Fallout 4 was and still is a great game

Fallout 4 was and still is a great game.

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Fuck off.

>>523551081It was an okay open world. It was a mediocre game.

>>523551081The only bad thing(s) about it were:>The microtransactions >the half assed story>and the somehow even more dumber down perk and skill system

>>523551081I agree

Was Fallout 4 a good game?>yes>yes>maybe>no (but I'll come back if I change my mind)

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combat was goodweapons were shitworld was nice characters were shitdialogue was shitplot was shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitDLC was SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTsettlements were the worst of all

>wake up from cryosleep in a vault>step over a couple skeletons on my way out>spend a year blasting punks and giant mutated crabs in the face>come back to vault>look at skeleton>WHOOOOA A DEAD BODY? WHAT HAPPENED?

>>523551081the main story is complete dogshit. the institute is the worst written faction in any fallout game, replacing people with robots that go insane and kill people for LITERALLY no reason. Railroad is retarded enough to think said unstable killer robots are misunderstood and need to be saved.The sandbox gameplay with settlement building and looting and etc is super fucking cool though. I'd give it a 6/10 base game but Far Harbor dlc is fantastic.

>>523551617companions were the best

>>523551081i agree

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it was fun but thats it

>>523551262>The microtransactionsMicrotransactions?

>>523551081They had one fucking job!

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>>523551503quick, which one is the rifle and which one the shotgun?

I unironically loved building the settlements

>>523551617>world was nicein what universe

>>523551081Voice acting was a mistake. And the backstory was fucking retarded.

>>523552504top : riflebottom : shotgun

Nah, it's mediocre. Big open worlds aren't enough these days, you need some good content. And F4 hasn't got much good content.

>>523551081True, But its not exactly a good fallout game.

>>523551617Settlements had potential, but focused too much on design and not enough on functionality.


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>>523551081Shame about the writing

>>523551081cant wait til new vegas is fully ported to 4's engine

>>523551081could never stand to play more than a few hours, something about it never quite clicked like the previous fallouts

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>>523551081fallout 4 is cool, my issue is no matter how much power you have the cities kill your FPS. huge turn off. is there a mod to just delete the major cities?

>>523551617>combat was goodin what fucking universe?it was better than 3 and NV but that's a very low bar

>>523553747Why not just play New Vegas.

>>523552460The problem is this still doesn't look right. Why would you make 2 guns that are almost identical but the receiver is different? It's the same shit with the combat shotgun. They should be different guns. Actually different guns. It's fucking retarded to imagine some universal platform gun that can be adjusted to fire anything from pistol to rifle to shotgun rounds.

>>523551081is that why you have to constantly convince yourself and others? kys pleb

>>523551081it aged terribly

>>523551175I bet you think RE 4 is a great game but a bad RE

>>523553914yeah that's my main gripe with the game also. it's amazing how badly the game is put together. the closest thing i can think of is that mod which 'fixes' city FPS in Boston, but that's about it.

>>523551081>>523551262Gun 'designs' are atrocious make the game unplayable without mods.

>>523551081I've never managed to finish it even though I've started a new game 3 times or so. That should tell you it isn't. First 10 levels have you using pipe weapons because ammo is so scarce. This isn't a mechanic because once you hit level 11 ammo is abundantly available for basically everything. Pipe weapons are garbage, if you force yourself through that total slog are you rewarded? Fuck no. The quests never got better, either. The only one I remember off the top of my head is the one where you go into the insane asylum and fuck around with a serum and magic crown or something. I can remember nearly every quest from New Vegas, and I haven't played it in over 5 years.



Planning on starting it again soon with these mods.

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>>523551617>combat was goodIt was mediocre. Fallout hasn't had good gameplay since it switched from top-down though, so I'd say it is the best out of the new ones.>world was niceNo. It was actually the worst out of all the games. Bethesda hardly bothered putting settlements in the game because they expected you to build them yourself. Which is funny because they swore up and down the settlement building would be optional.

>>523551081how come the city center isn't a radioactive crater on the ground?

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>>523551081It's a shame, the exploration is great, the leveling system is fun, and town building is a great addition. The crafting is also good. But the quests are horrible, both in design, writing and choices. And the entire game is designed around questing- it the primary method of gaining XP. The game would have been better with quests just taken out and made to be a pure sandbox experience instead. Fallout 76 had potential for this reason, but Bethesda managed to screw even that up with a series of dumb decisions.

>>523552442Fallout 4 has its own store for paid mods, which Bethesda uses to charge for ridiculous shit. Wouldn’t be a problem to ignore except that the Nexus bootlickers will remove any community mods that replicate (even if remade from scratch) any mods that appear in the MTX store.


>>523555525*citation needed

>>523555525Any paid mod in particular that's really good but not available in nexus?

Cool Opinion OPI respect it but I disagree

>>523554419already tried that

Combat was fun and the glowing sea was a neat concept. I admit I had more fun going into derelict planes and that sentinel base than 90% of the rest of the shit game.

>>523551081Meh.I saw the main plot twist coming right at the start.Could have been way better game.Still haven't played it through after all these years.But then again I haven't finished Fallout 2 either which I think is in many ways superior.In fact the only Fallout game that I've played through is the third...

>>523551081It was fine.

>>523551081the story was better than the witcher 3

>>523551617Recently bought a used ps4 and FO4 came with it. I’ve put about 12 hours in it, half of which was building up a settlement and scavenging junk, and I’m level 20 already. The combat is absolute dogshit, primarily because it’s so VATS centric. If you’re not using VATS, you literally can’t hit shit unless you’re using a shotgun. And yes, I’ve modded my guns. Sniper rifles are damn near unusable which is gay as fuck because that’s what I always use. I literally have to rely on my invincible dog to tackle enemies and then I can hit them at point blank. The perk system is laughably bad, and I cannot believe they thought it was a good idea to eliminate skill points. The fact that you only have like 10 points to put in SPECIAL is infuriating as well. Most of the perks are useless anyway. What’s the point of having Night Person perk if intelligence doesn’t even matter? In the main quest, I’m supposed to find Nick Valentine, but I don’t even give a fuck. The map is tiny, cramped and retarded in every way. I don’t think I’ll be finishing it, and I’ve put hundreds of hours in 3 & NV.

>Still no mods to turn a settlement into a brothel.>Can't make assaultron red light district settlements>too few robot sex mods. Modders keep making human shit.

Are there rape mods?

>>523555879You can change Dogmeat to different dogs. Only mod I actually bought so I could make him a meme shiba inu.

>>523551081>still no advanced camera modShit game in all aspects.

>>523559048>TF shitAnd the end product always gives me a stiffy

>>523551081>buy game>think that this settlement thing I saw in the trailers might be great>find small farm that can be a settlement>carefully build perfect walls and defenses>"a settlement is under attack">go there and wait for the attackers>suddenly assholes spawn literally in the middle of my baseWhat a shit show. What is even the point of this?

It made me want to reinstall Fallout 3.

>>523555087They either missed, were intercepted, or they were aiming for more military targets. The glowing sea has a number of pretty suspect buildings in it.

>>523559195>Blocks your path

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Are there any mods that make the guns feel more powerful? Or mods that make human Currie into a cute robot girl instead of a perfectly human replica synth?

>>523551081I'm currently playing vanilla survival on PS4 and my problem is how empty it gets and easy it becomes. I know there's good overhauls even on PS4 but sometimes mods are bugged or autism simulation like Immersive Gameplay or Horizon(PC)

>>523559650As long as you don't do curie's quest you can change her robot body with the automoton dlc. You can download some mods that add some fun parts.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/32801https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/32039Theres more, but I don't have links to them.

>>523556429If you can't hit anything, you need to git gud.You're supposed to aim down the sight.VATS was only required in FO3 because of retarded spread.

>>523559467I don't know what to say to this considering it is so easily dealt with I am not sure if you're being ironic or just plain insulting

>>523551081Still not going to buy your game, Todd.

>>523559650Why synth Curie had to look like a fucking dyke? Also Piper looks like Nora but she's a filthy smoker and gets on your nerves quickly.Cait is trash and a junkie.

buy fallout 4

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>>523561076Maybe, post more cool guns

>>523551081this looks worse then a PS2 game

>>523551081Many of you think OP posted a png but its actually a webm, 1 FPS up there in major cities.

>>523551081It's a good game, but it's a terrible Fallout.

The writing was fucking dreadful. Voiced protag is just the tip of the iceberg. You can still make a good game with limited dialog options. It's just that more effort went into writing quips than making varied and good scenarios or basic shit like ANYONE'S FUCKING GOALS MAKING ANY SENSE AT ALL

It's a mediocre FPS.It's not at all an RPG.

Outside of abysmal writing the FO4 had best exploration the magazines were great idea, combat and more alive world in series. I mean alive in term how everyone shoot each other randomly. It is great improvement compared to 3/NV. When you move around on survival you can always hear the sound of battle somewhere else. 3d fallouts need more interaction like this.

>>523551081Fallout was never good. No, not even new vegas.