Wasteland 3

>fuck Joker every chance I get>animal husbandry at max>companion is Billy and Jean>picked goat fucker option at the end of the monster reel questI like this game. I like it a lot.

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>>523584675i wish i could enjoy these games, but I feel like I've lost some of my autism over the years and I just don't have the time anymore

>>523584675dont these games force you to build your own party with boring lifeless npcs with no story?

3rd for Lucia

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awwww the steam ad shows the game with 10/10 from 7 or so different reviewers and it's a dead game

>>523588101>it's a dead game>singleplayer tactical rpg

imagine being this retarded

>>523588189>released last week>7 post thread

Will this game's combat feel shallow as someone who is a big fan of Divinity OS 2?

>>523588359>if a game isnt discussed on Holla Forums it doesnt exist

>>523588447where can I discuss it

>retard likes playing retard garbagewow, what a twist

>>523588509Steam forums. Holla Forums only plays Nintendo games.

For me, it's the clown horn

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>>523589494If the payasos were more about mischief and pranks I'd be all for them, but they're just another raider gang needing to be purged from existence. Like if somehow Discordianism became a serious post-apoc religion.

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>>523590535>mischief and pranksSeems more like Monster Army tbf. One of em mentions they just sit around watching monster flicks and drinking beer.

I like how this game makes anti-sjws seethe.

been thinking of pulling the trigger but negative reviews (and well detailed ones) say bugs make the game literally unplayableworth buying now and hope for patches? or just buy when sale?

Is there anyway to kill that Synth in the Bizarre without Cordite? I'd rather not side with a slaver just to kill a synth without having to slaughter the monster army on my way out.

>>523590992They were ridiculously blood-thirsty in the past. Managed to civilize somehow.

>>523591072They're full of shit. The only 'bug" I've encountered is the minimap wigging out a bit when moving somewhere specific

>no spinoff where you play based Patriarch during his glorious rise to power

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>>523591072just pirate it

>>523588419Definitely yeah. Still a good game but the combat isn't as complex and there's a lot less environmental interaction although some does exist.

>>523590997It makes extremists on both sides seethe. Truly based that the best option is to let Patriach rule.

Just got around to the Ironclad Cordite rescue mission.Killed the fucker. Seems a bit weird that the "freedom good" faction would want you to free him.

>>523591072The single bug I've encountered was a known issue that laser tripwires don't change the cursor to the disarm icon, you can still click and disarm but it just doesn't show the icon. Other than that I've had no issues.

>>523590997Does it? The objectively best end game is to side with the elderly white male authoritarian.

Started playing with a friend, we thought we would get one customizable character each but we just got the second one, does it mean eventually you can have full custom party?

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>>5235923704 custom rangers that act as genetic dolls, and 2 slots reserved for unique/guest members that are NPCs with actual character. Though I think you can toss more rangers out to have more uniques in.

>>523590997I'm supposed to seeth?I can ethnically cleanse the wasteland and the best ending is going with the white dude and ignoring the irrational redhead woman.

Where can you get the Kodiak upgrade to have max radiation resistance? I noticed there's a section on the bottom left you still can't explore due to radiation.

>>52359107230 hours in and only encountered the laser tripwire not changing the cursor and one where the camera got stuck zoomed in. A quickload fixed it no problem.

>wiped out the clowns>wiped out the Monster Army>wiped out Charley and his thugsI think I've got a problem.

>>523595197I let the monster army live because I have a soft spot for The Monster Mash in any format.The other two I did the same. Especially the clowns. They should have let you take a stock of saltire crosses from the Springs stockades and put the clowns on them.

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>>523584675Did the whole bizzare questline for flab. Pretty fun game soo far. Now just got to the slavers entrance. I quite enjoy the details such as weapon mods being visible on the gun. As a gun fag this pleases me alot.


>>523594910Either unlock the endgame chassis or find the department of energy on the map for a side quest where it can be looted

>>523591072Apparently consoles got a garbage port riddled with bugs but I played 80 hours on PC and the only bug I got was the occasional tripwire not prompting me to disarm but it still worked if I clicked on it

>>523584675did they patch the extremely long load screens and/or add ability to speed up animations?

>>523595197>go back to Little Vegas>Charley's there, still aliveWhat the fuck?

>>523591967Angela Deth is a delusional retard or trying to take over Colorado herself



>>523599718I liked her in 2 but I don’t think I’ll be siding with her in this game. Helping a slaver clan rise in power and then letting them fuck off to destroy another state is no better than sending criminals to slavers to keep them docile and protect your lands

How do I convince the gippers to stay loyal to patriarch

>>523584675Is this one of those games that have romances or is it more like shadowrun?

>>523600591No romances. Only goat hookers

>>523585965yes and no. there are 4 customizable ones that you HAVE to have, but you can get 2 recruits that are "story" related.

>>523600914you know what, I'm sold

very disappointed by the endingthere's like 2 or 3 marked zones on the bottom left of the map and I was expecting some story twist or some bullshit for me to go thereinstead it just ends

>can't respec

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>>523602425Just create a new ranger and replace them

>>523600914There are the prostitutes in Little Vegas too, like the Pig

>>523585965>with boring lifeless npcs with no storyDon't blame the devs for your lack of imagination.

>Army revolverFinally a decent fucking handgun

He did the mash, he did the monster mashThe monster mash, it was a graveyard smashHe did the mash, it caught on in a flashHe did the mash, he did the monster mash

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>>523602924It’s a shame their projector is broken. Chilling in your fortress and watching monster movies sounds cool as fuck

>>523584675>thread for game I've never seen>the OP spouting illegible esoteric autisms>not for me

>>523590997idgi i hate negros and trannies and im loving the game?

about to go into this game blind, anything i should know beforehand? i know about character specialization but little else

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>>523584675hows the writing? 2 felt generic with no real lore

>>523603761get way of squeezing, thats all

is this a standalone story or do i need to play the second?i never finished the second and i feel like if i get back into it, im gonna have to replay it from the start.

>>523603838The generic lore invented fallout

>>523603975You don't need to replay the second, this is a new team in a different state and you mostly get the background info you need at the beginning.

>>523602774>Stupid gamers so entitled, just IMAGINE the game

>>523603761make specialistsdon't waste skillbooks on low level skillspets level up if you keep them alive, and dismissing them makes them disappear afaikf5 often

>>523604460Nigger if your rangers have no personality, you didn't give them any. You may want to play a game with a set character instead.

>>523604460>not importing custom portraits and rp as the cobra unitcustomization is somewhat lacking I agree

>>523603761I went in blindI don't know if you've played anything like this before but you should know you can look up the stats in game in the menu I had no idea what the stats meant or did until a few hours in I noticed it's in the menu where your items are some button or something god that shit pisses me off so damn bad YEAH GREAT I GET SOME STATS I HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE WHAT THEY DO WHY AREN'T THERE TOOLTIPS A SIMPLE PERCEPTION DOES X WHILE I'M CREATING MY FUCKING CHARACTER WOULD MAKE ME STRESS LESS IN LIFE GOD FUCK GAME DEVELOPERS

Where can you find out what enemy conditions do? My wolf keeps applying frightened but I got no fucking clue what it's actually doing

>>523605934click the I in the top right, then hover over the enemy

>>523606001>Action Points -2Damn that wolf is putting in work

>>523606306Damn I just lost my wolf. He ran away while I was playing with a pig.

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>>523591564patriarch isnt even the bad guy.

>>523584675I'm pretty sure i'd love this game if it didn't run like dogshit and break every hour or two. What the fuck is this weird ass FPS dip into slideshow mode? A memory leak?

>>523606904That's not really a thing that's happened to me. I did disable motion blur though cause it was slowing shit down and didn't look good.

>>523607043I thought the motion blur was the actual issue since it smeared everything when moving the camera when it happens, but it didn't really affect it. I'll check back in a month or two and see if there's been any official or community fixes.

>>523606904I pirated it and have the same issue lowering graphics didn't fix anything so whatever it occasionally crashes and when a big effect happens like at the start where you fire that laser beam just drops framesevery game does this kind of thing nowadays on release so I just feel bad about it

>>523607251Might just be unity being a shit engine. I seem to remember W2 also having some awful performance issues, not sure it the base version or the DC. Or both.

>>523590997Yeah cause is liberal propaganda if you want to sit still while trump loses the election because of games like this be my guest but I’m taking a stand.

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>>523588359The game had multiple 500+ reply threads all release week you moron

I got a radio call in from someone asking for help. They said their generator was running low and that they would do anything for some oil. Missed the beginning of his lines and have zero clue where he would be. Worried it's timed. Anyone have any ideas?

>>523608708It was a distress call while I was on the world map. Nothing seemed to appear in my journal

Is it racist to give your black character points in lockpick and sneaky shit?

>>523609727is it racist to make them giants and muscular and name them bbc and melee weapons and the drunk perk?

>Str con per level bonus isn't applied retroactively>Same with pointdexterOooooh fucking BRAVO inXile.

>>523610194also unequip your +skill items before leveling up or you'll end up wasting skill points

>>523591072I'm waiting a year until the director's cut.

>>523591072just save a lot, many people finished the game successfully

>>523611367That one's wrong, the tooltip says the cost is 3, but the actual points deducted will be the correct amount without trinkets.

>>523601323The ending in Wasteland 2 was shit as well.The entire game was building up a faction war, the whole idea of the fight between the robots and the synths was what made the story interesting.And then they just lol lol we were working together the whole timeI literally just sat there and went "oh... okay" and then 5 minutes later the game ends with literally 1 ending.The characters and dialogue were really good but they can't write a story for shit.

Have they fixed some of the launch day bugs yet?

>>523611651well fuck

>>523611871I mean it's better than the alternative right?>>523611767Wasteland 2 had a good ending, though. >>523611860Yes.

>>523611767>the whole idea of the fight between the robots and the synthsWhen was this an actual factor in the story, you loon?

Is there anyway to modify ranger voice post character creation?

>>523612376Make a new identical ranger and discard the old one.

Is there any downside to just running over enemies with the kodiak in fights, like less xp or something?

>>523612975Not that I know of.

>>523584675Does melee actually get good at some point? I'm at the Bizzare with the jack knife and so far I'm pretty shit compared to my buddies guys with the heavy weapons and sniper.

>>523612008The entire second half of the game is supposed to be about the faction war, that's what they were building up for the entire first half and all the radio chatter in the second.Then you get none of it.The entire end of the game is rushed like they got tired of working on it and gave up doign a proper story.

What is this game.

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>>523613247What faction war? The broadcasts were clearly from a force of synths the second you step foot in LA, especially when you talk to they guy sending them. I agree the latter half of the game was rushed but there was never a synths vs robots subplot here.

>>523613186i captured the first kid and my brawler can hit like 8 times in a turn for 100 damage each hit.

>>523590997it doesnt really game expects you to side with angela cuck, anti reagan commies etc. And you can just choose to support the patriarch and piss on angela's fat cunt face.

>>523614023Thats brawling though, what about regular melee weapons?

>>523614419>>523614419i dont use that

Fineshed it 2 days ago is there anything other than this woth playing on xbawks pass? i already tried gears tactics

Is there power armor or any cool mechs you can use?

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>>523591072its a bunch of minor annoying bugsits ridiclus it was released in this state but its still "playable"the bigger problems come from the ugly console ui, the game hitching all the fucking time, long load times, and kind of shit balance in some areas. I like it but its not going to become one of my favorite games

>>523614831There's power armor you can get relatively early but you have to help a slaver to get it. You can get better stuff later though.

>>523614419Bladed Weapons are good, Blunt weapons kinda suck. Brawling's better than both, but only at 10. Melee weapons are ironically the best crowd control in the game. With enough charisma you can charge your strike very fast and throw out aoe stuns pretty frequently.

>>523615084Blunt is pretty great if you have a cryo setting them up for your melee guy to shatter

>>523615084>blunt weapons suck>not going around with 16 ap and stunning everyone??

>>523584876i feel the same way but with all games

>>523615084>>523615185>>523615327At what point do I start getting gud? I've been keeping up in hard fights so far with machine gun turrets and I can cross the whole field in one move but I'd like to start hurting people more.

>>523613186Once you start getting some decent weapons for them they start doing really well.

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>>523615327? Stunning blow is on a 2 turn cd and is single target, and blunt weapons cost 1 more ap per attack so they build up strike slower. Not to mention for every two attacks blades get a free one.

better than poe 2 at least

>>523615646Blunt gets guaranteed crits on a condition you yourself can apply

is there no carry weight in this game

>>523615646>he doesnt have trick shot>he doesnt max charisma

>>523584675I wish that the "cover" art kept the style of Wasteland 1 and 2

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>>523615084>Brawling's better than both, but only at 10.False. Brawlers have massive armor so you can put them in between your team and tne enemy and they will absorb most damage

>>523615043For me it's the exoskeleton armor

>>523615785Blades get 3 attacks for 6 ap, blunt gets 2 for 8 ap, and strike generation is based on number of attacks. All my melee max charisma, and trick shot's hit chance is abysmal without points in handguns, you honestly invest in two weapon skills and lose the 0.5 speed perk for an 30% chance for an instant strike fill when you can just swing 2-3 times with a blade to get it?

Step 1: choose shotgun with x3 burstStep 2: get wide choke mod for itStep 3: get perk that adds 25% dmg for every enemy hit with same shotStep 4: win game

>>523614014Have you even played the game? You don't know about Duncan????

>>523614014>>523617023They literally even explain the synth vs robots subplot just before the ending, before destroying it. Did you not finish the game?

>Kill Liberty outside of Denver when she tries to talk mad shit and avoid arrest>Credits rollDidn't even get to see what she dropped

I can't decide what to do with Reagan, please help. I have 3 saves with one of each option done, but now i don't know what wich one to commit to.

>>523617912Did the same. Hit the CPU on her robots and had them blast the shit out of her

>>523590997More like SJW seethe, I bet you just looked and the Reagan pic and thought "hey, this game is woke!"Why don't you go and choke yourself on a huge black dildo

bretty good game

>>523620342Killing the Gippers and removing the robot menace is the bad ending for the region.I did that hoping the Patriarch's people would take over but sadly not.


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>>523625051I went with party bot.

>>523584675Fuck this game feels so shit to play not even mentioning the god awful console UI. inXile are retarded faggots for using Unity.

What's with those items and syringes that debuff you for 720 turns? Should I even use them?

>>523625237Pretty cool. Just needs the Kodiak

>>523584876Plenty of time to post your autism here, though.

>>523602425Just make a new identical Ranger, lmao.

Is anyone having really strange UI damage bugs? Like an SMG randmoly shows it doing more damage than a better assault rifle and vice versa, and it actually doing more damage than usual?

>>523584675It is a ok game, but the bugs sometimes get me pissed off lols.Like this time where I agroed most of the map, was winning most of the map, which were dozens of weird zombies thingies, and then the game crash at the end of the fight before I could save...

loading times are way too fucking long

Is there an ending slide for siding with Faran Brygo over the Marshalls/unique events for having his guys run your armory

>>523620342Yoink him to ranger HQ

>>523630337>mfw no liberty snu snu

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Does the game have meaningful choices?

>>523635092There are definitely consequences to some. For example near the start you can sell a girl to slavers and meet her again near the end. She even calls the guards knowing you're not a slaver unless you pass a skill check.

>>5236303376 get

>>523603115>he didn't fix it with mechanics

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>>523584675Will I like this game if I liked the recent Shadowrun games, and do I need to play Wasteland 2 to enjoy Wasteland 3?

>liberty stops me >put your hands up bitch, you're under arrest>combat>hack both robots>they shoot her, then shoot each other>have to only finish one robot that just stands still>suddenly cutsene>rangers did the IMPOSSIBLE and nothing will ever be the same>end credits

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>>523584675>UnityThey can't fix the loading times can they?

>>523635642Where is it?

>play post-apocalyptic game>every choice you make is just factions or politics relatedThis is weirdly the least apocalyptic-like setting I've ever seen, people are surviving happily in towns with fancy mansions. Factions are just competing for personal gains, and the leaders are very stereotypical or some funny joke/reference, actually every area in the game has to have some sort of joke thrown in. There are no survival factor in anywhere, it somehow feels underwhelming

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>>523635737Yeah it kinda sucks that I need to act like a bitch boy and let her go when I know I could stop her

>>523615909I never got who was who in this cover art

>>523637557Thats the setting for Colorado.The Patriarch is what is allowing people in colorado springs to live this way when he unified the area/subjugated/bargained with outsiders. The whole point of the rangers going there is to help him keep it stable so he can help Arizona who're fucked

>>523637557Honestly, it's probably more realistic than the "everyone lives in caves and everything everywhere is radioactive and no one can survive on the surface for any real time". Animals, humans included, are incredibly good at adapting to their environment. If our #1 concern was radiation pockets we'd dump all scientific effort into it and come up with solutions in months if not weeks. Just look at COVID, a 4% death rate yet we have over a dozen vaccines at stage 3 trials already, meanwhile HIV still has no vaccine and they only recently got pills to shut down the effects of the virus, decades after it was at peak "freak out" because it affected so few people.

>Lucia executes her faggy boyfriend>rest of the traitorous kids panic and attack us>this starts playing youtu.be/6e7J9GuCo9Y>scorch them with a flamethrower>+5 hundred families repKINO

>>523610194>Str con per level bonus isn't applied retroactivelyYeah it is you dip

>>523584675Been a long time since I was this excited about a game. Several years, I think. It's all I can think about for 3 days running now.While it has its flaws, it's the closest modernized thing we have to Fallout 2. Blows other isometric post-apocalyptic RPG's right out of the competition.

>>523615185Just throw a 2ap snowball at enemy to set up combo. Also a brawler can easily set up Stunned combos for your blunt guy.

I just started the game and im making characters right now. 3 skills on a character if 2 inteligence 4 skill if 4 int 5 skills if 6 int. Is this the correct amount of skills i can practically level per character with the respective inteligence level?

>>523638194>compose kino music>players can't hear it because fight is over in 1 turnOnly one I could actually hear was during the prologue because I didn't have a huge OP party yet>>523640087>Blows other isometric post-apocalyptic RPG's right out of the competition>*ATOM RPGfags and Underrailfags block your path*

>>523586094rangers surely you dont mean to collaborate with such filth

>>523603761lockpicking and mechanics are essential for chads my dude

>>523640601>Underrail is garbage and Atom is so bad it doesn’t even have cover mechanics something we’ve had since like 1999

>>523607468>implying that he'll lose to a bunch of brain dead demyou really are dense arent you user

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>>523630337i honestly can wait for the future sfms involving her getting fucked by dogs

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>>523615984False. Brawling provides no defensive stat increases. Melee actually has the Shrug it Off perk that increases armour

Is this game like the first where the whole party is made by the player so they have no dialogue?

>>523607468>muh propaganda

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>>523641492Minimum is 2 custom npcs you can build then if you want you can just recruit story companions if you want additional flavour text. Maximum is 4 customs characters with 2 story npcs (if you want a full party of 6 characters)

>>523640601Reminds me of when my friend built a FF7 party so strong that he beat Sephiroth before the vocals in One Winged Angel kicked in.

>>523640601ATOM isn't even in the competition. It's decent fun for being indie-made, but doesn't come even close in so many things. The constant random russian jokes, folklore and untranslated texts that really doesn't work for non-russians at all, don't help. Haven't tried Underrail but visually we can see it's not even close. Encased had a great premise, but it's nowhere near finished yet and reeks of the same problem most of those games do: bit off more than it can chew.W3 did away with many obsolete mechanics that stood in the way of enjoying the gameplay experience. From autoselecting characters with the highest stats for a given skill, to dumping encumbrance, to bringing back emphasis on dialogue skills (even if it could've been done better). W3 plays better, looks better, and the pacing is perfect. ATOM and Encased both suffer from the same problem as Bethesda games, you're expected to spend 95% of your game time scrounging for random trash to make do, and there's thousands of pieces of trash to scrounge in every single small house or area. In general, these games are trying to capture the open world meme feeling, which I fucking hate.In W3 the stashes are much more rare, but contain a hundred times more useful stuff. The areas don't mimic open world shit with empty nothings all over the place. Instead they're written and carefully crafted into the story and its quests, so everything you see and find, has a purpose. You don't spend 95% of your time scrounging or running back and forth selling your full inventory, instead you're constantly playing the game: fighting, talking, adventuring, and discovering something interesting that matters.W3 is in all essence the spiritual successor and gameplay modernization of Fallout 2, arguably the best CRPG ever made. The only thing it misses that FO2 had, is the ability to play a fully charisma / int oriented pacifist character. But even then, W3 features the first working LEADER gameplay I've seen in an RPG.

>>523642171>working LEADER gameplaywhat does this mean?

>>523642308Presumably that Leadership has bunch of active uses besides just granting passive bonuses. Buff spells, party buffs for your leader accomplishing combat feats.

>>523642308>>523642812>Presumably that Leadership has bunch of active uses besides just granting passive bonuses. Buff spells, party buffs for your leader accomplishing combat feats.Yes.Leaders offer passive buffs, active abilities from perks (+2ap to whole team, or demoralize on enemies (-20% hit, -25% crit) which is powerful on its own but also synergises extremely well with big guns skills), and condition-specific buffs. For example, if the leader kills multiple enemies in one turn, everyone in leadership range gets a big crit% bonus. If the leader kills a boss, everyone gets a big dmg% bonus. Also, leader's charisma stat synergises with building up your strike ability (each weapon type has a special ability called strike, a chargable "ult" if you will), which with pistols for example (which also as a weapon type build strike quickly) can stun, slow, charm, or just do extra dmg. Charisma also adds a ton of xp, meaning a leader character is the ideal choice for specializing in multiple skills as they will level much faster than others. Incidentally leadership also synergises with healing.The point is, a leader opens up a whole fucking plethora of tactical options and battlefield influence, which are essential in harder difficulties. It's not perfect by any means, but a lot better than I remember any games having had in recent history. I also like the RP value in it. This leader isn't the strongest, or the fastest fighter by any means. But they bring a broad set of skills and value to the team, making the unit just so much more powerful when the leader is around. Overall, it's a very fresh take on an old issue.

Is brawling affected by melee damage buffs?

>>523617023Who the fuck is DuncanHe doesn't even show up in google


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>>523584675Should you make your own character or pick one?

>>523584876Same, for some reason I cant get into long RPGs anymore even though I used to eat them up. Could not finish Divinity OS 1 or 2, Pathfinder Kingmaker or this.

>>523640057>Be level 12>Add 1 str>Total con +5Ok retard.

>>523640548If you're playing Wasteland 3, you don't get more skill points per level. You can handle 3-4 skills on any character unless they have Pointdexter, where they can manage 4+.

>>523644045I don't remember dialog checks being any more important in W3 than in Wasteland 2, and in W2 at least for dialogue skill checks it uses your party's skill levels to autoselect the best option.

How do I make good pyro? The flamethrowers are nice with a big damage cone, but the damage seems small and the range is shit

The system recommendations are so high for something that looks like a 360 game.

>>523584876Maybe media has rotten your brain. Maybe you see the truth that video game is a set of mechanics and whichever games have the better mechanics win, the notions/ideas in a video game don't matter.I too prefer quick ramen games appealing to my ADHD brain nowadays.

>>523645869It's applied every even number at level 2, 4, 8, 10. Read the fucking tooltips under strength. Level 3, 5, 7, 9 are just +5 to overall con not con per level

>>523646407Prepare for 30 second loading times on the fastest SSD in the world


>>523646867I've noticed that. Audio cuts out sometimes too. It was really poorly made.

>>523591290This isnt true, in XBOX the game literally freeze every second, and stops almost all the time. Which make it impossible, but I kinda dont care the game is good do, and reccomend getting the gamepass a lot more

>>523647132Ooooh, I remember now they attacked some factory, but since I never saw Duggie's bots fighting synths I always assumed they were working together. You're right though it was a thing.

>>523591564Why the girl is so godam thicc

>>523588359Probably has something to do with those new video games boards they made.

>>523647470snu snu

>>523591072I got some inventory bugs (putting mouse cursor over item to show details, fps goes down to 1-5 and have to altf4 and restart to fix it) and laser tripwire one. Other than that it was really good first playthrough with Supreme Jerk difficulty

>>523605000Are you able to import custom portraits?

Is it true that you get more XP if you have less custom npcs in your party?

>>523607468Eh, the gippers is a weird matriarchy that pretends that Reagan leads them.

I ran into to that big ass scorpion bot when i was on my way to denver for the first time.Decided i should give it a shot, turns out level 10 characters get one shot by the smoll bots he has around him.At what level is it a challenging but fair fight?

>>523598405Maybe this, console have ass almost impossible, they will patch it up with the time, and I expect new Endgame shit so. Easy

>>5236303376 is best one.

quality control wasn't a priority

Attached: Untitled.jpg (1920x1080, 1.87M)

>>523645116Yes.Fae Tactics is pretty good.

Attached: 147562045541.jpg (1280x720, 450.87K)

Just wondering, I'm about to raid Liberty's compound. Does the game end once I beat her or is there more after? I'm siding with patriarch btw.

>>523647729YesI builded a snusnu explosive/big guns girl

>>523649064basedI made my snusnu companion to be a flamethrower/explosive expert


I just started playing and got to my hq. can I make as many characters I want? I didn’t know I was making more than 2 characters so I did a bit of an even spread and I want to remake them. Also are there any shitty stats/weapon types I should ignore?

My Big Guns / Flamethrower character is a big fat pointdexter called Fat Thor because he looks like fat Thor.

>>523649840You can make as many as you want. Don't make characters specialize in more than 4 skills or you won't be able to have them high enough to pass checks. Ideally you want to focus on 3 skills and maybe have 1 more that's lower priority. You can also make a ranger specifically for Barter/Armor/Weapon modding and keep them at base, swapping them in when you want to trade or mod, but it's kind of a pain in the ass.

>>523649840I am currently finding AR's and shotguns to be rather mediocre damage wise.Big guns and Sniper seem to be the best weapons so far.Big guns does have the issue of running out of ammo for me atleast.Brawling is nice aswell.

>>523650290Shotguns become amazing when you get the devastation perk. AR's are pretty shit. Big guns are very strong and the suppression ability is really damn good. I haven't had trouble with Ammo either on Ranger.

>>523650101Yea that’s what I came to realize when everything around the base required level 3 things. Good idea for a mod slave. Do characters not in party level up passively or will I just keep remaking them?

>>523649840From what I've seen everything is viable even if some things are a tiny bit better you might take an extra turn to finish a fight on normal difficulties if that at all matters to you

>>523607468LOL drumpfies btfo

Attached: #RidinWithBiden.png (760x428, 639.02K)

these falls apart after the starting area, in the start there is so many ways of solving stuff, then you get in the middle of the game and its just 2 ways, help cannibals or not?? help slavers or not?? haha you decide!!! fucking garbage.

>Ignore Charlie's request>Head to Gippers and kill everything>"Quest Failed">I guess Charlie got killed>Go to Bizzare>Everyone got killed>MFW I didn't read the text that says to tip off Flab

Attached: 1598067304021.gif (326x326, 940.6K)

>>523649452I made my Team like a actual Squad the 4 dudes are called Alpha, Charlie, Foxtrot and Delta

>>523650683these games* damn im so madAlso the fucking santa quest is so wonky, if you kill santa after freeing the elf slaves and before you confront him the quest is just stuck there

>>523640968Who was it

>>523650569They get average party XP from what I hear.

>>523646407We are in the era of alpha testing games at release

>>523613186yes they make the game look like unbalanced trash when you start aoe attacking groups and double attacking enemies with blade

>>523646314Fire damage perks quirks fuck it set yourself on fire at a small percent and take toaster I think if that one perk stacks fire damage

>>523651393I didn't take the quirk but I'm taking the toaster's, hopefully it helps. At least setting enemies on fire does do big DOT on humans and beasts.

>>523651480DOTs do a substantial amount of damage. Just weird they chose to tick after a person's turn and not at the start of it.

Attached: 09 - k4TRYxu.png (215x255, 8.41K)

>>523585965This is literally my biggest gripe with the game. I like these isometric RPGs but when you just create a group it doesn't feel like you're attached to the world at all, they don't comment on anything and they feel lifeless. At least in Arcanum you only created the player avatar and there was tons of followers that made the party feel more like they were actually part of the world.

Attached: 1369343742665.jpg (256x318, 66.53K)

>>523651480I mean, fire>organic

>>523651616they should add a pick personality option at creation and you pick from the list of their precreated characters

>>523601009You *HAVE* to have 2 custom npcs, the rest can be story npcs as you unlock them. If you save the character at the start you will have 4 story npcs by the end of the bizzare

>>523650730Flab is a war criminal I helped Charlie

>>523613186Yes. In the end he was my best guy actually. You can easily get 100% Crit Chance and just keep on attacking in one round. Imo the most fun.

Did anyone help Brygo? Are there much concequences for having his guys in your armory/having him non-arrested by the end of the game?

>>523651797How is he a war criminal? Did I miss a lore book? From what I could tell the dude before him was the war criminal which is why The Patriarch blew his head off.

Attached: 1463433079874.png (560x407, 20.11K)

>>523651073Liberty penis raction roll chart, like the Abby Shapiro one kek

>pyromancer benefits from converting minigun to fire damage and it results in a weapon of death and destruction that rapes anything biological>overcharge works with any fire damage

Attached: 1590006144019.jpg (640x491, 42.82K)

What the fuck is the point of the brig other than to not gain rep with the related faction?

Attached: 03 - ZBdRYko.jpg (750x599, 66.24K)

Let me fuck liberty

Attached: 1567938416210.png (1296x1080, 927.83K)


Attached: 1468260911083.png (210x195, 100.71K)

>>523648736bump, any answers?

>>523650801That's not how squads work. The entire squad would be one of those names, hence Team November. Individuals in a squad would refer to each other by nicknames, last names, or ranks depending on situation.

>>523651868I actually wanted to make a deal with him until he insisted I take his guys into my HQ to "help". Didn't want any criminals in my HQ so I denied. When he said that I have to there really was no other choice then to take him in.Put him in my jail to make sure he doesn't get out by bribing the marshalls.

Attached: goodnightbrygo.jpg (299x169, 9.7K)

>>523651797Everyone in this setting in a war criminal but Flab managed to civilize and turn his bloodthirsty gang into a comfy settlement of movie-watching tradersCharlie and his cartel are just fucking thugs, the guy has "shady" written all over him

>>523652070For RP

>>523651797imagine being this retarded

>the only other ranger to survive is a short haired tomboy medic

Attached: 1575502146365.png (678x665, 587.53K)

>Engulfed enemies don't count as being on fire for the bonus damage of the melee bleeding attackLOL.

>>523651616Arcanum.I see a man of ssethtureAnyways Im totally HDHD and I cant take a lot like autists who finish RPGs, Ive never finished the a FF, so least a cool RPG like this or the actual God of western RPGs.

>>523651616They're as lifeless as the MC of any single player character creation game, friend. They don't comment because they're all the MC.

>>523652298>tomboy npc companion>amazonian custom companion

Attached: 1594599745533.png (439x470, 188.51K)


>>523651868You get Bagodonuts

>>523652070A trophy room. >>523652175To be fair, he insists because the marshalls won't help you if you cut a deal and you'd be out of an armory.

>>523652164I know, but because im retarded and the lore is every one of them is almost one team

Let me fuck Ronald Reagan

>>523652631Have to admit that I didn't feel so safe with the marshall armory people after I heard some of their comments about their corrupt stuff going on.

>>523588359What a nigger lmao is this really how your mind works?

>>523652734>no way to convert the head sister into worshipping your dick insteadWhat a waste

Attached: 1564505558707.jpg (392x491, 26.61K)

>>523652817Well, Delgado seems pretty upstanding at least and he owes you for saving them.

>>523651616I like that every build feels fun though at least watching on youtube I see I really can make anything in this gameGetting 2 more created characters made me put the game down though it was bad enough with the first 2 then more just made me lookup builds and guides

>>523652904I won't deny that thinking up 4 characters is a hell of a hurdle when I can spend hours making 1. It took me a couple of days to stop fiddling with my squad and start playing, but I'm really happy with the results. No build guides necessary.

>tip off hallie girl to run away from slavers>get back and kill slavers>quest bugged out because I didnt talk to the slaver before attackingLmao what a fucking joke of a game. they didn't a simple trigger for just killing the slaver and being done with it. absolute trash

>>523653143>he traded all the riches in the secret area of HQ for one bitch and bugged quest

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>>523653143Update your pirated copy.

>>523651797I like how everyone in this game is basically human garbage. It really comes down to what flavor of garbage you like.

>>523652356>Implying I watch some faggot youtuberI played Arcanum when it came out as the buggy mess that it was.

Attached: deadzombies.jpg (800x600, 129.28K)

>>523653208>He let an arrogant spic cunt leave his property alive

Attached: 1546996684437.jpg (913x1024, 134.75K)

>>523651616>half people complain they can't make a fully generic custom 6-man party>other half complain that the party isn't full of colorful NPC charactersMug's game. Just can't win with rpg fags.

>>523584675Can Liberty be romanced?

>>523653315You find her laterBut you will never get into the vault in your HQ otherwise

>>523651868At the end of the game im not that long running, but siding with brygo make the cops go to you, you have a fight and delgado still cool with you. But the marshal leader becomes an asshole to you .Still Im okay because they didnt let the fucker get in and was the scottish fag, so my mind is clear even if brygo is a pink haired gay who loves to cut the cocks of people I kinda didnt care because I think of him as a cool dude. Not totally a good one. But cool at least. Even for the horrible fashion.

>>523653346Why not both?Let the player have 5 colorful NPCs OR 6 rangers and anything in between.

>>523653428I don't need to suck up to the Strong Independent LatinX slaver for a mediocre bit of armor and a weapon my party can't use. If the dumbfuck spic figured out the codes, the rangers will do it eventually as well.

>>523653270Hey, the robot hippies are alright.

>>523648736That triggers the point of no return, yes.

>>523653523The only synth I've met admitted to killing humans and said he'd keep doing it so I pulled the plug on him.

>>523652665Of power and shit.(Even if fucking Charlie (the RP points guy) literally get 1, shotted all the time and literally does 11 damage with a 75% chance.

>>523653520What weapons and armor do you get anyway?

>>523653623I mean the commune at Denver. They're all really chill hippies, you can also fuck one if you're into that.

>>523653452>Why not both?Balance.

Attached: CAPhVKyWQAACCU_.jpg (400x614, 39.86K)

>>523635737This is a good thing, though. Your choice actually had impact.

>>523653301The youtuber is a cool jewish faggot do. And I didnt implied it at all. Cool for you do.

>>523653754What balance? It makes literally no difference having 2 story characters if you build your squad around them.

>>523653647Weapons are random high-tier and you get a guaranteed power helm, power armor legs and a couple of +1 Nerd Stuff PDAs

>>523653647Flamethrowers, power fists for brawlers, shotguns, pistols, several pieces of higher end armor and two unique helmets if i remember correctly

>>523653906>and a couple of +1 Nerd Stuff PDAsGood thing you get 3 of the fucking things in the sideroom

So, field stripping is shit useless, right?

When did you realize we were in the greatest era of crpgs, bros?

>>523654094its shit once you pass the bizzare, shit just boils down to 2 choices.

>>523653721I am into that. >>523654092Not with the mods perk.

Attached: 1540225675654.jpg (400x400, 28.48K)

>>523654092No, with mod stripping perk it's better than selling

>>523652298There are some at Aspen

>>523654157I feel like W2 was a bit better in this regard, there were 3rd choices for a lot of situations, like the Rail Nomads or the Mad Monks.

>>523654094Back in the late 90s, early 2000s

>>523654213Aren't they deserters led by a fucking idiot who thinks that they have to team up with slavers to stop the Patriarch because he dealt with slavers.

>>523654070My bad I was talking about the entire vault including those rooms

Sweet, sweet Jodie Bell.

Attached: 1598934234668.jpg (5275x3475, 2.85M)

>>523654970She's a real qt but I made a Medic animal whisperer already

>>523654356I mean, they were still rangers.

>>523655036Eeeeh, debatable

>>523654970Is this what sub-human leftoids think country people are like? Whoever sculpted that model should be fired.

>>523584675So does this game have any form of enemy leveling scaling? Because I was going through the Little Vegas mission and all of a sudden the enemies (the miner mercenaries in the private room) started doing a fucking retarded amount of damage compared to before, like straight up killing some of my weaker members in one turn if I got unlucky. What makes it weird is that these dudes are supposed to be fought before the backroom/club owner encounters, yet both of those were markedly easier in regards to both enemy HP and damage output. I thought they might have just been a weird outlier when it comes to difficulty, but I did the apartment quest right after it and those dudes were even MORE retarded, with HP values tripling my squishiest members and enough damage to kill them in literally a single crit. I did end up solving it via the non-combat method, but it got me thinking if the rest of the game is going to be difficulty-curved this weirdly.

Attached: ehhhh.png (835x485, 266.61K)

>>523655285Yeah she should be 80 pounds heavier

>>523655470I don't understand why that quest says level 4. I came back at level 7 and still had a hard time dealing with the clones massive hp and unusually high armor.But their hp remained the same from the first time breaking in at level 4 and when I came back at level 7

Attached: 1466451896354.jpg (1280x960, 158.87K)

>>523655970The requirements to solve the mission without combat are pretty low.

>>523655970>I came back at level 7 and still had a hard time dealing with the clones massive hp and unusually high armor.Top kek. I'm the on hardest difficulty too and spent well over an hour including reloads to overcome that absurd encounter.

just met the reagan statue and they got attacked by those ot her guys i killed all of those but let reagan cult livewas that good?

Didn't wasteland 2 allow you to undo your movement on a turn? Or am I misremembering? I'm fucking mad about sometimes misclicking and having my character run to the middle of the enemies.

>Meticulously craft an ambush by sneaking around the enemies and placing all my dudes in optimal places>Ends up not mattering because the enemy somehow gets initiative when I fucking AMBUSH themAm I being retarded and missing something, or were the devs just /really/ afraid of running into the DivOS2 problem of ambushing being OP as fuck?

Attached: 1596428251865.png (395x407, 258.72K)

>>523656532All Initiative does now is allow you to have the first turn when combat starts without a sneak attack. The enemies must have had really high initiative compared to yours.

>>523654970Reminds me of rheese witherspoon for some reason. First image in the second row.


>>523628254Only compare weapons when you a character selected. Weapon skills changing the damage value in the tooltips. Your SMG guy would do more damage with an SMG due to skills invested in small arms.

>ui slow downsalso why the FUCK is the inventory so buggy like there is no tab for items that give you a stat increase like a chain or the sun glasses and shit you just have to scroll through endless shitalso give me a fucking sort button

>>523644045so leadership buffs only trigger if the guy specced into it gets a kill? thought anyone in range of him that scores a kill could trigger the buffs.

>Click on a different window to confirm skill point allocation>10 second UI freeze

>prepare chokepoint ambush>pull enemy mobs>my tamed animal just bum rushes into the enemies>gets deletedI'm running out of things to tame at this point

Attached: 1541527738241.jpg (600x800, 109.12K)

>>523658125same here user also fucking loading screens take for ever

>>523654970>concept art is all incredibly cute>final art is not cute

Attached: Jodie_Bell.png (256x198, 62.83K)

>>523658157>lvl 10>general tom still chugging alongImma keep that little nigga alive!

Attached: 1489383593373.jpg (861x960, 63.65K)

>>523658373That's still cute. Spunky too.

>>523658435I reload when Major Tom dies, call my a save scummer or whatever but that cat aint dying un my watch!

>Leave tom at the base to keep him safe>DisappearsFucking inXile FIX YOUR SHIT

Game should allow you to name unnamed animal companions. I'd name my pig Hulk Hog-gan.

>>523591564Dude Agi 10.

>>523652356Fucking retard

>>523656347How do you solve that without combat? There's a turret on the other side and you have to have 2 people on the plate to trigger the search for the main clone.

>>523584876>>523645350I feel the same way and I came to the conclusion that these games are always missing something or has a nagging feature that starts to take its toll the longer you play. Maybe its a patience thing as you get older too, but it doesn't help that so many games now have some animations or features that are intended to just waste your time to pad game time and it distracts from the main experience.

god damn if you invest in shotgun crit stuff it fucking BLASTS through the game combined with a sniper god damn i have yet to understand what -20% and that crap actually means tho

>>523659146Weird science 3, nerd stuff 4

im a bit overwhelmed at the reagan statue thingwhat should i do anons

You can complete the clone quest without killing the three clones + turret in his room? How do you do that?

>>523648482You can rotate the screen dude. But yes it has bugs.


>>523651797>You helped charlie become a war criminalUh-huh

>>523659543>i have yet to understand what -20% and that crap actually means thoDamage reduction due to armor.if you have the microwave perk and use an energy weapon it will actually say +30% or more depending on the target's armor

>>523660098so does that mean the enemy has a 30% damage reduction or i do +30% more damage? because a lot of the times on human enemies i do more damage with laser weapons and stuff

>can't find shit for weapons>everything in the shops is outdated>struggling like mad to even take out 2 enemies in a single turn when theres like 8 in a group>find a single good weapon>instantly bursts an enemy downWho designed this shit

>flamethrowers are shit>you can get lots of boosts to fire damage to make up for it>but most weapon types have a way to deal fire damage, so it's way better to boost those instead>flamethrowers are still shitfug

Attached: mushroom cloud.jpg (2000x1000, 191.35K)

>>523584876>Thinking about games is more enjoyable than playing games>Recording and editing videos about games is more enjoyable than playing gamesWhat the fuck is happening :D

>>523660157With conventional weapons it will always be a negative number and your damage will be reduced by that percentage.If your gun has higher penetration than their total armor then you'll see a "shattered armor" icon instead and you'll deal full damage.+30% is just that, +30% damage. That only happens with the microwave perk though.

>>523660605ahh so the plus is actually addition damage gotcha

>>523660468>>flamethrowers are shithave you tried modding for extra range and a wider cone?Flamethrowers wreck shit.

>>523660231>find the next tier of sniper>5 minutes later I find the next tier up from thatbut I still can't find any SMGs or ARs so Kwon is out here shooting spitballs because the shop still isn't selling shitand when do they restock? I need more rockets

>>523660713A shotgun can do the same shit except twice as good and at a lower AP cost. There's literally no reason to use flamethrowers except that they look cool.

>>523660765>when do they restockyou'll get a radio message from ranger HQ saying soBizarre and other shops don't seem to restock though.

Is there a button combo I can hold to compare alternate items?

>>523660884flamethrower with perks causes accuracy debuff and the 'on fire' debuff that's great against HP sponge enemies.Shotguns only pull ahead lategame when they can outright kill enemies imo.

am i wrong to save skillpoints for when I need to pass a skillcheck? this works for everything but dialogue skill checks and I can't back out of the convo so I'm playing this wrong huh?

Attached: 1554110497762.jpg (355x324, 51.15K)


>>523659801I know, but that's the default position.

I still struggle to get behind melee and brawling in these types of settings. Always seems dumb as fuck to charge someone with a gun when you have jack shit

>>523661314>>523661314I used to do that too in the beginning of the game but it honestly doesn't matter. The skill checks are reasonable and you're not going to find lvl 8 lockpicking safes or nerd stuff computers in the first half of the game.

>>523659559And sneak 5 so you dont active the alarm

>>523661314>he doesn't save before every convo>he doesn't save before and after every area transition>he doesn't save intermittently for no reason at allNever gonna make it

>>523661314>am I wrong toIts a single player game.You are only wrong if you are playing in a way thats not fun for you.

>>523656532If you are undetected and fire the first bullet you should always have a full turn. Are you sure you actually started the fight and one of your guys didn't get detected right before you wanted to initiate?

What the hell is the "schwing" noise I sometimes hear when walking around a certain part of some rooms?

>finally got around to playing Wasteland 2 because of this games release>all the fun im havingHoly shit this game is addictive, any hidden nuances I should know about?

>>523662984Perception detecting something?

>>523663000Cybernetics are exclusively for horse cock-loving fags, real men go all natural.

>Pointdexter doesn't grant skillpoints retroactively if you make a new ranger at higher levelFuck.

>>523663000Dunno if it's hidden but there's a "total party Charisma" mechanic to get certain party members. You could miss characters completely.

>>523662035There's lvl 8 locks in the bizarre. >>523663169Maybe? Can't figure out what it is though. Shift doesn't highlight anything.

>>523658373The model is extremely cute.

>stupid bitches stole a bunch of money>either pay off their debt or let the ludicrously armed merc squad kill them>no decent rewards eitherway and none of these character will be referenced againfuck missions like these

>>523663480>>523663240Are energy weapons necessary? Also i still only have 4 characters where the fuck do i get more

>>523663365I highly recommend not getting poindexter even for your starting characters. 1 skillpoint per 2 level ups is not that useful when you get 3 each level already. The decrease in HP has caused my character to die when he would've lived otherwise dozens of times.

>>523664103In Wasteland 2 having one guy with energy weapons can really help later on when you're fighting people with a lot of armor or robots. You find companions during the storyline, you get one at the end of the AG Center / The Water town and keep finding more as you progress.

>>523664248The debuff isn't really big, you make up for most of it with a single point in STR. You're right that half a skill point per level is pretty weak though.

>>523664103Injun sniper girl is one choice, or high Intelligence doctor chick at Ag Center. Ralph and Scotchmo at Rail Nomads. Pizepi at Darwin. Some of the other ones in Arizona have special requirements to get. I liked VC, Pizepi, and Ralph. Oh yeah there's a melee chink at some mining camp in the southwest part of the map.

>>523659960Cope Charlie is a decent guy compared to a mass murderer

>>523664367Its big enough to be the deciding factor on getting bursted from full hp to 0 or surviving with a sliver of health left.

>>523662187shit never thought of saving

>>523604460It's a roleplaying game, the whole point is to roleplay your characters

I can't defeat the warbot

>>523664608That just means if you get full bursted by a slightly higher level enemy you'll die. Don't get full bursted if you can help it.

>>523655285>rednecks bad stupid raiders>city folk dicks and helpless losers>robots charming full of personallity lifeless husks

>fight cannibals>everybody wang chung tonightI really didn't expect that one. It's such a good cover.

Who are the best of the starting pairs of rangers?

>>523655470>like straight up killing some of my weaker members in one turnMy str guys get one shotted by regular enemies even in while cover from time to time, combat is just very "swingy" and armor doing fuck all most of the time + evasion being RNG based means there is always a chance to being oneshotted to random crits.I've just started investing into weathered if I don't have anything cool to pick up because I might be dying to crits but without a combat log I can't see shit.

Is co-op still filled with bugs?

>>523666106the custom ones

Why is every faction in this game so fucking stupid? Deth in particular is such a stupid cunt.

>>523666138>tfw found a cyborg trinket that gives +100% crit resistTake the cyborg pill

Attached: 1435041825242.jpg (600x700, 126.75K)

>>523666138Yeah i don't get that either, sometimes armour on a character just completely dissapears and i don't mean when enemies break my armour or anything i mean like the number just dissapears.

>>523666598never found that.Only stupid shit like a laser eye dealing 100 damage when my sniper crits for 2k half the time.

>>523666765Btw when crits happen the damage number "pops" and is red instead of white

>>523652892He also sells the best sniper in the game.

>>523666106Don't be gayIt's way more fun to make your own characters and give them personalities

>>523666994Does he now?

I found a shotgun called the Neutralizer that doesn't seem to be on the wiki at allIt's cool playing a game that doesn't have any complete guides or anything

>last area pre-final battle>enter building>converation with bunch of scar collector starts>no conversation options, just automatically ends in combat at the end of her speech and they get a full combat round>rangers all get hazed by 2 plasma turrets and bunch of other enemies with energy weapons because no one is in coverOk>reload>set up ambush>launch rocket >Lucia starts complaining that she'll leave if we shoot "townspeople"Fucks sake>put Lucia in front, rest of the rangers next to the entrance of the building >plasma turrets shoot through the wallsjesus fuckin christ

>>523666106The father and daughter

>>523653352I asked myself the same thing when I first saw her too anonAlso I never heard the glory glory glory his truth go marching on song until now so thank you wastelanders

I really liked the version of "America the beautiful" that played during the last fight against Angela Deth and her wannabe coup usurpers but I can't find it online. It isn't in the preorder bonus music file either! I spent about 25 minutes searching my ass off on google, youtube and others but I can't find alink. Could one of you please help me out?Also: What is up with the refugees in this game? I helped them out several times and still lost a fat chunk of rep for arresting mama for being a lawbreaking smuggler. In the end fight there are refugee instigators led by mama's sons who assault the marshals I would have expected them to lend a hand or help out at somewhere for letting them stay at my base and helping them so much. >mfw one of the random dudes two-shots the chief marshal with a LEAD PIPE despite being emp'd set on fire, poisoned and almost dead

Attached: Guardsman enraged.jpg (195x195, 28.33K)

>>523667719>What is up with the refugees in this gamethey're useless, entitled cuntsjust like real life

>>523667719Refugees are cunts but you can make up for whatever you lost with mama easily enough, for example by killing la perla and not handing over the slave.

>>523666598How do I install cyborg shit?I've found a few cool trinkets but I can't equip them

>>523668016You get the option to become a cyborg at the robot commune from the robodoctor there.

>>523668016You need an item that grants you the cyborg perk upon use.As far as I know only the medical synth in the robot commune sells them (about 1k each)

>>523668148>Becoming a cyborg in a world with fucking ultron's AI running aroundHa ha nooooo. I had to put down some good people in Wasteland 2.

>>523667850Well I already did that, and even helped the ones being held hostage by the smugglers, before shutting down mama. Is there even any possible advantage or extra content if, hypothetically, someone has max refugee reputation?At least the base the dudes I allowed to stay should have helped out during the betrayal by Angela. Instead I just check the barracks room and its full of ominous corpses. Some of them even lay in a straight row across one of the walls. >mfw those fuckers assault the marshals, loot the clothing/armor store and even whine at me for shooting them rioters "what was his crime?" literally after the fucker stabbed KwonI am actually a bit angry at this.

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Man, I killed everyone at the cannibal jamboree and then I read they gave good rewards for helping them.

>>523668469>Is there even any possible advantage or extra content if, hypothetically, someone has max refugee reputation?No.I had every reputation except the gippers at max.

>>523668469Yeah I went the same route as you, I guess Wasteland is trying to tell us that refugees are just sub humans. It would've been really nice to have them do something around Ranger HQ so I could stop dealing with everyone complaining in dialogue about them

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>>523668578Same. You miss out on tons of good shit if you're trying to be a goody two shoes.The reward from the slavers, canibals, the golden hammer;...

>>523668578>hey dude, want some meat?>sorry, i just ateApparently that's enough for them to attack, so fuck them.

>>523668773Eh, there's room in the slammer and if your reputation is liked with the refugees you don't even take a rep hit for it.

Seems to me the best outcome for this game is to literally murder the fuck out of every faction except the gippers.

I really want to kill Liberty when she first stops you outside of denver with the two war botsIs it even possible at that point? I'm getting manhandled like pic related

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>>523664275>>523664389I freed the indian chick and she literally just fucking ran off before i even had a chance to talk to her. What the fuck

>>523669430Your guns at that point are nowhere near powerful enough to make a dent. And doesn't she have like 10k hp?

>>523669430Killing her you can probably manage by using % based damage like poison, shocked and fire debuffs.The problem is staying alive long enough for those dots to take effect

>>523669430It's possible, but not easy as you've seen

>>523669430If you explore the south part of the map enough, maybe. You can easily end up lvl 16+ before going to Denver though you'd need some pretty tight minmaxing.

>>523669430You can kill technically Patriach in the beginning of the game so why not.

>>523669430I guess you could create a few rangers with maxed hacking and steal her warbots.She'll probably just run off in a cutscene though.

when the fuck is the patch getting to game passi literally loaded a save where my quest progress was intact, fought one (1) battle, and my quest progress immediately broke after, we both had autosave off and there was no recent autosave, i'm tired of this shit

>>523670430>wefound ur issue brosef

>>523670703>don't play co-op!!fuck you i want to play co-opwhy is this shit so insanely brokenloading times are also fucked in singleplayer, is that ever getting fixed?

>>523670797Try asking your magic eight ball

>>523670964my question was 'will this bullshit ever get fixed'

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>>523607468>trump loses the election because of games like thisIf someone loses the election because of VIDEO GAMES, they fully deserve it

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>>523671092should have specified a timeframe

>>523671116>implying anyone in murrica remembers Ronny Raygun

>>523607468>He's still supporting the Jew strokee cuck that is TrumpLMAO