So, this is the power of RTX

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>>523640736>soi>even in the filename

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>>523640736Am I the only one who thinks screenshots look worse than the actual game usually is?

>>523641183Yes games usually look better in motion.

>>523641183>>523641240this is from gameplay

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Don't care, still buying Cyberpunk2077

>>523641312that's the price of daytime >>523641392nobody cares shill

you might be a little too obsessed with this gamei advise re-evaluating your life choices


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>>523641664mind = blown

>>523641664it looks awful

>>523641664fuck, that looks good, but i really don't want to have to buy a whole new mobo/cpu/gpu/psu combo

>>523641295>>523641664It's so fucking dead looking


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>>523640736Guess what? I'm still buying it.

Good to see the ps3 still getting support

Those are PS2 graphics

Why does this game make Holla Forums SEETHE so hard?

Cybertrannies on damage control in 3... oh wait they are already here.

>>523642013also why does Holla Forums not realize what youtube compression is

>motion blur>outdated models


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>>523642013Success breeds jealousy

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The constant anti-Cyberpunk spam on Holla Forums has convinced me to invest in a gaming PC for the first time and buy Cyberpunk 2077


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>>523642013it triggers the ultimate contrarian hipster within some people here. Not saying this game doesn't deserve it though. This game has a braindead following, calling it a masterpiece, even though it hasn't even been released

>>523642331JFL at PC keks buying 3080s to play this trash

>>523641664looks worse than GTA4

>>523642408Not so obvious, bigot sandwich.

>>523641860Yeah, it really sucks that it will probably look like ass on my old PC.

>>523642013Name 1 game that doesnt make Holla Forums seethe

I don't know if it's chromatic abberation or shitty TAA but something makes this game look like it's slathered in vaseline.

CD Projeckt has been commended for their impressive graphic fidelity in the past. If the visuals in this don't quite meet their usual standards, I would assume it's for the sake of performance and gameplay. I'm fine with that.

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>>523640736>those fucking garden chairs again


>>523640736RTX isn't the problem, it's every other filters to hide bad textures.Most games with realistic graphics needs to do it unless it's CGI.

>>523641664the witcher 2 on low looks better

>>523642461What are you talking about? I will buy a 3090.

why does this game look so much worse than Witcher 3? Is it that hard to make one city?

>>523642461my autistic friend who plays overwatch and minecraft all day is spending thousands on a rig for this ps3 looking ass game

>>523642013>>523642382>>523642408>>523642013CD project Red was one of people's favorite developer after TW1 and 2. It felt like they had an original touch to their games, this game was shown before The Witcher 3 ever came out. So knowing their third person priorities and unwokw writing, there was high expectation. But after 7 years greed, money, popularity and a handful of changeovers in the studio has made them unrecognizable and once what was thought as going to be a based cyberpunk genre video game now looks like it could easily be outdone by another developer in the future that wants to do an open world Cyberpunk game.Atmosphere is so lackluster compared to what we thought we were getting in 2013, characters/designs are atrocious compared to what we thought we were getting in 2013 and the music choices are terrible. Huge degenerate focus on the trans/sexuality, no gender slider shit when other praised cyberpunk media never focused on that to be liked, obvious downgrades and features being canned from left to right, and then you finally arrive at the first person only point of view which nobody expected when this game was first shown off and nobody for the most part still likes that they're forced in that position.

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>>523642727I can tell that your a jealous of him.

>>523642701Blur bloom lens flare fog etc

We've done these big hyped releases before. This game is going to be mediocre. By Holla Forumss standards it will be irredeemable garbage.

>>523642701W3 was made for the pc primarily then ported to consoles It's the opposite for cp2077

>>523642740>I played the game and totally know what i am talking about.

>>523641392good goyim.

You know modern game is complete shit when the biggest leap the industry can make is shinier wet surfaces. No AI improvement, no better environment destruction, no dynamic weather that affects gameplay, no nothing.


>>523642864>Holla Forumss standards

>>523642932With VR we're getting close to having actual waifus, that's all I care about.

>>523642932>dynamic weather that affects gameplayFlight Sim 2020

>>523642780>jealous of a person who spends hours playing overwatch per daynah, you're imagining shit.

>>523642740don't forget that most of the people that worked on the witcher games left the studioand they got replaced by former bioware diversity hires.why do you think that most of the info that got released was about being able to put a dick on a female character and all the other trannie stuff.instead of actual information about gameplay or graphics

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>>523641295is it just me, or do the shadows still look blocky/square-like, like low-med shadow settings usually look like?

>>523642932Play BOTW

>>523642701Chromatic aberration abuse, but this is just pre-launch black shilling.

Rtx onNpcs off

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>>523642701and it's embarrassing because the video from which the screenshots are taken is supposed to show off how good the game looks

>>523643153BOTW is AA Far Cry/Skyrim. Get over it, yeah it was the first time since OOT that Nintendo put some efforts in making a game but it's not impressive vs the whole industry.

the game literally looks terrible during the day. Were the night-time cyberautists correct all along?

>>523643356>NPC responsePlay the game.

Did CDPR just get hyped up and filled with diversity hires? I fail to see how they could have this long and come up with shit like >>523641664 and >>523642331

>>523643418Sorry Timmy, the last Nintendo console i owned was the SNES and i'm not interested in games for the 10 years old audience anymore.

>>523643561At least you admit you dont play the games you shit talk so thats a step on the right direction.

>>523642701true, you can take any random screenshot from tw3 and it would look better than any cyperpunk screenshot out there

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>>523643280and usually official screenshots looks a lot better but even they look cartoony and generic

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>>523641295>>523640736>>523641664it doesn't look great unfortunately... I really hope the end product will be good

>>523640736Looks like a pic from fallout 4.

>>523642331something definitely ain't right, the textures on the van look like the low LOD version.I have a bad feeling about cyberpunk.

>>523642606>, I would assume it's for the sake of performance and gameplay. I'm fine with that.They sure haven't show this to true in trsilwrsy

>>523640736>all that smeary/blurry shitYIKES

>>523643987I play FO4 regularly and you're right LOL. At least it's going to be better than FO4.I'm not delusional and expecting a stars citizen deal.

>>523642740>>523642013Most of them were hardcore witcher fans, and are angry about where cdpr have been going and the companies changes. You cannot truly hate something unless you love it first. The opposite of hate is indifference.


Looks great to me

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Is it only the 1% of PC players having a problem with visuals in a game?Keep in mind that CP2077 needs to run on the launch XBone.Also Switch, never ever unless it's 15FPS at 360p

>>523643651>>523643786my pic of witcher 3. the talent is gone

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>>523642331why is that wheel a fucking hexagon?

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>>523644409>heavily modded

>>523643987holy shit youre right, that's what this game reminds me of

>>523644382Turn off the chromatic aberration

>dont care, still buying cyberpunk

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>>523644194>At least it's going to be better than F04Ehhh, F04 has mods, which improve the game a lot, whereas im pretty sure cyberpunk will not. Jurys still out on whether or not it'll be better than fallout 4. If we're not counting mods, then yea, definitely better.

>>523644409and the great thing about TW3 is it looks even better in motion, the trees moving n shit

>>523644527actually I am running a few mods here I forgot, but it's not heavily modded by any means. The vanilla game still looks good.

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>>523644382Still pisses me off how they did Johnny dirty like that. Dies like a bitch and the boss doesn't even really care, whereas when Carlos died he went on a one man killing spree and fucking made the dude that killed Carlos kill his own gf without realizing it. SR2 boss would have ripped the town to shreds and anyone involved if Johnny got taken out.

>>523644598I mean it's going to be more of a RPG than FO4.I'm thinking of Fallout NV but on a larger scale with a Cyberpunk theme. Also Cyberpunk 2077 is doing the same mistake as Fallout 4 with a voiced protag and the lines you choose to speak isn't what the protag says.Witcher 3 have that problem too i think.

>>523644713Remove Geralt and adds a fpp sword, you'd think of a modded TES4 picture.

>>523644981>I mean it's going to be more of a RPG than FO4.this can't be true >Witcher 3 have that problem too i's not a problem because geralt is a character in the story, a well written one too, not some generic cybertranny. Though the witcher 3 isn't a true rpg

>>523642932Blame the corporate suits that demand maximum profit. No wonder people are playing more and more indie games

>>523645172>shitpostingFallout 4 barely have any skill checks and Cyberpunk 2077 have shown quite a few so far.Geralt is an autist with powers and what's wrong with reading the words that you're going to speak out loud?

>>523644981I doubt it'll be anywhere near as good as FNV, especially if its true a lot of key talent has left cdpr, but it'll be interesting if nothing else. And yea, it'll be more of an rpg than fallout 4, but without mods thats not exactly a high bar to cross kek.>it's not a problem because geralt is a character in the story, a well written one too, not some generic cybertrannyI don't think you're canonically a tranny, not to mention depending on your opinion of cybernetics you'd have to say the same about the Major from Ghost in the Shell. There are some hints the Major was born a male but chose a female shell to use, or at least briefly used a male shell as well.

>>523643247they confirmed theres less NPCs at night



>>523640736>>523641295>>523641664Why is everything so blurry in modern games. I miss sharp looking pc games

sandy shores looks like THAT?

how do you go from this to that >>523641664

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why is every fucking screenshot blurry

>>523645659why tf is that lmao its supposed to be cyberpunk. everyones out at night in a cyberpunk future

>>523645953>why is every fucking screenshot blurryDevs love motion blur and think it makes their shitty work look "cinematic"

>>523645770because my son, thats a screenshot of a video. If you actually played games you'd notice that games do look sharp.

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>>523645964it depends on the area according to them

>>523645632It's not going to have the freedom of NV but it'll be closer to NV than 4, hopefully.We all start as a random mercenary called V is all we know so far.I know some delusional autists expected to RP guitar hero or need for speed hot pursuit etc but the RP aspects is the choices you make and how you build your character with skills and attributes.

>>523642331The power of RTX™.. How It's Meant To Be Played™ ..

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>>523646170So it's another adventure game with light rpg elements

>>523646253RTX is going to be the new buzzword for the next few years i see.

>>523645940diversity hires

>>523640965lmao dude

>>523640736>>523641295God I hate TAA so fucking much

>>523644427Enter the cyberpunk

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>>523641664Love it when what's supposed to be concrete looks like plastic off a Hot Wheels playset

>>523646063I wish...

If this game gets 10s or 7s it doesn't matter.This board will be a complete shitshow during November.>Cyberpunk 2077>9th gen consoles >2020 elections

>>523641295>this is from gameplay>posts another screenshot

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>>523647356>covid round 2 >RTX cards

>>523647575>zen 3>rdna2 gpuswhat an exciting end to a year

>>523647550it's a screenshot from a video showing off graphics, no excuses

>>523643118They're calculated to be blurrier the further they are from the object casting it, like in real life. Shadows at ultra settings in games are usually unnaturally sharp.

>>523647752>Yes games usually look better in motion.are you even reading the posts you are replying to?

>>523645770Post processing. You'll probably be able to turn it off when your actually in game, they leave it on in the previews for the "cinematic experience" and to cover up for mediocre graphics.

>>523640736Wish all this waiting was for another Witcher instead

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>>523647868It looks like shit regardless of motion, do you need a webm? it's a screenshot from a video showing off graphics, no excuses or coping here

>>523648037Fuck Witcher and let Geralt die already.Whatever next fantasy game they make needs characters creation.

>>523641295Nice GTAV mod

>>523648181kill yourself

>>523648252empty and lifeless

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>>523648462No u

>>523648475So playing as a nomad is playing as an illegal immigrant?

>>523641295In b4 that faggot from that thread the other day that attributes ALL blurry post-processing effects to anti-aliasing.


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Post yfw your still buying it

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>>523648612no since you pass the border check, but you are smuggling an iguana so Arasaka corp stops you after you pass the border.

>>523642932Capitalism is unironically the problem but you won't hear brainwashed zealots decrying it.Video game developers are pressured by technology companies like intel/nvidia etc to adopt their latest gimmicky new processing-heavy technologies like ray-tracing, hairwerks etc to get people constantly buying the new gpu/cpus etc.

>>523646854OK Mr. Genius. The car is moving.

>>523641664>using this as promotional material for your grossly overpriced, grossly underwhelming product

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>>523648960>your cybertranny can't even grammar, why am I not surprised

>>523648873Not our fault you're still using the same monitor since 1995 user. That's a shitpost btw.Yea it looks blurry, thanks for the consoles "fog" or whatever PC players calls it.

>>523648991I see>An iguana u wot m8

>>523649220Oi mate! Ya got a loicense fer dat iguana?

>>523640736Why the fuck have textures gotten so bad in modern games?

>>523648475honestly this screenshot looks kinda good, entire city is covered in fog and only the neon signs peek out of the thick cloudassuming that's the city and not just shit reflections or something

>>523640736>>523641295>>523641664>>523642331>>523643786>>523644548Oh my God this is trash. This is tragically awful looking. That stupid "RTX ON :DDD" meme in the corner is just a cherry on top. They legitimately think this looked good enough to market with. And cucks are unironically getting scammed for literally thousands of dollars to get the newest intentionally botched meme grafixx card in order to run THIS ugly unoptimized fucking dogshit on medium-high settings.

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>>523649026Concrete doesn't look like that in motion either

>>523649518let retards waste money on cards . at least it makes cards go down in priceits not like games ruining it for everyone , and we can't do anything agaisnt that

>>523640736that would look exactly the same without RTX

At this point I would be surprised if the game turns out somehow enjoyable. It looks like a total clusterfuck

>>523649517Those aren't neon signs. Those are holograms that go way above buildings. The actual buildings are much smaller.

>>523649639Wrong, it wouldn't have glossy cars that look like they just came off the factory floor and floors that look like they were freshly waxed with pixelated reflections that look like they're rendered at 480p.

>>523649764for real?

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>>523649518RTX is the new meme.What's worse is Sony/MS shilling this for 9th gen consoles.


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Real questionIf a game has badly implemented ray tracing then how is that RTX's fault?Isn't it up to the developer to make an effort to implement it correctly?

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>>523650189Can you even impletement raytracing wrong?All it does is calulate lighting on its own?

>>523640736>>523641295>TAA>Motion Blur>Depth of field>Volumetric fog>Chromatic Aberration>.jpgAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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>>523650356The core ingredients for when you fuck up the actual assets of the game so you need to cover them up.

>>523650189I'm a consolefag and always thought that rTX and ray tracing was done automatically by the hardware.While most games have baked lighting, godrays and lens flare. ???

>>523650295I think there's more to it than that, if it was that easy the api could be imported and nothing else done


>>523640736Don't care. Still pirating Cyberpunk

>>523643118Oh you mean how real shadows look?

>>523640736>All that blurring and chromatic aberation

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>>523650509Thanks for your concern user

>>523645770post-processing, PBR, parallax, TAA & way more polygons

>>523650440It's upto the developers when it comes to making good use of hardware in their games. RTX cards allow for really good ray tracing but if a developer doesn't take advantage of that, you get Cyberpunk

>>523650434>turn all the blur settings off>game looks absolutely terriblegame devs... please...

>Here's your graphics bro!

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>>523650772I'm screwed regardless since i'm going to play it on a 2014 PS4 because fuck the PS5.

>>523650983the unedited pic isn't much better desu

>>523642740We still don't know if it's shit yet, that has yet to be seen

>>523643786>stools on the left clip into the floor because devs were too lazy to raise them in accountance for the higher floorthey didn't even fucking try

>>523651072It's not like cross gen games look much better on newer shitboxes anyway

>>523650983Blacks with straight blond hair in 2077. What is this?

>>523651171nice spotting, hawkeye

>>523651171Fucking hell you're right lmao

>>523643786What the fuck is wrong with this image quality?why is it so blurry? is this an officially release screenshot?

>>523651321I am pretty fucking autistic when it comes to clipping

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>>523649220its part of the contraband that you need to smuggle in for a client which Jackie helps you with. Turns out that contraband is a live iguana and "valuable corporate property". Its probably how Nomad V can afford an apartment in Night City.

I wish this game had more RPG mechanics. More customization for the player character. I don't mind voiced dialogue for NPC's, but it shouldn't happen for the MC. I don't understand why it has to be so basic and generic.It looks so dull. A tabletop RPG wish so much customization made into the most generic looking action game imaginable...Why can't I choose to be a person that doesn't want implants. To be completely human. There are NPC's like that in the game. We've seen them in trailers and gameplay videos.And why does the combat look so generic and dull when you've literally removed all the RPG mechanics??? Shouldn't there now be more of a focus on that?

>>523651171[Perception 10/8]

>>523646532>the new buzzword for the next few years i see.mate those cards have been out for well over a year.

>>523649518who told you its unoptimized you memeing faggot

Somebody please post a screenshot of the game that doesn't look like trash. Seems like we'll be needing to purchase new GPUs to render games that don't look superior to older games like GTA V and Witcher. You bet I'm keeping my 2070. Runs flight simulator just fine at high settings. t. certified intellectual

>>523652349The fact that it looks like complete and utter dogshit while requiring meme shit like DX12 and a 1080ti for 30FPS

Don't care. I'm still buying Cyberpunk 2077.

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>>523652497>DX12 and a 1080ti for 30FPSthat was months ago the final optimizations are being finished now, and it looks fines for an open world

>>523652770>B-BUT IT'S IN BEETAAAAA>B-BUT THEY'LL FIX IT2 delays btw

>>523652901there are no betas for this faggot the game is in development

>>523652974"It's a meme you dip" Also i'm sure the delays are related to console issues, especially for the launch Xbone and PS4.These machines are old and struggle to run open world games in general.

>>523652617here he is, nobody cares faggot.


>>523653190ps4 struggled to run witcher3 idk what magic they had to do to make 77 run on that trashcan

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>>523651171>>523644275How does it just keep getting worse

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>>523643110>most of the people that worked on the witcher games left the studio>got replaced by former bioware diversity hiresgot any source to back up that claim?

Is it terrible youtube compression or does it really look like shit even in promo videos? Witcher 3 promo videos and screenshots looked fucking amazing.

>>523653760it's good to not reply to obvious bait grasshopper

>>523653412Lowering textures as much as they can where you don't look at them mostly.It's going to run fine in the wasteland area but downtown wihere more NPCs and objets rendering will be a 15FPS experience.

>>523653779it looks like shit everywhere, except maybe in night time, for strange reasons

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>nvidia gimmick shitwho gives a fuck

>>523653779Youtube does compress their videos to shit, but there's more going on here.

>>523653865I was serious though, I only started working at CDPR two years ago but I didn't knew we had that many ex-bioware employees

>>523653760Do you really think he does ? There is only 21% of employes not from Poland.

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>>523654210>only 21%>onlyLe 79% face

>>523654210>key diversity detailsbruh

>>523654337nie zesraj się :>

>>523654546Go clean some toilets, polakenshill.

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>>523643786The game is probably running with some kind of TAA and an internal resolution of 1080p upscaled with DLSS. It looks really blurry.


Why do so many on Holla Forums prefer to just bag on games before ever playing them? Is it just sapping the enjoyment of others? I have trouble believing so many are invested in simply protecting the consumer's interest.

>>523654698DLSS upscaling looks better than native now

>>523643843>really hope the end product will be goodHope will only lead to disappointment and despair.

I swear the marketing team at CDPR must be trying to sabotage this game from within or something.

>>523654786>PewDiePieStill making videos about MC instead of starting a family with his wife.What's wrong with this Sweden faggot? To answers your post, no one because the game is already hyped enough everywhere.Keep in mind that e-celebs have in-game cameos and imo that's fucking gay.

This game came out 9 years ago and looks more cyberpunk than cyberpunk

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>>523654786Jesse CoxSince he's in the game

>>523643014We already have the tech, problem is most of the shit we have are porn posers, and VR probably won't become as popular in Japan because the Japs are known to get motion sickness even from regular FPS games.

>>523648475this looks fucking awesome. i wanna go on a cyberpunk road trip, bros

>>523655180will you give it a rest with your pissfilter trash already

>>523655278That's a s o yboy voice actor if i remember correctly.I hope these faggots aren't essential NPCs and we can delete theim from the game if named NPC corpses despawn.

>>523655408Just play Rage 2

>>523655095Stop believing this shit. Digital Foundry said that for Death Stranding because it fixed with pixelated mess of the hair rendering but you get less detail in other places. Here’s a more objective analysis of native/dlss/cas in DS.

>>523654786YongYea, obviously

>>523640736That's the power of game devs being fucking stupid and deciding to release the game on the ps4 / xbox when it's coming out at the end of the life of that generation and in doing so completely hindering what the game could have been. Fucking shitbox consoles.

>>523655428All cyber 2077 screenshoots itt looks like piss to me too anyway

>>523655585This, they've wasted an entire generation on this game.

>>523655475 >Rage 2 What a disappointment, open world killed that game for me because the FPS part was good imo.

>>523655609get your head out of the toilet then, 77 doesn't have yellow pissfilter unlike the garbage you posted

>>523655469>voice actorlol nojust an e-celeb Youtuber cuck

>>523655585the game is getting nextgen update for free

>>523655116This game has too much sexual freedom which heavily conflicts with the interests of all sides of the political spectrum. Too gay and flamboyant for the right wing but too sexualized for the left wing.

>>523655967fuck the political spectrum I'm here to play fun games

>>523655469/v/, what do you think his very personal issue is?

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It looks good.

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>>523656159Someone stole his cyberdong

>>523656068hell yeah brolove me some non-political fun vidya

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>>523656160>all pictures at nightreally makes you think

I bet I can run medium settings at 60 fps with my RX 580.

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>>523656159got robbed, needs his pants back from robbers and V comes to the rescue

so can any car be driven by the pc?

>>523656258>tfw PCchad>tfw going to mod it to be night/raining 24/7

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>>523656393You don't need a mod for that just 'meditate' to the desired hour of the day like it has always been.

>>523655967What exactly has been sexual about this game asides from a meaningless setting in the character creator and that one tranny add that made them seethe because muh fetishization

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>>523656159His cybercock is malfunctioning and is about to explode. I suppose you can leave him there.

>>523656482Might as well mod the time if I am going to mod the weather.

>>523656527>gang of prostitutes>most fem npcs are half-naked chrome assesyou must've missed a lot of game info or you are just asexual

>>523655787I can already imagine the quest.>Be Jesse "the cuck" Cox>Asks the protag to cuck his wife>Ok boss>Gets permanent STD on your status bar>Bully him for more eddies >Asks the protag to fetch s o ylent at the nearby store>Do it>Gets negative street cred as a rewardKill him and butcher him in-game and return CP2077 to the store.

>>523651293the future bigot

>>523647708I'm excited for Zen 3: probably gonna scoop one up for my build.Less so about RDNA2. I've had an R9 290 for years but AMD has lost the GPU war: I just hope big navi makes Nvidia release extra VRAM versions of their cards

>>523656160Looks worse than GTA5

>>523656715Okay, so you have prostitutes forming a protection ring for themselves due to the power of augs (makes sense) and tranny poster. Is that it? You are also mad at girls dressing punk in Cyberpunk?

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>>523640736>>523641295Looks good. Can't wait to play it.

>>5236572433070ti has already been spotted with 16gb of VRAM. There will probably be a 3080ti with 20gb.>>523657271>Lying on the internetOkay

>>523640736>>523641295>>523641664>>523642331>>523643247>somehow looks worse than Astral ChainLmao. Cyberpunk my ass.

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The YongYea quest >Be Yong the ding dong >Tells the protag to fetch an autograph from Kojimasshole >Do it for 100 eddies and a (R)eddit lecture on microtransactions >Herro do u rike it completed>AAAHHHHHH >100 eddies have been deposited

>>523656527Wasn't there some information somewhere that said you can have sex with most NPCs in the game? Also the tranny ad is what the twitter warriors were complaining about

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>>523657351Im not mad at anything, don't change the subject the game has sexual themes and that is a good thing for me

>>523657478fuck off with your purple tentacle monsters weeb

>>523642013/v/ are extremely anti towards popular gamesBecause most of Holla Forums just play Skyrim with coomer mods every day and cant cope with the fact that they have shit taste

>>523657681Looking forward to see Judy ride me in cowgirl and see her tits bounces while she's moaning in Spanish.

>>523657471>3070ti has already been spotted with 16gb of VRAM. Yeah exactly. I expect the higher VRAM versions to drop in early 2021. I just hope that when big Navi comes out the base models get discounted by like 50 and the high vram 3070 is still ~500

>>523657681Having sexual themes is different from having too much, which was originally implied.

There better be an option to disable motion blur.

reminder that there is still no 60fps footage despite all the nvidia shilling

>>523658958>modern AAA trash>60 fps:)))

Rage 2 - not a good game, but damn does it have great non-RTX lighting/shadows, and runs great.

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>>523642408same i'm also going to invest in a sex change

>>523641664Looks like GTAV

>>523658107the entire thing that started this query was that it wasn't sexualized much

>>523658751probably not if you play on a console

Reminder that you can't take game stills as any indication of how the game actually looks and feels while playingIf your game doesn't have squash-and-stretch then it's going to look like shit in real life even if it makes some screenshots look weird

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>>523660238whats 'squash-and-stretch'

>>523640736I don't really care that the graphics are meh, I'm more butthurt about the cut features and the butchered art direction.

>>523660446Shit gets squashed and stretched to help visually convey movement

>>523641295Why does CDPR love chromatic aberration so much?

>>523642740you copied all this from somewhere didnt you?

>>523661298you need the ask the entire industry, some faggot introduced this visual aids years ago and everyone has been putting in their games ever since, thank fuck you can turn it off in most games

Is there a standard and then a special edition for this game? All I’m seeing is standard and then straight to collectors.

>>523660446he's crying about cartoon animation, he's a retard

>>523662369you get current gen and then update for nextgen next year that's it

>>523655786Take CDPR's Red cock out of your mouth user.

>This much chromatic aberrationfeels like I'm in a shadman thread

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>>523641664even Saint's Row 3 was less empty than this

>>523643786damn deus ex HR looks like that?

>>523641664I just don't understand, why do all surfaces look so smooth? the road, the car, the walls what the fuck were they thinking?

>>523664063Ill take it out only to shove it up your ass.

>>523664903probably because smooth surfaces are less performance intensive, the game has to run on 2013 hardware after all

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looks so fucking blurry and image quality is so fucking shit.what the hell are they doing?

>>523643525this is 100% the diversity hires faultthe EXACT same fucking thing happened to Intel, so no wonder they got absolutely FUCKED by AMD.

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lolwhy is it that the only upcoming big tripple A game with fucking CLARITY and sharp image quality is Halo Infinite of all games despite it looking fucking mediocre otherwise.


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>>523665673who smeared vaseline on my glasses

>>523642606the only truly visually impressive game they've made in witcher 2. witcher 3 was downgraded to hell.

>>523641295>roundabout with two or three exits>random fucking wilderness in middle of cityJust tells me again that CDPR's environmental artists suck dick.

>>523665673see >>523651171faggot


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>>523665945see >>523643247>>523645659

*blocks you're path*Leave cyberpunk to

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>>523665786>Noooooooooooooooooooo a setting i can turn off in the options menu this is white genocide!! SJW TRANNY DIVERSITY HIRES!

>>523666157>more people outside during the day than at nightwoah.. shocking


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>>523666278>>523666394cope tranny

>>523644409>bigger downgrade than any ubishit game>HURRRRR THEY WERE SO TALENTED BACK THEN!!



>>523665276they fixed that sharp edge

>>523666762>>523666892>be trans>have a complete mental breakdownwhat a surprise

>>523666183you can't turn on the stupid yellow lighting but I guess that's a design decision


>>523640736Why does it look so fucking blurry?

>>523642331>reflection on the hood of the car and the road is different from the fucking light sourceThere's no ray tracing happening here, I think it's just GI.

>>523667286sjw: everyone is hitlerincels: everyone is a tranny

>>523644427They should have hired Jack Black instead of Keanu Reeves.

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>>523645770It's fucking TAA. The only way to get rid of that bullshit is TAA sharpening and the only game I've played that had that option was dishonored 2.

>>523668648TAA sharpening isn't even that good, it creates that weird grainy effect

>>523668751Oh I agree. I used it for Dishonored 2 because any lower AA option still had tons of jaggies.

>>523641664>6 years old>early ps4 title>unreal fucking engine 3>prebaked lightingJust kill everyone involved in this piece of shit. From cdpr to the rtx shills, the biggest scam ever.

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>They went for the TAA memeI better be able to upscale the resolution. It's the only way to fix the TAA in RDR2 as well.

I want Cyberfunk please

So what is the deal with lighting in games like Witcher 3, GTA V and now this where is just hurts the eyes and rough as fuck edges on everything where you can see the pixels and it all just blends into a visual noise soup?

>>523666892>YOU HAVE TO POST CHERRY PICKED BAD ONESWeird, considering both cdpr and nvidia cherrypicked them for promotional material


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>>523669495>upscale the resolution

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>>523642331the textures are horrible

>>523657478looks like shit

>>523670384you know what i meant

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>>523670273What's the meme with RTX? It literally looks like lighting i've seen in 7+ year old games, but makes the game run much worse

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