Bloodlines 2

Whats the Holla Forumserdict now? Anyone still buying? Personally , WoD vamp LARP is my favorite LARP bar none so I can't resist. That's not even touching on the prospect of genociding the Tr*m*r* scourge. Pre-order never canceled.

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I might play it just to experience the train wreck first hand

>>523621692Not even hyped anymore after all the shit that happened. I already lost hope when they ruined my daddy, but all the following stabs, the pozzed shit, the men fired and the delay just makes it not worthwhile, i'll just pirate it when it comes out, or not and wait for the DLCs and stuff to come out so i pirate it, play it once and never touch it again.

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>>523621692Who is the lead writer now? Cara "Rape" Ellison?

>>523622795You ever just wanna release a rabid pitbull into a room when you see the people in it?

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>>523621692>still buying>still

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Yeah doa

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>>523622880Yes. Mitsoda was far too problematic. Don't worry, his contributions will be altered or removed to lower the toxicity :)

>>523622962Well, at least the writers have a lot in common with vampires, they both suck.

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>>523621692Who cares let's talk about drama.Did we find out why whatshisface got removed from the team?

>>523623172No reason given. I'm assuming he added shit that wasn't sanitized and politically correct enough and refused to remove it so Ellison and the other landwhales and their simps colluded to get him removed however they could to commandeer the game.

>>523621692I really want it to be good but my faith in it is pretty much shattered at this point. The gameplay shown looked kinda shitty then they fired Mitsoda in favour of some Ubisoft hack that worked on shit games like Farcry and Assassin's Creed


Rudi thread?

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>>523621692I'm just here for the porn

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>>523623172it sounds like they were done with the story bits of the game so they shitcanned him to be cheap and brought in some ex-Ubisoft dudebro to "polish" itprobably close to done, just waiting for cyberpunk to finally come out so they launch it after its hype has died down. It will still probably underperform

>>523621692>no Mitsoda

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>>523623605lol faggot

>>523623172He didn't want to change the script to suit new climate blm and all that shit(events in seattle) , he changed it a few times before so talentless sjw team would be happy,didn't wanted this time and they kicked him out deeming him problematic.

>>523621692>devs intentionally making the sequel seem as disappointing as possible to avoid building up an unrealistic amount of hype just like what’s happening with cyberpunk right now, preparing to release a fairly competent gameBased marketing strategy

>>523622962nu-white wolf is pozzed to hell and back so this shouldn't suprise anybody.

on my shitlist with cybertranny


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>>523621692Rik Schaffer's music is the only thing left that this game has going for it. I'll buy the OST, and lament what went

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>>523621692Everyone piece of news that comes out just make it looks worse. Took it off my wishlist when they fired Brian.

>>523621692>Anyone still buying?Not even worth a pirate.

>>523623617Yeah but if that was the case then just tell him, to just wake up one morning and go "By the way pck your shit you're fired" seems a little bit too much, makes it looks personal.>>523623262>>523623763Who knows with this industry, maybe someone accused him of sexual harassment like it's common these days.Or maybe he posted something problematic 20 years ago.

Why don't the nosferatu just get plastic surgery?

>>523624026>nossies>"a societal idea of ugliness"You can just tell that someone hasn't even bother to flip through the source material when they are writing this.

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>>523624315The effect wears off quickly and you revert back to being ugly anyways. If you care about looks as a nossie the only thing you can really do about your appearance is to learn the mask of a thousand face to hide your true form.

>>523624315Can you even do plastic surgery on beings that regenerate?

>>523624456>Can you even do plastic surgery on beings that regenerate?

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>>523624315Why would they give a shit about how they look, they are dead and banal desires like those are long gone.

>>523624026I wish a truck would fall on Cara Ellison.

>>523623473>he thinks that this game will have pornAt best, you will get below 10 amount, and all of it will be badly animated, just like how it was the case for ME:A.

>>523624315>Not accepting that your appearance matches what you are DRINK RATS, SEWER SURF, FUCK THE PRETTY ONES

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>>523624557>they are dead and banal desires like those are long goneIn the tabletop game you can suffer far worse deformation, some unfortunate ones can lose limbs, eyesights, other organs and bleed pus 24/7 and they will never be able to recover from this due to the clan curse.

Do we have ANY reason to believe that all the libshit garbage isn't being funneled into the Anarch and "Newcomers" factions? Surely the Camerilla and Pioneers are still based with the Baron being a non-political, all business option.

>>523624315They can't. The curse will just revert it back to its original state. The best that they can do is max Obfuscate and learn its ability called "Mask of thousand faces (the thing that you saw your sire in vtmb1 using if you played Nosferatu)".It is basically an illusion ability that makes others see Nosferatu using as a normal/attractive human being. The more powerful the nosferatu is, the more people he/she will be able to fool others (including other vampires) with that ability. It's a good ability for when they wish to either troll unsuspecting humans (like how vtmb1 Nossie sire did with you), or to troll Toreador sluts.>>523624501They still can't unfuck Nossies though. It's stated in lore that if Tzimisce were to try and give Nossies a makeover, it would just reset to its original state since the curse is much stronger than Tzimisce's abilities.

>>523624741>Surely the Camerilla and Pioneers are still based with the Baron being a non-political, all business option.They still need a villan, cammy elders will fit in this position like a glove.

Thanks for cluing me into the horse shit.And here I was, still excited for a game I knew was too good to be true.

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>>523624501They can't though. It will just reset if they do it.Even if tzimisce's antediluvian did it, it would not stay. At best he and other low gen tzimisce might manage to make few changes that they did stay on nosferatu's of higher generations who are one step away from being thin-bloods. Even then, the changes would not stay as they would gradually revert back to its original state. You just can't unfuck nosferatus. They either learn how to use motf ability, or they are doomed to be forever in sewers.

I'm going to wait for reviews. Is there even a confirmed release date? I thought it was supposed to release in January.

>>523624741Baron literally has one of the antagonists working for them. I don't know how will that play out when you join them, but Cara "VIRTUAL RAPE IS A RAPE" Ellison made it sure to be known that guy on the cover is not your friend, and that he is meant to be the most deprived person in the game.

>>523625180>And here I was, still excited for a game I knew was too good to be true.Even if you disregard all this pozzed political crap there's still very little chance that this game would be good, you are literally banking on the fact that a studio that has literally done nothing noticeable in it's career before to recreate a cult classic RPG.

>>523625330it was supposed be last febthen "2020"now 2021they're hiding till Cyberpunk comes out so they can launch long after its hyped dies down so they don't get raped

>>523621692This is gonna be Anthem for us VTMB autists.I bet they were never even close to finishing it.

>>523625372"Depraved">uses wrong pronouns.>forgets to ask for consent before blood-drinking.>totally ignores the quirky toreador with multicolored hair.>doesn't recognize the inherently patriarchal nature of the whole Caine thing.Truly histories greatest monster, I'm sure.

>>523624501Not even they can do anything about it. It always reverts back to its original state no matter what. Lower gen the nosferatu is, the stronger the curse is. Meaning, that tzimisce can't even start their "makeover" in the first place since it will revert back in matter of seconds.On another hand, should they do it on nosferatus of higher generations whose blood is thin and curse not as strong; it will only manage to stay like that for short time (minutes, hours, perhaps even days depending on tzimisce's own generation compared to nosferatu's), but it will still revert back to its original state in the end. So tzimisce can't do a damn thing about changing nosferatus.To be fair, that's probably for the better since the type of "makeover" that majority of tzimisce are interested in is fucking you up even more. Which is why it is probably for the best that tzimisce can't do shit to nosferatu, since they would most likely end up looking even more fucked than they already are.

>>523625826Isn't he working for blacks? The Baron is literally black owned faction, with only him being white. So, are they trying to say that "the most evil character" is evil because he is working with blacks? Damn! Didn't realize that Cara was secretly redpilled like that.

>>523623172Boring but ultimately likely answer is that he's probably difficult to work with and he just got blamed for the shit state of the game and all the delays

>>523625826You might be joking, but I wouldn't be surprised if this ends up being the case. Instead of the game villainzing for real reasons (like him being psychopath that enjoys the act of murder), they end up villainzing him because he missgendered you that one time. Or said that virtual rape isn't rape. Or that he liked old voice (Mitsoda) for news better. Or some other dumb shit that Cara considers as her worst nightmare.

>>523625826>"You will never be a real woman, kindred." t. Mr Damp most likely

no interest in buying it anymore. definitely gonna pirate though just because i'm too curious. best I can hope for is a somewhat solid 6/10 game with some peaks in story and atmosphere but even that seems to be very naive at that point.

>>523627123>>523625195>>523624817I am just responding to the statement of "Can you even do plastic surgery on beings that regenerate?" I made >>523624321 >>523624429 these posts and I know how the nossie clan curse works.

Just play the original for the 70th time

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Somebody just had to wish for VTMB2.That's what you get. THE DEAL IS NEVER FAIR.

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>>523627889Ah, I see.

>>523624026so is this a joke or what?

>>523628026As someone who read almost all the CWoD books after playing VTMB, the original VTMB isn't even that good. I know what conditions the devs are working with and I can appreciate a lot of nods to the lore but the end result is still extremely lackluster.

>>523621692hahaha no, there is no way im buying it.This game will be garbage, which will still sell I imagine due to 1 and people not knowing better, like TloU2, but its sales will also drop like a fuking rock when normies get the memo, like TloU2.Might still catch it at the seas for old times sake, 1 is a marvel, but there is no way im supporting the company who is producing this atrocity,

>>523628026Who cares? If it's shit fans can just disregard it like most of the new Star Wars films

>>523628160are you mad? white wolf writing is insanely cringy

>>523624321The funny thing about is that nosferatu curse got nothing on samedi one.>Nosferatu >painful embrace that might kill them>should they survive they will be disfigured >other than that it ain't bad as you can live pretty comfy unlife in sewers>you also get the best clan a.k.a. one that actually cares to protect you>you can still learn ability to hide your ugly ass meanwhile...>Samedi>the embrace part never fucking ends for you>every single time you awake you will rot again and again>your body will revert back to its original state during the day just so you can ROT at night>imagine losing your lose every single fun>can't even hide properly or stay in one place for long because you have atrocious smell of dead following you wherever you go which makes you easy to trackI'll take being an ugly neet vampire in sewers over JUSTdi any day.

>>523628212i dont know ... the original still is pretty nieche and VtmB2's ties to the original were their major selling point. I dont think the lackluster marketing is appealing to alot of zoomers and the last months definitely have been turning off a lot of fans of the original. game consists of nothing but red flags at this point with everything pointing to a massive failure both creatively and commercially

>>523628374>white wolf writing is insanely cringyI understand that it's not for everyone but I do enjoy chunni powerlevel shit and WoD fits my cup of tea, also I think the pre-revised mage books are pretty well written.

>>523627889In that case, it is correct. Although, still not completely. If they do plastic surgery on a vampire that is much lower gen then them, then their work can still be undone.Overall, tzimisce are not that good with vicissitude, despite that being their clan ability. Only very few tzimisce care to learn how to use vicissitude properly. Toreador antitribu (Zantosa) are unironically far better at using it since they are usually artistic by nature, which makes majority of them invest in vicissitude as their main ability.

Now that both Mitsoda and Avellone are out, I cancelled my preorder and bought Wasteland 3 instead. No idea what the fuck is going on with development, but the game is not gonna be even funny bad.

I'm 100% going to finish this game no matter how bad it gets. If I actually enjoyed it after finishing it I might drop some bucks on it.I think it's mainly just Holla Forums contrarianism and wanting to find faults and flaws in everything.

>>523629037>I think it's mainly just Holla Forums contrarianism and wanting to find faults and flaws in everything.i'm all for ignoring the Holla Forums hivemind but you must be insane to think only Holla Forumstards are at least deeply concerned

>>523629037>I think it's mainly just Holla Forums contrarianism and wanting to find faults and flaws in everything.Are you the same type retard that said this when everyone was giving up on ME:A? This is not CP2077 case in which Holla Forums bitches about it because people are hyped for it. This genuinely looks bad!

I feel sorry for fans of this francise.

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>>523629037>I think it's mainly just Holla Forums contrarianism and wanting to find faults and flaws in everything.I get this non-response a lot when I try to make a civilized argument on normalfag-infested websites.

>>523629462This franchise has been dead ever since nwod became a thing and they started hiring crazy libshit writers.

>>523629037There is a huge difference between just Holla Forums bitching about something because everyone else outside of Holla Forums likes it, and everyone + Holla Forums agreeing that something looks bad.

>>523629462Just having the original game is enough to make me happy.

>>523627963>play the original for the 70th time throughWhat are the mods that allow you to join sabbat ?I swear to cain, i once joined them as a samedi in antitribu years ago.And yet on my recent playthrough there was no such option anymore

>>523622680>>523623605oh look, its the 2077 faggot AGAIN, in another rpg treadhow mentally ill do you have to be to post like this

>>523628442>SamediBut then you get to wear cool hat

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>>523623718Um sweetie Brian doesn’t matter

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>>523621692>Whats the Holla Forumserdict now? Anyone still buying?What fucking verdict you absolutely idiotic piece of shit?Wait for reviews and until the game is out, you worthless human garbage.

>>523624567>At best, you will get below 10 amountWhat is this user trying to say?

>>523628160ignorance is bliss

>>523630123Clan Quest Mod adds a full Sabbat hub and questline. I think the Unofficial Patch plus lets you join the Sabbat too but it's really basic by comparison.

>>523630630Less than 10 porns

>>523621692There's a WoD mod for crusader kings 3 btw. I saw a vid of it and its pretty neat.

>>523624501Unrelated to whole plastic surgery talk... I'm kinda surprised that Tzimisce don't have some kind of fucked up embrace ritual like how Baali do. You'd think that No.1 WOD edgelords would have something fucked up for their embrace, but nope. It's mostly as normal as embrace can be. Even non-Sabbat clans (like Gangrel) tend to have more sadistic tendencies when embracing someone.

>>523630630Less than 10 pornos. I dare saying that it will be less than 5, let alone 10.

>>523631073I think the Baali are just paying homage to their birth and a shocking/violent embrace can weed out the weak and undesirables before they become embarrassments of the clan or expose the existence of the clan into the open when they are planning something big. Tzimisce usually embraces people who are already kind-of fucked up or share the same hobbies as the sire so there's no point going all out with the edginess

>>523624262I feel like if sexual harassment were the case we would have heard stories come out by now. Hardsuit's press release about his firing was pretty blase about it, simply wishing him the best on future endeavors. If there were any kind of crime related I'd doubt he'd be given that boilerplate send off. I don't think his departure was good natured because even the community manager for WoD just retweeted the article and didn't have anything to say about him leaving. Weird fucking situation.

>>523631586Gangrel only want "strong" in their clan as well and will only ever get interested in embracing someone they think of as "strong", yet this doesn't stop them from:>1. Stalking their childe-to-be>2. Attacking them>3. Mutilating them in extremely brutal manner>4. When they are at the door of death (either from huge blood loss or shock), they finally drop their blood as a sadistic game to see will death or unlife win in that last second>5. If their childe survives this traumatic ordeal, the said sire will fuck off without even explaining them anything. Which causes many of freshly sired Gangrels to die in less than a weak (either by the sun because they don't know who they are; starvation because they don't know about feeding; hunters; Camrilla's agents because they probably broke masquerade without even knowing that they did)I dare saying that even Baali embrace isn't as bad as Gangrel's. At least Baali's sire will stick around to explain his childe what the fuck they are, unlike Gangrel one that is constantly playing test games with their childe.

>>523630812Thats gonna be my 5th playthrough this year

>>523632180>less than a week*

>>523631586Gangrel torture in their embrace just for the sake of it, and Gangrels aren't meant to be seen as fucked up clan. Tzimisce on another hand love torture in general. So them not pulling Gangrels or Baalis during embrace is pretty surprising.

>>523621692I admit I was hyped until a little while ago when they even fired Mitsoda and then I just threw up my hands and went "well then", cancelled pre-order and I'm holding onto the refunded GoG buxx to buy the next Pathfinder when it comes out

>>523627650You take her for a fool, but cultural-Marxists are rarely fools, they are crafty little shitstains that hide their plots, gaslighting, deception, and treachery behind a veil of apparent stupidity.What will REALLY happen: the antagonist will be a proper antagonist with all the actually negative traits you can imagine, and it will be SHOWN, while the things you mentioned as "Cara's worst nightmare" will be endlessly SPOKEN OF. This is the oldest trick in the book, linking negative traits according to the writer to objectively disgusting traits, to create a subconscious association in the head of the consumer.

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is the Tzimisce antediluvian really spreading a parasite throughtout the entire planet and is in cahoots with cthulhu?

>>523624026>>523624321Clearly they didn't even play the first game either.Nos aren't 'ugly'. They aren't even just ugly. They are hideous goddamn monsters who break the masquerade with their very presence. No amount of virtue signalling will remove the instant revulsion and fear they cause, not jsut visually but often against every sense.The faggots writing for the game think they are just giant progeria kiddies to be fawned over for facebook good boy points.

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>>523635136The thing about him though is that I find it odd that they decided to describe him in particular as pure evil? I'm not claiming that he is a nice vampire guy since his bio literally states that he loves deranged shit that he does. However...He is not random Sabbat lunatic either, since his bio also states that he only will ever hurt people, let his deranged side free, if they are on his list. So, how is he meant to be the worst thing in this game? Is he crazy? Sure as hell is. Is he deranged and creepy? Absolutely. But is he the worst thing? Unless you are on that "list" of his, nope. Seems that you will be absolutely safe. In short, he is just a hired gun. So, what's so bad about that? Why isn't the Baron (who is totally not black), or people who hire him in general considered as worse since they are the ones giving him the said list? The gun won't shoot itself unless somebody pulls the trigger. Do you blame the gun, or the one that pulled it? So, why is Cara trying to make this guy in particular as the worst thing ever in the game when he seems to be pretty controlled for a psychopath?Unless there is some shit that we don't know, that his bio didn't state, I find statement about him being "pure evil" and "the worst" as absolutely laughable since he sounds as standard for the world of darkness. I dare saying he is less fucked up than majority of Camarilla's elders since he at least cares to restrain himself and only hurt very specific people instead of hurt others randomly.

>>523625826No. He is the worst of the worst because he is the only white guy in baron's faction.

>>523621692Shit game.Also daily reminder that Tzimisce is the best clan but only the most dangerously based and redpilled of coomers are allowed.>tfw in the presence of plebs who cannot know such joys

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>>523638240>TzimisceThat's funny way of saying Tremere.

>>523624817>>523624659So are Nosferatu the worst clan then? It sounds horrible.

>>523638427See >>523628442. Samedi curse is way worse. Imagine eternity in which you wake up, only to rot again and again every time the night falls. The pain just never ends for Samedi, and they can't even disguise themselves like Nosferatu can by using mask of thousand faces, because another curse that Samedi have (apart from rotting) is that they have very strong smell that gives them instantly away. Which causes them to constantly be on the move since they would be extremely easy to track if they dared to stay in one place.

>>523638240They are also fucking amazing in tabletop. The sheer breadth of uses of fleshcraft is silly, especially if you take the splats containing promethean clay (self fleshcrafting is reflexive) and body arsenal (can grow gangrel claw-tier weapons from any bone in your body). While Tremere outpace them in utility, Brujah in damage and Ventrue in mind games, they meet halfway perfectly.

>>523638427Samedi are the ones that win the most JUST prize.For Nosferatu, their pain ends if they survive the embrace. They can also learn the ability that allows them to trick others into seeing them as normal.Samedis on another hand are just JUST'D in every single way. They lose their skin, limbs and organs every single night without a stop. Then they smell really bad to the point that you can smell their scent from miles away, and that smell will linger on places that they will visit, which makes them an easy target for hunters to hunt down. Even if hunter doesn't find them, there is always a chance that some Camarilla agent will gun them down in order to preserve masquerade since everything about Samedis breaks it.

>>523638929>>523638614How do Samedi ever work in this world? I read the wiki and it seemed like the most dumb of explanations “yeah they ruin the masquerade but they’re like assassins and stuff”

>>523639121They live like gypsies in constantly being on the move. Never staying in one place. They are treated as unicorns in vampire society due to how rare is to even come across ones since they are always hiding from everyone for obvious reasons.Not sure what's lore on them in V5 since I never cared to pay for that trash, but in old lore they were treated as myths even among vampires due to how impossible they were to find.

>>523638389>thinking his thaumaturgy dots can compete with kidnapping sluts and fleshcrafting them together into a chair made of titso i am laffintremerelets, when will they learn?

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>>523638614>they can't even disguise themselvesWhat is Hags Wrinkles

>>523639121They don't since you can't even find them. Baron is the most notorious samedi and the only one that does actual work from time to time with other kindred, but even he hides a lot and doesn't linger for too long in one place.

>>523639514That still doesn't hide the smell, which is the biggest issue for Samedi. Even bigger one than rotting.

>>523639514Only useful if they want to move quickly and not linger for very longer since their stinky asses will give them away instantly to anyone that has working nose.

>>523639514Not enough to fool trained hunters who are aware of what their smell is like. So that skill is not that useful to make them waltz on the street without the care in the world like how Nosferatu can hide with Mask of Thousand Faces. Samedi don't have that luxury since they have to be quick if they don't want the entire place to smell like them, which will obviously bring the unwanted attention to them.

>>523639514Doesn't work on kindred and hunters that know what they are looking for since the bad smell that is iconic for samedi gives them away.

>>523622795Dang i wish there were more girls into this goth shit so we can larp together

>one chance at eternal life>get embraced by SamediTell me one reason not to wait for sunrise to end me? There isn't a single redeeming quality to being Samedi at all. Everything about them is just pain in literal way.

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>>523641736Move to Russia then. Dark and edgy stuff like this is pretty popular in slavic regions.

>>523641924Not since 2007t. Slav

>>523622795This looks like a vaush debate

>>523621692>Whats the Holla Forumserdict now?>nowDid something happen? Not that it matters I guess, after they showed the gameplay it was clear that not only was it pozzed but also potched as well.

>>523639514>they can't even disguise themselves like Nosferatu can by using mask of thousand faces, because another curse that Samedi have (apart from rotting) is that they have very strong smell that gives them instantly awayOnly ones that would be fooled in this case would be mere humans that aren't aware of vampires. Any hunter on another hand would be able to pick up on it since their smell is their worst bane. No amount of baths, perfumes or deodorant would be able to ever get rid of that shit.

Reminder that we NEVER got this

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>>523642313Brian Mitsoda, the lead writer for vtmb2 and the man that wrote vtmb1 in the first place, got fired for no given reason and he was replaced by some Ubisoft fag instead. That's what happened.

>>523621692Yeah I'll probably buy it. I'm forever hungry for rpgs.

>>523642532MMOs suck so it was for the best

>>523639345In V5, they, the Giovanni, the Nagaraja, and the remnants of that clan the Giovannis Shoah'd came together in a "family reunion" and created one clan, and not much later, their respective clan curses also vanished and got replaced by a brand new one. TL;DR: they've been soft-retconned out of existence along with 3 other clans.

>>523627963Does any game capture early 2000's goth culture like vtmb?

>>523641839It doesn't actually hurt them and they are selected for embrace because they've been obsessed with death as mortals. Basically, Nurgle cultists of WoD.

>>523642919I knew that V5 was bad from what I heard about it. How they fucked up Nosferatu lore, and even fucked Malkavians as well. Still, that is even worse than what I heard about these two other cases.

>>523643025There are better ways to get your death fetish, bro. I don't want to have my eyeball inside my mouth every night. I don't want to see my guts spill out every night either while my arms/legs/fingers fall off.

>>523623430the writer still got fired for that thread?

>>523624026jesus christ talk about dead on arrival, i'm not even sure it'll be worth pirating.

>>523621692they booted the guy that made the original and worked on it for five years. pirate it if you must, but dont buy it under any circumstances.

>>523623906There is no more WW, it's a small group of ppl that manage a brand, actual content is created by IP permissions.

Verdict is avoid like the plague then buy complete collection two years later for $10-30.I was still hoping it would be a good atmospheric experience and it still could be, but firing Mitsoda makes it a matter of principle now.Boycott.

>>523638240Tzimisce are a boring clan. They're entirely defined by their Discipline, unless you go Old Clan, who are just a bunch of spurges with a ton of money and glorified Thaumaturgy.

>>523649531Ill pirate GOG versionI may buy physical copy for SEX , but it will be second hand , so they don't get my money

>>523621692day 1 pirate

>>523646931no he didnt


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>>523621692who have they NOT fired?


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>>523650752My babe, Outstar

Attached: Outstar.jpg (1200x690, 102.38K)

>>523650485He actually did.

>>523650331i don't even think it's worth pirating

>>523651294I want to hate her because she randomly goes so far off base of what VTM is, she exemplifies the audience for v5.But at the same time she knows her shit most of the time and has called out pretenders and pseuds, so I'm conflicted.

>>523651382not like there's any other games worth playing

>>523651294>damage controlling paid shill who says mitsoda wasn't that important anywayyay

>>523651358he actually didn't

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>>523651294>talks about video games before getting hired>goes full political after getting hiredhmm

>>523651637Advertising for VtMB2 started off with a bunch of political statements so it's not surprising.

>>523651358>>523646931Matthew Dawkins, the ingenious voice behind Rudi, is still employed by Paradox as a dev as of four days ago.Why do you post this same lie in every single thread, you dumb little tranny?

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>>523621692>Thinly veiled metaphor for homosexuals 2: this time it's even less thinly veiled.

>>523651541To be completely fair, dense morons are the ones that turned the Malk curse in "lolthey'reCRAZY". They were always supposed to be afflicted with something that was allegorical or similar to a human derangement, but the root cause wasn't the same.

>>523639449At least Tremere have something more to them and their lore then being their antediluvian's bitches because vicissitude is the thing that keeps them on the leash, yet these retards keep using it. Old clan on another hand (that has brain enough not to use it), has nothing unique to the table to offer and they come across as poor man's Ventrue or giovanni, except less interesting.On another hand, Tremere are bunch of losers. That is true. However, they still offer a unique part of the lore as those that have became vampires on their own. Then how they also managed to rise in vampires' society that despised them and still does. How they keep surviving no matter what, and how they often hold high positions no matter in what organizations they find themselves in, despite being hated by every single organization. You can meme Tremere and make fun of them all you want, but the fact remains that they are INTERESTING faggots.So I'll take loser ex-wizards now turned vampires who are mega kikes over boring clan of edgelords whose entire lore comes down to them being edgy for no fucking reason and being cucked by their own antediluvian. Fact that Dracula is the only not-shit Tzimisce that is worth anything, says a lot about that clan.

Attached: (You).png (485x537, 280.83K)

>>523652213What I find odd is these people disparage the first game's Malkavian when even random things they were saying to themselves were foreshadowing their inability to process and control their own prophetic visions.

>>523651735It's ironic since this is the same chick that defended TW3 when SJWs were attacking it. Now she sounds just like them ever since she got hired. Her entire twitter went from her being just a fangirl of certain games that talks about them, to tweets about how women have it hard, muh minorities, men being assholes, and oh, Brian not being that important.

>>523652541The interaction you have with the TV news announcer actually had some meaning but people thought it was just random humor. I think it's okay if you can do it like that. But the game still had two (three?) other Malks that weren't meant to be funny with Grout and the sisters, but that gets ignored for some reason.

>>523652541It's nufag / old writer phenomenon. VTM was massively popular after it released, and they got a lot of random writers with very little quality control, and the writers dumped tons of unneeded shit into the game, and misinterpreted shit. The old writers tended to just lean into it because it was popular.Now we've come full circle and the old writers are questioning their own writing as offensive when it was originally created specifically as unrelated, because it was misunderstood for so long that the misunderstanding became the norm.Pre-v5 Dementation is the perfect example of this.

>>523651735This is the same woman that made fun of lefties in the past for screeching about oversexualization and trying to force minorities everywhere in the past.Now this same woman is preaching the opposite in 2020 after joining Cara's team.


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>>523623262>>523623763nice narratives but mitsoda is pc too you retards

>>523653254And? You act as if these people don't eat each other for transgressions.

>>523638240>best clan>not CHADoreador

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>>523653254J. K. Rowling is the definition of pc tard, yet everyone ate her alive when she said that trannies don't get periods, therefore, aren't women.

>>523621692> initial announcement> mass hype> horrendous gameplay footage> tepid hype> Mitsoda gets fired> discussion is reduced to bootlickersI can't even muster up the energy to shit on this game. I just don't care about it anymore.

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>>523622795>customer support specialistthis is like trying to judge the quality of a piece f furniture by how attractive the clerks aregranted, the game is gonna be shit, but at least give valid reasons for it

>>523653212wow and yet he is still working at paradox on vampire as a dev as of this fucking week>>523651879

>>523623430The fact that this exists is proof that White Wolf and their IPs are fucking over. There's literally no redeeming it.Best case scenario is that some alt-right goth lifts all the best elements of oWoD and creates their own version that isn't pozzed and cringe.And before some retard says>b-but they were always lefty and political!understand that WoD (like the scene it came from) wasn't just leftist, it was specifically anti-establishment.If the establishment is now consistently pro-feminism pro-trans pro-muslim faggotry because it's found a way to commodify and commercialize those things in a way which generates the political and economic wealth to further the enslavement of (You), then you can't claim to be anti-establishment and simultaneously radically leftist. This kills the crab.Also, speaking of being riddled with contradictions: how does this shit writer justify the characterization of not only a gay muslim - which may be stupid but actually exists - but a gay muslim VAMPIRE in a setting where GOD IS REAL? It boggles the fucking mind. It's beyond the point of saying 'this is a square circle' and into the territory of 'this is a square circle in a triangle-only universe'.

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Interview with Cara Ellison and Brian>38:37>what the most problematic part of bloodlines for me was always like if your blood defines you as a person it's an inherited it's kind of either like an inherited kind of inferiority which for me is like not ideology to work with>39:39>talking about like you know pure blood or whatever that's like super uncomfortable if you're talking about like cuz it's all like very kind of Harry Potter isn't it like if you're born into like this particular Gryffindor house then you know you're super duper amazing superhero and you're great all the time and it's just like kind of weird to measure people via thatSearch for "trans " on the transcript.

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>>523651513Did she really? Link?

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i bought the gigagoy edition because of a price error and refuse to refund, at this point i'm in it to watch it burn

>>523654383>Like>Super uncomfortable>Like>Harry Potter>Like>Super duper>Like>Like>LikeThis is the cunt in control of the game.

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>>523623763He’s a scapegoat for shit development. The game was probably pozzed with or without him.

Now that the Technocratic Union has been split away from Mage and become its own setting, what are the odds of a game in the next decade? Considering they deal with every other faction and creature-type in the franchise, they(and perhaps Hunters) would be the best way to introduce newcomers to the World of Darkness in general.

Attached: Technocracy Reloaded.png (612x792, 962.74K)

>>523654452This blogger who is unfamiliar with the setting is just as good as the guy who wrote a large chunk of the original game, don't worry about it.

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>>523629037Fuck off shill

>>523654860>BL style>google to see what that is

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>>523654860Damn. Definition of damage control. Her having a nice ass doesn't save her from how much of a shameless shill she is.

>>523654860You do realize user that at this point most if not all the writing and voice acting is done right? He probably just got fired to cut costs

they're probably going to hire ubisoft's marketing team too. can't wait until Holla Forums is filled with totally authentic threads praising this game and how it's not really full of libtard garbage

>>523654383I legitimately tried to listen to this interview off and on over the last few days, but I just can't push past the 2 hour mark. Even getting there was a screeching chore. Politics aside, the interview format is presented in the most meandering way possible, there is no real direction from the interviewer whatsover, so Cara gets to go off on her headcanon and Brian gets very little chance to to in depth on certain questions, unless they are directed towards him. And even if he answers, Cara goes full hipster and spins a tale so irrelevant that nothing of value is gained. You have 3 hours ask these people questions, fuck man use that time efficiently.

>>523654489Just pirate it you fucking faggot, holy shit. >I j-just want to watch it burnClearly not since you are still forking over a bunch of $ to them.

>>523654383Jesus worse than imaginable

>>523655697cry about it, i will not mourn the loss of $20

>>523655320>Market the game as being made by the original creator>Fire him before releaseSo much cope and damage control in this post. Fuck off, Cara.


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>>523655820Just do not lie to yourself, you stupid consoomer.

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I dont buy tranny sjw shit.

>>523621692At this point no fucking way in hell. Brian Mitsoda was the last straw.

>>523655320>Fires marketing tool>Marketing tool goes on public and says he still doesn't know why he was firedHe was the only reason why some people still cared about Bloodlines 2, firing him just damages the game even more.

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>>523623430WoD has literally always been a dogshit setting>modern times for vampire gameAbsolutely shit and destined for failure. Vampires belong in settings equivalent to nothing later than the early 1900s.


Canceled the preorder when they fired mitsoda.

>>523654383Imagine actually buying a game made by a lunatic like this.

>>523621692My interest in it has diminshed to close to zero. The delays, bad looking trailers, firing Mitsoda.Of course i'll get it if it ends up being good, but lets be honest here most likely its gonna be absolute garbage.

>>523621692I'm sure I'll play it at some point, but I'm sure as hell not paying full price for it unless they show something amazing

Absimiliard vs Tzimisce vs Lasombra. Who is the biggest bastard?

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Pirate the game if its good but no way will I purchase it. Fuck Paradox and fuck trannies

>>523656337>a lunatic like thisShe sounds absolutely deranged

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>>523654383These people just want the blandest stories possible. Part of the fun of these worlds is that they are messed up and are fascinating thought experiments.

cyberpunk delayed>A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.vtmb2 delayed and some writer fired a few months from release when all writing is long done>gonna hunt down the tranny writers to fuck them in the arse, then burn down their dev studios and btw i'm pirating the game, i always was going to, but now i really am going to

Wasn't that excited in the first place but then they went ahead and fired the main writer and tried to act like he wasn't even that important, so I'm never buying it.

>>523655320And yet Cara did not also get fired, and they hired a new consultant to replace him. It was a "We're going to need to make deep cuts to ship something and this guy is too married to his own material" move.

>no new ip from that postfuck off shill, you fucked up the moment you fired mitsoda

>>523657718>implying I'm even going to bother pirating this trash

>>523657938The whole thread is a major sperging though. We can't have normal VTM threads anymore in vidya. First there was the Rudiposter, now there are these kinds of threads. VTMB2 is going to likely be some shade of dumpster fire, but that doesn't mean that we should keep sperging out about it until 2021 like bitches. It's mentally unhealthy. Then again this is Holla Forums.But sure, go on. Get it out of your system. Over and over.

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>>523657718VtMB2 was delayed multiple times and people gave them the benefit of the doubt and said they're glad it's being delayed to polish it up. Once they fired Mitsoda then people stopped giving them the benefit of the doubt.I also feel like they were either way too optimistic about the original release date or just lied about how close it was to being done so they could start taking preorders. They were still doing basic parts of the game when it was originally supposed to be released. Wonder if that's going to become an intended practice.

>>523658490/v/ has always had a huge soft spot for VtMB so it's not surprising that people are sperging a bit. I don't think it's completely unwarranted. We have started to get regular VtMB threads again when 2 isn't the topic in the OP though. Kind of hope it'll be that way through Halloween because they were always my favorite part of being here around that time.

I dont play tranny games, thanks

>>523653471Tremere sound like chads all things considered.

>>523654860If most of the work has been done then she’s entirely right. Writing is one of the first things to be mostly complete. That’s probably why they fired him. The work was done and they could get rid of him and save salary.

>>523660216If it was mostly done and the reason was to save money, why did they keep the other ones too or hire a replacement?The game is obviously going through late stage rewrites even after a delay.

>>523621692*sips*>It doesn’t need a late 90s or early 2000s Gothic atmosphere>It doesn’t need music linked with that aesthetic>It doesn’t need sexy goth female vampires>It doesn’t need developers who actually give a fuck about VTMB>It doesn’t need unskippable horror like the Ocean House Hotel>It doesn’t need unskippable creepy sidequests like Gimble's Prosthetics>It doesn’t need unskippable dark themes like porn rings, snuff tapes and houses made of flesh>It doesn’t need the Tzimische>It doesn’t need Malkavian's who are actually fun to play and have interesting dialogue>It doesn’t need to not be centred around cashing in on the nostalgia of VTMB1>It doesn’t need no cashrabs through pre-order dlc>It doesn’t need its own main theme and not a remix of the theme from VTMB1>It doesn’t need its own opening and not a copy of the courtroom scene in VTMB1>It doesn’t need Rik doing the whole soundtrack.>It doesn’t need characters who have anatomically correct necks.>It doesn’t need as good if not better facial animations than VTMB1>It doesn't need less janky shooting or melee combat than VTMB1>It doesn’t need at least the same number of clans if not more than VTMB1>It doesn’t need writing and dark themes in the World of DARKNESS that doesn't give a fuck if it triggers you or not.>It doesn’t need a team that’s not mentally ill who cry about their own body dysphoria like anyone gives a fuck.>It doesn’t need writers who don’t pander to trannies, schizos and those who can’t take being called “ugly”.>It doesn’t need young Damsel>It doesn’t need Avellone>It doesn’t need to follow the original concept of ThinbloodsWE ARE NOW HERE.>It doesn’t need Brian Mitsoda>It doesn’t need Ka’ai Cluney.

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>>523621692>LARPUnless you unironically mean live-action roleplay and thus Minds Eye Theater, the word you're looking for is splat. That being said…>Anyone still buying?Irregardless of whether you're paid to be here or not, the minute White Wolf was acquired by Paradox I knew that what would come next is disappointment, apathy, and a desire to buy popcorn. My only interest is in seeing how badly they butcher Vampire: The Masquerade this time, as they already did that with We Eat Blood. Just like they butchered Mage: The Ascension with that one game with some Swedish girl who was molested by migrants as a protagonist. And even then, should it not be a complete and utter shitshow, never spend more than $20 on a video game.>Pre-order never canceled.I have some oceanfront property to sell you.

>>523660365Different pay grades>>523659283>tranny this, tranny thatwhat's with this weird /v obsession with trannies? stop giving them more attention and they'll statistically just kill themselves

>>523660813>It doesn’t need to follow the original concept of ThinbloodsIt not only doesn't follow the original concept of thin bloods, it doesn't follow the v5 concept either.

>>523643226Any edition of a /tg/ game that isn't Shadowrun or Warhammer 40k goes to shit past 3rd Edition. Mostly because these seem to be the exceptions to the rule. At the rate things are going I'd rather play FATAL or Racial Holy War over 5th Edition Vampire: The Masquerade or Dungeons and Dragons.

>>523660813Since the original deluxe editions said "dev commentary with Brian Mitsoda" and they changed it to just saying "dev commentary" after he got fired, you could add "it doesn't need to give people what they originally paid for".

>>523643226I played the game and it good for a narrative based system and you can use your powers more freely.V20 is more crunchy with all its rules, exceptions, broken builds and really bad combat system.

>>523625517Pretty much, people are blinded by their sense of nostalgia and thus unable to think straight. Then again humans are largely emotional and tend to be governed by said unimportant biochemical reactions. So it's unsurprising.

>>523643226I'm a casual when it comes to Vamp lore, and I'm sure V5 has some shitty things in it, but from what I know about the Nosferatu, the mortals in the NSA managed to crack SchreckNet and got their taste of the supernatural. I don't see how something like that is unreasonable. Sooner or later, that seems like that's an inevitability. Or is there something else people dislike about it? >>523661665>Shadowrun not complete and utter trashif I need to be able to read german to fix broken game systems, that's not a solution

>>523662350You're allowed to be wrong.

>>523662090I guess it's a good thing the game was delayed to give more people a chance to see how bad it might be before they finished handing their money over. Kind of hope it's a wake up call to more people that remakes/sequels of classic games can be awful. Can't blame people for wanting to be optimistic though, would've been nice if we did end up with a worthy sequel.

>>523662350There is a bit more to it than what you have said but the Nosferatu are very important to the Camarilla as they have always been.Just now they are more hands on and cannot rely on tech anymore because of the Second Inquisition, basically every intelligence agency on the planet is aware that supernatural shit exists and are rooting them out.Sabbat got fucking annihilated by them and the survivors went to the middle east because gehenna.

>>523662568Even the normies can see that 6e is an absolute disaster. I'm not the fun police, but you can't pretend Shadowrun is well put together in any fashion.

>>523662691Were people to wake up companies would have to stop overcharging them to download some trite that's 500GB but has less content than a game that came out before the popularization of DSL modems. So while I have my doubts in regards to that, I will say I look forward to the next time the video game market crashes and the normalfags fuck off.

>>523663180>ShadowrunFun world but one of the worst systems ever created. It is the most anti-fun game ever.I'd play the instant death game of Cyberpunk before I went back to Shadowrun.

>>523663180It's normalfag, Reddit. Why don't you go back there?

>>523663437Not even /srg/ is gonna defend 6e lmao, try again. Hope you're having fun tho.

>>523663327Yeah it's bizarre how you can find a game from 20 years ago that's less than 1GB but ends up being better with more content than modern games that are 150GB. I don't think the market will ever go through a complete and sudden crash, but I hope at least more people realize things have gotten worse and will use the internet to find older games to play that are better.

>>523663740Skin pores.

>>523665776Some people say it's also that they force you to install the audio files for every language and that they're all uncompressed. That alone can be multiple times bigger than an entire game from back then.


>>523667597He means extra details like skin pores lead to bloated file sizes and misplaced priorities when trying to make a fun game.

>>523667909I like to think of myself as a not-retard. In hindsight, this should have been obvious to me.>SoMe PeOpLe LiKe BrUsSeL sPrOuTs

>>523658490Meanwhile /vrpg/ has had great VTMB threads since it’s creation. Don’t think I’ve even seen Bloodlines 2 mentioned there once