It's September 5 and there's still no release date or price

It's September 5 and there's still no release date or price.

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>>523552739So? Still pre-ordered it.Sony always wins baby.

>>523552886>Still pre-ordered it.

Almost like we're in the midst of a global pandemic or something.

>>523552739what's point of buying one anyways?all games look the same and 99% of exclusives will be ported to PC.

>>523552739I give 0 shits about Snoy beyond game announcements at their events and at this point I’m just bored of waiting for the next one. Are they gonna keep playing chicken with microdick or are they going to fucking man up already?

>>523552739XSX hasn't even shown a game running on the hardware either. Third parties announce ports like they're for the switch or something, all the focus is still on PS4one. It's really weird. I assume corona is messing everything up big time.

>>523553256They are just preparing to put the last nail in microshits coffin yes


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>>523553000So I can actually play next gen games while I wait for gtx 3080 and AMD Zen 3 to get released and beta tested by early adopters.

>>523552739>Production issues? >Price fluctuation on components?>Bleak economic outlook?Microsoft is just waiting to undercut them at this point..>>523552886You have to be selected for the pre-order. Sony selects customers to pre order the PS5. You can't just pre order one like that

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>>523552739It's dead

>>523553905Microsoft could hand out their console for free and it would still flop.

Why does it matter?

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No games. No Hype.>Consoles in a nut shell.

>>523554460I'm planning to be a 3080 and PS5 Master Race.

>>523554460Because Sony=God of gaming

>>523554125If the xbox fails the next Playstation will cost 1k and games will cost 120$. Competition is always welcomed and people should try and help Xbox if they don't want a monopoly.

>>523554460cool, do I plug this into my TV?

>>523552739no games, who cares

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>>523554125Agreed.I'm not supporting Xbox at all. I believe everything they do is absolute garbage tier. Sony though is in a tough position still if they want to turn a profit on the machine.Personally I believe next gen is the 3000 series RTX cards.

>>523554805You probably could since most tvs have a quadcore these days

>>523554779Xbox won't fail - maybe the console but Sony must always compete with Microsoft. This is why Sony reneged on their earlier statement about pc games and said "well actually we want MORE of our games on pc." They know broadening their market like Xbox has done is best for business but unlike Microsoft doesnt generate nearly as much revenue.

so? they're waiting for MS to make the first move. when the series x price gets revealed, the ps5 will be 100 cheaper.

>>523554125Fuck you you racist fucking shitbag

>>523555036I think you underestimate how much the lack of games will affect Microsoft I don't think anyone is getting one. Even people on this site are just larping.

>>523552739ITS GOING TO BE FREE.

>>523555359Lack of Microsoft games? It doesn't matter, as long as Microsoft adds to gamepass and people keep subscribing, Microsoft has a steady flow of revenue for a long time.

>>523555523Yah if you join blm it's definitely going to cost 0.Because it's white and shit

price has already been leaked, 599 for discless version, 699 for disc version

>>523552739It is not coming out this year

>Late Nov. arrives>still no release date or price>finally give up hope of PS5 ever coming out and move on with my life>eventually forget about gaming after a few years getting busier with work and friends and relationships>Dec. 31 2020, 23:59>Sony branded pop up window appears right in front of your face>Congratulations on completing your trial run of the PS5>To continue playing, please remove VR headset and purchase the 2021 Release Package :)

>>523555719>gamepassAnd games as a service will become like Netflix and other streaming platforms in a few years you will have 1000 store's and nobody will make money.

>>523555901399 for the dickless version, transdiscount

>>523552739>September 5It's September 5.. bros...

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>>523556025Are you saying Netflix doesn't make money?

>>523556239I'm saying it's going to collapse and so is gaming. Hollywood is dead and games are next

>>523556517How? Netflix has only made more money over time, and the video game industry has swelled very far beyond anything we had before the first collapse, user.


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>>523555359I was planning to get a Series X until the Ampere reveal. Now I’m getting a TrannyStation and 3080. What is the point of owning a Series X if you have a PC? It’s totally redundant.

>>523556230Another year almost over, another year where you've done nothing

>>523552739Only poorfags care about the price.Don't be a fucking negro and just buy it on release date.

>>523552739It's delayed to next year

>>523557104Using debt is part of any serious corporate finance planning.

>>523557104Corporate debt doesn't work the same as individual debt. Individuals cannot leverage debt to make profits like corporations can, user. You should look into this before posting images like this.

>>523552739Waiting for the economy to recover before announcing their jewish plans

>>523557460>Japanese company>Jewish plans?

>>523557506The plans are Jewish not the people

>>523557202This year isn't my fault, my area has literally been closed for the entire duration of the pandemic.

>>523557506Just a general term for greed

>>523557646A successful man never relies on excuses

>>523556697Nobody watches anything new on Netflix and all they make is bad TV shows if Covid wasn't a thing it would have happened this year. Gaming will go full political and will alienate all customers just like TV.

>>523552886Buying a console on release with SOOOO fucking much bad rumors around it is just fucking asking to be shit in the mouth at this point.

>>523557727>anecdotesalso, gaming has always been political in some form or another. it's just now you're both old enough to notice and the politics have shifted into stuff you're not used to.

>>523552739Because their's no price it's all a simulation! Were all gonna die!!!

>>523557785Never heard any of them what are they mr SOOOO much bad

>>523557903>gaming has always been political in some form or anotherMy first games where Mario and duck hunt, how is that political?If you think that gamers will play games like the Last of us but with worst everything and more politics you are crazy. The problem with topics is quantity. Smaller doses is fine 10h fuck no. You can have propaganda in TV shows as long as it's short and infrequent.

>>523552886Don't large chunks of the initial batches of consoles almost always have some kind of hardware issue?

>>523558002Are some for you :>Not even RDNA 2.0 but RDNA "1.5">Cooling issues>Because of cooling issues, the console can't even boost clock on GPU nor CPU during load>Struggle to run Resident evil 8 at 30 fps (stutter and dips)>Market has a "2080 equivalent", yet get fucking crush by a laptop 2080 by 30% (which is the equivalent to a 1070)>No fucking game on releaseYou can also complain about the retard amount of ram they put into the console (16GB) or the false marketing around the ssd which is 2 shitty ssd in raid 0 in a case plug into a PCIe 4.0 slot...

>>523553813>beta tested by early adopters>buying a console on release

>>523557646i've spent all of 2020 in my room because fomo retards ruined society this year

>>523557903ahhh yes, remember all those tranny politics in super mario bros 3

>>523558601Yes. I bought a Switch a couple months after launch and got a lemon with a battery that degraded to 30 minute battery life after a year.

>>523558861> remember all those tranny politics in super mario bros 3You must be thinking of Super Mario Bros 2, where Birdo is canonically a tranny.

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>>523559065>he thinks he is a girlyikes...

>>523552915they can still release a video retard.

>>523553612You know, this meme is starting to grow on me.It's starting to become a mark of failure. An easy way to tell, specifically, what is not worth your time.

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>>523552739So? Keep finding things to complain about, it still seems to be a great piece of hardware.


>>523558861>>523558462Not every single game released recently is political in the "duh tranny" sense either, how is a binary thing with you people? There's more nuance to video game creation than "does it have tranny in it or no?"

>>523552739OH NO NO NONONO

>>523552739>covid production and shipping times>day 1 issues are always a thing>barely has a launchday lineup>probably 600 usdThe chance of even getting one is slim to none and even if you do theres little to use it for

>>523552739LOLPS5 vs Series X will be 360vsPS3 again

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>>523554460Im pcmr as fuck but that card alone is twice as expensive as a whole ps5

>>523560920>the console war will be a console war againI keep forgetting we have people born after the gamecube here

>>523552739Please make it 599.99 US DOLLARS only for the good old days.Seriously though fuck that piece of shit lmao.

>>523552739We already know the release date. It's going to be Nov 20 or Nov 27th> Source: Common sense - it's always a Friday on the later side of November and they're going to avoid Friday the 13th because of superstitionBut on the price thing... Holy shit. Is this the latest a console has ever revealed price?

>>523552739Either pandemic is fucking up their plans or they're playing chicken with Microsoft to see how low they can go and still make a profit

>>523552739$500 for digital version$600 for disc versionsee you in march ;)

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>>523559374meme must be fucking dead if you need to reboot your phone for a "omg this meme is best I will use it now" posting