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>>523600718I want to be a kid again bros...

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now post Pattern Bush

>>523600718>you will never waste hours of your childhood on a comfy, lazy Sunday afternoon trying to catch a Scyther

>>523600718This track is the only thing that makes me feel nostalgia. It's like a punch in the chest and I anticipate it every time but it still hits me each time.

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As comfy as it could be, G&S also did menacing and mysteries well.



>>523600718fhqwhgads tional park

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>>523602194Gen 2 was peak soul, both as remakes and lacks the menace of the original, but it's still nice. I think it suits Ice Path better.

GBC games had to use oversaturated pallettes to compensate for the shitty screenso rose-tinted glasses really are real sometimes

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>>523604485Can't match the vibes of Jubilife

>>523600718>>523601859how do they sound like distilled nostalgia? don't even remember the other tracks as fondly

>>523604485>>523604623how are they going to fuck up the remake ladscompletely removing all platinum content?fucking up the soundtrack?gimping mt. coronet to hell and back?forcing a rotom on you instead of letting you find the old chateau and discover it for yourself?gimping cyrus and cynthia?the distortion world project has started?using the godawful dp regional dex with literally two fire types?

Attached: 1568349634449.jpg (512x411, 101.27K) remains my favorite pokemon song of all time

This, to me, is the most Pokemon sounding song ever created. Captures the wonder and power of battles really

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>>523601084>Play Pokemon all day>Come out of your room that your parents refer to as the dungeon>No dinner is being cooked>"Oh we ordered pizza user"

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>>523602194That bass line is so fucking good.

>>523604485Oh buddy, you're going to LOVE

>>523604876>Mt Coronet and Distortion World turned into hallways since the original layouts would be too confusing for kids>Exp Share(All) turns the game into a cakewalk if you're tempted to use it>Cynthia gives you a Gible egg instead of Togepi>Dynamaxing shoehorned into the lore somehow

>>523604943Everything from gen 1 up to and including Vermillion/SS Anne music is my favorite. I have a special attachment to route 1 though.

>>523605632>implying you'll even have the option to turn off the exp. all

>>523605316Colosseum had a really incredible soundtrack but I honestly liked its town themes more than its battle themes. The final boss theme sounding straight out of Magnificent Seven was rad as fuck though.

>>523605316I'll see you and

>>523605632exp share for the whole party was the best part of gen 8, it made team building alot more accessible. I had a rotating party of 10 by the end of the game because of it. Its pretty easy not not over level if you make an effort.


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>>523604485>>523604623my niggas. D/P soundtrack was great but slept on for ages. it's like others refuse to appreciate something until it's aged into nostalgia

>>523601084>you will never scale Tin Tower and not know Ho-Oh is up there and be really fucking shockedGodamnit.

>>523606298Fuck yeah, I love how this one has a mysterious frest type of

>>523606298This track always gets you in the mood to go on a grand adventure, they knew exactly what they were doing putting this in the


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>>523606661Probably my favorite track from those games. Always comes to mind first.

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>>523606298This gets me

since we're posting some D/P music, this has gotta be my favorite league theme it gives off such a big end of the journey

>>523609676they never skimp out on the big box art legendary battle music huh really do hope that Mt. Coronet in the inevitable remakes is hard as balls, and it's not just a ski lift to the top or something.

>>523609686Was about to post this. I'm a huge sucker for slow piano compositions. Reminds me of piano players I'd hear in malls when I was younger.

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>>523604623this remix of Jubilife is actually

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I hate this thread. Why do we have to get old bros.

>>523611230hold your GBC and DS tight because it'll only get worse


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Best route theme

>>523600718Post>YfwYou realized you could cut regular grass tiles

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>>523611762>route 228 day focuses on the trumpets>route 228 night focuses on the piano>a softer version of the trumpets can be heard at night, and vice-versa for dayI wish every game had something like


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this thread hurts me

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>>523604485We got old, gen4 chads.

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>soul: games with slot machines in game corner>souless: games without slotschange my mind

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>>523600718>mfw I was never able to play a Pokemon game after Ruby

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>>523604465>The Magikarp by the pondWhat is that? I’ve never seen that event before

>>523618165That's the Daycare.

>>523601859This one was always my favorite.

>>523618165Someone left an aquatic pokemon in the daycare.

>>523605374Theres is nothing left.Nothing. God is dead like my dreams.Please, somebody kill me tonight while i sleep. I dont want to suffer anymore.


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>>523617075Same but Diamond and Perl.

>>523605632coronet is easy but holy shit the distortion world was a fucking mess because you have no idea what terrain is passable and what isn't, I won't say it should be turned into an hallway but it should be fixed with at least some real visual cue to where to go

>>523612760I used to use that to trim down the area where the runners were to make sure they spawned for me. I felt like a pro as a kid doing that.

you all love to complain about your bad life situation but you don't seem to want to improve it

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>>523616970Poker is more fun.

>>523612760>yfw you can use your rod on these statues

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do you guys also get an existential crysis whenever you start thinking about past games you played in your childhood?they've been getting more and more frequent recently and I don't know how to deal with it all

It comforts me that everybody collectively feels the same towards these things. No ideas, prejudice, or even knowing each other is required. Just pure, raw feels reminiscing about what's good about life, and that's enough to connect people.I wish I could hug, you bastards. Let's make the best out of the years to come, it's gonna be a wild one.

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>>523622856nope. If i get a hankering for nostalgia, I'll fire up the game again and play it through, or if i think it will be enjoyable, i get my gf to play it.

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>>523613091 Sometimes you have to hurt to heal user.

the roughest thing to think about is how a fundimental element of these games was the developers reminiscing about what it felt like to be young, and while we may have once naively enjoyed what they made and related in earnest to the experience now we can really only join them in looking back

>>523625323Well put.Bump for best gen.

>>523600718As nostalgic as a lot of GSC's OST is, the song from Pokemon that really resonates with me Temporal Spire Theme from PMD2, it's the song that heralds the end and is both somber and grandiose at the same time.


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>>523606065People claiming exp share made them over-leveled are full of it, there's a stint after gym 6(?) where you start to be higher level than the enemies but Leon catches up with the player's levels and is generally higher levelI think where the divisiveness over modern Pokemon is with some older people is they want the games to be more single player focused again; in the newer games there is a ton of development time going into multiplayer features when in the first games it was kind of an afterthought.>>523612760I used to cut the grass where Chansey spawns into a plus shape because I thought it increased the chances of it appearing.



>>523627706Indeed but

>>523600718>Bought like 5 different copies of GSC over the years>All of them had internal battery failures>Emulators can't handle time capsule trading>Will never be able to go back and 100% the pokedex now

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>>523600718Gen 1 & 2 have the most soul of any Pokémon game - they will never be topped

>>523628126How is MD anyway? I was thinking of picking up the one on Switch.

>>523622442Are you fucking serious?

>>523628215I wouldn't know about Rescue Team DX, the original two groups of games (PMD1 - Red & Blue Rescue Teams, PMD2 - Explorers of Time, Darkness & Sky) are really solid although PMD1's a bit archaic in its ways. After that the series went kinda downhill, Gates of Infinity is complete dog shit and while some people like Super Mystery Dungeon others don't it's a pretty divided game. The plots though are generally better than the main series which isn't saying much but at least it's something.

>>523605632>>523606065>>523627825Exp share is really only an issue if you only use 6 pokemon. It's actually pretty helpful if you swap out pokemon. Of course, it should still be optional. Having several options to the exp share would be nice, too.

>>523604465You have no idea what you're talking about.

>>523628164>Emulators can't handle time capsule tradingWRONGTGB-Link and project64 both do it easily.

>>523630619TGB Link doesn't work with time capsule trades

>>523628164dude just use PKHeX, its not cheating if you're just moving pokemon around from save to save, the game will even threat them as legit if you don't manually change anything in the program

>>523631847ur mum doesn't work with time capsule trades

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>>523600718wait it's all a pokeball?

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Why did this Autist had such a fucking banger for a battle since B/W i have always wanted another character in a pokemon game to catch the opposing box legendary and use it against you because of how cool it was in gen V but holy shit why did they have to do it with such a shitty character like Hop

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i used to be so carefree and happy, what happened...

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Best legendary theme

Gen 2-4 had the best

>>523604623Personally I prefer the night


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>>523632325literally doesn't even work

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>>523622442I actually do remember that

Check these out too

>>523633901>gens 2, 4, and 5 had the best music>2 specificallyFTFY.

>>523634632copypaste the message into google translate nigga, I'm not reading that gook shit

>>523628215First game is good, but is a bit rough feeling, second game is generally considered the best, and for good reason. The third was pretty shit compared to the first two, but if you don't take the first two into account, its okay. Super Mystery dungeon is basically if Gate of Infinity was better, but its still not nearly as good as the first two.No idea on the remakes of the first games as a whole but what I played via Yuzu and gave up after several crashes didn't really feel that much better then Super.

>>523633901>Pokemon Silver/Gold/Crystal - Lavender TownThat's the shit

>>523635107Gen 5 only has like 4 or 5 good tracks. Most of the routes sound like shit and only a few places have good music. I have all these soundtracks and have tried to find good songs.

>>523633006he's had about 21 years to cultivate his powerful anime battle theme.

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>>523604485>That part in XY where the NPC plays it in the houseHit me like a fucking truck.>>523604876I don't want it. I think I'd rather watch modern Naughty Dog remake Jak and Daxter than watch modern Game Freak remake Sinnoh

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>>523605316This is the best song in the entire series and I will fight anyone who says

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>tfw try to play the games again>they're too easy and boring>then download drayano's mods and other difficulty mods>now I have to grind or else every gym leader will have one pokemon that can wipe my whole team alone because of absurd statsI guess I really outgrew pokeman lol, don't want to play sw/sh too because most of the designs suck for me, all of the starters for example have horrible designs imo.I guess that's it for pokemon and me, finished every game up until sun and moon, but even sun and moon sucked, also first time I didn't pick a water starter because having a male primarina is fucking gay.When did you outgrow pokemon Holla Forums?

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>you will never randomly encounter one of the legendary dogs in the wild with that same childlike wonder and surprise ever again

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>>523635673>Drayano mods>requiring grindingJust go back to regular pokemon. Play Platinum or something.

>>523622442Afaik, this was a bug

>>523635673>When did you outgrow pokemon Holla Forums?Think the last Pokemon game i played start to finish was Platinum. Feels pretty bad man.

Pokemon Gold and Silver were shit.>Every new Pokemon was either a garbage no evolutionmon or a shitmon>Every new Pokemon was distributed at a rate of one single gen 2 Pokemon per route and extremely rare>Literally only 4 gym leaders even used gen 2 Pokemon out of all 16 >Legendary trio were fucking garbage RNG map and run shit instead of having designated, hand crafted dungeons>Kanto is fucking desolateHonestly gentooers might be worse than genwunners.

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>>523635673If you're over the age of 12 and still play Pokemon for the single player, you're dumb. Breeding ability, nature, perfect IV, EV training and teaching the best moves for competetive is the only reason to play pokemon. If you don't like doing that, I don't know what to tell you. I guess enjoy beating Team X trying to resurrect Legendary Pokemon Y while fighting your friendly rival Z for the 10th time.

>>523635867>being this retardedif you can't read, here's the tl;dr>pokemon games are too easy>modded games are too autistic and require ev grindingthere is no way to enjoy these games anymore.

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>>523636069modded games don't require grinding, you're just bad at building teams


>>523636069>he can't read>"download drayano's mods and other difficulty mods>"download drayano's mods"Drayano's hacks are not that difficult. If you can't handle those, then go back to regular pokemon. There are "hard mode" mods that strive for greater difficulty, but I wasn't referring to those.

>>523636148>I-I-I'm not autistic, user is bad!!!

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>>523636341>I-I-I'm not bad, user is autistic!!!

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why is it that the longer a thread lives, the shittier it gets?

>>523636259It's not that they're difficult you fucking mongoloid, they require grinding and then grinding the right EV's to win because gym leaders will have pokemons with maxed EV's of the right type, if you're not into this autistic grinding then you don't have a chance because your pokemon will always have worse stats.Retard.

>>523636438you're not helping lmao

>>523636341>Complain about difficult in fucking pokemon>get a more challenging alternative>complain that it's too hard>no one agrees with you>get mad and call people autistic>>523636451>they require grinding and then grinding the right EV's to winWhatever you say. Didn't have to do that on my end. Play some other series, I guess.

>>523636603>requires grinding>"challenging"how can anyone be this retarded?

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Hello guys what are going down in this level


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>>523636779no pls don't do my Cinnabar like that

>>523636719immovable retard meets unstoppable autism, just another morning on 4channel Holla Forums

>>523600718Lads, yfw >0:57

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Which game had the best credits theme?


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>>523636438>>523637117>>523636859maybe if you posted something good, but nah

>>523636603equating grinding EVs with challenge is pretty idiotic user

I'm thinking of playing Platinum for the first time. I'm in need of some nostalgia and apparently it's one of the best of the franchise. Should I do it? It's literally the only one I skipped, Diamond was so shit it made me drop Pokémon for years.

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>>523637357Looks like your opinions are shit. What a shame.

>>523637424I agree, they could either not max out gym leader's EVs or just make it very easy to grind yours, it could at least alleviate some of the time grinding in these mods.


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>>523637471>I'm in need of some nostalgiaYou can't have nostalgia for something you haven't experienced, but Platinum is fine.

>>523637471It's just as easy as every pokemon game, just play it for the atmosphere when you need to relax. There is no way to make these games more fun without going all autistic like this user here >>523636603

>>523636779Delete this please.

>>523607280>route 225Oh shit, almost forgot that one since it's in the post game.

>>523628164You know you can replace batteries right?

>>523636148>ModDeD gAMeS dONT ReQUiER gRInDiNG!!!

>>523605632>if you're tempted to use itEXP Share will be mandatory if SwSh is anything to go by. The real fuckup is that they won't adjust the leveling curve at all and you'll wind up overlevelled.

>>523627825>Rush through game while avoiding optional battles to remain on par with trainer levels>"Oh silly user, this isn't the shortest Pokemon game yet, you just need to take your time and explore!">Take my time to explore and do optional content, end up becoming extremely overleveled>"Oh silly user, the exp share isn't overpowered, you just need to skip optional battles and not grind!"There's no winning with you guys

>>523634632>both adblock plus AND uBlockfor what reason?

>>523636779>Pokémon center is the only building that survivedShould've made the rest of the buildings out of the same stuff.


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>>523637620>he's still mad

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>>523638665>he's still replyinglmao

>>523635963oh yeah man being an autistical munchkin when playing a children's game is way better


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>>523638986It's almost like a grand fanfare for everyone. The player and the developers.

>> as a kid hearing these for the first time they felt oddly nostalgic.

>>523637976>Take my time to explore and do optional content, end up becoming extremely overleveledHappens in EVERY Pokemon game you guys just like to intentionally gimp yourselves when playing the old games and distribute your xp stupidly.

>this kid is almost 18 now

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This is the fucking

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>>523635673>When did you outgrow pokemon Holla Forums?When gen 6 started. The games kind of lost that simple 2d RPG charm.

>>523635673After 4th gen iirc. my family couldn't afford new games anyways and I was in the middle of my angsty teen phase.

Attached: d15e23a5b77bb5b5998393147ae42992a1701a21.jpg (298x403, 31.47K)\Bros....

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>>523604485>>523604623Playing Platinum for the first time recentlySinnoh is by far the worst region but i haven't played any of the 3DS ones. Music is excellent, physical special split renders all games before obsolete


Did you guys know the full version of this game only available to play for a less than 600 days between it's release and the wfc getting shut down? Play it now and it's such a shell of what it used to be. So depressing

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>>523643969This game has a shit ton of content that requires WFC, but it was shut down less than 2 years after the games release. I find it irritating is all since gen 5 is my personal favorite but I only got around to playing it after WFC was shut down. I can only be annoyed at how much fun I missed out on

>>523644187>shit ton of content that requires WFClike?

>>523644310play the game yourself sometime and see how many times the game asks you to connect to WFC in order to do something

>>523617075I think gen 4 and 5 are worth checking out user

>>523628164Dude as a ten year old I found tutorials on how to swap the battery’s, it’s super cheap and easy to do

>>523639595>Happens in EVERY Pokemon game Wrong


>>523633006it has FFVII vibes

>>523635917>>Literally only 4 gym leaders even used gen 2 Pokemon out of all 16 I count


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these based

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>>523649042I always thought that BW2's composers were the same from MMSf

>>523600718Can't wait to share it all with my kid someday.

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>>523621332Yeah, you're a fucking retard. can't do it bros, I can't listen to this. Take me back.

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>>523600718>never got to experience this game as a kid because didn't have Gameboy/GameBoy Colour and my first handheld was the Advance>excited to finally experience it with the remakes and got SoulSilver>got to fourth gym, quit afterwards because I just felt like I've been playing the same shit as before>never touched the game again, haven't bought a Pokemon game ever since>this was 8 years agoI was so disappointed I felt that way. I used to love Pokemon and Gen 2 debuted some of my favourite mons and really wanted to experience Johyo, but after already playing three other mainline games (the previous one being Pearl), I just got tired of this series.

Attached: Sad Pepe Rain.jpg (1000x750, 140.4K)

>>523600718Gen 5 has some great

Littleroot Town... Home...

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>>523640798>didnt sell body for new pokemon gamesAnd you call yourself a gamer...

>D/P/Pt>BW/BW2how do i go back to DS era pokemon?

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>>523639754Does Kiri appears in ORAS as a teen?

>not having Diamond/Pearl to grow up with as a kidI want boomer faggots to leave.

>>523605552>We'll literally never get a game like Colosseum/XD ever again

Attached: 1580547595015.jpg (728x714, 168.97K)

>>523628165>they will never be toppedThey already were by Gen 4 and 5 you nostalgiacuck.

>>523635354>Gen 5 only has like 4 or 5 good tracks.5 was nothing but good tracks faggot.

>>523654468Thank god.>Dude wouldn’t a Pokemon game with no wild Pokemon be SICK?

>>523600718Fuck yea pokemon music thread

>>523600718A few years back I took a high dose of shrooms and was playing in a friendly TF2 goldenrod city server listening to GSC ost. I ended up putting this one on repeat because it put me most at ease. It gives me extra good vibes whenever I hear it now.

>>523654468>>523654975Oh no, the worst kind of Pokemon game isn't going to happen again! Oh no!

>>523654468I would like to see another dedicated effort, but I don't think Pokemon Company is going to make another game.

>>523600718Best track in the game.I like this remix, does a good job stirring up the nostalgic memories of it. Especially the start, is like remembering an old

>>523606068Gave me chills. Who did this? I tried looking for it on youtube but I can't find it.

>>523638434Nah man, they rebuilt the center for all the trainers who traveled there not knowing the whole island was destroyed

>>523656597>The one Nurse Joy and Chansey forever on graveyard shift

>>523601084>Scyther>On SundaysOk retard


i loved gen4 and its music, all due respect, but NOTHING will ever top this right fucking

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I haven't even payed attention to Pokemon in a while. Last I heard there was some DLC for a new game or some shit with following mons. What's happening with all this? DLC and Pokemon just sounds weird. Though I guess it doesn't matter. Not like I'll ever play it.

I love how low key everything is in Jhoto, no rivials every 2 steps of the way to tell you how great you are. Lets you discover the compact region on your own for the most part. No baddies trying to take over the world with Godmon, in fact the bad guys are washed up and lost without their leader

>>523657340Patrician Choice right there user, that's one of few things BW has over BW2.

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>>523600718Why do the first and second gen games (and their remakes, especially HG/SS) feel like they have an underlying aura of sadness? Especially a lot of the music, has a melancholic feel to it. Is it just my nostalgia goggles wishing I was young again?


>>523605632>battle resort will be a 30 dollar DLC>each event like the old inn or oaks parcel will be 10 dollars each>10 dollar azure flute teleports you to Mt.Coronet when you play it and Arceus just joins your party

>>523631847Is there a way to connect a VBA Gold/Silver/Crystal ROM to Pokemon Stadium 2? How so? used to use the VS Seeker just to hear this tune once I'd beaten every sailor in the game.

For me, and this is just my personal preference, Gen 1 all the way to 5 are just great. I love them. Each flawed but wonderful in their own way.

Why did gamefreak have to turn into such shit bros?

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>>523635673I was 11 and Gen III was out and Pokemania was dead but then HGSS and Platinum sucked me back in

>>523657889The original Azure Flute never released at all, so even getting one would be an improvement.

>>523657856Combination of nostalgia and the games still going for the small town Japan vibe. I think the reason Pokemon nostalgia hits so hard, is cause like some other user said, unlike a lot of other older games you can revisit and still get something out of, these games are incredibly easy now. They lose a lot if you aren't some naive kid, before Internet was super rampant, trying silly rumours with no idea what shit evolves into or where you'll end up finding different Pokemon. You aren't just nostalgic for the game, you're nostalgic for that exact moment.

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>>523658407The lead dev got his soul shattered.

>>523658407Greed consumed them. At least we have our memories.

Attached: E44A6BE7-5F4B-410A-BC61-955EE0E2CFFE.gif (112x112, 72.73K)

>>523658380Same. I grew up on Crystal and Ruby but gen 4-5 ended up being my favorite gens. Black/White 2 is one of the best Pokémon games of all time and you should really try it if you skipped it.

>>523658407Money. Gen 5 was the last time they tried and sold the less compared to any other gen, Now they have the recipe for success on pandering to Nostalgia, rotating features which may or may not remain on next gen with the possibility of them being gutted or half-assed and always a brand new Shiny Gimmick which they will push and then take out regardless of the reception to make way for the next gimmick.


>>523645432How about you give the fucking examples, you sperg?

>>523658647I hated how every tree in this game was exactly the same. GSC has tall trees and short headbutt trees. They could have at least staggered them in HGSS

>>523659194Put a lot of effort into gen 5 and when it underperformed he decided to just streamline an already easy game into what it is now.

>>523652485You have two options:1. Get a DS or 3DS and then get the games2. emulate

>>523659194Masuda was super excited on BW development, he even posted daily on his blog about all the new stuff of the game, then people started complaining because you could only play with the new 150+ pokémon and had to wait till post-game or use the dream world thing to use the old mons.

>>523659432>>523659343Damn, that's a shame. Still have my copy of pokemon black. Never picked up Black 2, but I would have if I had money at the time.

>>523604876Poketch is replaced by a Rotom smartwatch that talks endlessly

>tfw still haven't figured out how to homebrew my 3DS

>>523659570Fuck that rotom. At least I got it to call me master.

>> literally cannot fuck it up

>>523642607Kanto > Hoenn > Sinnoh > Johto >>> Unova

>>523659180Despite all of that, they only managed to pull in 600,000 more sales for XY and then lost sales on SM.

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>>523659979Those losses aren't that big when you consider just how small Alola feels when compared to Kalos and even ORAS, like there are so many things which go unused which they could make something neat with it, like golf course or that giant vortex on the Lake of Sunne/Moone, even the "Ultra Changes" didn't gave that same feeling BW2 gave when compared to BW.

>>523604485>>523607137>we'll never go back to thisIt sucks seeing the series die like it did. 3d models are souless compared to sprites, the music is souless, everything is just a shallow husk meant to milk money from the new generations.

>>523659909You meanJohto > Sinnoh = Unova > Alola if GF was still competent > Hoenn > Kanto > Alola >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kalos >>>>>>> Galar

>>523638056some sites block one but not the other

Do you think zoomers will have their equivalent of Pokemon, some near-universally enjoyed game(s) they will fondly look back on when they get older? Will there be nostalgiafagging for Yokai Watch or Fortnite or w/e decades from now? makes me want to fall asleep crying.

>>523663662We're seeing it already with Minecraft.

why are shinies in stadium 2 so fucked up?

>>523601084>hours>not using the Pokemon March music to increase encounter rates>not finding a Pinsir, Scyther, Butterfree or Beedrill in a few minutes, False Swiping it, catching it, then ending the contest early, shitting on that faggot Ed who couldn't catch big pokemonDo you even catch bro?

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>>523664179I grew up with RBY but still get nostalgic for Minecraft. The OST gives me goosebumps.

>>523659018>Black/White 2Can anyone articulate why? I played through BW and thought it was lacking in a lot of departments. Then I played BW2 a year or two later and kept getting dejavu. Felt like I was playing the same game over again.

>>523664179that was more of a late millennial thing, wasn't it? we still get threads here reminiscing about the alpha

>>523658407Its less about Gamefreak and more about the Pokemon company in general going to shit.Back in the days when things were still building up there was a lot less to worry about. Gamefreak could make their games, there was merch running inbetween and the anime also had more freedom.But nowadays everything has to be streamlined. The anime has to be ready when the game is ready and the game has to be ready when the merch is ready. Which means that Gamefreak have a very limited amount of time to actually work on the game. If something fucks up the production it impacts all of Pokemon and you can't just delay everything so cuts have to be made.

>>523666079>alpha era music playing>no sound aside from the distant trickle of water and the faint sounds of your mining and collecting

>>523666242BW2 ain't just an enhanced edition it's an actual sequel, not only has a new dex and a few new areas it also has lot of stuff to do like Pokestar studios, PWT, the reworked Battle Tower/Tree, the post-game trainer battles, the legend hunts, Hidden Grottos, the Join Avenue, like there a lot of stuff to do regardless if you liked breeding, battles, exploring the region, they took BW and improved in a lot of stuff, sure story took a dive but they improved on everything else.

i want kids so bad brosi know i can never relive my childhood but i want to raise kids with an even happier childhood than mine, i want them to have their own precious memories they'll cry about decades latertoo bad i'll never find a wife or a good enough job to raise a family

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>>523658407Because genwunfags with money got filtered by BW.

>>523648992Don't be sad that it's over, user

>>523635673Just skip all the skippable trainers. Being underleveled makes the games fun again.