HOLY FUCK LADS.Looks like video games are back on the

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>>523625253immersive sim with puzzles and heavily relies on explorationYou have a staff and a spell book and get a crossbow later onIt doesn't have a traditional quest list (but has quests) because it doesn't want to hand hold too much but has a journal that records some key points so you don't get too lostYou can gain gold via various ways like quests, exploration, killing mobs and use it to upgrade spells


>Action first person puzzlerOkay it looked alright until I saw that. Who the fuck ever asked for an action first person puzzle game?

It could be great If they actually spend their time on gameplay instead of graphics. Visuals are overrated anyways, new Ratchet looks overly busy and borderline ugly despite pixar levels of graphics in some scenes.

>>523625253Looks like dogshit unironically. Where's the gameplay?

>>523625594I agree.Wish there were more FPS RPG games out there with good gameplay than another half baked 'AAA' that spent millions only on graphics.

Can't wait.

>>523625590Funny how they didn't show a single puzzle in 30 minutes of gameplay.

>>523625253It has a few things I don't like>no classes>not sure how much of an emphasis on puzzle solving there is>don't like it's visual design>graven is already the name of another completely unrelated gameBut it will be good to get more of this sort of game.

>>523625253Thanks for sharing bro, I just bookmarked it. This looks better than most recent and upcoming AAA faggot games.

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>>523625253>we have a problem guys, we're incapable of making graphics for our video game>aw shucks, guess we shouldn't make a video game then>nah, just make whatever trash and pixelate it, they're actually gonna praise it and think it's retro and shit

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>>523625253Looks amazing.

>>523625949I won't defend Graven's art direction but you are retarded.

>>523625949Seething zoomer

Reminds me of Dark Messiah a lot more than Hexen 2.>>523625949The logic behind it is one that's been needed for a long time though, devs spend too much time and money on graphics, and graphics are at the point where they don't even matter, I'd rather devs just work on making a good game, that said this game is hideous.

>>523625879>wear top that's supposed to show cleavage>wear something underneath so no cleavage

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Looks really enjoyable. I will be playing this when its released.

>>523625253>duh lets make it low poly, low res pixel shit for no reasonabsolute dog shit

>>523627060Imagine being a faggot who thinks graphics are the only important thing.

>>523625253looks good, hope i can get a sword

As much as I hate to be that guy, but voiceovers would make this 10x better. There's a difference in entering a tavern and seeing a generic NPC you have met 2 times already giving you a line on your screen and being greeted by a rough voice or sth. Builds athmosphere.

>>523627060>for no reasonmaybe because its a lot cheaper to make low poly models?

>>523626284Old game looking old is fineNew game looking old is nostalgiafagged retardation

>>523627537There's a sword in the

>>523627627Yeah, they better hire 100 people to make graphics shiny. Who cares about gameplay.

>>523625253>pixelated spellbook>smooth 3D hand casting the spell>vfx are hl1 tierwhat the fuck is this art direction. I get a feeling of uncanny valley throughout the entire vid

>randomly smashing people's chairs and drinks in the tavern>nobody bats an eyeyeah sorry I cannot play these kind of antiquated games anymore, holy FUCK at least put some sort of response there, even if it's just a voiceline

>>523625253>graphics from 1980pass

>>523627643Glad to see there's more environs than the swamp, hope enemy variety is high too.

>>523627774Maybe the NPCs have some fucking respect because he's a priest.

>>523627723>reading comprehensionIt's fine if graphics are bad, it's not fine to make them even uglier by downgrading textures and models to PSX tier and pretend it's artsyThere are many styles of simple graphics they could have used which wouldn't need much fidelity and still look okay, just like many other indie devs do. There's no excuse for this.

>>523627627>>523627737Don't forget the font>"Hey lets make some pixelshit font">But can you read it?>"IT LOOKS SO STYLISH"

>>523627774That's the only thing I thought was weird, maybe it's not implemented yet.

>>523627804The Steam page does state that>Slay over thirty distinct enemies in an ever broadening world across numerous it should be fine

>>523625590me :)


>>523625253>so many breakable boxes and other shitsuch a horrible design

>>523625253>Unvoiced charactersI was almost in.


>>523631393because it incentives players to spend a lot of time on a boring activity

>>523631819But you don't have to?

>>523631912of course you don't have to, but it gives you free resources so people will be inclined to break everything they see which will ultimately drive them away from the game

>>523632050Have you tried to stop being a greedy jew?

>>523632210I'm not jewish :)

>>523632305Jewness is a mental state, not a thing you have in your blood.

>>523625253>More fps shit

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>>523625253>The GraveSo is the game fun?

well, if anyone had any doubt that Holla Forums today is literally the most casual and normie central of the internet, this thread is a good proof. honestly, this place is just fucking depressing now.

>>523632505go "play" a cinematic 3rd person over the shoulder walking simulator you filthy Sonygroid or if you are a Nintendicksucker go Bing BING WAHOOO in a $60 re-release of a 24 year old game with zero improvements whatsoever.

>2021i sleep

>>523632647it was killed by Reddit and Discord Resetera trannies.

>>523632476Nice try, now get in the oven.

>>523625253I want to like the style, but it isn't consistent.font is overly pixelated to the point of looking extremely early gaming.The game world reminds me a lot of psp type games or very late ps1. Then you have a pretty detailed staff/hand/book popping out right in front of you.Honestly they should unify the visual design more, the individual parts aren't bad but they clash terribly.

kek I remember Holla Forums wondering when we are going to get """retro""" 2000s graphics in new games, similar to the pixelshit pandemic

>>523625253I thought 3D Realms only made Duke Nukem games? The fuck?!

>>523632982Yeah, it's still a ways off to the release so I would be shocked if they didn't polish shit.

>>523632764You missed retarded faggot. I only play high action arpgs and fighting games, try again next time lummox.

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>>523625491theres no such thing as immersive sim


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>>523632856No, it was killed by shitstains. Reddit and Resetera have nothing to do with it. Both of those places now has less casual dudebro cunts than this place.Seriously, fucking look around.>Game with emphasis not on combat? Who the fuck asked for that!>If you can't have AAA production values, you should not be making games!>Environment isn't static as fuck? What a SHIT DESIGN!This is not fucking reddit, or resetera. This is result of 10 years of people ironically pretending to be plebs to piss off people genuinely attracting only actual fucking plebs.

>>523633020it still happens, that same megaman webm is probably being posted right nowthis is a new game though, and Holla Forums has to shit on a new game no matter what

>>523626420As expected of someone with misanthropic autism

>>523633020Going back to low definition graphics is a good thing. Making AAA normalfag moviegames costs too much and now devs can go back to making games with SOUL.

>>523633350That used to be true like 5 years ago. Nowadays the biggest money sink is marketing

I would leave feedback on the 3D Realms discord if you want them to see it. Many are pointing out the lack of visual consistency, I agree with this, though I don't think this is unfixable, they are already half way there in my opinion, just they need to redo some of the textures for the HUD and minor environmental stuff.

>ANOTHER boomercore shooterHoly fuck when will these stop? Always the same thing. The 5 of you boomers here shill it and samefag with the exact same predictable comments like this >>523625879 and when the game comes out only a hundred people buy it and nobody talks about it because it's a bad game. Every time one of these nostalgia bait games is announced it shits up the board with old games good, new game bad cringe posts. Just fuck off to /vr/ already. God damn I hate boomers so fucking much.

>>523633458>and when the game comes out only a hundred people buy itOh no, that totally ruins my enjoyment of the game because

>>523633413I think what we saw looks fine, the swamp looks properly drab and musty, but if we go to other environments and it still looks like that it'll suck.Have there been any screens of other environments?

>>523633458>Games are only good if they're popularAnd this is why Zoomers are trash and need to be genocided.

>>523632647>NormieWanna know how I know you are what you claim others to be? The word "normie" is the safe for work version of "normalfaggot". Reddit didnt like the word fag so they changed it to be kid and youtuber friendly. Is a very easy way to spot zoomer bitches pretending to be old 4channer boomers like yourself. Get off my website you sack of shit.

>pixel shitNicely done, this is how you milk the nostalgia faggots like the hipster cattle they are

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>kick buttoni will now buy your game

>>523633954Meanwhile sophisticated faggots like yourself only partake of games that feature DLSS and Chromatic Aberation amongst other things.

>>523633458my hope is that eventually something innovative will come out of boomer shooters

>pixel shit>its a 3d game???

>>523634284They don't know they we actually had to put up with 8 directional sprites in 2.5d shooters at one point. Zoomers literally think pixel shit is just low polygon/low texture res.

>>523633809We used to say normie all the time on /r9k/. It was just shorter.

Is the multiplayer campaign coop or just some pvp/modes thing?

>>523633954Its more looking like a modern ps1 game than real pixel shit.

>Immersive sim>Blow up conspicuously placed red barrels by shooting them with crossbow boltsI think they got the right spirit but somewhere along the line I feel something got a little lost in translation

>>523633413As some anons have pointed, the lack of NPC reactions is weird. Also I don't like how the light spell has the same effect on a zombie and in a beast. I mean, the later looks like has more endurance and I expected that the spell would just slow down it instead of completely stop it.

>>523634914They can still fix this stuff....Just let them know about it. I want this game to be as good as it can be too, I love games like this and I think it's very close to being truly awesome.It's not 2021 yet, there is still time.

>>523633458>God damn I hate boomers so fucking much.Did your old man embarass you in public again?

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>>523635240Fuck you dad. You didn't have to tell my friends about my Krystal poster you fat drunk son of a bitch.

>main character has a journal and write down stuff he hears or noticed>there's no quest menu or quest markers, you have to READ the thing and decide what to do based on the notes instead of following a short summary of what you need to do nextFucking based, this is what I'm talking about

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>>523625253>immersive sim>starts destroying barrels like a mad man >no one reacts>starts putting everything on fire>no one reactsokay

>>523625491Don't forget you get a shortsword with parry

>>523636556>no one reactsSounds like Arx.

>>523636556Yes, typical immersive sim.

Giving me some dungeon crawler vibesI cant wait to see more

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To be showed on today's stream

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>>523637410>Doom 3 engineoh no

this excites me immensely in a manner triple hay trash does not

>>523637529>engineGraphics I mean.

>>523637410whats this? look like that cancelled doom 3 mod some guy was making.

>>523637410Holy Doom 3 batman

>>523637529In a couple of years we'll reach the bloom and brown aesthetics. We're reaching peak aesthetics and we know for sure it's all downhill form here.

>>523637529>Soft shadows>Doom 3I feel ya user but it doesn't quite check out.

>>523637529>not liking doom 3 graphicsNot pixellated enough for your subhuman hipster brain?

>>523633020good, i've been waiting since fucking cave story for the 3d indie renaissance. i had to put up with so many fucking years of 2d pixel platformers

I like how the mentally ill are raging while the game itself is very pleasant to look at and has a nice looking style.

>>523637543check out Core Decay too, another immersive sim but more system shock than dark messiah. Same publisher too, 3D realms. doesn't look quite as good as OP's, but not nearly as much was shown

>>523637672You can get them in source ports, but other than that it screams Doom 3's aesthetics.Still, I'll wait to see gameplay.

>>523637410It's Unreal Engine 4 btw

>>523637651Then we just buckle up for ten or fifteen years until we hit the Retro-Revival-Revival

>>523625253Looks generic as fuck. Like an even more boring version of Hexen and Heretic with side quests slapped on top for upgrades. Somebody at 3D Realms must want an extra bonus in his retirement to have milk toast devs keep pumping these wanna-be bewmer shewters out over and over

>>523637858Where does this "immersive sim" term come from. I've never heard of it before the presentation yesterday.

>>523638071Warren Spector's 2000 "post mortem" on Deus Ex in which he described the game as "part FPS, part RPG, part immersive simulation." It's part of a design philosophy that aims to create believable worlds with interacting systems that react to the player's presence.

>>523637410Quake 4-2

The graphics are weird but kind of endearing. It's like a heavily upscaled PS1 low poly game.

>>523638071It's a misnomer anyway, the correct term by definition is Advanced Underworld Type Interactive Sim.


not badwill keep an eye out

>>523638618The ps1 was known for its FPS catalog amirite?

>>523637964it looks really ugly

>>523625594100% this, modern AAA realistic games look so goddamn busy it becomes hard to understand what you are looking at.Look at this random screenshot, does it look good? Yeah I guess but visually it's a mess.

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>>523625491Wtf is an immersive sim? Stop throwing around buzzwords.

>>523638618Agreed, they are charming. Though they really should make the art consistent, the pixel art that's seen here and there should be replaced. It's amusing how such an outdated graphic is still so appealing to look at, maybe I've just grown tired of realism and want to play these late 90s/early 00s artstyle games again.

>>523639796A sandbox game with physics and reactive enviroments, it's a fancy word for game where you can stack boxes on top of each other to climb them and break windows.

>>523639967I didn't ask a question. It was rhetorical because the term is stupid. Also didn't read your post.

>>523639720How is this a mess? Are you that full of shit or that much of an old retard that you can't see the basic city?

>>523640186"Wtf is an immersive sim?" is a question.Also you can't say you didn't ask a question and then say it was rethorical, if it was rethorical it was a question you dumb Nigger.

>>523639967So it's Half Life

>>523640284A rhetorical question you dumbfuck. In the next sentence I said it's a buzzword. Period.

>>523625253Based if the decision to go with these graphics was to put more time/money/effort towards gameplay/storyGay if the decision to go with these graphics was to appeal to retroditors

>>523640483Probably neither. It's more likely a budget constraint because 3d realms has no money.

>>523640240Too much detail cramped in the screen at the same time, I don't know what to look at, you take some time to make out what everything is.While Overwatch is a shit game the visuals are much more clean and clear and I think it's more enjoyable to watch.

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>games don't need to look any better than Halo 3prove me wrong

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>>523625253If it was like Orcs and Elves style I'd consider it.

>>523640779Halo 3 didn't look particularly good at the time and we've had better looking games that are much older than halo 3.

>>523640883That's fine. I still think Halo 3 is as good as it needs to be.

Game visually looks fine zoomniggersThe NPCs being mindless as fuck needs to be fixed

I wouldn't mind an entire generation of games that looked like PS2 games on stupidly high resolution and at a fast framerate.

>>523640779>xbox 360/ps3No. Just look how good ps2 games like Silent Hill look like at higher resolutions on PC. It is all that is needed.

>>523625253il wait for the modding community, rpg's are only good for the porn modsthe only reason people like fantasy is because they want to fuck elves or the more debaucherous fetishized humanoids

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>>523640673>i can only understand simple and cartoony pictureI think that means you have actual autism

mehgame looks ugly as shitliteral gamecube grafix

>>523641584Jesus Christ it's impossible to actually discuss anything you people anymore, you only care about calling eachother a tranny and le epic BTFO comebacks

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>>523641236>this is your brain on coomeryikes never post again

>>523625253I don't like the inconsistency and lack of authenticity in visuals of these games. They use low res models and texture, but also modern lighting and postprocessing effects which makes for clashing visuals. It doesn't look like neither the classic old games, nor modern ones either. It's like pic related all over again.

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>>523642605devs in 2000 would kill for modern lighting in their games

>>523638618I think it looks straight up beautiful, I do wish the textures were higher res though.

>>523642605It's not a bad thing though

>>523642605>It's like pic related all over againYoure fucking retarded. Maybe go post this in the Ultrakill thread but everyone is enjoying the game over there

>>523642676But they didn't, they did what they could with what they had at the time which gave birth to the specific look of their games. The games claim they're like classics, but they don't look like them and some of them don't even play like them either like the recent Ultrakill. They would've been better off using ps2 era graphics. Even those animations look too high quality to be used with those textures and models. The lack of consistency makes for clashing visuals.

>>523640673You're 100% right about the environment design, but Overwatch is also guilty of looking like a F2P korean MMO with all the particle and lighting effects once the action gets going. People often talk about Soul, and I think uncluttered environments are one of the key elements of soul. Look at pic related: it's just a simple creepy hallway, and that's really all it needs to be. If this was TLOU or something, this same hallway would include god rays, piles of fully-modeled junk all over the place, dynamic shadows on every surface, random stains all over the ground in case you forgot it's an abandoned hallway, and textures so detailed you can see the wallpaper peeling. All at the expense of making it that much harder to tell what exactly is going on.

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ITT retards throw "pixelshit" around without knowing what pixels are.

>>523641702You made a retarded statement with poor proof. And now you're mad because someone called you out. You're acting like that faggot hack civvie

Pixel art is fine at a fixed distance, but up close looks too undetailed.

>>523625253Are there any games out now that are similar to this?

>>523643210I've never gotten into TLOU but I think it's enviroments look really good and I never really felt that it would have looked better if they went with a less is more approach, it works for that setting. Granted I also don't consider it necessarily very impressive because the level of fidelity they go for is only achieveable through raw money and man hours which isn't achievable for most studios.

This game feels like Quake from the original concept.

>>523625253It looks charming to me, like a homage to old FPSs but better done, honestly.

>>523644252You mean Daikatana?


>the guy says they'll post an hour of uncut gameplay>the said video is only a little above 30 minutes long

>actually watching that 30 minute gameplayI really hope you are not doing thatImmersive sims are usually quite short, you might just got spoiled 10% of the game

>>523643505If you can't understand simply concepts like visual clutter and cleanliness is not my fault man I'm not here to school you.

>all those kicksGOTYwhy is everything so pixalated when the models look so nice tho?

Cool so when are they going to start making Serious Sam-Likes?

>>523644576The game is coming out next year, I'll forget most of what I saw till then. The boat intro sequence is 5 minutes long it seems, I hope they make that skippable. Only reason HL could get away with it was due to novelty.

>>523633458BASEDThough Doom Eternal was good, but that was taking the boomer shooter genre and properly modernizing it.

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>>523644637Not him but there's plenty of holder games with a lot of clutter and confusing environments. It's an art direction thing.

>>523644252Shiit, you're right

>>523625253Besides this game what other cool games have been announced on Realms Deep conference yesterday? Accidently missed it.

>>523625253Is it going to be the same drab green fog covered environment for the whole game?

>>523645509HellHellAnd HellHellBlood Hell Murder KillAAAAAAGGGHHHH!No but seriously it's like fifty Dusk knock offs, most of which look even worse than Dusk, a spin off Postal Arena shooter that looks really weird, and not much more.

>>523645648I found Dusk really fun to play through, while for example Amid Evil, while having some fun elements didn't draw me so much in. I also tried Gloomwood demo and that also looks promising. I'm honestly kinda exicited for the upcoming retro wave of FPS

>trailer looks amazing>Watch gameplay stream>It's literally just smashing boxes for 5 gold over and over and overPass.

>>523632647I told you fuckers we have to be elitists like /a/It's a shit board, but they keep the trash outIt's too late now

>>523640375that's not what a rhetorical question is. are you retarded?

>>523637410what stream?

>>523646107The second sentence litetally answered the question. No one cares about your worthless input.

>>523646059>but they keep the trash outUnfortunately they don't. And we're elitist in the exact same way /a/ is: shitpost about popular things, shitpost about things you don't like, and generally shitpost about anything by default.That kind of shit is exactly how we get shit like some of the posts in this thread.

>>523646125The Monster Energy Drink stream.

>>523646490A-are you joking an-user?

>>523640673I think you have the autism.

>>523633187>>523639796immersive sim just means you can stack boxes

>>523646727Really it’s about stacking and throwing boxes.

>>523639796>Wtf is an immersive sim? Stop throwing around buzzwords.Its a term that was coined by one of the most important game devs of all time decades ago. Kill yourself.

At least it's not some rougelike shit again.

>>523646609It's called Realm's Deep. And no I'm not joking, you'll see.

>>523625745you put a box on a switch

Hot damn this looks awesomeAre we entering a golden age or faux-retro kino games?I slept on Ion Fury and Dusk until this week, holy shit they’re so good.Is there any other great stuff I should check out?

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>>523647232there are a lot of these games, was a showcase just recently called realms deep

>>523640186What a retard.

>>523625253I ain't really gonna talk about the game cuz I don't care, but this video did remind me of something that I'm pretty sure no video game has done, or at least properly. It WAS going to be a thing in HL2 but they cut it. The thing I'm talking about is spreading fire. Why can't devs get it right?

>>523625491How can i get a job doing what you do? Seems pretty nice to shill garbage and get paid for it

>>523625253>be wizard>have magical crystal staff>use it to bash people's faces in rather than do magic with it

>>523625590its ok lil zoom, you always have fortnite and indie pixel shit

>>523633458>im so mad im going to go play fortnite and eat tide pods

>>523638490i'd coom, unless it played like zoom eternal

>>523645136you mean making it into complete shit.

>>523647232Effigy was another one revealed during yesterday's Realms Deep stream and looks cool as

>>523648768id really like to see games try to do q2/3 - unreal tournament engines era instead of this fake q1 emulation.


>>523649345totally, i went on to play a fun game

>>523625253sounds interesting but then the video was 30 minutes of breaking boxes

>>523625253>Ion Fury>Developed by VoidPoint, published by 3D Realms and 1C>WRATH>Developed by KillPixel, published by 3D Realms and 1C>GRAVEN>Developed by Slipgate Ironworks, published by 3D Realms and 1CWhat's the big brain plan here? Why have all these teams who will deliver only one game in their lifespan and then dissolve/disappear from reality?Why not just bundle these teams into one studio that will make these games, patch them and produce additional content?Also why 3D Realms makes a lot of deals with Russians all of the sudden?

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>>523650398the boomer shooter community are essentially just .WAD and quake map makers and now they're going to make money

>>523650398because youre stupid and dont know how publishers work

>>523650398better russians than chinks.but creating small development teams for a project or two allows the team a level of autonomy and creative decision making

>>523650398I do not know about graven but voidpoint and killpixel are like user said >>523650861 - a bunch of modders who formed a team to make a single game they wanted. There is nothing more to it than that.

where should I start with retro shooters? I used to enjoy Unreal Tournament 99 back in the day but that's about it I have a very low IQ, but Blood and Duke 3D look nice, not sure if they're confusing or archaic in any way, or what the best way to play them is; I'll probably just pirate the GOG versions of them all and look at source/unity ports

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>>523650398Slipgate Ironworks and 3D Realms are the same thing, or rather, Slipgate is the development wing of 3D Realms.3DR has a long term business plan built around making new games on old technology and bringing teams of star modders under their wing and letting them make their own projects is very useful for skills development and building up their knowledge base.They're partnered with 1C because they have a long history of financing and publishing risky games and it also gives them access to localization services encompassing the entirety of eastern europe.

>>523648229He's a priest, silly user. Anyway he already has a book for these things.

>>523625253Man they fucked up putting a 2 min cutscene at the start. Just show my gameplay from moment one.

>>523652054Amid Evil is great

>>523652054give Unreal a go, and its expansion, play with the music and take your timeUnreal 2 is not very retro but still proves to be a good shooterthen run through Quake 2, but its two expansions were kind of weakQuake 4 is also not very retro but still fun if you want to continue theretry to find a good running version of Blood 2, gog version may be the best bet but will require tweaking.this should keep you pretty busy if you missed these big names

>>523625253It looks really cool after watching it. Seems like something I'd be into.

>>523652054Start with amid evil in my opinion as it has less quirks that some of the other games do who go all in with mimicking older games.

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>immersive sim>npcs don't react to shitYeah no.

>>523625253obvious marketer, but i added it to the wishlist.Good job.

>>523633954You have no idea what you're talking about.

>>523653454Amid evil looks damn nice but so fucking uninteresting. I can't understand why it makes me feel that way.

>>523654506The action is surprisingly...I don't want to say slow, but measured when most people expected super high speed run and gun pro quake/unreal style combat.

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>>523640375> it's a buzzword. it's just means Deus Ex-like

>>523648514i cant imagine taste this shit existing

>>523655124I thought people would expect hexen/heretic style gameplay

>>523652054Quake 1 and 2, (Q1 expansions are good, Q2's are so-so_Unreal(some levels are a little confusing tho)BloodHalf-Life + Opposing ForceDuskAny Doom game besides 3Prey 2006FEAR (not really a retro shooter, but its just so fucking good)

Lack of classes is a bummer.It will never be a proper Hexen successor without creepy dark classes. That's what made Hexen so great, it took boring archetypes like the cleric, warrior and mage and made them so dark and badass.The sequel did worse, except with Asassin, Necromancer and Demoness which were spot on.

fps threads on Holla Forums are kind of cringe honestly. it feels like there's a lot of people who hate everything and just want to nitpick mechanics in depth, to the point that game x is irredeemable shit because I don't like this insignificant little thing here. there's also a lot of embarrassing company fanboyism like a bunch of underage phoneposters talking about consoles or something. you guys are gay as hell

>>523625253sounds like decent concept, hope it's good

>>523655390zoom zoom

>>523655838doom 3 isn't that bad, its not a bad experience the first time around

>>523657402getting filtered by Eternal is one thing, but actually liking Quake 4 over it is just being pointlessly contrarian.

>>523657525its not a retro shooter though. its slow paced and boring.

>low effort recreation of an old game that people can just mod if they are really interestedyawn. gaming is fucking dead.

>>523627774Bugged me so fucking much as well, especially after they called it immersive.

>>523657920>its not a retro shooter thoughAccording to /vr/ it is retro so have fun boyo - we retro nao.

>>523627817>"I bless this drink in the name of God">Smashes it with his foot

>>523657820oh fuck off

>>523652054Dusk is my GOTY 2018.

>>523658806Sorry bud, Quake 4 is shit and an embarrassment to the Quake series. Some day, when Quake gets a nice reboot like Doom did, it'll be regarded as a mistake just like Doom 3 is.

>>523625253this literally looks generic and boring, what are you guys excited about?>immersive sim>destroys crates someone is carrying and they don't do anything>destroys chair someone is sitting on and they don't react>blows up a bunch of crates a centimetre next to a person and there's literally zero reaction

>>523625253Looks kinda cute.I'll add to the list of shit i'm waiting for which is like 90% fucking eternal vaporware at this point. oh well

Alright fine, someone recommend me some first person fantasy games

>>523659819Heretic, Hexen, Amid Evil

>>523652054Dusk is what convinced me that modern boomer shooters can be good

>>523654506I played through it and kinda agree. There's just something about the speed of combat and the rate of enemies that feels toned down compared to similar shooters, and the whole style of button hunt level design got on my nerves. There are very few moments where you're legitimately overwhelmed even on harder difficulties, and the Soul mode is basically a win button for those times.

>>523659819The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


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>>523659819dark messiah

>>523625253>12 minute gameplay trailer>no gameplay until 10 minutes inwho cares

>>523662441Gameplay starts around 4min, shitposter.

>>523626372>devs spend too much time and money on graphics, and graphicshonestly i think devs spend too much on marketing than anything

DLC when!

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>>523625253Looks like SOUL is back on the menu

>>523647232I hope. I'm totally fine with such graphics as long as we get good games in "dead" genres. I'm still not sure why crpgs of all genres got a renaissance first.

>>523659819Enderal (instead of Skyrim)Arx Fatalis

>>523645870I loved Dusk. Playing through AE for the first time know and really enjoying it - what about it didn't grip you?

>>523647232Amid Evil is good

>>523655124play on hardest difficulty, you gotta find it

>>523668720I found starting weapons a little bit weak and not satisfying, enemies are kinda forgettable, and movement is more "stiff" when compared to Dusk.But don't get me wrong Amid Evil is good and planet launcher or that green mace are pretty fun weapons, but I just found Dusk more fun.

>>523655124felt this way too until I played on evil mode, game was clearly made for it now that I have both hard and evil mode under my belt

>>523652054dusk is the hollow knight/hat in time/shovel knight of the retro fps genre, contrarians may hate it because its well-regarded now but it's undeniably an indie classic that people will talk about for a while

>>523669204>>523669442I'm not good enough for evil difficulty. I enjoyed playing on normal and have a hard playthrough on the back burner. Got to finish Ion Fury on maximum fury first because I hate myself.

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>>523640673>it's too detailedthis is only a problem if enemies blend into the environment which is also only really a problem in a shooting game.

>>523625253It looks like minecraft textures.

>>523625253>another retro pixelated fps gameyeah..this is exactly why the 3080 was made.

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what a fuck ugly art style

>>523669652if you can beat ion fury at hard or above you can do amid evil on evil

>>523652054Dusk definitely worth checking out, Ion Fury and Amid Evil not so much but you can give them a go and see if you like them. Ultrakill is great but not exactly a retro shooter.Blood is the most grug friendly out of oldschool once followed by quake 1-2, Doom/Hexen can get a bit confusing with level design but worth checking out.

>>523670051I've beaten ion fury on the 2nd highest difficulty and that felt a tad below what I would consider truly hard. Maximum fury is proving to be a good, hearty challenge and honestly feels easier than my fucking around with hard in amid evil.

>>523646853What is your favourite strand type game?

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