I don't think I've ever hated a game as much as I hate New Horizons.It's hands down the worst game in the series...

I don't think I've ever hated a game as much as I hate New Horizons.It's hands down the worst game in the series. I don't know how the fuck you manage that, in a series that has already set the bar so low, in a series that has City Folk.The act of collecting furniture simply isn't fun. It really takes a lot away from the fact that you can finally build outside when your options are such samey bland bullshit, most of which doesn't look right when placed outside.The entire game feels like it was designed with the sole goal of making collecting furniture as much of a pain as possible, so as to force people to rely on furniture trading to get what they want, instead of simply being able to get what they want. And hell, even without shit like the super-restrictive customization and tiny pool of items Nook's Cranny sells you, they got rid of all of the old, visually and thematically diverse items in exchange for>Minimalist modern furniture>Bland, unstylized natural material furniture (log tables, stone tables, etc.)>Japanese shit>fuckloads of things to put on tables with no good tables to put them onOn top of that, there's just zero effort in making online an enjoyable experience whatsoever despite the game strong-arming you into needing to trade. It takes ages to get a lobby going, which can all be undone the second someone decides to bail without going through the airport, and when you finally get there, there's nothing more to do than trade your items and leave. Then there's the fact that series mainstays like Feng Shui and luck simply being GONE. There's mountains of shit that's been in since the game was on N64 that's gone, but those are probably the most gratuitous examples, especially since they're probably not gonna be properly revamped in updates.And don't get me started on updates. I'm sitting here treating this AAA title like an early-access scam, because they always MIGHT add something EVENTUALLY.Easily the worst game in the franchise. No contest.

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Sorry you don't like it user.

>>523631254The thing that REALLY makes me mad is how accepted this game is.It's not like I could ever expect the general public to dislike it because it's literally just normie bait, which is obvious by the fact that anyone who likes it is new to the series and is easily wooed by its 4 new mechanics.But people recognized City Folk was bad. What happened? City Folk was a let-down after Wild World for sure, but it didn't actively make the game WORSE, it simply stagnated. This game's a fucking nose-dive to sub-Animal Forest levels, yet it seems to be accepted as "just another animal crossing game". How do people think this game is anything but an absolute fucking insult?

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Don't let it get to you user.There are plenty of other games, even in AC's genre.

>>523631440It's still in honeymoon phase

Sounds like a case of autism

>>523631554>Still in honeymoon phase>Six months after releaseHell no, you heard backlash for BOTW earlier than that. You'll have to at least entertain the idea most people genuinely love it and don't mind the game's shortcomings anywhere near as much as OP does.

>>523631539>There are plenty of other games, even in AC's genre.Name them.No, for real. I need something.I know there was something that was basically AC in Hogwarts but only the first game in the series came out in English while the rest remained Japan-only.

>>523631539That's the thing, though, is that there really aren't any quality life-sim games quite like animal crossing. It's usually either a farm sim which people confuse as being the same thing as a customization-focused life sim, or it's The Sims which is shit. Most other alternatives are indie games which I hope will be good but tend to end up being uninspired shit every time.>>523631554I hope we see people grow to hate this game. It would be cathartic, if nothing else.

>>523631684Why, because a customization-focused life-sim sacrifices its life-sim mechanics for nothing in particular and intentionally sabotages its customization options in order to forcefully garner a vehemently unpleasant online community of traders? Please, tell me what I'm SUPPOSED to like about New Horizons.

>>523631724I genuinely don't see what about the game is SO good to make up for its shortcomings. Its shortcomings violently take down its sparse positive points and outweigh them by a comical majority.

i'd be fine with a pool of 50 villagers if that meant they actually had a personnality

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>>523632130This.I remember wondering why the people who got review copies and made vids on it always avoided interacting with villagers and only showed off their islands.Then the game came out. I stopped really interacting with them after Town Hall was build. The part where you work to make KK come to the island was just painful with how everyone only talked about that and nothing else. Now the villagers only have like 2 or 3 different dialogues and that's that. There's no reason to talk with them at all.

>>523631254>>fuckloads of things to put on tables with no good tables to put them onThis is the most correct thing I've ever seen written about this game. There are almost no tables and I don't understand why.

>>523632130Don't even get me started on how much worse the villagers were.I thought New Leaf's villagers were gutted in terms of dialogue, this shit is an absolute joke. Even if they only said the same shit and would keep saying tutorial shit, at least they'd fucking do ANYTHING for talking to them. Outside of getting friendship points there's literally zero point to talk to a villager unless they're showing their fucking thought bubble. And it's not like they're gonna ask you to do anything for them, they're just gonna throw a random item at you and that's it. And say goodbye to getting a villager to visit your house, visiting their house, or fucking doing flea markets, so now when you give a villager an item, congrats, IT WILL NEVER LEAVE. Like a villager's default house? Too fucking bad, bitch.And then there's the fact that New Leaf added two entirely new personality types and tons of villagers! Then we look at New Horizons... Eight villagers. That's it. And people go goddamn APESHIT over them like they're idols.

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>game is half a year old>still no fucking gyroidsI will never not be mad

>newbie at Animal Crossing>got into the series with New Leaf>as such, have little to no experiences or expectations>still disappointedThis is so sad. This game feels so close to being great. But it's limiting itself in so many areas, nothing really feels very rewarding. Really frustrating.

>>523632578>Most updates have been bare bones as fuck, but at least they've been happening monthly and have been progressively adding the fucking bare minimum shit that should've been in from day one (even if they're inherently worse versions like how much Dreaming was gutted)>Oh haha by the way no update for September, see you in October!The fuck are they doing that they can't drop any of the things we've known they've been holding back? Watch the gaps between updates get longer and longer so they can stretch this shit out for as long as humanly possible.

>>523633028That's the thing, you don't have to have much experience to see how much of a fucking downgrade New Horizons is. And even with how limited your experience with the game must be, you probably don't even know how infuriating it is that all of a sudden Feng Shui does fuck all and that luck basically doesn't exist. Even without knowing how the game works, the game is just littered with retarded UI choices and mindless, blatantly inferior choices coming off of New Leaf. It's just a downgrade. There's no other way of putting it.It's at least nice to hear there's one new player who doesn't automatically like the game because of the non-substance flash.

>diving was added in July>still can't commission CJ for sea critter models even though all it takes to make them is to slap the static model onto the same stand as every other fish already uses

>play New Leaf daily for two years, still missing three pieces of artwork >hope that they improve Redd in New Horizons>they made him EVEN WORSE>no longer a guaranteed weekly visitor, 10% chance for him to fuck you over with all fakes>have to either play for years on end or pay some discord tranny extortionate NMT/bell feesI'm fucking mad, I'm only missing a few bugs and fish but I still have barely any artwork. It was already arguably not generous enough in NL, why did they have to make it even worse?

>>523633234>Fish models are just blatant downgrades compared to insect models because "haha nat likes bugs more than fish it's definitely not just because we're lazy"Even with things I like like the insect models, there has to be a downside like that added onto it.And why the fuck aren't there deep sea models? How could it be any more of a commitment than it was to already give all of the deep sea things placement models?

>>523631254After the crazy amount of content in new leaf I was expecting the supposedly big console game to have more, like some kind of retard.Instead they released an early access title for full price with updates that only serve to add features that were in previous games at launch. With terrible, repetitive dialogue, horrific online, and grindy crafting. I'm flabbergasted that the game launched with the absolutely retarded tool durability system. It makes otherwise somewhat relaxing tasks an unnecessary chore.The worst part is how much normalfags eat this shit up. People will come out of the woodwork to defend this blatantly unfinished pile of crap like it's worth defending. New leaf came out 7 years ago in the west. You'd think they could actually finish the console game between then and now.>>523633028New leaf was my first one as well and I loved it back when it came out, and still do. I'm still seeing new stuff when I go back to it nowadays, while new horizons started repeating the same shit two weeks in.

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The worst thing about the game for me is the dialogue. When I talk to villagers i just get one sentence answers and the same uninteresting responses. One of the reasons I bought the game was for the villager interactions but they're just boring as fuck. >smell my dads moolaka

I was being generous when the game first released and assuming maybe they would add new furniture sets every month like Pocket Camp gets, but, no, they've barely added shit except for things like paintings that you would have expected to be in from the start. I mean remember all the cool furniture in New Leaf, like the Gracie stuff? Where the fuck is it? I feel like I've already cataloged almost everything in New Horizons.My only hope is maybe they're stockpiling all the furniture to add in all at once when they finally release another Nook's upgrade, but it's going to be too fucking late if it takes years until the game has as many items as New Leaf had. I doubt they'll even support the game for that long.

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New Leaf was directed by Isao Moro and Aya Kyogoku, whereas New Horizons is just Kyogoku because Moro left Nintendo and doesn't work on games anymore. Maybe that has something to do with it?

>>523633427>normalfags play New Horizons>Get bored of it within a month>"It's okay user, every Animal Crossing game is like this!"I only get angrier with every time I hear this.It simply baffles me how people can even consider it a complete game. EVERY fucking thing is a downgrade. Everything but clothes, but even THEN they made getting clothes a fucking chore with how you can only buy one type of clothing at a time, on top of how much worse the piece of shit wand is compared to having mannequins. Mannequins were great and looked nice. I have literally never touched wands because the game takes literally every chance it can come up with to punish you for using a wand outfit. I'd rather just have the fucking clothes in my closet for fuck's sake.

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>>523633831I simply can't bring myself to look at New Leaf items. Even base New Leaf had so many more, better looking furniture. It doesn't fucking matter that New Horizons has great graphics, I don't fucking care if furniture looks great if it's a FUCKING STUPID PINK FRIDGE THAT DOESN'T VISUALLY MATCH ANY OTHER KITCHEN ITEMS IN THE FUCKING GAAAAAAAME

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>>523633401>why did they have to make it even worse?To force people to trade online, and with that to pay for the online. Same with how regular items come in different colors but you only get one at Nook's and can't customize it to get the other variants.

>>523631254Online is fucked, having to watch the cutscene every single time someone comes and goes is retarded, even if it's to mask loading The Isabelle psa every day saying more on days when nothing is going on is grating Villagers becoming flanderized characatures of their archetypes is annoying too, it doesn't feels like they took the personalities way too literally Nips being way too easy to make money ruins every single other means of getting it Aside from those things, it's got a lot going for it. How customizable your town is rules

>>523631254>It's hands down the worst game in the seriesYou're being generous. For me, it's hands down the worst game I ever played. Even steam shovelware was either cheaper or more engaging. Even the shitty porn games I spent money on were better than this.

>>523634535>How customizable your town is rulestoo bad there's so little furniture, all islands end up looking more or less the same

>>523631254>there's just zero effort in making online an enjoyable experience whatsoeverEven worse, they put in effort to make it as annoying as possible to pay online

>>523631254Today OP was based.

>>523634535>it's got a lot going for itOh yeah, aside from most features being removed and online being an unenjoyable empty experience and having no fucking furniture worth collecting, it's great.In what way..?>How customizable your town is rulesMajor terraforming tasks are a fucking herculean chore with how fucking slow the little digging animation is. I mean, I like terraforming, even if I think the more natural-looking pre-generated terrain looks better, but at the end of the day it means fuck all when I have no good furniture to decorate my town with. Like the other user said, everyone's islands look so samey. It's either>design-reliant urban town which takes ages to build and will likely eat up every custom design slot of your inexplicably shared design slots>Japanese town>empty generic forest-y town

Honestly, I like many things about the game and I still load it up every day to do the usual routine stuff, but I can't pretend it doesn't have some deeply-rooted design flaws. I think Nintendo knew they'd be relying on this game for a long ass time. Yes, a pandemic slows their production, but this was probably going to be a light year for software regardless, and the fact that everything about New Horizons is geared to slow you down is evidence. Slow, repeating dialogue, weird and pointless restrictions like not being able to go into a changing room with a wand outfit while also not being able to quickly access a wand on the tool wheel in a building, scattered updates for previous games' content, rotating island guests that makes getting specific things take weeks or even actual years, villagers giving you the same recipes you already know instead of being set to give you something new every time, et cetera. It's just slow going in every regard. Truly, I groan each time I have to speak to anyone. I ignore lost items and shit because it's not like I'll even get a new recipe.And on that note, damn does the furniture selection suck. I don't even need to elaborate on that. I can hardly finish a full set of stuff without a room looking fucking barren or if I try to splice stuff together then nothing quite matches.

>>523633831I know pocket camp fucking sucks but those goldfish containers are fucking cool. Now I'm sad. I always felt there should be more fish housing options in the game.

Still working on my island daily. Trying to get the maximum comfy and awe factor going.

>>523634810>Make it borderline impossible to play without online>Make it a mind-numbingly tedious process to play onlineThere simply is no winning with this game.

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>>523634963Pocket Camp has a heart-wrenching amount of incredible items. Do not torture yourself by looking up just how much amazing furniture that fucking cancerous growth of a game has.

>>523634958I mean, I'm still playing the game too. Solely because my 3DS broke some time ago, but still, I'm playing it. I just hate every second of it. But I can appreciate that there's a fair amount of people playing it who also think it's shit.

>>523635036Not to mention you have to pay extra for the privilege.

>>523633831it's not fairwhy the fuck doesn't ACNH get this much shit?I'll take all the sparse content drops between updates if we could at least get a semi-regular drop of normal, non-event, non-holiday furniture

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just give me more furnitureno bunny shitno acorn shitjust normal fucking furniture I can put in my houseall the games other issues would all be fine with me if I could just get more furniture updates

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They need to add a way to easily remove flowers that isn’t breaking 20 shovels digging up half your island

So the August update was shit, what do we get this month?

>>523635616This.I can handle ignoring a lot of flaws if I can still enjoy the game, but having bad furniture in an Animal Crossing game is like having bad movement in a platformer. There's no fucking point.

I’ve purchased every Animal Crossing game (except the first) at release and played them all for significant amounts of time.It was no different with New Horizons.I purchased the game at release, and I’ve still been playing it since. Obviously not nearly as much as I was the first couple months, but I still boot it up somewhat regularly.It’s fun. Yes, New Leaf has more content. It was also severely more limited in other aspects.The game is fun, and I’m convinced that anyone bashing it — to the degree that you are — is someone who has simply grown out of the series and will not be satisfied with anything the series does from this point forward.The game is just as good as it has always been. Player freedom and quality of life have skyrocketed. The music is great, graphics are pleasant. People make a big fuss about the villager dialogue, but only expose themselves as new to the franchise when they do this. Villager interactions have never been particularly deep; the personality types were at their most distinct in the original game, and ever since City Folk have been fairly one dimensional. This game having sub types of certain personalities (Not even New Leaf has this) is definitely a step in the right direction.The game is great, and the best Animal Crossing has ever been. Your cynical, contrarian hatred of it will not change that. Perhaps if you take a step back and look at the game For what it is you would see that it’s truly fantastic.

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I see far too few mentions of dogshit durability system. It adds NOTHING to the game and it makes no sense. It's not fun, it's not difficult, it's just annoying and only reason it exists is to make the grind more annoying. The inventory and UI are already janky as hell and this just made it worse.BotW's durability system at least had logic behind it, it was meant to force you to use different types of weapons, tools and environment to your advantage instead of just bashing everything mindlessly. Here? Absolute waste of everyone's time, starting from the people who had to implement it into the game.

>>523635860Exact same reason I quit minecraft. I’m sick of crafting crap and it breaking super quickly. That and having to eat food for my hunger meter is just too much tedium

>>523635860it wouldn't be a problem if the items had a bar that showed how much was left

It just works

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>>523635784Oh boy, the obligatory "it's just as good as its always been despite its glaring flaws and countless removed mechanics" faggot. I've been waiting for YOU. You can kiss my fucking ass you stupid faggot. No, I haven't outgrown the fucking series. I played every game in the series for fucking years. I love going back to them. And, yes, New Horizons DOES have some great new additions! However, it does not even remotely begin to make up for how much was objectively removed. You can't fucking say it's the same as its always been, it objectively, factually, is a lesser game than any other game in the series. City Folk included. You think the only thing I'm complaining about is villager dialogue? No you stupid piece of shit, I mean Villagers do FUCK ALL but walk around and do their cute little actions. The only game they play now is Hide and Seek and Buried Treasure, neither of which are new. They've removed the need to talk to them because they will simply alert you when they're randomly designated to give you a random item. "personality subtypes" are the most fucking ineffectual bullshit they've done in a vain attempt to make mouthbreathing pieces of shit like you think they haven't been gutted of all utility. The fact that you could even think that "quality of life has skyrocketted" is more than enough for me to ignore everything else you could possibly have to say.YOU, my friend, are the contrarian. Either that, or you're too dumb for your opinion on literally anything to matter to anyone.

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>>523636202I had this issue too. What the image isn't showing is that it lets you dig up the flowers. It just doesn't let you replant them.

>>523634535>open for Celeste>spend 15 minutes waiting for everyone to come in

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>>523636282>I've been waiting for YOU.

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>>523636504>4 people immediately leave after getting their recipes for more loading screens

>>523636282>I've been waiting for YOU

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>playing animal crossing as if you can “beat” it

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>>523635784>except the firstAnd the best

>>523636504>someone has shit internet and kills the entire lobby>have to start all over againI will never pay for Nintendo online ever again.This hot fucking garbage is not worth paying for.

>>523636282Holy fucking based

>>523636789Which nobody in this thread is doing.Stupid wojak poster.

>/acg/ has devolved so far into autismo namefaggotry that they are forming romances

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It's just so lacking in content compared to New Leaf. I know the idea is that they'll add more to it over time, but it's already been over a month since the last time I felt like turning the game on, and the next time it gets updated I'll probably only come back to it for a week at most. It feels like the game is already "over" whereas I enjoyed previous games in the series for years without getting this feeling.

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>>523636971Please, I met my pretend wife in the Holla Forums threads

I miss it when Villagers would ask you to do favors involving other Villagers in your town, and you would get rewarded for making a delivery for someone.

Hold on just a sec, okay?


>>523635973Nowadays I just play MC in creative mode with a few buddies. We were always mainly interested in building shit and you can pretty much do everything you can in normal mode but without worrying about grinding for resources.

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>>523631254The fact that they removed furniture pisses me off.

tired of seeing this shit furry NPC simulator with the same shitty fucking graphics since the N64 and same shitty """"art"""" """"style"""". stop posting it thanks


>No rover in the introWhere is the Nintendo polish? I guess that's gone now.

So are we getting a September update or not. The fact that they even had a grape basket prepared for September's "holiday" probably means we aren't huh.

>>523638398But user he showed up on the may day island to give you a suitcase how can you be so entitled

>>523633401I had Redd visit me like 6 times and 4 times he had dupe genuine artworks (proper painting and quaint painting). I swear this shit’s not functioning like it should.

>>523638412They said the next update would be in the fall with a jack-o-lantern, so nope, jack shit for september.

>>523631254I’m not gonna touch it till every update is out


The worst thing about this game is the way they're delivering updates at such slow rate. Most of the update shit should have been in the game since day one. It's been 6 months and game still feels emptier than New Leaf and fucking City Folk. I'm ok with seasonal event being delivered via update, but there's no fucking reason shit like dreams or swimming should arrive months after release. Worst thing is everytime you point this out, people will assume you just wanted to rush the game instead, while I just want the complete 60€ experience since day one and enjoy it slowly like I always did.

>>523635702300% this. I want to clean up my island but it's just too much work.

>>523631254Nice tranny game

>friend doesn’t have switch so I haven’t gotten new horizons and we’ve been playing new leaf instead>having a blastonly downside is new horizons has landscaping and more outfit options but I’m not losing sleep over that. maybe by the time we get new horizons in like 5 years it’ll have some welcome-amiibo tier update

>>523631254Glad I knew this far before release. It seemed pretty soulless, and there were other games I would rather play.

>>523631254>It's hands down the worst game in the seriesYeah, because its a Nintendo Switch Exclusive, right?KYS little shit.

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NH is a step back from New Leaf in almost every possible way, it is fucking mind numbing how far back this game has set the series

>>523636282okay... this is epic

>>523631254Stopped playing in May due to the dogshit repeated dialogueThe older games didn't have as many features so had to rely on the crux of good gameplay and dialogue, whereas NH is just bloated and as such hasn't focused on quality in any particular areaThe dialogue is repeated nonstop, the customisation is dull, old furniture groups completely removed, features dripfed back in with DLC despite having an extra 6 months in development time...

>>523639919It’s pretty clear everyone here has enjoyed AC in the past. Fuck off

>>523635702>Press Y to pick flower>Press and hold Y to uproot it

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>>523640328dialog is why i stopped playing new leaf. i knew they wouldn't improve it when i saw all the other nonsense added to the game


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>>523634535>started selling turnips in spring to get the achievements>summer rolls around and I have 8 million bells>thus have no reason to look for sharks and beetles, one of my favorite things to do in past gamesI wish there was something that made you spend millions of bells at once besides house expansions.

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>>523631724BOTW is a masterpiece in game design and is literally the most acclaimed game of the last 20 years subhuman sonygro. kill yourself

>>523631254I agree. I tried to get back into but I just can't. It's fucking boring and there's no cool shit to collect and the villagers have fuck all to say.It's so sad, this was my most anticipated game in recent memory and I thought I could relive all the fun times I used to have but it's already dead.

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>>523631254Animal Crossing was always trash

>>523631254>Then there's the fact that series mainstays like Feng Shui and luck simply being GONE. Weird, the strategy guide says they're in.

>>523638832I've been seeing a lot of repeats of Spooky Painting

Rune Factory V will save us

They have a monthly release schedule. Judge the whole game in 2-3 years.

>>523641304Feng shui is in, but it only affect HHA points.

>>523641380Shut the fuck up. New Lead has way more at launch and still got a big update a few years later

>>523641304>>523641443I swear someone mentioned the Tanabata being lucky.

>>523641443HHA is super easy in this game, it surely can’t exist. I get the best rank every single time with a bunch of random crap in every room along with the odd set

>>523631789What do you mean by customization focused sims

>>523641880It exists.Both the Japanese and the English guide say as much and the game itself refers to it as well.Getting S rank doesn't mean much anyway. You just need 150k points for the last HHA reward.

>>523641574What’s New Lead? I haven’t played that AC game yet. Point me to where I can buy it please. Can you even do that with your shaking little bitch hands?

>>523642210I think you are the bitch for buying accepting anything Nintendo shits out. You should know from their past Switch releases that it's never going to rival past entries in content. The only exception to this is Smash Ultimate

>>523631254Honestly I'm with you OP, I'm a long time fan of the series and so far it's a fucking shitshow, the most annoying part is the lack of furniture sets from previous games and lack of new ones, they were a staple to the franchise and they had character, I liked the very obvious theming of these sets and I liked nooks massive pool of items, a few months in and I'd seen everything nooks had to offer, I don't even go in there to check for furniture anymore, I go in just to sell crap.The same kinda goes for ables, variety and theming has gone away for the sake of more generic items and many colour variations, it's not as bad with the furniture and they seems to be very seasonal so as seasons go on we get access to new sets but I don't feel compelled to go in and check every day as part of my routine anymore.Then there's all the core shit to the series that just missing right now and we don't know shit about their update process, some kind of roadmap would honestly be nice, but we only hear of what's coming the moment before it arrives, I'd figured there'd have been another big update this month but so far all we get are fucking pinecones, I hate that so many furniture items are hidden behind this new crafting system honestly, it's tedious and I'm already sick of gathering different crafting materials it's all just clutter for sets I might not even like or care about.>>523631440I think people have generally been really soft on this game and nintendo because of a couple of reasons, first of all this game has the most newcomers of any series, hitting mainstream success which has never happened for Animal Crossing before, this means most people playing the game have no prior experience with the series I don't really know what they're missing, even when they hear of stuff they don't understand how it worked in the game or how it made the game feel so they either don't care or get defensive.cont.

>>523643006contSecondly I think people have generally gone soft on it because we identified early on that this was going to be some slow going update over time affair like splatoon 2 or like what they've been doing with other games, so people just figured anything missing would come in time, and now the honeymoon period has passed and people have gotten bored and moved on mostly, so there's not many people still hanging around, especially not people who're upset with the game, they all probably jumped ship a while ago, so there's just no one left to criticize this shit and it's not getting attention.I was one of those people holding my criticism until later but after seeing how updates are actually going I've got to say I'm horribly disappointed, so far updates have amounted to like a single new furniture set and old features that should have been in from the start returning, and the fact they keep us in the dark is fucking painful too.Maybe the game will be good a year from now but I bought it fucking 6 months ago and there's been hardly anything to do for fucking months, and it just feels so damn shallow compared to older games, I'm even sick of the island shit, I wish we were in a comfy forrest and I was fucking HYPE for island vibes.Every time I think about where this game is and seems to be going I just see endless missing potential, like even just shit like, why not let us CHOOSE where the town is? Island or forested or landlocked, that'd be cool right? But naw lets add art back in(But redd is a cunt to get to show up), lets add pascal back in(But he's just to unlock the mermaid set), lets reduce Rover to a single day event.Game sucks and that sucks because Animal Crossing has been my favorite franchise for over a decade, ever since the gamecube.Sort your game out nintendo it's fucking shallow and boring and way less comfy than it ever was honestly.

>>523640890Botw is garbage. It’s empty as fuck, there’s no story, there are no good characters, there’s no reason to explore the massive map, “dungeons” are shit, bosses are too easy and basically the same fucking boss on repeat, side quests are completely skippable because there are no good rewards for doing them, disgusting lack of items and mechanics, and there’s no character arc for Link. Worst Zelda game I’ve ever played and I’ve played everything but spirit tracks


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>>523641048I'm starting to think that we should treat this like animal crossing early access and ignore the game for another year or so until it's done.then when you start a new game they'll actually be more than a months worth of shit to do.

>>523643074This. The lobotomized my favorite villagers so I can’t even stand them being around me now. I used to get excited when Saharan would come to town, but now it’s a fucking chore just to get through the dialogue. The “ticket” system is retarded as well, it’s just more dialogue. Making bait is a chore. Making tools is a pain. Villagers are boring and don’t offer anything to the experience like they once did. there’s nothing that’s truly exciting about this one but I still do my daily chores, hoping I’ll wake up to an update. The whole game is a janny sim.

>>523631254I don’t hate the game. I got KK to perform, credits rolled and I can’t be bothered to turn the game on again. Probably lack of creativity, inspiration and drive to know what to do with my island

>>523636282>I've been waiting for YOU.holy shit

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>>523631684no, that's the people who actually like ac: chore simulator

>>523631254Completely agree. I even had hardcore nintendo defender friends trying to tell me the lack of content and shit didn't matter, but after just a couple months they all completely ditched playing too. And they'd all stuck with any previous entry for at least a full year before getting tired.>The furniture variety sucks>The animal dialogue is even worse than New Leaf>No minigames>The island in previous games felt more fun and tropical than your entire NH island town does>The game released with way too many missing features, items and NPCs present in previous games>Almost 6 months later and all they added back with updates is swimming and the museum art gallery, which should have been in at the fucking start>The new ways holidays are handled fucking blows, some are like events from a mobile game now (Bunny Day, Wedding Day)>Crafting is tedious as fuck and all these months and you still craft 1 bait at a time>For a game that's supposed to live update to update to make up for the barren base game, the entire summer through now has had fuck all to do>Contextual villager dialogue ended up being a joke, and now you waste time getting through bullshit about the lamp and bench nearby 4 times in a row hoping they'll actually say something interesting or give you a taskThe only part of the game that's actually done well is the visuals. At least the items, new animal animations and shit look nice. The art team is the only part of the devs that had their shit together. I saw how gutted Pokemon was this gen and thought at least they can't fuck up Animal Crossing like that, but they fucking did it.I remember when people were shitting on "doomers" for criticizing the lacking content in the datamine results around release. "Oh it'll all get patched in and more, just you see!" Well look where we fucking are now.

>>523633029>Watch the gaps between updates get longer and longer so they can stretch this shit out for as long as humanly possible.That sure seems to be the plan. It's fucking insulting. And the audacity of them to make trailers for these updates as if it's hype new content, when it's just basic fucking features from New Leaf or any previous game that should have been in at launch to begin with.

>>523633427>After the crazy amount of content in new leaf I was expecting the supposedly big console game to have more, like some kind of retard.We basically got fucked just like Pokemon fags did. But probably even worse since New Leaf was actually good, so we had more reason for higher expectations. I didn't think Gamefreak could make Pokemon's foray into a more powerful console system's debut such a travesty, but at least they have a recent record of mediocre releases. But I never thought Animal Crossing could fuck up so bad too.

>>523633729It feels like all the effort of development went into the big "wow factor" feature of terraforming. Everything else from furniture variety to villager interactions took a huge hit as a result. This is the first time I've ever just completely ignored villagers for days because they're not interesting to talk to at all anymore. It sucks. They tried to make the game a sandbox dollhouse experience and left villager interactions totally on the side.

ITT: Growing out of Animal Crossing and not/refusing to realizing it.

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>>523636282Villagers were useless in every other game, the fuck are you on about? It is the same game, you're just older.

>>523645582How is it growing out of it if I can start a new town in New Leaf right now and have way more than I am in New Horizons?

Back around the game's release, I was so disappointed with New Horizon's villager dialogue and interactions that I autistically wrote down 50 pages of dialogue from the original and from NH just to compare them. NH looks even worse when you read them side by side.

>>523645832*have way more fun

>>523635096>tfw think Alice in Wonderland type stuff is cool>Pocket Camp gets a theme months ago that's basically an Alice in Wonderland knockoff and looks awesome>meanwhile I'm decorating with the same re-colored bland wood furniture as everyone else in NHIt's a fucking crime. And I already tried PC when it came out and it's one of the most boring mobile games I've ever seen, so not even remotely worth trying to stomach to enjoy the cool items either. Absolutely fuck these devs.

>>523645582nigger fuck off, I still love new leaf, if I'd "grown out of it" I wouldn't like new leaf anymore would I?Stupid cunt

>>523645832Like what? The only thing people are bitching about is less furniture and dialogue. A coffee shop isn't going to make a world of difference.

>>523645582can start up any other animal crossing game and have way more fun. This ain't it, helixposter.

They just made all the fun/charming/comfy things as tedious as possible to stretch out the playtime

>>523645936It's called a habit. NH has way more to do just for the fact you can even edit your island at all. What can you do in NL that you can't in NH? A dance club and a shoe store? Amazing.

I agree, fuck this game. been playing AC since GC, even city folk was more enjoyable. How the fuck could they release the game at the state it was in and trickle in tiny amounts of content at a horrible pace? I stopped playing 2 months in, maybe the game will be good by june 2021 or something when it has a proper amount of content. Fucking brewster isn't even in the game yet

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>>523636282Fucking based user, thank god some people still have some goddamn sense in this fanbase.

>>52363628209/06/20 - the day costanza went nuclear on a nintendo bootlicker

>splatoon and zelda villagers gonejust one of the many things removed that i doubt would have been difficult to put in the game

I see the same complaints over and over from people who seem like they are autistically focused on very specific things about the game, like the lack of furniture or customization options.Is a different couch with a different color really going to magically fucking change everything you think about the game? Is a coffee shop where you have a dialogue tree with brewster really going to fundamentally alter what you feel about the game to the extent that ALL THIS BITCHING AND MOANING just vanishes?Face it. You don't like AC as a series. You can't, because your complaints make no fucking sense in the series history. All you could do, ALL you could do in basically all the games is talk to animals over and over, who DO repeat the same dialogue if you played them daily, and collect furniture for your house, it could never go outside, PERIOD. Yes, there were more events, but events aren't what make you play AC every single day and bitch and moan about the lack of a color option for a fucking couch.

What exactly did NL did right cause I hated NL, but I've been playing NH for months. I'm not sure what that hate is other then "new is bad", but I'll admit I only played NL for a few months before I stopped, so I clearly missed features that nobody is going into detail about. What exactly is the problem? How is is more tedious and what is lacking? I can understand not liking the crafting, but the only arguments seem to be less furniture and repetitive dialogue, but what is missing from NL that I didn't know about?

I just want to be able to throw parties for my villagers, like you tell me their birthday a week in advance. Just let me plan the party for them!

>>523646080Retard not understanding that the average player is going to do major terraforming once or twice and then roll with a layout they like. It's not a gameplay feature that people come back for, it's a means to an end.

>>523631440It has a lot of newcomers who feel like they're getting a really big game and don't realize that the 'free updates' they're getting are basically just re-adding cut content.I like NH. It's comfy, it's fun, and the museum, which was always my favourite part of the game, is absolutely gorgeous. There's really a lot to do with regards to decorating your island. But it has some really glaring flaws, like color-limited furniture that can't be recoloured using the furniture customization thing that's supposed to be a big deal in this game. Or like the fact that you literally can't get more than two types of fruit (+coconuts) without paying for online. Hell, a lot of the game feels like it's made specifically to jew people into paying for Nintendo's online service. Another really frustrating thing is how rare bugs and fish have gotten - like, some bugs are limited to a ridiculous timeframe between like 11PM and 8AM and they're also rarer than they've ever been. I finished the summer while still missing two beetles despite actually having searched for them. And it's not just time windows, it's spawn rates, too. Collecting critters was fun before, but it's just not anymore, even if the museum looks so much better. And the villagers themselves have never felt as monotonous as they do now. It's a shame, really.

Reminder that e+ is pretty much 100% translated and will cleanse your soul from NH's taint.

>>523637101Their attempt to bait ADHD zoomers that can't stick with a game unless they're told it has fresh updates every other week has caused this. I feel the exact same way. Every other entry I stuck with for at least about a year straight before I got bored, but I didn't even last more than 2 months before I quit popping this one in. As soon as you finish terraforming in the first couple weeks there's almost nothing to do anymore. Villager interactions suck, item collecting sucks, you finish upgrading your house super fast, online's a chore, holidays and events suck, etc. And the updates are all nothing but a couple basic features and items that were all in New Leaf at launch 7 years ago. So 6 months of fucking nothing essentially. Even friends who defended the gutted content stopped playing and haven't been drawn back by any of the updates since summer.

>>523646243People just like to hate things and stomp their feet and say "I'm mad!" 24/7. About everything that comes out nowadays. And they do is as loud and as vocal as they possibly can.

>>523646432How are you not re designing your island more then once?

Have they seriously not added back any furniture sets from the entire rest of the series yet? Christ.

>>523646484>Even friends who defended the gutted content stopped playing and haven't been drawn back by any of the updates since summer.Cool anecdotal evidence bro. It's funny because myself and my friend have been drawn back daily to do our half hour of chores and we did the fireworks events. Just like NL. Nothings changed, whatsoever.

>>523646243>make a game with a fundamentally different design philosophy from the entire rest of the series, with half the content/items removed, lacking in basic polish, and released unfinished>Face it. You don't like AC as a series.Maybe I don't like NH because I DO like the AC series?

What's the desire to want to play this game daily? It's $60, as long as you play for like, 60 hours it's $1 an hour of gaming. There's nothing wrong with playing a game for a month and stop playing, so why is this always considered a flaw?

>>523631254Fucking based. This is easily the worst AC

>>523631254>Actually valid critique of a video game on Holla ForumsWell color me surprised. I agree with pretty much all of this. The game is even more of a chore to play than any other game in the series, and that's a shame since I usually find these games so relaxing. I went back to New Leaf to see if I was crazy, but New Leaf is still an enjoyable experience, and it's pretty cool being able to do things like easily travel to another town, get cool furniture sets, and use my tools without them breaking after 30 uses.

>>523646536Yeah, Christ. What will we do without Couch #4? I'm really not enjoying just using Couch #3. If they only added Couch #4 it would suddenly expand my brain because I've been given the illusion of choice and it looks different, so therefore, NH has content and it's everything I wanted. But right now, being stuck with couch #3? Fuck this barebones POS game. I need Couch #4-8. And FUCK Villagers, am I right? I'm so tired of Dialogue tree #1. If they only had Dialogue tree #2-9, and repeated 2-9, at least they wouldn't just repeat #1. Right? Because the illusion of choice would make my brain expand and suddenly I'd love the game, because they repeat lots of things a lot, instead of a small number of things a lot.God damn, what were they thinking? NINTENDO, RELEASE COUCH #4..

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>>523646686How is it fundamentally different?


>>523646080>What can you do in NL that you can't in NH?Thanks for the freebies.>Dance club>Shoe storeBut also>Gracie fashion checks>Nooks store being converted to nookway and eventually nookingtons if you pass enough of gracies checks, expanding the available items including expensive furniture sets, expensive clothing sets and way more.>Leif has a shop that also combines with nookingtons >Museum upstairs with personal storage and personal exhibits you could set up and make signs for.>Wendel would show up and give you badges>katrina would show up and give you a fortune>go to the island and you could...>play minigames>unlock special items and furniture>collect rare bugs>interact with the kappa family>get tropical fruits >Katie would show up and ask for you to get signatures for petitions>Town ordinances >villager interactions would bring new town projects>a lot of these town project items are gone which is a problem because they actually suited being outside unlike most furniture >we didn't have to wait months to go fishing/collect diving critters>didn't have to wait months to get art and redd wasn't a pain in the ass to show up>roosters coffee shop to drink coffe>talk to rooster>coffee shop minigame>copper and booker>lost and found werent just a shitty box in your town centre>post office wasnt a shitty postcard stand in the airport>phillis and so on are gone as result, they were fun characters>shampoodle replaced with a mirror>gem stone from rocks gone despite crafting being introduced and they would have worked well with that>shrunk no longer teachers emotes or has a comedy show>didn't have to wait months to get fucking bushes, can you believe them adding fucking bushes was treat like a big deal?>passing train occasionally was peak comfy>plenty of item sets are missing and replaced with more generic options killing some of the games styleAnd there's plenty more but this list is getting long.

>I'm only happy if the game is a carbon copy of NL, plus a bunch of new stuff, plus terraforming, plus AI villagers who have visual novels worth of dialogue each, plus all these new features I made up in my headcanon called Animal Crossing: New Ideas

>>523643181I wouldn't call it garbage, but it's definitely overrated as shit. If I'm going to play an open world game I'd rather have lots of npcs, quests, exp systems, skills and interesting places. Too much of BoTW is empty stretches of nothing, and even combat is better to avoid because why bother breaking your cool weapons fighting boblins.

>>523647027It's so funny you put all this because it highlights how small brain illusion of choice retards are.

>>523640890He didn't even say anything bad about botw you colossal faggot. This is why everyone hates botwfags.

>>523645582This user >>523636282 already blew retards like you out

if you>time travel>dupe items>use guides for fish/bugs/art/flowersyou have absolutely no right to complain about not enough content

I don't want to play this game any more anyway, my boyfriend and I used to play it all the time until we broke up. Brings back bad memories.

>>523645582Wrong. I still come back to the game cube one sometimes.

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>>523647027I knew you would put "kicks shop and leifs shop." the most useless fucking locations in the history of AC. ESPECIALLY fucking Leif's shop. And Club LOL was the dumbest shit ever added to the game. Also some of these are fucking nonpoints.>LOST AND FOUND WAS COOLERDude get a grip.

>>523647245You reek of ESL.

>>523645582Yeah, I've grown out of AC until I replay the older games, then I enjoy it again.

>>523646760>It's okay to have no item variety in a game that is literally one third collection and one third doll house dress up game.Dude just fucking stop.

>>523647027A lot of these feel like cherry picking or features that didn't have to come back. A lot of these don't make a game worse for not having them. The only things that seem cool to bring back would be the dance club, coffee shop minigames, I guess Kappa's family. Otherwise this missing content just seems to be anger for the sole reason of "I want to be mad". Is it just the principal of the matter cause NH isn't bad, so you're mad it could have more little things?

>>523647297>>523647336>Nostalgia goggles is a refutationNo.

>>523631254how the fuck do you delay a game and still come out THIS half-bakedit sucks too because animal crossing is probably the only game where the whole "drip-feeding content update" that nintendo does with literally all of their fucking games now isn't an inherently bad idea, but the game was so bare at launch and the rate at which content is added currently is so fucking slow that they may as well have just delayed the game againand that's not even getting into stuff that we damn well know they won't even bother fixing with updates, such as the horrendously neutered villager dialogue and atrocious UI

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>>523647435No, you fucking stop and shut the fuck up for a change and stop pretending that having less options somehow makes AC less fun or interesting. If you don't like it with limited options, it makes no fucking difference if you're suddenly presented with more. You don't like AC.

>>523647352the point of a kicks/leif shop is to get them out of the weekly rotation

>>523631254I've been pretty disappointed with the Switch in general. No matter how much I tried, I just couldn't enjoy BOTW or Super Mario Oddesey at all. And I also agree with you that New Horizons is a step back from the previous games. I unironicly had more fun in the casual Wii era then I am now, yet Nintendo is now the most popular now then it's ever been, even though the quality of their content and rate of it has suffered a deep decline. I really don't understand it.

>>523633831They say they wanna support the game for upwards of 3 years, but who knows if that'll happen.

I love that if you go to a place like Belltree forums and read posts from the hardcore shills there, they still talk about how they don't even talk to their animals anymore since months ago. Never in the history of the series, not even when people ragged on NL's lesser dialogue too, did I see so many people saying they just stopped interacting with villagers. Probably doesn't help how fucking grating half the personalities are now that they amped up their namesake gimmicks. My nigga Bob I don't even want in my town anymore because lazies have absolutely disgusting shit dialogue now.

>>523631254It's the best game in the series in terms of being a game.It's the worst in terms of flavor and style, though.This is factual. New Horizons has more to actually do aside from New Leaf. Give it a mini-game update and some actual not-shit multiplayer and New Horizons will still manage to be the best game aside from the missing catalog and shop variety.

>>523647435*slaps you some*Get a hold of yourself*slaps you some more*AC is about decorating your house, catching fish, catching bugs, and talking to villagers sometimes. That's it. Everything else is just fluff and tacked on to that core. if you are crying and moaning and whining and squealing like a stuck pig because you can't use Antique Couch over Minimalist Couch, you don't give a fuck about playing AC. You just want to squeal like a stuck pig.

>>523647445>so you're mad it could have more little things?hey stupid, AC is about doing a lot of little things, collecting furniture, and random events, all of which are lacking in NH

>>523647491The game is fun

>>523647314I did none of these things, and the game still fucking blows. I plugged in my Gamecube and had a better time fucking around in that one for a bit again than playing NH.

>>523647680>Since I can only collect some furniture, and not a fuckload of useless items I won't use but can store, NH is lacking.

>>523646243>You don't like AC as a series.We shit on it because we love the series. Bootlickers like you who'll defend everything with Nintendo slapped on the cover no matter what can fuck right off. You are a cancer killing video games.

>>523647652Get the actual fuck back to Discord with that fag shit.

It's really funny because a lot of the furniture sets looked like absolute shit and were IMPOSSIBLE to mix and match unless you used the entire set. So it's petty clear the AC team focused on making sets that worked well together or had a visual cohesion so they could be combined together first. And the autistis on 4chan and elsewhere squealed like they really used fucking Balloon Furniture in their homes in New Leaf or whatever the fuck else awful fucking garbage was in NL no one used because it looked like shit. But because it's not in NH the squealing begins just because it's not an option, even tho no one would fucking use it.

>>523645740That argument really doesn't work for this series where you're typically playing one game in the series for multiple years at a time before a new one exists. It's not like people complaining about pokemon being easy.

>>523645582Fuck you idiot. I can boot up doubutsono mori on the n64 right the fuck now and still have more fun despite not knowing much nipspeak

>>523647680No, AC is about doing what you want to do. You make your own goals and NH gives me way more personal goals to do. I've never tried to collect furniture cause that's boring to me, but NH brings in things I care about, like editing my island, collecting resources and building my own stuff. I just feel like NH gives me way more to do that past games didn't let me do.

I like how there's so little to do that people have been making up their own games like playing bingo with island chores because they're so fucking bored otherwise.

>>523647537This reads like sarcasm, but I suspect it isn't.

>>523646589You and your friends are plebs.I haven’t checked Nook’s shop in 3 months since I’ve already seen all the items in the game AND color variants are locked to your town.

>>523647969Really? Question.what's fun about it that isn't in NH? Name one feature in Dobutsu no Mori N64 that's missing from NH. >inb4 post officeOkay, how's that museum treating you in Dobutsu no Mori 64? Whoops, no museum is there? lol! Have fun retard. 100% example of autistic contrarian.

>>523647537>You don't like AC.Can you faggots stop telling me I don't like a series I've spent decades playing?I literally used my new leaf town for 7 years, the first 4 of those years where almost daily play.I even fucking liked CITY FOLK. The only game I never played was wild world for the DS because I never had a DS until new leaf.I don't just don't like animal crossing.The game is just way more shallow than previous entries, there's less variety not only in content like items sets but in features.I've sat and spelled it out in this thread but you faggots pick out the specific listings that support your points and ignore the rest like this faggot >>523647352, whole list of pretty big features completely ignore because I listed kicks and leifs shops.>>523647445My point isn't that these features HAVE to come back, my point is that there was more variety in content and features in the base version of new leaf, new horizons is missing not only items but there's no replacement features that'd work better in this game.A lot of it has been watered down or side lined.I'm not being angry for angers sake, I'm just voicing my disappointment with the game so far and people keep telling me my criticisms are invalid for vapid reasons.

>>523647185I think it’s garbage solely because the series usually has a high standard of quality and depth

>>523647969Bullshit and you know it.

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>>523648001This screams "you're playing the game wrong".

>>523648001Shut the fuck up, hater!

Should have hacked it and peddled hacked goods while you had the chance. I had a blast. Boring now, though.

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>>523648049>I haven’t checked Nook’s shop in 3 months since I’ve already seen all the items in the game AND color variants are locked to your town.So you have a complete catalog for your town and all DIYs? Impressive.

>>523648056Am I retarded or did Animal Crossing not have a museum? The GCN game did, right?

>>523648056NH is shit get over it

>>523647912Yes I'm so glad everything is so bland it goes with my bland brown refrigerator and bland wooden table. Wow!>cherry picking one especially ugly set and not mentioning modern, regal, rococo, or any of the other good missing sets>not seeing how everyone's house looks the fucking same because there's so little set variety, the only difference is what knickknacks you put on your tableNigga please

>>523648073Your list is fucking retarded dude. You used "collect rare bugs" as a point , like you can't do that in NH. Other shit is going to be added like Brewsters

>>523648079At least the garbage dump was limited to one acre in the original and not the whole fucking game like NH

>>523648178The museum was added for the English release.

>>523648178AC N64 had no museum and no fossils. We've now hit a level with autistic contrarians that they are literally saying AC N64 is more fun than NH and that New Leaf is better because "you can collect rare bugs on Tortimer island" or go to kicks or leifs shop.

>>523636282H-Hello, based department?

>>523648310>One (1) pointless thing no one used at all=worthwhile contentThe absolute state of this thread

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>>523648073I just don't understand how those missing features magically make the game less fun. Even if it's not as fun, it's not a bad game. It always just seems like it's the principal that people get upset, but I don't understand how it's less fun just because a past game was more fun to you. Good is good and one thing being better doesn't make the other good thing factually bad or less fun. Sword and Shield aren't as polished or complete as HG/SS, but I still had fun even if it's not as good, good is good. I don't get why this has to be a black and white problem that if good is not as good, it is just out right bad.

Why do people here get so fucking upset at the fact people like things they don't? It's honestly pathetic that you're getting angry at some randy who both doesn't know who the are, could give less of a shit what they think and aren't even purposefully trying to slight them.

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>still nook's cranny>no public works buildings to build or look forward to>characters that could've had their own shop or location have just become traveling salesman forever>Redd appears at best once every 3 weeks

>>523648083You didn't have to make up shit when there was actual content and even real minigames already present in the game. Gamecube had fucking full NES games, NL had island minigames + then two significant extra minigames added with Welcome Amiibo.

>>523648520>t. Can’t read

>>523648390Using my switch as a frisbee is more fun than NH.

>>523645832It's called nostalgia, which makes your brain ignore flaws or lack of QoL because it already adapted to the experience as a kid. A change of the experience will be scrutinized again by your now older brain and make you realize what you didn't realize before.

>>523648310Holy fuck

Attached: 1591575111118.jpg (229x220, 8.22K)

>>523648251> bland brown refrigerator and bland wooden table. Wow!All you have is a brown fridge and bland wooden table? Wow you must be lame as fuck lmao.

Attached: 52365262.jpg (1280x720, 204.86K)

>>523636282Absolutely based

Attached: C30FA1DC-8329-45A2-B5EB-DF5A7B4AF809.jpg (941x1024, 179.22K)

>>523648083This screams "defending the lack of content compared to past entries." Period goes inside the quotes by the way.

>>523648618>literally posts that 64 was better because of a designated garbage dump>"N-no I didn't!"

Attached: 1298695262135.jpg (144x146, 12.23K)

>>523648645>because it already adapted to the experience as a kidNew Leaf came out when I was 22.

Also the hourly music in NH is awful. All the others had a way better score

>>523648284Collecting rare bugs on the island was an advertised feature by nintendo. It's one of the purposes of the island, which is why I listed it.There's still pretty big shit missing like nooks shop not upgrading more than once, gracy and a lot of other NPCs don't even fucking exist right now, museum is missing alternate features beyond just fish and bug and dino cataloging which they ususally worked in at least an extra thing like observatory or second floor exhibits. Rooster and his coffee shop is completely missing including gyroids.No katrina, wendel, katie or blanca or so on, the special visitor pool is abysmal, we have two fucking instances of fucking gulliver which is lame when so many NPCs are still missing.I've said earlier in the thread, maybe the game will be good in a year or two, but right now it's fucking miserable, even 6 months after release, the whole update thing has been a wash as of the moment.I'm allowed to be fucking disappointed and levy criticism for a lack luster fucking video game.

>>523648608The minigames in New Leaf were shit, and people are only liking them in restrospect. The butchered Puzzle League was the worst offender, but the others were just as mind numbing or awful.

>>523631254Imagine having taste this bad

>>523648745Congrats user, you became way more critical since then.

>>523648113>While you had the chanceWhy would I no longer have the chance? Save editing is still possible.

>>523648719I'm defending a game I enjoy greatly, the less content doesn't make the game bad. You're just mad cause there is any content missing and I don't get why that should make a fun game less fun for me.

>>523648719>if they added a single mini-game on an island, the game would be full of content like NL and then people wouldn't have to play fun games on their own!This screams "I'm retarded"

How would you fix New Horizons considering that they will likely never change online loading and villager dialogue?

>>523648730Wrong. I said the entire game of NH is one giant dump, whereas the only dump in the original was contained in 1 acre. Nice try though, maybe you should pick up leapfrog, that might be more your “game”

>>523636282based as fuck

>>523636282Women ruined animal crossing. It's that simple. Once women started taking over AC thats when it all went down hill.

Attached: 1588989544290.jpg (1024x958, 168.12K)

>>523648706>generic reddit kitchen

>>523648706You aren’t proving him wrong, what an ugly kitchen

>>523648776I'm having a bit of trouble imagining it. Why don't you help me stoke my imagination by telling my why you think this is a good game.

>>523648886Nice response retard.

Attached: il_794xN.2443545574_2jn2.jpg (794x447, 81.58K)

>>523648706>it's the ironwood set againW0W

>>523648852You're still kind of saying it, user.

Attached: imreplacingyousteve.png (263x316, 97.09K)

>>523636282The hero AC needs

>>523648557Because your gay low standards are ruining the games for people that don't want to just eat any half-baked shit a developer puts out. These games selling like hotcakes despite being shit tells the devs to keep pumping out low-effort shit because fans will eat it up anyway, instead of investing in putting out an actual complete, higher quality game.

>>523648902His argument was there's no variety, you fucking retarded moron. Not about how pretty something looks. Try to keep up, I know your mentally weak and have a small brain. >>523648994WOW Ironwood chairs! holy shit.

Attached: je7asopdtcp41.jpg (3892x2278, 1012K)

>still no Froggy Chair

Attached: acm.jpg (600x337, 18.66K)

>>523648592>Brewster gets added in an update>As a weekly visitor

Attached: DedYosh.gif (320x240, 1002.13K)


Attached: 5166212.jpg (640x394, 76.98K)

>>523636282Ignoring the amount of quality of life in New Horizons compared to older games is a great example of how you don't know what you're talking about. The only reason there's more complaints about QoL shit is because of how most modern games have become so streamlined in comparison to AC.If you still had the storage system of NL or even the lack of fruit autostacking, I wonder if you would even care. You probably wouldn't because New Leaf conditioned you to not even care about such a lack of glaring QoL features.

>>523648773Hey fuck you, playing the island games with my friends was fun. Now we have nothing to do together after we wait 15 minutes for the obnoxious loading screens and dodo dialogue to visit each other. And spinoff puzzle league and island explorer were decent, and a hell of a lot better than this kind of gay made up shit.youtube.com/watch?v=cwz5KRvqBwI

>>523649105The fucking visitor pool really needs absolutely no more NPCs. Hard enough to fucking come across Redd right now as it is without the notion of some other dumbass NPC shitting up the pool.

>>523648950>80% the furniture used is the same as in the previous pickek!

There's no variety in this game and everyon'es rooms look the same, see? This room is literally everyone's room. Wow, it's a bed again. Get osme more items NH!!!

Attached: 1590110756748.jpg (1280x1438, 458.27K)

>>523649043>DUUUH LOW STANDARDS>STOP LIKING WHAT I DON'T LIKEWhat I said, pathetic.Stop letting people who don't give shit about you get your panties into a twist. Its one thing to be bothered by the lack of criticism and shielding from it, its another to be a fucking seething retard about people simply enjoying themselves like you and OP are. Let it fucking go, something you don't like is popular, whoop-de-fucking-DOO.

Attached: 1592168636022.jpg (502x562, 110.02K)

Oh boy, it's schizo time.


Attached: uhkz64tth4051.jpg (1166x629, 124.86K)

>>523636282Holy shit user

Attached: yuw4lMu.jpg (410x598, 45.34K)

>>523649105>he's now running a starbucks parody chain and it's just a stall outside of town hall where he sells you on the go cups that you equip and carry around>no drinking it while it's still hot, no pigeon milk

>>523649158Not him, but whatever lack of QoL in previous games there may have been is blown out of the water by shit like talking to Saharah 20 times to buy her items or crafting 1 bait at a time. That shit is absolutely atrocious and even shills have been begging Nintendo to change that in an update for 6 months straight.


This game has no content and you can't do anything original with your island because of the lack of furniture. This video is a good indication of how fucking limited NH is.You could do way more in NL, look for a second.

Attached: 1585280263069.webm (640x360, 2.5M)

>>523631254>in a series that has already set the bar so low, in a series that has City Folk.At least in NH your island doesn't look like a nuclear wasteland a month in, like CF's grass wear did to your town

splatoon made the devs think that it's okay to not try

>>523649158Did you even read the post you stupid faggot? He said there was some great new additions but it doesn’t make up for the amount of shit that was cut

>>523647985>AC is about doing what you want to dowhich is stifled by the ridiculous lack of content, especially at launch

>>523649257Redd really should have been able to show up regardless of other visitors.

>>523649304Yeah, kill yourself low standards retard. Thanks for ruining games for people who have more than two brain cells to rub together because you're so gung-ho to lap up feces. I bet you think Sword and Shield is peak Pokemon quality too. Opinion discarded. >image from gachashit toohahaha

Generic farm, AGAIN. You could do a lot more in NL thanks to public works projects.

Attached: 1594142059013.jpg (1280x720, 167.14K)

>>523631254Normie females and Nintendo autists. That's why it sold so much.It's still a pretty bad game.

>>523649265>unironically most of the same items in my own bedroom just with a different choice of wallpaper and floorwew

>>523649429Saharah is indeed pretty fucking annoying as she is, but she was even worse in New Leaf where she pretty much forced whatever wallpaper and floor she wanted. As dumb as the new Saharah is, the older one was much less user friendly than this one is.But I bet anyone would defend old Saharah with some dumb argument like "soul" or some shit.>>523649558Maybe you didn't read his comment on QoL features at all. Also, if you want to know my whole opinion on the post, if the additions make up for what they removed or not depends on what you cared about the series to begin with. Villager dialogue and interaction has been gutted ever since the original in favor for more player customization and more sandbox elements. It's natural that these changes will not appeal to everyone, but they sure will to many.

>>523636282>I've been waiting for YOU

Attached: a9GVKXi.gif (320x180, 1.93M)

This is pure fucking garbage. I remember in NL I had a lot more options for decorating. Here we just see the same fencing, AGAIN, due to having so few fence options.

Attached: a07q3sykzkz41.jpg (1936x1936, 439.32K)

Someone triggered the autist, I see.

>>523631254What the fuck is this thread somebody is going out of control samefagging

>>523649654>STOP LIKING WHAT I DON'T LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKEThis is my last reply>gachashit picHere's one from a shitty game just for (You), how about you seethe over people liking this one next?

Attached: 1595524146073.png (444x277, 157.03K)

>>523649686>potted plants on the groundgarbage

>>523649790Everyone uses these itemsStop trannyJust stop

>>523649743Wow that's funny. Did you know in New Leaf a lot of people also unironically used the same items in bedrooms? I wonder why that was? Maybe people liked bedrooms to look certain ways? Or perhaps it was due to NL's limited items and shit? Fuck... Bring back NL's limited item sets at least, so we can all make our bedrooms more like the bedrooms in NL.

>>523649790I agree user, they should have kept all the fence options in New Leaf, why would they cut 3/4 of all the fences? What the fuck is wrong with Nintendo?

>>523649521The nook miles point shop seems to be what they intended to be the "town project"esque items to go, and there's literally only like generic urban stuff right now, they need to expand on that something fierce, everyone's town is either a forest or what you posted RN, with varying degrees between forest/vs generic urban japan.Yes I know a some people do manage to break away from this but the game kinda leads you in this direction and it'd be cool if the game encourage variety, just needs more items to fix this.

>>523649550I think promoting a woman to director is what turned AC into a vapid dollhouse instead.

>>523649521>staring at the town you autistically terraformed is content>still never talk to your animals again after the first 2 weeks>visitors come and look at your town and leave, because there's nothing else to do together in it

>>523636282God, I love Costanza posters.

Attached: 1582763881995.jpg (278x274, 14.38K)

>>523649909>>523649954You know why everyone uses them? Because they are items you can use. Did you say the same shit when everyone used fucking tire seats and wild log benches in New Leaf? Or did you shit your pants over the options? Everybody in new leaf used this fencing and it was fuckin great. Bring this one back maybe so we can all use it? Am I right? All the variety we are missing

Attached: fence.jpg (400x240, 30.86K)

>>523631254Congratulations. You grew up.

>>523631440Here 's your answer. Zoomers and normalfags have grown up with excessive dlc, paid online, and grindy games. They are accustomed to it. Many of them probably like the fact that vendors rotate in and out because it gives them a little shot of dopamine when they see Redd's ship out in the distance. They like having locked separate colored items because it makes them feel special for having the colors they got. They like the clunky terraforming interface because it makes projects take a LONG time to complete, giving a bigger dopamine hit when it is finished (think ZoomerCraft)


Attached: windmill.jpg (400x240, 25.1K)

>purchased a switch to play this>tfw already sold it

Attached: 1577189881107.jpg (600x563, 32.55K)

NHfags are fucking pathetic holy shit

I was looking forward to this game so much. It looked so fucking comfy. I had so many ideas about what I could do with my island. In New leaf I had multiple houses that fit with different areas of the town and it worked because of the sheer amount of furniture and exterior options.Now it's fucking gutted and my plans were ruined. I can't fucking do anything because I don't know what they'll add.

>>523650103Anon you dont get it, having only one fence was SOUL.

Good god look at the variety NL had. Now you won't see this in fucking NH, that's for god damn sure.

Attached: f787c9edf90070efb6b12d2430ecb2ae.jpg (500x300, 36.82K)

>>523649550You're right, but Splatoon was at least a risky new IP where dripfeeding content was somewhat kind of sort of justified. If nobody cared about it, cut your loses and run. It's absolute bullshit in AC, an extremely popular series that's been around for 20 years.

>>523650103Nobody uses the other items. They are shit. People only use the iron fence and bush fence. Maybe a few use zen for their Japan castle. That’s itEveryone is starved for good options, not more options. There are tons of shitty furniture that nobody uses. The easter sets I threw in the trash. It’s completely useless and ugly

>>523649686I got pretty creative with new leaf's public works. Made a makeshift volcano with the water geyser and a bouncy castle with the balloon arc. Can't do shit like that in New Horizons despite being able to put more stuff outside

The top is oozing fucking soul in New Leaf, and you can see the variety was literally SUCKED OUT in New Horizons on the bottom. What a shit show.

Attached: new leaf to nh.jpg (1024x1024, 123.83K)

>>523636282>Villagers do fuck all but walk around and do their utre actionsLITERALLY the only cut Villager interaction was home visites, which is a shame, but thatg's compared to>Dancing>Workouts>Fishing>Sleeping>Interacting with outdoors items>Singing and playing instruments to music on a music player (this kinda folds into the previous point, but I list it separate because this is much more fleshed out than the other item interactions)>The two minigames you brought up>Having conversations with each other>Running errands for them, like getting them an item or giving another villager an item they borrowedThey do more in this game than they do in any fucking other AC you buffoon.

god NH makes me sad i kinda just wanna start a playthrough of new leaf again with GC hourly music modded in

Attached: Capture.png (134x140, 42.45K)

>>523650337How mad are you?

>>523650337There were mushrooms in NL? Neat.

>each set has several colour variations>all colours except one are unavailable in any game>can only be obtained through online>in a game with a furniture colour customisation system

alright then, given the amount of armchair game designers in this thread, i'll throw in a question:what would YOUR perfect AC game look like? No fucking/dating/marrying the villagers.

Attached: 1583301379109.png (1280x716, 404.28K)

>>523649902We need more people like you. If more could enjoy eating shit, maybe we could end world hunger easier.

>>523650519Nope, certainly cant.

Attached: volcano.jpg (1280x720, 111.35K)

>>523650519It's REALLY shitty you can't get creative in New Horizons. It really fucking sucks you could only create something like a Volcano in New Leaf.

Attached: volcano2.jpg (1280x720, 125.7K)

>>523650602A game where you are truly living in nature. I always hated how everyone has their perfect cookie cutter towns. I never cut down my trees

I miss grass deterioration, the way grass faded into dirt in NL looked really good. Grid dirt paths in NH just don't look at good.

>>523650543>with GC hourly music modded inGC music was fantastic and pure soul, but NL had good stuff tooyoutube.com/watch?v=uX2NxSN49TgNH has the worst fucking music in the series by far and I'm not even trying to shit on it, that's just a fact.

>samefag shill trying to take over the thread nowI'd say the tard wrangler let one slip from /acg/, but I'm pretty sure a lot of them got sick up the game already too

>>523650212>>523650103>>523650337god it looks so soulful brosalso your cherry picking user

>>523650602Just make NL again but with different terrain elevations in the town. That's basically the one thing I really missed.

>>523650819Everyone fucking hated grass deterioration. And you don't have to use the fucking grid dirt paths. Have you even played NH?

Attached: the path.jpg (1280x720, 186.32K)

Thankyou for this thread. I’m a diehard animal crossing fan and I’ve been looking forward to the game since it was announced. I was so sure I’d be playing it daily for years but as of today I haven’t played in a whole month. Terraforming is fun but insanely tedious, playing online is pointless once you have every diy and most of the furniture/clothes you want, storage and pocket size is too small, villager dialogue is the worst in the series by far, the content updates started off amazing (the first one gave us a new npc & like 4 events) then quickly went downhill. I’m hoping that the september(?) content update is hefty but I have such low expectations after how shitty the last content update was. There are so many awesome things ACNH could add to flesh out the gameplay and keep players interested but as it is right now it’s just gotten so monotonous.. I don’t even have the energy to finish designing my island because what’s there to do? fucking nothingHere’s a bunch of things the game would be dope with, if added;>more green flowers>re-tail returns, customise store bought furniture>kicks, label, leif get their own stores>digby opens a renovation business, customise town hall, as well as interiors and exteriors of villagers homes>all past npcs return (btw wtf why didn’t they give us Wendell & more custom design slots with the dream SHITE update?)>bridges between cliffs, diagonal inclines, diagonal fencing (how is this not a thing?)>rotatable custom design slots, more slots, customisable pants/shoes/skirts>harriett returns and can give you a bunch of new hairstyles, new hair colours and dye streaks in your hair>mii masks, Nintendo furniture, Nintendo villagers return>add ~8 new villagers into the mix every couple of months >beach terraforming! >expandable rooms>Waaaaay more regular DIYs & more seasonal DIYs (specifically summer shell series)>museum shop, cafe etc>interactable furniture e.g playing on the tea cup ride

>>523650525NL do be lookin more comfymaybe I just miss the visual style

>>523650852NH is the first time I haven't had any desire to look up the hourly songs or anything to listen to. Not even once. All the other games I'd use as chill background noise from time to time at least. Also I hate the NH theme song after having it repeat for a full fucking week before unlocking the town hall. Whoever thought that was a good idea should be shot.

>>523650881>looks so soulful>durrrrrAnd what the fuck do you think everyone's doing to NH in here? Not cherrypicking?

>>523650925nice aliasing on your grass patterns

NOOO this is the game I bought a Switch for! And they took out all the content for DLC lmao.

>>523650178Not who you're replying to but what is missing in this one? I just don't know how you make games like this not be grindy.

>>523650337>>523650525>>523650212>>523649790Unironically seething.

the amount of care they gave to dialogue is demonstrated by giving isabelle ~5 different things to say in the morning announcements. they couldn't even be bothered to add a passable amount of content to the unskippable dialogue>muh sock>muh tv>muh parents>someone in the tent btw

>>523650925>getting baited by one of your ownbased

>>523651043that's just a bad image. nice low IQ for not being able to use google images yourself

Attached: lol.png (976x534, 1.36M)

>>523650795>>523650659okay you win

>>523636282>makes post with blatantly wrong information but since he acts like a fucking sperg in it he's basedWOW UMMMMMMMM BASED????????? BASED????????

>>523650852I was about to post 1am. They really dropped the ball hard with the music in NH it’s so disappointing.youtu.be/37UjXU-3wZ8

Attached: A1642BBC-93A5-49C2-B9CA-A523E17F88DA.gif (220x220, 121.03K)

>>523650852NH has a more bass and jazz oriented style. It's not for everyone but it is still pretty good for its type.

>>523650857/acg/ is dead in the water. discord drama gave it the final blow

>>523650925>Everyone hated path deterioration>Now every town has these pathsdefence force or hater you gotta admit that's pretty funny

>>523651285>discord dramaEvery time.

>>523651236The only one sperging out is you faggot. NH is shit. Cope harder

>>523651307A custom dirt path you choose where to place and what it looks like vs forced grass deteriorationHmm, must be the same, huh?

>>523651236>Sperg in charge of calling anyone else a sperg

>>523651361Oh the irony in this post.

>>523650857>>523651285I liked going to /acg/ at first but now it's just none stop visit codes and trading, hard to talk about anything.I hate that nintendo turned this game into traders paradise, I don't want to pay hundreds of NMT for random shit

>the only pros anyone can come up with for NH is the the dollhouse sim part>my only friends that enjoyed it for longer (but all still quit by now) were the ones that purely decorated and didn't care about any other aspect of the game>they fully admitted they stopped talking to their villagers 2 weeks inAbsolutely soulless. AC is literally meant to be a little life simulator, but the life is gone. It's just cold decorating and terraforming to post pics for twitter likes now. >stop telling people how to play the gam-Yes, you're playing it wrong.

new leaf with hacks is very based

Attached: hamtaro.png (400x240, 77.07K)

>>523650659>>523650925>>523651202Do people really think this shit looks good? Never mind the fact that it doesn’t even sound like natural grass/dirt when you walk over it.

>>523650957(I think) the reason why all the buildings have been hyper-condensed is to make space for player creativity. A lot of space would be taken up if all the shops had their own building. For some players this would be good (the island is more fleshed out by default), but nintendo went fully into instagrammable customization as their marketing choice so they just turned everything non essential into a wandering trader or as a part of another building. I think this game's target audience is women aged 14-24, based on the artstyle and gameplay design choices, and for them, customization is more important than gameplay.

>>523651408>forced grass deteriorationConsidering it only happened along a path you frequently ran across, you're essentially choosing where it goes. Quit being dumb, you silly little autist.

>>523651408I just think it's funny bruh, people complained about it cos it "looked like shit" and now everyone is CHOOSING to have it look like thattake the stick out of your bum

Attached: 3626262.jpg (1024x576, 113.46K)


>>523651530So even if I don't want it to happen to a path I frequently run across, I'm still choosing where it goes, silly little autist? You have a big big fucking brain with that logic.

>>523651307I think NH is content-gutted garbage, but grass deterioration was definitely shit, user. CF was easily the worst in the series in part because nobody liked their town going barren just by trying to play the game and walk around normally. NL deterioration was toned down enough it didn't really matter, at least.

>>523651449>It's just cold decorating and terraforming to post pics for twitter likes now. This

>>523651445I forgot about the NMT stuff. The absolutely soulless trading community is pretty disgusting. I will say at least /acg/ was still one of the better places to go for things, since a lot of anons just let people have things for free or visit for DIYs and turnips for free. Anywhere else and you had normies gating their town visits with NMT fees and gold nuggets or shit. Really ruined the laid back spirit of the game seeing that shit.

New Leaflets are unironically seething that New Chadrizons is fucking dominating and the Leaflets have literally been left on the 3DS. Go play your outdated babies dollhouse somewhere else.

Attached: f40ec22d4e64fec0e4de04cec9c7b2ea.jpg (1080x602, 172.62K)

>>523636282>I've been waiting for YOU.I like new horizons but this is based

>>523651815Why are you so mad though?

>>523651792in my active days of ACNH, when jewery was starting to ramp up, I would dupe gold nuggets and NMT JUST to make trannies seethe. I really didnt care for wealth. All the gold and NMT I couldn't distribute, I threw in the trash, so I could still enjoy catching critters.

>>523651449>It's just cold decorating and terraforming to post pics for twitter likes nowThat's more than enough for women

>>523651912I'm not the one who's mad. It's the New Leaflets kicking and screaming that they can't stand in Kick's shop and use balloon furniture that are mad.

Attached: haunted-house.jpg (740x370, 34.06K)

>>523648950>>523648706>>523649049>>523649150>>523649686>>523650925>>523651542>>523651815whenever I see things like these I get sad, because I'm a creativelett

Attached: 66.jpg (600x483, 28.08K)

>>523652036Sorry, my mistake. Why are you so obsessed though?

>>523631254>>523631254>Cant marry nor make a family with ankhaShit game

>>523651518They kind of fuck that up by also advertising you can have 8 player houses instead, which would easily clog your island even worse. (and is way more than 99% of players or even families on the same console will ever need). I hate they allow for that, yet we still only have 10 villager cap and half the cool facilities like the coffee shop and police station are just straight gone. I think there's enough space to fit those things into your layout, meanwhile the excessive amount of potential houses is what they allow for instead.

>>523651069Before, >there was no crafting system. >There weren't any items that were unobtainable in your town. >Vendors had buildings that were there EVERY day. >Seasonal events were more interesting than "complete the limited set before time runs out!" as if it were some kind of gacha.>the timegates between things happening, like building upgrades, were less than half what they are now>stuff costed way less bells. You didnt have to create autistic fruit farms and grind tarantulas just to buy a dumb bathtub or table that the devs arbitrarily made super expensive>extra gameplay content, like the police office and brewster's, custom museum exhibits, feng shi, gyroids, island minigames, DJ KK, riding the train to see Rover and Blanca, etc have ALL been replaced with the grind for expensive items just to pad out the game

>>523652118Me too user. I can't do any of this shit. I don't even know how someone looks at a game and sees this in their head. I can't even do a basic fucking garden workshop.

Attached: EVMUeGtWoAUFdSi.jpg (2048x1260, 360.78K)

>>523652229Oh this... this is super cute...

>>523652269I also like this one a lot

Attached: EVGTBRKUEAEKgAo.jpg (1280x720, 313K)

>>523652118And then I think about it and am glad because I don't waste my time on a screenshot simulator only good for twitter upboats and shitposting

>>523651470you do better then faggottron =^)

>>523652036>decorate decorate decorate decorate>talking to a villager? what?

Attached: 1590377261953.jpg (1242x1390, 105.42K)

>>523651470As is usual, Seething Leaflets can only autistically squeal and judge. If it's not "NO VARIETY! I can't send letters with Phyllis!" it's "WOW THIS LOOKS LIKE SHIT." You people literally just hate every single fucking thing. Good thing you can play New Leaflet forever.

>>523652307imagine if they gave us actual decking we could place that would just be slightly elevated........ I love pics like these but the custom design decks honestly all look trashy imo

>>523652307literally every island on tumblr looks like that

>>523650178You just keep contradicting yourself. You argue that Zoomers like constantly have stuff, arguably because of the lack of attention span that most zoomers actually have. But then you say that they like terraforming because projects take a long time to complete, contradicting the actual low attention span? Terraforming is insanely more slow paced than minecraft is in any capacity.

>>523652229I don’t see anything in my headI made an ungabunga/Aztec ruins part surrounded by jungle and it built up very gradually. When I got more items I rearranged it until it was how I wanted it. I never envisaged shit, I worked with what I had. Obviously it’s a little different with terraforming since ramps and bridges cost money but you can mark everything out and it helps imagine it. My island was a sloppy mess of symbols and markers for a loooong time

>>523652196>autistic fruit farmsTHIS. I had to choose between making my orchard fancy, or making it functional. I ended up going for functionality, because catching stuff in this game is such a fucking bore now. Before you could find rare stuff frequently and it would be a dopamine boost, but now it's just seas of common crap, to make up for the turniggers nuking the economy.

>>523652493I don't understand Leaflets. Every island looks like that because they are uncreative and copy shit.

>>523652493tumblrs still alive?

We've touched down on New Leaflet Isle. There seems to be no signs of intelligent life anywhere.

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>>523652506Not him, but terraforming really doesn't take that long if you're not a total creativelet. Me and all my friends had terraformed out islands out to satisfaction very early on, and never really touched it again. It's the recurring content like daily visitors and carrot on a stick of potential updates that's meant to keep you playing this time. You can even pay off your house easily in like a week of playing.

>>523636282>I've been waiting for YOU.

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>>523631440Its a consoomulator so wagies can get their dopamine in seconds. But seriously it is complete garbage. Especially the dialogue. All they have to do is allow at LEAST half point placement and just fucking come up with simple one liners for fucks sake. 2 fucking lines for all that time waited AND a delay? Christ. I know it was made for kids but they're not idiots

>>523631254You’re really upset about a toy. You should spend some time outside, off the internet

>>523650602The focus on content was skewed heavily toward the side of "busywork" versus discovery, which makes the game feel thin, so I would move the peg a bit back to where it should be.I would concentrate design resources around making each villager more unique, dialogue and interactions more varied, including more variety of events albeit at about the same frequency.As it is, after you play one week of NH, you've played the entire game and will see unintentionally repeated content even on day two. The only things that change after renovating the island are bugs, fish, and seasonal furniture and atmosphere, which are not the focus of the game - the villagers are. And as villagers are the main focus of the game, those other things - while fun to collect and observe - should be accessory to *interactions* with the villagers, which are themselves a form of collectible that aren't cataloged anywhere (which encourages capturing and sharing them with other players).NH is a half-designed collect-a-thon; you fill in the blanks and you're done. There is no journey, mystery or discovery, just an element of chance and the inevitable completion of the log like a gacha game. Not good. That wouldn't have been the case under a competent designer.

>>523652685Even back in New Leaf everything was green and brown or pastel uguu over there. You are right though they copy trends.>>523652717surprisingly yes

>>523636282put me in the screencap!

>>523652806The point is, in New Horizons things take way longer than New Leaf, and unlike NL, it doesn't have all its content frontloaded to keep you engaged right after you bought it and to ignore it again.It was always about the content right around the corner, it's the next shop upgrade, or the new month which has new critters to catch (and this time it also has seasonal DIYs, but it is considered some kind of gacha when the critters aren't?). It's just dumb non-arguments which easily fall apart when applied to another aspect of the game.

The villagers are scaled back because regardless of how much you do, the villagers will always repeat dialogue over and over if you play this game daily. You either go overboard with long winded, deeper dialogue, so when you talk to a villager you fucking DREAD reading three paragraphs again (happens in GC all the time, the game with the 'best' dialogue) OR you make interactions quicker, knowing that no matter what, both methods will be repetitive.

>>523651815>>523652036>>523652229>>523652307ZOMG SUPER CUTE WHATS YOUR TWITTER SO I CAN LIKE AND RETWEET THESE?

>>523653074Better yet make them all mute so there's no chance of repeating dialogue at all.

>>523653074This is something a lot of Leaflets and older AC people have forgotten? Or they choose to willingly ignore. When I got really into the gamecube game, I think I had five or six crankies in my town out of like 16 villagers. I would not talk to all of them. You know why? Because after I talked to them for a few days, the dialogue was repeated over and over, and sometimes you'd get locked into a long fucking dialogue and it was like you knew it by heart and just spammed B to get out of it. I don't LIKE having less dialogue, but I also like that I can talk to a villager, they can say a sentence in passing, and I can move on. It makes me much more likely to talk to all 10 a day vs avoiding half my village.This is something that AC dialogue fags don't have any argument against and they always ignore it. They hail AC GC dialogue as the best, and it is, the first time you read it. Then when they say it again it's not so great. And for the 8th time. And 10th that week. It's not good anymore.

>>523646535Why the fuck would I regularly change a town I inhabit so extremely? Animal Crossing is not a dollhouse simulator, it's a village simulator.


>>523650957more things we need>customisable fences, more fences>more plant furniture e.g topiaries, flower arches>all the old furniture series to return (modern, robot etc)>farming, cooking>celestes observatory, constellations>wall furniture on cliffs>rugs outside, & more rugs>new villager species>that chihuahua from the fountain in city folk >police station, copper and booker>more limited time events with exclusive furniture>tortimers island>streamlined online play (no lengthy loading screens every time someone visits/leaves)>gemstones return>cave on the side of the island where u can mine gems to customise furniture with or craft gemstone items>jewellery, makeup, tattoos, piercings >custom designs make the sound you want them to make when you walk over them>post office becomes its own building>deposit enough bells to unlock special items again like the personal ATM>more things to spend nook miles on>bulk purchase nook miles tickets

>>523653391>Animal Crossing is not a dollhouse simulatorUh. Yes it is.

>>523653391It is whatever the player wants it to be, the focus on customization since new leaf is just not to your cup of tea.

>>523653291Don't bother. I've spent literal hours of my life arguing with people about it. For some reason any time there's a devoted fanbase, when a new installment of a game comes out, those fanbase members cling to their game like this>>523653408

>>523653483Please no tortimers island. If everyone now is complaining about the fruit grinding or turnip trading, then it was way worse in New Leaf where you had to spend hours and hours grinding beetles to get money. It was tedious and repetitive.

>>523651826No it isn’t it’s Eric responding to his own post 40 times and and trying to force his new buzzword “leaflet” there’s nothing of substance in that post

>>523653610It drives me fucking nuts because it's like they literally are incapable of grasping the idea that longer repeated dialogue is far worse than shorter repeated dialogue. I've told so many people to go back and play GC for about two weeks, playing daily, like you do in NH. You'll be fucking tired of the dialogue just as fast. There's no middle ground unless people literally want them to make 10,000 lines of dialogue per personality type.

>>523653716>seething this fucking much over being called a Leaflet>Leaflet is living in your mind rent-freeTruly a fucking leaflet. >>523653725lmfao of course these dumb nigs arent gonna go back and play AC, they are fucking shitposters who don't know wtf they are talking about and just get mad because features are missing, they only see "item = missing = rage"

>>523653841I mean, I get raging about missing stuff at launch, but the dialogue argument is the dumbest shit on the planet. Even if they had better dialogue, 6 months in it'd all be stale and repeated by now anyway.


>>523653483>More limited time events and exclusive furnitureIf it's gonna be grindy as hell to get them, then fuck no

>>523654023“The dialogue will get repetitive after a few months of playing so let’s just say ‘fuck the dialogue’ and make it so bare-bones that it gets repetitive after 10 minutes and makes all the villagers soulless as fuck”-Nintendotruly genius !!

>>523655281Nine of the ones we’ve had so far have been grindy? nature day was simple, museum day was easy af, the wedding event was pretty repetitive but eh worth it for the cute items, and the Rover maze thing was a fun lil 5-10 minute minigame


>>523637592mfw i play animal crossing

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>>523636282im shaking reading this

>>523636282The information in this post is literally false. Considering that most of the replies are mindlessly screeching based, all this has done is confirmed to me that people on Holla Forums truly don’t play the games that they post about.


theres just nothing fun to do or enjoy after youve been playing for more than a month

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>>523653483>makeup, tattoos, piercingsyou can already do that shit nigga

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>>523653646>in New Leaf where you had to spend hours and hours grinding beetles to get moneyYeah, a handful of times and then you were done pretty much foreverNew Horizons has no easy way to grind bells aside from turnips, nerfed the few good options there were, and added way more money sink furniture (that you can only get in one color naturally, if you want a different one you'll have to trade for even more than it's already overpriced as)


>>523655450>Bunny Day>Wedding Month>Not grindy as fuck

>>523657260those look pathetic. I want actual earrings, septums, sleeve tattoos etc that aren’t just fucking around with custom designs that don’t even look decent my nigga

>>523636282First-degree murder.

>>523657312>Yeah, a handful of times and then you were done pretty much foreverYeah, no. You'd have to do it for every public works project you wanted, unless you wanted to have it in days. Unlocked the bridges? Gotta go grind. Unlocked the lighthouse? Gotta grind. Unlocked the Cafe? Gotta fucking grind. Same shit all the damn time.New Horizons doubled down on what made the other games better, which is a slower paced way of obtaining money like fruits or just comfy fishing and gave you long term reasons to do that in the form of furniture money sinks. And if you really care about it, you can get millions in just a few weeks of turnips.

>>523645865Slap all that shit onto a shareable image and get it rolling, user.


God some of you people are negative, I didn’t even play the game but most of the features I remember from Wild World and the original game.

>>523631254Is the first Animal Crossing still the best?

>>523653070NL's content being available from the start is better. Letting you get bored because there's nothing to do and then trying to bait you back with 1 feature at a time is shit. It feels like there's nothing to work towards after such a short time. There aren't more nook upgrades, diving took months to be added, more npcs are still missing, etc. By the time they add the stuff back in, if they do, you've already gotten bored from lack of things to do and don't feel like coming back. Being able to do what you want from the start as you go along was always better than this lame update scheme. And then you get like this month where they release a trailer of what's new to do in September and... it's literally 2 fish and a bug. That's it. No notable events, no new content, nothing. If you're going to go for this live service method you need to actually be constant with worthwhile updates, or don't bother. Even mobile games get better monthly updates than NH has so far.


>>523659089That is not what is being argued. I agree that the updates have been lackluster, but I have always been a kind of slow burn person and by this point I would have already gotten bored with NL because all the content there is frontloaded.Still, in case you're looking for more to do, there's actually 4 new fish in September, a few bugs (like monarch butterfly and the crickets) and quite a few new sea creatures if you're in the Northern hemisphere. Also some new DIYs. If south, then I have no idea.

>>523657628You can abuse the fuck out of turnips in both games. Turnips destroyed AC economy. The difference between NL and NH is NL's money sinks make sense while NH has you paying off your entire house in a week while certain random pieces of furniture cost obscene amounts.

>>523653725Just say you don't like being bothered to talk to your villagers and move on already. Go back to decorating for your next twitter post. I went back to GC for exactly 2 weeks last month to do a comparison and it was much more entertaining to talk to villagers, hands down. Also actually asking for jobs without trying to get them to stop repeating dialogue about the bench and lamp post next to you 5 times was a breath of fresh air.

>>523636282>I've been waiting for YOU.The Tiger is outyesYES

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i dont think animal crossing will ever return to what it used to be. it's now just a sequel to happy home designer expanded to include the entire town. i'll always miss what the series used to be and new horizons is the last time i'll ever buy an animal crossing game.

im emulating this now on yuzu. also have new leaf on citra.what's better: new leaf or horizons?


>>523659876This, but for Nintendo in general.

>>523659894Play them both and find out.Also this >>523660015It may be old, but it's packed with soul.

>>523660212I have new leaf on my phone and horizons to play at home, so i'll prob end up doing both.

>>523659894horizons first week is a lot more boring than new leafs

>>523660079You just made me aware how many Nintendo franchises I’ve actually said “this is the last one I buy”. It’s like this for every long running franchise I can think ofThe degeneration of society really sucks. Real creatives will never be able to make quality mainstream games again

>>523660620does horizons also have fossils to find/a museum? I assume it expands on new leaf stuff


>>523659397Having basic things like swimming, paintings and the full roster of NPCs not locked behind updates months down the road after launch is not "frontloaded". Waiting 3 months to finally do diving after launch has no good reason other than to pretend like it's "new" content for an update. And it's not like there's anything to strive towards either. Almost no nook store upgrades, main street shops/npcs or pwp facilities to work towards getting until god knows when, if at all. This is the first time it feels like you've "finished" the game within like a month, barring no time travel to get all the museum critters collected. You've already paid off your house easily, seen the small handful of npcs rotate many times already, unlocked the single nook upgrade, probably finished terraforming what you wanted, and day to day activities like talking to villagers are extremely lackluster this time, or pure tedium like gathering materials for crafting. Isabelle even reminds you daily "looks like there's nothing going on today!"

>>523653070Saying NL's content is frontloaded because it launched as a finished game is extremely disingenuous.

>>523659876>it's now just a sequel to happy home designer expanded to include the entire townPainfully accurate. Everyone that loves the game only cares about decorating for instagram pics first and foremost. Anyone that cares about the life sim side of it got shafted. Also funny you mention Happy Home, which actually lets you hang things from the ceiling and somehow NH doesn't. So NH's house decorating is actually inferior, sadly.

>>523637592She is the only reason why I keep coming back. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like she's the only villager in my town that actually says new things consistently instead of just constant repeated dialogue. It's like she's the only character with a soul in this game. I unironically love her, despite her autism.

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>>523660887I got fed up with them fairly recently. I could feel it coming with the Wii U, but everything since the Switch has been the final straw for me. If they ever release a game I want to play again, I can wait for emulation. If by some miracle they ever stop being a soulless corporation and revert to what I grew up with, then I'll come back.

>>523661203>>523661206It's frontloaded in the sense that you unlock everything in 3 months and the only thing to look forward to from then on is the events. I liked New Leaf quite a bit but fact of the matter is that I have played NH a lot more compared to that game and a few months in I am still wondering what might be added. Though it might be because I play it a lot more with other people, helps that the online experience is much better than NL (even if still bad).My problem with updates is that instead of them being announced or found in game, they are announced by a video or a tweet, making them feeling blatantly artificial.And no, I don't feel like I've "finished" the game in like a month. A big problem with most complaints about this game is that they project every single feeling of theirs onto other people. It's fine that you want more villager dialogue, but some people want more customization options and sandbox options, which NH delivered plenty in clothes and terraforming. I wish we could have both, but there's plenty to appeal to a specific demographic, just not everyone.

>>523661206It's like people actually prefer less content these days. God, the "release half-baked and maybe update later" strategy works so disgustingly well for developers these days. Everyone is buying into it.

>>523661490> I feel like she's the only villager in my town that actually says new things consistently instead of just constant repeated dialogueIf she were ugly you wouldn't feel that way.

>>523661490She just probably has less contextual dialogue so the rest of the dialogue appears more frequently.

>>523631254I honestly can't say I hate New Horizons because even despite all this shit, at the same time it also does a lot of things I've been wanting for years and even fixes some of New Leaf's mistakes. I hated having all the shops clustered in one area behind a loading screen in Main Street, so I'm glad they can be spread out again. I've never really liked the rolling log, so I'm very happy they gave us a top-down camera option again for the first time in 18 years. I've never liked the bland world generation of every game post-GCN so I'm glad tiers are back and we can make the terrain interesting ourselves. I also like the return of small stuff like glowing spots and Wisp's spirits.Most important of all in my opinion, the NPCs actually have SOUL again. Blathers is allowed to speak again and has tons of charming and funny dialogue for each donation instead of being a glorified donations box. Sable isn't tied to a machine anymore and actually talks about her past life and parents again, her dialogue is easily the best it's been since Wild World. Isabelle isn't being shoved in your face anymore outside of daily announcements, has been completely forgotten by fans and even Nintendo isn't really shilling her anymore.So while yes, I do agree that a lot about New Horizons sucks, I just can't bring myself to actually hate it when it's doing all this stuff I actually like. I guess it all kinda balances out.

NH's updates have all been shit so far

>>523636282Yup, I'm thinking he's based.

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>>523661651I was sick of Nintendo during 3ds and wii u. Many franchises turned to shit. Smash was an abortion. Pokemon was an insult. Mario was just rehashes. All the small franchises were dead. Splatoon was ok until everyone got OP abilities and it was impossible to compete without doing so yourselfJust poor quality from then since GC. Wii killed Nintendo. They were doomed to be shareholder bitches from then on

>>523661490Of course she seems more interesting when it's the only villager you still talk to after getting past the contextual dialogue.

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>>523661704>It's frontloaded in the sense that you unlock everything in 3 months and the only thing to look forward to from then on is the eventsThis is significantly more of an issue in NH than previous games, though, even with the updates so far. And praying more updates drop significant content later to fix that is a terrible business model. You shouldn't have to hope and see if you actually get a complete game by a year later. I appreciate NH adding terraforming and more clothes and such, but it's still not an excuse for the other things that got left out or watered down. Jumping from 3DS to Switch and 7 years since the last game, there's no good reason we shouldn't have the best of both worlds other than the game is just plain rushed and unfinished. Which, given the delays it had and update format, seems to be the case, which sucks.

>>523651456based hamtarochad

I just want the switch to be available in LA, but I know the switch pro is coming out next year too :( but what if it doesn't come out till the end of next year or the summer of next year :(

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>>523631440Why are you playing as a female character?Argument discarded, faggot.

>>523662465>This is significantly more of an issue in NH than previous gamesI disagree.>You shouldn't have to hope and see if you actually get a complete game by a year later.I agree completely.I can still like the game even if I dislike their business model, user. Plenty of things got watered down but there's still plenty of things I adore and that make me want to keep playing the game. I see many posts of people who got bored playing the game a month in. Yet I didn't, why is that? Maybe I just look at things more optimistically or have most of what I like (not what everyone likes) in NH. And yeah, I do have money and play most monthly releases so I have plenty to occupy my time. But I still come back to this game every day and have fun.


>>523631254>Bland, unstylized natural material furniture (log tables, stone tables, etc.)GOOD THING YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE THEY ALL AND REPAINT THEM EH??????>Japanese shitWell it's a Japanese game, it always had Japanese shit, and in fact many people were worried this one would have less Japanese shit to appeal to a broader audience. You're the only one complaining.

>>523646456>Or like the fact that you literally can't get more than two types of fruit (+coconuts) without paying for online.Your mother sends you random fruits.

>>523661842I think that just makes it more frustrating, since there's definitely a lot of good there for sure, but all the issues bog it down. If it was just a straight up shit game it'd be easier to just trash it and move on, but this keeps me wishing they could fix the shit parts. But somehow they can't even make bulk crafting happen after 6 months.

>>523663317Japanese shit is cool but when it’s one of like maybe 3 or 4 “styles” of decorating that you can go for because the item pool in this game is so ridiculously small, it’s restrictive. I can guarantee that every second player has a Japanese section on their island, and it’s not because the Japanese furniture is any good. This game desperately needs more content

>>523631254tranimal crossing.

>>523663317You could customize a lot of things in NL too, while also still having rococo, regal, modern, sleek, etc. sets as options too. And changing the same 3 wood sets everyone uses in varying shades of brown is still pretty boring.

>>523641115This, grow up jesus christ


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>>523631254I'm glad there's still at least some non-lobotomized people out there. I'm so tired of seeing people eat shit and smile with games these days. Pokemon, NH, and so many others being half-baked and/or just plain shit but they sell gangbusters because almost everyone's become mindless consumers.

>>523663946I want trainimal crossing back.

>>523665178cope, seethe, and dilate.

>buy the game>Repeat dialogue in the first day>5 repeat furniture on my second week>Turn off game and wait for the equivalent of the amiibo update

>>523667047It won't get one. And the Amiibo update was a bonus on top of an already finished game. This game needs a major update just to feel complete in the first place.

>>523646243>autistically focused on very specific things about the gameIt's fucking Animal Crossing. It's literally all about the little details, there's no intensive gameplay loop or some shit. The core game is furniture collecting, animal interaction, etc.Faggots like you who actively shit on people for wanting some sort of progression out of a series they care about can get split over a pike.

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>>523667539Oh well, that's fine by me. I should've expected this when they announced crafting I suppose.

>>523647027Imagine if there was occasionally a passing plane flying over in NH in place of the train thing. Too much polish for NH I guess.

New Leaf,City Folk, etc>Paying off a debt is a reflection of your labor>learning to work within your limitations to create fueng shi>Making your villagers happy and content while they so the same for you>Expanding and developing your town, which is in of itself a reflection of your engagements with the community.>Enjoying the moments when a small time celebrity and idol, K.K. Slider, come to the museum's coffee shop to play a song and give you some advice>Growing and developing trees and flowers for the love of your town>cutting down trees was a (small) costly decision, New Horizons>Debt is too easy to pay off, making it not satisfactory >Given a wet ball of clay to terraform to your liking>Drip fed crafting material and updates, exploiting trees and resources that regrow the next day>Engaging with villagers is for DIY recipes >expanding the town is solely money based, not requiring engagement with the community at all to build bridges, stairs, Outdoor items>K.K. slider, global celebrity, performs at your fireworks show because its good reputation for his brand>Omnipotent being in your island by week 3>Tulips on a tropical island despite them being a cold plant (this is just a personal pet peeve) >tropical island aesthetic clashes with the building's art style

>>523669081You forgot to mention how you don't even have to interact with the able sisters to buy anything

>>523669406Sorry, i was going generals. You could also mention the city guards, the barbershop, Kappa, Gamecube's second home and NES stuff, the unique furniture sets, the unique dialogue, the lost and found honor system, the stylized furniture, the train, the voting system, the local multiplayer, the family system. How the terraforming makes you lose the sense of uniqueness to your village, or how paywalling the designs and multiplayer goes against the original premise of the game