Why aren't handheld PCs more popular bros?

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>>523640605I haven't put down my GPDWin Max since I bought it. This thing is a fucking wonder machine

>>523640605still not powerful enough

It's just a shittier version of something you can get for the same price.

>>523641357show it then

>>523641268Whatcha been doing on it bro?

>>523641396>show a laptopWhere do you live?

because AMD hasn´t released a ZEN3/RDNA2 SoC yet.

I can't post about GPD products because I get called a shill.

>>523641416I bought it for PS2 games, but I have dedicated one of the drives to modded games. Currently playing tale of two wastelands, but I have been playing modded Fallout 4 for a while now. I am so surprised that it works so well.

>>523640605Shit battery and not comfortable to hold

>>523641484Is it nice to hold, does it burn your hands off like the Win1 does? I hated how hot the win 1 got while playing games

>>523641486I think the GPD Win Max has solved both of those issues.I still wish it was smaller, though. I prefer the smallness of the GPD Win 2 above anything else the Max did right.

>has to use integrated graphics due to small form factor>goes with Intelretarded chinks

>>523641549It's okay to hold. Not as bad as you would think from looking at it, but not comfortable after an hour or so. It doesn't feel hot at all though, because your hands cover the hot bits like the 1 and 2

>>523641651*don't cover the hot bits

Playing Dreamcast ports on a portable system is the bee's knees.

>>523640605They, as most of PC gaming, is way to expensive for the underage.

>>523640605I'm addition to the loss of power it's a clunky set up. It's better to just get a dedicated handheld.

>>523641906This and the Nintendo fans on this board get really self-conscious about better handhelds.

>>523641972What does Nintendo have to do with this?

>>523642082The post you just replied to EXPLAINS it. Can you not read?

Because it doesn't fill any specific need, too small to use comfortably for long periods, too big to fit in a pocket. If you're gonna carry a bag for it anyway might as well bring a 13" laptop.

>>523642247safe to say you have never used one.

>>523641268How are the ergonomics. Seems like it would be hand camp central like the 3DS.

>>523642320It's actually not that bad. After an hour or so you start to feel the weight of it though

>>523640605>most people find sub-13" screens impractically small as-is>half the horizontal space for an attached keyboard>would require enormous power draw for even a relatively future-proofed device, effectively making it non-portable except for nominal amounts of time>essentially would do everything a high-end laptop does worse, besides fitting in mommy's pocketbook>>523642315enlighten us, please

>>523642315Had an eee, it was cool for like 2 days then it became a pain in the ass to use, same with tablets

>>523642445>enlighten us, pleasewhat do you want to know? I have one of these fuckers that I got from China, so I have had it for weeks now.

>>523640605The only PCs worth getting are Desktops, you only buy Laptops or these abominations if you don't want people to respect you, I know I don't, you'll get it when you grow up.

>>523642559>what do you want to know?why anything that guy you responded to said was wrong

>>523640605Probably because if they used modern parts they'd be like 10kg+ which is too heavy for sustained use.

>>523642608>Because it doesn't fill any specific needportable emulation without having to lug a laptop around>too small to use comfortably for long periodsexcept it is fine>too big to fit in a pocketI JUST put it in my pocket.Okay?

>>523642596How do you not own a pc and a laptop nowadays?

>>523642705$800 for a portable emulator seems like quite a lot. Why not just get a PSP or a proper laptop that can actually play current games as well for the same price?

>>523642869PS2 games, mainly. I have a really nice laptop already, but I travel a lot so I want something nice for handheld gaming.

>>523642869>PSP>proper emulationlol does that shit even emulate ancient shit like N64 well? Does it even emulate SNES well? PSP will not be able to emulate PS2, Wii U, Gamecube/Wii while the GPD Win Max can, not to mention the emulation on PSP is shit cause the hardware is ancient

>>523642596>spend $1100 on a gaming laptop with a 1660ti and a i5 9th gen>full 15" hd monitor locked to 60hz >plays everything i want it to max out with smooth framerate (sekiro shadows die twice)>love it for roughly six weeks before i realise just how infuriatingly small the screen is>cant hook it up to tv or monitor since it shits the bed in frames (hdmi 2.1 going into 2.0 input)>realise it will be obsolete in 3 years as you can't upgrade itI've been seething about it ever since, wish i would've just brought a more powerful and flexible desktop for the same money instead.

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>>523642705>portable emulation without having to lug a laptop aroundIt's still pretty big to warrant it's own bag which isn't much different from lugging around a laptop, and it's fucking expensive to boot.>I JUST put it in my pocket.Unless the pic is horribly scaled and the thing is actually tiny, what the fuck kind of pants do you wear that fits this shit

>>523640605>Intel """"HD"""" Graphics

>>523640605no way that thing can handle ps2 emulation OP.

>>523642986kinda this the psp processor is surprisingly dogshit at anything non-psp due to running at 333mhz.Love my psp though.

>>523643042Is this your first time going into "serious" computer gaming?I feel like a lot of people fell in the gaming laptop meme when they got into PC stuff, me included

>>523642728I own a laptop but only use it on uni and when I have no other option at all because they are terrible.

>>523643061>It's still pretty big to warrant it's own bag which isn't much different from lugging around a laptopA small 7inch satchel is pretty different than having to carry a laptop bag and a huge fucking charger around. And a gamepad. >what the fuck kind of pants do you wear that fits this shitJeans? It's not THAT much bigger than a 3dsxl

>>523642986It's been a long time since I had a modded handheld to play emulators on but the PSP was good 15 years ago. I guess I should have said vita or switch or something, but I don't really know anything about them or what handheld is the best for emulation.My point is even the most expensive handheld that can be modded would make worthy competition for the GPD if emulation is the only factor.

>>523643042I don't get it, why buy a laptop, gaming or not, if you're going to leave it at home

>>523640605Thats looks really poorly designed and uncomfortable to use. I probably has shit tier hardware too and runs worse than the switch.

>>523643257I have a friend who for years and years has refused to build a proper pc and insists on buying gaming laptops even though he doesn't go anywhere but from the couch to his bed. It's kind of infuriating.

>>523640605>everyone claims they are nothing more than emulation machines>forgetting about PC's ginormous native libraryYes, it does indeed run Crysis. And anything you might want to throw at it.

>>523643257no, i used to have a desktop but this is the first time i have had a "lot" of money and i thought fuck it I'll get something really nice.it's more so the inability to hook it up to a bigger screen without it shitting the bed to be honest, I'm actually quite happy with the performance but the 15" limit for the pretty games is driving me insane alongside being unable to upgrade it aside from adding more ram and storage.

>>523643520>runs worse than the switch.

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>>523643382>My point is even the most expensive handheld that can be modded would make worthy competition for the GPD if emulation is the only factorthey can't, can a Vita emulate PS2, Wii, Gamecube, Switch, 3DS? A Switch can't eitherThat thing can also run a PC library which means access to a shit ton of games, even if the most demanding games won't run well.

>>523642705Do you know you can just hack a Switch and play a ton of emulators on it right? Even Dreamcast, 3DS, and PSP? And you get to play their new games for free too.

>>523643435i do also use it for work but i wasn't going to originall, i had a shitty older one for that but it died.i guess i just thought it'd be nice for it not to take up a tonne of space, but in hindsight I'm sure i could've got a micro atx for roughly the same price with the same specs.

>>523643595I dunno man, I mean if you can't figure out how to hook up a laptop to a tv then maybe pc gaymin just isn't for you.

>>523643681Yeah, I had a hacked switch until I realised it was just shit ports and it couldn't even run bloodstained properly. I gave it to a child.

>>523643595but why didn't you upgrade your desktop if you want to play on big screen?This is retarded choices all around

>>523643594>Yes, it does indeed run Crysisfor what, 20 minutes?

Never gonna touch anything from these damn chinks. The new GPD Win 1 I owned had motherboard issues after 1 hour of setting it up. The screen would spazz out and the device would there with a screeching sound. After a hard reset the device won’t launch again without the spazzing right from the start

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>>523643594Yeah maybe it can run Crysis, a 13 years old game on 15fps lmao totally worth the $800 price tagHow much did the changs pay you to shill this shit?

Windows doesn't work well for the form factor.Windows doesn't have functional AMD drivers.So right from the start you have a big heavy OS that doesn't have a handheld friendly UI, and you're stuck using Intel hardware which means they're more expensive, bigger, heavier, and run hotter.Handheld PC Gaming will really only catch on when the next-generation Steam Machines come out since that will give you a more efficient GNU/Linux base with good AMD drivers for a new SOC that will hopefully be ready for that form factor.

>>523643847embarrassing post

>>523643765Runs dry about the same as Gamecube emulation.

>>523643719it's not hooking it up, it's the fact that for some reason the hdmi output on the laptop doesn't like older tvs, im sure if i bought a new one it would work on it, but then its more down the drain on a laptop i regret buying in the first place.>>523643737i used to have a desktop but it's 7 years old now and i may as well just have bought a new one since it was crappy and cheap anyway

>>523640605Jesus it'd be so fuckin heavy to pick that fucker up just to play

>>523643594Just like the Switch right? You can buy a Switch for 300 dollars and the use 500 dollars to buy an RX 580 8GB and a Ryzen 3300x and build a Desktop PC that does way more than that. And you get more games and better performance overall by doing that.

>>523643847As opposed to 20+ year old games. It's not a powerhouse, but Windows' compatibility is so vast that you'll always find something you can play.

>>523643880This can be done with Windows, the issue is that the company that makes the best APUs, AMD, seems to be very nonchalant about pushing their mobile SOCs and APUs overall, something like the Win Max or this pic related Dell project that is a Switch ripoff PC would work so much better with something like a Zen 3 / RDNA2 APU, but good fucking luck waiting for that since they seem to take 1 year to release those chips after the desktop version is out and AMD's APUs are still using Vega shit for some reason, or maybe they'll just let Intel take the APU crown with their Xe shit

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>>523644063The switch can play crysis and the ginormous library of PC games?

>>523644063I wanted to add,Ryzen 3300x $110RX 580 8GB $14016GB RAM $60SSD $60Case $80Total $450 and it will run any modern game at ultra on 1080p and some games at 4k.

>>523643847acshually the win max runs Crysis 3 at 30-40FPSyoutube.com/watch?v=jBfuq0sEjdo

>>523644413>can't throw it in a bag and play it on the buswho cares about your shitty desktop?

>>523644063Switch's library is smaller, and the games on it cost more (by virtue of mini-PCs being more suited to older games you can snatch for pennies).

>>523644063>getting a switchI'm not a moron thoyoutube.com/watch?v=ElWeJiOIKqY

>>523644361read >>523644413 and play games like they are meant to be played, you can run Wii U and Switch emulators with it too>>523644498 it's not a laptop I talked about a Desktop PC, just use your 300 dollars Switch on the bus and that 450 dollars PC at home, you will get a better run for your money.

>>523640605Any phone + moonlight + controller. Already own everything.

>>523644591Or just get a GPD Win Max and play whatever you want, on the go.

How much does this thing weigh?What are its dimensions?If it can't fit in my pocket I don't want it. If it fits in my pocket but it's so heavy it annoys the shit out of me by slapping my leg with every step and pulling my pants down I don't want it.I'm guessing it's thicker and heavier than a switch and a switch is too bulky and heavy to carry around in a pocket.

>>523644664tf is moonlight, some kinda remote desktop?

>>523644708That Desktop PC can run Red Dead Redemption 2 at ultra on 1080p easily and you get more than 60fps, the GPD Win Max runs it at 640x400 and at 23fps, you can't fool me, you can't play a lot of games on it, it's a worse deal than getting a hacked Switch and a Desktop PC.youtube.com/watch?v=-CTgXMMZASg

>>523645001>playing RDR2 on the go>at resolutions any switch player would be used towin max looks pretty good

>>523645001>640x400Do PC games even support this resolution LMFAO

>>523645001>you can't play a lot of games on itYou can literally play any game made up to 2017 on it with medium-high settings.

>>523645091Name a single Switch game that runs at 480p, not even Xenoblade DE does that

>>523644413You left the PSU and Motherboard off this list.

>>523645178Sorry, I meant 400p, it's actually worse than that

>>523640605>use switch hardware>but runs linux/windows insteadIs that too hard? Why that doesn't exist yet?

>>523645156>>523645252Oh, what resolution does the switch play RDR2 at?

how much latency does the screen have? i'd like to get one for arcade emulation

>>523642204So absolutely nothing.

>>523645178wolfenstein 2 ran at 360p

>>523640605B-BUT CHINA

what situation is this for

>>523640605uncomfy to play. clunky. looks like shit.

>>523645534wanting to play vtm:b on a train

>>523644708It's painfully obvious from these kinds of threads that anons here do not really play games "on the go". It's more like "killing 20 minutes on the bus/subway twice a day". For that you should just be playing phone games or 3DS; simple things.If you're really playing games on the go you're flying and spending extended amounts of time away from home, and for that you need a good laptop with an equally good laptop bag or backpack. This is really the only way to get good gaming in on the go with the smallest physical footprint and largest library. The GPD is trying to fill a need that doesn't exist.

>>523645534>too cumbersome to be a portable>not powerful enough to be a dedicated gaming PCThat is a very good question.

>>523645707If you have EVER been on a plane, you'll know how fucking stupid this is. Imagine setting up a laptop, then trying to bluetooth a ps4 pad to it while hooking a clunky charger around yourself just to play wild arms 3.I laugh at you. I take a bus for 45 mins twice a day and I will happily use my win max, thanks.

>>523645707Or you could just use literally any dedicated gaming handheld.

>>523642082Nintenfaggots really are a cult, huh?

>>523645534emulation up to ps2/gamecube/wii, portable VNs, indie stuff, that sort of thing.>>523645707>you should just be playing phone gameswho are you to decide that? GPD devices have been around for a long time, there's obviously a sizeable audience

>>523646005>emulation up to ps2/gamecube/wii, portable VNs, indie stuff, that sort of thing.So it's worthless. Anyone can do the same at a fraction of the price with a hacked vita or 3ds.

>>523645861What a horrible thing you have to do, pull out a laptop and turn it on

>>523645861>If you have EVER been on a planeI know it's difficult to imagine but picture this:>put laptop on the fucking tray that's right in front of you>turn on your fucking controllerThat's how you use a laptop on a plane.

>>523645707>NOOOO YOU SHOULD ONLY USE NINTENDO™ DEVICES TO PLAY ON THE GOthis user >>523645941 is right

>>523646090I wish. I love my vita, but good luck emulating gamecube and ps2 at full speed (and above native resolutions). Vita/3ds also can't play native windows games, or emulate arcade games past about 95-96 without slowdown. Why are you trying so hard to find flaws that don't exist? You have a 3ds and can't afford a win max, I get it. That's on you.

>>523646228Why did you reply to me?Please do not do this again.

>>523646138>>523646174>laptops don't have long fucking charging leads>laptops aren't at least 15 fucking inches squareOR...I can just use my win max, thanks!

>What if we made a small laptop that was substantially weaker than a regular laptop, had significantly less functionality than a regular laptop and - here's the kicker - cost about three times as much a laptop of comparable power?

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Like an other GPD thread, there are SO many sour grapes in here

>>523646310Fuck off, chang, nobody's buying your stupid shitty overpriced chinkshit.

>>523646428>you shouldn't use this!I will though>YOU SHOULDN'T USE THIS USE NINTENDOOO!I will continue to use this, thanks>YOU'RE A SHILLdesperate, friend. Real desperate.

>>523643042Don't worry user. It was outdated before you bought it.

>>523646310you also don't need to dedicate almost all of your carry-on space to a single device with a win max. with a laptop it's pretty much the only thing you can take on a plane with you. not like it's a relevant use case for most people ITT either way.

>>523646428you've literally been trying to sell the switch and laptops in this thread, you dumb nigger

>>523646529most people ITT are underaged and can't afford one, or are here for to try and shill 3DS units anyway.Truthfully, I like my win max, but I have used my gpdxd more than any other device I have ever owned. I love that thing.

>>523646531That is some billion candle power projection there, my little ornamental friendo.


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>>523646531Switch doesn't need any shilling, they hardly have enough units to sell.>and laptopsAs in, shilling laptops as a platform? How does that even make any sense

>>523646769>trying to sell people a laptop>posting on a phone

>>523646871That's the polite term, isn't it? I'm trying to be nice here.

>>523646892>hey guiz didya hear about switch sales figures?!even when trying to defend against accusations of shilling, he can't help but shill.

Someday, we'll be able to have a nice GPD thread without Ninfaggots crawling all over it and spitting sour grape juice everywhere

>>523646981You realize everybody left and it's just me and you you now, right? Well >>523646892 might still be here, but he's on my side.So how have you been? How's work?

>I can't afford it so you shouldn't buy one either!

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>>523647286I'm still here

>>523647286>he's on my side.

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>>523646005you can do this on a laptopand more and more phonesthe form factors of these things dont seem to reach any sort of portability threshold that a laptop doesnt already meet.

>>523647365>I bought some retarded chink device >anyone who doesn't want one is a poorfag

>>523647569more laptop salesmen. Usually Holla Forums laughs at gaming laptops but in GPD threads they're suddenly fucking golden shit

>>523647761>chink deviceeverything in your home is made in China, you stupid laowai

And with that we conclude that the GPD Win max is a stupid clunky piece of shit trying to be a laptop and a handheld, failing at both, sold by chinks to retards.Thread ends here, but if you're retarded feel free to leave an angry comment below the line._______________________________________________________________________

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>>523648396>getting openly angry at a specific device you will never own, likely not often even see in the wild made by a company you will never meetfor what purpose?

>>523648524He can't afford one.

>>523648524I'd say he's the opposite of angry. Meanwhile you're here still trying to convince people to buy it.

>>523648854>I'd say he's the opposite of angryYou don't call something "a stupid piece of shit" if you're indifferent about it, you silly billy.

>>523648976Who said he was indifferent?

>>523649147You did.

>>523649650No I said he wasn't angry. You don't understand how emotions work do you.

>>523649921prove it

>>523649147Oh I'm not indifferent. I have some firm opinions.>>523648976>You don't call something "a stupid piece of shit" if you're indifferent about itNo, but you do call it a stupid piece of shit if it happens to in fact be a stupid piece of shit. You don't have to be upset to make the observation. You can just notice it and say out loud "that is a stupid piece of shit" and go about your business with confidence. I know I'm a retard because I posted below the line, but I am not an angry retard. I'm quite happy to have formed my own opinions on this stupid piece of shit and I'm glad to have gotten the opportunity to prove factually and without error that the GPD is indeed a stupid piece of shit. But times are tough and we all have families to provide for. I hope you can sell enough units (stupid and shitty as they may be) to get you through.



>>523648854I'll get one when GPD makes a Win 3. I had the Win 2 and it was almost perfect but ran too hot for my liking. Otherwise, I liked I had like 7 generations of vidya I could fit into my jacket pocket.

>>523640605Because I don't want to pay 900 bucks for a device that is smaller and less powerful than a 500 bucks laptop

>>523651139The win max basically is the win 3.

Cost vs power vs utilityI basically have no use for a handheld device at all right now and I don't really play video games anywhere else but my home.

>>523640605Because the good ones cost like $300+

>>523651231I hope not, I liked how small the Win 2 was.

>>523640605Japan hasn't adopted it. Given how obsessed they are with miniaturization and portable tech it's bound to make a comeback.

>>523640605Because the switch exists for 300$

>>523652494>switch able to play PC games

>>523642082kys nintentoad, your cheap fisher-price tier baby tablet switch is trash and you're a faggot

>>523653052Name a handheld pc device for 300$ that can play shit like Skyrim/Doom/etc at the same fps on Switch

>>523653440Doesn't matter fag, the switch has horrible build quality, is awful as a handheld due to ergonomics and battery life, and the joy cons are the worst controllers ever created for a portable or home console by the big 3. Nintendo can suck my shit and so can their fans>b-but muh skyrim and muh waggle joycon hd rumblefuck yourself kid

>>523653761Who hurt you sweety?

>>523653817I bought a switch and I'll never stop being mad about how shitty it is and how you retards completely ignore that to suck nintendo's withered dick. Nintendo was so close to being forced out of the hardware market after WiiU, then they manage to make something even shittier and it sells gangbusters. Makes me sick the state of normies

>>523654045Honestly I agree with you

>>523654045This. It was the last straw when it couldn't run fucking indie games properly.

>>523654541I don't even mind it being weak, what blows my mind is the build quality and ergonomics. The Vita feels like a Mercedes in my hands while the Switch I imagine is what being in one of those 3 wheel kenyan cardboard frame cars feels like. It's too wide, too heavy, the joycons are constantly loose so you don't feel like you have any support where you're holding the console and the middle of the device is trying to pull it down. Mine has a dead pixel and this is Nintendo's answer to that, unsurprisingly. You get maybe 3 hours of battery life if you're playing one of the few real Switch games and not indie shit, dock being some expensive proprietary hdmi adapter is retarded and the thing is build like junk, I'm embarrassed to have it under my tv, oh lets talk about no fucking dpad, and Capcom had the nerve to release a Street Fighter collection at launch, absolute insanity. Oh well, I wanted to play 2d games so I bought a pro-controller, whoops lol first two years the pro controller had a broken d-pad that registers diagonals incorrectly, oh well that's what I fucking get for buying and supporting nintendo, never ever again though

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where my retroid chads at

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>>523643042HDMI shouldn't really be giving you those issues. Sounds like something else is fucked.

>>523655961anyone got a retroid 2? They look pretty nice, I might get one for PSX and NDS

>>523640605Motherfucker, you came from Reddit.Mostly because I was in the thread where that image was the OP.

>>523656047Mine hasn't shipped yet, ordered on the 12th, if you take five minutes to download the proper emulators through the play store or their respective website it's supposed to play very well up to Dreamcast

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>>523640605phones can emulate up to dolphin emulator, that isn't necessary.if you are on the go a phone is more convenient as it fits in your pocket.

>>523657992>just buy a 600 dollar flagship phone and play GC gamesOR...I will just play PS3 games on my gpdwinmax

>>523658789even a simple phone can still run nes/snes emulators with ease and hundreds of games dont even take much space.

>>523658954>nes/snesOR...I can just use my gpdwinmax to play PS2/PS3 games

>>523659020>>523658789PS3 has no games

>>523659020don't listen to crybaby faggots, the winmax looks cooler than shit, out of my price range at the moment but I hope you enjoy it friend

I like how the anti-nintendo discord came out in full force in a thread that wasn't about Nintendo.

I like how the pro-nintendo discord came out in full force in a thread that wasn't about Nintendo.

>>523659627based>>523659530cringe and kys

>>523659530The Nin toddler cries out in pain as it ruins your thread

I'm holding out for the next wave of handheld PCs, I just wasn't amazed by the processor in the win max.If someone could make better telescopic controllers for tablets up to 13", I probably would just get a high end tablet with video out capabilities instead.

>>523660772this. one more generation and it should be great. it still feels kinda like a proof of concept, and needs config tweaks to run a lot of modern stuff

>sunk cost the threadffs jannies clean this shit up

>>523662779it's ok bud, you can go to one of your twenty nintendo safe space threads at any time to get away from scary adult things

>>523660772>>523661993I can totally understand this. I already have a win max, mainly because I want the most powerful handheld for emulation right now, and getting a surface would be a bit too fiddly for me. It's great, but it also feels like it's just on the cusp of something truly great. Hoping to see awesome things in the future.

>>523662960>thinks I'm from the bunch that worship a fucking tabletnice try faggot, your advertisement thread is just blatant and pathetic and you should kill yourself rather than shilling

>>523663307>d-don't talk about video game devices on Holla Forums t-that's shilling!the absolute state of nintentoads lying about their allegiance

>>523663307>talking about a console is shilling itbetter go cry about all those Nintendo and Sony shills then. Shoo shoo little redditor

>>523663307>thinks I'm from the bunch that worship a fucking tabletYou blatantly are

>>523642320>hand camp central like the 3DSyou get a lot more surface to hold on to because it's fucking huge

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>>523663493>>523663431>>523663424Why are you so threatened by bing bing wahoo that that is the first conclusion you jump to for every criticism in this sad thread. I am only here because I was interested by the image in the OP. All it turns out to be is a cope thread. Calling someone a fucking laptop shill!? Fucking hell, misery likes company but some stranger also buying what you can barely defend surely can't bring you joy?

>>523640605the GPD Win Max is way too bigGPD Win 2 is a proper handheld

>>523663307Triggered nintendie

>>523664468whatever you need to tell yourself buddy, shame you are so unhappy with your purchase you have to make a thread like this.


>>523665162like I said I was interested, if it was a good product that may have led me to buy one. Being a whiny cunt and making a faux advertisement thread is not what I expected. Thanks I guess at least it might deter people like me from making your mistake.

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>>523665874Nice selfie

>>523666108you know what. have the last word. You deserve something to ease the pain after buying that glorified paperweight. Last (you)

>>523666709Concession accepted.

The max is too big for me, got the win 2 instead, whole point for me is to fit in my pocket

>>523641268When did you buy it? If more than 1 day ago, does your arm hurt?

This thread has convinced me we need a new vidya board that's a containment board for nintentoads, most worthless faggots on this website and that includes the lgbt fags and the pony people