Based 3D Realms saving vidya yet again >low poly >medieval fantasy immersive sim >Stephan Weyte>Chuck Jones enemy...

based 3D Realms saving vidya yet again >low poly >medieval fantasy immersive sim >Stephan Weyte>Chuck Jones enemy designs

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>>523555302Looks fun.I don't see where it's supposed to be immersive sim though. Looks like more of a dungeon crawler action-adventure FPS.

I really like the choice they made, graphics wise. It looks cleaner than Skyrim ever did for me.

>>523555706looks to be due to the item interactions, mostly

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>>523555706the way I understand an fps with an inventory system/npc's that you can talk to is called "immersive sim". Weird term but it stuck so people use it now

>>523555302>Stephan WeyteHe appears in Dusk, Iratus, Gloomwood and now Graven in the span of 2 years. It is pretty sad that people remembered he is this good only now when he is already 80 years old.

>>523556104My ex lived in the same duplex as him. He would come over and I would ask him to do Caleb's voice all the time. Weird hearing it come out of a little old man who loves cats. Good dude overall.

I love that low poly is making a comeback. Modern games are such a visual clusterfuck

Hexen 2?


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>>523555302Sweet, so it's like a Heretic revival.

Looks like cringey zoomers making low poly games to ape late 90s aesthetic with nothing of what those old games were actually about.

>>523556035So games like Borderlands are immersive sims?

>>523556480sex, have it

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>>52355640532bit is the new retro after all.

Sounds like a good game, will keep an eye on it

>>523556689Dilate, tranny

>>523556597I guess you'd call those looter shootersI'm not an expert at these things but when I think "immersive sim" I think system shock, deus ex and when I think destiny, warframe or borderlands I think "looter shooter"

>>523556738cope, seethe

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Is this finally Hexen spiritual succesor?Holy shit

Agree with based screenshotposter, game looks full of SOUL

No VR support? fuck this shit.

>>523556449yes yess YESSSS

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>Hire few skilled modders to produce low budget game bunch of boomers and autists will buyWhy did this take so long for companies to realize?


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>>523556870>OMG we're such boomers and stuff right guys??? xD whoaa let's fucking go yooooo rock n'roll yaaaaaaaas!!!

>>523556480Just like pixel art games don't look like they did back then. It's not meant to be a 1:1 replica

>>523557098>being this mad that people are getting the kind of game they want to play take a break

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>>523556212that's sick, i wish i could sip beers with caleb while petting a cat

>>523556597Too Diablo, so no.But if Borderlands had fixed weapons, instead of random loot, and all of them did cool shit, I could see it being called an Inmersive Sim too.I think that'd be going too far, but whatever.

>>523557220Sorry but your cringey zoomer poser shit is garbage

>>523556449>>523555302Game looks good, the stone pillars stick out as blocky to me.

honestly... this looks pretty good

>>523557454from op pic it seems like you can talk to npcs

If you think that 90s games like Thief or Hexen look better than Bloodborne, you are wrong.

>>523557579Ok? I don't know what that has to do with my comment about Borderlands. Did you wanted to reply other guy?


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>>523557226Force texture filtering, then

>>523557738And if you think this company has even a 10% of the same resources From did in 2012-14, you are a massive moron.

>>523555302Will it be comfy bros? I really want a nice, cozy fantasy game

>>523557084Modding was the #1 route into the industry until recently, and might still be.Many of the greats got their start making mods.If you develop and release a popular mod, you can go to an interview having released a product to market with x thousands of users, that's absolute portfolio gold for interview material.Pretty sure gaben explicitly said in a talk some years back that modders make for the best candidates.

>>523557529looks like there's no texture displacement so up close surfaces look flat


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>>523557962>FiltersC'mon, doing good textures is a must of any decent 3D artist, this is fucking unaceptable, don't defend such tumors like this or the post-po color filters of AAA garbage.

>>523558041looks kinda comfy, yeah

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>>523556035The way you understand it is wrong.

>>523557738Hexen does look better, yes.

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>>523557226>YES, I'M MADGood.

>>523558190I mean anisotropic filtering though. Modern game textures would blocky too if they didn't have any filtering

>>523555706>I don't see where it's supposed to be immersive sim thoughits because immersive sim is a meaningless term thrown around to pad out feature lists.

>>523557226texture filtering looks like ass. Force it if you really want to look at smudged shit.

>>523558064That is definitely true but there is a difference throwing money at modders letting them do things and incorporating them in your own projects restricting them.

Will Romero beg for $700,000?

>>523558428legitimately seems immersive simmish thowatch>>523558398

>>523558182>Sir Kickalot in the land of the cleverly placed spikes

>>523557509This board is 18+.

>>523558729>immersive simmishNever say that shit ever again. I almost puked.

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>>523558859Then go away, zoomie

>>523558272Hexen was such a chore. All the back-tracking to figure out what the switch you just pulled did. Also, the limited ammo due to all the backtracking made it to where you really had to be conservative with your weapons. Heretic was much better imo.

>>523555302>pixelart>lowpoly>thanks to no fucks given to graphics, go deep in the AI and reactions from NPCsThis is going to be good

>>523558398Looks cool as fuck

>anons actually comparing this game to bloodborneSmall team games like this are basically pareto principle.You could complete twenty low-poly models in the time it takes to make one bloodborne enemy. The question is, is it worth it to spend 20x the effort to make the models that good, does it make the game 20x more fun for the average user?I'd rather play a fun low budget game from a small team that gets to put their passion into it - and probably sells it for midrange price - Than pay $60 for a AAA committee-made game with shiny graphics.The fact is that it's not feasible for a tiny team on fuck all budget to match the graphical quality of big budget companies that can pay to farm it all out to hundreds of contractors.

>>523556689>>523556870soul>>523556738>>523557098actual soulless tranny

>>523558398Spells look really fun to use. Very rarely does being a mage impress me. I think Arx Fatalis was the only other game where I truly enjoyed casting spells (albeit a bit of an annoyance when the game wouldn't detect your spell). I am quite excited for this game

>puzzle gameim not seeing any of the puzzles

>>523558921ok :^)________________

It's low detailed and high detailed at the same timewtf

>>523555302A first person medieval fantasy game is all I need

Very fucking cool.Getting strong Vagrant Story vibes from the screens - at least graphics wise.

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>>523555302>1C Entertainmentbased slavs saving gaming againNot sure how to qualify Graen. Hexen? No. Witchhaven maybe?

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Did any good FPS come out this year yet?

>>523555302Is Arx fatalis still the best? Is there anywhere to get it for free?

>>523559535You mean Hexen 2?

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I played enough low poly games back in the day, this shit is just lazy devs 2.0 after the retro 8bit style wave of indie games.

>>523556689S O U L

>>523559782Hexen is pure shooter. This feels more RPGish, so Witchhaven - which was by 3D Realms too

>>523555302how do I get this low poly aesthetic when painting textures? I understand how to do it in theory, judt lower the texture resolution to 128bits but everytime I I tried getting a similar effect in blender, I failed miserably. I even pasting images I created in Aseprite and I never get a good look, despite some better results.

>>523558398>physics>co-op>potion straight from hexen

>>523556405Funny enough this game wouldn't have caught my attention at all if it had modern graphics.

>low poly dark messiahthis is what i expected it to be and i'm not dissapointed>>523555706ehh immersive sim lite

Which chair is more appealing to you?

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>>523560116needs soul.exe

>>523559047>no fucks given to graphicsThey clearly care. They just went for low poly consistency rather than making it high poly and take up more time. Instead you get well fleshed out environments and lighting and such.

>>523556405>>523556449Its funny how people react to playing these low poly designed games and how much they end up loving it. A lot of the charm from early 3D was seeing how people wrangled the various engines and textures to make something striking.

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>>523560245unironically the left, it communicates the being of a chair nicely, the right is too busy

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>low polyoh great that's just what we needed, another fad that excuses lazyness and low effort from developers for easy money.



>>523560545looks good, easier and cheaper than RDR2 level graphics, allows devs to focus on gameplay and other areas

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>pixel shit>"oh great that's just what we needed, another fad that excuses lazyness and low effort from developers for easy money">low poly>"oh great that's just what we needed, another fad that excuses lazyness and low effort from developers for easy money"

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>>523560545>oh great that's just what we neededYes.

>>523559561It looks like Hexen with a bit of Dishonored stylization.

>>523560545yeah these small/indie studios should spend all their non existent budget on hiring an army of technical artists so their games can look photo-realistic and compete with all the other bloated mainstream 100+ million dollar products

>>523557098Kill yourself.

>>523556035Immersive sim was the Looking Glass Studio design philosophy, where objects in the gameworld behave semi realistically, and there are many ways to tackle a single problem. You can find a key to open a door, or you can just blow the door off it's hinges, but doing so will alert guards. If you have a chocolate bar in your inventory, you can throw it, and it will produce a noise that might distract someone, and so on.

>>523559683It costs 1 dollar on sale. And if you are this poor how come you dont know how to pirate?

Why did 3d realms have to die, bros?

>>523556927No chanceToday's market can't handle remembering things and maps that are more than hallways

>>523561026Zoom Zoom

>>523560245>fabric vs leatherCan you compare chairs of the same material at least?

>>523561268Hence a low budget game

Uh guys? Another retro

>>523561268Tfw you read all the zoomer reviewers whining about being stuck and not knowing where to go in Duke Nukem/Blood/Doom/etc

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>>523561509You are right, user. It is horrible. I would rather have another modern military shooter.

>>523560409This. When your game world is filled with highly detailed objects, your eyes have to work harder to take it all in.

>>523560245Left's fabric design is a bit to gaudy to really look nice, it'd be fairer if the left side was felt or leather too.

>low polyFuck off. I'm sick of this feeding on nostalgia. Move on already.

>>523561084Because the education system has failed me user. Don't be like me.

>>523555302looks goodI get it that it's supposed to be Thief/Arx Fatalis/budget Dark Messiah but I'm getting major Turok 2 vibes

You know what. I think these are all just prototypes to see what design sticks.