I want the old DOAX3 back. No more gacha trash and shitty OCs, just coom

I want the old DOAX3 back. No more gacha trash and shitty OCs, just coom

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The good old days

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Take me back

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Add nipple bumps and ill gladly consoom without thought.

My wives.

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Holden just released Sayuri for BP6 guys

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>>523643698>bald shadows

>>523643097Is there a way to use DOAHDM without changing the character models? DOAX3 animations with DOA5 models and outfits would be heaven but I really dislike Beach Paradise's 'updated' models

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>>523643923you're a special kind of retarded. if you actually took the time to download it, you'd notice the BP bodies are extra stuff.

>>523643097>>523643698I don't like this overly white/bright/pale reshade honestly. It kills the colors.

>>523643097Based. This is the one VV oc I actually really like. >>523644302You can turn off the RT global illumination setting and that pretty much 'fixes' it. I like it though.

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>>523643097Post pole dancing .webms, user.

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>>523643923nigga if you actually downloaded the mod you would know you can use original in-game costumes with the X3 gravures and animations.

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Does Marie do it for free?

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Helena has some nice legs, and a fat ass.

>>523643097looks like shit

What's her ethnicity?

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>>523649001>VV fag has to justify spending money and hundreds of hours to unlock what you can now get for freeWe aren't all as autistic as you to pick apart whatever the fuck it is you overly picky faggots seem to dislike about anything that isn't VV.


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>>523649359That's a lot assumptions you're making there, retard.

>>523639952DoAX3 is soulless lazy crap for snoyfags, DoAX2 and DoAX are soulful and way better

>>523649489You gave me nothing to work from. You just say it looks like shit. Why?

>>523649967Because I don't like the body type.

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>>523650124So because YOU don't like something it's shit? Well I don't like Marie either, or most of the oc's, but that doesn't mean I should be an annoying faggot about it.

>>523651196Dude, all I said is that it looks like shit. You're the one getting all defensive about it.Also Marie is shit, too.

I want a DoA game that lets me experience Nyotengu sitting on my face and jerking me off with her feet

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>>523651271>Bro I just said this thing I can't back up and got called out on itSo it's my fault you're being a faggot?

>>523651804No, you're being a faggot all on your own just fine.

>>523640332>>523640396more pole dance pls

>>523651883>doesn't like huge titties>has to let everyone know about it>calls others faggotssure, you're totally not the faggoty one here

>>523652587Here you go making assumptions again. Where did I ever say I don't like big tits? I said I don't like that body type.Here, I can do it too: You're a chubby chaser for liking obese women like in that picture.Now fuck off, be anal about someone not sharing your shitty opinion somewhere else.

>>523652587>the permanently upset and buttmad faggot that thinks he is smart and bothers everyone about everything strikes once again

>>523643097Very Nice

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>>523652864>I said I don't like that body type.And no one gives a shit.

>>523653764Except you apparently.

>>523643097>>523643698Gross as always. Thanks BP.

I love Kasumi!

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>>523651284This but with Marie

>>523643097What the fuck is BP6?

>>523655183beach paradiseits a mod for doa 5


The only good DOA games.

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>>523653842No you dummy. I don't care what you do or dont like, but you don't go into an rpg thread and tell people you don't like rpg's and not expect people to tell you to go away because no one gives a shit.

>>523651284Eh, she's surprisingly not very good at it.

Kokoro with glasses

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>>523655451>>523654240>these embarrassing leddit children unironically write like monkeys with templates on several threads at a time with their forced tranny meme and still have the audacity to accuse others of being the cancer they areHow does your life become this pathetic?

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>>523656112Still dumb!


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>>523655663Proof that DoA is only good on Xbox. The second they went to PlayStation it became shit.

>>523655663>No Doa2>No Doa3 >Putting both the xtreme games up there >No Doa5

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>>523655663I don't see DOA2U in there user

>>523655663Hey DOA5 and 3 were pretty good

>>523655354What is the point of this mod? Isn't there is doa extreme gacha something?

>>523658263There is but its for people that want the gravure stuff without playing VV. Some girls in 5 aren't in VV so that attracts those fans aswell.

>>523658263the gacha doesn't have all the characters and I don't want to waste time grinding or spend money

>>523658263It predates X3 and VV. It also has many of the girls VV does not. I think the creator wanted to move over to VV but got extremely disappointed that it turned out to be gachashit with no significant improvements to even warrant the effort of moving over anyways.

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>>523657528But gameplay wise 4 was best

>>523658982What an immodest girl. Does she spend all of her meager salary on slutty clothes?

>>523658263Much more effort in body shape design put into it and just now 2 months ago and a redesign

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>>523659467>Does she spend all of her meager salary on slutty clothesOf course not. What kind of owner would let her do that?

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>>523656154>everyone who mocks me is a trannyHow does your life become this pathetic?

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>>523658263The gacha doesn't have asses nearly this nice and round, except for Honoka's fat butt. And maybe Sayuri.

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>>523660812Oily cow *moo*.

>>523660812Is Venua vacation has bigger tits mod or something?

>>523658434>>523658476>>523658561>>523659753Does the mod work with pirated version of DOA5?

>>523660812Ayane is so stacked in VV. She should look like this all the time. It's like she just eats and lounges around on vacation and all the weight goes straight to her tits.

>>523659830Cute. I would try rolling for her if I wasnt hoarding stones.

>>523661027It does, but I'm not using it.

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>>523661145Yes but most of the pirated versions are out of date. It has to be 1.10C (the final version of DOA5). There's ways to update it on some site that keeps the update files, or the 3DM version which is always up to date.

>no Tina>no Lisa>no Mila>no ChristieThe DoA gacha shit is GARBAGE!

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>>523661518Why is she so perfect?

>>523659428I can accept that

>>523661205Why the hell are her tits look bigger in here?>>523660812

>>523653179what hotkey combo is this pose?

>>523662310Angles my man.

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>>523661824>not caring about Rachel being missingShit taste

>>523661862>cute face>supportive kohai personality>generous bust>ample buttWhat's there not to like?

>>523661824Aren't you forgetting someone?

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>>523640852this i wonder why they didnt add them to VV

>>523661824>DOAXVV has no hos in its rosterWhat seems to be the problem here?

>>523662685>>523662785Rachel is up there too. My bad, dudes, didn't mean to forget her.

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>>523661824Japan doesn't like them.

>>523662831You're delusional if you don't think Honoka is the biggest ho in this series

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>>523663017Japan has shit taste.

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>>523663037Is that cheek heart a mod or an accessory that I missed form a previous festival?

>>523662831>>523663037They're all fine you fags

>>523663151You get it when you fully awaken a suit and omly for that suit.

>>523663151You get it when you fully awaken an SSR. You can only use it with the suit you awaken though.

>>523662812You can just mod them in.

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>>523663146I hate japs so much because of their shit taste.

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I miss Itagaki. He understood women.

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>>523662310Ayane puts on weight in the vacation games because she indulges in treats and spends all her time getting back rubs and lounging around, like you're supposed to.

>>523664467>>523664112>>523664016>>523663914>>523663146>>523662873>>523662785>>523661824IMAGINE the number of undiscovered STDs they carry.

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anyone get any character passes for doax3 Scarlet?I'm considering leifang

>>523664929Shouldn't Scarlet have all the characters already, unkess you're playing the demo.

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Not spending a single red cent until there's areolas.

>>523640332The tans look so much better in DOAX3 it's ridiculous.

Anyone in here play Nioh 2? If so, has anyone made any of our girls in the game?I've made a pretty solid Ayane. A mix of her NG3:RE and DOA6 appearances. Trying to make a good Momiji but just can't nail it down.


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Are there any good twitter accounts or discord channels for DoA stuff?I was following a bunch on tumblr but that's gone for a while now

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>>523665570Waiting for a PC release. I don't want to become a console slave.

I miss her so much bros.

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>>523665186theres a free basic edition of the game on the jp eshop that lets you buy characters individually. actually has a lot of contentseemed way better than $90 or something for the full game

>>523665676Nyo looks great. Kasumi's pretty damn good too.>>523666017Ah, that's a shame. Sony is a shitty company these days, but I have to get Team Ninja's shit when it comes out. Hope it goes to PC though!

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>>523666119>Cucked out of NG:RE>Cucked out of all DOX3>Cucked out of DOA6 launch and nearly all DLC costumes>Cucked out of WO4/WO4UJust can't get a break can she

>>523665792What like? Dirty shit? Try the DOA_Rule34 Reddit and Maiden Masher on Twitter.

>>523666850To be fair though, Rachel is the worst character in Ninja Gaiden to play as. She's just too slow and kills the pace that Ryu, Momiji and Ayane set.

>>523665676honestly the momiji looks the best, at least from that profile angle

>>523666975Ayane is my favourite girl, but I always thought she was worse as her playstyle is centred around de-limbing which means she rally struggles in boss fights

>>523666876lol, maiden masher is fucking trash dude

>>523666850Because TN is petty she's Itagaki's creation. They'd rather kill off Ninja Gaiden than just bring the man back and give him his dues.

>>523667094That's true. She's not exactly the best in Sigma 2. In Razor's Edge though? She's a demon!>>523667138Well, it's either him or the cuck obsessed with BBC.

>>523667379To be fair with 3 nobody knew how little Hayashi knew about NG apart from those who read any of the pre-release interviews.>>523667579Yeah, it's just a shame I couldn't get into RE the same way, even though it fixed so much of 3's initial mistakes

>>523666850She really can't, and it's a damn shame.

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>>523665570Post your Ayane

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>>523639952I only have DOAX3 Fortune. That grind was ridiculous. But now I have most of the lewder costumes for my favorite girl. I just wish there was a bit more substance, but at least the VR is pretty great.Is it just me or does Ayane have the fattest tits only after Honoka? I love it

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>>523665792Lots of twitters who post DoAs. Just google one and follow the ones he's following.

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>>523669315I love mega titty ayane. Like i'm talking some real FAT tits. I like Sayuri's huge jugs too. I think they're as big as Honoka.

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>>523669315The way the game works is you have three body meshes, normally called Common, Marie, and Honoka by modders.The devs have it set up so that they can scale parts of the body mesh in order to make the girls look a bit different to each other in the game itself. This is how they do things like height, and different breast sizes. In other words, they model a swimsuit once for each body type, and it will automatically scale to the girls' breast size.Out of the girls in X3: Ayane has a x1.11 modifier on her breast size. Nyo/Momiji/Helena have x1.05, and Kasumi/Kokoro/Hitomi have x1.00, Misaki/Leifang have x0.95.Their height probably affects the actual size of the breasts a bit as well, but I haven't seen anything that would let me edit that.

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>>523640332Hank hill ass


>>523669315>after Honoka

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>>523670608Obviously you've never seen the asses from the pre-X3 era

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