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>RE1 is so good that sometimes I can't decide if want to play the original, non-fart music Director's Cut with Advanced mode or the DS version with new character models and touch gimmicksIt really does feel good to be an REfag. I think i like Jill's original character model better than the DS one though. BIG.Anyway, What is your top 5 RE games?Are you currently playing any RE?Who is the best RE girl/s and tell is why

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>>523631524>Still no mod where she has a huge ass

>>523631524>What is your top 5 RE games?1, 2, 3, 4, REmake.>Are you currently playing any RE?Nope. I'm marathoning Fatal Frame.>Who is the best RE girl/s and tell is whyClaire Redfield, 1998.Cute teenager mommy hottie.

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>>523631569You are kidding right? This thing is nearly REmake size.

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I love OG RE2 Claire and Sherry!

>>523631846Fuck me, Claire was rad as fuck once. Imagine meeting a teen like that in your early 20's, she dresses in Leather, is confident about her great body and she doesn't need you, she's already getting back on that Harley and riding away for hours

>>523631524>What is your top 5 RE games?For me it's RE1 (original or remake depending mood)RE2 (only played original so far)+ 4, 5, 6 (4 for dat soul, 5 for dat intense hilarious co-op action and kino wesker, 6 for dat gameplay and co-op. Plus all of them have fun mercs)

>>523631967The REmake girls are pretty cute together too.

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>>523632334>Goblina and a baby gorilla

>>523632581>baby gorilla?

>>523632581How is she Goblina. She's tall, slim and blue eyed. You're making any sense here.

>>523632814She is FUGLY.Stop being so dense.

>>523632814*Not making any sense.

>>523632854She's better looking than you.

>>523632973she looks literally like me

>>523631524>What is your top 5 RE games?RE2 >REmake >REmake 2 >RE3 >RE4>Are you currently playing any RE?Feels like an RE2 day today. Leon A i think.>Who is the best RE girl/s and tell is whyClaire is the best girl, Jill is the best woman. Claire represents Teenage fire, she is wild and young and cool. Jill is the ex army now Cop who could have been a model but was too tomboy and interested in firing guns and being operator as fuck. She's also absurdly stripper thicc.

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>>523632854>She is way, Claire is great. First time since CV that she looks her age again too.

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was William autistic? Also i cannot fucking get over Sherry's fucking face here, look how psyched she is to be taking this photo lmao

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Based thread. Feel hungover as fuck today, think I'll marathon RE2 today.

>>523631524Play the patched PC jap version, best controls, least censorship.

>>523634089Marathon? Like all 4 scenarios?

>>523633859Annette still looks smug as fuck and I love her for it.

>>523634234>least censorshipor i could just play literally any western version and then there is zero censorship. What's so special about it's controls though?

>>523634254Nah just burn through Claire A or B

>>523631905Huh, didn't know and nice of them for having that little easter egg.


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>>523631524>What is your top 5 RE games?4, REmake 2, 7, REmake 1>Are you currently playing any RE?0 and Revelations 2. First playthrough for both. In 0, I burned my ribbons too quickly and now I'm at a stage where I have to get through the Mansion, sort my shit out that I'd left in the main foyer, dodge some spiders and into the first encounter with the Hunters, then head back and use one of my few ribbons to save. My biggest complaint about this game so far is that having both characters in a room together is more of a liability (on hard mode at least), and running the same path twice to get them from A to B separately is a pain. Revelations 2 seems a little different at least, but I'm only like 30 mins into that one.>Who is the best RE girl/s and tell is whyClaire. No training but still made it out of Raccoon City.

>>523634378She's a very good looking woman in the OG

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>>523634380>any western version>zero censorshipWhat on earth are you talking about?

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>>523634512i don't get it

>>523634612sorry the thread trailed off into RE2 territory and i forgot the OP was about RE1. What do you mean about better controls though?

>>523634561After so many years i have only just realised that the background here is tree's and a city building. What the fuck is Sherry's hair supposed to be here though? little twin braids?

>>523634742doorskip and quickturn mostly

>>523635123>quickturnAs in a 180?


I used to play RE:DS all the time. Blew a fat wad on the screen once though. I'd like to play it again but I'm afraid to look.>$52.Fine. Its under $100. I'll take it."Growing up" and selling all my Nintendo stuff when I moved out was the worst financial decision I ever made.I can play this on 3DS right?

>>523635313Interesting. I do wonder if it's inclusion would actually break games like RE1 and RE2 though. I can't decide if it does in Deadly Silence but then the OP knife not taking up an item slot and being accessible on the trigger is already the more egregious game breaker in my opinion.

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>>523635586>Blew a fat wad on the screen once though.h-huh?

>>523632058Imagine being you.

>>523635703why? For liking the idea of rad biker tomboys?

>we never got an RE2:DSThat first game's port was so fucking good, added background compression aside.

>>523635681You know in the... what was it called... "Rebirth Mode"? You gotta blow on the screen to deflect zombie puke.

>>523635979the question is again, like N64 cartridge before it, COULD a DS cart have done RE2? Also don't fuck with my Claire character model. No doubt Capcom would have tried to redesign her again for no reason but leave everyone else in the game as is.

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>>523635821>its all trannys now

>>523636008OH lmao

>>523636008The Yawn fights are not good though.>giant snake comes around corner>i know, lez fit id with a knifeKills the mode for me.Giving Richard CPR is cool though

>>523637013I have no idea who you are supposed to be quoting or what conversation you aren't following. What are you even on about user?

>>523637185>giant coke can sized bite holes all down his chest>"I HAVE SERUM RICHARD!"

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>>523631524I'm a huge fan of Deadly Silence. It's one of my favorite REs and I prefer it to REmake even.


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REmake is overrated. Deadly Silence is superior and actually fun. There, I said it. I have have fun and shoot some zombies. But REmake doesn't let me do that. So fuck off.

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>>523631524>What is your top 5 RE games?1 (both original and REmake), 2, 3, REmake 2, 7>Are you currently playing any RE?was replaying RE2 sourcenext but the screen start flickering after finishing Leon A, might have to reinstall>Who is the best RE girl/s and tell is whyRemake 2 Ada, i have yellow fever

>>523637804Doesn't look like that retard., this>>523637848

>>523637559This meme needs to die.

>>523637804We got to the ROOT of the problem.

>>523637897>1 (both original and REmake), 2, 3, REmake 2, 7hello, based department?

>>523637951>getting mad because someone made a barry postchill out user

>>523637848Deadly Silence isn't even better than Director's Cut.

>>523638252But we're in agreement that REmake is inferior to OG RE1?

>>523637897Play the AI-upscaled Dolphin mod, theres no reason to play any other version.

>>523638319Yea but it's close.

>>523637980not him but i would say the biggest meme is actually most of Holla Forums only first discovering REmake in 2014 for the first time and now people refuse to speak about RE1 seriously.

>>523632058I don't have to imagine. Shouldn't have let her go...

The best version of the game is the PC version.Only needs a 133mhz Pentium too, and 16 megabytes of ram. However to run at 640x480 or above you need 2 megabytes of graphics card vram so this might be a deal breaker


>>523638319>REmake inferior to OGnah, it's REmake for me all the way, baby

>>523638624the heads and limbs stay on the ground after you dismember them, too, like the original jap version

>>523631524Imagine this costume in 3D

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>>523638624yea well the ps1 version only needs a 33.9mhz cpu, and 2 megabytes of ram. so that version is better.

I remember someone made an unofficial PC port of the DS version. Where can I download that?

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Official Resident Evil Breasts stats 1998>Jill Valentine>34DD>Ada Wong>28A>Claire Redfield>32C>Rebecca Chambers>32B>Sherry Birkin>30B

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>>523639453Official Resident Evil pussy stats, 1998>Jill Valentine:>hairy, Japanese style, full mound and most lips covered, long but neat, dark brown almost black pubic hair>vaginal power: S+, extremely powerful walls due to Jill's lifting regimen, lots of heavy weighted squats, deadlifts, bench and cleans. Has regular sex with different men but extremely disciplined fitness keeps everything basically pristine>Ada Wong:>Hairy, Japanese style, full mound and lips coverage, long and naturally very thick, raven black pubic hair>Vaginal power: B+, is fit and strong but subjects occupation results in frequent sexual intercourse with multiple men and this could be having some effect, some labia hangs out but nothing irregular, however, is far more skilled in sex acts than the other subjects>Claire Redfield:>Hair, cut slightly shorter than other subjects but is the full pubic shape, full mound but not lips covered, fine 3/4 length cut hair, dark despite subject being naturally auburn otherwise>Vaginal power: A+, mostly due to young age, but also fitness, Claire lifts and runs, everything is in very good shape, recently regular sexual intercourse while attending college, multiple male partners with no attachment to any singular male>Rebecca Chambers: >Hair, currently mid length, full mound and some lips covered, result of allowing a more full grow back after previously experimenting with landing strip and full bare shaved styles, mousey brown pubic hair>Vaginal power: B, surprisingly average wall power despite young age, not too many frequent partners, higher than average level of fitness (note: male partners vary greatly in age, recently from 19 to 38 years)>Sherry Birkin>hairy, natural growth but super fine and soft, full mound and some lips for last 12 months, surprisingly dark pubic hair contrasts with being a natural blonde>vaginal power: unknown, N/A, Only penetration made has been made by subject themselves, regular, frequent basis.

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>>523639453>>523639609>lewding Sherrypedophiles get the rope

What did you think of RE7?Are you interested in RE8?


>>523639698first day? Protip: everything is a shitpost

>>523631524>What is your top 5 RE games?RE2, REv2, RE3, RE4, REDS>Are you currently playing any RE?Not long completed RE3 on GC a few times, trying to unlock all the epilogues. Was going to play my DC copy but the GC version is just better.>Who is the best RE girl/s and tell is why Claire. Great design, caring tomboy who knows how to handle herself and rides a motorbike. Uses the greatest handgun ever made. What's not to like?

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>>523639768I loved it.Very much.

>iso (RE1)>Grab DLL (gives Eng) and 1.01 patch (RE1)>Install guide because anons are>iso (RE2)>Eng patch (RE2)>iso (RE3)>Eng patch (RE3)

>>523641156best way to play 1 but>>523638653for 2/3

>>523641479content >>> upscaling

>>523641659what does sourcenext have that gamecube doesnt?

>>523640035>evahfing is a shietbwost, I ain't fappin on deh kid, aï swearh, ha ha heYou will tell that to the party van

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>>523641778EX files, the proper Hard mode and some fluff like concept art.


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>>523642737That's not Claire.

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>>523642358you ok there user?

>>523642935CV claire is fucking tasty. Her ASS.


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Here’s my ranking of the classic titles:RE1>RE2>>>>>RE3>>>>>50 ft of shit>>>>>>>code Veronica

>>523643393suppose you think ur hot shit huh?

>>523643393CV isnt bad it just jumped the shark.


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>>523644039Something tells me this girl is not as fit as Claire was

>>523632334They're alright but I'm a boomer and grew up with the OGs so I have more love for them.

>>523645497Their doujins were my first faps and indeed first introduction to what sex even was when i was a kid

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>>523631524I’ve been quarantined for 6 months straight and won’t be released until around October so I’ve been getting into vidya. Anyways Resident Evil is my latest series I’m trying.>top 5I don’t have a top 5 right now. I only have REmake 3 and RE4. >currently playingI just beat Remake 3 last night, I’ll probably play RE4 later today>best RE girlJill cause I have a severe fucking military fetish

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>>523646503I was (roughly) the same as you.

>>523646731>won’t be releasedwot?

>>523646802Work-ordered quarantine

>>523646771Weirdly most REfags have the same story

>>523642937Cooooope, so obvious

>>523646874Because of autismo?

>>523646874I think it's interesting myself, plus it brings us REfags closer together.


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>>523647105no? Probably because kids in the 90's really into RE probably used the world wide web to look up anything RE and back then it wouldn't be long till you found the hentai?

>>523647458>resident evil hentai What?

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>>523648627You can't possibly be so retarded

>>523649209No, I just started playing

>>523649346Yeah but you can't be unaware of the old meme "if it exists there is porn of it"?

Any 7 chads around today? Can’t wait for 8 really wish they would show something soon no idea what is taken so long

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>>523649632>7chads as separate from REfagsYou know this is why people grew tired of 4fags right?

>>523631524Need a game where Chris, Barry and Carlos go HULK SMASH on some B.O.W.s

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>>523649735i just like to see refags in general suffer

>>523649735Don’t be a cry baby I’ve heard the term for 3chads to Remakechads it’s not only 4chads who do this

>>523649864>you can just physically touch BOW's and be fineThis is why post Raccoon city lore is gay

>>523650046>chadsIt's "fags" you shitter

>>523639609Based pubeanon.

>>523634234That's my favorite version too. The patch adds in quick turn and you can skip movies and door animations. My only real issue is its that Jill's scenario is absurdly easy compared to the other versions. She encounters fewer enemies, I think they have less HP, and she doesn't even need ink ribbons to save.

>>523650216I have a feeling the only 2 RE girls with landing strips or full shaven would be Helena or Moira.

>>523650498Moira would have some hair, yes.I can picture that easily.Helena is a bit tougher, I could see her full shaven but I could also see her with some hair as well.

Jack in Marvel vs Capcom when?

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>>523641778>>523642683Sourcenext removes a handful of ammo pickups too in the early game too. It's cool because it makes things just a tiny bit more challenging.

>>523651152That's just difficulty dependant. Easy is US Normal and Normal is US Hard and then the actual Hard is unlocked after finishing once.

How would a Outbreak file 3 do if it released today?

>>523638431I'm really glad the meme about REmake completely replacing RE1 is finally dying. It's a massively overrated game that's inferior to the original in a lot of ways.


>>523639609Jill is waxed and Becca is shaved you retard

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>>523652265>female heroines developed by Japanese men in the 90's>shavedlmao ok zoomer, also of course you would use ugly western SFM as evidence

>>523639609Post the dick stats

>>523652738negative numbers

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>>523653214Leon is a twink he doesn't need a dick

>>523631524why doesn't RE have generals on /vg//? I like seeing random RE threads here and there to talk shit about my favorite poorly written franchise, but it seems like the kind of franchise that is more than established enough to have a fucking general.

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>>523653470They never survive, but on Holla Forums it's easily one of the more popular topics

>tfw Resident Evil Progeny will never be updated againIt still hurts, bros.

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>>523653470Despite being fairly commercially active and qualifying as a coomer series by a decent amount of metrics, RE doesn't seem to gather enough autism to sustain a general. Which is fine if you ask me, the last thing these threads need is a bunch of namefags posting about how much they want to lick [insert RE girl]'s asshole

>>523655526>[insert RE girl]'s assholeAda's asshole!

>>523655891a brown asshole. You want a little pink butthole? It's Claire's.

been playing RE1 directors cut as Chris, I just reached the part where you find Enrico laying on the floor. Is the game much longer? Also the flamethrower fucking sucks

>>523655526Strange considering the RE fanbase is full of autists, also i want to stick my dick up Jill's asshole

>>523656912>video game fanbase is full of nerds, freaks, geeks and autists truly controversial research you have been conducting user

>>523657000Why is this retard replying to me?

>>523657173>amarite fellow anons

>>523632334>Sherry: Today has been the worst day of my life. My dad turned into a monster and was chasing my everywhere. Some old fat pedophile locked me up in his house and I barely escaped. My monster dad got me super sick and I thought I was going to die. When I finally started feeling better, I saw my mom die in front of my eyes. I just want today to be over.>Clair: Have I told you about Leon? I think I'm ovulating!

>>523639453They actually managed to make those shoulderpads in the original outfit at least somewhat less retarded looking.Still would be better to not have them altogether.

>>523656484>Claire'sShe doesn’t wipe. She’s far from hygienic.


Please be more like RE+RE7 than RE4+RE7. I beg you.

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>>523657579Tell you fucking what user, while we are at it let's make her stars uniform a generic black FBI swat vest and replace her beret with a black baseball cap. Holy shit fuck off boring western muh realism cunts. Everything that could just be fun has to 'make sense" to you fags, go do something else that isn't ruining video games

>>523657937>inventory tetris is back>currency is back>set in spooky European village and castle againAnon...

Hah, wouldn't it be funny if a helpful user told me where I might be able to find a crack for RE3make?

>>523657482And then Sherry met Jake

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>>523658164I know, brother. But I just don't like RE4. The setting is great, the atmosphere is great, music, visuals. But I really hate the game itself, it bores me to death. It's not fun to fight enemies at all. I understand that for many people it's the best game ever, but I don't like it.

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>>523657894take your meds obsessed

>>523636880>we will never get a faithful recreation of this original outfitWhat is their fucking problem?

>>523635681I mean, just look at those polygons! >>523631905


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>can't even play the original games without emulating now

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>>523658635This. I don't fucking get. Faggots at Capcom keep looking at Claire and trying to fix her but there is nothing to fucking fix. Even fucking Dark Side Chronicles, Leon stays the same, Ada stays the same, Sherry stays the same, Anette stays the same, Irons stays the same but Claire? Nah i just don't buy it guys, i mean red shorts? wtf? In fact fuck chronicles entirely it started this redesign garbage.

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>>523658957I don't get it. wrong thread or?

>>523659040well, yes you can if you have old hardware, hell all you really need is a PS3 and you can get working, official versions to play right now.

>>523659092It'd be like if everytime DMC Dante was brought back he got blue jeans instead of his iconic red. I don't get why Capcom hates the original design, even in RE2make they take the undershirt away for no other reason than to fuck with us.

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>>523656785Not much longer. The caves are pretty short and then it's onto the labs. You've got maybe half an hour or so left. The flamethrower is shit, but it roasts the hell out of the giant spider. That's its main use.

>>523631524Remember in RE2's intro Leon was all like "don't come any closer sick bros" but the second that kid grabbed his leg he shot it in the back without hesitation? I remember

>>523655526I want to lick Claire's!

>>523659285nigga, I ain't dusting off those old consoles just for that

Best Jill coming through

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>>523659040I dont know whats wrong with emulation. All PSX gamss on PS3 are emulated. But the Sourcenext port of 2 is the way to go. Which isn't emulated, its the PC version.

>>523641156>>523638653Godspeed anons, you're fucking great.

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>>523659584Even then it's like, "we want to reference old designs in games like teppen, shall we use the true OG claire design from one of our most successful games of all time RE2? Nah, let's literally keep referencing some fucking spin off wii waggle game, put that outfit in ReV2 as well, based"

Attached: claire_s_got_jill_in_the_tickle_box_by_demfeets_dcgv4jz-full.png (1024x834, 1.92M)

>>523659667US cops amirite

For me, it's REmake.

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>>523631524>What is your top 5 RE games?4, 2 (Original), Outbreak, REmake, and 5 (With co-op)>Are you currently playing any RE?No. Slogging through Deadly Premonition 2 since I hardly ever have the time>Who is the best RE girl/s and tell is whyRebecca is a cute girl with short hair and a cheerful attitude. Too bad she's in the worst mainline game.

What games are Jill,Claire, and Leon in?

>>523660210>Jill>RE1>RE3>REmake>RE5>Revelations >REmake 3Claire>RE2>Code: Veronica>Revelations 2>REmake 2Leon>RE2>RE4>RE6>REmake 2

>>523660210>JillRE1, RE3, RE5 (tho only as a villain and DLC chapter), Revelations>ClaireRE2, Code Veronica, Darkside Chronicles, Revelations 2, and if you want, the movie: RE DegenerationLeon: RE2, RE4, RE6, Darkside Chronicles, RE Degeneration. Not counting remakes

>>523659912Makes me think someone in Capcom has an agenda against her original designer or some shit. It's so bizarre.


>>523660492>not counting remakes>btw they were in dogshit spinoffs and movies

>>523631569Every girl where i love has a huge ass, i fucking hate it.

>>523660609For me, it's RE7

>>523660609Neither of those what the fuck?

>>523660804Zoomers need not respond.

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top 5 are original 1, REmake, 2, code veronica, re4 on wiicurrently playing through re4 on switch, just started professional. going to try playing through using only the starting handgun


>>523631524RE7 is the worst RE ever

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>>523660708>Darkside Chronicles>Shitty

Did anything ever come out of the attempts to finish RE 1.5?

>>523661007What is this webm supposed to prove?

>>523661007>Sem títuloOf course the subhuman BR have a shitty taste

>>523660838Then why is one dictating the two choices? There are at least 3 games with better save room themes that came out before the ones presented there

>>523660895>plays broken baby shit mode on wii>im also playing the shit switch version now!Holy fuck

>>5236611711000000% shitty yes. Stop slurping up anything with the RE name on the box just because

Do you call them save rooms or safe rooms?

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>>523631524>What is your top 5 RE games?REmake, RE2 (OG and remake),, that's 4. Ok, add Rev1>Are you currently playing any RE?Nope. I usually replay RE games around Christmas.>Who is the best RE girl/s and tell is whyBest girl - RE1 JillWorst girl - RE3 Jill

>>523661278The game is extremely over-scripted. There are no enemies in the last rooms, but as soon as you pass this barrier (look at the fire) the enemy comes

>>523661773>counting RE2 and REmake 2 as if they are on gameWhy is Holla Forums always so especially retarded about this?

>>523662075I counted them as 2 games because they are 2 different games.

>>523661785RE has always had scripted moments

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>>523662381Ah Apologies user, i saw "4" and thought you meant that. Never mind, i am the retard here, please rape my face

>>523662460Almost 99% of games have "scripted" moments user, he is talking about forced cinematics. The entire opening of REVII is "YOU WILL BE SPOOKED. SEE JACK THERE IN THE FORREST? YOU CAN ONLY WALK NOW, OOPS WHERE DID HE GO???"

>What is your top 5 RE games?RE2 (Original), RE4, REmake, RE1 (Non-directors cut or DS), and RE3 (Original)>Are you currently playing any RE?Playing through the HD version of RE3 on and off. Currently playing Shenmue II right now and I am considering going back to RE3 after it. >Who is the best RE girl/s and tell is whyJill. It feels like she is the most in-control and experienced as far as combat goes and is more level headed.

>>523662715But the webm he posted was pure gameplay

>>523662548Why is it weird when people like Zero? Haha.Ignoring the fact that RE0 was marketed as a game on a train, and that part lasted for only 16 mins...>U. Research Facility looks similar to Spencer's Mansion from RE1, I liked that>can leave items on the floor>game is challenging>Billy Coen is a pretty good character, and this comes from a person who doesn't like Jews>leech hunter is the best RE minigame>>523662572We can arrange that.

>>523659821Based. Woman in uniform > slutty outfit


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>>523663154You do realise she is both those people? Jill was never not proud of her body. Look at her RE1 alt. She was model good looking, ridiculously in shape and thicc and 23. Girls like that have fun.

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>>523660609Code Veronica

>>523661713Probably because you couldn't hold your arms up for more than five seconds before your arteriosclerotic veins calcify, fatty.


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>>523631524>What is your top 5 RE games?It's hard to pick. 2 is my favorite of the classics with RE:DS being a close second. 4 is my favorite overall. Then I suppose RE3 and 7.>Are you currently playing any RE?Technically I'm in the middle of 0 and 6 but I haven't touched them in forever. In 0 I'm looking for an item that I'm pretty sure will grant me access to the requisite fucked up lab area but respawning enemies are annoying as fuck. 6 just sucks and I'm not motivated to finish it. I'd like to see those controls return in an action oriented Revelations game though.>Who is the best RE girlI'm gonna say Claire. Great taste in guns and weaponry in general and I also like that she can stand shoulder to shoulder with a cast full of elite soldiers and cops despite not being one herself.

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>>523631524Reading these threads every week, one thing that makes me proud of Holla Forums REfags is seeing RE2 at the top of lists consistently

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>>523660609RE2 and Code Veronica share the top tier.

>>523658087>it's different so it's good!shut the fuck up

>>523663595I'm just saying that a uniform is sexier than skimpy clothing

>>52366298934 year oldfag, repoting.Objectively:REmake > RE3 (Original) = RE2 (Original) > RE6 > RE7

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>>523664827God I can't wait for the videos

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>>523667484You shut up retard, go make something if you are so great instead of shitting on the work of others. Fucking try something.

>>523667758>RE6 > RE7Color me shocked that someone who self-identifies as Chad is a retarded faggot.

>>523668205>Stop having opinions reeeeeeeeeeTry fucking something.

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>>523668205You're on the wrong website

>>523668584No, stop having garbage opinions, it's pretty fucking simple user. And trust that you would post that inferior design.

>>523637804N A N I

>>523637951>that pushing boxes in the sewersI think DSP had some serious issues with that one.

>>523668732>inferior designStop having garbage opinions :)Really though I've always been fine with the shoulder pads, as dumb as they are. My main gripe is with Jill's original RE3 outfit. Even as a /k/id I thought it was dumb as hell that she knew about Umbrella's fuckery but wasn't constantly ready to rumble.

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>>523669163Then you are in the few because the RE3 design is the literally the one we have seen the most. The hairstyle alone became so definitively associated with Jill Valentine that REmake even retconned it to be her canon hair during the mansion incident.

>>523661007I've played worse.

You'll guys will be playing the soulful Sega Genesis port of RE1, right?

>>523666896RE2 is great.RE3 is the one I think is overrated.

I think all the Jills are hot.


>>523669394>RE3 design is the literally the one we have seen the most.I said outfit. When outside of RE3 does Jill dress like she's going to watch tennis?

>>523669524Never seen this version before, but that's pretty cool.

>>523650985Fuck off Max

>>523669689Even ORC?

Never the played the first game should I go with the OG or remake? I heard the GameCube version of remake is better in some ways or is PC fine? Gonna bust out the CRT for enhanced atmosphere.

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>>523635586Jesus christ just pirate it

>>523670083It's not so bad, no.If you're talking about the lips in game, they stick out, but nothing which would make me say she is ugly.

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>>523670305Jill in game just for completion.

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>>523631524Top 5 games:REmakeRE3RE1 originalRE 2 originalRE5

>>523669524I might, just to say I have. I've been meaning to get into Dreamcast emulation for a while now anyways.

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>>523669769anon, are you about to try and fucking dispute that Jill's RE3 outfit is not the most recognisable outfit in the entire fucking series and the most used in Capcom's own references? It was a one off game from 1999 and it still getting used, it was in SFV, it was in teppen. How old are you by the way user,l? Serious question.

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>>523670195Play some form of OGRE before REmake, REmake has a few things meant specifically for people familiar with the first game. My favorite way to play RE1 is Deadly Silence.

>>523670195They're different enough that you can treat them as separate games. I think REmake is better but you should play both at some point, maybe do OG before REmake so you can appreciate the changes. The OG version doesn't matter really, as long as you don't play the dualshock director's cut with the fart music.PC version is fine if you get the upscale mod to fix the fucked up backgrounds, otherwise emulate the GC version or get your CRT if you have a disk.

>>523670546Not him, but I'm surprised the Rev1 outfit has been used at least twice.