Holla Forumsermin Holla Forumsomhack

make creatures watch them duke it outand also make fun content too

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>>>/vg/305934029>>>/vg/305934029>>>/vg/305934029go back

are you guys done yetok cool, make some stuff lads

>Uploading files from your IP range has been blocked due to abuse.What the fuck? I don't come to this board for anything but Holla Forumsermin.

>>523556339lol this back sprite is all fucked

what is it with you guys and making the same fucking op every thread

>>523556445>>523556460alright found the people ruining vermin got your IPs, expect a double swat team soon

>>523556920based dox man

>>523556872We're a general

>>523556920too bad i'm not in america, nice try

fuck off back to r*ddit

Ok but what about making some themed vermin?

>>523557143but user, i'm in your area

>>523557393but user, i'm in your computer

>>523557486but anoni know the first three numbers

>>523557604but user...01101001 00100000 01100001 01101101 00100000 01010011 01001011 01011001 01001110 01000101 01010100 00001010

This is a disaster

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Why did you make a Holla Forums thread anyway? there's nothing going on

pwalker wants attention

>>523557936that my friend is because you've yet to make stuff todaynow is the time

Your thread sucks.

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>>523557936make something go on if it's not good for youit's your obligation as a vermin userwe stay here until we fall, and then we rise again until you rats go back to your holes

>>523558147I agree. Post more of this thing whatever it is

>>523558263well what if we talked about what people might make todaythere's gotta be something you wanna do>>523558147make this into a vermin

upgraded Fuhrer Walker design for that fucking romhack

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>>523558356>>523558410Off yourself.

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>>523558471What's the difference

>>523558702but she cute

>>523558804former romhack design was too smoll

>>523558410I want ralphie to post the fucking fights

>>523558873But now it looks kinda fucked

I used to masturbate to monsters, robots and occasionally furries. Now I'm sick of it all and only masturbate to the purest vanilla scenarios featuring one (1) female human who isn't overly busty or overly flat and use lucid dreaming to achieve such scenarios.What happened?

>>523558989nah its fine

>>523559023You have a medical disorder.

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>>523559023like everyone else here lurking, you got burnt out

>>523559023You're turning into a normalfag. I'm sorry user, but you have to fuck off to facebook or something.

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>using lucid dreaming to stage entire tournaments in my headI'm ascended

I don't like any of you.

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>>523559023You caught the big gay

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>tomboy>bara>f*joshitGen 8 starters really are an unholy trinity

just play pokemon clover, its fucking great

>>523559382wtf but we were frens no...

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Why is marty such an attention whore avatarfag

>>523559315>implying vanilla isn't the least normalfag fetish imaginable

>>523559558i doubt he is even here>>523559445does that make him want bat thighs or fennec ass

>>523559523No, we're not.

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>>523559505It's been this since gen 4

>>523559023you got based

>>523559505They are only good for their first stage


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>>523559382Don't be mean

>>523559023you grew upAlso Holla Forumsermin is video game>>523

>>523559664Based pedo

>>523559748Fuck you.

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>>523559664No they're not. They look painfully generic.

>>523559640He is the one posting these furshit reaction images

>>523559841wtf rude

>rabbitpostingIs this that nonwhite furfag from 9chan? I don't remember his name.

>>523560075THERES 9 CHANS!?!?

This thread fucking sucks. Where is the content?

>>523559926I'm not Marty, dumbass. You fags always want to point fingers without any evidence. It's embarrassing. >>523560075literally who

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>>523560183right herewhat do you want drawn kid

>>523558702what is this, i wanna know

>>523560183Right here.

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>>523560337This isn't vermin

The road to the top of the BUFF CHAD heap!Holla Forumsermination are you ready for the BUFF CHAD SUPER EXHIBITION?

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>>523560384You didn't specify you wanted vermin content.

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>>523560337You don't even know what a vermin is

>>523560520Holy soulMrhost, you are the only good host as of now

>>523560551Show me one of your vermin

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>>523560567>>523560696Here, one vermin for you.

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Rabbits are the cringiest animal. Spiders are far cooler.

>people just spamming random furry images now

>>523560871>not a spider riding rabbit

>>523560942>implying it's not just one guy

Meet your 4 BUFF CHADS, Holla Forumsermination!Ramon (with an AK)>blasts 4 timesMentak & Rap Tor>no abilityLitler>15% chance of (instead of attacking) creating a shield that reflects damage on hitTorqooze>every other turn gains 2 fast and 5% critical upAnd the first fight!Ramon vs Mentak!youtu.be/0JjwFbflziE

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>>523560942As if these threads aren't bad enough. This furfag has no sense of self awareness

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>>523560970>not a cute anthro spider-rabbit


>>523561137thanks for the idea this will be my next vermino

>>523561019Why's he throwing his pet around? This is animal abuse

>>523560942>>523561080Are you upset?

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Fights today?


>>523561308Is this your only comeback?

Fight Two!Litler vs Torqoozeyoutu.be/vPjgm8UEVvQ

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>>523561308That was cute

>>523561505You seem upset.

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>>523561515oh shit new graphics

>>523561515Litler is facing the wrong direction

>>523561515I think you put them facing the wrong direction mate

Torqooze vs Mentak!youtu.be/G_4vw3b7pa4

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