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>>523558328This is just capitalism, I thought you guys loved capitalism here? Just stop being poor bro.

>>523558328The G&W hasn't been registered by the FCC yet. Pre-Orders aren't up in the USA. These scalpers are literally just putting up listings for something they can't promise

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>>523558537is that true?

>>523558328You should insult Nintendo and their fake demand tactics instead

>>523558328Cope harder

>>523558524thisif you wanted a plastic toy so bad you should stop bring poor and have ordered one earlier.

>>523558328>paying for a literal piece of collector basitYou can emulate NES and GBC games on a $50 NDS, for fuck's sake. Stop CONSOOMING.

>>523558778yet here we are

>>523558328should've been faster if you wanted a children's toy so badget good


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>>523558524Why not a third position?

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>>523558872>gameandwatch.nintendo.com/So wait, does that just mean its not for pre order yet in the USA? Amazon and Gamestop say its out of stock

>>523558807>thinking it's about just playing the gamesThe first two SMB games are available on Switch Online, the whole point of this is having the Game and Watch.

>>523558923Yeah I just want a game and watch. I thought it was neat,

>>523558919i dunno whats their deal, but if what the page says is true, the stores AND the scalpers, are downright gonna shoot themselves in the foot!

>>523558328Because fuck you and all your American manchildren and E-celebs. FUCK. YOU. I'm going to make so much money from (You).

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>>523559056I think it may be a placeholder

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>buying 30 year old games for the 9999th timeyou deserve it

SMBWii >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SMB 1

>>523558328This is the free market at work, user. What, do you want the government to step in and provide SOCIALISM?


>>523558328how are people already selling the pre-order?

>>523559153I don't own anything else game related I just thought it was neat

>>523559086Based, fuck collectors.

>>523558923Why would you even want this thing?

>>523559332I thought it was neat

>>523558328Yea. It’s always the fuckin fags with no jobs or anything to do in life. Buy as much as you can of a product, Mark it up 30-50% to make 10-20% profit after fees, sometimes shipping and time.

>>523558328>Lives in Commiefornia>Lives in Orange Countydeserve it desu

>>523558328Who cares, YOU don't even want it, not really.

>>523559415Yeah it's called capitalism. You're just mad because they're making money without putting in as much effort as you. Keep coping.

>>523558328What's the retail price?


>>523559989Even that's way too much. $25 is the most I would ever pay for this.

>>523560056I guess cause it's "Physical" they can attempt to get away with the price tag but I kinda want it because I've never had that much stuff growing up, (grew up poor) so I thought it was neat

Got mine

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>>523559408How much does this thing usually go for?

>>523558328It's called the free market. Why shouldn't I get a profit by buying low and selling high?

imagine buying this

>>523560350>How much does this thing usually go for?It doesn't "usually go". That's the point.

>>523560417b-but I need muh kids toy!!!!

>>523558328>$139 to just buy the product right then and there>people are bidding upwards of $150+ plus $36 in shipping for the same productIs this the famous 'American education' i've been hearing so much about?

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Hate Nintendo for enabling them with their limited release bullshit

>>523560593Yeah Ill just wait for when it goes on sale in the USA

>>523558714This, the free market is and always should be the free market but nintendo not properly estimating demand again and again is what fosters this dumbass shitmost limited run game publishers nowadays do an extended preorder window so everyone can get one at a fair price, small game stores can get their stock in, and the publishers/devs actually see the most possible revenue

>>523558328Are you mad because you didn't get literal chinkshit or because you didn't buy them in time to flip on eBay for up to 3x MSRP?

Jesus Christ, Nintendo can package a literal pile of shit and call it "Mario's Plumbing Adventures" and people would still buy that shit for hundreds of dollars. This goes beyond CONSOOMING, as long as Nintendo made it, people will buy it.

>>523560593>italic text which implies it's been converted from a foreign currency>HURRR DURRRR DO AMERICANS REALLY??stay obsessed

why is Nintendo the target of most prolific scalpers?

>>523558872>implying that will stop people

>>523558328Just realize that it's junk and it won't make you feel better about your life.

>>523561260Cult-like collectors who will pay unreasonable amounts for plastic toys. You don't see this kind of consistency with any other video game brand.

>>523561178even with tax it will still end up cheaper than the other product, but let me guess>I-it's from Portugal! It's gonna take like 3 weeks to ship! Need product NOW NOW WHERE IS MY NINTENDO PRODUCT

>>523558328What the fuck? I just went on to Amazon UK and pre-ordered one of these in seconds no problem just 2 hours ago. What's going on in the US?

>>523558872>you may not sell this as used goodsholy fuck that shit is hilarious. imagine if they tried to enforce this

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>>523561541It's not even for sale in the US yet. Our government still needs to test it to make sure it doesn't leak EM radiation all over.

>>523561260>why is Nintendo the target of most prolific scalpers?Because Nintendo's cultural significance makes their products extremely desirable.

>>523561670It's not as used goods, like all electronic devices it's actually illegal to operate until it gets certified for use.

shit was up for hours in japan amazon got it, it sold out, then there was more stock it's really your fault if you missed out good zelda concert tickets sell out in seconds and then resell for $1000, this is child's play



>>523558923>the whole point of this is having the Game and Watch>The whole point of this overpriced hunk of plastic is having a replica of something you'll play with once and chuck in a drawerThis is your brain on Nintendo

>>523561260Because EVERYONE has that one weird friend with a compulsive buying disorder when it comes to nintendo games and toys.Scalping is usually a risky business: You don't know if demand will actually outweigh supply until after you invested in a stock to sell.No such risk with nintendo stuff. Nintendo is keen on creating artificial shortages and their most rabid fans are complete idiots. Guaranteed profit.