ユニfairy-kei game for everynyan*̣uwuっ◌⑅◍ so cute and pastel and yay! playing with the colorful fairies with...

ユニfairy-kei game for everynyan*̣uwuっ◌⑅◍ so cute and pastel and yay! playing with the colorful fairies with cute sprinkle magic、build the castles for everyfairy yay 。Take care of the fairies and create your own collection of pastels and castles to reflect your unique style and improve your playing score! There are so many wonders! yay^。*。*̣◌⑅◍。*。*̣◌⑅◍。。゜゚・*̣◌⑅◍。 youtube.com/watch?v=xJ0qi6iehJk&feature=emb_title Gameplay's core is perfecting world by imagination and cute magic。^youtube.com/watch?v=JbRpEz9aUfo Endless possibilities for dreaming and building imaginary fairy castles with infinite pastels yay^Repeat play and rebuild *:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*Colourful fairy pastel bricks included。create beautiful castles all day yay^ ユニcrêpe academy cafe...so play as a fairy-cake person and eat parfait 丰 for TokyoGameShow^「in Tokio^」Fairy-yay^magical academy/bakery sims castle of wonders for cakefairies and biscuit elementals(cake pastels )。 With the new updates of sweet library crepe magic things become even more parfaitful and there are even more opportunities to meet cakefairy friends and explore mini figures of maiden castles& magical collection’s applepies for archmaging learning & sweet magic art for cute things computing &role playing ^The game is playable now, and updates&support for it will never be finished(because it is my dream game)^ ユニfairy pastels made of sweet magic created thanks to reciprocal cakes both sides gradually dissolve in the bakery of the server into fragments or remain elven worlds*。*̣◌⑅◍。*。*̣◌⑅◍。

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>>523619008wtf am i reading lol

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>>523619192Schizo tranny brain rot


I’m going to cum in your mouth after I take you to 夢を語れ


>>523619240me or him?


>>523619008Fuck off. Your game looks shit and generic.Is this even the dream game that you're making? I don't even think it looks like your dream game but some shovelware shit. There's no fairy castles or bakery shit. Just only cubes with crappy particle effects.

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>>523619057what the fuck am I looking atthis looks more cryptic than fucking Dwarf Fortress

>>523619008This is your brain on HRT

>>523619008I do not like you

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>thought it was going to be a game about the tiny bunny>it's some shitty io gameDisappointing

>>523619008wow i haven't heard this song since 2008

posting the guideyay!

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Is it a sign of the end of times?...

>>523619369That's a heavy meal, I'd wait a few hours before expecting someone to swallow semen.

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>>523619765OP won’t have a choice

>>523619008Is that a shitty ringtone ad from the early 00s?


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>>523619008>spend every day spamming the board for weeks and weeks trying to shill your game>173 views

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>>523620094>173 viewsthat about how many posters there are on Holla Forums tho

>>523619008is this a psy-op?

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>>523619640IS THIS LOSS?!?!


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uwu uwu teatimeyaay


>>523619008I forgotten about schnuffel bunny

Thanks a lot for so many inspiring replies everynyan ^^>>523619473>>523619478Thanks for the honest feedback(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)。The game is kind of hard to understand&so dreamy for purpose yay、because it is an educational game for sweet magic of fairy world,fairy languages and mathematics & elven pastel castles(art studying) , so players should think like a fairy in order to understand it more an became an elemental archmage/unicorns of pastels and rainbows。 So I really hope everynyan will find the game dreamy and yay &too彡>>523619640Thanks so much for that guide yay! I‘ve put it’s part on itch.io page of the game if you don’t mind^^>>523620843>>523621051yay^

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>>523620410jewish psy-op

yay n shiet

Morning frufi. Hope you're having a good one.

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>>523619008Looks interesting uwu. When was the first version released (I don't think this is the first) ≧▽≦? Also, add tutorial.

>>523622480Hi there、Thanks a lot^^Hope you are yay too>>523623279youtube.com/watch?v=eH24MSywow8first game version yay(before it was only in magical book like the game notes)^You can see development process of the first versions on the frufi.deviantart.com*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*

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>>523623601Ok, thx uwu.The game's fun, if a bit odd. Were there any inspirations for this game (Minesweeper, Match 3 games, etc.) (´・ω・`)?

>>523619008i would play but the colors fuck my eyes up

>>523619008Oh it's this again

>>523619008Cute bunny. What is its name?

at least the nigga managed to make a game


>trannyposting in frufi threadsThat's not very yay of you.


>>523626978shilling on Holla Forums is ok when trannies do it

Trannycore is my favorite genre.

The game's color palette is disgusting. Can't see shit.

frufi isn't japanesefrufi is a FAKER

luv u frufi

>>523627745you don’t have to be Japanese to be a fairy yay

I want to be a cute yay~ girl so bad Holla Forums

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guess it's fucking pedophile hour on Holla Forums again

What the actual fuck did I stumble upon?

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>>523628119slav crypto miner game

>>523628119cute fairy game(for everynyan)yay

>>523628005what's stopping you?^





>>523619008Dumping my life savings into this game yay~Playing this game while smoking weed yay~Shelving this game and picking it up again yay~

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>>523619008this but unironically

>>523619008frufi likes macarons and dolphins

>>523619008this feels like something froman old obscure forum in 2006


>>523619473>>523619525Yayayay I love Moomins! Fuck this spamming/flooding thread I won't bump.


I love fairy castles and sweet magic pastels so much yay



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>yeah haha trannies are totally fine though we should all give them support!


I remember when this was just drawings made by a madman in /AGDG/ and other development threads here.I heard someone say that this person is talking strange because of google translate? Idk I still think it's sometime of advanced ARG

frufi yay

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what the actual fuck is going on in here?



>>523619008FRUFI THREAD YAY!!!!!

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>>523627328Y boner........

>>523637678we're becoming yay pilled


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>>523627606frufi is great because the threads are full of triggered election tourists

everynyan yay っ(uwu)彡


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>>523619183Kokoro Library cute yay



>>523641460t.Zoomer/TrannyC YAH



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>>523643629even evil fairies are cute and yay deep inside yay

there's nothing wrong with being a tranny


>>523619008>>523619640I lost brain cells reading this shit

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everyfairy so cute yay

rainbow pastels cute

>no Chinonot yay

Anyone try fapping while playing this game? I tried it and the orgasm was surprisingly powerful yay!

yay cute fairy game for everynyan uwu

>>523619008now this is epic

youtube.com/watch?v=iJZTrg5KHHEcute yaay

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>>523648290cute sakura yay!!!

I know I'm supposed to hate OP's kind of baby talk but I have an irresistible urge to fuck people who use that kind of talk nyan~~~~~~~~~~

>>523628005get some cute panties! you can wear them underneath your normal clothes, so nobody can see, it could be your own little secret!and if you like it you can get more, no one has to knowI'm sure you'll like it and feel more confident and cute! just give it a try ^

>>523646937Wait, isn't the background music the Sims 3 theme?

>>523627328I think this little bunny nigga appeared in TV commercials for those old services where you'd send them an SMS and they'd send you back images/audio for a small charge. What an odd memory you bought back up, yay!

Frufi and lucina yay!

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>this whole threadlegitimate tranny brain virus

>>523649772cute yay

>>523649772I-I might try it

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What the hell

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>>523652240HRT also helps

im glad frufi is making v a better place filled with elves fairies and pastel YAY

I'm pretty sure this is the brainchild of ketamine and estrogen

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>>523619008thank you op. i love you.

>>523627328>Not posting this jamyoutube.com/watch?v=JEjV-DywL_8

>>523653667where's your yay you turbofaggot I swear to god dont make me beat you yay


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>>523653763you cant make me

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Best thread on v, yay^

>>523653882your yay or your life yay

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>>523653109it's not like you just can get them right?

what does ^ mean yay^

Alright, Roundheads! I’m setting up a team to beat these Chinese fireworks! Whose with me?

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Is this the Danganronpa 3 hope video thing? Is this sissy hypnosis?

Based and ^yay^pilled

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>>523654449do you have discord?

why ist there literal tranny grooming in this thread?



>>523619008I will rape you

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Don't give up

>>523654780no why?


cute&yay fairy pastel castles

>>523619008yaysed and yaypilled

based pastel faerie game dev

>>523655158well download it so I can help you

>>523655602>>523655158>>523654780>>523654449>>523653109>>523652240>>523649772I thought the discord tranny grooming thing was a meme

why dont you ever link to the itch page

>>523655951there is nothing wrong with wanting to be cute yay^

what the fuck is this thread?

frufi says trans rights!

>>523655602o-ok wait

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cute (and yay) everynyan is fairy

>>523656591cute pastel fairy deathcult yay!

>>523656720look you can edit the files!

Attached: editg.jpg (636x476, 96.61K)

>>523657991>create your own collection of pastels and castles to reflect your unique styleyay^

And to think I'm called a shill for saying an EA game has good graphics

>>523619008You were supposed to start the thread with Chino...

>>523656705I'm waiting user

fairy education yay

fairy frosting sprinkles and pastel cakes yay~I play your game while I wait for my healer queues to pop uwu'

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>>523659416cute socks

>>523619008Frufi you should link your game in your OPs so everynyan can play it when they find your thread yay

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This thread is gayer than cum on a mustache.


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>>523619008I will give my life savings my kid's college fund. I will sell my child every inch of them every single piece of meat. No part will go to waste. Every single piece of their supple body will be sold. I will suck as much cock as i can to raise money. I will rob i will steal. I will fuck. I will do anything and everything. Anything I would fuck a llama on live tv infront of millions even billions. I will commit the most heinous of war crimes. I will be used as a human shield for the US marines. If it means just getting 1 single cent in order to support this game

>>523661471if you need cash just walk around a parking lot. theres usually a few dimes/quarters on the floor

>>523655951It's very real, and disgusting to watch. Gay people groom. Trannies groom. It's well known.

>>523659416Suicide soon?

>>523622315>The game is kind of hard to understand&so dreamy for purpose yay、because it is an educational game for sweet magic of fairy world,fairy languages and mathematics & elven pastel castles(art studying) , so players should think like a fairy in order to understand it more an became an elemental archmage/unicorns of pastels and rainbows。That doesn't make anya sense at all yay!

>Japanese "Humor"

my brain have melt yay

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>>523659416Wow, is there any surgery to reduce the size of your leg mass or something, cause you need to try that. You seriously don't pass at all. This shit is hilarious! There's no way I'm not showing this to my mates. I bet you have wide shoulders too. Post your chin! I want to confirm something else.

>>52362231549% of transgenders commit suicide

Any reason this suicide club isn't being pruned?

>frufi threads became tranny generalsnot yay

>>523664334yeah, what happened? these threads were pure dammit! also where's my wife Chino?

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nigga what the fuck is that I ain't reading that shit

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>>523663875No they don't.

>>523664825t. thinking about an hero


Attached: 1588698771466.gif (230x360, 323.94K)

>>523665137t. ESL

>>523619008Neuroleptics, OP. RISPERIDONE nyan

>>523665256t. newfagYou might want to lurkmoar before embarrassing yourself.

>>523622315There is no game, OP, never will be. Eшь нeйpoлeптики.

>>523665256Now that's just prejudice. Off yourself.

>>523619765this giv it to melook at it, LOOK AT ET

>>523656705You will always be a disgusting man. Now you're a disgusting man that want to wear pretty panties. I genuinely hope you kill yourself

>>523665256lurk more and stop posting

>>523665474no rudeposting in pastel fairy theads! yay~

>>523665389>>523665556Lurk more to know how to read a statistic? Take your own advice, shitskins.

>>523665589Suck my fat fucking chode cock aya!

>>523665653that's not very yay of you^


>>523665589But you can groom weak-minded manchildren into dressing up like damaged goods? Yay! ^^

>>523665653>thinking about an hero really hard nowYou'll never pass mutt!>ESL>shitskinKek, you guise are embarrassing.


Attached: 1598410890403.png (634x471, 93K)

>>523665819And you'll never pass an English test, Hector.

I want Holla Forums to go

>>523665256>newfag doesn't know what "an hero" isTrannies need to just stay the fuck off this board lmao

L-Let's all just calm down and yay~ on TwT

>>523619008I've always wondered why those threads don't just get deleted.


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>>523666019>still a newfagFucking hell please continue making yourself look like a total joke...

>>523619008I've watched this video like 4 times and I still have no idea what's going on

Attached: 1587001129060.gif (500x500, 298.52K)

>>523666050>ESL thinks that's what his brown ass is being accused of being an ESL for

Attached: 1599276286689.gif (530x257, 3.14M)

>>523666151You will never pass

>>523666134Frufi is pretty based yay!

Attached: 1382735591928.gif (270x236, 395.78K)

>>523666151>>523666224Jesus coping Christ, newfag.

>>523666217OP is psychotic

>>523666176>...Take your brown illiterate self back to Gaia.

>>523665256>Doesn't know what an hero meansPlease consider

Attached: Free HRT On The Road Below.gif (488x392, 3.33M)

>>523666274cute fairy pastels^

>>523619240>>523619496>>523619534>>523619554>>523619668>>523619828>>523620410>>523623618>>523627381>>523627606>>523627694>>523628005>>523636215>>523638395>>523641021>>523641532>>523643842 >>523649772 >>523651597>>523653109>>523653591>>523654605 >>523654780>>523654813 >>523655951>>523656692 >>523659528>>523659416 >>523662701>>523662887>>523663526>>523663875>>523663938>>523664334>>523665137I refuse to believe that OP is a tranny

>>523666293Likewise, illiterate shitskin.

>>523666151Summerfags in full swing

Attached: Funniest Picture.jpg (960x983, 216.21K)

>>523666338>doesn't know how to read a statistic>niggerspeak>skin browner than his own shit

>>523666440God this is a fucking riot, please keep acting like you're not from resetera it's too fucking funny

Attached: 1587832248607.png (593x580, 620.84K)

I dont understand any of this bullshitIt looks like spambot spam back from ye olde 4chinko days, what is this garbage

What the actual fuck is this?

>>523666449ok election tourist

>>523666440>>523666554>>523666330I get your kind is on edge and constantly wanting to prove something but there's absolutely no way you're not taking the L for making a colossal fucking joke of yourself today. Take yourself back to Tumblr... Holy shit.>claim it said ESL because statistics>an hero

>>523666603/pol/redditors shitting up another threadI wish they would Holla Forums

>anons dont know the autistic frufi anonFucking newfags, kill yourselves

>>523666591pretty much this>>523620094

>derailing a frufi thread instead of yayposting

Attached: 1429308931728.gif (244x244, 2.46M)

>>523666573It really is, thread full of underage shitskins too dumb to read a statistic.

>>523619008Schnuffle Bunny > Your gay shit

>derailing a frufi thread instead of yayposting

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This thread will be shown to the jury during your trial OP

>>523666610The level of cope from this one Trananon because it didn't know what 'an hero' is...

this thread is no longer cute and yaypilled

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>>523666726>if you dont know this discord garbage hijack, you are a newfagsure thing normalfag, sure thing.

>>523666708>more niggerspeak>still too much of a peabrained jigaboo to know why he's being laughed at

>>523666402wait... this thread is still up?

>>523666856>claims it was a joke

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>this thread is no longer cute and yaypilled

Attached: 1567727771116.png (261x215, 19.13K)

yay :3

>>523666897The level of cope from this ellipsis-using ESL that doesn't know what the 40% statistic is.

>>523666942Literally everyone is pissing themselves at you.>tfw can't even escape to the chanI'd love to hear your damage control tho.

>wojak faggots enterd the threadplease make a new yay~ thread

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>>523666924hes been posting this shit for years. Its an ugly game and his typing is autistic. but, if you honestly havent seen this before you are a newfag. pretty simple deduction retard

>>523666897>>>Holla Forums

>>523667106Don't give them attention.

Read up, ESLs.

Attached: CSP_Toolkit-Transgender-digi_v02.jpg (1600x1066, 568.3K)

>>523667049>>523667187'an hero'

>>523666554I like imagining you in your girly outfit that you put on today, with your sticky stubble on your face, shouting at the screen.

Attached: Abomination.jpg (1024x1001, 179.63K)

>>523667081>2 ESLs that both can't read is everyone>the discussion started off about you being too retarded to read a statistic>has to deflect to it being about not knowing what an hero is

>>523667174>2017 is now oldfag territory by normalfag standardsI want to die

>>523667315>muh ESLputa


trannies begone from Holla Forums

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i wish i could be as cute as frufi yay ^

Attached: 661098.jpg (600x847, 166.64K)

This thread needs more cute and less rude!And about 41% less grooming Discord trannies.Yay ^_^

Attached: 1498996606379.png (834x942, 470.13K)

>>523622315That's honestly a pretty dope wizard fortress. Gets my approval.

Attached: Sanbro.jpg (2637x2078, 470.46K)

Attached: Rosedommu.png (1220x3324, 1.98M)

>>523667256>caring about the exact specifics for a shitpostthe reason you get shit on is because you're the fun hating autists who have perpetually ruined this board

>>523667295Sounds pretty gay. I like imagining you at your 2005 dell PC in Mexico struggling to follow along while your handler tries to interpret for you.

>>523667471make me :3

>>523667106normaly I despise wojak faggots, but I cant help but imagine that these tranny yay posters actually look like that

>>523667405Concession accepted, Jose.

>>523667256>it wasn't not knowing 'an hero'>here's a list of egregious stats showing how suicidal my disgusting non-human ilk areWhat did it mean by this?>>523667315I didn't bring up the statistics first I just said an hero to trigger you and you said ESL after. Not only are you wrong and a joke but you're post above shows your a suicidal group of sub-human rodents. Cope lmfao.

>>523667545>admits being a trannylol you will never have the attention of females

>normaly I despise wojak faggots, but I cant help but imagine that these tranny yay posters actually look like that

Attached: 1e3.png (600x800, 31.65K)

>>523667570>yay posting is trannyyou have to go back

>>523667295>he gets off to imagining other men crossdressing and shitpostingWeird fetish but whatever you want

>>523667730 >an hero triggered posters

why do Holla Forumsredditors ruin every thread?

>>523664639I thought that was a troll post, but it's actually real.

Attached: o_i_am_laffin.png (512x512, 125.92K)

>>523667510that's a dope skeletoni didnt like this game at first now that this user does, i do too.

God, why can't people just be nice to me...I wanted to come into this thread and be cute, and I ended up getting made fun of yet again...I hate my fucking life and I hate you transphobic assholes...I hope you guys are happy, cuz you've seriously hurt me today...Time for another day of crying...

>an hero triggered posters

Attached: 1599217707746.png (202x226, 26.98K)

>>523667837>everyone who hates trannies are Holla Forums postersend yourself

how is this thread still alive?

>>523667507I honestly thought discord trannies was a meme until I stayed in this thread

>>523667651>I d-d-didn't bring it up!Ok, Javier.

>>523666039>>523666719>>523667187>>523666039I can feel your anger.

Attached: Programmer Socks.png (407x405, 76.34K)

>>523667315Also 2? You might want to look at your first >>523665256 ESL post lmfao! You're taking the L today, Tumblrina.

>>523667940why are you alive?you can't change your genderyou will always be a boy

wtf is this thread

>>523667996I'm literally fucking English lmfao, I'm sorry I got you so assblasted, you could become an hero?

I post wojaks to compensate for my small dick size and greentext to confirm that I watch blacked porn.


Attached: Tranny Ball.png (732x814, 511.07K)

Yay! ^W^

>>523666852>>523667001>4chan filename>made fun of trannys>>523667730>knowyourmeme filename from just google image searching >made fun of the person making fun of trannysif you wojak post, atleast do it right, freak show

>>523667510Do you like the frufi notes?youtube.com/watch?v=mfLHST0KiuYyay

I sure love thinking about trannies 24/7.what other boogeyman could I have then?

what the fuck is this shit

>I post wojaks to compensate for my small dick size and greentext to confirm that I watch blacked porn.

Attached: 1563529786831.png (454x520, 10.66K)

>>523619008Wait, where are the cute animu girls?


Attached: d4e.jpg (444x580, 54.9K)

>>523619008based Frufiposter, Too this day i still have no idea what this game is or whats it about. but i support the yay posters

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>>523668042let me give you a (You) so we can hit the post limit fasterI'm just an user posting on a cringe thread, wondering why the mods are, yet again, not deleting shit threads like this one instead of LOL or filenames threads

>>523668224lol you showed them boy!or is it ma'am?

>>523667731if you would stop with your discord raids, we wouldnt have this argument

>an hero triggered tranny is taking the L

>>523668263lmao dis nigga watches blacked pornfucking lolε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=(; ̄◇ ̄)

>>523668320don't be stupidif you say the nword it will get deleted faster

>>523668032Yes, 2 ESLs samefagging. Dumb shitskin.

>>523668352take your HRT pills schizo

>if you wojak post, atleast do it right, freak show

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Days trannies made Holla Forums mad:0Stay mad b*gots!Trans rights are human rights!!

>>523668224This projection is funny, because I know for a fact that trannies think about how they are not real girls 24/7. We don't think about trannies 24/7. When we see them, we make fun of them. It's simple as that. It's fun. That's all there is to it.

Attached: Me And The Girls.jpg (987x1024, 96.04K)

>>523668116>I'm literally fucking English lmfao

Attached: 51PYxvqDKyL._AC_SY400_.jpg (469x400, 33.4K)

>>523668462>uses schizo>yet dares to tell others to go backIronic.

>mods range block me from uploading files>they let wojakniggers freefucking mods

>>523668571>>523668457You're taking the L for not knowing what an hero is and you can keep outing yourself as a suicidal sub-human while a bunch of fuckers laugh at your expense. t. Literally a fucking white Englishman living in Scotland

>>523668553>everyone just uses the overated garbage>but Bridge and Hideyoshi never ever

>>523668608Wojak is a cultural phenomenon.

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why do you guys hate transgirls so much? it's not like they're hurting anybody. they just want to be cute.

Attached: 1587138641780.png (404x404, 117.71K)

>>523668553>Felix>AstolfoLiterally Normalfag tier


Attached: knowyourmeme-hellomywhitefriend-argentine4912.png (860x684, 227.9K)

>>523668812why do you believe them?they want to rape little kids in bathrooms is what I've heard

>>523668020I mean, you're the one who brings up trannies out of nowhere, so go the fuck back you election nigger>>>Holla Forums

>>523668812true and yaypilled


>>523668812>inb4 30 replies


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pastel and cute (sweet magic raspberry taste)

>>523668812I don't hate them because they want to be cute, I hate them because they're making frankensteins out of themselves instead.

why is Holla Forums like this

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quick!post loli pantsu to scare the tourists!

>>523668836I don't even get it though your big save was "no I called you ESL for the stats" then proceeded to post some egregious suicide rates that weren't far off!? Like I get you're embarrassed about being a complete newfag and having people both irl and online but just take the L kek.

What the fuck is this thread?

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>>523668713You're "taking the L" for being so much of a double-digit IQ subhuman that you couldn't read a simple statistic and tried doubling down this hard.>t. Literally a fucking white Englishman living in ScotlandPic related

Attached: photo-1542325828505-734937aa2040.jpg (1600x2133, 339.07K)

>>523669106*people both irl and online laugh at you

>Holla Forums is so far gone it can't have a single fun thread without some Holla Forums nigger shitting up the threadThis board just needs to be deleted

>>523669117me baiting newfags with my shitty ass posts lolnew Holla Forums is so easy nowadays

>I don't even get it though your big save was "no I called you ESL for the stats" then proceeded to post some egregious suicide rates that weren't far off!? Like I get you're embarrassed about being a complete newfag and having people both irl and online but just take the L kek.

>>523669203t. tranny

>>523668812This is among many reasons. Add their well-documented grooming nature that is on par with homosexuals grooming. They are just really gross people, Inside out.

Attached: Personality Disorders In Trannies.jpg (1080x1390, 314.1K)

I see that I've stumbled upon the quarantine thread

Attached: 9358320-20artist3AEzzmo20chat20game3Apaper_mario_the_origami_king20olivia20pogchamp20streamer3Avinny.png (1552x1449, 916.31K)

>>523669203look at the mirror

>>523669158You're being baited like a dumb gorilla nigger

>>523669158So you're totally going to hide behind "n-no I said ESL cause stats" and racism because you're a Yank mutt with a chip on your shoulder?


Attached: 73667b129a478499979dbea2bd3b026c6649060da20798aef5b84f7306780c07.jpg (665x800, 156.98K)

>>523668812if they would be silent and just treat it like a normal thing, then sure whatever. However, they scream around and act like its a medal of honor.not to mention that a huge majority of them look fucking disgusting, yet they get super upset when you answer with 'no' to the question of "am I pretty?"

Please tell me I'm cute. I'm on the verge right now. Save me.

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>>523668812>>523669308they're basically walking timebombswatch the video of the trannie hurting people with an axeand watch yourself around trannies


Attached: 9367020-20artist3AZengumiTheCandymouse20charlotte20comic20game3Atrials_of_mana20spicy_water20streame.jpg (1369x2500, 2.86M)

>>523668913>>523669079>>523669203Lol, we're not going anywhere. Watching you seethe like this is fucking hilarious. You've mentioned Holla Forums like 9 times! I'm dying over here! It makes me glad knowing that I've successfully put you in this bad of a mood. Good shit!

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>>523669379you're cutting yourself. or at least you should be

>>523669379Long haired girls look generic as fuck, and the anime bitch you posted lacks anything that one could find interesting.

>>523666923it's discord fault


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>>523668812They don't want acceptance. They want elevation.

>>523669514>Someone spent time making this photo

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>>523669360So you're going to hide behind "muh an hero" because you're a retard that can't follow along and act like a fragile bitch about racism, you gorilla ape nigger?

>>523668812I don't my sister is trans, also this thread is a mess

>>523669514It's kinda sad that mentally weak people get their lives ruined so easily.Like that r9k guy.

>>523669751and you should be thankfulread the pic, that guy saw 3 pictures before and still choose to kill himself

>>523669628how so? as far as i can tell they just want to be treated like women.

>>523669379If you're the one who posted legs earlier, I've got to be honest. You will never pass. Now let's see your jutting chin. Seriously, how can we call you cute if you don't post some kind of pic of yourself. Let's see just how hard you fail at being a girl.

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>300+ post frufi thread again

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>>523669776But the stats you posted weren't that far off and ESL seemed completely unrelated, it was obvious you thought an hero was grammatical. Fucking fragile pahaha, you're the one at risk of suicide and self harm, an hero.

>>523668812>Why do you guys hate furries so much? It's not like they're hurting anybody, they just want to fap to animals.

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>>523669379anon is so cute yay ^cute ^^ *:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*

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About 88% of children who have gender dysphoria do not hold those beliefs when they grow older. Source: npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=90229789Only 12% of boys who believe they are transsexuals still believe so when they are older. Source: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18194003MRI scans indicate that MtF transsexuals are either men aroused by the thought of possessing female genitalia or homosexuals who want to seduce straight men. Source: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3180619/41% of transsexuals have tried and failed to commit suicide. Source: nbcnews.com/id/40279043/ns/health-health_care/Transsexuals who undergo sex reassignment surgery are more likely to commit suicide. Source: journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0016885Most young transsexuals have committed self-harm within the last twelve months. Source: saravyc.sites.olt.ubc.ca/files/2015/05/SARAVYC_Trans-Youth-Health-Report_EN_Final_Print.pdf#page=4465% of transsexual youth have seriously considered suicide within the last year. Source: saravyc.sites.olt.ubc.ca/files/2015/05/SARAVYC_Trans-Youth-Health-Report_EN_Final_Print.pdf#page=4437% of transsexual youth have attempted suicide within the last year. Source: saravyc.sites.olt.ubc.ca/files/2015/05/SARAVYC_Trans-Youth-Health-Report_EN_Final_Print.pdf#page=441 in 10 young transsexuals has attempted suicide more than three times in the last year. Source: saravyc.sites.olt.ubc.ca/files/2015/05/SARAVYC_Trans-Youth-Health-Report_EN_Final_Print.pdf#page=44Only 21% of transsexuals can sucessfully pass as the opposite gender. Source: thetaskforce.org/static_html/downloads/reports/reports/ntds_report_on_health.pdf#page=3

>>523669941Frufi left like 200 posts ago.

>>523667507I think the samecute ram tooyay!

>>523669379that's just an anime girl, how I'm I supposed to call you cute if I can't imagine you sitting on my lap while I play terraria?

>>523669628How do you know, have you ever talked to any of them? Or are you just talking about examples mostly likely cherry picked to insight fear, rage, and hatred?

>>523669379send feet pics first yay

>>523669941Cute thread yay!

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>>523670127imagine a tranny dilating


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what's happening?pastel fairy cake threads were always cute and comfy, now thisI hope the next thread will be yay again^

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>>523670151>insight fear, rage, and hatred?more like helping them survivewhile the doctors proceed to kill them lol

>>523667507>spoilerBased radical centrist yay

>>523669967I didn't post any stats you fucking spic retard. Imagine being such a secondary to English you don't know what an "attempt" is.



>>523670232/pol/ retards getting baited by a word like in every thread they invade.

>>523670001really good post

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>>523670549you should take a bath, you smell like a man

Attached: Peak Weimar.jpg (1024x639, 133.58K)

>>523669896I actually met someone online who photoshoped his images so much that they looked like him, but female. meet up with him, and it turns out that he was just a creepy crossdressing faggot, and not a woman as I assumed, and when I told him I rather not do anything with a man, he flipped out and screamed like a maniac in public, calling me a sexist, racists, and other buzzwords.I just wanted to have a date with a woman, and got hood winged by a crazy fag.Was just one experience, but considering how they act online, I tend to think they all are the same.

>>523670406Eh well the stats are there, you're a suicidal group of sub-humans and you're a newfag for not knowing what an hero means. Cope all you like but you took the hard L instead of your HRTs today...>being this much of a mutt with a beaner on your back

>>523670634Why would i smell like anything else?

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>>523669751>>523670001>>523670612You will never look like these anime girls.

Attached: CANADA YES.jpg (1100x560, 82.22K)

Attached: Dilate.jpg (1024x368, 73.28K)

>>523669314>>523669498>>523669612>>523669761>>523670202>fuck! They are making fun of poor MTF/FTM people! I gotta spam the thread so the bump limit gets hit sooner! But how?>Oh, I know! I just spam unfunny eceleb garabge, that'll own the alt-right!>Job well done!

>>523670660pills>not takenjews>blamedvoices in the wall>heardyep, I think it's schizo time

>>523670746>Someone hates me spamming Holla Forums garbage>Then they must be a Tranny!Take your meds schizo

>>523670865God, you're such a failure.

Attached: 1427022199688.gif (200x150, 1.39M)

Attached: HOW COULD THEY.jpg (1010x817, 191.21K)

>>523670865What? I'm just here to stink up the thread even more with this unfunny eceleb garbage. Some of these fans fucking suck at art.

Attached: file.png (768x1024, 939.49K)

>>523670712>muh an hero copeDirty, dumb mestizo scum. You'll never be white.

trannies would be rapists if they weren't allowed to transition

>>523670865>says trannies are spamming while spamming trannies stats

>>523670676to be clear, i dont blame you for getting upset, but i dont think its fair to call her a "crossdressing faggot"

is this the schizophrenia thread

>Holla Forums thinks they can beat yaypostingall the next threads will be yay again^

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>>523670924I mean, there are trannies in this thread. An you can't tell me >>523670001 isn't a tranny.

Attached: Dios Mio.jpg (717x1024, 122.27K)

>>523671054>still a newfagUgly, sub-human spacker. You'll never pass.

>>523670858This is pure gold.

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>>523671160>missing the point this muchdumb weeb