>game review on youtube>HEY NintendoGamer42069 HOW DID YOU GET INTO MY HOUSE? *SIGH*...


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>Interrupts review for a comical sketch about a fictional character suddenly manifesting into their house

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>watching yt shit for kids and tweensall on you, fag

>Review is just a 30 minute analysis that spoils the story

>>523634708Don't you care about the channel LORE?

>>523633285Why is this autistic looking girl from an obscure 90s show frequently posted here?


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>>523634949Because we love her.

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14 year old.

>>523633931>In a monotone, droning voice that occasionally emphasises random words for no fucking reason and shoehorns a couple quotes that really have nothing to do with what they're talking about.

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>>523633931>30 minute "review" >It's just the reviewer basically just recounting the game scene by scene while occasionally making nitpicks so he can make a contrived joke>the closest thing to an actual review is at the end when the reviewer basically just says "it's fairly mediocre".

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>rubs forehead and sighs>takes a drink from a beer>"I really wanted to like this, but"

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Lain takes place in the alternate 90's Japan and she's well into her late 30s now.

>interrupts video to advertise a product>interrupts video to comment on the current political affairs

>Reviewer is boring as shit but incredibly popular

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>Reviewer talks about a specific issue or something positive>Doesn't accompany the commentary with video proof of what's being talked aboutGmanlives

>>523636164Nah, this spic is cool

>>523634949>obscureSure thing.

>review is interrupted by reviewer's waifu that he hired someone to voice>this "joke" has gone on for over a year

>[game review show] the Movie

>reviewer goes on a psychotic rampage and physically destroys the cartridge/disk/box of the product he's reviewing with unecessary force

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>>523636379Would you rather have him spout 4ching memes over seven layers of editing? Dude's fine

>Review of a children's game is 7 hours long

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>an excellent reviewer who literally publishes one review a year>expect that his next review will be on a popular interesting game>he chooses an indie game that everyone has forgotten about and analyzes for three hours what is done wrong in it

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>>523636760I know you're talking about that fucking Pokemon ORAS review lol

>>523634949Let's all love Lain!

>Reviewer has a bunch of Nintendo merchandise in the background of every video they make.

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>>523634708any new bulge shot recently?

>>523633285Spoils all the plot details in a review.Plays only niche titles no one career about.Complains no one is watching his videos.Guess who?>The Completionist

>reviewer takes a comically long sip from an obviously empty bottle of beer>damn guys, I thought this was supposed to be good

>reviewer interrupts review to sell his shirts and badges to the viewers

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>>523634949there was a shitty neocities website based on her called "lets all love lain" (basically think a YTMD flash page or something) and so a bunch of people who had never even heard of the mediocre anime attached to it as she was the "lo-fi depress girl" mascot but this was before lo-fi girl was even a thing I think?she literally was not talked about ever at ALL until that page had a popularity resurgence like 4 or 5 years ago or someshit due to the site going to be taken down soon or someshit.Its just your typical zoomer attaches something obscure and cant shut the fuck up about it because he think it makes him a interesting person syndrome. who knows. Maybe next year the braindead waifutards can move on to Tamala Cat in Space or we can all start pretending like we cared about the "Amelie" girl again.

Attached: Romanian-Lo-fi-girl-Greek-Lo-fi-girl--Finnish-Lo-fi-girl--Hungarian-Lo-fi-girl-Meanwhile-British-Lo-fi-girl-meme-6321.jpg (640x867, 130.55K)

Writing an in-depth retrospective on a vidya is pretty hard desu. If you want to make it as good as it can be, that is. Multiple playthroughs, all recorded and recording my voice so I can voice my instant thoughts, later on rewatching those plus reading other people's experiences and devs interviews to build up a script, then making sure to have the very specific gameplay showcases I mention in the script for which, depending on the game, would mean another playthrough to record said specific scenes, and I don't even have to tell you how much worse it is to talk about a franchise because you must now do this but with multiple games and if you try to do it with the highest quality possible get ready to harbor 350GB of footage on your computer plus however long the script you make is, plus making sure it's structured and you group all your similar thoughts under the same sections instead of having it all over the place, to not repeat yourself and to spice it just enough with a few quick jokes that enhance the video and don't bring it down. It's all so tiresome. Especially given how prone to procrastination I am.

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>>523637997That's not why at all you fucking faggot nigger, she's always been popular on /g/ and there's frequent crossboard posters from there on Holla Forums.

>>523637997>there was a shitty neocities website based on her called "lets all love lain" (basically think a YTMD flash page or something) and so a bunch of people who had never even heard of the mediocre anime attached to it as she was the "lo-fi depress girl" mascot but this was before lo-fi girl was even a thing I think?>she literally was not talked about ever at ALL until that page had a popularity resurgence like 4 or 5 years ago or someshit due to the site going to be taken down soon or someshit.Why do you ignorant zoomers talk about stuff like you're hot shit?Fuck off retard.

>>523634949Autistic weebs

>>523637997>she literally was not talked about ever at ALL until that page had a popularity resurgence like 4 or 5 years agoshe literally had a 4chan banner at some point long before that site was a thing, you're not special

>>523636164>fat fucker with a cup of coffeeComedy gold right there.

>>523636979why was the psx game so fucking edgy, lain was legit a criminal mastermind in that one


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This thread has never heard of Joseph Anderson, and it shows. He's the only one that can scratch my 'tism.

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>>523637997is the background of the greek lofi girl the level from fucking sonic unleashed

>>523637997you mean fauux? you fucking nigger

>>523636067>playing this garbage makes me wish I was playing a good game>a good game like RAID SHADOW LEGENDS

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>>523638879>the town was making him stupid

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>>523638860what are you going to do about it

>>523637997I thought it was because swrial experiments lain was just critically acclaimed, one of those "whoa so deep bro" animes

>>523638879>listening to a human hamster drone for 5 hours

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>>523638879>autistic 3 hour long reviews with a monotone boring voiceI pass.

>Review coming along fine>Suddenly, reviewer awkwardly segways into introducing guest reviewer>Guest reviewer supposedly has more knowledge in a specific section than main reviewer>Doesn't know anything in depth, all presented information could have easily been researched by the main reviewer>Production values also take a very clear nose dive during this transition >They end the bit with a back and forth conversation that makes the lower quality even more obvious

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>>523637997it was never obscure, this is like bragging about knowing evangelion """""before""""" everyone liked it

>Review has a plot twist halfway through youtube.com/watch?v=1ZJuLcakn3Y

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>>523633518But Holla Forums loves AVGN and this is what he does in most of his videos when he doesn't do poo jokes

>>523634708It's unironically because mike isn't writing shit anymore. I just can't take avgn seriously since it was revealed mike was the writer/creator of like 80% of the golden era of avgn.

>>523639489>autistic as an insult.if you needed any proof this imageboard has a normalfag infestation.

>>523633285>watch a retrospective about new vegas>youtuber is a bit of a fag but is at least discussing about the game and factions>gets to caesar's legion>spends the entire time in this decade old game comparing caesar to trump

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>>523633285Are there any actually good game video essayists? Like all I can think of is Matthewmatosis, Nerrel, and Steak Bentley.

>>523634949She's a depressed looking anime girl, and everyone nowadays is a depressed doomer.

>I don't believe it, it's the evil persona of Reviewer! What are you doing here?

>>523637997>Lain>Obscure Not even remotely but ok, retard.>Lain>WaifutardsYikes. She is a child, pedophiles get the rope, no exceptions.

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>*sigh* I really didn't want to make this video.Then don't you wasted time playing and recording the game now you're wasting time making a video you don't want to do.

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>game review on youtube>intro is a my little pony song parody

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>Reviewer is talking about the movie>Suddenly the door is bashed open and a heavyset man in a baseball runs in and shouts AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDSI CLAPPED

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Why doesn't Lain's artstyle/design feel dated?It's pretty unusual for something 20+ years old from anime and games, right?

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>>523640839its cus its stylizedlike tf2 or another worldor doom

>>523639989Hello newfriend. Way back before the days of cuck, onions and tranny, autistic was a go-to insult here. Enjoy your summer stay here!

>>523640839It's because is a legitimate piece of art, unique in the medium, worthy of respect.

>>523633285>There is a big lipped alligator moment

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>>523637997Lain is an essential 4chan anime and was always popular here


>>523637997Next you'll tell me nobody cared about Monster either.

>>523636379Why does he have you so butthurt? He's rather harmless, unlike Matthewmafaggot and Jim Fatfuck who obviously have their fans shill here constantly and said people pay off the mods to not delete the threads.

Let me bop out a few>title is GAME IS THE WORST GAME EVER MADE, review consists of mostly praise and minor complaints like "the game is a little too short" and "the final boss is kind of underwhelming">Some gay Nintendo plushy "comes to life" during the review>Reviewer has a guest reviewer, they do some gay 4 minute bit about how they actually hate eachother>Reviewer has a big gay beard, shills dollar shave club, doesn't shave beard, doesn't even trim beard, still talks about how good the razors are as if they have personal experience>"Series is my favorite series" is very evident they've never played the series

>>523641973>big gay beardsomeone's a beardlet.But really though literally every sponsorship is paid and they gives you a script. I hope you know this and don't think anyone who ever shills anything to you is doing so out of good faith. Even the ones that say "I only take sponsors from stuff I like/use", they're LYING to you.

>>523641973>"Series is my favorite series" is very evident they've never played the seriesThere was this one guy who said he was a huge fan of Virtua Racing and refused to read the title correctly, Virtual Racing is not its name. Not to mention his gameplay footage consisted of him sucking on the beginner track over and over.

>>523638879>playing persona 5 stream>Starts negotiating with shadows>OH MAHGGOOD JUST LIKE UNDERTALE WE'RE PLAYING UNDERTALE WE GOING FULL UNDERTALE NOW GUYSYeah no thanks

>>523639989autistic was always used as an insult you dumb autistic faggot retard.

>>523642156>LMAO DONT YOU KNOW ITS SCRIPTED ANONbud, I know. But the least you can fucking do when selling shave cream and razors is shave your face. Or at least trim down the scragglies in your basedbeard

>game reviewer makes his magnum opium>proceeds to make video about game with niche lore>gets bullied by autistic weebs, cries on video and deletes his channel>makes tiny channel and stars from scratch>finnish jew is making free money out of his review's re-uploadsI feel you C boy

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>>523634949Lain is the biggest basic bitch anime for people who have seen 6 anime and have decided they want something "underground"Every Lain cultist i've ever met has unironically been psychotic when i got to know them

>>523642531His new videos are fine, but he should stop repeating himself so much

>>523642404why though? It makes no difference. No one checks it, you're acting like they should give a shit about a guaranteed paycheck.

>>523642885>Guaranteed paycheckYou're guaranteed peanuts. The money comes in when people actually use your offer code.

>>523634708He was never angry, user.If he acts angry now he will get demonetized.

>>523643058No, you've got no clue how it works, you get lump sum payment up front, 4/5 figures (assuming we're talking under 1m sub channels here), the referral code only offers bonus payouts at RETARDED uses. Realistically, all you can expect is that if people use your code, they sponsor another video.

>>523643140>4/5 figuresYou're fucking high.

>>523643345You've never run a channel, that's plainly obvious.

>>5236434524/5 figures is only for like the top 1% of channels. The rest of them are only making a few hundred at most.

>>523644517Again, you've got absolutely no clue how this works.

>>523644965I do, which is why I said what I said. 5 figures are for the top 1% of channels.

>>523639989Even beyond its use as an insult, JA is legitimately autistic.He recounts every minor, inane detail about games and gets hung up on the dumbest shit in every single review.As another user put it:>The town was making him stupid

>>523641605>Implying anything Urasawa does is worth caring aboutWake me up when he finishes something that doesn't shit the bed in the last act. Monster and 20th Century Boys both had endings that were so bad they retroactively worsened the entire series.

>youtuber constantly sounds like he's on the verge of tears

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>and newfags don't seem to undeerrrstaand

Attached: IMG_20200420_123140.jpg (2823x4096, 1.31M)

>>523642227I love how of all the things to complain about him you just instead chose to get rused by some throwaway shit he said sarcastically, in jest.What an absolute brainlet

>>523645848>the more that..I talk like this and..pause and shift my voices tone emotionally..it just...makes me a faggotI hate these pretentious psuedo intellectual retards so goddamn much, Youtube has gone to shit with these speds and spergs.

Attached: CHOCO MINTO.png (1920x1080, 2.83M)

>>523637997Lain was always popular you dumb cunt.>she literally was not talked about ever at ALL until that page had a popularity resurgence like 4 or 5 years ago or someshit due to the site going to be taken down soon or someshit.The site is still up and she was always spoken about and heavily discussed, go fuck off.

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>>523645885>Shame they seemed honest meeen

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>reviewers girlfriend got back

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I love anime so much and Lain will always be a masterpiece.

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>>523640160Tehsnakerer is pretty good. If you like the early Tomb Raiders or Resident Evils, try The Game Statistic.

>>523634949Cause we want to fuck her

>>523640348>Yikes. She is a child, pedophiles get the rope, no exceptions.>drawings make you a pedo

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>>523636608I want to buy bear pyjamas, I bet they are really comforting just like they are for Lain


>Revewer gets personally angry over a plot point and goes on an autistic tirade for like 2 minutes of the video.

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Anyone else has weird personality shifts, kinda like Lain?

>>523634949cult classics are characterized by having rather small but very passionate audiences.

>>523646617>t. Dick Masterson

>>523646110But...user...don't you know......people..talk...like....this?


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>>523647015I am supposed to know who that is?

>>523646958>angry false flagger

>>523636365relaxalax? I haven't watched him in a long time but he really loved shoving Monika in his videos.

>>523646782>he doesn't go autistic over stupid plot point for games he cares aboutAnon?

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>>523647301I don't care about the story in video games.

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>reviewer covers NES games in present day, present time

>Reviewer is boring as shit.>Every review is a template review and the names of the games can actually be interchanged from video to video.>Removes any kind of unique or interesting content to "Grow as a content creator">"Hey guys, as you know, the YOUTUBE ALGORITHM" Yeah okay. The "Algorithm."

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>>523647254he raped someone and got cancelled so dont worry about it

>reviewer misunderstands something presented in the game>correction in the description or pinned comment

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>>523647394I'm sorry for you.

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>>523645848Absolute fucking W.O.A.T type of youtuber and he's the king of the bunch.

>youtuber reviews game>I skip to the end for the score

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>reviewers "content" consists of what's essentially a wikipedia article reading

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>>523647390youtube.com/watch?v=2DK1BpaYmnkHad to do some digging to find it, only found it because I typed in "New Vegas Caesar=Trump". Turns out thinking he was a faggot was right since, judging by his latest videos, he's a tranny.

>>523636845Fuck you I liked that YIIK review

>>523646354I know the two of them irl and she is pretty hot

>>523648441What if they don't give a score and just give a recommendation or not?

>the reviewers pet starts talking

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>>523648870In other words, he's based then.

>>523649039Then I leave a dislike

>6 1 hour 30 minute videos to review game>Game can be finished in 6 hours

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>reviewer sings a song about the game

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>>523634949it's one of the essential pseud animes

>>523634949Oldfag anime like rozen maiden, yotsubato, ETC.

>Two reviewers having a "feud">Its just two objectively unlikable smug faggots pretending their shitty opinions are fact.

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>>523637997The show was made in 1998. It had fans long before your parents even thought about making you fucking idiot zoomer trash. Id fucking ban you for posting stuff like this, deceiving third parties piece of shit

>>523646354What was his end goal?

>>523648534Scott is based

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>reviewer claims game has clunky controls>proof of controls is his lack of skill and ignorance of game mechanics>reviewer actually just sucks at video games

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>reviewer gets a sidekick

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>>523636365>reviewers waifu is a fucking goomba with giant knockershow much crack was he smoking, seriously? youtube.com/watch?v=gPAKhrhZ3Zg

Attached: Aka thinking.png (264x348, 359.95K)

>reviewer replaces protagonist's face with their own and uses it as a cover photo

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>>523650739A remember Dunkey doing that for yooka-laylee and was showing clips from the ice world. Which is fucking retarded since he praises Nintendo games and they do the same thing.

>>523648046lol so much for that wasn't he forgiven and now is stronger than ever?

>>523638879>now it is time to critique a mario game for several hours... let us begin by talking about dark souls and nioh while undertale music plays for no reason

>the video is 3 hours long

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>>523639871that's what people who haven't seen any video of his think

>>523639964>I just can't take avgn seriouslyAre you implying that you did at some point? Dude was always pretending to be a gamer pretending to be a tourette's guy but with games.

>>523646026>It was sarcasm! In jestMerely pretending

>>523646505Tehsnakerer is good for anything10/10 bloke

>>523650134Is he making line to sack the store?

>review existif you need it, thats your mistake

thank fuck matt exists, he may unfortunately be irish but at least he doesnt waste an erroneous amount of time trying to say one thing


Let's all FUCK Lain!!!

>>523652256is it related to video games.

just finished watching some lanin and this was the first thread i sawthe wired is real

I-I think my videos are pretty good, and I try to avoid being clicheI even have a funny running joke where any time I mention Dark Souls I bleep it out so that I can pretend I’ve never done the cliche thing of comparing things to Dark Souls

>>523652652>I even have a funny running joke where any time I mention Dark Souls I bleep it out so that I can pretend I’ve never done the cliche thing of comparing things to Dark Soulsheh

>>523652652post your channel

>>523650847Game center cx does that and it always cracks me up to see a badly 2005 edited arino face on the protag.

>>523652652Eyy that sounds smart. Post it.

>Has some real good insight on the games he reviews>Packages it all in the most reddit tier lolsorandumb "humor"I really want to like him but he's making it hard.

Attached: mememonk.jpg (1024x576, 67.63K)

I really don't understand the point of a retarded 3 hour long analysis of a game as a "review". the purpose of the review is for people to have an understanding of the mechanics and gameplay so they can decide whether or not to spend money on it, so why the fuck would people want to just spoil the game for themselves?

>>523633285I mean, I have a pizza box I sanitized from 2018 just as a background piece. Do I win something?

>>523636164He's got some good material in the '15-'18 years, kind of tapered off a little in terms of quality but he's not complete porridge like AntDude or PeanutButter

>>523639658When's Part 2

>>523634949Popular with transfolx

i dont have intros or outros but then again I only upload once every blue moon and nobody watches my crappy videos anyway

>>523653108>. the purpose of the review is for people to have an understanding of the mechanics and gameplay so they can decide whether or not to spend money on it

Attached: brainlet.png (5000x5000, 517.92K)

Is Lain Holla Forums's official not-for-lewd girl?I have been her fan for years since I first saw her on this board and I have realized something recently.Despite there are hundreds of her fanart online, the ratio of r34 is incredibly low somehow, which makes sense because the idea that I ever sexualize her even sickens me in fact.

Attached: 1266332788822.png (1400x1050, 1.77M)

>>523645848>*Eyes well up, cue sniffles*>And that...This very moment>*Prepares tissue box, puts mic in throat*>Right here, when a pro wrestler jumps off the rope>*Turns British accent up to 11*>Is my favorite...moment...in...>*Bawls uncontrollably*>WWE..........History...>...>...>OKAY I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOYED THIS VIDEO THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL MY PATRONS HEY DID YOU KNOW I'M AUTISTIC

I torrented this anime out of curiosity but after watching It i still don't get it all. Am I brainlet?

Attached: 1599412581512.jpg (1200x1052, 253.36K)

>>523653108whilst i also dont feel like sitting through a 3hour game analysis, i figure its more about exploring all its facets to see where it stands compared to other games in the franchise, or other IP's in the genre.

>>523655369I typed her name into an art site and ten of the first twenty were lewd images. Followed by two clips of her nude from the show. I seem to be finding a lot of lewd.

>reviewer is legit autistic and can't comprehend simple things and insists doing things a particular way and then claims all the dumb shit he did for no reason is the game's fault

Attached: 1528644878324.png (1280x1356, 2.2M)

>>523655369Lain is not for sexualization and the very idea of lewd Lain is wrong.....

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>>523655946I don't find her nudity lewd it's more sacred than lewd.

>>523633931>>523635361>>523635692basically >>523636164

>>523655816Give it another go through laterIt's really indirect with its messages, you're meant to interpret it like a song

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>>523656052This scene predicted online grooming.

>>523656048who is pic related?

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Attached: 2020-07-23 16-21-52_3.webm (640x360, 2.59M)


Attached: HlgAsBe.png (1280x960, 285.37K)

>>523633931>"analysis" is reviewer just summarizing the story with an occasional snarky comment thrown in

>Video game review>Video is an unedited or very lightly edited playthrough of the game from beginning to end with the actual review in the description or on a different website entirelyAlpha beta gamer and Voiceguy1 have this shit on lock.

>>523652652>I even have a funny running joke where any time I mention Dark Souls I bleep it out so that I can pretend I’ve never done the cliche thing of comparing things to Dark SoulsSounds comfy. Link?

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Thoughts on PhantomStrider?

Attached: B0C89E9B-7938-47B9-8B04-D5D60870CD3C.jpg (350x388, 22.9K)

>>523638027not sure if you are shitposting, but its true in the sense that it is tiresome, making a little guide thing for a friend and its obnoxious to work on b/c i'm not a real editor, don't know how people can constantly do it everyday, feels like it takes me hours to do a few minutes of editing

Attached: 1597585762934.gif (512x512, 715.74K)

>Try to find anime reviewer on youtube>1/3 of the videos are Doraemon in Hindi>1/3 are cringe modern anime channels doing hour long reviews on a single 18 minute episode>The rest are watchmojo top 10 lists or literal hentaiSay what you want about game reviews, but they have SOME heart. /a/'s reviews on the other hand have reached such pitiable lows it's a wonder they exist at all.

Attached: girl.jpg (500x375, 22.62K)

>>523638902apotos? you do know that it's based on a real place right?

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>>523638879>Holla Forums says this guy is only good as sleep material>try it out one day>fucking worksI guess I finally understand ASMR peopleI've been doing this for the past week and i still have no what this man's opinion is on the witcher games

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>>523662512Literally how do people fall asleep while listening to stuff? I’ve tried falling asleep while listening to music or binaural beats and I can’t.

>>523662039It feels like half of the English speaking anime channels on youtube are just communists with less than 100 subscribers trying to push their ideology through anime analysis for whatever reason.

>>523660263>video game review>video is a very slightly but never the less well edited gameplay footage reel>the review basically consists of "if you like what you see, you're going to love this game"I miss his pre-2016 days so fucking much bros

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>>523634949you don't seem to understand...

>>523661670comfy autism

>>523662631The second you talk politics on youtube it's over. People aren't there to hear you talk about your opinions, they just want to be entertained. It continues to impress me how few people realize that reviews are an ESCAPE from reality. Nobody wants to hear about BLM in a video about some children's game that came out in 1991. Look at Digibro. He's losing 50 subs a day because he brought politics into his channel. Glassic Game room too. Dude went absolutely fucking insane.

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>>523661670>>523662970Remember last time you got called out? I don't want bad things to happen to you so stop

>>523663243Wait what happened?

>>523662630can't speak for all of them, but just like having a little bit of noise and light going on, especially when I have to take a piss at night. I try to have it be something boring/droning on like a documentary on a subject I have no interest or it is in another language, so I have no inclination to lift my head up and see what they are talking about.Joseph Anderson somehow kinda fits the bill. His hours-long reviews guarantee that by the time I wake up, it's either on the same review or another one of his videos. probably works better because its longer than ACTUAL documentaries and with youtube, it just autoplay to the next one.Gotta wonder if that's just his real intention at this point.

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>>523656048That could be literally anyone. It could be YOU. >>523655369Would you lewd the mountains & the rivers too?>>523650134>Local youtube personality killed going out for a Gallon of milk>>523649871are you even allowed to have an opinion on youtube? >>523649061I don't blame Johntron, but all the people who copied him.

>Reviewer dies

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>Does an XD wacky XD zany voice>Says yikes, oof, heck, chonker, cripes and other toddlerspeak>Thinks these things make what he says funny>It doesn't

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>>523652686>>523652732>>523652828>>523660743okay but don’t call me a homo shill please i want to keep my dignity youtu.be/ZwjTLiIM87Myou may recognize me from the time dunkey called me a retarded faggot in one of his videos, hence the extreme dislike bar and overwhelming number of spam comments

>>523633285lain sucks compared to any mecha

>>523664796>reviewer fucks a child

>>523646782>tfw I vented out for about 50 minutes about Final Fantasy VII Remake plot ghostsSome days I regret it, but then I remember that my autistic rage for those fuckers still feels justified and everything's alright. Well, actually it's not but fuck those ghosts anyway.

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>>523635361Every fucking time


I can’t believe Joseph Anderson is doing a 15 hour Witcher video series despite the fact that anyone who’s watched him would say his biggest weakness is being an absolute retard in terms of understanding a storyNot just the (obvious) themes but even the literal events

>>523665714>Uses Holla Forums>IS IN THIS THREAD RIGHT NOW

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>>523663710phantomstrider made a thread about himself on Holla Forums asking "What do you guys think about PanhtomStider?", he didn't know about the numbers at the bottom and he replied to his own thread saying "he's an okay guy to me" and someone pointed it out, he then posted "reminder this guy is a steven universe fag" which didn't bump the thread

>>523655369Is Lain Holla Forums's official not-for-lewd girl?no +18 pictures allowed on a christian blue board. And no Lain lewds allowed in the social media groups about the Anime, the fans get said groups just banned out of principle if Admins are OK with lewding Lain.

>>523640584Rich is a national treasure. Fuck cripples and vote trump.

>>523662512Someone get the pasta about the flash drive with that guy's videos

>>523665472Checked. Also he did that with Mutahar and Dunkey got assblasted by his fans got doing that so no worries Dunkey is just a cunt.

>>523639658good video

>>523636164Johnny really does seem like an alright dude but god damn his videos are insanely milquetoast and boring

>>523665472You need to stop saying threemake and twomake. What's there is serviceable, but repeating the same phrases is harsh on the ears. Also the world didn't really NEED another resident evil 3 review, but that's more youtube's fault than yours. Game videos in general are over saturated. Maybe try talking about something a little less covered in the future? You don't want to get lost in the search results.

>>523634949It's one guy who keeps making these lain OPs,

>>523645848Summoning Salt has that autistic inflection that literally sounds like he could break into tears at any moment. Eyepatch Wolf’s main problem is his gay breathless overdramatic delivery

>>523650110To marry Aki Goomba, which he did, on stream, dressed like Mario.

What I don't get about video game analysis is the whole length thing. You don't see that with any other medium besides, I dunno, books? KrimsonRogue and James Tullos still get to the point, it's just that they're having to recall based off of hundreds of pages of content, not iterations on gameplay loops.The only time a video like these should go over an hour is when it's an entire series retrospective. And even then, it shouldn't be some all-encompassing info dump which you try to relate to your personal experience. There needs to be a point.I've said it before, I'll say it again. The only good video game analysis channels are: MrBTongue, The Examined Life, and maybe one or two MatthewMatosis videos. Oh, and Steak Bentley, but he was a one hit wonder.It's so obvious that these videos are deliberately made to pander to fans/detractors of the games and belabor as many points as possible just to drive up ad revenue. The comments very often just quote excerpts from the video, further incentivizing this holier-than-thou air that even decent guys like Running Shine and NeverKnowsBest are guilty of.Shit sucks. These fags need to learn to assume that everyone watching has already played the fucking game to completion. Why are you watching a critique of a game you haven't played? Do you read discourse on books you haven't read? The purpose of a review is to prepare you for consuming media. An analysis is meant to be consumed afterwards. Not during, not before, but after the fact.

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>>523662039Yo user, if you're still in the thread, look up Anitube Digest

>>523670987>Reviewing anime reviewersLol, ok.

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