Shit Engine

>be released for 15 years>have literally 0 (zero) games with SOULWhat is it about the unity engine that curses every game developed on it turning it into a soulless boring piece of shit?

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BaitLiterally the best engine in the industry

>>523632238unreal is better, but that is easy thou

>>523632081what do you know about Soul you fuckin ginger

Generic systems like the ones used for character control, physics, animation, etc., lack any of the deep customization you'd find in custom engines, which ends up in a ton of games feeling the same. You often notice you're playing a Unity game, even if it's not advertised.Shit loading times.Companies who choose to use Unity for the debatable increase in productivity are also more often than not often chasing market trends, which is inherently soulless.When you apply a generic system, you often end up in a "good enough" stage which is playable, but actually looks like shit because little thought has been put into it. The biggest issue might be that developers think Unity can take over these essential creative processes.

>>523632081Because you don't play the mountain of indies games made by first-time passionate devs.

Playing a darksouls rip off on my android currently. It has a shit ton of soul and no im not memeing. The guy made a huge connected world minus shortcuts as far as i can tell. Has online pvp and co op too.

>>523632081I think Dungeons 2 and 3 is good and it is Unity game. But i would never use it myself. Except for mobile game.

CupheadOriMonument ValleyPillars of EternityFFIX portForgotton AnneThis fan game: I guess it depends on the dev

>>523635040Ori is a piece of shit game though.

>>523632081Hollow Knight.

>>523632081what a shit fucking bait. it's the best engine out there with hundreds of games that i enjoyed. eat shit, timmy chink.

>>523635559Learn to think outside product wars, you absolute fucking retard. The only thing more soulless than Unity is Unreal.

>>523632081wasteland 3 got murdered by this fucking engine, game looks like a piece of shit characters look like a blob on top of it it runs like shit

>>523632081Being originally a mobile game engine, if you're planning to use the engine for something more complex than a 2D platformer you really need to rewrite a lot of it so that it won't shit the bed. But at that point you need to think if it's worth the effort when you could just use an engine more suitable for what you need. Many devs are incompetent and use aspects of the engine as is so you get unoptimized jank like Wasteland 3 or Subnautica.

>>523633971There are no premade generic systems in Unity, you make them yourself. I hate it when people say that "oh, slippery controls, thats unity for you". Bitch no, thats a shitty programmer.

>>523632081Unity is a fine engine. It lacks some things like realtime reflections and optimization, forcing developers to have to go out of their way to implement things like object pooling, which should be built into the engine if it's going to have random garbage collection cycles trigger so rapidly. A lot of people simply drink the Kool-Aid when it comes to Unity but it is a fine engine. It's just not suitable for AAA. When HDRP is worked on a bit more it might be, though. If you need more performance, you can use a faster format like ECS. Also, a lot of people tend to blame Unity for things Unity isn't responsible for. Outside of the physics, jank that is the product of terrible user code is by far and away not Unity's fault. I suppose you could say that this is the way that it is because Unity does less for its users than Unreal, but still.

>thinly veiled unity game recommendation threadThe past several FOTMs on this board have been unity.

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>>523635976>game looks like a piece of shitthat's just incompetence on the art team, wasteland d2 also looked like trash but the engine does run like shit in big fights

>>523636442Sure there are, examples: Navmesh and Navmesh agents, collisions, character controller or the equivalent typical replacement of some hacked together rigidbody system. These types of things work to make a game generic. These systems work in a very specific way and if you want to deviate from this, you very often have to remake entire parts of the engine yourself, hoping that somewhere along the way the retards at Unity made a very specific part of the code available. Problem is developers only encounter these things a year+ into development, at which point they take the easy way out and focus on shipping something that's at least playable.

>>523637704Not that guy, but those things don't really work to make your game too much more generic except for the Nav Mesh, but that's the developer's fault. A lot of people use the nav mesh for nothing but shitty zombie-type enemies. The character controller just gives a collider collide and slide physics and does some shitty ground detection. Almost nobody uses the ground detection though. I don't think a custom rigidbody solution will feel generic unless the body isn't kinematic or something and you're just using physics forces.

>>523633971>Generic systems like the ones used for character control, physics, animation, etc., lack any of the deep customization you'd find in custom engines, which ends up in a ton of games feeling the sameThe person who typed this is the physical embodiment od Dunning-Kruger effect.


>>523639285Welcome to Holla Forums.

>>523639015There's the year-spanning issue with custom character colliders stemming from Unity's component approach running into tons of problems, resulting in things like also had its own problems, the end result being that your only option left to have a relatively OK character controller is buying one from the asset store. This is just an example of the various detrimental problems you're sure to encounter if you make anything but a very simplistic game.>>523639285It's typed in a very general way to bridge the player-developer gap. Players don't understand how to explain why the games they play often feel janky, and Unity evangelists don't understand their own engine and so think players are wrong. Also nod an argument.

>>523632081Embrace SOUL.

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>>523640552>the end result being that your only option left to have a relatively OK character controller is buying one from the asset store.Or you know, programming one yourself you fucking moron.Which most of games do, badly.Which is the exact opposite of your "generic systems" claim.

Unity can't handle complex gam-

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>>523632081Animal Crossing

>>523633241unreal is pretty gross imo.It's painful to actually make do what you want. But if you're building a generic FPS, by all means.

Tarkov is the biggest Unity game.

>>523633241Unreal sucks tho Unity is better turbo faggot

>>523632081I dunno, it's good for starters. My friend told me i should learn C# and then try making simple games on Unity.


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>>523636442Based and redpilled af

>>523641087>Or you know, programming one yourself you fucking moronFirst you have to understand the engine enough to realize its faults. Then you have to go through your available options, which are either shit or paid shit. Then you have to delve deeper into documentation, hoping some API option is available that you even CAN write your own and doesn't break anything else down the line. The developer for the character controller on the asset store had to argue with the Unity developers for months to have them include an option (Physics.ComputePenetration) to make your own. All are significant time investments with the only gain being knowledge of Unity rather than applicable general knowledge of physics and the like.

>>523632081A-all of them?

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>>523640868>empty engine>no games>shit UI (I'm sorry but it's true)>no console support (gotta build that yourself, kinda takes the quick-n-easy out of the tool doesn't it?)I wish godot was good but it just aint.

There haven't been games with soul for the past 15 years regardless of what engine they use.

>>523633971me and my bros are developing a game in unity because we're only 4 people and the game we want to make would be pretty big, so the increased productivity would be useful.

>>523641330ReCore was made in Unity. It has quite a AAA quality to

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>>523637704The only thing I would lean on unity for is its physics/collision system since that's far too much of a nightmare to do on your own. The rest you really have no reason not to implement yourself.

>>523635776Unity is 100% soul


>>523641330Most soulful game ITT

>>523641604ok?Are you gonna do it?

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>>523632081>Shit engineAsk me how I know that you know nothing about game development or how a game is even made.

>>523632081Little Witch Nobeta Sold 150K+ copies

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>>523642534yeah, but i need some time

>> you've never coded before

>its a Holla Forums blames the tools episode>its a Holla Forums doesn't know shit about gamedev episode

>it's an "aspiring gamedev" gets tricked by Unity marketing episode

>>523635040Also Dusk

>It's a western indie tranny blames the tools, the consumers and steam for its shit game failing episode

>>523645075>floaty controls>90% of gameplay is glorified walking simulator>interactive items get highlighted with a yellow outline when you hover over them>retarded “physics” is based around clicking and dropping items but they all feel like plastic shit anyways>if there are weapons they all feel the same I just described 100% of 3D games in unity

>>523633241>be uneal>every single game has stutter>every single game looks wet and shiny>every single game has insane texture pop init's amazing how unreal 3, 4, and 5 all have the exact same issues, and everyone just pretends they don't.

>>523645504what does any of that have to do with the engine?

>Rimworld>ONI>Slay the Spire>Darkest Dungeon>Soulless えと。。。

>>523645504what the fuck are you talking aboutthese problems only exist if you use the built in physics engine, untweaked. You shouln't do this because its general purpose and tries to cater to everyoneweapons aren't shit that are packaged with the engine you dumb fucking cuntevery single thing you create, you have complete control over how it looks, feels and soundsif it feels like shit, then the dev has done a lazy jobwhat do you think unity is, its not some fucking little big planet level editorgod your stupidity makes my leg bounce up and down

>>523645738It’s just odd that literally every 3D game developed in Unity have these identical issues. Also lmao @ all the triggered tranny discord “amateur devs” ITT The venn diagram Of deranged tranny developers and unity developers is a Single circle

>>523632081>try to reinstall>now it has a forced autentication/login and a shitty laucherIm out

>>523645970>tranny>trannyoh, you've given up i see.

>>523646130Dilate seethe and cope in that order my tranny “amateur dev” friend

>>523646215anon, seek help. shouting dilate seethe and cope into the ether all day long isn't healthy.

>>523633971>Generic systems like the ones used for character control, physics, animation, etc., lack any of the deep customization you'd find in custom enginesThere aren't any you retard.

>>523632081You are an idiot did you know that?

>>523633241unreal is abysmal


>engine bad because asset flipLol>custom engineNot everyone want to make overgrowth or make ultra optimal rendering when your assets are dogshit.At least shit on indies using PS1 graphics

>>523635143you're a piece of shit personori is a CUTE

>>523644696>8 hoursT-thanks, user.

>>523647586>1 autist with a dream>100 AAA game devs>who would win?Overgrowth still has better movement animations than AAA games to this day.

>>523648228>Overgrowth still has better movement animations than AAA games to this day.overgrowth has shit animations with 0 in between frames, which is why they all snap into place. there's no animation for crouching, the idle just blends into the crouch, it's really fucking pathetic.

>>523647957Before you start being able to code basic shit without having to look up everything it'll take you a year or more if you have no coding experience and aren't familiar with how computers work

>>523632081The only soulful game made in unity is the long dark

>>523648451Yeah, I wasn't complaining, it was a sincere thanks. I'm actaully very excited to learn something new.

>tfw too smooth brained for programmingI can do art but damn I wish I could understand coding to the bare minimum degree.

Haha, you're a riot, OP.Build your own engine and show us your game.

>>523648228Maybe, but the dude been doing it since 1847.

>>523648809coding is easier than doing art, I am the on who is fucked because I can't draw for shit and am completely devoid of imagination

>>523648965*the one

>>523648965We're just on different ends of the spectrum.

What Engines are even left?EA has Frostbite.Ubisoft apparently has their own in house engine, AnvilNext.Can't forgot Bethesdas GamebyroHalf the industry using UnrealThe other half uses Unity.Valve sort of kinda has Source 2 but community hasn't gotten hands on it yet like with Goldsrc and Source

>>523632238Similar to arguing over the best STD.

>>523648662If you want the full CS

>>523648809>>523648965>decent at coding>decent at drawing (and only want to do furries and scenarios)>shit at music thus dont want to make gamesA la the human condition


>>523649139id tech and all the derivativesi like spearmint myself

>>523636442You can literally use unity's in built physics engine without changing a thing, just call the right methods in your scripts with a few magnitude variables and you're good to go. I doubt anyone using unity is writing their own physics engines, at that stage you may as well just write your own engine.

>>523649139Some more successful 2D games were made using Game Maker Studio. Hotline Miami, Forager and Undertale for example.

And its sequel

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This game has more soul than anything you zoomers have ever played.

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Most people who hate Unity have no idea what they are talking about. They just see the free or cheap games that that use it and think it's garbage. They are ignorant of the games that the devs paid the extra cost to get the annoying "made with unity" splash to go away.The key word of my post is "most" , so go away if you are some dev who has issue with it because you couldn't get it to do something you wanted.

>>523632081Some unity games have soul

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>>523632081Why do stupid people on Holla Forums like OP keep pretending they know what engines are for?

>>523645646stop playing indie trash from steams page 10 of the least popular games and upgrade your pc to this millenia

Obscure MMO but its still a competently made game.>>523650275This dumbass discussion earlier in the thread about how "all unity games have similar movement" shows just how little these idiots know. I invite anyone in the thread to download unity and make a simple 3D capsule moving around a plane and tell me just how "built in" movement is in Unity>muh navmeshYou gotta be fucking kidding me, you don't even use that for character movement. Like I'm supposed to believe the people posting in this thread are gaming scholars, able to even notice the subtleties of movement in different games. Unity has its problems but none of them are the surface level shit mentioned in this thread.

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Gun porn isn't really to my taste but it still counts as soul to a lot of people.

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I don't even know why I bother, its not like anyone who thinks Unity is shit is bothering to stick around in the thread to see counterexamples.

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>>523649139Godot is coming up.

Subnautica is fine faggot

>>523650527rigidbodies are a bit wonky for movement. no matter what you do there's going to be something objectionable.

>>523650473To be fair, insane texture pop-in has plagued even triple A Unreal games until recently.

>>523645646>>523650473>>523653586>Unreal engines are so garbage even Epic can't make their textures work properly

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>>523632081the engine was made to create impressive demos, not for actual game making

>>523632081rust has a soul, although a dark onethere are good unity gamesopinion discarded

>>523655170theres a dozen games posted in thread

>>523635040Both Pathologic games as well

>>523632081Eastshade is basically Soul: The

What engine do I learn if I want to make a dungeon crawler like etrian odyysey?

>>523635040>depends on the devCringekill yourself

>Hammers are fucking shit. They always bend my nails when i hit them with it.

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Theres plenty of games that look like shit that run on unity, I really don't like a lot of things on the engine but there has been a few good games to come of it so whatever

>>523633971b r a i n l e t

>>523649301this is exactly my situation, furry and allhow the fuck does one into music? i mean someone like pixel supposedly learned to make music as he was making cave story but it seems so difficultmaybe just banging my head against the wall until it works is the best way to go

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>>523632081now that Unity's about to bite the bucket and Godot is stuck in perpetual freetard dev cycle what's the go-to engine for a 2D game? turn-based strategy to be specificI feel like unreal is both too 3D-centric and too heavy to be the proper tool for it

>>523632081Shadow Tactics is pretty good desu

>>523658208what the actual fuck are you talking about

>>523649301You make the full game without music. If you managed to create something legit and presentable, then you commission someone to make some music for you. Music is important but it can easily be done last.

Little Witch Nobeta has the most soul of any game released this year though. Not even finished btw.

>>523658379I know, just I wanted to have the same impact as some games. I based around F&H ost thinking it was free music then the dev added it to his channel and I went back to thinking "every great 1man army is a composer first and dev second">>523657503A lot of concepts of music I study to death and it still elude me. I'm starting to think I should just ape Toby/Zun/etc and be done with it

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>>523648662Please do remember that you won't be able to make a complex game all by yourself so the sooner you find a partner the better. You won't be proud of your first "games" though you'll be proud of yourself for creating them.^Is your bibleUse forums to get multiple takes on how to solve issues. Youtube videos are one sided and there's ALWAYS multiple ways to solve problems.Also avoid /agdg/ unless you have a question, the entire thread is a literal schizo circle but there are still some anons that made it who still browse it.

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I was looking through a list of unity games, and apparently TIS-100 was done with Unity. I am a little curious as to why.

>>523659380I doubt you have the background knowledge to understand the answer.

>>523633241>unreal is betterThen you've clearly never used Unreal to make an actual game. It's fucking abysmal at doing its job.

>>523632081Skylines has soul

>>523641774> No console supportBlame the console makers for that

>>523632081>2D Games:Unity > Unreal>3D Games:Unreal > Unity

>>523656351>he doesn't make his own nail-pushing device

>>523659280>complexityNot him but thats my main issue, genres I like are often more complex with rpg and colony sim, or just fft style combat. Obviously everyone suggest shit like VNs with minigames, platformers, pong or shmups, but aside from pong all of those I made were pretty unengaged because I dont really know shit of said genre compared to my faves

>>523660279>he hasn't devised his own wood jointing mechanism

>>523635040>Zerathis faggot fucked spyro fan games forever, just cause he wanted a little attention. Why hes still in the community and people put up with him i will never get, especially after the vids with ratchet5.

>>523659702Yep that’s why it’s the most popular engine in the industry. Stupid dumb faggot you don’t know the first thing about game dev. You probably read some Reddit post about how “Unreal is unwieldy” and now you think you’re an expert.

>>523660395It took me over 20 years but I'm getting closer to making my own nail-pushing device, sure it stills bend the nails but soon I'll be able to build my own house!

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>>523660775>still using NailEngine

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>>523660389What are some examples of games that you like? And what exactly do you want to learn from them?

>>523660868>building thingsBack in my day we used to hide in caves and holes, we didn't need those fancy "buildings"!

>>523660775Number 5 is obviously the best choice. The stick seems to be quite sturdy and it has a hard narrow contact point with the stone.You'll get a LOT of power focused on that point. Will stagger any foe and inflict massive damage while also being lightweight enough to wield in one hand.

>>523661412those sticks are small, dude

>>523659178>"every great 1man army is a composer first and dev second"that can't be right, i'm sure pixel and zun started to make music because of videogame developing

>>523645646>>every single game has insane texture pop inBetter texture pop ins than the whole game stalling for a moment when a texture loads.

>>523655084Its a problem with your slow drive, not the engine. The tradeoff here is you have way less load time between levels, at the expense of seeing pop in.

>>523661134Dofus/FFT (just the combat, aint so senile to try mmorpg after usual multiplayer and working with aegis/eathena), Labyrinth of Touhou/Etrian Odyssey, Library of Ruina, Rimworld/Oxygen Not Included, NoDelivery, Slay The Spire, Lobotomy Corp, etc.Most I like is the replay value and customization those games provide, though they are inherently system atop of systems and game design docs over design docs. They definitely sit on more complex side of things than the simple ones. By simple I usually mean stuff I said I attempted or some indie stuff like walking simulator horror games with some FPS and puzzle simulator elements.

I wish all you faggots pushing that stupid meme of soul/soulless a painful and slow death. Please, end yourselves

>>523661728Really? I'm kinda retarded so that might be the case, but I swore at least ZUN had started as a game composer.

>>523658208>now that Unity's about to bite the bucketWhat gave you that idea?

>>523662220wait yeah i think he did, it's just that he never did anything of note before 2hu

>>523663069I need to overcome it

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>>523662037Learn arraysDamage/defense types (dofus), body parts (rimworld). All groups of variables stored in arrays.I guess you could call it notepad autism

unreal 3 is better

>>523665605>notepad autismI mean that's just programming

>>523665605Coding wise I assume I can make badly optimized, full of bugs, bad practices and probably the example developers use to argue agaisnt OOP, but I will brush up my array for it. Give a genuine attempt for a genre I actually have interest making a GDD and getting people feedback.

>>523658208try out gamemaker I guess, its not too bad if you want to make something somewhat simple

>>523666802Make small prototypes with ms paint textures for your major game mechanics to familiarize with implementation