This game isn't even finished but act 1 alone is worth the $16.

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Really good game. I'm getting filtered hard on 3-1, fucking mindflayer.

>>523639953the secret alt revolver is so fucking good.

>>523639953Reminder the dev likes femboys and is based

>>523640635It spoiled me so bad. what alt modes should the other guns have if any?

I loved the demo but I am unfortunately against paying for early accesses. Hope the final product comes out soon.

>>523641020It's going to be a while, I think.

>>52363995311/10. My boomer ass almost got filtered by those two fuckers, took me ~15 tries. Haven't had that much fun with vidya in years

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I wish there was a decent wiki for this game. I'm too retarded to figure out all of the mechanics myself.

>>523643625Creators YT channel has some neat info.youtu.be/2VZHeecaPz8https://youtu.be/WgVruicF9mY

>>523640836A shotgun that shoot slugs instead of shells.Railcannon that shoots a continuous laser.

>catches your sword between buttcheeks

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>>523639953Or you could play Doom Eternal now and play a completed game that looks and plays far better.

>>523645271I know this is bait, but real talk - I fucking hate ammo management.

>>523645271But I already did and I might some more when they finally implement an arcade mode.

>>523645271But user! I like both games equally!

>>523640635>secret alt revolverhuh? where?

>>523645520climax of limbo theres a door that needs a secret panel hidden in each level to be activated to unlock.

>>523642857Fucking normalfag



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Okay so i think you can almost piece together a story from what we have so far. >God or the Devil has deemed humanity a failure>Has someone create robots fueled by blood to exterminate humanity (so far its V1, V2, and Swordmachine) >Idea that as long as humanity (blood) still exists, these robots will be able to endlessly kill until all of humanity is gone>Works too well, as after humanity is dead, the robots find a way into hell to continue killing >This is a problem because at some point, the robots will run out of hell residents and come for the higher ups>Gabriel is sent to deal with the objects, after all, no man made object can stand up to the fury of God>After V1 stands up to the fury of God, council is pissed at Gabriel for making God look bad>Gabriel is now pissed at V1 and wants revenge

Took me 36 tries to beat Gabriel fuck.

>>523639953does this game have good map design? That is a very important part of shooters for me. For reference, a game I think has good map design is Quake, one with mediocre map design is Amid Evil

>>523649986The game is more Action-oriented so maps are more straight-forward than Doom or Quake, but it's not necessarily straight lines, at least past the Prelude. There's some backtracking, finding keys, secret rooms/switches/exits, etc. but nothing exceptional, also both secret levels are basically genre shifts (one is a horror game and the other is a puzzle).

>>523649986It's more of an arena shooter, maps themselves are mostly linear, while arena designs are mostly good with a lot of verticality. There is no exploration outside of finding some secrets.

>>523650243>>523650246thanks for the replies, it looks like the gameplay is a lot more interesting than something like Amid Evil so maybe the simpler maps are less of an issue

>>523650779Yeah, it's trying to be Devil May Cry and other action games as much as it is an FPS so the rooms you fight in have greater importance compared to the actual path through the level. Amid Evil was kind of like Heretic with more interesting weapons, but not interesting enough to really be an Action game like Ultrakill which has a lot of neat tech with its weapons even if their designs are more conventional.

getting good at the Gabriel fight and beating the shit out of him is super fun, especially parrying the spear back at him

>>523639953The combat is shaping up to be the very best FPS combat system of all time, just hope the level design will keep getting better as well.Also the shotgun sucks ass, grenade function is the only useful part of it

>prelude secret mission

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>>523639953>another shill threadChrist

>yfw you find out that you can launch all 4 coins at the same time

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>>523653560Its ok to chill if the game is good

>>523653459Shotgun seems like ass until you remember you can parry your own shots with it.

>there's a rank above S

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Post cool boss ideas>4 armed robot with revolver in each hand who constantly does parry-able trickshots>another angel who focuses on ranged attacks rather than melee>another v2 fight that takes place on/around a freefalling elevator

>>523645271yes literally never play anything new just replay the same game over and over again for months cool thanks for the advise user go fuck yourself

I binded the boost to m1 so i can spam it more reliably.Made the bosses actually manageable.

>>523645271I could, sure. But Eternal feels slower than Ultrakill.

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>>523653773What does that mean?

>another boomer fpsyawn

>>523653893>v2 comes back with a giant ass arm

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>>523645271Bethesdoom is hot garbage

>>523652953How do you do it? Fist or shotgun?

>>523654224with good timing shotgun basically becomes a long range, faster grenade launcher


>>523653773ye but even then it feels unsatisfying to mealso the first alt fire of the nailgun is shit, never ever use itand the pistol rail gun feels op but DAMN it feels good

>>523654224punch the pellets as you shoot

>>523654224Which shooters did YOU get over the past couple of years then? Because I've got Dusk, Ion Fury, Amid Evil and now this.How about you? Doom and that's all?

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>>523653773The shotgun needs love, when you look at it next to the single action revolver it's pitiful. I try to use it because it's a really good feeling shotgun and it's effective up close, but you get dick for style points for putting in the effort to get into point blank compared to just juggling your two six-guns and getting headshot, quickdraw, and ricochet modifiers out the ass. A "point blank" style modifier for blowing something away at well, point blank could help.


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>>523654224Shotgun primary fire can be parried if you hit fire and punch at the same time, which makes one of your pellets explosive and hilariously high-damage. It was a bug elevated into a feature.

>>523654561>The shotgun needs loveAlt shotgun is the best shotgun you get, because you can overcharge it, then dash+shoot to negate all damage from the explosion.

>>523654727That still generally gets you less style than other weapons.


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>>523654592im pretty sure he says "bug"


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>>523655041dave is not a trustworthy man

>>523654962>bugNo he doesn't. You can feel him savouring that "ffffFFF"

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>>523654886If you want style, just charge it twice, jump and slam onto a group of enemies, and then hit them with a projectile-boosted shot midair. Instant Ultrakill.

>>523654962C'mon son, are you deaf? youtube.com/watch?v=rCMojvxtq_E

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remember that time when the developers had a discussion on whether or not porn of V1 was too "humanized"

>>523653832P E R F E C Tnow get GOLDEN PERFECT by 100% the level

>>523645271>Or you could play Doom EternalMaybe when they bring back Arcade Mode.

>>523639953>several threads in the catalogCan New Blood make their shilling a little less obvious?>inb4 can't talk about gameNice shill sargument, shill. None of the posts ITT or the others feel any bit genuine

has anyone ripped V2's theme yet

>>523656096I bet you think DMC threads were created by capcom

>>523656096>None of the posts ITT or the others feel any bit genuineAlright, entertain this thought for a bit:How can you measure level of authenticity of anonymous posts?I could see you throwing a bitchfit if it was some corporate speak or "How do you do fellow 4channel-er users!" type of conversation happening, but I _genuinely_ want to know which criteria you're using here.

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>>523656096all my excitement is genuine and I didnt even pay for the game

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>>523656096>cheap game is released>there is a free demo as well>Holla Forums talks about itOf course the publishers seem like the kind of people who are savvy enough to shill on Holla Forums so it could go either way

>>523656489Quick! Which of these posters are Dave Oshry?

It's a shame that V2 fight felt kinda squandered on the first prologue. Could really build it up better to include the entire future arsenal, then again you could get V3/V4/Vwhatever later.Also I didn't notice at first, but after looking through footage he actually bows before the fight the first time he's introduced.

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>>523656805Pretty sure we're going to fight V2 at least once per act since they escaped.

>knew some shit was going to go down as soon as i walked in to 1-4 because there has literally never been a time when a game busts out clair de lune without it being ENTIRELY worth it>mfw i wasn't just right, but the game busted out a fucking RIVAL FIGHT, something i didn't expect to happen until way the fuck later

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>>523656805we'll be seeing him againor at least we'll see v3


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>>523656805V2's definitely going to fight you multiple times and fight with you at least once if the dev isn't retarded

>>523656997hey devwill you make a level editor?

>>523645446>switching weapons is hard

>>523656805Nowhere near as bad as a giant fight. Why do they shove giant fucks, they always boring

I thought the demo was shit. Seems like a soulless cash in on the retro-indie FPS wave. If New Blood wasn't publishing it then no one would care.

>>523657135>switching weapon because you run out of ammo instead of it being situationalMark of shit gamedesign

>>523657174just punch his fist

>>523657134am not devjust a horny gamer

>some of those preset cybergrind textures>update on cybergrind customization had Jetstream Sam.png in itNigga I know you're browsing.

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>>523657203>soullessIf you think Ultrakill is soulless then you're a legitimate retard.


>>523657203>soulless cash in on the retro-indie FPS waveI'm gonna disagree with you here, because I'm trying really hard to remember even one retro FPS with this kind of frantic pace and structure.It seems more like a modern shooter with PSX aesthetics, so I'd say you're full of shit.

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It looks cool, but the dev posts on knockout, maybe I'll pirate it when it's finished.

>he didn't start on violent modemight as well refund

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>>523657743Isn't Knockout just the Facepunch revival website? It's still good for sourcemod discussion.

>>523657743what's the deal with knockout?

>>523657646>>523657550>with PSX aestheticsIt's the generic pixelated 3D style. You could put it next to paranautical activity and no one would know the difference.The first boss is a fixed auto-turret in a cube shaped room. Most of the enemies just charge you stupidly. The game is just boring.I'm amazed that a combo system and a "dude ULTRA KILL XDDD LOOOLLLL" wackiness is enough to impress people in the current year of our lord + 2020.

i know you are in here hakita

>>523657942lmao mad and bad can't enjoy video gamevery sad

>>523657942>The first boss is a fixed auto-turret in a cube shaped roomits literally tutorial boss, who will be used as a common enemy as early as next level

is Sunday the new Shill Day on Holla Forums or something?

>>523657942>It's the generic pixelated 3D styleSo you're a retard and have no idea what PSX aesthetic actually is, gotcha. If it's not for you then that's fine, but you'd be a bigger man for acknowledging that instead of trying to justify your decision through this ass-backwards mental gymnastics.

>>523657942Paranautical Activity is voxel based while these are polygons. They look nothing alike you fucking drooling mongoloid

>>523658195>So you're a retard and have no idea what PSX aesthetic actually is, gotcha.Paratopic has a PSX aesthetic. Low-res assets and texture warping isn't enough.

>>523657942>It's the generic pixelated 3D styleUltrakill's style isn't *that* generic. It's definitely true that lowpoly 3D has been making a comeback, but I'd say Ultrakill's visuals are still pretty well done and unique in that regard.>The first boss is a fixed auto-turret in a cube shaped roomThe first boss is an introduction to a recurring enemy you're be fighting in normal rooms as early as two stages later.>Most of the enemies just charge you stupidly.The only enemy that charges you with no other attack or pattern is the green fodder guys who are basically Ultrakill's pinky equivalent.>I'm amazed that a combo system and a "dude ULTRA KILL XDDD LOOOLLLL" wackiness is enough to impress people in the current year of our lord + 2020.What fucking wackiness? The game goes for some fun stuff that operates purely on "it's cool" (i.e. the coin mechanics) but nowhere does it go for anything I'd call "wacky" outside of maybe the falling enemy scream.

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>>523639953I don't care how good a game is, I won't pay money for anything unfinished.

>>523657942The first "boss" is a parry tutorial. Imagine getting filtered that fucking

>>523654561Shotgun is fine as is. The basic blast is great for healing to full instantly if you meat shot someone at point blank range, you can rocket jump with the grenades from the blue one and the green one overall is just super solid in any close-medium range fight.It does struggle against the revolver, but that's because the green revolver is objectively the best gun in the game in terms of bang for your buck. One shot can kill up to three elite enemies, its simply too much to pass up. The nail gun is also a lot stronger than you would think for being the rapid fire canon, that thing SHREDS Gabriel at close range.

>>523657942A generic pixelated 3D style is Dusk, which looks worse than Quake did over 20 years ago. Ultrakill's visual settings that allow it to replicate the hardware limitations of the PS1 are actually pretty robust, although it's disorienting to play with them on.Also that wasn't even a boss, and you're only describing the first level of the Prelude.

V2 is harder than Gabriel

>>523658438that's ok

>>523654561Parrying the shotgun bullets makes it do some fucking comical damage, at least.

>>523658835I disagreeI think figuring out v2 allowed me to beat Gabe easier. I think if the fights were reversed you'd say the opposite.Remember that at least with v2 you can constantly run away but Gabriel will rush you down and teleport above you.

>>523659069V2 also lets you cheese the fuck out of him with nailgun magnets, but Gabe breaks them.

>>523656719This one

Ultrakill is great and all but WHERE IS GLOOMWOODI want more Thief with guns and dark souls world design

>>523659069V2 moves a hell of a lot faster than Gabe, jumps around a lot more, and can reduce his hitbox by constantly sliding around. It's a hell of a lot easier to hit Gabe, making it a lot easier for V2 to wear you downPlus you can't use railcannon coinshots when you first face off against V2

boomer shooter stream starting up again

>>523659206Gabe is also vulnerable to the nail gun, at full rev it can bring him from 100 to 0 within eight seconds. Good luck ever hitting him during that time though

I honestly keep forgetting that I have the railgun because I just swap between the revolver and the shotgun and their alternate firing modes.

>>523659634Well, yeah, but it doesn't delete him quite as fast and magnet fuckery deletes V2.

>>523659473Gloomwood is getting a substantial overhaul. The demo is more like a prototype than fully representative of the full game anymore, especially since the devs just posted that they redid the inventory system

>>523645271>Shoot a basic enemy point blank in the face with a shotgun>goes into stagger to force a Execution Killthis alone has ruined New-Doom for me

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>>523639953I believe it. The demo is fun as hell. I'm still gonna wait till it's done because playing act 1 now, act 2 in 6 months and act 3 in a year doesn't sound interesting


Bought it, but refuse to play until its actually done.

>>523659910The new one's pretty fun too, though.youtu.be/5l3WdxcbBto

The pistol feels so good to use, holy shitI have to force myself to use any other weaponLining up charge shots and hitting the coin makes my dick hard

>>523659473that game is going to take a while user. i imagine it'll probably pop up around the end of UK.

>>523660408You can railgun into a coin for maximum MUH DICK

>>523657861>>523657886Knockout's community is very left wing and it's driven a lot of people off, he's probably one of them.

How do you deal with Gabriel's sword aura attack in phase 2? It just surrounds me and then collapses and I'm dead.

>Shoot magnetic bolt into v2 as he spawns>dump overheat rounds into him>coin+gauss him after bolt explodes>finish him off with charge shotmy fucking dick

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Post:>Favorite Level>Favorite Gun>Favorite Mod>Favorite Boss

>>523660903>Lust, specifically all the stages in 2-3>Pistol/ Magnum>Coin shot>King Minos, if only for being able to parry his punches

>>523660903>All of Lust>Revolver>marksman>V2

>>523660903>3-1>Alt revolver>piercer>V2

So will every secret level be a genre flip? Prelude's turns it into a fucking horror game out of nowhere and Act 1's turns into The Witness.

>>523660864That's it? I just need to be sliding when it hits? I'll give it a try.

>>523661423I think that's the plan, yes.

>>523661423pretty sure, is the secret level for lust implemented yet? if not i hope it's a dating sim

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>>523654272>>523657942Jesus, why do retards like you keep coming to threads for games you don't like? Fucking pathetic.

>>523661637It's not, but you can find the entrance in 2-3 with a big "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" sign.If Hakita doesn't make it a dating sim to feed into the "EVERYONE WANTS TO FUCK V1" joke he's wasting potential

>>523661637>>523661953I'd accept a dating sim if the choices were all just normal enemies whose dialogue is incoherent screaming and your only option is to shoot them dead, until you got to the final candidate, V2, who you fight.


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>>523662461It should be you try to hold hands with V2 and then rip their other arm off

>>523662461It'll be a stealth game where you have to avoid Minos's search beam eyes

>>523662921i'd actually be really into an MGS1 clone level

>yfw the first time the flamethrower guys dodged your bullshit

>>523663184They dont dodge it, they physically slap it to the side. I still get caught off guard by that from time to time.

>>523658835>>523663184When I heard them make the coin sound effect, I knew something was up.

>>523663626Didn't mean to reply to that first one, sorry.

>>523663373they can do both.

>>523660903>1-1/3-1>Railcannon >Marksman >Swordsmachine

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>Fourth Circle, Greed>Guarded by Pluto>Constant battle between squanderers and the avaricious, who were weighed down with huge weights>Fifth Circle, Wrathful>One giant battlefield on a huge fucking swamp>Phlegys, some old king, transported Dante across>Dante and Virgil enter the giant city of Dis here, an angel opens the door for them>Sixth Circle, Heresy>Famously outspoken heretics are trapped in burning tombs>Seventh Circle, Wrathful>Dante gets attacked by the Minotaur>Split into several rings>First one is a giant lake of boiling blood, with centaurs shooting arrows at anyone trying to leave>Second one is the suicide forest, with sinners being transformed into trees and bushes and pecked away at by harpies>Third is a plain of burning sand >Eight Circle, Fraud>Giant bird monster Geryon flies Dante and Virgil down into it>A fuckload of concentric, circular ditches, with different types of fraud being punished in different ways in each one>Covered in shit, whipped by demons, shoved into tubes, twisted around, and constantly hooked and stabbed>Final circle is a huge well surrounded by giants>Ninth Circle, Traitors>Giant frozen lake, with sinners in increasingly twisted positions within>Satan stuck in the very center. Dante and Virgil literally climb down his ass hair through the hole he's stuck inPlace your bets on what the levels are going to look like and what the bosses are. Minos acted as a judge in the second circle, which is why he's there in-game

anyone else want V1 to kill them?

>>523664972So do you think V1 & V2 are meant to be Dante & Virgil here? Seems pretty obvious thematically despite Gabriel taking DMC Vergil's whole aesthetic.

you did drain the water in 2-3 and play the witness level, right user?

>>523668212yesI 100%'d the game, user

any cool textures for cyber grind?


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anyone found the secret level for layer 2?

>>523669891Its not done yet


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>>523660324I'm not at my pc but i had this exact idea like a month ago and made an ms paint drawingI feel so fucking smart