How quickly did Fallout-fans on this board realize what a turd this game really was...

How quickly did Fallout-fans on this board realize what a turd this game really was? I'd assume everyone's initial reaction to the technology and presentation was good, but how quickly did the love wear off?

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>>523639110best fallout game

>>523639186nice. look into Far Cry games from 3 onwards to find similar experiences.

I pretty much realised the entire current gen was always going to be absolute shit but my friend got this at a midnight launch and I was initially really woah'd by base building and gun customisation. Problem is it takes like 10 hours to realise it's an excuse for Bethshit to not put effort into towns and more weaponry. 4/10 but still put literally thousands of hours into it.

>>523639110It panders to casuals like Skyrim did, the earliest this shit happened was shortly after the game started where you can get power armor and a minigun to kill a deathclaw, and fusion cores are ridiculously common (I found over A DOZEN in some box inside some dungeon) so you can wear the power armor 24/7

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>>523639578i guess if the base building and weapon tinkering clicks then this game has some value, but as someone coming from NV who was purely interested in the RPG and story side of the game, there was almost nothing in the game for me. an actual 2/10 or so only because of the passable combat mechanics.

>>523639110Shit Fallout game but fun. I just pretend Bethesda's Fallout games are based in a different universe, it makes much more sense that way.

I actually like it. F1 and 4 are the best Fallouts.

>>523639728At least it isn't linear as Skyrim

>>523639110>the main quest is find your loved onePretty fucking quickly.

>>523639882>skyrim >linearDid you eat some crayons before posting.

>>523640063Retard, look at the vast majority of the quests.

>>523639882Skyrim got an end-goal of killing Alduin but the jerk-off in that game is even worse, you become leader of 3 different guilds and you can do deals with over 10 daedra, it panders even more to casuals than Fallout 4

>>523639110I never understood what people meant when they used the term "themepark" to describe a game as an insult until I played Fallout 4. Now i know. The entire map is fucking Disney Land what a pile of shit.

>>523639110At this point to get an answer you have to clarify what Fallout fans meansF1/2 fans knew before it was announced. Bethesda hasn't been trying to make a real roleplaying game for more than 15 years. What they sell now is fantasy life simulators with light rpg mechanics thrown in. This is why each game is more casualized than the last

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>>523639110Overhated, probably the most fun Fallout game there is

>>523640648I noticed the exact same issue in Far Cry 4. It's a problem that should be trivially easy to avoid since you essentially just need to create empty areas and reduce the volume of content so it's probably a completely intentional design choice justified by playtester retention or something

>>523639110Gameplay was the best of the series, don't care what it got wrong with story and lore. I don't play Bethesda games (or RPGs in general) for lore shite, I want a fun game that I feel like soaking hours into lol.

>Settlements are a heavily advertised feature and basically replaced actual smaller settlements you'd find in the wasteland >They do so little that the only real reward from building them is your own satisfaction

>>523641305the gameplay should be the just be structure that delivers the world and story. why the fuck would you play Fallout for gameplay when Far Cry exists?

I was liking it on my first playthrough. It all fell apart for me on the second, when I tried to play as a completely different type of character. Everything was exactly the same. There's only one way to solve any and every problem-- kill, loot, return. I had no motivation to do any of the quests because they were all the same. The only thing there is to do the second time 'round is more combat, and the combat completely sucks.

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I had the initial honeymoon period where I loved and then the inevitable slump where a dwelled on all the obvious flaws. However after revisiting it later I find I enjoy it more than ever.

>>523641496awesome af

>>523639110It's far better than 3 though. Like as an RPG it sucks shit and doesn't hold a candle to New Vegas but it has the best world to explore, best feeling guns and power armour that feels like power armour

>>523639110In case someone's a coomer and wants to play Fallout 4, here's a guide I made based on my limited experience in's as much of a spoonfeed as I was able to do it because I love you Holla Forums.It's also based on Vortex because I'm a shit person, if you work on other mod managers you probably won't need this guide anywayHopefully some of you will like the game better with it.

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>>523639110YesNoQuestionSarcastic (Yes)

>>523639110>I'd assume everyone's initial reaction to the technology and presentation was goo...What? This game has awful production values, the animation and voice acting is awful

>>523639110It's fun to go around picking up shit and building towns.

>>523639110Once I started building my first settlement and limited reply options was when I went noo noo noooooo. Still 100% beat it tho, but never going back also no fuckout 76.

>>523644306it's good relative to 3 or NV. not that that's a high bar... but still, the technology is something most would be exctatic to see Obsidian's hands to create another NV

Pretty quick, I still have hundreds of hours in it since Im way to commited to polishing this turd with mods

>>523639110As soon as Hate Newspapers was uncovered, so almost instantly

>>523640459Don't bother. Skyrim(Bethesda) fans are brain dead

>>523644820is it working?

>>523644207Another great RPG from Bethesda!

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>>523639110Took me a week after launch but yeah its a giant wad of fuck. At least mods make the game fun.

>>523644654people were making fun of the awful salseman animation since day 1

>tell multiple characters about how you survived 200 years frozen in a vault AND that you're the only one who survived except for your infant son who was kidnapped>they all instantly believe you, no questions asked>even the BOS gate guard believes you when you tell him you served in the military 200 years agoBoy, do I love Bethesda writing! Gotta make the player feel as special as possible!

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Playe dit in VR and it's pretty fun

>>523639110>I'd assume everyone's initial reaction to the technology and presentation was goodwhat a stupid thing to admit looked not good, better than previous games, but not good at all for the time.and it was clear from the start that it was going to be worse than previous games, and more of a skinner box, with the incessant "cha-ching" noise when you get xp. coupled with the almost exclusive focus on bad shooter combat, it was never in doubt that it would be a terrible fallout.


>>523639110The quality of the gameplay carries it far, despite the failings of the RPG system and main storyI wouldn't call it a turd of a game by any stretch.

>>523639110Refunded it after an hour, realized it was shit when it pretends you can say no to the vault.Why pretend you have an option you don't? Either let you say no and burn in the nuclear fire or never give you the "choice".

>>523644109Is there a mod that just replaces all clothes and armor with skimpier versions? Like making leather armor a lot more revealing?

>>523647941It still kills me that the plot isn't New Vegas style with instead of getting shot in the head you got revived after 200 years and end up getting caught up in the power struggle.Your protag takes all this wild stuff at face value too. You had a chance for some real comedy in the dialogue as your guy struggles to understand how retarded the wasteland is.Instead being pre war isn't seen as important even though after 200 years people still haven't grapsed common pre war theories that the average guy from that time could enlighten

Immediately lost all hype upon seeing the first presentation. You could tell from the vault-tec dudes stiff animations just how lackluster the game would be.

>>523647941>Gotta make the player feel as special as possible!I dunno, in Fallout 3 you barely felt like the main character in the main questline. At least not until Broken Steel.

>>523639785Late but I also put thousands of hrs into NV too except literally always devolved into shotguns and the 2 perks...

I played it a few weeks after launch it was fun for first playthrough after that it had no replay value once that honey moon peroid wore off its boring. FO3 is atleast comfy when exploring the wastes FO4 is just boring wisy they had more verticality that would have been pretty cool.


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>>523649349It was mainly from Skyrim onward that Bethesda turned their games into full-on power fantasies. Don't be surprised when TES VI makes you a hero of destiny with super powers.

>>523650239I wonder how they'll squeeze dragons into it.

>>523639110>get power armor and fight a deathclaw with a minigun in the intro questit was shit immediately

>>523639110About 400 hours in after I exhausted myself on all the gun and coom mods. It was about it had going for it

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>>523650370>do it in v.hard mode>deathclaw eats up all your ammo and still lives

>>523639110>QuicklyOn this board? Pretty quick.Outside it? Not quick at all. The majority of the Bethesdrones horde loved it. It wasn't until 76 added forced multiplayer, while being nearly identical overall, that it was too much for Bethesdrones and they finally woke up to the fact that Bethesda has been feeding them shit.But the majority of the "ANGRY BETHESDA FANS" who shit on 76, still absolutely love Skyrim and Fallout 4.

>>523649128Clothes - Female outfit Replacer by's in the guideDunno about the armor, but I know there are invisible armor mods

>>523639110Oh look, another Obsidiot cultists shiting up the board with his Bethesda hate boner.Can you fanatics just commit ritual suicide now?

>>523650303I still can't believe we actually got dragons in Fallout 76.>>523650370That moment could have worked if you instead hijacked some Raider Power Armor that was in disrepair and got something like a Junk Gun instead of a Gatling Gun. Would have fit the theme of the game better, not give you overpowered gear at the beginning of the game, and give a purpose to Raider Power Armor since no one uses that anyway. Too bad Bethesda couldn't help themselves from shoving iconic Fallout imagery in your face from the get-go.

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>>523651406>I still can't believe we actually got dragons in Fallout 76.Tell me you're kidding.

>>523650239>>523650303TES 6 will thematically be a Skyrim 2. Consider: Skyrim will be over a decade old when TES 6 launches and Skyrim the only TES most of the playerbase will be familiar with and also the only megahit spanning console generations. The corporates will see these facts and call for TES 6 to be designed to be as familiar as possible to players coming from Skyrim.

>>523651703they're not in any prominent role but the final boss of the game is indeed a dragon

>>523651703He isn't. There are mutated Dragonlike Bats in 76 that literally attack by shouting shockwaves at you.

>>523651703called scorch beasts, look like mini dragonshave literally the same animations and scripts as skyrim dragons

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>>523639110the minute Bethshitsda released information on it. Then i pirated it and was even more shocked at how bad and empty it was. Played it 6 years later with every decent mod I could find and it still sucked.

>>523639110When they announced the voice acted main character.

>>523639110I don't understand why bethesda has such a hard time making a good fallout game. They have the framework pretty much figured out, the transition between isometric turn based game to first/third person shooter was handled pretty well and most people have come to accept it, with the exception of the most conservative old fans many of which from nma. The problem is that they have a really hard time making a game that's actually good, for some reason. It's like they don't get it, they don't understand what people want or they don't care, do they fuckign hate money?. People want interesting rpg elements, varied character build options, fun perks, choices, interesting characters, fun weapons, all that stuff that made new vegas great despite its shortcomings. But then they released this fucking game and 76, that have that forced settlement building that no one asked for, voiced protag and dialogue wheel that no one wanted, randomly generated quests, yet another mc family story. I ask myself, is it really that fucking hard to make a good fallout game?

>>523652226>>523652121>>523652081That's fucking awful. Just let go of the God damn dragons, Bethesda. They're not impressive anymore! Never really were, really.

As soon as it leaked ie before it even fucking released.

>>523652706They literally don't understand Fallout at its core. They keep hammering in the meme that 2077 was basically just the 1950s with robots. That was never really the case hinted at in the first two games. It was a sort of parody of what people in the 1950s THOUGHT the future would look like at most. Bethesda won't let go of that fucking notion and doesn't understand it's inaccurate. On top of that, they keep recycling the same shit over and over. Gotta have those Super Mutants, those bottle caps, those Radscorpions, those Deathclaws, that Brotherhood of Steel, no matter how little sense it makes. They just pick the "cool" parts of Fallout and just make up the rest and clearly don't get what made the first two games good.

>>523652730No dude. Fuck you. You are going to play skyrim even when you are not playing Skyrim and you are going to enjoy it.

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Honestly, I remember Holla Forums concluding that it would be a massive disappointment well before the game even came out. Once the voiced protag was announced, everyone knew that Bethesda was going full action-"""""RPG""""" with it. Only in the past two years or so has it become halal on Holla Forums to give F4 what little credit is does deserve.

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>>523652976Adding onto to this, Bethesda also doesn't seem to get that Fallout fans want more than just shooting things. Yeah, it can be fun to take down a Raider camp, but doing it a thousand times in one game can get so dull after a while. The fans want interesting stories and character, not just endless running and gunning. Give us some quests or locations without violence, maybe. Or at the very least not just an endless barrage of shooting down mutants or Raiders. Shit like that robotic racetrack pissed me off because it could've been a neat minigame or something. But nope, the second the Raiders see the player, they just open fire because ????? and some of the companions comment on the area and seem like they've BEEN THERE before and bet on the races. So why can't the player? Same with that fight pit where Cait is. Maybe you could bet on the fights or enter a tournament. Instead, the second you go in, everyone just tries to kill you because ????? and it's just so dull.

I remember everyone raging about the companion relationship system in the threads after release. and people bitching about limited sniper distance

>>523639110I feel like pretty much everyone here who wasn't blatantly trolling knew exactly what the game was going to be before it even released, or at least I did.Here's some predictions I got right>suckass writing>suckass bugs>the weapon mod system coming at the cost of actual weapon variety, while not really adding much variety of its own>the new stat systems fucked build variety and prevented player characters from really being bad at anything>voiced protag and shitty mass effect dialogue wheel cut down all the dialogue options for the game>what little hope the game had left for role-playing was snuffed out by giving the player-character too much backstory, which can actually conflict with how you stat your character at the start of the game>still sold like hotcakes because there's a massive casual audience for the skinner box looting simulator experience

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>>523653504Yeah, they really went overboard with the combat in 4. Outside of diamond ciry I can barely find neutral people besides the settlers that squat in my own settlements but they have nothing to say so they might as well be robots or something. I also didn't like the change in artstyle between 3 and 4. I don't know much about art deco but in 3 there was these buildings with stone faces and that sort of thing that I always thought looked really nice and in 4 everything looks like sort of dull futuristic. The main city areas I mean.

>>523639110i though that it was fine, in fact its my second favorite one, before New Vegas

>>523639110>Muh Game of the Year.>Beats out Witcher 3, Bloodbourne, Undertale, and fucking MGSV.

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>>523639110I actually hated the new dialogue camera/graphics Fallout 4 had. The ugly Gamebryo engine faces and camera zooming into the character's face as the world around them freezes in place was somehow better despite looking worse. In Fallout 4 everyone looks like a Sims 4 character made of putty and the dialogue camera is all in real-time and the camera angle looks like Mass Effect.

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>>523656685i think the way the world froze during dialogues in the earlier games really made the experience of listening and choosing your speech option considerably more pleasant despite being unrealistic.

>next to no visible difference between medium and ultra textures, all textures look muddy as hell>official high res textures look nearly identical to vanilla textures but are 58GB large>loading screens take forever even on SSDs due to loading being tied to the framerate (a mod fixes this)What are some other great design choices by Bethesda?

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>>523658194>>loading screens take forever even on SSDs due to loading being tied to the framerate (a mod fixes this)how does this even work technically? the only framerate dependency I've understood is that game logic calculations can be done with a predetermined frame time, but how does frame time come to play when files are loaded from storage?

>>523651703Scorchbeasts are more of a dragons than skyrim's wyvern "dragons"

>>523639110I liked it more than 3 at least

>>523639110Never? Bethesda fans will eat any shit you excrete at them. That's why Fallout 4 is the natural evolution of Fallout 3. And Fallout 76 is the logical evolution after 4.

>>523639110idk I thought it was decent

>>523658194>Danse hated thatEverytime

>>523654158They took the muh green filter critiques to hard and went overboard with rainbows and saturation

>>523639110The fucking debut trailer at E3? The moment the player-character was revealed to be voiced?

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>>523639110When I realized that there is only one quest in the game that has stat checks. One quest.The fact that the vast majority of quests in the game were go here, kill raider, come back, was also a huge problem.

>>523661587before reading the entire thing:>he probably ended up being badly disappointedafter:>...fallout 4 was probably everything he hoped for

>>523639110i remember everyone was always shitting on this game since before release when the gameplay leaks came out and people saw how buggy it was, and it also looked like shit.

>>523639110If survival had been in the game right off the bat and the main quest didn't have such a retarded sense of urgency it would be more well-received I think

>>523664340I thought the game looked obscenely ugly for a 2015 game.The texture work, modeling, lighting, etc. all look like they're only 5% better than Skyrim.

>>523664449>the main quest didn't have such a retarded sense of urgencyBoggles the mind how they thought that was a good idea in an open world game that encourages you to do whatever you want. Did they think it would encourage more people to actually finish the main quest this time?

>>523664460the game arguably looks worse than skyrim. The lighting in general is very dull and washed, the color work is very bland. I remember seeing the leaked gameplay footage of piper getting hit by Swan's rock and bugging into the ground. Laughed so hard at that shit. It got worse after release too, because people hated the main story. To be honest I did too. The whole "twist" that the director of the institute was your son was actually so garbage.

>>523641305You don't play RPGs. Combat and "muh gamefeel" are not good gameplay - role playing options, player choice and emergent gameplay are good gameplay. Fallout 4 has none of it.

>>523639110I'm tired of reading people arguing about this game>good bideo game but not good role playing bido game!!,>not real fallout>muh pre war jet>muh X-01Then there's a small subset of consoomers who think it's the perfect fallout game.I don't have anything original to say about it personally but it's a decent open world shooter.

>>523660064Fallout 4 is even duller than 3. Literally just brown and grey everywhere.


it's a good thing that it was more action than rpgaction rpgs are trash

Fallout 4 was absolutely the best of the entire series.Best visuals (especially after mods), best gameplay, best companions, best weapons, way better power armour, best character creator, best story with the best factions.People that pretend Fallout 1, 2 and NV have good writing are deluding themselves.


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>>523639110only fun with mods to not make it piss easy on survival

You could tell from the reveal that this was a FO3 rehash, question was how much would they fuck it up

>>523664340I remember shitting on the game before release, and everyone told me I was just overreacting and the game would be fine or whatever.

>>523668089it's got better gameplay and world design than fo3, better characters too. and I know people throw a bitch fit about the voiced character but lets be honest, the writing in fo3 was so painfully shit nothing of value was lost by removing 95% of conversations

>>523639110I've got over 400 hours in New Vegas, I've tried now a few times to give Fallout 4 a fair shake. Way more than I would for any other game. Usually I'll play a game for about an hour, and if I think it sucks, I'll refund immediately. I have 70 hours in Fallout 4, never finished it and never got past around level 20 or so. All those hours are from fresh restarts. This game is just shit. I've tried approaching it with the mentality of "Don't look at it as a Fallout game", and even then it is bad. People have told me it is a looter shooter, and I don't agree because the loot is just ass. Raw, flat stat increases on bland items because the game hardly has any weapons in it. Instead, Bethesda just made it to wear what few weapons and armor is present is highly customizable. A 10mm pistol, whether it is full auto or semi auto, still counts as one gun to me. So the loot never did it for me. The quests are totally forgettable. I only remember the dog tracking the cigars quests because of how ludicrous and lazy it was, even by Bethesda standards. I still remember NV and even some FO3 quests, I haven't played either game in years. This game is just flat out shit. I think I got the GOTY edition when all the DLC was released for around $40, and it was the biggest waste of money I have sitting in my library.

>>523665969The vanilla game has a few more colors than that, in the form of blue skies and yellow grass and all the multi-colored buildings, enemies, and billboards in-between, but you can certainly mod the game into that kind of bleak brown and gray gloom.

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>>523668579yep, and even the core shooting and exploring experience is completely blown out of the water by something like Far Cry 3. it's a tragedy because F4's core gameplay is actually decent in the sense that if the old Obsidian (not sure if the current one could pull NV off again) had gotten a hold of the technology and sufficient dev time, they could've created a masterpiece of a decade.

>>523668579Try Far Harbor at the very least

>>523669325>picunironically an improvement. yes, I understand why people felt like more color could be an improvement, but i'll mark it off as a time when the customer just wasn't correct.