>GPUs went from double, to quadruple...

>GPUs went from double, to quadruple, to now 5 times as powerful in the past 6 years>CPUs processing power barely increased from generation to generation i5's from 5+ generations ago are still used today without need for upgradingWhy are CPUs lagging behind in terms of innovation and improvement, while GPUs improves by leaps and bounds every couple of years?

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>>523639943Raising the GHz count for processors any further with current materials would result in overheating (graphene can apparently fix it), plus developers often don't take advantage of multiple cores.

>>523639943CPUs start to overheat way more than it can be cooled, normally this would be fixed by having multiple cores but the problem is that not that many things take advantage of multi-core stuff, it's up to programmers to make something take advantage of multiple cores

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M O R E C O R E S Also the mobile market

>>523639943>>CPUs processing power barely increased from generation to generation i5'sspotted the Intelfag

>>523639943they are reaching physical limits of reality. so now they started to just add "more cores" or in GPU side, they dont improve as much either in raw power so they try to shift attention to fancy features and convince you they are like totally cool

>>523639943No competition. Mid-range i5's would still without a doubt be 4c/4t IF AMD hadn't gotten its shit together with the Ryzen CPU's.

Just buy a nvidia cpu, bro

>>523639943Because CPU manufacturers made the error of focusing on CISC designs instead of RISC. RISC scales easily. CISC is always as slow as its slowest link.


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>>523642083>intel got infected by the diversity virusThis has to be why they're losing the race. I'm starting to think that AMD and Nvidia are gaining steam because they're led by Chinese CEOs (Lisa Su, Jensen Huang), and you already know China don't give a shit about being "inclusive" or any of that SJW bullshit. They're all business with none of the fat.

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>>523639943The CPUs don't need to improve that much in terms of the consumer market. Current i9s are faster than anything you're likely going to ever need in gaming. GPUs need to improve because everyone keeps trying to do 4K60fps but that's high end shit. Even retard youtube channels who brag about getting 4k60fps generally have their settings turned low. What people REALLY need to focus on is debloating windows HARD, holy shit that thing bottlenecks on a hard drive and runs like shit. And optimizing games better, your billion dollar game shouldn't have memory leaks that make the game unplayable after 30 minutes.

>>523642078AMD64 is effectively a RISC design internally with a CISC frontend for legacy compatibility. The blame really comes down to Windows locking desktop systems to the legacy x86 support.Though on the other hand Windows and D3D also deserves additional blame for poorly implementing multi processor support and even locking support for more than one CPU core behind higher tier versions of Windows which discouraged game developers from pursuing multi core friendly engine designs which also still plagues the industry to some extent today.Its really pretty sad, I was running Quake and Doom on multi-core GNU/Linux systems twenty years ago, it really makes you wonder where we would be today if Microsoft hadn't locked the industry to the Xbox and paid devs to drop GNU/Linux support.

>>523639943stupid dumb tech illiterate console fag, we haven't even got to 3nm yet.

>>523642083well no wonder company went to shit and cant do shit

>>523639943>CPUs processing power barely increased from generation to generation i5that's if you still use intel lmao


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>>523642480>actual chinese or taiwaneseFixed for you.

>>523643375>poorfag AMD CopeIntel on a 14nm++++++ still beats AMD in every single game and can reach 5+Ghz through OCWhile AMD poorfag CPU can not even reach the advertised 4.7Ghz on any new CPU except the 3800XTyoutu.be/bm4U_S_5dSoBTFO

>>523639943GPU tasks can be split up and they are able to just add moar cores, but you can't really do that on cpus. Most software is bound by the single threaded performance.

AMD showed you could just add more cores with more threads and make more powerful cpus for software that uses 100+ threads.But games arent good at that so you got the 2500k being viable for a decade.

>>523643026>AMD64 is effectively a RISC designx86 is not RISC.

>>523639943Short versions is GPUs are all about massive amounts of parallel processing but, in contrast to graphics processing, what you generally do with a CPU does not benefit from massive amounts of parallel processing. In other words, the "Just stick in more cores" philosophy kind of actually works for a GPU but it's a little harder than that for the CPU. Intel, for example, puts all their effort into improving execution efficiency and eliminating latency issues and these are problems that are very difficult to solve.

>>523643590t. bought intel

Games push grafics not complex AI or Mathematical calculations.So CPU gaming requirements are not jumping.You do have 16+ core CPUs butt these only realy are useful for non gaming related stuff.Thenicly only emulation realy profits from a strong CPU nowadays and an occasionally badly optimized game.

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>>523639943My i3 and 5700xt were playing everything on high to max on 1440p before the 5700 failed. Honestly more cpu power isnt going to help gaming to dev's and more cpu power isnt going to help gaming in general because anything more than 6 cores imo is for work load shit. Not gaming. Also only triple AAA games try to push the imaginary ceiling and most of them are garbo

>>523643392Throwing some danegeld to the mob is far far superior to comprising the team.

>>523642083It's about time

>>523639943Even games that should be cpu intensive are programmed like trash nowadays and can't even use multiple cores correctly.

>>523643853AMD64 is not x86.

>>523642083wtf I love AMD now

youtube.com/watch?v=agxSclh27uo This covers why intel are dropping the ball so hard. All internal politics and shitty management, pitting full time v contractors against each other.

>>523643853He's partially correct in the sense that modern x86 processors decode instructions into a set of micro-ops that fit into a RISC-like instruction set. That said, I have yet to see any RISC processor become a great alternative to x86 in the desktop computing area. Even ARM is not particularly impressive, and that architecture uses quite a few techniques that you see in CISC architectures like x86, despite calling itself RISC.

Are you really this stupid, user?Look at their sizes. CPUs gotta improve over the same size while GPUs have no room limitations.

>>523642480man if people cry for more diversity hires and unequal gender balance in the workplace you literally just have to point to Lisa Su. shes one of the people that are responsible for AMD's success in the CPU market in the past few years. instead of crying on twitter she (thread)ripped intel a new one

>>523645510>modern x86 processorsThere are no modern x86 processors outside of maybe the micro controller market. Every desktop or laptop chip from AMD or Intel today use the AMD64 architecture which has compatibility with legacy x86, but which is fundamentally not based on Intel's x86 design.

>>523645668No one is saying all women are bad and have no talent, but there is definatley no point in just decided you're going to completely change your company for reasons that aren't necessarily going to make it more profitable

>>523640189I remember reading about graphene what feels like a decade ago.Have they still not figured it out?

>>523639943There are many different reasons for this, but it boils down to cpus being far more complicated and having a much more diverse use case that makes drastic changes quite difficult. A gpu is useless for general processing, and could never handle the things that a cpu must do frequently.

>>523645889sorry im a ESL fag. that what i basically meant.you have many woman that are in the wrong position and then you have woman like Lisa Su that got where they are by their own efforts.

>>523640189I remember the graphene meme back at the beginning of King Banana's presidency and here we still are.

>>523645905It's too expensive to make and yields only a tiny amount, they are looking for a cheaper process to get more. Right now its a fucking meme to milk investors.

>>523639943More cores could be taking us further but the world has no intelligent programmers anymore and designing their applications to use the cores as well as they could a single is beyond their reach. Because they don't care. Much like how a calculator program used to take up a few kilobytes and now takes up nearly 30mb despite the fact that numbers haven't changed in the last 30 years or gotten more complex to justify that.

>>523639943$500 GPU from 2014 would have been a R9 290x. Still a viable gaymen GPU today.$500 RTX 3070 is about 3.5 times as powerful.$350 CPU from 2014 would have been an i7-4790k.last year's Ryzen 7 3800x is about 2.5 times as powerful, so expect this years Ryzen 7 4800x to be about 3.0 - 3.25 times as powerfulSo stop making up bullshit, OP.

>i7 4790k>1660 SuperSee you in 15 years when I decide to finally make a new computer, Holla Forums.

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>>523645538Build bigger CPUs

>>523647220$500 R9 290x same performance as $140 RX 570 today. Lost 72% of its value$350 i7-4790k same performance as $115 Ryzen 3 3100 today. Lost 67% of its value.

>>523645668>>523645889>>523646152It's unfair to compare "diversity" with an Asian woman. They're notoriously work driven and are crazy.t. Had a Singaporean-Chinese boss lady and she fucking made everybody worked to the bones. Terrible workplace environment.

>>523647827Should have subdued her with your BWC. Your fault.

>>523642083>>523643392I would love them both burning to the ground if it meant we get a new arms race from the bottom where everyone can participate again instead of just two molochs throwing a ball between eachother. I'm so sick of blue vs red going on for decades

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>>523647675>that'll fix ityoutube.com/watch?v=HDMkw6lnzmI

>>523647675We're at the point now where the distance between components of a CPU is an important factor in determining how fast it is. Making it bigger will potentially make it slower and make it much much more expensive as more dies have to be thrown out due to lithography errors.

>>523650043Then what else can be done to make them faster? Discover new materials that could replace the parts of the processor? Better metal to improve conductivity?

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my i5 3570 is literally causing me to have 50% less frames compared to the 3300. Good thing i'm still 1080p chad

>>523650596New materials or just different ways of processing data. It's not going to happen overnight though, so they're going to keep pushing the nanometer scale down until quantum tunneling fucks it up and blocks any further advancement with silicon.

Uneducated person here. Is there any reason we can't just make the CPU bigger, or use more of them?

>>523652150Bigger CPU die = more latency, more power, higher tempsSmaller CPU die = less latency, less power, lower temps

>>523643590When it comes to the 30xx series, AMD CPUs are king. No Intel CPUs support PCIe 4.0, so you're gimping your 30xx card to a 3.0 slot. The latest AMD CPUs support PCIe 4.0. If you want your 30xx card to reach it's full potential, an AMD CPU is essential.

>>523653053No games use beyond the total PCIe 3.0 bandwidth, show me a single game that uses beyond that bandwidth and offers any leap in performance, PCIe 4.0 only benefits GEN4 NVMe SSDs

>>523653338Not that I'm disagreeing with you but there is 1 current example I know of and thats Horizon Zero Dawn.

>>523647774>$140That's pretty expensive for an RX 570. You can probably even find a 580 for that price.

>>523642083Guess I gonna buy even more AMD stocks. Intel lost Apple so it is basically over soon.

>>523653338There are several games that already exceed it and most almost do. How the fuck do you think you'll manage with next gen games? Intel is fucked. AMD is the only way to make use of your 30xx card.

>>523639943For GPUs you can just put in more processing cores and make them fuckhueg and powerhungry. Just check out the new Nvidia cards.For CPUs they have different kind of workloads and have need for fewer but ultra fast processing cores. Can't just make them more powerful by cranking up the niggahertz cause that's how you end up with an Intel Tejas and hilarious heat density and can't try to make them more complex cause then you get Intel Itanium.

China will save us.

>>523639943>gpu have 2-4x bigger die than a CPUno shit idiot

>>523653338Horizon Zero DawnDeath Strandingyoutube.com/watch?v=PAwIh1nSOQ8We're right on the brink, and you're also ignoring the fact that the GPU will do things that actually need more bandwidth to pull off, like DirectStorage.


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>>523639943CPUs aren't "lagging behind" - there isn't a demand for them to progress further. Even the most expansive RTS game logic can run on near decade-old processors. Supreme Commander came out in a time where developers rarely even considered dual/quad core processors, and runs on only a single thread.Cooler and cheaper. Those are the 'big innovations' with demand. There isn't anything you can really do with a stronger processor, except maybe play Dwarf Fortress at a stable 20fps.>>523645905Costs too much. AMD can't do it because they'd lose the budget crowd. Intel can't do it because they already bloated their budget to the limit. Either way, the demand isn't there.

>>523639943CPUs wil improve again once we've shifted to ARM

>>523643590>muh niggahertzbet you loved bulldozer's 8GHz right?


>>523640189This. CPU development plateaued due to heat issues.

>>523663113Time to invent better thermal paste and better heatsinks.

>>523639943Graphics are an inherently parallelisable computation, so GPUs benefit from simply stuffing more cores onto the chip.I suspect GPU per core performance has advanced at a similar rate to CPU per core performance. However CPUs have to deal with non-parallelisable problems.

>>523648452well to be quite honest red has never mattered up until Ryzen, blue has had a lockdown on the market for decades while red was just there.

>>523639943just wait until they make AFFORDABLE mini-fridge / case hybrids so temps are a non-issue and we'll see a CPU tech increase in no time.

>>523639943/v/ - video games

>>523666342>tech to play videogames is not videogamesno wonder every other single board calls Holla Forums a sinkhole.

Here's your problem.

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>>523639943CPUs have to be backwards compatible in instruction sets. GPUs don't have to be as low level backwards compatible as most interactions with it are done through drivers.

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>>523639943Modern CPUs have more cores mostly. This just isn't always useful for things like games.Graphics processing is massively parallel though, so they're effectively just adding more and more cores and this still produces notable improvements.

>>523666639How do we fix those slumps?

>>523666782Can't with current technology. Cranking up the frequency and voltages leads to too much power density.

Because you easily scale drawing pixels but not what a game does.

Still relevant?

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