Name a more overrated company in this board

Name a more overrated company in this board

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>>523552735/v/ "culture" is more overrated than any company can hope to dream of

>>523552735Seething 24 hours a day is not healthy for you OP.

>>523552735I can't. They threw three Clinton-Bush era ROMs on a cartridge and asked $60 for it, and this board is acting like it's a gift from heaven.

nobody is going to post a sony pic? okay lmao

Am I the only one who saw the Mario 3D World trailer and felt nothing but raw, burning contempt?Miyamoto could have come on screen and told me to go fuck myself and I would have taken it as less of a slight.

>>523552735O you should cool down, one day you will literally boil yourself alive.

>>523552735I wouldn't say nintendo is overrated but they're not as good as they used to be. Nintendo died with iwata

>>523553398oh fuck off dudeit's been hot dogshit since the wii name a single game that comes close to eternal darkness post 2006

>>523553491>muh jaded boomer Yes yes I'm sure eternal darkness is the best thing to grace mankind but that's irrelevant. I was talking more about how less consumer friendly they've become.

>>523552912no one cares about your shitty b8


>>523553491>name a single game that comes close to eternal darkness post 2006Super Mario Galaxy 2


I honestly can't and I'm a Nintendo fan. Just kinda tired of everyone praising everything Nintendo craps out. Not everything they do is correct to the customers and yet, the consumers buy it either for remorse, obligation or simply pure brand or nostalgia. It's very Apple-esque. Not that Sony doesn't have the same thing and at least I appreciate not everyone's licking Sony's balls what with their movie theater experiences, but Nintendo's no different what with their approach that they have with every platform in every generation which is "20% original, rest is ports from former consoles". And if a console fails, hoo boy, then they'll take the most advantage of its library to make sure you buy their next platform. They only never took advantage of the Virtual Boy because of the colossal failure that was and hardly having that much of a library to begin with compared to the Wii U, which everyone blamed mostly for its hardware rather than its software, now the next generation getting ports upfront from it.

>>523553794theyve never been consumer friendly. their every practice has been outwardly hostile to the consumer since the NES

>>523553491>it's been hot dogshit since the wiiNow this is factual, and true

>>523552735I really can't. Does Game Freak count?

>>523554183This is such bait. What about when the 3ds launched at $250. Nobody bought it so they lowered the price after but not only that, they gave early adopters some free games. Granted these were old games you could just emulate but they didn't have to do that.

>>523552859>Asked 60$lmao there won't even be any copy on the stores due to them now making a deal out of it being limited edition, you'd be LUCKY to find a copy from a sweaty Mario T-shirt wearing neckbeard on a shady alley for 100$

>>523554445when their sycophantic ass-licking fans didn't gobble up their shit they begrudgingly lowered their price? OMFG I LOVE NINTY NOW IWATA SAMA

>>523552735CDprojekt red, Platinum Games, Valve, From software, Kojima productions, Rockstar, and Naughty Dog when everyone was rimming their asshole.

>>523554021>b-but Sony!!!!!every fucking time with you nincels just kys

>>523554627Anon I agree the price was bullshit but they could have given early adopters nothing and gotten off easily. Regardless your post clearly shows an anti-nintendo bias. They used to be okay. Now they're less okay but could be worse

>>523555096it's not a bias you blistering assbandit, it's years of built up resentment from real shit they've pulled.nintendo should have died, not SEGA.

>>523555498What did they do to you?

>>523554741Proof that Sony is the correct answer, people have a meltdown whenever someone shits on Sony


>>523555647you wouldnt even believe me if I told you.

>>523552857Copë shitch tranny

>>523552735Well to be fair, every single console they've made post SNES has received criticism.

>>523552735Sony, FromSoftware, Capcom, Square Enix.

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>>523555659Côpe shïtch tranny



>>523553491>it's been hot dogshit since the wiiSony, Xbox AND Nintendo? Yes. That's correct.Zoomer era it's dogshit.

>>523554741>OP: "name any company">"nooo you can't say THAT company"Corporated cocksuckers like you are retarded.>>523556071Sony loves trannys and Black Lives Matter.


>>523556056That's actually a good point, those companies see the most praise for anything they do here.

>>523552735I don't know any other company that makes their online free for a year, and then charges for it after word & treat paying for online like it's a feature. I still to this day haven't bought the Switch's Online & I probably never will.

>>523556824>I don't know any other company that makes their online free for a year, and then charges for it after word & treat paying for online like it's a feature.SonyMicrosoftCapcomLiterally everyone that made a sub service.

>>523552735I cant user I cant

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>>523556824>I don't know any other company that makes their online free for a year, and then charges for it after word & treat paying for online like it's a feature>what is XBLYou know the Xbox didn't come with paid online, right?

>>523555978Lol you're the guy from the other thread aren't you. Jesus don't tell me there's one person behind all of this spam. >>523556571

>>523555978sonygro seethe harder


>>523557397Of course he is. Literally all of these anti nintendo threads are made by this one guy.Imagine that, one guy spamming enough to flood a board like Holla Forums every single day. No wonder mods abandoned us.

>>523552735Nigga gamefreak and ea sports have been making the same game year after year. Hell the modern ones are worse. And even then they sell like hotcakes , I genuinely think they are the worst video game companies

>>523552735It's okay when Nintend-

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>>523552735Every single AAA company, they produce the exact same game every year, they do with one series in one decade, what it took Nintendo 3 decades to do and yet they get a free pass and always get near perfect scores no matter how pointless and rehashed their games.>wow you are releasing the 54th Call of Duty from a series that is not even 20 years old with minor changes from last year?>wow I am so hype I'm going to preorder, GotY already! XD!!!!!>what Nintendo is releasing the 4th mario game in a span of 10 years?>wow they are the masters of rehash, only nintodlers would tolerate this kind of crap>now excuse me while I got and play Call of Duty 54, Assassin's Creed 25 and Battlefield 19, real games for real gamers

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>>523554021i say overrated on Holla Forums, everyone here hates sony therefore that isn’t a correct answer. Now if we were talking about the normie world, then i would say you’re right

As per usual the sony niggers come flooding out after a direct. Screaming and crying over Nintendo. The jealousy and excuses never change from the sony shits.

>>523554741OP said name ANY overrated vidya company, why are you sperging over someone mentioning Sony?Also, Nintendo are fucking stupid as hell for having an artificial limited release of the Mario collection, its as good as free money and they still squander it?

>>523559106>get angry at you made-up scenarioi doubt that CoDfags even know what a nintendo is

>>523556071oink oink eric

>>523552735I dunno I'd say it gets a lot of shit here.

>>523554021Do you seriously ever see someone praising sony on this board retard?

can you stop being obsessed with Nintendo for one day

>>523559708Take your meds, schizo

>>523559568at least we had an actual direct. you faggots have been without one since 1 year

>>523559848It's okay, Frank. The nurse will be with you shortly.

>>523559848>why are you talking about the most famous vidya company in the world with the most famour vidya character in pop cultureyeah sorry i shouldn’t talk about this unknown indie company


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>>523552735SegaAppleEpic GamesTencentMicrosoftSonyBandai NamcoActivisionEASquare Enix2KTHQ Nordic

>>523559645>made-up scenarioThe only times I've ever seen people complain about companies releasing the same game over and over again was when that accusation was being thrown at Nintendo, even though they have more variety in their series than damn near any other company has ever had in theirs.But just like how I brought up there are countless companies who do rehashes of the same game, in the same genre, on a yearly or near yearly basis but no one complains about it.Hell professional reviewers are harder on Nintendo not making a sequel different enough from the previous one but will give AAA companies perfect scores for releasing the exact same game but just reskinned with a different story and minor graphics changes, the very next year or so.So I find it empty when someone criticizes a company for something they supposedly can't stand when dozens of others are doing it way worse but never hear a peep against those others.

>>523560126You're missing the point, Shrek.

>>523560606>more variety in their series>Super Mario Land>Super Mario All-Stars>Super Mario World>Super Mario 3D Land>Super Mario 3D World>Super Mario 3D World Switch>Super Mario 3D All-Stars

There are no good videogame companies, Nintendo does however have an incredibly annoying and complacent fanbase.

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>>523560126Well that's Holla Forums in a nutshell whenever someone dares to criticize nintendo

>>523560748Yeah, those games you specifically mentioned are about as varied as any AAA series out there in it's whole entire run.Now compare those to Galaxy, to Sunshine, to Yoshi's Island and others, there is more variety in the Mario series than almost any other series.Go ahead and name a game series that has more variety in it while still being the same genre, you probably can't because like I said, empty talk.

>>523555978>look mommy I posted it again!!!!

>>523552735It's held together by normalfags and manchildren buying their garbage.This is the same company that used to be a monopoly before PS1.>implying Genesis and DC were relevantNow they're a decade behind everyone else on every levels.

>>523561970Cont. Sony is shit too for different reasons and so does Microsoft but only Nintendo were a monopoly once in gaming and we were lucky that 25 years ago wasn't 2020 with modern practices.


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>>523562269I keep telling Holla Forums that they're going to take a shit in a box and you'll see threads of people defending it. A joke today might be reality tomorrow.