What video game character's profile would you follow on OnlyFans?

What video game character's profile would you follow on OnlyFans?

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f-list.net/c/full of einzbern/Post
rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=stevencarson liara_t'soni And
rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=rigid3d liara_t'soni

>>523632616Ivy, 2B, and Iroha

>>523632616Jannies stop swallowing BBCs and do your job.FFS


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>>523632616can i pleasure her with my six incher?

Porn is free user

>>523632616you are now aware that this is what Liara looked like to those who find this physique attractive


>>523632616the postal dude is the only correct answer.

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>>523632616I swear they're getting bigger each time someone posts this one.

>>523632616>onlyfansWhat is the point of these? Pornhub is free and so is e621 and pixiv, far better places for a fap.

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>>523632616She has so much krogan content

>>523632616Yenn would definitely have one.

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None, I only masturbate in ways that guarantee women get no money

>>523634210they are in love with the woman

Yennefer, Ivy, Miranda Lawson

>>523634461This makes me irrationally angry, knowing these guys are lost, fooled and taken advantage of.

>>523633882Straight or gay, this is the only correct answer.

>>523634210>e621Don't worry, I noticed.

>>523634402too flat

>>523632616none cuz im not a simpplus theres endless sfm of them already

>>523632616Tali'ZorahIMC SniperRoR HuntressRoR Artrificer

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>>523634732she's not flat her tits are about this big and game


>>523635978what does that even mean?

>>523635978Pussywhipped, except by e-pussy.

>>523632616but where's the penis?

>>523634720what do you mean, there's nothing like a good wank with a little bit of the 'ol monosodium glutamate

>>523632616diamonds every single time

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>>523632616>>523636925Those delicious blueberries deserve to have my massive, veiny appendage shoved right in between them as she gives me a blowjob.

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>>523637183stop lying

>>523636754About to be down your throat!

>>523632616None because I'm not a fucking simp.

Bow down to the real BBC lil black bois

just going to say it's almost repulsive how porn has been injected into every single aspect of the western world

Tough choice honestly but there's only one I'd choose

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>>523637613If there's a natural, prebuilt switch inside of humans that helps keep goys docile, why not use it

>>523637613>t. Christian mom

>>523637668I certainly hope the black suit implies what i think it implies

>>523632616My dad, just like video games they both don't exist

Chris Redfield.

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>>523637668Sexy feet.

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Mila, Tina and Lisa of course

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>OnlyFansCooming is for free, if I were to pay for cooming, then it would be at least on a whore I can touch and penetrate.

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>>523632616What kind of content would Liara have? Taste lewds and nudes? Krogan dildos or actual krogan? Jerk-off videos and cumming on herself?

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>>523638663Miranda posting all kinds of tight and shiny stuff.

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>>523632616i don't know what onlyfans is or what people do on it

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>>523638802Why is Big Blue Cock so perfect bros?


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>>523638798It's a subscription service where people post erotic pictures and videos of themselves. It's designed that way so that "only fans" of that person would have access to it, hence the name.

My mom if she had one God she's so thick I can't help feeding her and groping her and sucking on her every day

>>523638802And she surprises you by having a hard workout just before and has you pull off her tight sweaty leggings. Imagine rubbing her sweaty BBC through her leggings and feeling it grow larger and larger, putting your hand under her balls and feeling how hot she is.

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>>523634732Are you gay

>>523638924Bu- THA'TS MY WIFE

>>523638579>>523638663>>523638802>stevencarsonI like your tastes user(s)

>>523638579>>523638663>>523638802>>523638905>>523639101>>523639178>Futa fags

>>523639524Futa is the best.

>God I love this character!>Let me just change everything about her firstI hate waifufags so much

>obesity is now celebratedam*rica was a mistake

For me, it's Liara's enormous, grapefruit sized steaming hanging balls.


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>hmm I know how to improve this literal alien sex goddess with a perfect body and personality>make her a MAN>no I'm not gay shut upwhy are futafags like this

>>523632616>What video game character's profile would you follow on OnlyFans?It would imply money, so none of them.Giving money to someone just because they are cute is the most stupid concept of this era, it warps the perception of reality of both the person donating and the one receiving.

>>523632616>OnlyFansNone. I followed one thot for a free month and paid for one for a different thot[/i] and it was a waste of time and money, both times. Either the barrier to entry is exorbitant (I've seen one dumbass whore charge as much as $45 PER MONTH. She'd better be sucking you off daily for that kind of money) or it's cheap but they will then post 4 second clips of their ass and say "tip me $30 for the full vid!

Link of course

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I want Sonya to snap my neck with her thighs.

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>>523632616Farmer girl from OcarinaBreath of the Wild ZeldaClaire RedfieldMaiden In BlackKyrie from DMC

>>523640234maybe some Zelda x Groose

Ivy, 2B and Juri. They're the only characters I've fapped to till I've bled

>>523632616Secret Batgirl OF.

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>>523632616>>523639651How do they make this smut? Daz? Blender?


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>>523640203There's also a generation of girls growing up now that see how easy it is to make money by doing nothing but taking lewd photos/videos. If I was a girl I'd make a fucking killing, it would be so fucking easy too>build an online following first>for a girl this is pathetically easy, just do some meme videos of you dancing in cosplay and voicing some lewd memes>once you have a following start only fans>forever be a cocktease and never actually show nudes, the minute you do people will stop donating because they've finally seen what's under the bra

>>523640771Those specifically are Blender. The other video game characters you might seen in 3D porn is made in SFM.

>>523640870Thanks, user.

>>523640981No problem. Some artists can make very good use of SFM, however limited it is, but generally Blender is a lot better when it comes to what it can actually do. Seeing as how it's a proper renderer and not an aging game engine.

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>>523637613not wrong, even the national news tonight had a piece about onlyfans and first world problems of 'boo hoo, the simps want nudes'

>>523640814was made for big blue cock

>>523632616>onlyfans would basically be just onlyasari full of asari sluts aged 30-200

I know this is a joke thread but A LOT of people on Holla Forums are the people that donate money to thots and follow them on only fans

>>523633223>Jannies stop swallowing BBCs and do your job.FFS

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>>523639689Based and Futapilled

>>523639827>>523640490What does Asari ball musk sweat taste and smell like?

>>523632616Imagine how thick and nutritious her milk is

>>523637794>constantly takes pictures of his workout and diet>meticulous descriptions of all the guns he owns>in background of every picture he takes women are giving him bedroom eyes>completely oblivious, just gives them workout adviceI can see it.

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>>523642770Me in the middle.

>>523634402Yen is that beautiful, strict mother that I've always wanted.

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>>523639689You like dicks. That makes you a fag.

>>523634402made for bbc

>>523636925>>523638663>>523638792>>523638802>>523639101>>523639178>>523639431>>523639689>>523639827>>523639995>>523640490I'm pleased to see that this whole thread is so full of exquisite gentleman of such patrician tastes

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Jaethal and Mercy of course.

ITT: simps

people who pay for only fans are only retarded

>>523632616Rachel OF god please. She doesn't need to kill demons just make me cooom.

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>>523638579>>523638802>>523639178>>523639431>>523639827Please man, just a drop of sauce

I blame Smurfette for giving me the initial blue fetish that Asari flared into a inextinguishable wildfire.

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>>523645681nigga u blind

>>523645681Blind and ugly Scroll up and read ugly bones

>>523644339God, imagine coming home to her wearing that outfit, with a massive throbbing erection ready to fuck you.

Y'all need jesus

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>>523646197How much do you reckon he would pull in from onlyflock?

Tifa, although I find it unlikely she would have a Lonely Fans.Not impossible, she is pretty slutty, but she is raising a family.

>>523642770size difference futa is the apex of fetishes

f-list.net/c/full of einzbern/Post your F-Lists, you fags.

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>>523646602>F-ListYikes. I use discord.

>>523646602>F-listI just use a throwaway discord and browse the /trash/ thread dedicated to this stuff to look for anons.

>>523646602Like the others said I also use discord. I'm definitely into cheating/ntr though

>paying for porn

>>523646602>F-ListHow's the stale community full of boring characters?>shemale 2P's>juri's being all shemales>marnies and beas being lesbian or hard focused on story RP in F-List

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>>523647196>interested in story based rp>"just pitch your idea">pitch one and they never respondI'm honestly so fucking sick of this shit when it comes to erp. I'm more than willing to work out a plot/set up together, but it's so obnoxious being put on the spot to pitch an idea when half the time they don't even list any plot centric kinks. And of course instead of giving their opinion, they just ignore you if it wasn't something they loved right away

>>523647196SEETTHING blue that can't get play.

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>>523636289Sucker Idolizing Mediocre Pussy

>>523648370>>523636289Also doubles as short for Simpleton. As in you're acting like a fucking simpleton for worshiping women who will never fuck you


>>523639689>being gay is the best!No.

>>523640257Gonna be pretty hard to do with a fookin' thumbnail m8.


>>523642595>Constantly tries to hang out with Leon.

>>523632616but I allready pay for 3 OnlyFans

>>523646197I'd watch a thicc argonain mommy Onlyfans.

99% of stuff on onlyfans is pretty bad. There's really only like 5 models who I follow on it that have free subscription, but make good lengthy nude videos.

Emma Emmerich from MGS2.>born 1991

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never played mass effect but liara makes my peepee hardpost more of this blue bitch

>>523652009Nigger what the fuck are you doing, go play it

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>>523652223this thing belongs in webms with a futa dick

imagine giving some ethot money

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>>523640203>[/i[get out

>>523652009ME1 is the only ok one, the rest are trash.

What girl would do SPH content?

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>>523652518Futas with 14 inchers who laugh at your pathetic male-dick.


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>>523652931>>523652518Also Mercy. But every overwatch girl does SPH.

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>>523652931>>523653030>37 year old hagew


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>>523632616If we let eugenics take over, all women would grow up to look like that. Good lord.

>>523653114>>523653059Damn 37-year-olds look like that?Overwatch takes place in the future, so infertility doesn't exist anymore.

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>Basketball skin LiaraAnon...dont....hggggnnn


>>523653134>If we let eugenics take overBut the current plan is literally dysgenics.


heather even tho shes 17

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whoever uploads themselves fucking black guys

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>>523653963BIG FUTA COCK

>>523639689I swear you fags are all hiding in the darkest corner of the closet.




>followLolI have a 20 TB mega filled with onlyfans hoes. Ranges from celebs to regulars to shemales.


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Post the lewd liara webms


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>>523634062>and one just because I can



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>>523642993She doesn't have mommy milkers though


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>>523646602>He uses F-list in 2020Lmoa look at this dude

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>>523633130Based assman


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>>523654719Fuuuuuuuck, don't make me lose in CTR again

>>523632616Does onlyfans allow fictional characters now?

>>523632616They each have their own profiles and do guest appearances on each other's, where they "experiment" with femdom

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>>523632616Link, so I can watch him suck massive Gerudo girl cocks.

I swear to god there better be pinups of Mass Effect Jack


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>>523655162onlyfans is nothing but fictional characters

>>523655934Post more jack-miranda stuff preferably kissing

The one and only cam girl.

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>>523656195Demanding little bastard, aren't you?

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post the webmyou know the one

>>523638104Utterly based. Add Christie as well and you have my list

>>523638134Based. I prefer the massage places after a long-ass exercise.

>>523656456>censoring the feetnooooo that's the best part

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>>523656456very good

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>>523656456post more please

>>523632616Symmetra and Zarya, of course.

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Monsterchads rise up

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>>523656865I'm not a beta I j..just like extremely lewd pokemon


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>>523656865Paws all over my dick and I'll be a beta any day


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>>523646602I only do weird stuff there

>>523646872I think I've ntred you before


>>523632616Mai Shiranui

>>523657496Nope, I'm always the dom

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>start with giant titty ultra thick alien women>end with furry not even human like pokemonThis is why these threads get deleted

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could I make an onlyfans account for a fictional character and make money by posing a 3d model?

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>>523632616How do I get good at blender?

>>523658902Don't think so. That'd be a copyright infringement and these whore hubs love claiming these

>>523659026tutor4u on YT

>>523658902>>523659224You could probably do it if it was an original character. But you'd be better off making a patreon if you're gonna try that

>>523632616The most beta zoomer thread in existence. One step removed from ledditkjj

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>>523646414>Not impossible, she is pretty slutty, but she is raising a familyI'm following 3 mothers on OnlyFans.


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>>523640848Would it be bad ti go the route of idubbz? If I could get my gf to do onlyfans and never have to work a day in my life again, would that be worth it? So long as I'm for it I'm not a cuck right?


any of these girls

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>>523660880You'd still be a cuck. You'd also be a cuck that's playing with fire. What makes you think she'll just share the money with you? And once she realizes that she both will never have to work again, and has hundreds of men trying to get with her, are you certain she'd still stick with you?

>>523638792>tight and shinyWhy more girls (and game developers) aren't into that. It's like they don't want me simping over them and throwing money on the screen.

>>523634062Thanks for reminding me I still need to transcribe the rest of Postal Dudes lines, asshole.

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>>523661207>And once she realizes that she both will never have to work again, and has hundreds of men trying to get with her, are you certain she'd still stick with you?Yes for 2 reasons. 1 I'm already a borderline sugar baby. 2 shes got the kind of crazy that makes her possesive of her SO. She would likely consider it a privelege to make bank just to dote on me.

Why would you pay money when Google images exists?Or can you at least pay them to say stuff for you?

>>523661515Probably some findom in it.

>>523661459Doubt it, but feel free to label yourself a cuck on the off chance you make money

>>523661648Yeah, probably.

>>523632616>>523638663>>523638792>>523639101Do I need to go to his Patreon to get these images? They don't appear to be publicly available but I have not checked pixiv yet.

>>523661648findom is the most pathetic shit ever, before I found out what it really was I thought it was some joke fetish about getting dominated by Finnish people but the reeality is disgusting

>>523652518Miranda and Yennefer, easy.

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>>523632616Mai Shiranui, Samus and maybe pic relatedProbably Cammy too

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>>523661691Im not labeling myself, other people are. The thought of living off more than twice my current income as NEET while my gf just posts underwear pictures is just too appealing. Especially if no one knows who she is, why not milk the simps?

Oh wait, this is that thing Bella Thorne broke some record with, right?

>>523634402having read the book she would definetly have one irl getting gangbanged on onlyfans

>>523661806I unironically we should genocide pay piggies and people who subscribe to onlyfans (whats the difference amirite). Men that pathetic should not be allowed to exist. They are literally the source of all our modern problems.

I confess, I actually sub to an OnlyFansIt's my cousin's and it's worth every fucking penny

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>>523632616Everybody's favorite fuzzy space mercenary of course

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>>523661783The first and last Liara pics qouted are by Rigid3D, he's on Twitter with the same name.The other Liara pic is by StevenCarson, also on Twitter with the same name.The Miranda pic is by Foab30, I think, that's his name on Twitter. Just click on his #Foab30Art to only see his work and click on "Recent" or whatever it says. This one is also made by him.

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>>523662167Do they know

>>523662167Based ... I mean you need serious help ... I mean .. ba ... whatever

>>523661806>>523662142Do you get this asshurt over BDSM? >WOW YOU ACTUALLY LET PEOPLE WHIP YOU?

>>523662167Based. The only time its ok to sub to an onlyfans is if you know them personally or plan to share. Adding incest just makes it even better.

>>523662291Hell no

>>523661260100% true, I fucking love tight and shiny clothes. I played Arkham Knight recently and goddamn, they know how to make sexy suits. Catwoman's tight leathery suit squeezing her body, the almost latex-like suit Harley has in the Batgirl DLC, and Batgirl's own sexy armoured Batsuit.

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>>523662475ever plan to admit it to them? Or throw a hint?

>>523662167POST IT BITCH

>>523662509Maybe right before I'm about to die or something.

>>523662272My penis and I thank you. What about the ones that you censored for our Christian imageboard?

>>523662363How does bdsm affect anyone else, why should I care?Simps impact all of society, and their mental illnesses can be traced to other degnerate behaviors like consoomerism. They deserve the rope.

>>523662363>bdsmyou have no idea what findom is do you retard?

>>523662575Oh that's lame. They got crazy huge tits or something?

>>523662167Post her breasts

>>523662646Oh trust me I do

>>523662752Then you are just retarded, got it.

>>523662167If you actually get something out of it, I don't mind it. I'm a massive latex fan and I've been really tempted to get this girl's OnlyFans since she posts a bunch of stuff there. Subbing to regular girls is something I don't get, though, what differentiates that one girl from the hundred others? Unless she's your cousing, I guess.

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>>523662641>Simps impact all of society, and their mental illnesses can be traced to other degnerate behaviors like consoomerism. They deserve the rope.You're a schizo

>>523637774Bodystocking that's meant to be torn open to access her?

>>523662836Nope. However, you are a failure of a man and should be lined up and shot with the rest of the weak men.

Can you pay a girl to say "I love you"?

>>523662623Not the one who posted them, but most of those are StevenCarson, too, I think.>rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=stevencarson liara_t'soni And one or two of Rigid's stuff.>rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=rigid3d liara_t'soni

>>523662793purplemuffinz a cute, does she create any femdomme content?

>>523663018Yes. You can not pay them to mean it though.

>>523632616No ones, cuck

>>523663089Not that I know of, but then I've never subbed to her OF.

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Futfags wouldn't be so insufferable if they just admitted they were gay.

How can you find out if people you know have an OnlyFans?

>>523662167It is forgiven

>>523663273Who fucking cares

>>523663276Can you search for their names?

>>523662167>all these "based" to this post

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>>523663378Found the futafag that desperately says it's not gay every single time.

post the futa webms

>>523663515No I'm straight up pansexualI repeat though: who fucking cares

>>523662793>>523663234Oh shit, forgot to post her Twitter account.twitter.com/Purple_muffinzFor those interested.

>>523646046a man of my own tastes, based user, based and dare i say futapilled

>>523644339>>523632616Liara, if she doesn't have ovesized body parts.

>>523646046Nah, futa is meme fetish and boring.

>>523663434Uh cool it with the Islamaphobia?


>>523632616why are people even fans of certain characters when their admiration only mutilates them with ridiculous and grotesque proportions like this.

>>523662752google findom you stupid fucking nigger

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>>523663047Thank you user. I will make good use of these later during BBT (big boner time).


>>523656906cringe, where are the tits

>>523662789>>523664168>I don't know what comparisons are.It's always the most retarded people out there throw around accusations of retardation.

>>523662167>artistic works of fiction and falsehoodotherwise, you got issues man

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>>523662167i understand. I saw a lookalike of my niece the other day.

>onlyfansIt's so oversaturated market you won't make any money from it.

>>523664168I know what it is, retard.Giving the money to the dom is the same as the dom whipping you, the pain brings pleasure

>>523634210Literally nothingPathetic betas think its somehow more intimate

>>523664285its not as uncommon as you think

>>523664327it has no contact or sexual interaction, men who solely enjoy findom deserve to be kileld you nigger

>>523664225Good to help fellow anons with based tastes!

>>523634732Petite flat chests are cute and deserve love

>>523633643no, women can't derive much pleasure, let alone orgasm, from anything shorter than 7.5 inches

>>523664434You don't know what findom is


>>523663717You too, fellow futachad.

>>523632616none because onlyfans is shitamateur shit used to be good because it was pure fun, now it's the same commercialized garbage.

>>523655212lezdoming each other?>>523656250>>523656609>>523657316>>523656195>>523657571I ship them>>523644339Need more Liara in this latex outfit.

>>523664278>make a shit comparison>start sperging out when you get called outKys simp

>>523632616>OnlyFansWhy pay to be teased when I can look at anime titties for free?

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>>523664728its easy money, who wouldn't try?

>>523634732I actually like flat chests now thanks to riley reid and emily willis. oh and also vina sky.

>>523664728i hate how it's infected other sites too. desperate onlyhoes spamming pics trying to drum up business.

>>523664578"Findom is a shortened combined version of the term Financial Domination, similar to Femdom which is short for Female Domination. Financial Domination is a fetish of power exchange which involves the transfer of money from sub to Domme as an act of ultimate submission"kill yourself subhuman simp, the only retards who would complain are actual cucks and degenerate findom subs themselves

>>523664737>lezdoming each other?Exclusively.

>>523665045I don't blame them for trying, but I do blame people for buying. If there was no market, nobody would be doing this.I know girls from my high school who were great artists, and because there's no market they're selling ass creampies on onlyfans. Tale as old as time >>523665140all that tumblr porn wouldn't happen now, and reddit was where it ended up. Now reddit is just fucking infested with these people. Clips, teases, etc. Oh well, at least my dislike of it is toning down my lust towards these thots.>>523665231I really wish that findom was actually finndom and involved massive amounts of spurdos

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>>523660880nah you'd be a pimp

>>523664728>create content for fun>upload some of the contect behind paywallI can't see the issue? They would still have the fun, but took time to take pictures and it's only fair to give them something for the effort.

>>523664737Search for "#Foab30Art #LiaraNSFW" (if it works?), he's done some pieces with that outfit. LordAardvark, too, if you check the regular Rule34 sites.

>>523632616burial at sea elizabeth

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>>523665374there have always been amateurs working their way behind paywalls, it's just that onlyfans makes it so much more likely all their shit will be there. The balance is shifting rapidly towards paid sites again

>>523639152>making excuses for flat chests no are YOU gay

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>>523665491Drops me 2 links from twitter, but seems to be unavailable. I always wondered who made that pic.

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>>523665826Now post the other one.

>>523665853And in this lingerie.rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=2168916

>>523666082>no dickno thanks

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>>523665853Click on "Latest", that sometimes works. Sometimes clicking on the hashtag directly from his page works, too. twitter.com/foab30

>>523666150shoo shoo futa meme

>>523666150Shut up, fag

>>523666150this>>523666202>>523666251t. faggot

>>523666306Shut up, fag

>>523666184the only good thot in that game is Pepper

>>523665718I think it's a good thing - the artists get support, can go pro and can invest more time into improving their craft.


this thread makes me horny

>>523666512I prefer the more raw look, the more they hone their craft the less genuine it feels.

>>523666367quiet furry

>>523666865she's hot, brah

>>523666736anon i just made a burner discord account because of this thread im gonna go down the erp rabbithole and see how it goes, wish me luck

>>523666983Go fuck your dog again

>>523666991stay away from smell obsessed and hyper Lovers, those are the worst.

>>523666991what's your disc? I don't eRP but I do like talking about alien cocks

>>523665102Jasmine Grey >> Vina Sky

>>523656514How do I know I'm getting one with a happy ending without asking. Is there like a secret sign I gotta see in the shop?

>>523632616I absolutely love women like this but I'll admit. I wouldn't be able to handle that kind of body. Good lord it's like a playground with all the best toys. You don't know where to start.

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>Cousin got drunk one night and posted a video of her twerking, and spreading her assholeI came so fucking hard

Jackasses from social media really did destroyed this board.

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>>523667584Post it or it didn't happen.

>>523665826>meiOkay you're a certified fag

>>523665689Unironically the basegame liz(s) were better.

>>523665826god i once turned my monitor sideways and came to this image in full screen after edging for like two hoursit was amazing

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Why did the mods delete all the futa? Erything inappropriate was covered up. Why delete all the futa but leave stuff like this?>>523654771>>523641219

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>>523668230Not enough dicks for a "straight" person like you?

>>523665826Fugtrup has been in the game for so many years and he's still one of the best.

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>>523668527Because contrary to popular belief, the mods are not literally faggots.

>>523668527Very cute pic of Liara, got a source?

>>523632616god i wish i was her


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>>523668527Because they aren’t fags, obviously. Fag.

>>523668527>No! My totally straight dicks were deleted!

>>523668798You wanna be a curvy alien on a beach wearing a bikini like that? With all those people looking at you?

>>523668798I'd rather be Tali.

I don’t understand futafags. They slobber and obsess over cocks but insist they’re not gay. It’s not even the type where another woman is involved, it’s literally just cock obsession.

>>523661783>>523662272>>523662623Just go to slushe.com it has all this stuff updated daily.

>>523668616Would love a source for this one, too.

>>523669153Literally gayer than gay porn

post the webm of her in the bath tub

>>523669153Learn the math, brainlet

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>>523662167Reading this on the toilet and now I can’t finish peeing cuz I got a hardon

Are mods legit retarded?

>>523669420So an orgy with 4+ guys and one girls is uber gay, I KNEW IT!

>>523669420This image might be relevant if the futa posts weren’t literal cock obsession. As it stands it looks more like extreme defensive behavior.

>>523669467>Are mods legit retarded?

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>>523669467Nah, they just don't care about your hurt feefees


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>>523669153I will fully admit the point of futa is the cock. But it is on a woman. And I am not attracted to men. So it obviously wouldn't be gay since that means a singular attraction to men, so maybe bi. But bi means attraction to both men and women somewhat equally, so I don't think it is bi either since I just like the sight of a cock on a woman. But only the cock.I think that if somehow in the future actual futas were possible through cyberpunk enhancements or something, we will just invent a new term for the sexual attraction to futas.

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>>523669206>>523668752Use saucenao>4chanX>options->sauce->remove the # from saucenao>reload page>click on saucenao on the side of either picture

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>>523669904Futanari (Hermaphrodite) is the origin and metaphysical goal of every human being. Adam was a hermaphrodite before Eve was removed from him, only to be reunited again later. Rebis is the consequent Mercury of the Philosopher's Stone.

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>>523669153This.There is also literally nothing gay about wanting to fuck Buck Angel. They have a vagina, and thus it is straight to want to have sex them, because vaginas mean straightness.

>>523668221Go jerk off to your own cousin.

>>523652223>>523652253>>523653345>>523653421>>523653345Futa Liara?

Imagine if half the women alive woke up tomorrow with cocks. Addicted to the powerful feeling of shooting huge loads of cum, forcing themselves on any woman they find.

>>523670981And men.