Monster Hunter Switch

What are you guys hoping to see in the upcoming Monster Hunter for Switch?

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>>523635849> celshaded graphics> universal climbing> chemistry engine > music with instrumentation as diverse as MH4> comfy village> New weapons> Styles returning> transmogging> Everwood equivalent for free hunting and guild quests for relic farmingI'm a simple man. I don't need much, but I am curious to see what World changes they're implement.

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>>523635849Sex with monsters

never ever

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>>523635849These are mostly for the next gen MH game:-Crossplay-Remove or rework Clutch Claw(make all weapons tenderize in one attack, make tenderize spots permanent, make it so that you can only wallbang during clagger and reduce monster hp to compensate that)-Remove mantles or keep only ones that affect mobility like glider or ghillie mantle-Limit restocks like the canteen or make it so you can only restock once-Revert to the charm rng or make both charm and decorations craftable but require a rare item-Stop with the power creep by not just making equipment for a certain monster the best in slot-Make maps more like Hoarfrost reach and less like Ancient forest where its annoying to traverse and not really good places to fight monsters-Don't butcher the weapon designs ever again and make layered weapon/armor available at launch-More monster variety with different skeletons -Make more new mid to endgame monster instead of forgettable early monsters like Tzi Yaku, Great Jagras, Girros, Radobann-Have a greater amount of content at launch and not rely much on post launch content- Less use of MMO mechanics and multiplayer scaled monsters- Maybe reintroduce underwater combat with obvious major tweaks - Tweak the AI so the monsters doesn't jump all over the place giving clear openings like Alatreon and relying less on spamming attacks with large Aoe like with the Raging Brachydios fight, maybe slow down healing movement to compensate to that change-Buff lance and Hunting Horn, make LBG more distinct to HBG, make aerial IG more viable with a cool and stronger move intstead of being a helicopter, but make ground combos still worth it, give back oils to SnS, make arch demon mode better for DB to give a reason to use it, improve SA mobility just a bit more-Bring back prowler if possible-Make a mid-point between Flash pre Iceborne and post iceborne, not to spam heavy like in world but not useless like in Iceborne, just so the item doesn't become obsolete


>>523636446> celshaded graphicsYikes, like Story ?

>>523635849>literal bait image from 2 years ago>3rd thread about itCome on man. No need to be this pathetic

>>523635849bring back and if possible expand prowler mode.

>>523635849I don’t buy DuskFaggot‘s (or whatever he’s called) leak. He claims that Switch is getting two exclusive MH games, one of which being on RE Engine and the other being Stories 2. Capcom have already said that they will continue to use MT Frameworks for all MH titles for the foreseeable future, and Stories was a gargantuan flop. Not only that, but why release TWO exclusives when the last title in that franchise was a multiplat and outsold the previous bestselling title by over 300%, becoming their bestselling game ever? I’d like for Portable MH to return but it’s not happening at all like this chucklefuck “leaker” is suggesting. At best we’ll get a mobile game that has a Switch port, or more ports of older games. And while he was correct about the Shenmue announcement, he didn’t actually say what it was and just that there was a Shenmue announcement coming up. So either he withholds information because he’s an attention whore or he gets his info from a third party, which means his chances of getting or giving false information are high.

>>523635849Aotires 2 or a full riders game, with this cute artstyle again. I don't care if Holla Forums shitpost it forever or if is impossible to have a thread of it there, I just want to be a rider again in a world of pretty girls and not ugly western freaks.

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>>523638012I was thinking the vein of Breath of the Wild, but Story works as well. I suppose they can find some happy medium where you have decent customization on your character and not too simplistic in artstyle.

i wouldn't be opposed to more colorful visuals. world is really drab.however, it doesn't need to be cellshaded to be colorful.

>>523635849Free online play no NSO bullshit.

>>5236358491. monsters that aren't blind and have aimed attacks, less telegraphing, less static patterns just re-iterating themselves and more organic combat2. monsters have less HP, less HP, stop making HP sponge monsters3. remove all item farming from the game, 5 or 6 character types that everyone uses, that way we are all on a level playing field and player skill matters more than grinding for items.4. tied with #3 they can balance the monsters much better when items and character skill are fixed

I’m just hoping we go back to old monster hunter I get that world was for normies but Holy shit was it piss easy

>>523639105>He claims that Switch is getting two exclusive MH games, one of which being on RE Engine and the other being Stories 2He never claimed Stories 2 I made that up and it's been sticking in threads but yeah, his track record is kind of sketch, pic related>Not only that, but why release TWO exclusives when the last title in that franchise was a multiplat and outsold the previous bestselling title by over 300%, becoming their bestselling game ever?Because they probably started development before it was apparent that MHW would be a huge success. You'd have to be terminally retarded to bet all of your efforts on a new console entry when you could make a another portable entry for an easy 4 mil sales while being cheaper. They did the same thing with RE. 7 was a big shift, but they also had 2 Remake in the works.

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>>523639783unless you want it to be f2p, that's not gonna happen. nintendo is not gonna make an exception for capcom.

>>523639105>Not only that, but why release TWO exclusives when the last title in that franchise was a multiplat and outsold the previous bestselling title by over 300%, becoming their bestselling game ever?Capcom has a whole division devoted to the Monhun franchise. They can support both a World Line and a portable line. Not producing Monhun on the Switch is leaving money on the table, it'll easily be the most popular Monhun on a single platform, at least in Japan. Remember Monhun is really bloody MASSIVE in Japan. It's not just the number of copies sold, they had a whole culture devoted to socializing over Monhun. From the speed dating events to literal festivals where people congregated to play Monhun, teamed up with family members (mother/daughter competitions fathers/son competitions and so on). In addition, you're reaching a different demographic with handhelds as the Switch has a wider reach to women and the younger crowd. Monhun Stories, is geared more so to younger kids, which is the Switch's forte. This helps build up the future fanbase for Monhun that can easily support the next portable title and World 2. To say there's no reason for a Switch version is totally shortsighted and is ignorant of what the portable aspect has offered to grow the series to what it is today.

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>>523640025>monster hunter>speed dating eventsexcuse me?

>>523635849New gunner weapon hopefully finally

>>523635849Nothing, because there isn't an upcoming Monster Hunter for the Switch.Capcom told Nintendo to go fuck themselves.Your """"leak"""" is a 2-year-old bait image.

kino flat maps with no changes from gen 4 and onwards

I dont understand why they didn't just port world to the switch with Classic monhun graphics, autists would've loved It.

>>523641792you seem angry

>>523636446>celshaded graphicsstopped right are a faggot with shit taste and I hope you get raped by furious rajang dick

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Wasn’t there a leak about getting another world for ps5? Something about it being GaaS?

>>523639105He never said Stories 2 that's a different rumor.>yeah he got a shenmue announcement happening on this date right but he didn't say what it was only that it wasn't a game, novel or anything other possibility other than anime series [>[...]animated retelling of Shenmue 1 & 2 with lost story beats, series creator Yu Suzuki has been involved to help the adaption & to realize the previously scrapped story elements to realization]Also he said MHS with RE engine is 100% happening so he's sure about this one.

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>>523641959World’s issue is that it has every area of the map loaded at all times, which is why it runs like shit on base PS4 and XBO. No amount of graphics adjustments will get the game to run reasonably on Switch, it’s simply not designed for the hardware and the amount of work it would take to reverse engineer the game to only load specific areas is much more work than would be worth it.

>>523636446You are the botw retard from last thread?

>>523638698>3rd more like 5th.

>>523642209It goes completely against everything Capcom has said about the future of the series which is what makes me doubt it. Given the fact that he leaks stuff from multiple different companies I’d assume he doesn’t obtain information firsthand and gets it from actual insiders, so someone could pass off false information quite easily since he has no way of verifying it himself.

>>523635849Consolewarring faggots bitching and monaning because MH came back to Nintendo.

>>523642570>It goes completely against everything Capcom has said about the future of the series which is what makes me doubt it.A separate entry for the portable audience doesn't go against anything that capcom has said, Capcom themselves said that switch would get something different from World in case it really did happened.

>>523635849PS4 multiplat

>>523635849region lock.I want my crazy anime collab weapons back.

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>>523640025What's shortsighted and ignorant was Capcom ignoring the Playstation playerbase for a 6 year Nintendo exclusivity in 3rd and 4th gen.

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>>523635849No matter how unlikely it is, I will forever hold out hope for a Pokemon-themed Monster Hunter crossover game.

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>>523643178This, I like to have games in a franchise all on one console so having the games keep coming to ps4 and pc would be nice. People call exclusives cancer all the time here yet Nintendo always seems to get a free pass for some reason.

>>523643386I don't get why they can't just do those anyway. Or could someone steal the design suddenly? Makes no sense to me.I rather play with my japanese friends so I don't like region lock.

>>523643430which resulted in like 20 million copies of games sold on wii and 3dsa disaster, no?

>>523643985A disaster just like World.

>>523639105What a decent looking pos->At best we’ll get a mobile game that has a Switch portAnd you went full retard

Speaking of crossovers, I want Ridley.

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>>523643756licensing. they have to pay a separate licensing fee in order to use some content outside of japan.

>>523644030>Decent looking postStarting the post with bullshit isn't what I'd call a decent looking post.

>>523644026just because world blew up doesn't mean what they did before it was wrong. they basically went through a whole decade reusing assets and churning out very successful games.

>>523644050Too big.

>>523644026World isn't a disaster because it managed to sell on the west even if it didn't capitalize on the japanese portable market, a switch entry right now would make the most sense for capcom.

>>523636446Celshaded graphics is unfortunately gonna happen since it will be on switch and it's the only way to hide the dog shit graphics.

>>523644116If you trust duskgolem, you have brain damage.

>>523640025>more so to younger kids, which is the Switch's forteLast time I checked, kids made up less than a third of players.

>>523644334I don't trust anyone, but he never said that there would be a stories 2.

>>523635849Hope it's built from WorldI want every QoL of World. And I hope the graphics don't suck. New weapon, maybe rangedBring back Chameleos

>>523644149MH4G alone (not MH4) has200 dev staff1.5 years dev timeseveral billion yen budget (tens of millions of dollars)About 30-60-ish times more than your average Japanese game, for an

>>523644278they didn't use cell shaded graphics on psp, 3ds or wii so why start now on hardware that's significantly more powerful?

>>523644406It's a switch game. You go in expecting subpar graphics.

>>523644496Fuck. World finally gave MH proper visuals and we go back at shitty graphics

>>523644247And they can also put it on PS4 for the non-Switch market. Genius.

>>523644423MH VR is next game.

>>523644552They can at a later date, after sorting things out with the switch first, just like how it happened with Dragon Quest.

>>523644531>World finally gave MH proper visuals

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>>523644552what is the non-switch market? NA and EU where 75% of switch's userbase are?

>>523644621Or at release. >>523644721People who make the choice to play on PS4 for PS4/Switch multiplat games.

>>523644531The only thing World did was give it visuals reflecting of the current gaming gen. As did 4, as did 3, and so on.

Older style monhun with more general improvements World 2 would be cool but not something I have any interest in, but I fully expect it to be pretty much that

>>523644552Nah, PS4 audience would go>why are the graphics so shitty! >why is this so clunky!>fucking handhelds holding back the series!Capcom wouldn't want to oversaturate the market before World 2, they'd want to keep the 2 markets distinct, it makes more business sense.

>>523644552I think you mean PC.

>>523644913Isn't that why nobody is playing MHXX on Switch?

>>523644681It did, arw you one of those retards who thinks the games not colorful? >>523644872"older style"Funny how nobody mentioned older style after 4U or Gen came out

>>523644913>fucking handhelds holding back the series!They'll use this as an argument whether they got the switch game or not.

>>523635849I just hope the gimmick is that this stays more "classic" and down to earth, no hunter arts, no clutch claw/mantle bullshit, etc.I do hope they keep a lot of moveset expansion from World though, I loved all this shit they gave my based Gunlance.

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>>523642153how the fuck did you find yourself on an ANIME forum? Do you not have ANY self awareness?

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>>523644913Wait isn't what you want is a Portable World spinoff built on World's engine, reusing World's new assets but not on platforms that World was on?

>>523644816>Or at release.Too much for the dev team, a "scaling" button doesn't exist between the switch and x86 consoles, more so taking into accout the difference in power.This entry is most certainly being developed by Ichinose's team (Portable/X-XX team) with the switch's hardware in mind, the main team is most likely busy with World 2.

>>523644998Second dude you quoted, I consider GU to be older style personally, since it's using the same basic framework just with more added onLedges and mounts are fine, 4U areas being way more vertical focused due to it and ruining a lot of areas for that gimmick is not, and them continuing to lean into it hard with world was annoying for me

>>523644353And if they were to make a game for kids, it would better serve to put it on the Switch than the other systems, if they have a reason to make it exclusive.

>>523644993XX is old and a re-release of a spinoff.

>>523644531world is ugly my man

>>523645238Or they can put in the resource. There are no teams in Capcom after all and all employees are on project rotation.

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>>523645238>a "scaling" button doesn't exist between the switch and x86 consolesTell that to all the anime multiplat PS4/Switch games.

>>523645131you know, i agree. I'd love a classic MH game, but i want the movement/controls from world, and not the clunky old way.

Capcom have already said that they aren’t moving MH development over to RE Engine any time soon, and RE Engine is literally incompatible with Switch to begin with. Why would a Switch exclusive MH game be the first to use a compatible version of RE Engine on the platform? Literally what is the point when MT Frameworks works brilliantly on Switch and any potential Portable games going forward are most likely gonna be budget titles? Not even getting into the whole exclusivity thing. There’s no way they’re releasing an exclusive after how well World performed.

>>523645284> the rumours are true, this is probably what capcom was talking about.

>>523635849It's pretty much confirmed at this point with the investors asking for months since the console assraped ps4 in japan, the question is if they'll bother making a new game, or they'll continue the lazy fuck route they've been following with the console for the past 3'5 years

>>523645725>budget MH titleThere's never such a thing. All MH titles are blockbuster releases with heavy marketing budget and tons of development resources being put in them.

>>523645725Why wouldn't they make a mobile version of the RE Engine the same way they did MT Framework? That way they could put out something like Resident Evil 3 Revelations on all systems

>>523645628>Anime multiplatsGames that aren't as resource-intensive as World and are made with multiplat-friendly engines like UE or Unity.

>>523645834Except some cases like vanilla world and maybe mh tri, most of the main/portable games have been recycled asset after recycled asset, if anything they get way too much profit with how little effort they put

>>523646023See >>523644423You're just ignorant.

I’ve seen what the new “Portable” title is and you’re not gonna like it. It’s free to play mobile game (also on Switch) that uses World’s mechanics in simplified environments. It’s basically Explore but with gameplay more in line with a true MH title. It’ll get continued updates like an MMO and have cosmetic microtransactions out the ass. It’s the title aimed at middle school kids they mentioned semi recently. It looks fun enough for what it is but I doubt it’s what anyone here wants.

>>523645725>and RE Engine is literally incompatible with Switch to begin reason why Capcom wanted,memory to support the engine.Read what Capcom has said ever since the switch took off and learn a bit about development cycles and you'll understand why there hasn't been a monster hunter switch yet.

>>523645834>what is MHG

>>523635849So when is the reveal planned for according to the "leak" so these wishful thinking threads cease to exist?Let me guess, the "leaker" didn't give a date, right?

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>>523646218The date is "soon", probably at TGS.

>>523645951I’m not saying they won’t do a version that can run on Switch, I’m just wondering why a new Monster Hunter game would be the first to use it when the Monster Hunter team have stated they have no plans to use RE Engine any time soon. There’s really no reason for them to lie about something like that, especially when saying you’re going to be using the hot newest engine is usually good from a marketing point of view. It just doesn’t add up with anything Capcom have said or done, not that I’d mind because more MH is good, but it doesn’t sound that realistic.

Expect them to reuse a fuckton of shit from world or gen u

>>523645318You probably never played GU or 4U

>>523646218>didn't saw the last capcom's investor meeting

>>523646372Not him, but do you have a link?

>>>Tell me about the Monster Hunter title you are developing for teenage children, mentioned at your Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.>There is no information that we can share at this time.

>>523645725More like the games that are made in re engine right now aren't made with switch in mindI wouldn't be surprised if they decide to release some re engine game in the future considering there are switch controller references in re3

>>523646278Yeah, that's fair. It's confusing to me as well since Capcom already set up a whole team dedicated to MT Framework Switch ports, you'd think those people would hop in to help with a Switch MH on the technical side. That said, I'm surprised we haven't seen DMC4SE and Dead Rising yet or even RECVXHD, the legacy RE games actually do pretty well on Switch in Japan

Just make a MHW2 FUCK SWITCH

>>523635849games closer to 3 and FU over X and World crap

>>523639105>Stories was a flopyeah ok retard

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>>523646479They probably want to wait for a proper reveal.

>>523646487>there are switch controller references in re3that's interesting, i remember reading it had something about a reference to the eShop, but figured that could still just be a cloud thing

>>523646431Not a fan of spoonfeeding, hope you know

>>523646513Capcom set up a team for MT Framework on Vita back in 2011.

>>523646558i almost want that barioth one but>pop figures

Can't wait to play some comfy MH with my fellow Switchbros.


I don't care what it is, I want it to happen to witness the meltdown some retards will have

>>523646980Didn't you have enough when World was announced?

>>523646737>中学生So stories?

>>523647061It's never enough

>>523647061Not him, but this time it'll be an authentic>I'm a genius>Oh no!moment from a few retards that got too uppity.

>>523646795Ok, I really just mean whoever has the MT Framework/Switch experience

>>523647148Since when a middle/high schooler is the target for a 3yo apt game?

>>523647241Just like the "MH will never leave portables" people?Grow the fuck up, all of you

>>523647148This. MH is rated Cero-C in Japan which means high schoolers.

>>523647148The original quote (the middle-highscoolers thing) was about the ones that bought it on PSP.>>523645746

>>523647061I want the seething to be twice as powerful.

>>5236473183yo apt? Speak English.

>>523647334The ones who are late 20-something now?

>>523647320Whoever said that is straight up retardedEver since the psp days there have been portable and non portable games, even if they were spin offs

>>523647334The japanese text doesn't say anything about that tho.

>>523647502Keyword is "like", rather than the ones that bought it back then they most certainly want this entry to generate the same phenomenon as the PSP ones, back then it was, along with pokemon, the casual game for exelency.

Where's the quote saying Capcom won't make MH in RE Engine?

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>>523647664Meant for >>523647425

Artstyle similar to GU's intro, meaning a stylized artstyle but with slightly more muted colors. GU's color palette was designed for the 3DS and is straight up eye searing on big screen TVs.More pick up and play feel as usual for portable games, less focus on the environment and ecosystem, just a bunch of monsters for you to hunt.Keep World's skill system but make the drop rates for decos a little less ass.No time limited event quests or siege bullshit.Only one new weapon, Capcom has never managed to add more than 1 weapon at a time without fucking it up.

>>523647664>the casual game for exelency.Don't say that near the autistic fans, they're the most hardcore in the entire industry:^)

>>523647604The question was about the entry directed towards the "中学生" audience that they talked about before.

>>523647818Kids today are different from kids back then. Imagine using this argument and also defending that clunky controls should come back to appeal to younger generation in the same breath just to also have that Switch exclusive argument on 4channel.

>>523647061This takes me back to 2017, when Nintendotera Tranny Brigade would raid any MH thread on Holla Forums and /vg/ to voice their dissatisfaction that MHW was EXCLUSIVELY NOT ON SWITCH.

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>>523647817They will once they actually optimize it. The engine is a bit of a mess.

>>523648159DMCV is a mess? You're delusional.

Why would Capcom still give a shit about Japan when they literally just remade MH into a western focused franchise?

>>523648204That is what ryozo said.

>>523647993The switch is selling gangbusters in japan with every single demography including kids, the audience that Capcom wants to target with this entry.


>>523648348So clunky controls is the way to go because it will make this game Switch exclusive. That's the main argument I keep on hearing.

Sex... with monsters?

>>523648204MT fucks the CPU up when it needs to process many things at the same time on screen.

Tried monster hunter world for the first time this week, didn't really fall in love with it.Gameplay was somewhat simplistic and stylish but the menus were a mess.

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>>523648378At phone.

Sex with the Meowstress

>>523648471Clunky controls have nothing to do with it, I don't know why you keep bringing that up.

>>523648486imagine the tamamitsune bubbles

>>523648647The whole argument of a Switch exclusive MH is that it has to rehash 4th gen to make it "not PS4 friendly".

>>523646737>A. 『モンスターハンター:ワールド』の Nintendo Switch への展開については、現状は予定Isn't this basically a confirmation that a monster hunter for switch is on the way?

>>523648282>why would they want to make a product for another untapped market that will generate another easy few million sales?

>>523648572What about the menus were a mess? The radial wheel? Item box? You don't have to use menus much.

>>523648743The answer to that question is no.

>>523648767It taints the brand image that they've created with World. They didn't even want to release GU in the west for that reason until they caved in to fan demand.

>>523648743>doesn't copy the whole sentence>literally says they aren't developing MH world for switchThe next part confirms that they are making MH game for switch that is aimed for elementary schoolers/junior high (I don't know which one 中学生 is in yankee land lol).

>>523648876This is the same people who said they will not port MHXX to Switch so that MHXX will sell on 3DS first.

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>>523648282To have more market share in their domestic market, they're a japanese company with japanese investors.>>523648876There is no brand image to taint when World still exists, two entries for two separate markets harm in no way monster hunter's brand image.

>>523635849It’s literally going to be a mobile game.

People always forget that Stories is on mobile too.

>>523649136>There is no brand image to taint when World still exists, two entries for two separate markets harm in no way monster hunter's brand image.To all the normies it's going to look like the series is taking a massive step backwards. They don't know that MH has home console and portable series running concurrently. The only way to avoid it would be to make it Japan exclusive.

>>523648812Too many options in general and the radial wheel was confusing as well.

>>523649136World has just brought in a ton of retards who can't fathom there will be a console and portable line despite that being the case for the majority of the series' life>>523649270that's exactly why it would be switch only, people have lower expectations for handheld games

>>523649393>people have lower expectations for handheld gamesBut Switch games are sold at console prices. And 99% of Switch games are also console games.

>>523648282They didn’t shift focus to the Western market, they shifted focus to a global market.

>>523649285The radial wheel settings are a bit confusing at start, because you have to save them by registering them to item set at the item box.Also the second use method from the settings make it better. Instead of releasing the button you press r3/right stick down.

>>523649175This. I’ve been telling people but they don’t want to to listen.

>>523649474>But Switch games are sold at console prices. And 99% of Switch games are also console games.Yeah, but they have obvious downgrades from other consoles/pc and the Switch audience is clearly ok with that

>>523649721Therefore it's okay for a Switch MH to be a multiplat PS4/PC title, if they ever going to be a MH on Switch.


The amount of cope and seething for Monster Hunter Switch is the charts and it hasn't even been announced yetThis is going to be glorious.

>>523649474Nintendo have always had high prices.

>Capcom keeps making classic MH for portable systems while also releasing World sequels >get to enjoy both kinds of monster hunter while Holla Forums throws an actual shitfit What could possibly be better? I do want a stories 2 though, that game bangs ass

It’s going to be a mobile game with a Switch port. Mobile is where the Japanese youth are at these days. Please don’t get your hopes up over this.

>>523649928>i-it looks like shit anyway

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>>523650065World is the new standard for MH going forward, they aren’t going to release “classic” games anymore.

>>523649863IF DQ is anything to go by, there's going to be an outrage in the PC/PS4 audience because of the clear downgrade compared to world.

>>523650098Why do people seriously want more of this garbage after seeing World? You can't even tell what the fuck is going on.

>>523650065What's classic MH?

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>>523650065This "classic" is such a weird cope. There haven't been classic MH since DOS.

>>523650190I'd like to see both, and like other anons have said it'd be a waste to not continue making portable games. Portable MH alongside a new World like game would just net Capcom even more dosh. Of course I'd be ok with World being the standard now, I've certainly enjoyed my time with it.

>>523650361MH1G and freedom 1.

>>523650201What downgrade? DQXI was a clear upgrade from the Japan exclusive DQX. Also Square Enix is best known for FF, not DQ.

>>523650419Any potential Portable games will be based on World’s assets and mechanics going forward.

>>523650098That attack makes no sense unless that is some electromagnetic uragaan.

>so assmad about mhw you try to make a general about a rumored game you know nothing about

>>523650497But not on PS4 right? Because it will confuse people right?

>>523650380>>523650361I suppose I should've put classic in quotes because honestly XX is almost as far from "classic" MH gameplay as World is from the rest of the series. I suppose what I should say is more portable games in the vein of 3U/4U

>>523650481The graphical downgrade. Squeenix already confirmed that the ports of XI S will retain the Switch's shitty lower-res textures and lower polygon count models.

>>523650226>You can't even tell what the fuck is going on.You're getting anal vored after seething over what you don't understand because you never actually touched Frontier or any MH game besides World.

Attached: 1599117281110.webm (640x360, 2.95M)

>>523650630But there's already a DQXI on PS4 and PC before the Switch port.

>>523650497A portable game based on World's assets would be quite the feat.

So how will Holla Forums react in a few weeks when Monster Hunter Switch is revealed as an exclusive and a follow up from the classic style of games with qol changes?

>>523650361What is back to the future meets ultra instinct zinogre

>>523650481DQXI S port for for Ps4/PC was based on the Switch version that had to be developed from the ground up with Switch hardware's in mind, so it had downgraded graphics compared to the original release.>>523650694The original version was made with the PS4/PC in mind, the S verison was made with the switch in mind to make up the difference in power, the same is going to apply supposedly with this new MH.

>>523650728You mean QoL like open maps?

>>523650641So how are you supposed to deal with that attack? Just always use a shield weapon and make sure you have dash juice?

>>523650201This was exactly the point I was trying to make. A downgraded MH on PS4/X1/PC would taint the brand, but a switch only MH wouldn't because that audience is ok with lower fidelity. That other retard is arguing against his own point.

>>523650361I like how Frontier private servers are already entirely functional but the people who'd want to host them still need to spend months unfucking everything the devs themselves fucked up about Frontier in the last few years of its life.If the private server guys actually do a good job of fixing the game's balancing and progression, private Frontier will be GOTYAY.

>>523650843I wouldn't consider open zones QoL user. I like them a lot but theres a reason they added rideable monsters in Iceborne

>>523650841You must be stupid, DQXI S is still a PS4 port on Switch. Even if they port it back to PS4, it's still originated from PS4.

>>523651019Because wingdrakes?

>>523650871Same rule as always, don't get hit then hit it til it dies.

Attached: 1492775830021.webm (640x360, 2.75M)

>>523645154the fuck are you talking about?are you retarded? I think you're a retard.

Attached: 1477278482415.jpg (1920x1080, 329.08K)

>>523635849Is this real or am I being bamboozled?

>>523651128They certainly alleviate some of it don't they. Its not so bad in most maps but the ancient forest is a real fucking bitch sometimes

>>523650702The only thing that makes World not possible on Switch is the fact that they keep the entire map and every interactable entity on it loaded at all times. All they have to do is put a loading screen between zones again and the Switch could run a game using the same assets (albeit downgraded) and mechanics just fine. >>523650728I won’t because “classic” style MH is dead and World is the new baseline for ALL future titles, even Portable ones.

>>523650871The vacuum is actually directional while the monster spins around. So you just need to circle around the monster and avoid the vacuum.

>>523651219That image in question is a fake from an April's fool from 2 years ago or so

>>523650871Endgame Frontier is built around having like 50 evasion skills all active at once, shit’s bonkers.

>>523651269>they keep the entire map and every interactable entity on it loaded at all times Well I didn't fucking know that, no wonder so many people have issues.

>>523651040>DQXI S is still a PS4 port on SwitchIt factually isn't, moron.

>>523651219A guy who leaked the Shenmue anime claims that there’s a Switch exclusive MH game on the RE Engine being announced soon, despite the fact that Capcom have said that they aren’t moving Monster Hunter development over to RE Engine in the foreseeable future and the idea of them releasing an exclusive MH immediately after the first multiplat MH became their best selling game of all time is just silly. I expect there to be something MH related in the works for Switch but what the leaker is claiming sounds like straight up horseshit. I don’t think his Capcom source is very reliable.

>>523651040You're the stupid one, the switch version, despite sharing assets with the PS4 one, was made with reduced polygon work, geometry and texture work using a more recent version of UE4 with switch-related optimizations which prevented them from porting over the newly added stuff in the switch version to the original release, that's why they had to re-release the entire game for PS4 and PC instead of simply updating the existing release.

>>523651040It's the opposite retard, dq 11s is a switch port for ps4, people complained it was at a lower resolution

Behold, classic MH

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>>523651365actually, while Frontier monsters are designed around evasion+2, you don't need to have it on your set because in SP your cat can give it to you passively, and in MP one person will ideally have Encouragement which gives evasion+2 to the whole party. And there aren't any other evasion skills in the game, so the rest is all just skill.

>>523651436Yeah, it’s pretty impressive technically and come next gen it’ll probably run a lot smoother (World was basically futureproofing for the next 10 years of games after all) but right here in the present it’s a fucking nightmare to run at times.

>>523651478>>523651698>>523651721So it's a 3DS port?

Attached: maxresdefault.jpg (1280x720, 141.41K)

>>523651818Pretend to be obtuse all you want.

>>523650583Which are still not classic monhun. Could just said you wanted a nintendo monhun.

Why are Snoys so dense and mad all the time?


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>>523651951Because Switch rumors always come true like that last time it happened.

>>523651818You're a fucking retard.

>>523651971*equips reflect+3 lance*nothin personnel kid

>>523651935I'd actually really like a new MH that was similar to FU but with some combat improvements. Mostly just making weapons combos a little more smooth like being able to continue a hammer combo after a golfswing without having to roll first. Obviously thats never going to happen but a man can dream

>>523652028Throw a rock in a random direction enough times it's bound to hit something. Is that right switch pro predictors?

>>523652117>a new MH that was similar to FUWhich is still not classic MH.

Attached: monhun2.webm (640x360, 2.95M)

I want another classic-style game. World should be separate.

>>523652161Yeah yeah that rock game that the rumor got it right

>>523650641>frontierfag's copeイエイI am glad it is dead.

>>523652189>best game of the second gen, now three generations old Come now user now you're just being mean

Monster Hunter Voyages for Switch, iOS and Android will be announced at Tokyo Game Show. Monster Hunter World 2 for PS4, PS5, XBO, XBSX and PC will be announced at The Game Awards.

>>523651732MHO didn't have tripping at all.I hope next MH doesn't have brace skill.

>Capcom releases jack shit for the Switch for 3 years>suddenly they decide to make a tailor made MH game exclusively for Switch> which involves using a new engine that isn't MT Framework>creating more work and using more resources instead of just funneling all effort into World 2 and make even more moneyYou're all fucking stupid for believing a leaker.

>>523639375oh so you gay gay

>>523652381FU is just a shitty, overbalanced, nerfed, no-fun version of Dos. Classic MH is pre Ryozo MH.

>>523652117I'd love for weapons to return to the pre-gen 3 design philosophy. Everything in modern MH needs to have a rotation or mechanic of some kind, like attacking to fill a meter and then spending it on a special attack, or otherwise using shitty moves simply as a way to access the good stuff. In FU movesets were more limited, but aside from the GS you actually used the majority of each weapon's attacks in different situations. It may be for higher reach, prediction swinging an unsafe move in a specific situation, that sort of thing. There used to be lots of ways to approach using the GL for example, but now you just mash the appropriate shell type. I'm not specifically talking about world, but 3DS onwards.

>>523652252Tonfas are just retarded. I bet frenchies would love them.

>>523652559>You're all fucking stupid for believing a leaker.The same leaker that has gotten countless stuff Capcom related correct many, many times?

>>523639795You dont even want monster hunter. You described the entirely different game when you posted #3

>>523652252They are never going back. GenU was already getting updates that was beginning to add QoL shit that World added.

>>523652331What cope? All good things must come to an end.

Attached: 1453273559656.webm (640x360, 2.93M)

>>523652567But DOS ruined the design philosophy. It isn't classic.

>>523652567I started with F2 so you'll have to forgive my ignorance then. Why is FU nerfed? surely the addition of G-rank would provide enough challenge. Or do you mean the weapons were nerfed

>>523652648Lol nope.

>>523652674Frontier was bad and it died because it was bad.

>>523652559Capcom only started to put resources on switch-related development around 2017 after it took off in japan, it's makes sense why only now is that we're going to start seeing stuff from them in that regard.

>>523652648Are we still talking about the Switch exclusive RE Engine MH title?

>>523652567>overbalancedGS, hammer, HBG and LS are significantly faster at killing than any other weapon in the game, and no riskier to use. It wasn't overbalanced at all.

>>523651971This reeks of Motivated Energy

Attached: Motivated.gif (90x90, 111.54K)

>>523652605>There used to be lots of ways to approach using the GL for exampleGL was just guard thrust spam in Dos and F2 before guard thrusts got nerfed, after which you just switched to regular thrusts and upswings.

>>523652559Altus only started to release Switch games until 2019, and now it's getting a Nocturne remaster and SMTV.

>>523652559He was correct about Shenmue getting an anime adaptation, but that has absolutely nothing to do with Capcom and his description of the supposed Switch MH game sounds like someone’swishlist for the next game more than anything. I highly doubt the legitimacy of his source for this “leak” but I guess we’ll soon find out.

>>523636446> Styles returningHang yourself

>>523652873It was good before G Rank.

>>523652774Removal of mechanics like seasons or breakable decorations, monsters are all around easier, much more gentle difficulty curve, early equipment is much stronger, most weapons got some kind of buff, there's much less grind for basic stuff, and small monsters are fewer and less aggressive. It's basically when MH started being less of a hunting game and more of a boss rush action game.

>>523653005Capcom said they can't port World to the Switch but apparently can use the RE Engine on it? It's bullshit.

>>523651732World should've had Online's graphics, not the blurry and desaturated postprocessed vomit that we got instead

>>523653005He's saying that >A Monster Hunter for switch exist>It's being made in a modified RE Enegine build for switchNothing about it sounds like a "wishlist", they did the same with 3ds and MT Framework.

>>523652935It was overbalanced in that they removed all the frustrating but memorable parts of Dos, and all of the unique and exceptional parts as well, leaving only bland, safe averageness. It was too polished, too soulless and not ambitious enough.

>>523653136I like the colors in MHO but the animations and sounds were so off.I wonder why they killed it in the end, it never got officially released as far as I know. But it wasn't good the 2 weeks I played it.

>>523652873A special wonderful kind of bad.

Attached: 1493488197679.webm (640x360, 2.3M)

>>523653121Interesting, I had no idea. Maybe I'll go back and play it myself to see just how different it really is. I was always under the impression that F2/FU were basically just Dos+.

>>523653348You are going to get raped by bulldrome. DOS has really strong tripping and trampling is no joke.

>>523653281Dos is the only game I still need to play, may as well jump in now. I've played both OG and F1, but I hear Dos is by far the hardest in the series. Is there a way to access multiplayer/hub content in current year?

I keep seeing people say that the next mainline game is still years away which is why they’d release a Portable game in the meantime, but the base game team finished work on World in late 2017. If World itself only got 3.5 years of development time then I don’t think World 2 or whatever it’s called is gonna get 5 or 6 years. If there’s a Switch title in the works it’s most likely a spinoff and not a continuation of the Portable games, unfortunately.

>>523652873People only see the Zenith shit that plagued Frontier during the tail end of its lifespanDon't forget that Frontier simply started out as a glorified online version of Dos on PC, which still played very much like a mainline MH game

>>523653448Ha, sounds good to me. Bulldrome as an actual challenge sounds pretty fuckin funny

>>523653491If there is a Switch MH it will also be on other platforms as well.

>>523653231Capcom themselves have said there are no plans to use RE Engine for MH games just yet, so unless this is a spinoff being developed by someone outside the standard MH departments that does already use RE Engine then it doesn’t really add up. You’d think of it was running on RE Engine they’d have said the opposite in regards to using RE Engine, especially since new engines are usually good for marketing.

>>523653458There's a mod that converts all of the online only content into local content, but be warned that it's going to be rough, since hub content in Dos is actually scaled for 4 players unlike in portable games. MH2 monsters have about twice as much HP as in F2/FU, and player equipment is significantly weaker.

The amount of seething and denial from Snoys in the thread is remarkable

>>523643751I think it’s because they make their own games for their own console. Like I don’t think there’s actual “playstation game development team” they buy studios or contract them (naughtydog for example) as third parties and have them make their own game but it can on be on PS or XBOX. Where as Nintendo has that in house studio and makes their own games that are only for their in house console, and any third party studio not Nintendo (or game freak) can be played on most any other console. Personally I think it’s stupid and that Nintendo would make a lot more money making their first party software multiplat, and I wanna play smash on PS4, but I can at least understand retarded fan’s acceptance of such a dumb practice

>>523653806It's fine, I played gen 1 extensively. Did dos introduce armor upgrading yet, or was that f2?

>>523653705>If there is a Switch MH it will also be on other platforms as wellNope.

>>523635849what kind of fake shit is this? why does the katakana say>モンターハンターポータプル ヴィ>monsuta hanta po taburu bwiiiii

>>523653757How long ago was that statement though? Things easily change, and perhaps they want to make a test MH game using the engine before going head on with the RE engine.

>>523635849Monster girls.

>>523653491The Monster Hunter devs start to work on the next mainline title as soon as their previous game is finished, and Ultimate versions like Iceborne are developed by another director.MH6 should have been in development since 2018 when World released, so it being announced around 2021 and releasing around 2021-2022 its a pretty safe guess, specially knowing that they have much of the ground work done thanks to World and now they can go apeshit.No idea why all these people are crying like the game wont be seen until the next decade.

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>>523649270Normalfags don't give a fuck about game sales, they're not autistic like you


Attached: hunter-x-hunter-hisoka-screenshot-01.jpg (620x349, 39.58K)

>>523653943Guess that's true. Are Nintendo the only one that develop any games with first party teams?

>>523654037Because Capcom is poor?

>>523636446everything in this

Have they nefred the drop rate for the tempered Furious Rajang quest? I got 4-6 tickets consistently when I first started it but now I'm lucky to get 3.

>>523649068>trust capcom>Capcom lies in the past>but this time will be different

>>523654085Pic is a 'shop from last year. Rumor is new though.

>>523652559>>creating more work and using more resources instead of just funneling all effort into World 2 and make even more moneyYou're bonkers if you think world 2 will sell better than 1, at the end of the day only the ones who followed the series bothered to end the story of the base game

>>523654037>Release previously console exclusive game into multiple platforms>Most profitable game in the history of the company>Go back to make a console exclusiveNot saying that it wont happen, but its a pretty retarded train of thought when they can release it everywhere and be filthy rich>>523654571Honestly, one of the best aspects about Frontier is the OST and its sad well never have shit like Crimson Fatalis theme in the main series

Attached: 8wrpK5j.png (323x454, 327.23K)

>>523639375Is there a narga and kirin girl too?

>>523655624>Not saying that it wont happen, but its a pretty retarded train of thoughtIt's capcom we're talking about, they beign retarded is a passive skill of theirs at this point

>>523635849Underwater combat.No intrusive story.No cutscenes longer than 5 seconds.Fast loads.No clutch claw.No SoS, only gathering hub.Open maps that aren't too big so that the hunts don't devolve into monster chasing.Weapon designs.

>>523653943Unlike Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo doesn't sell their hardware at a loss at launch, so they have a bigger incentive to make games so people buy their own platform for reasons beyond a cut of the game sales on their platformPlus Nintendo mostly just does games, so it makes sense that they'd be more invested in that while Sony and Microsoft view their video game shit as just another division of their business

>>523655624World sold less than most MH in Japan tho, sturggling to reach 3M on base game, and barely breaking 1M for IB.Meanwhile, P3RD is close to 5m, 4 broke 4M no sweat and 4G broke 3M for it's G upgrade.The market for World and for portables MH isn't the same, and they have no reason to not try to please both.

>>523655991>No cutscenes longer than 5 seconds.I don't mind as long as they're skippable and do not force walking sections on you

>>523655991monster introduction cut scense are fine

>>523656260Yes if they don't happen in multiplayer and are short and you can skip them.

>>523656073Base World was the fastest selling MH title in Japan. It reached 2 mil in 2 days. Believe it or not that's never been done before, not even with P3rd and it's all thanks to digital sales.

>>523656073Who gives a shit about Japan only sales when they're doing simultaneous international releases now?

>>523656359I really don't get why they couldn't just teleport everyone to the room the host is in if they trigger a cutscene, instead of forcing the quest to be solo only until the host sees all the cutscenes

>>523656367>Base World was the fastest selling MH title in JapanNow imagine what a Switch exclusive could sell over there.

>>523656260Shoving an introduction in mp that forces the other players to wait is fucking gayAt least in the half assed 4u intros the 4 players could be seen in the cinematic instead of waiting in the guild hall

>>523650568Then why does the back of the fan suck in things faggot

>>523656552I think one of the devs implied that they worked hard on the story so they can't just let the player skip cutscenes.

>>523652674how are you supposed to dodge that

>>523656260>>523656359I miss when monster introductions where little cutscenes displaying the monsters in their full might instead of having your character self insert in them and get spooked by the monster only to curbstomp them 5 minutes later

>>523656747Dodge?Nigga be a man and tank it.

>>523656367Fastest, yes, not best selling>>523656470They probably do. Also, Mh is more popular in the west so even a portable game will probably sell more.That being said ,we all know their next portable game will be Naruto-style Cell Shading bullshit with more over the top anime style hunter arts, and god knows I'm not ready for this level of disappointment when the trailer comes out.

>>523635849Is this real?

>>523644993Lots of people still play GU. They're mostly Chinese though.The more surprising thing is that there's even still a good amount of people playing 4U.

>>523657240The same bait has been posted about a Switch MH literally since the Switch was announced, so you tell me

>>523656678What are you on about, retard?

>>523657307Because 4U is amazing and GU is trash. Not hard to understand desu.

>>523657240That logo most likely isn't but there's a high chance Switch might get its own MH game.

>>523648204RE engine only looks good because the games it used on are linear corridor type, not open world like MHW.

>people spoke about dos>remember playing a bit before>apparently have killed bulldrome at least once before>get small crownWew. Now if I knew I can't make velociprey legs.

Attached: small crown.png (1513x832, 708.34K)


>>523656873As long as it's difficult. I don't care of it becomes closer to DMC

>>523657617I assume you already got kelbi hide than?

Anyone know how to fix steam's? The game won't launch it goes "Running" then nothing happens then reverts to "Play"I've searched everywhere and have done everythingI've even reinstalled the damn game but nothing happensI haven't played since last April so I don't know what the hell happened

>>523657849>As long as it's difficultWhere did this meme come from?Not even soulstards try to push le hardcore meme so much as this community

>>523657943Yeah I have all the other velociprey pieces, but the blacksmith doesn't even show the legs.

>>523658168Probably because both World and IB are REALLY easy.I don't mind game being easier than DOS. I love Tri, I love 4, idc. But World was really, really way too easy.

>>523658215Weird indeed, well than i don't know. Maybe BS doesn't like your face

>>523658332The only hard MH is the first one you playOnce you've gone through any MH once the only shit that will remain challenging is meme quests like perma-enraged final bosses HYPER APEX TEMPERED LV140 GIGAFUCK monsters

>>523658503World is easy even for new players. That's the point of the game.

>>523658617And yet you still had idiots getting walled by Anjanath

>>523658793I've watched a lot of new players to the series on world, and most of them didn't drop a sweat until Barioth in IB.

Ignore console warring shitposters.Post ROOMS.

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>>523659276Play Freedom Unite!!

>>523659276I never really bothered decorating my room in world.

>>523659478Not those rooms.


>>523659276Sorry I'm kinda burned out on GU and Iceborne.

>>523658429I needed velocidrome hide. Well, now I have my first full set.

Hammer without charge is kind of awful. Also the hitbox is kind of small compared to later games so it is easy to whiff.

Attached: capture master.png (1581x919, 1.96M)

>>523650190They could easily make games based on World that still lean closer to the older formula in most ways.

>>523635849Just pull an Overwatch 2/Path of Exile 2 and make the same game 2 with more monsters. I would buy it again if it was MHW 2 with the same shit but more monsters.

Attached: 1515633248040.gif (400x296, 443.48K)

Why are you guys so upset at the prospects of MH Switch?

>>523635849Is this the Monster hunter thread? Like for all games?Therefore i hope the next game is a frontier revival for the switch, so i can finally have a motive to buy a switch 2.0 when it comes out...

>>523665621I don't want a Frontier revival, I'd prefer if they just salvaged the less ridiculous stuff from it and then leave it behind.

>>523665485Is just console warring shitposters.

>>523635849World monsters in a "classic" monhun. Would be cool to see anjanath and bazel for example. And the expanded fanged wyvern roster from world. Also I want them to expand other rosters. Big maps with no old monhun transition screens between areas would be nice

>>523665937This. Get the few good monsters from that garbage and throw everything else away forever.

>>523637112>-Have a greater amount of content at launch and not rely much on post launch contentI mostly agree with the list but this is wrongIf you realize these are games "made from scratch", the amount of content is actually really big.Heck, in terms of roster Iceborne will be comparable to 4U. The point is that they should find more ways to make more content actually relevant in the endgame.

>>523656260Only GUbabs dislike proper monster introductions

>>523635849If monhun goes back to nintendo I'm killing myself

>>523666580didn't Gen have introduction?

>>523651016How much time will it take to make them public?Also, when can I check progress?

>>523666767Most of them are the monster appearing, attacking in the air with the name appearing right afterwards. It's soulless and lazy as fuck. No excuse considering they just copypasted most of the monsters into the game with no changes.

>>523666767They were really shitty ones where the monster roars the screen pauses and their title shows up, compared to 4u and world they were godawful.

>>523666585Then you should start thinking of how to put an end to your life

>>523666585They’ll be working on mhw2 , this will just be something to buy them the years of development it’s going to take.

>>523666579IB isn't even close to 4U without the update. 65 Monsters (with half being variants/subspecies) , 6 map. Get out of here.

I think we can have the best of both worlds. Just continue making good Monster Hunter games for all major platforms and make the more niche "classic" MH games for the mouth-breather man-child bing bing wahoo machine.

>>523667352Many 4U maps are ass in comparison and I am actually for having tricky maps that aren't just streamlined flat trash.

>>523667236>>523667351I don't care if they port old monhun games to switch but I don't want them getting new monhun games. They've had their chance

>>523666579I was referring more about the pre-g rank content, Iceborne did a amazing job at adding a massive amount of monster to World, but World by itself was lacking a bit in content(understandable since they had to make everything from scratch), but at least with the next game they already have a great base to start with the roster and hopefully the eventual master rank expasion will be just the cherry on top of the cake on a game already filled with content

>>523636458NoMonsters are out\r friends, not our wives.

Attached: Monster-Hunter-Stories-Logo.jpg (1472x828, 601.03K)

>>523667023The gen introductions remind me of something in TV show that would introduce a character to the audience , like a sitcom or something

>>523667352As opposed to 4u's 75 monsters with most of them being older monsters that haven't changed, tons of variants and subs and same number of maps as IB?

>>523646898Just get the amiibos.

>>523668142>That Gendrome intro that's literally just several seconds of it running in a straight line

>>523653491The Portable games ARE spinoffs.

>>523640025>>523640938>TFW no monster hunter wife from a MH themed speed dating place.

>>523667352>IB isn't even close to 4U without the update.>65 Monsters (with half being variants/subspecies) , 6 map. Get out of here.Bruh, Iceborne and 4U have around the same amount of variants/subs. And various subs in 4U are the shitty 2nd gen subs like Red Khezu or fucking Purple Gypceros.Why should we exclude updates? With Fatalis there are around 70 monsters, 4U has 75.Also ffs, are we really talking about maps in 4U? Sunken Hollow and Volcanic Hollow are literally two reskins of the same map and the G-Rank didn't even include a brand new map, just a remake version of the gen1 Desert. I love the game, but there was a lot of quick/lazy stuff to cut corners.Iceborne has 7 main maps including Guiding Lands, and they are bigger. 4U has a couple more mini-maps and an arena that is used like 3 times total, and that's it.The difference, as I said, it's that overall 4U does a better job at making more stuff relevant in endgame, and it has more variety due to skeletons. But the pure amount of content/assets is very similar between the two.

>>523651732Online was honestly pretty nice looking

I want frontier monsters back.

>>523651732Online didn't look bad, but compared to World the animations were extremely weak, for both hunters and especially monsters.

>>523669248Because update are a shitty way to spoon feed actual content cut from a rushed base game so they can push it among 50 paid shitty dlcs. It's an awful practice and the worst thing to ever happn to MH, even worse than Hunter Arts.

>>523669705We know for sure that Updates for the game are developed after the game release. Proably the first one (Jho/Rajang) was cut, but the rest is not.>even worse than Hunter Arts.>NOOOO WHY ARE THEY ADDING FUN OPTIONAL GAMEPLAY MECHANICS IN A SPIN-OFF TITLE REEEEEE

You may bring back one non-elder dragon monster from a previous game,But, it must have one special gimmick and one deviant. What do you chose?

>>523668997>wanting a girl that stinks like monster guts and poop

>>523657430I love 4U because it's unapologetically bullshit. It doesn't try to pretend to give a fuck about how each weapon can deal with endgame monsters' movesets or give them tools to make up their weaknesses, it just expects the player to deal with it or switch to a weapon better suited to the style of gameplay. Games after 4U coddled the player too much and had too much of a "no playstyle left behind" mindset.

I wonder if there is any way to emulate ps2 MH's online ever. I know some guys have years ago somehow loaded the areas, but they are broken and have no NPCs.But then again some crazy fuckers got .hack//frägment online to work.

>>523669705So why do you say that 4U has 75 monsters when it should have 74 monsters?

>>523670304Sure, here what World 2 will look like :-30 Monster. About half new.-New mechanics like decals to add onto your armor and shit.-Promise one "new" monster every month90% of the new monster will be ported straight from World. Could've been in base game, and make it better, but releasing them one at a time alongside decals, cute pendants, costume, hair, and home goodies give the money more so than doing a good base game. Have fun.

Remind me again why there are not Neopterons, Temnocerans and/or Carapaceons in World?

>>523640025thanks for finally explaining this is clear terms. i feel like everyone instantly dismisses the idea of a switch MH happening again because there are less people that pc and other consoles but in the end capcom have been more than happy to release titles from their main franchise on nintendo specific platforms before like resident evil DS or megaman BN

>>523671086Because reusing the same 3 skeletons over 50 monsters is faster, easier, and make for great content that never feel samey or anything.