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>>523551661They can't keep getting away with this

>>523551661>twice as powerful>gimped by horrible driver support

>August 4So the RTX 3070 is finally getting competition

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>>523551661>August 4lmao

If they just. had. good. fucking. drivers. That is their main problem. That and not cozying up to devs and making sure their shit is more optimized to run their card than the competitor's. It's a features war and they got zero vs. DLSS, raytracing, etc

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>>523551661My dick just leaked, and user could be in trouble

>>523551661BIG NAVI

>>523551661>Could be twice as powerful>Could be absolute shitWho cares goyim just pre-order and consoom.

>>523551915>using windows

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>>523551915>tfw AMDGPU freedom powered drivers shit all over the propietary abortion that's on wangblows

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>AMDumb GPUs

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>>523551661Where are the 20 dollars 1060s

Let me guess , amd still wont have an answer to DLSS but will make their cards have 512 and 1024 bit bus witch will do nothing performance vise. The only saving grace is for AMD to go hard on pushing VRAM for 3060 competetor seeing as new consoles have around 11gb dedicated for games and that will soon become standard for high texture setting


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Current AMD cards couldnt even beat the 2080 ti. What hope do they have to beat the 3000s cards? plus they're actually cheap so what the fuck can they do to not sell at a loss?

>>523553929>>523553940no roblox tho

>>523551661But can AMD do THIS?

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>no cuda>no optix

>>523554246And no nvenc, you're stuck with that terrible hardware encoder from AMD instead

As someone that actually needs the tensor core for my 3d shit AMD won't be an option.That said i will still wait and see what kind of technology they bring with their new cards.

>>523551661> New consoles will lead to manufacturer dick waving contests and ultimately dumping pricesThanks based Consolefags

>>523553652I have never had an issue with AMD drivers beyond the 5700, which is abysmal in terms of weird bullshit but only if you wake your computer from a sleep / hibernate state. What happens on other AMD cards? I've had like, 5 over the past like, 13 years.

I'll believe it when I see it. AMD cards always sounds good ahead of time and then are usually not great.

>>523551661>specsOn paper the Radeon 7 should have ripped the 2080Ti to shreds and we all know how that turned out.

>>523551661amd for cpunvidia for gpu anything else is mentally ill

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>>523551661Imagine how much hotter amd cards will be. It's already a furnace with the 5700xt. Just imagine it being a volcano at this point.

>>523555408nah intel has faster single core which is all that matter for gaming

I don't give a shit about your gay gaymz, niggers, I just want my AMD stock to keep mooning.

>>523551915Had a 5700xt for almost a year now and havent had any driver problems and ive always kept them up to date. Theres always a negative bias on the internet because people with problems get much more attention than the people with cards that work fine and either dont say anything or just leave generic 5 star reviews. Now...is something twice as powerful as a 5700xt going to beat the new nvidia line? Also any word of pricing? If nvidia starts beating them in price/performance ill happily go back its been a while since i had a nvidia card.

OP and the "person" who wrote this "article" are clearly being paid by AMD>the specs just leaked, it COULD be better!

>>523554158does he get paid by nvidia? that's some fucking good advertisement

>>523553652dlss is direct x, and they have raytracing they dont call it rtx

>>523555623and costs twice as much with hotter temps

Nah nigga. To anyone that wants to skimp out and buy AMD, good fucking luck. I'm not making this mistake again.

>>523556050>dlss is direct xsasuga brainlet

>>523555906My RX580 has a driver crash literally every week. Sometimes 2-3x a day.

>>523552998>So the RTX 3070 is finally getting competitionXbox series X is powerful lol

>>523555906The only issue I've had since I got my 5700xt is that one version of the driver had issues with the oculus rift so I had to roll them back.But that's it, since launch the card has been absolutely perfect.

>>523551661>august 04 2020

>>523556063not even truecpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html

>>523553652>DLSS, raytracingThe two examples given are resolution scaling, most certainly a DLSS-like technique, and 'character behavior', which seems to be related to Artificial Intelligence. Microsoft says it spent only a 'very small' area of the die on ML acceleration hardware, while it expects a 3-10x performance improvement from it, just like for ray tracing.

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>>523556857can you post the multi thread performance?

>>523556002He gets paid with video card,cash, and other goodies. I'd whore myself to gyarus too if it means getting free shit

>>523553929>>523553940what aABOUT OTHER GAME?

>>523551661holy based, this is our time AMDbros, #PoorAmpere, #WaitForBigNavi

>>523555623That will quickly change with the new gen

>>523556303That sucks, but I imagine theres got to be a stable version of the drivers you could roll back to?

>>523555623>gamingIf I wanted only gaming I'd get a consoleIt gets btfo in non gaming scenarios

>>523556984One thing that intrigues me about DLSS 2.0 is that it gives a better image quality than native resolution while performing much faster, that is pretty impressive stuff, just wish more games had support for it.

AMD cards are trash and will always be trash.

>>523556303I've got RX480 which is pretty much the same thing and I've had nonstop driver crashes too with the latest ones, but then I downgraded to the last driver that I remembered working fine and that was it. Everything's fixed. Just try to remember the last driver version that didn't give you any issues.

>>523557024>>523557347who cares? fps is all that matters>>523557291i doubt it but hopefully

>>523557291Consoleniggers said 8 cores would be necessary after the PS4 came out, and surprise, 4 cores is still the standard.

>>523551661should we wait buying 30xx?

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>>523553652They do have good drivers, and none of the review press actually has a fucking problem, because they actually properly use Display Driver Uninstaller to remove all trace of older drivers before installing new ones. You fags keep having problems because you never wipe the old drivers.youtube.com/watch?v=1uynVO4ZXl0>tl;dwHardware Unboxed keeps getting pestered from viewers about investigating driver issues, they say they don't have any, but they can't discount that people might have issues. Any time they did have issues, they used Display Driver Uninstaller, wiped the old driver, reinstalled the latest one, and it went away.

>>523557630you shouldnt have to do that

>>523557403The thing is, it's pretty easy to implement if the game already supports TAA. Expect to see it everywhere soon.>>523557562Enjoy sub par performance in everything but gaming.

>>523557630I use DDU all the time as well and the new drivers cause BSODs pretty often. When I reroll to older drivers then somehow the BSODs are magically gone. Seriously dude, face it. Their drivers aren't anywhere near as good as jewvidya's.

>>523557743>Enjoy sub par performance in everything but gaming.pretty much anyone who buys a good cpu for gaming wont use a high percentage of it outside of gaming

>>523557732>You shouldn't have to change out the oil in your car, or replace brake fluid, or replace your tires, or replace your brake pads, or...Look, you dumb nigger, if you don't want to bother with regular maintenance, then just buy a console, it's just a streamlined experience with over-the-air updates. Else, you have to deal with maintaining you shit properly. That also means dusting out your PC, replacing thermal paste on your CPU/GPU every few years, reformatting Windows entirely and reinstalling every year just to get rid of old bloat, etc.

>>523557148ALL OF THE DAY BRO

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>>523558545or i can just buy nvidia for better performance and less hassle. i'm not a retard who would choose amd

>>523558545>droning this much for a corporation that doesn't give a shit about you

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>>523557630>Any time they did have issues, they used Display Driver Uninstaller, wiped the old driver, reinstalled the latest one, and it went away.In the 3 years I've had my 1060, I have NEVER had to uninstall/reinstall or tinker with the drivers. All updates worked automatically and I've had 0 issues.>>523558545Suck my dick you bootlicker, this is why AMD is still shit. Because morons like you keep eating everything up and thinking they have the intellectual high ground by doing stupid needless "maintenance".

That's a big navi.

>>523558956for you

>>523551915SPBP, 5700 here and it's fucking garbage. Screen randomly goes black all the fucking time.

>>523553929>>523553940i wish linux gaming wasnt a meme thoalmost all games run worse on linux than on windows and you have jump through many hoops just to get some games barely workingas long as games dont run natively on linux and the installation process is more than just >install os >install game people wont switch over


>>523559165Works on my machine.t. 5700XT

>>523558956for you

>>523559165>Screen randomly goes black all the fucking timeRetard here does the screen ever recovers after it goes black when that happens?also if you were playin a game/video can you still hear whats going on and stuff?

>>523556303>>523557467I think you guys have faulty cards, I've had a 480 since release, drivers have always been up to date and I have zero issues.

>>523558545>doing all that shit every yearFuck that, I've only dusted my pc once in 5 years.

>>523558545>reformatting Windows entirely and reinstalling every year just to get rid of old bloatTop fucking kek, stop installing garbage.

>>523559321My 480 works perfectly fine with the older drivers. No crashes, no BSODs, no black screens. The moment I go to the new ones then it's pandemonium. Anything can happen. I don't think the card itself has anything wrong. Maybe it's just AMD's drivers shitting themselves with the rest of my rig? I dunno.

>>523558693Nobody's droning about shit. I'm pointing out that the PEBCAK, and therefore isn't limited to just "muh amd drivers", because shit like Windows getting bloated, and other software crapping out happens across the board to these people.Are you the "techie" person in your family. If so, ever wonder why people always go to you with these beyond repairable problems on their laptops/PCs, but your computer never has those issues? (Hint: It's because PEBCAK, the computer wouldn't be in that state if people exercised some self-restraint and properly maintained their fucking computer)Same shit happens all the time to my family's cars, too. Huh, I sure do *wonder*...

>gaymdnot even once

>>523559631>the computer wouldn't be in that state if people exercised some self-restraint and properly maintained their fucking computerDoesn't happen on Nvidia

>>523559303Most of the time it recovers, sometimes it dosn't and I need to reset the computer to fix it. Also yes, it's mainly just video that gets cut, the audio is fine.

>>523554680You're welcome PCbro.

>>523559219>almost all games run worse on linuxThey do not, use dxvk>you have jump through many hoopsJust use proton or lutris. There are games that don't work but you can check that online.>process is more than just >install os >install game Yeah because thats what gaming on windows looks like. Don't forget your graphics drivers and ton of reditributables. It is just as easy, you literally just need to switch your habbits and understand how linux works, just like you had to do with windows when you started using it

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>>523559480>Top fucking kek, stop installing garbage.That happens to literally every machine using Windows10 and over-the-air updates, especially have they release a new major Windows10 update. All those security update just layer patches-on-patches and leave behind tons of old registry files, and even an otherwise untouched computer will inevitably "feel slow" after 2 years of automatic updates.It's also exacerbated if you actually play games, installing something new, beating it, uninstalling it, moving to a new game, etc still ends up leaving tons of orphaned files/registry issues even after you're done with the game. Same thing with auto-Steam updates on games and on the steam client itself, where Steam just stops fucking working (friends list unavailable, even though steam is apparently up, etc) even though it's not the usual patch-tuesday evening.Again, all these issues pile up over time due to the nature of auto-updates, installations/uninstallation cycles. It's not unique to GPU drivers.

>>523560074but it's still something you dont have to do on nvidia so why are you defending it?

>>523560074Been doing all that for the past 4 years with no formatting and the OS hasn't slowed down. You're inventing problems.

>>523559480>what is software rot

>>523559786Yes it does you god damned retard. I'm currently troubleshooting retarded family member's iBuyPower PC with an Nvidia 1060 3GB gpu, and they say it keeps bluescreening with some nvlddmkm issue.I told them I'd fix it and give it back to them after the labor day weekend.

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>>523551915AMD might have had driver issues but at least none of theirs have resulted in house fires and cards burning out

>>523560386>>523560074>>523559631>>523558545>>523557630Smells like REDDIT in there

>>523560386>iBuyPower PCwell see your first mistake is buying prebuilts where they do fucked up shit like glue things together

>>523560534This. Probably some drone from their r/amd that got lost and feels the need to suck on AMD's cock.

>>523560559he didn't buy it, he literally said a retarded family member did, learn to read

>>523560221Can you just kill yourself already faggot.>>523560559I didn't buy it, and I didn't recommend them to buy it, but I'm also more than cognizant enough that if I tell my family member to "build a PC" they'll look at me to build it and then expect me to be the free computer repair person every single fucking time they have an issue. I told them this is the first and last time I'll fix something on their PC, because iBuyPower's customer support was apparently screwing them over and not answering their e-mails.

>>523560386How you gonna fix it? Is it a temp issue under load, or just some good ol fashioned fucked drivers?Also what's the actual bluescreen?

>>523559950>>almost all games run worse on linux>They do not, use dxvkThey do you fucking retard, go look at some actual benchmarks.>>you have jump through many hoops>Just use proton or lutris. There are games that don't work but you can check that online.Lutris often doesn't work and even games that are Gold on ProtonDB often require fixes to be applied.>Don't forget your graphics drivers and ton of reditributables.These get installed automatically in current year.>murzynstupid polack>>523559219Even if games on Linux ran just as well as on Windows out of the box most people still wouldn't switch because Linux itself is harder to use than Windows. The average gamer isn't going to learn to use the command line to do shit and all easy to use distros use GNOME which would give the average retard a brain aneurysm because of how different the UI and workflow are compared to what they're used to.

>>523555906I have a 5700XT and I can't run RDR2 for more than 40 minutes without it crashing.

>no nvenc>no shadowgayno thanks

So why won't AMD ever add any good features to their drivers? Instead of adding features that people would actually use, they add cancerous bloat bullshit like an overlay, keyboard shortcuts that you always have to disable because they fuck around with actual game actions and other worthless "features" nobody asked for.

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>>523560883>How you gonna fix it? Is it a temp issue under load, or just some good ol fashioned fucked drivers?I'll just replace thermal paste on CPU/GPU, I dunno what lowgrade shit the OEMs used, reboot to safe mode, DDU, reinstall latest GPU drivers, run Windows update, then use BleachBit to get rid of old junk on their hard drive, defragment their shit over 24 hrs, and then try playing a game for a few hours on their PC and see if it goes away.They said it doesn't happen all the time, but it does happen every other day or three, and the game will just crash out entirely and blue screen, causing the PC to reboot. Googling said it might be a power supply issue, but it's like a fucking AMD 1600 CPU and 1060 3GB GPU, these aren't demanding pc parts to cause it to stress even a chinese knockoff psu.

>>523557568>4 cores still standard Is this current year or 2013.

>>523559950>there are games that don't work>he's ok with thisYou penguin fuckers really are cucks

>>523560889>Graphic drivers installed automaticaly>Lutris often doesn't work and even games that are Gold on ProtonDB often require fixes to be applied.You are retardedYou have never used linux and it shows. Stop parotting retarded opinions.Look up actual benchmark yourself first flightlessmango.com/benchmarks/6RfJoH1N6IQDXVK is actually faster in many cases

>>523559950retard>>523560889>most people still wouldn't switch because Linux itself is harder to use than Windowsyea also that, i work in IT(network engineer) and have 0 issues navigating through linux and troubleshooting issues but for people that primarily used windows its just too much of a hassle to switch.

>>523552998Cute bug woman.


>>523561471I don't play cucked spyware level anticheat games

>>523551915So ive used AMD for a long time and ill tell you, they are considerably better than they were 2 years ago.This doesn't make them perfect but at least they are making progress. >>523559165Shit PSU, i had the same problem. Make sure they are not on the same connector, that solved my issue since i was running both off one wire.

>>523561517I'm on Linux right now. Not because I'm brain-dead enough to think this is a good OS for gaming but because I actually need it for programming.>DXVK is actually faster in many casesIn around 80-90% of cases it's slower.

>>523554158i dont get this meme

>>523561225Sounds like a solid plan, you try analyzing the dump file? There can sometimes be pretty damning stuff in the stack trace.

>>523561646i bet you use any kind of social network or own a smartphone, yet you spout this bullshit and dont go 100% privacyalways the same you penguin retards

>>523556303do you have enhanced sync enabled?

>>523554103Literally this. Waiting for my second stimulus check then I'm gonna upgrade my CPU and GPU.

>>523557630Shitty PSU and RAM timings can also lead to driver crashes.

>New this>New that>$800 + tip + your tip at birthWhat a steal!You faggots make me sick. Don't buy into the hype. Don't buy into the jews trying to sell you products, then hyping you up for the next product. Wait for next gen consoles to release, wait for the GPUs' performances to be proven. You are stupid for being over joyed at the prospect of paying high prices for the privilege to play console ports. CONSOLE PORTS.

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I feel so bad for AMD users like how do they even sleep at night

>>523561054>shadowgayReLive you tard

>>523561575Ubuntu Gnome is fucking easier to use than WIndows 10. People who would have problem with Linux troubleshoting would have problem with windows as well.>>523561664Then you are retarded, i've been using linux for a decade now and it just fucking works. If you can't run games with lutris you are dumb, my fucking mom switched to linux and could install a videogame. DXVK performance is +/- 10% anyway so it doesn't metter


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>>523551661Mommy Su wins again.How does she keep doing it?

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>>523562043>you use something that can steal your data?>why not give ALL your data to everybodysasuga retard