Boomercon thread - Mods pin this shit

Realms Deep conference in a few minutes. Get in fags, it can't be worse than gamescon>Youtube>Twitch

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>>523552036What is this faggotry?

>The biggest gaming show of the Year! Join for exclusive Boomer Shooter Reveals, Legendary Guests and hours of crazy extravaganza!

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>>;DW >>523552669

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>GravenTotally not Raven

That's a bunch of fags

Omg they said boomer

>>523553521You should feel right at home with them.

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>>523552036Graven seems pretty cool

>>523553676let's just hope the combat'll be good

i'm more hyped for this than anything this year

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Dark fantasy Half-life

>immersive sim>co-op

>>523552036Looks pretty good, less about the graphics and more about the gameplay.

>>523554320>immersive>smash Innkeeper's shit>he does nothing

whathas been shown so far? right now im seeing some Heretic/hexen-like.

>>523554618That's the first game showed.

>>523554618just graven so far

>>523553797doesn't mean shit, just a horrible year

>>523554437>less about the graphicsThen again they're a bunch of indie studios>more about the gameplay.kek



>cheers boomers>they all rise mnter energy drinkthose faggots browse DMC threads guaranteed.

Basically Dark Messiah?

LETZ FUKEN GO BOOMERZ HAHAThis is cringe as fuck.

literally who?>open stream>trailer for a game that's already outlol


They didn't consider streaming bitrates when they made that trailer.

>Ethot ultra cringe

>>523554878>boomer monster energy is a dmc memehello newfriend, enjoy your stay


>>523554952But good

How the fuck did he rape swordmachine

>>523555128shut up boomer

>Using the Smash Ultimate intro. and the smash invitation (aka: actual nintendo copyrighted stuff) for a bad joke>Cheers boomers>a game that clearly was made by people who has never played an actual 90s least Graven looks nice.

You're all a bunch of ssalty bitches today aren't you?

So Graven looks okayish and this Ultrakill shit is just tryhard. Not impressed so far.

>shotgun punch cheesethey are NOT making their game look good or fun.

>>523555224ultrakill is fun as fuck

>>523555184okay boomer. fucking.


>>523555221Ignore these retards

Boomercon is BTFO every other event this year.

The whole appealing to the boomer meme is cringe but the games look dope so far. Hope Graven turns out good because I love the look of the game and the "immersive sim" design philosophy.

>>523555208>Using the Smash Ultimate intro. and the smash invitation (aka: actual nintendo copyrighted stuff) for a bad jokeGo back to defending All Stars 3D

Yeh Gloomwood is okay too but not that exciting.>>523555283Nah it looks like shit.

I'm thinking we're back, boomercore chads.


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>trailers for shit we' already seenIm gonna laugh when the Postal 4 segment is just another fucking Tuesday trailer

>>523555420Doesn't matter what it looks like. Gameplay is the only important thing.

>>523555548This inventory looks pretty okay desu

you know

>>523555559I meant the gameplay looks shit you idiot.

Semi related question, I've noticed that Maximum Action is on sale for very cheap, is it worth it?

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>>523555675You look shit you fucking faggot. Why the fuck did you even come to this thread? Go somewhere where you can enjoy yourself you salty ass faggot.

>>523555742with the current discount - most definitely yes

>>523555742Early access and barebones as fuck right now. Not really. I might be abandonware as well cause the devs announced and released like 2 games since it came to early access

>>523555391>NUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! NINTENDO IS FOR BABBIES WHO WANT TENDIES! YOU CANNOT DEFEND THEM FOR ANYTHING! NUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!Fyi, moron: no smart person will defend SM3dAS, but neither will defend that piece of shit ultrakill and nintendo has all the right for sue that shitty company for using copyrighted assets of theirs for a bad joke and a misdirecting tease.

>>523555949Smash is cringe tho. Its only worth is to be used as a joke so who cares?

>>523555769Suck my dick you filthy nigger.

>20 mins of some neckbear baseddevs talking about shit no one cares about

>>523555949>nintendo has all the right for sue that shitty company for using copyrighted assets of theirs for a bad joke and a misdirecting teaseNah, It's fair use.

>open stream>a 20 year old gen z faggot is commenting on a discord screenshotDisgusting

>>523555868Well, the latest update adding new content was literally today, so I doubt they would abandon it just like that.

>>523555868>updates are 1-2 months apart>"abandonware"

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>>523556141>omg we has like this galaxy brain idea and wow galaxy brainI want to punch these faggots.

>>523552036>it can't be worse than gamescon

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>>523556131Go fuck off back to your cunny threads.

>uberchad inventory>galaxy brain>these neckbeardsThank god its over.

>>523552036>Us boomers, am I right ?

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dave oshry is a faggot and considerably cringe

I fucking hate women

>if I curse a lot maybe I will look coolFucking soulless bitch.>>523556369I think I'll stay right here, monkey faggot.

>only new announcement is NotDark MessiahYikes.

>oh SHIT *looks at dog*YOUJUSTKNOW



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>>523556394the fun has only just begun


>Tim Willits

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This is more cringe than Devolver parody show.

>brutal doom

Why do the university zoomers keep spouting meme words at me? Isnt this a boomer event?

>Tim WillitsBruh

>The creator of Brutal DoomAnd I lost interest already.

oh great another game that totally ISN'T Doom guys

>>523552036its like talking to a cute girl that only talks in memes

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>>523556714They want us to see how they totally get how it was back then even thougj they weren't even alive.

>another retro FPS

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Why do all these "renaissance boomer" shooters all look identical? They all want to be brutal doom so badly

>>523556917This. They're all soulless cheap copies of games from back in the day. Zero creativity here.

>>523556358Its worse than E3.

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>>523555868you'd be right if this was a year ago, but new blood picked up the game and updates have been coming at a steady pace since

Graven looks amazing, and Gloowood's Demo was great. Great time to be ImSim chad

Guys look at my low poly shooter with speed hack-tier movement that the monsters and their slow ass projectiles could never hope to compete with and every enemy gibs into a cloud of spaghetti sauce. Isnt it sooooo based and boomer core?


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Did the kid say Chip Willits?


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should i buy dusk?it looks kinda good

Willits is more of a faggot than I had expected.

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>>523557117Sorry I forgot we're supposed to be glued to the ground and can't hit shit without ADS. Because that's the only kind of fun zoomers understand.

>>523557334I finished it. I almost never finish games these days. I guess 10 euro is a fair price.

>>523557117first game looked okay, but I am really tired of these low poly shootersget some originality, people!

>>523556917This desu>>523556985It's actually worse because the devs larp as really cool badass dudes constantly, to hide their obvious homosexual tendenciesIt's like the opposite of the indie dev from back in the FEZ days but also the samethat said, gloomwood looks pretty good do

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>>523557334It is pretty fun

>>523557334One of the best FPS to come out in years. Definitely get.

>>523557481>95>Yeah when I was bornThese fucking zoomers are killing me. This is why they're such fucking faggots.

>>523557401You were literally glued to the floor in classic doom

>>523557334No, unless you're someone who sucks off any "boomer" shooter. Torrent it. It's super ez to find a link

>>523557673>Can outrun rockets>"Dude it's so slow amirite!"

>>523557401>Sorry I forgot we're supposed to be glued to the groundWe call that Doom and Doom 2 you fucking faggot ass zoomer

>>523557768Are you fuckign serious? how young are you fucking people are you even old enough to post on this site? Doom was faster than almost any FPS today. Let me guess you think it was slow because you watched those "Kids react to retro games" videos or something right? Fucking retards.

>>523557596It's okay, bro. I feel ya. We can get through this together.

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These games all look exactly like dusk.

The games look fine, but, fuck this pretentious boomer cultural whatever New Blood is trying to achieve, it just feels fake. >NotXMovie>BurglarWithPhimosisThe fucking "memes" and discord screenshots, no, stop it, it's bad, just show the fucking games and play it straight.

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This guy is boring.

>>523558135It's basically a reverse "hello fellow kids".

>>523558135how else they are going to survive in the market?You have to appreciate the effort

Why is Søyjak on my stream about shooting games?

>>523557916>>523557916I don't think you understand what they meant, user.

I fucking want to die now.

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>>523558135but product is my whole life i cant just have product be itself i must emulate and become product myself

Holy fuck are they still talking.

Im so sick of vague low poly shooters.

hello where are the games

Here is your retro fps bro.

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>Yeah Quake was pretty hard guys right? We were all fucking cool and badass when I wasn't even born haha translation:>please daddy dev let me succ you offf

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holy shit, how long is this event? it's 2 am here and I was just get some water came back it became some kind of podcast.

>All these zooners shitpostingAlmost as if Holla Forums is full of underage.

>>523558292They know they're audience

>>523558443If all you got is 3 dudes in their basements that's the game you make.

>>523558486I LEGIT cant tell which one this is. They all look the same


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>>523558486but how fast is it


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>>523558552Its Strafe, one of the earliest and shittiest retro fps.

>>523558551The ACTUAL classics were made by small groups and those games had competent texture and model work.

are you guys over 40 years old? get the stick out of your butts and try to enjoy things

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spreading coronavirus

oh shit this is just awful

Nice shirt.

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>>523558690>and those games had competent texture and model workHave you seen the enemy sprites in the first Marathon?

>>523558718I'm 36 and 90% of this has been utter shit.

>>523558718>anime image>defending LOOK AT MY DISCORD SCREENSHOT LAWL IM SUCH A BOOMER CHAD AM I RIGHT FELLOW BOOMERS *Yes.jpg has been uploaded* shitGet the fuck out child

>>523558901games look cool

>attempt at acting

Wake me up when RWS announces that one game that's not postal related

good lord this is falling apart

Hey guys look! Its another fucking sequel that got the concept of "satire" confused with "wacky random comedy and references" mixed up!

>>523558718I'm just tired of marketers trying to act like humans, they are not humans, they are not even animals.

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What is this stupid kid doing

Boomers were a mistake.t. boomer

And most of all fuck ____

>It's another "we don't have any trailers so we'll waste our viewers time with retarded shit noone cares about" stream


haha guys we're being eccentric on tv its just like my favorite show the office!!!

They haven't even finished the newest Postal and are announcing new games?

>>523558690Making low poly shooters today takes just as much effort as back then. Only difference is that 30 years ago they were considered cutting edge.


Wow, looks like shit.

>games developed by adult teenagers for a generation of teenagers that doesn't exist anymore

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>>523559007it's still postal

>The state of this fucking thread

>>523559473>The state of this fucking stream

What's the point of disabling the texture filtering if the textures are high-res enough for it to look better with filtering?

That entire segment was pathetic considering Mike J is like a solid 15 years older then these children>Another postal game

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>>523559518>the stream of this fucking state

>>523559578the fuck of this streaming state


>OMG Le Epic low poly late 90s aesthetic with epic blood and explosions yaaaaaaaaaaas we're such fucking boomers right?!?!?! XD

What the fuck was that? That Postal game looked like shit.

I want to go to sleep but I am enjoying how pissed off these zoomers and unoriginal games are making me. I am sick.

did they get rick hunter back yet?


Cringe levels intensifies

>>523559697Didn't I tell you to fucking leave already!?

>alien wearing postal dude shirtIt's the little things that count.

>>523559806Sorry this is my board you dumb tranny.

>>523559784looks actually pretty cool tho

>>523559669fuck the streaming of this state

I forgot about this, what did I miss?

Gloomwood and Graven are the only ones that look acceptable so far. What a shitty stream.

>>523559396Looks like I didn't have to sleep long. I don't know how to feel about this one.

Why can't they make retro games with modern graphics?

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>>523559868Fuck off back to Fortnite nigger.

>>523559925Like 5 games that look and play exactly like Dusk and nothing else

Did Nightdive showed anything yet?

>>523559886The new Postal game would've looked more interesting if I didn't see 8 games that already look similar to it

>>523559951Still better than gamescom then

>>523559886>streaming the fuck of this state

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>>523560024no they've just been posting keys in chat every now and then

>>523559990Why would you want that?Modern graphics suck.

>>523560001Sorry zoom zoom, you're not fooling anyone.


>>523559990Amid Evil?


>>523560029So it's Dusk with a Postal skin.

doom eternal zoomers on suicide watch

>>523559990Needs actual talent and money.

>>523560024Not yet. But considering the stream its probably just a new trailer for that terrible looking system shock remake

>>523560153Goddammit I just want a Turok 3 remaster.

that psotal game looks nicethe doombringer game looks liek hot garbageshit designs, shit grafix, idk about the maps

>>523560091You need to be 18 to post here.

>>523559990cause that would take much more time to make


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did they show anything about Gloomwood?

You know you're allowed to add new gameplay mechanics to your games, right devs? They dont all have to be circle strafe DOOM 2 clones

>>523560226I fucked your mom when you weren't even born

Doombringer looks nice.

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>>523559990Doom Eternal?

>>523560267yeah. was pretty cool.

DNF 2001 build, when?Also, is Ion fury good?

>>523560267Yeah some kinda okay inventory system

>>523560267the inventory system

>>523560318DOOM eternal actually knows how to evolve the formula so I wouldnt call it retro

>>523560304Wow you convinced me you're not a twelve year old faggot.

Wake me up if anything like Dusk is announced, didn't have enough monster energy cans to stay awake for the whole stream.

>>523560059>Stating the stream of this fucking.


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>>523560267They showed reworked inventory system (re4 x arx), showed a little bit of gameplay and talked a lot about said inventory system.

>>523560339>Is Ion Fury good?Yes>DNF 2001 build, when?Not until Randy Pitchford is dead.

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>>523560369>how to evolve the formulaAnd how exactly?

>>523560379Actually i'm fucking your mom right now tooNow kill yourself fake boomer tranny

>>523560385Almost everything announced so far has been like Dusk.

>>523560339Ion fury is good, but DNF 2001 will never come, since other fuckheads own the IP now.

>>523560339Ion Fury is the real Duke Nukem Forever. Just turn off the voice clips cause the main character has zero charm

>>523560318>>523560369designed for controllers

The problem is that Dusk, Amid Evil and Ion Fury already did the boomer shooter throwbacks so good that anything else coming out just look amateurish in comparison


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>>523560471Graven is pretty far from dusk

>>523560415is this actually a game or just a shitty VN like the liru one?

>>523560492>designed for controllers>Doom_played_with_a_controller.webmyou know the one

>>523560453By adding gameplay mechanics beyond "circle strafe and bunny hop"

>>523560483>Just turn off the voice clips cause the main character has zero charmPay attention to this. Game is unplayable otherwise.

>>523560415>posting that dumb sloot

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>>523560561game journos being shit does not invalidate fact


>>523560495Dusk has good gameplay but it's one of the ugliest games I have ever lied my eyes upon.

>>523560369glory kills and limiting ammo isn't evolving

Wait so that ugly ass asylum game was postal? Is that supposed to be part of the Wednesday update?

why are some of them in black and white?

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>NewBlood block is over >show 8 new games in a small trailer>each ones aren't Quake/Doom clones Classic


>>523560592That's been done before plenty of times.

>>523560735separate game

>>523560757they're dead, it's pre-recorded


>>523560757My guess is to put focus on who they are interviewing.

I just bought Ion Fury.

>Inviting John St "Children I dont like deserve prison rape" John to an event that isnt going to have Duke Nukem content announcedLmao why?

>>523560854It play like ass with a controllerfact

The Postal game looked okay.

>>523560913Good buy, game has a fuck load of secrets.

>>523560764If you mean DreadX collection 2, thats not 12 full games, they are very short,

>>523560943He voices the Postal Dude in Postal 4 and most likely in that new Postal spin-off.

>>523561183That's disappointing But it's still more effort done for originality on their part than NewBloodHonestly I'm very disappointed

rooting for my boy HROTI hope we get some new infos on it

Idk why they made this a two day event, they don't have enough games.

>>523560369>how to evolve the formulalol

Will people ever be able to talk about retro shooters without jerking off the developers and their life stories?

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>>523561404It did more then all these brutal doom clones

elden ring trailer soon


Good to know the money I spent on Postal 4 is being funneled into a garbage looking Dusk clone. Fucking hell.

>>523561476In five minutes!

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When's Adventures of Square?

>>523561534>he bought postal4

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>>523561476NahThe world building still needs work

>>523561645Episode 3 when?

>>523560943>>523561196What happened to the original Postal dude voice actor?

>>523560369>DOOM eternal actually knows how to evolve the formulathe new doom games didn't evolve anything they threw the formula out the window and replaced it with garbage

>>523561420still more stuff than the last comic con I went tothat con really went to shit

>>523561729Too busy doing other stuff.

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>Still talking

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>>523561729He's in the radio business, doesn't have time to voice him anymore sadly It's why John st. John is voicing him

>>523561729Mike J is being weirdly mum about the whole thing so its probably something controversial. All he will say is that Rick was unavailable except that there are new Rick Hunter lines already in the game so who knows

>>523561830>>523561196>>523560943We need to #cancel JSJ!

I thought the whole monster thing was a joke, do boomers actually drink that fucking trash?

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I really hate the boomer joke. It's Gearbox tier level of humor.

They said the B word again

Attached: 9Ex5H.jpg (2592x1936, 753.94K)

More cans in that pack than your average Holla Forums age.

the fatty with blue hair is turning me on

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I missed the stream up until now. Anything of note announced besides the new Postal game?

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>coming up soon, American Mac G

>this music

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>>523562087Latvians are fucking ugly



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>>523562119Graven looks really goodULTRAKILL early access is really good, it was released 2 days ago though

>>523562234some nine inch nails shit. sounds great

>>523562119Like 50 generic ass Dusk clones

>metal music>early access>low polyAt least devs make it easy to avoid shit games nowadays.

>>523562294basedanother shit gameat least gloomsomething, hraven and the postal game looked great

>>523552036>"boomer nigger shitter monster ass energy">shitty 4chan memes getting parroted by discord niggers to the point everyone in the internet uses them>then newniggers come to this website and start spamming the same fucking shit trying to fit in, in the place where it was created and aborted>rinse and repeatwill this ever end

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can someone tell these guys that they should stop making trailers without sound effects please.If you got a gun shooting and I don't hear a gun sound then my mind is telling me the gunplay is fucking dogshit


>>523562380They all look fucking identical.

>>523562471gatekeeping doesn't work because 90% of posters are tourists