind of boring. The stamina is all too limiting for anything to be fun and the dating isn't satisfying when the characters are essentially talking to a brick wall.Stardew Valley isn't that good either, but it at least has the appeal of mods to improve or shove more content into the game and also multiplayer.Please lord let RF5 be good

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>>523644469god dammit

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>>523651960Maru is the best actually since she's the only one without some major issue

>>523644732Home Improvement

>>523661892What's Abigail's issue?

>>523662098Gaming addiction

>>523660095>How about how the game has zero likeable characters? >How it's ugly as fuck? >How the game's events are all stiff and without charm? All these things apply to Harvest Moon

>>523659151There is no need to "play optimally". The game is generous. There's no reason to feel guilty for "wasting" a day just talking to villagers and giving them gifts.

>>523642584Big brain

Has anything actually been added in the last 2 years to make this game worth of going back to? Please, the Rune Factory 5 wait is killing me

>>523659068>1000 better games Please go ahead

>>523659151The game is both extremely forgiving and extremely generous. Move at whatever pace you want.

>>523661608You will not fool me, demon. I doubt it's coming in 2020, but there's no reason for me to not think they're simply behind schedule with the whole pandemic.

>>523643682>this nigger posting swamps

>>523650869For me, it's Gigi's portraitsThough there's no image with all the portraits on the mod page

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>>523662172Surely you jest.

>>523645159Because they tend to be part of the same mindset as those who make that uncanny valley 3DCG bullshit as well as those who make walking simulators and think you can victim blame a doorknob.


>>523659151DF, the stardew valley youtuber slept through a year of the game sometimes. It's kind of insane how loose you can play the game.

>>523663052>have only one fish to catch to complete the community center>only appears in winter>it's springGuess I'll sleep for 3/4ths of the year

>>523642584The problem with the replies to this post is that it only seems stupid out of context. Obviously taking the assets at face value, they make no sense. It's just lazy on the dev's part.Holla Forums is like 90% illiterate so the replies are predictable I suppose.

I love Penny!

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>>523661892Being a half-groid is a bigger issue than all the others combined.

>>523650869These aren't bad, but they're pretty mismatched. They go from western to 80s anime to 2000s anime to Animal Crossing.

>>523653772A crucifix has Jesus on it.


Has anyone actually ever played on of the different map types? I know default is by far the best, but I was wondering if any of the others are decent.

Attached: Riverland-Farm-588x480.jpg (588x480, 95.71K)

>>523642584Some do.

>>523664463I did that forest farm and it was pretty good, but I'd rather the default in future playthroughs. Forest you can still put buildings down where you can't grow stuff so you don't lose too much.

>>523643437Mangroves are trees you absolute mongoloid.

I've messaged them to tell them there's a typo twice and it's never been fixed

>>523642584by any chance, are you american?

>>523664463The mining and foraging ones are good. River is bad and Monster is terrible.

>>523664463I've literally never used the default big empty one. I'm boring, it's boring, it's a bad combo. So much empty space. It's more fun figuring out how to plonk buildings and farmland around the terrain of the other maps and they're a lot nicer looking to boot.

>>523642114what game is this?

>>523664463I played the river farm. It looked nice enough I suppose but there wasn't any space to put shit.

>>523642847you're probably dead by now, but if you see this message know that you're a complete fucking retard

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is stardew valley even any fun

>>523642114Wow... trees and ducks... we won bros...

>>523665160fake trees

>>523642114I like how this guy has been giving us free patches since the game dropped and never changed the price

>>523665016it's a good relaxing game, but if you're looking for something with more action, then go elsewhere


>>523665016It's fineI didn't like it until I stuck like 50 mods up its ass, but it was pretty decent by then.

>>523665323this is what happens when you can make a game without a greedy publisher swooping in and trying to milk every cent out of a product as possible. in a word : S O U L

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>>523665393I played Switch a couple years ago because it's practically built to be played in short bursts on the train or during lunch. What did I miss out on?

>>523665016Honestly not really worth it, only probably if you are a min maxing autist like me, but outside of that, the game is completely lifeless, there's barely any interaction with the npcs, even the hearth events are like 10 lines of dialogue each, and even when you reap the goods of your min/max autism, you realize that the only thing you can spend your money on it's more things to min/max, but then you realize you have millions in cash and nothing worthy to spend it on. Mods make it a ton better though

>>523664463I used the Wave Farm Mod from Nexus to spice things up for once. I now am trying to fulfill my dreams of creating my Tahiti Mango and Banana farm

>is better than Stardew in literally every wayNothing personnel kid

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>>523665393>>523665542Any recommended mods?

>>523665542>Honestly not really worth it, only probably if you are a min maxing autist like meironic considering people consider this game to be the ultimate comfy casual experience


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>>523664463my main playthrough was on river farm. it was awesome. i had the different island delegated to different stuff, and it was fun having to squeeze the most out of your alloted space. 10/10 recommend it also its the most visually pleasing one.

>>523665016I’m enjoying it so far even though these types of games aren’t my thing.

>>523665808just read the guy's post, it's obvious he's a bit of a fucking idiot, so i'm not surprised that they're saying game isn't any fun yet they continue to play it and hang around sv threads

>>523664463>>523665898oh and i also bought everything in the game, i made solid cash and i never felt penalized for chosing that map with regards to how much money you make.

>>523665770Stardew Valley Expanded's neat

>>523665763>No mods>Can't marry the dragonPass.

>>523642584Based bait. Worked great.

>>523645039You have to go back

>>523643682where are the ducks?, fake

>>523644043The big thing is it filled the empty niche of a HM like experience on the PC. It really falls on the HM devs for not seeing the potential market and filling it.

how are there tree's growing on sand while submerged in salt water

90% of posts in this thread isn't even about the game.

>>523665016It's comfy as fuck. It's what I wished HM would become. The downside is the social elements are lacking and you have to mod the NPC portraits so they aren't ugly.

>>523664463The problem with the river map is that the fish you get out of it will never be as good as spots outside your farm. So the main 'benefit' in picking it is... literally not even a benefit.

>>523666024That doesn't really help the minmaxing and lifeless parts, though.

>>523642584He's right, they are clearly not mangroves. That is not how those trees work.

>>523644469based effortposting

>>523664767>I'm boring, it's boring, it's a bad combo.This guy gets it. The other maps are great if you don't give a shit about trying to make your huge plot of dirt look pretty.

>>523644196>insect anthrosFucking ruined

>>523665016no. its pretty much mobage


>>523651960>Hating on the only character with character development.

>>523665507Mod wise, most notably SV Expanded, since that does exactly as it suggests. Expands the game. Last I checked up on it they were trying to add more long term content which is very good for a game that pretty much ends after year 2. The Looking for Love mod also couldn't hurt since it just adds more marriage options.Other stuff can include Canon Friendly Dialogue Expansion, NPC Map Locations, Fast Animations, Auto Animal Doors, Better Sprinklers, Lookup Anything, Stack Everything, Skip Intro, Fishing Overhaul, Chest Label System, and Deep Woods.Harp of Yoba is also fun but a bit overpowered.As for my recolor/portrait mods, I'd used Gigi's portraits, Vintage Interface, and Starblue Valley. I also had a mod that let you change the look of each of your individual buildings on the fly but I forget what that's called and I don't see it in my folder.

>>523666075hi ronnie

>>523643768How ironic, Harvest Moon has been nothing but trash for the past 20 years. If anything Stardew Valley saved the whole genre.

>>523664463forest and mining maps are cozy

>>523653335I'm from Louisiana too

>>523667052i'm sorry to hear that.


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>>523665763>betterNope. Still damn fun though, fapped a lot to the nurse and Xiao Pai's mom.

Who's the best husbando and why is it all of them

>>523650869I like this, but there's something about it that makes me not want to use it. The style just doesn't jive. Props that they covered all characters and expressions though. It's annoying seeing great portrait mods only to realize they only cover a few characters and your game becomes some frankenstein mesh of styles and sprites.

>>523644196Why do animals have fucking haircuts

>>523645791Where we all fall

>>523666740>OK so I like this guy, time to do a 180 even though he never does anything that would push me in this direction

>>523654483underrated post

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>>523646020You don't get to marry the milfs in RF or HM though either ;_;At least in SV there's mods for that

>>523651960>Penny is a breeding sow.Yes.

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>>523667706I mean, she's good if you like to fuck animals, but that's it.

>>523667459>and why is it [krobus]

>>523644021>>523644080>>523644371It hurts so much

>>523664463I actually used the big replacement farm map connected to the SVE mod. It's actually really solid as a map. The only real issue I have with it is it's too big. It gates progress and space availability well, along with other bonuses like a mining style cave with mineral drops, a responding hardwood stump spot, and a storage shed with strategically placed rocks and stumps, organically increasing space as you play. Of course, with the initial available space you can already become a millionaire, so if it were just a bit smaller it would be fantastic.

>>523665770Avoid Stardew Valley Expanded, its not worth itUse smaller Quality of life mods and graphical mods instead

>>523667459It's the wizard

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>>523659151>>523661359>>523667453Blessed images

>>523667927>that image

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>>523660957In all honesty, it really should be distinct from the rest of the trees. Slapping a normal tree into that situation just looks kind of weird.


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>>523642114OMG YOU CAN SIT IN CHAIRS JUST WHAT I ALWAYS WANTEDMassive social and marriage/family life improvements when?

>>523642114>Still can't marry and have Krobus as your roomateIts shit

>>523667906Like what? I installed Starblue and the Tractor and that's about it. Also some weather stuff because weather is neat.

>>523667430Why what's wrong with Louisiana.

>>523668448because where would krobus's room go to make room for the spouse's roomkrobus is great and all but i don't want a stinky green sewer room in my house anyway

>>523667906>Avoid Stardew Valley Expanded, its not worth itWhat's the problem with it other than undershit?

>>523664775nobody, seriously? can't be expected to know every fucking game by screenshot.

>>523643682>>523642584>>523643410i mean, the dude could do a sprite for water tree so it could fit in the area

>>523668489Seasonal Villager Outfits are neat however they don't play well with custom portraits.Use Chest expansion mods like Chest Ex or MegaStorage if you have storage issuesTheres other stuff like shortcuts and other cheaty stuff like autofishers and auto crabpot and animal sitter

>>523668760That screenshot has everything you need to learn the title in one search.

>>523644196good to know this game is shit already

>>523668591ElsewhereIt's not like that's the only wall in the house>>523668760Read the thread retard

>>523668945Theres also cheat mods for the ingame games like that prairie king and minecart one

>>523642114I have been staring at this image for a while now, and I still can't be sure what the update is adding. Sitting on chairs?

>>523669086>some furry autist makes a mod>this means the game itself is shitalrighty then

>>523656419>yikersWhy do people still use words that they used as children past adulthood?

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>>523668945>Seasonal Villager Outfits are neat however they don't play well with custom portraits.yeah, i had to open it up and disable some outfit swap shit for it to play nice with stardew fatty

>>523669407It's par for the course.Holla Forums is full of niggers who hate Undertale because muh fanbase.


>>523669462Because they're easily influenced by South Californian trustfund idiots

>>523669462How autistic do you have to be not to notice that this is b8 and low quality b8 at that?

>>523669462Because nobody would be able to say anything without a thesaurus otherwise and it'd be completely incomprehensible.

>>523669605I did notice it's was a bait but does it matter?

>>523669462No one ever used that as a child. It's meme ironic fuckboi speak because thats popular on reddit and twitch so faggots copy it.

>>523642584people are saying low iq but these trees are literally growing on sand

>>523643768>You can only like one thing forever even if the predecessor has ditched much of what's made itself so high-quality, fresh and fulfillingInnovation and evolution happens, I guess. That's like saying we might as well just stick to the same energy-swallowing inefficiency of lightbulbs 60 years ago because they came first.

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>>523668489Automate improves qol immensely for large farms, especially if you spec into artisan and plan to crank out ton of wine.

Does anybody know where these portraits are from? I installed it years ago but can't remember what it was called, and the site I pulled it from doesn't list it.

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>>523651783sauce pls

>>523665763>can't marry the single, thirsty, and clearly attracted to you cougarsFuck this game

>>523651475That's bullshit. We all know it's at least 40%.

I played the crap out of Stardew 2 years ago. Anyone go back and play again? How does it hold up? I have never replayed a Harvest Moon/Rune Factory game before (besides Friends of Mineral Town but that had about a 15 year gap between playthroughs).

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>>523670857Uhh theres a fish pond and a few new heart events and krobus can be your roommate