ITT: 2000's browser games lost in time

ITT: 2000's browser games lost in time

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Sequel was better

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i will NEVER find back that Altoids point-and-click adventure and I will be forever sad about that.

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>typed into browser>404>F

>>523587815>all the games on the Post cereal website>all the games on the Hubba Bubba websitepain

Pretty sure it's still on this site:

>>523588218So what happened if you reach the goal?I can never reach it

>>523587815this and dusty's castle are goat

>>523591975Tentacle gangbang in heaven if memory serves.

I have not been able to find this at all

>>523587815All that sperm spilled, like tears in rain

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>>523592405but there's a remake in the works

>>523591369did they make there own custom board?

does anyone have that website full of nsfw flash games?it had one of the adult girls from azumanga dioh or something stuck in a window and pulling out cooked yams from the ground in an undressing game.they were all flash and top fucking tier.

>>523592637I know

>>523592405Just fapped to this gem yesterday.>>523592637When's the release date?

>>523592405>>523594508What game?

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>>523595550Kasumi feel the flash, if I remember correctly.

>>523596612Since when is Painkiller a browser game?

Anyone remember the name of the H game that had a cat girl dressed as Samus?

>>523587815>His Newgrounds account got hacked a long ass time ago & inserted a link to a virus into Line Marvels games.Still mad


>> made an account just so I could search for it

>>523598462What? What's the story there?

>>523591975Nothing, you unlock a gallery mode and a level select, dont think theres even an ending.

there was an oldass game called Wormhole, was like a PvP version of asteroids. supposedly it got shut down in 02 but some people worked on a recreation. not sure how it compares to the original since there's never any players

I remember cartoon network used to have a paid flash game service with some premium games i never got to play one of them looked cool in screenshots it was a teen titans game but they were chibi

All those games on cartoon network, just lost to time like that. Most were dogshit and there's better games nowadays but it's still kind of sad knowing so many of them exist only in memories now

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>>523599431Was this the one with the turned based hex grid thing going on?


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It's called Flashpoint, friends, it's all thereWell, a lot of it>>523591815>>523599431

>>523600029>put together two screenshots>don't fucking post it

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For me it's Madness Interactive

>>523600104fucking hell I'm going back to lurking

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>>523587815What you do when you're 10 is what you'll be nostalgic for, but being 10 in 2007 and waiting all summer for the next arc of DragonFable to release will be supremely better than other comparable time periods for other people, younger or older.


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The reason I'm the degenerate I am today. I blew so many loads up the Zebra and Cheetah's asses. I made sure the fox boy got his too.~

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>>523600305The next arc being your dragon egg hatching.

>>523594508A "softcore" version has already been released. I think the full game is scheduled for late 2020

>>523600335The original scam, he set up crowd funding before it was even a thing

>>523600245holy shit, why am I finding out about this now? thanks user

>>523587815my first fap

>>523600305never got the fondness people had for that game. AQW I can understand, but Dragonfable was just a hallway simulator

>>523600305Literally never heard anyone in my life say thisYou're too late for the era of rapid internet expansion and before the era of diminishing returns in games. Most anons now in their late twenties were right in that sweet spot.

>>523600335Yes I think this game has a lot to answer for

>>523600104>>523600245nostalgia jesus christ it hurts....

>>523587815Parallel Universe 2, Vagabond's Quest, Dominion and Utopia

I have a distinct memory of playing a game where you fought jaw breakers inside of Ed's stomach from Ed Edd & Eddy but I have never been able to find it. Does anyone else remember what I'm talking about?

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>>523592405I wonder if anyone ever figured out how to edit the swimsuit costumes back into the game, on the old sawatex site the only way to get them was buying a physical version of the game.

>>523602209Why must you dredge up my childhood user. I don't enjoy confronting that we'll never see such soul again.

>>523600487>softcore version of rape gameSo we are limited to tickling?


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I guess I'll give it a try. Does anybody remember a game, probably flash, where you would use "hacking" to mess with a forum, scrambling the topic names and such into funny things?


Since we're doing this now does anyone remember a flash game where you played as some amorphous creature and your objective was to absorb smaller things and become bigger so you can absorb bigger things. I remember one of the levels had police cars and army tanks shooting at you and i think in the last one you would absorb planets and stars.

>>523592405Good times

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>>523605009One of these days I want to go into a crowded area full of people my age and blast this at max volume to see how many people recognize it

>>523605009>Meet and fuck games musicA what a time to be alive

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>>523605009there was another kinda vaguely slavic instrumental I used to hear in shitty browser porn games like this but it wasn't this one, what's the other one?

Tell you what, Postopia mini golf was my shit.

>>523604031>no (You)'sSoulless


>>523591369can't believe I'm actually nostalgic for blatant advertising in my video games

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>>523605009It's all coming back now. All the shitty flash games.

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>>523602295Oh the tainted jaw

>>523609191My god it's real...

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>Since early 2018, over a hundred contributors have helped Flashpoint save more than 59,000 games and 6,000 animations running on 20 different

>>523605009What was the best MnF game? For me, it was the cruise.

>>523612574Tsunade and the horse, it gave me a new fetish.

>>523587815>that kino Keyquest game on neopets that was kill after a server bungle Many hours spent on that game wrecking the fuck out of little kids. RIP.

>>523613547>tfw had a computer so shitty that the Digimon crossover game they had bugged out on my PC and I took no damage>easy 3k per day


>>523612574The detective one was goat, so many girls in that one

>>523615104Fuck, i remember that one, one of the girls had enormous tits. I should recoom it sometime.

>>523612574I liked Lavindor Kingdom and the Star Mission one

>>523587815dress my babe (series)dino runching chong beautiful

>>523600335Between this, Sexyfur and Dr Comet, it's no wonder many people turned furry.

>>523587815>The homage flash Derpixon made of Demon Girl

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>>523592405>All that sperm spilled, like tears in rain

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>No mention of Jungle GirlThat's true OG status

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>>523599431Used to play this and that DBZ fighting game on CN all the time.



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>>523606860They had some great games on that site. I remember the root beer shooting gallery vaguely.

>>523587815All games in the Millsbury site


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>>523600335what's this one called? I can't remember

>>523620931high tail hall

>>523587815For some reason I was obsessed "scary"/edgy room escape games

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>>523621214is it still up for playing?


Not technically lost since I could still download it, but for most it is.>>523595726That intro is still

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>> tail

>>523621713that...was not as good as i remember

>>523621854it almost never is anonat least you have closer on it

>>523600335I wonder if my taste for furry mares and horse pusseh comes from this thing...

Anyone remember that Dexter's Lab game where it's some sort of maze/puzzle?

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There was a game called Tactics Arena Online. Played it in my computer class. Didn't understand much, but that's where I got my affection for golems.

>>523621615The only right way to play this.

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>>523624509Loved this gameAbsolutely no hentai, right?

>>523612574the one where you search for the girl with tattoo on her ass

>>523624617Nah, there is a dressing mini game thought that is a bit lewd.


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>>523624617Forgot webm

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I remembered this game after listening to Paranoid again.

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This and Learn to fly were pretty great.

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I still miss gToons and Cartoon Orbit like you wouldn't fucking believe. Fuck CN.

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>>523604031MY NIGGA.Music was always great too. Ultimate crab battle is GOAT

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Man, I remember that Gorillaz driving sandbox from like 2002 or something. Anybody know a link or sauce on that game?

Unironically good game and no one seems to talk about it

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>>523627229this is peak soul CN game, wish there was more shit like this around

>>523628663What game,?

>>523628889Steppenwolf series, just a really decent point and click game, it was distributed by WB and the art direction is pretty decent for a flash game. Had a lot of parts which are still

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>>523618702ganguro girllove hina sim date


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what went wrong?

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>>523587815> Franks Adventure series>> High Tail Hall

>>523612574I'll always have a soft spot for Road Trip

>>523618851>beat the DBZ fighitng game>frieza's OP ass was unlocked>close the game and come back the next day after school>through some magic my moms compaq running windows xp remembers i beat this flash gameLegendary super warriors had a similar fighiting system.

>>523600179and all the edits that came out of it

>>523634301Used to be great when he just used to steal art from regular japanese VNs, animated them and used them to make his own stories.Then he suddenly decided to put a pricetag on it and create his own god awful art. Everything is massively oversized, the girls look ugly as fuck and the animations just look ridiculous.He should've just hired somebody who can draw anime character really well and then just animate that.

>>523614208Ok reddit

>>523634301he stopped stealing art

>>523628663>>523629594Steppenwolf is the shit man

Anybody else play this?

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There was this SRPG like game, where you start as an archer and advance up to things like a tank. The sequel went further into it, and the third and fourth ones were tower assault/defense games. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

Who else has been going back to newgrounds and fapping to old games and videos because flash is dead soon? I've found some real good shit recently

>>523624696I'd like it more if it wasn't so clunky in getting some of the scenes.I don't remember how, but there was a softlock if you did the events in a certain order, and you basically had like a 33% chance to get that order depending on what you chose to do next.

>>523587815These fucking games were my sexual awakening. Which explains why I'm so fucked up

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>>523632284Fuck me, is this a zapdramatic I never saw before?

Anyone remember that game where you're talking to someone in a chat room after the apocalypse and trying to prove you're not a robot or something like that?

>>523619351Meet n Fuck was the CoD of flash porn games. Every one of them is the exact fucking same. Also the female voices sound like they are legitimately retarded.

>>523640568You mean this one?

>>523640289What was her name again..?

>>523639663Found it. It's called Strategy

>>523587815i coomed to this many times

>>523626672I miss watching Cartoon Network on Saturday mornings to get the code to pimp my page out my favorite toons. I'd do anything to experience that again.

>>523620228Holy SHIT LOL

>>523640680Nah not this one, but it's cool nonetheless. Thanks user

>>523640724Slutty McSlut

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Upgrade the game was kino

For me? It was the Diva Mizuki series.

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>>523595726I just played this for the first time last night. It was awesome

>>523587815>lostBuddy, I have that saved.

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>>523642158This was the last "major" flashgame I played.Simple, but really fun.


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>play MnF ocean cruise as an adultHave to look up every question>play it as an adultCan answer every question without batting an eyeIs this what growing up is like

>>523629594Christ I've been looking for this series for so long, completely forgot the name. Bless your soul, user!

>>523604031>first found out about Initial D because one of their games had a song from it>still don't know what it's called but it's been stuck in my head for years

Anyone have access to those old paddleball games where you unlock lewder girls as you get a higher score??

>>523615104This one by far. It feels it was the longest with the amount of girls it has

>>523600335People say this was the gateway to furfaggotry but jokes on them I was already jerking it to pokemon, the true gateway before that

>>523587815It's funny how this game basically inspired an entire subgenre of hgame

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>>523641630Yoko and Diva's flash series were so good

Technically not lost but I really love Sinjid.There was also this one game, I think it was Arrogancy Demo or somethng>>523639093I forgot, what happens to the villain again? He injects the cryptids' DNA and.. then what?

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>>523600029>No Supermonk NG or even regular SupermonkIt's lost to time forever bros...

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Hated this game and artstyle like yku wouldn't believe. All my buddies played it too. Damn them.

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>everyone in class would play this shit non stop>virtually none of them even knew who Sonic wasThat always baffled me as a youngin'. I feel like I went to a school where nobody played video games except for me.

I forget, did this ever get finished?

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>>523643613Fucking hell I remember this. What was this called again?

what was that video on NG where two of the last humans get in a ship and they have to fuck to repopulate or something. and they fuck so hard, something happens to them. i just know the creator had a series and in of them some princess sucks a frogs dick

>>523587815All the miniclip 3d shockwave games like Rhino Rush and all those archery games. There was also a golf game where you play as a monster clubbing a skull. Miniclip is so fucking anal about their property it's insane. The vast majority of flash games you can get the files for but it won't work outside their site.

>>523644357>Sequel is mobile only

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>>523600029Too bad Nitrome took all their games off it

>>523644989>please don't turn off ads in a flash game I wont let you play if you're not indirectly paying meNitrome can fuck right off

God fucking damn it, I miss the old internet so badly. I know these are all shitty but there so much eagerness, so much SOUL. Just some kids making shitty little games and sharing it with the world, no bullshit like patreon skimming and jerking your dick around with bug fixes, just fucking passion

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>>523644559I remember that it's PT7: Extinction


>>523645925I love that imagine, its such a fucking perfect for Monsoon's theme.

>>523644551Simgirls, on Newgroundsportal/view/50364

>All those early flash dating sim

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>>523614208My soul left my cock in angel girl.

>>523597853Since when isn't it? You browse the graveyard for skeletons!

Now this was the

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>>523628249Gorillaz Final Drive. It used shockwave so the web version doesn't work anymore, but heres the exe from the DVD

>>523587815This and the numerous dress-up games with Chun-Li and such that actually had good art in them.Also all the strip Break! games.

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>>523592405Shame that most uploads are versions of the game without sex. Always a pain to find the right one when I feel nostalgic.

I don't know how many hours I spent in the Kong Studio.A lot, for

>>523618702Jungle girl was legitimately my go to as a kid. Watching her bounce on those green tentacles awakened something in me.

>kooooonsoft was going to do a "licensed" game>the project suddenly just vanishes without a word>other games come out in the meantimeI just want to know what happened.

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>>523624485>Tactics Arena OnlineI wasn't ready to remember this today.

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>>523600335what happened to the sequel?

>>523643846He turns into a mutant and then you fight him in that water level. May or may not include turrets. I might be thinking of a whole different game though.

>>523648207took the money and ran probably

>>523641630Based. Just the perfectly sized breasts. Was a good thing when everything else was more medium sized.

>>523647843Now that I can actually understand the rules maybe I should give it another go

>>523644510It ends with Yale being framed for the murder but there's also an unresolved cliffhanger

Feudalism was mount and blade before i knew mount and blade existed. Excellent game.

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>>523648769My nigga.

>>523641630jyubei is a god is in the same tier as umemaro 3d

>>523648648I remember actually enjoying the strategy of the game but I was 8

>>523647493Found somewhere it's still hosted, but uses flash so get your nostalgia in before december

>Everybody pinning HTH as the furry enabler but not that one Toonpimp game that was on the frontpage for roughly a full fucking month

>>523587815Kino serie, can't wait for Project Nexus

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>>523648769Feudalism blew my mind as a kid.

>>523650195>>523648840it was such a cool concept

>That one Evangelion dating game>The Judge Judy game>STREETS OF FIRE>The city crawler with porn and copyrighted characters some posted already>all that sonic vs mario shit>clixposing games>Meet N Fucks

when I first went to kongregate, after hearing about the badges for games thing (this was before newgrounds had it) I played their TCG, something called Kongai. I played 1 game, and I won.

>>523651919>kongai>that one vampire dude with teleport>that one book that gives a high chance for any attack to regen health>predicting a swap out and stopping it repeatedly in a row

funny-base had a very large collection of adult flash games. Too bad it went down this year.

>>523624696>dude couldn't code hit detection or multiple inputs for shit>couldn't optimize either so everything was laggy as shit unless you played at a tiny resolution>lol its hard :)

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>>523600335>>523616079Lovesaber was kino

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>>523644221Is it still not finished? Not that the updates ever added anything of quality.

>>523652842game was sick

>>523646082>on NGI think there are updated-er versions floating around at least on swfchan. It's a weird blend of original vision and "clearly we've been at this too long and can't recreate that original style" hence fucking jpegs everywhere and varying levels of quality between old and obviously new stuff.And I think it's still being updated? Not sure by who exactly or how often.

>>523652015that repeated swap prediction was a serotonin boost the likes of which I've not felt since. I remember doing those challenges to earn cards, cause obviously in the summer break that year I was gonna become the Kongai champion.

>>523645419Can’t fault them for putting ads on a free game they made.

>>523653417sure. I also won't cry a tear when I block them.

>>523612574Mrs. clause just for the controllable titfuck.

>>523641630Hataraki Ari does something similar today.

>>523600335used to jack off to this all the time but i didn't turn out to be a furry

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>touch right tit.>”oooohhh, aaaaawww...”Touch right tit.>”AAAAUGGGGHHH! >:c

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>>523624509I see you despise shitty tsunderes. Good for you.

>>523646801based schizoposter

>>523598501she's a bird, not a cat

>>523600335Is this how night clubs really are? You just walk in and everyone stares at you like they want your cock up them?

>>523600335the sequel is STILL in development if you can believe thatit gets worse each time I see it. I miss the version with the bull and sheep fucking by the pool

>>523657034Blue girl best girl.

>>523644221His art is pretty disturbing desu, he really captures the essence of being a sexual predator.

>>523657276The whore that pretty much made tsundere popular in the low-tier anime genre, deserves worse than death.

>>523624880why were there so many of these and why did I like them so much

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>>523659084You mean kisekae? They were a trend that japanese people started, and then some overseas weebs brought over, then it exploded like wildfire.I had like hundreds of different characters and cloth sets that I played around with all weekend.

>>523591881>That rollerblade girl fucking on a bridgeAh the memories

>>523600335Why did it never develop. I remember checking weekly for years. Why.

I need to find a flash game again you played like this fucking ball and it was a platformer i remember always being stuck in a level where there's a giant ass fan but i can't find it for shit

>>523647170I find one, no issues, I can give you a mega if you want, hope you still browse the thread though.


I want to go back, bros.

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>>523661165don't pretend like you weren't born in 1996 or later

>>5236612341989 actually

>>523661234>>523661281You kids are young

>pressing TAB to see that yellow outline for clickable objects>use it to find hidden stuff>game calls you a cheater

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>>52366152530+ is young?

>>523646379Im sure i remember something about this? Doesnt she get murdered in every single one or something?

>>523657034My nigga.Then I ended up playing the shit out of the Katawa version.

>>523600335Did the zebra milf have a cock? I don't remember anymore.

>>523661034Yeah I'm here, would be nice thank you!

>>523661585A bit, yes.

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played the shit outta this

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>>523661830Wish my knee didn't hurt then.

>>523661525>mfw 32 years old>people still guess 21-24 when they ask my age

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>>523662246Sounds like your parents didn't feed you enough vegetables, boy. 40+ and not a single joint hurts.

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lads.. I'm scared.

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How do I post a mega link? it says it's spam

>>523663001Just pot the text after me ga nz.

>>523663001just make it like mega(d0t)com or whatever don't post a real link not that anyone is going to download your dolphin porn

>>523661794mega dot nz/file/4SBngIyZ#1zbsXI1F_OgP34nmlxqBo-LDl1LisGgxnsXAdK6vbTc

>>523663078>>523663086Thanks anons.>>523661794Forgot to warn you, there might be some issues first time you run it, so just restart it a few times.Also there is an error where the screen is flashing like a stroboscope so don't get an epilepsy attack if you are at risk, make the window smaller or something.You can turn the "device" on in options.

>>523662102My nigga. There's a sequel too IIRC. Much more polished (but not nearly as soulful)

>>523591369Postopia was based

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>>523588218better for cooming

>>523600335This one had a clone game that gave me a futaxmale fetish.

>>523663298dolphin porn dont click

The Swords and Sandals series was always awesome. The theme for 3 was pretty hype.

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>>523640204that fucking softlock pissed me off so much

this little gem right here

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>>523646379fucking LOL I fapped to this garbage yesterdayit's the learn forward/back tit jiggle, man. Formative shit

Attached: 1537376891026.jpg (750x576, 83.12K)

>>523644221>never got finished>certain scenes got removed>certain dialogue removed>other stuff added without new artthe earlier demos were unironically better.

>>523664357What is this?

>>523587815>>52358821895 has both of these and every game he's done since then (He never quit making these when he realized it was easy money)

Where did all the soulful creators of these flash games go?I miss the Mardek and Sonny guys

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>>523605009>Mfw i already know the song just from that image>Mfw no face

>>523664695Patreon to make normal games in unity and unreal for thousands of dollars a month.

>>523664695Became indie devs or just disappeared I suppose. There's no proper Flash replacement to keep making those kind of games. No, HTML5 is not good enough.

>>523652842VANDEER LORDE!

>>523665035Unless its porn I don't think anyone gives a crap

>>523665182Of course it's porn. That is what patreon is for.

>>523662669Newgrounds should reverse engineer the flash source code and release it

>>523663298>>523663492Alright, I'll check it out later, thank you in advance!

>>523652842the whole series was insanely stylish

>>523664357what game brah

>>523665806Not a bad idea. Some guys made EasyRPG, an open source engine that plays old RPG maker games. There will surely be a demand for an OpenFlash.

>ctrl+f steamshovel harry>0 guess everyone forgot

>>523606860Whoa, holy fuck. Haven't thought about this game in like 15 years. My friends and I would always play this in our 7th grade computer applications class.

>>523602209I like the dumbass series


>>523664008This game was way too hard to be played by kids, heck the penultimate boss was an RNG fight

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>>523600335Ya know not much has changed has it?

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this game was like the first flash game I played not only to coom but to actually beat. same with the Krystal game as well.

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