Klonoa creator has declared that September 6th is Klonoa Day.Let's talk about Klonoa...

twitter.com/yoshi_clonoa/status/1302374158064517121The Klonoa creator has declared that September 6th is Klonoa Day.Let's talk about Klonoa. Do you think Klonoa Encore will be at TGS in a few weeks? What about at the next Smash Direct?

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The series is dead.Accept it already.

>>523629921wtf I'm a necrophiliac now?Cool.

Klonao games are so fucking bland. If the characters weren't cute nobody about give a shit about this dead franchise.

>>523630724I like the worldbuilding.I really want to see Lunatea fleshed out more, since the game all takes place in Klonoa's psyche.Have some translated Phantomilian text.

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What is "Klonoa day"?

>>523631909Apparently it's just a day the creator set aside for Klonoa things.It's a few days after his birthday, so...

>>523632204After the creator's birthday or the anniversary of Klonoa's original launch?

>>523632271After the creator's birthday, which is on September 2nd.The game launched on December 11th.

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>>523629871Today, I remind Holla Forums

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>>523629871>that spoilerI wish, but it will never happen.Hopefully Encore sells well enough to turn the now dead webcomic into the next game.

>>523632621>turn the now dead webcomic into the next game.They already tried reviving the webcomic with an anime movie that sat in development hell until it got canned.

>>523629871Give it up, user. Klonoa nowaday only lives inside Taiko no Tatsujin's track list on Nintendo systems.youtu.be/X31-uqtHdEEhttps://youtu.be/yNl8Yxm-os0

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>>523633537Been awhile since I've seen this.


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>>523633440Is Stepping Wind in the new Taiko games?

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Considering that Klonoa 2 takes places in Klonoa's mind and it's a dream...Is it just me, or do the holes in the Empty Sea of Tears look a little Freudian?

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Klonos is the best Klonoa

>>523629871Hello OP I am very interested in Klonoa and your threadPlease tell me why this day in particular is Klonoa day

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>>523640701>The pun goes something like this: In Japanese, 9 is kyū and 6 is roku. A combination of the two words would make “kuro” which is like “kuronoa”, the way you’d say Klonoa in Japanese.Japanese and their puns.

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Klonoa looks cuter when he's fully dressed.

post klonoa paws

>>523641070Wish there was more artwork of him in formal wear.Black and white coloring would make him look good in a tuxedo.

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How does one even go about fucking Klonoa in 2020?

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>>523633042The anime movie was supposed to adapt the first game iirc not the webcomic.

>>523641575With a mask on.Don't want to catch Klonoavirus.

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>>523629871So uuh, how do we do Klonoa threads around here exactly?

>>523640846Please do not delete your nice Klonoa pictures, user

>>523641997Very carefully.

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>>523642132Sorry, I had to delete my post to post the actual answer to that user's question about why it's Klonoa Day.

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Which is your favorite costume? Klonoa 1, Klonoa 2, or the Wiimake?

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>>523641070Klonoa looks good no matter what

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we all wahoo down here

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>>523629871>Creator of Klonoa still makes weekly posts about his son, even after all these years.

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>>523644909It's like a cot death franchise for Yoshizawa, he can only imagine what could've been.

>>523629871Should I wait to get into this series until a remaster comes along?

>>523645605You might be waiting a while for a remaster to come about, may as well emulate the first game if you're interested.

>>523645440>The creator of the Ninja Gaiden games on the NES will be on his deathbed with only one regret, still figuring out in his head why he couldn't sell Wahoo Lad

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>>523645847>a whileTry forever.

>>523629871i'm hoping klonoa encore is a port/remake of klonoa heroes, since it's the one game in the series that can't fully be played in english. seems unlikely, though.

>>523645847I only have a Switch and my phone.

>>523629871Dream Champ Tournament was hard...

>>523646404I'm hoping it's a port/remake of Lunatea's Veil, because i am tired of having a PS2 just for one game. Emulation still can't play it right. I've gone through 7 PS2s from laser failure. What happens when the very last PS2 stops reading discs...? It will be a game lost to time...

>>523648128Wtf i still have my launch ps2 reading disks just fine

>>523647904All the remasters that Namco have released in the Encore series so far have been Switch+PC ports, so you're in luck (kinda sorta, hope time is on your side).

>>523647904You can get ePSXe on goggle play, but then you got to pay for app.

>>523648340Well if they're all on Switch then hopefully I'll be fine>>523648430My phone is almost 5 years old, I'm not buying any apps for it.

>>523648334I must have either extremely bad luck, or I play Klonoa 2 too much.I used to play Klonoa 2 at least twice a day since 2001, but ever since I've had disc read errors in 2010, I've toned it down to only playing Klonoa 2 once a month. Re calibrating the laser only made the PS2 last another half a year.

>>523648983buy a new phone then lol

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>>523649232Every fucking time.youtu.be/hpQQohcHk9Q

>>523649019Very wahoopilled

>>523650163just make some money then :^)

>>523629871Lunatea 2 when?

>>523650625Why do you hate me?

>>523650967>Klonoa 2 sequel>Young Sorrow raised by the High Priestess and the La-Lakooshans to be a Priest>Lolo earns her Priestess title back and becomes the new High Priestess with Priest Sorrow as her right hand man>Leorina as the new Queen of Sorrow with a rebuilt Hyuponia to remind the world of Sorrow>Cue Klonoa's entrance

>>523629871cute monke

>>523629871Imagine actually getting a new title that resembles and plays like this image.

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>>523651965she cute

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>>523652041she pretty

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>>523651965>>523652041>>523652468She got some big ass ears.

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>>523652468she perfect

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>>523629871I will never get it why franchises that weren't bad in the first place are getting abandoned. I really liked Klonoa games even though I had no issues with him being "too cute" (which landed to series of edgier redesigns that made him look like a weird Sonic OC)Anyways, it's long abandoned and forgotten and I'm afraid there's no hope for revival, such a shame

>>523652468>>523652613in Namco High she really was lusting for Klonoa's big black ears

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>>523644909That's how FURRIES are about their OCs.

>>523651898I can hear the OST

I want to eat Klonoa's ass.

>played klonoa as a kid>never turned into a weird typeAnyone else?

>>523654692but he needs that to shit

>>523654905I turned out weird but I'm loving every second of it.

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>>523654692Not before I bake YOUR ass and (literally) eat it.

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What's the canon of games you can't post about on Holla Forums without it devolving into anons talking about how much they want to fuck the character(s)?We got Klonoa, Vib Ribbon, Maple Story, what else?

>>523655068>Klonoa baking a literal asspieneat

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>>523655064This looks like Megumi Bandicoot

>>523655371Good taste.But it's from an anime.

>>523655371youtube.com/watch?v=LM2WLQfaHfE&feature=youtu.be&t=24m09s it's just a webm made from 1 second of an anime

>>523655172Ape EscapeUndertaleand every other vidya that contain at somewhat "attractive" looking characters, anthros or maybe even children.

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>>523632315>tfw I share a birthday with the creator of Klonoa>tfw also loved 2 when I was younger and it was one of my most played PS2 gamesCool

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how should we celebrate Klonoa being in smash and getting switch ports and the announcement of a brand new title?

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>>523656469any furry game

>>523656718I'd buy him a drink.His series is over 21 years old so it's okay.

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>>523656718Birthday gangbang session.


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>>523644424it's not even hot around there

>>523657378It's hot in HERE, though.

>>523657360Yes. >>523657378But it's getting hot around him.

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>>523655172>Vib RibbonI get that people are thirsty, but I'm pretty sure there's plenty of better material out there than fucking stick figures

>>523657378where is "there"?


>>523657962/v/'s insatiable sex drive begs to differ

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>>523655172PaRappa/UmJammer Lammy.I mean, on one hand, it's not like there's a whole lot to talk about with those games. There's only 3 of them and they all have very basic and simple stories. But it is annoying seeing Lammy get reduced to fapbait.

>>523629871The sixth of the ninth huh?It's time to party like 69!

>>523630724The two mainline games have top tier style and heart to boot, though I could understand you making that argument for the spinoff games.

Wahoo Point of View

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>>523644909>he was born in 1960 and is 60 now>Klonoa IP is 23 years old>yfw he has spent over a third or his life trying to make Klonoa a series

>>523662754Wait, when did Klonoa come out? I'm 23 (24 later this year).


>>523662871Oh ok, I don't like it when video games I like are older than me.

>>523662983Technically, the series is 22 until December 11th, then 23 years old.I think you're good.

>>523630724You're sadly right>>523630909That's the problem. Sonic didn't get in because "lore", he got in because his 90s games nearly overthrew Mario and were that amazing as games.The problem is Klonoa is even more under the radar as a platformer than Kirby, when Kirby is basically Nintendo's Klonoa. Namco clearly just didn't do enough to make Klonoa relevant. Even Shantae has more for her just because Wayforward still makes games for her. Klonoa needs a new game that actually does more for him than in the past 20(?) so years so far. Like a reimagined sequel.

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What are some other cute games? Is Super Lucky's Tale any good?

>>523633440At least they had the decency to pick the best songs I guess....

I'd make love to Klonoa then hang out, cuddle, and play games with him afterwards, because my love for him is more than just lust, I genuinely like him

>>523655172Every game


>>523629871I never played a Klonoa game but I remember a game where you rape that loli.

>>523666410Anything that I can play on Switch?

>>523666961Just play it on PC, dumb toddler.

>>523630724>>523663685The games were well recieved and the only reason the series is dead right now is because Bandai's incompetent marketing team.

>>523668550How received? Better than Pacman? Or at least more than the equally dead Rayman for around the exact same reasons as Klonoa?