You upgrading?

you upgrading?

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>>523550992Entire consoles are the price of GPUs now. PC gaming is unironically dead and irrelevant. All my PC gamer friends are buying consoles next generation.

>>523550992GTX 970 gang, it works fine so hmm nah


Oh boy, I can't wait to spend all my money on graphics cards so I can play pixel indieshit because consoles have all the good gamesPc mustard rice amirite

>>523551089Snoys keep saying this but PC gaming is bigger than its ever been and is only getting bigger

>>523550992Nope, staying with my gtx 970 until death do us part.>>523551137Based.

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I think I can ride my 1080ti a little longer.I'm not having any issues currently.

>>523551089I have a $2000 budget. Can I spend most of that time with to get a super upgraded console?

>>5235509923080 chad reporting in


>>523551401yes farmville, minecraft, and fortnite are blowing up big time, future of pc gaming is bright

>>523551089>getting consoles>exactly in the generation with less exclusives than ever and multiplats are the normUnless they're waiting for Nintendo's next console, I don't see the point

>>523551446based, tho the 3070, 3080 and maybe the 3090 are like dirt cheap ,so they seem to be good things to upgrade to potentially.

>>523551137just upgraded mine to a 2060 i got for cheap but the 970 is a fucking powerhouse of a card. I still run everything at 1080p/60fps even after having mine for 6 years. Only upgrading because it's bottlenecking my 144hz monitor now otherwise i'd be sticking with it

>>523551736>decade old memesEnjoy your Fifa and movie games I guess, nothing beats checkerboarded 4k and interpolated 60fps

>>523550992proud GTX 750 owner, ama

i plan on sticking with 1080p for a few more years and my 2060 is more than satisfying

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>>523551739The point is I can buy Nintendo's console, Sony's Console, Microsoft's consoles, and all the best games for all 3 consoles for the price of a single RTX 3090. Nvidia and AMD both got too greedy. Only a moron would continue down the PC gaming path. Was it a good choice in the past? YES. However, back then top of the line GPU's were $400. Nowadays PC gaming is more expensive, more buggy, more problems, more troubleshooting. If you think logically you would never consider PC gaming.

no because i have 2070S

>>523550992My 1060 is getting old, gonna get a 3070

Went from770>970>1080>2080Now most likely going 3080

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>>523552084No one's forcing you to buy a new GPU at gunpoint, you can get RX580s for sub $200 and play all the latest games with better settings than current consoles Once Nvidia drops the 3060 and 3050 next gen consoles are going to get BTFO as well for less

>>523552084Lmao this retard knows nothing of PC gaming. More buggy? Kek, objectively false. More problems and troubleshooting? Hahaha. You sound like some console kiddy parotting meme macros.

Grabbing a 3090 now, upgrading the rest of my PC and monitors when the new Ryzen line is outProbably going to spend like 5 grand on everything

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When will 2080ti owners stop coping and actually sell their paperweight for under 600 dollars yet?

>>523550992For what games?Name one game to upgrade for

>>523552084Yep, pc gaming peaked in ps3, early ps4 gen, now I've had literally no reason to upgrade my 1080 for the past 5-6 years. There is no fucking way I'm getting a 3x lmao.

>>523552084But you literally doesn't need all that to play things on a console quality level though.People with old, dated cards will still be playing modern games for a long time, unless they really want absurd resolution and graphical quality. So if your PC gamer friends have a gaming PC up to the standarfs of this generation, you're safe for the next generation easy for years.

>tfw just bought a 2070 super 2 months agoFeck

>>523550992I can't afford to upgrade, so I'm sticking with my GTX 780.

>>523551736Gaming (in terms of quality) is dying in general.

From 980Ti to 3080Feels absolutely amazing man

>>523550992waiting for DDR5 first


>>523552356Do you really believe he has any friends?

i maek post :DD

>>523551089by the time you've upgraded to the PS5 pro and paid 7 years of ps plus to access your own internet my pc is miles cheaper

I want from playing on a 360 to playing with PC 1080, so no.

>>523552271Fuck dude, I got a RX580 8GB for like 120 dollars and it plays almost every modern game at 60fps ultra settings

>>523552009i see, tho mine still works well so ye, i'm surprised that people upgrade for 'higher' tier of GPU's while the 9XX series seems to be fucking strong

>>523552350Elden RingCP 2077All the XBOX and PS5 “exclusives” that will inevitably come to PC

>>523551089nigger just buy amd

>>523552737vaporwarelooks good enough on consolesnot a fan of port begging, i have some dignity

>>523552813Nobody’s begging, it just happens anyways

>>523552737>Elden Ringwhats that>CP 2077it seems seems boring, and the atmosphere isnt really what I thought it would be>All the XBOX and PS5 “exclusives” that will inevitably come to PCthats fair, I would love to play bugsnax

>>523550992Yes. I upgrade every 2 years.

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>>523550992Still waiting and hoping for a 3060, until then I will be keeping my 1050Ti.

>>523550992Upgrading from my Voodoo Banshee? no, thanks

>>523552813>looks good enough on consoleslol

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>>523552885Mobile compression makes those pictures look exactly the same. t. Phone posting from my moms house

Nah no game needs it. 2080ti is slaughtering everything still.

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>>523550992I'm going to get a 3060 when that comes out

>>523550992Holy fuck I’m on a 1060 lol

>>523553052107fps on the 2080ti vs 150fps on the 3080

>>523553052Framerate you retard.

Wonder why consolians feel so threatened by hobbyists that want a better than stock experience.Very crab in a bucket behaviour>b-but it's expensiveIt's a hobby, it's usually expensive

>>523553015im not paying an extra 1000 dollars for a few extra pixels and frames, that's just how normal people think

When do you actually think Graphics Cards will "top out".Like when it becomes non realistically economically fesible for game companies to push graphics so hard and when graphics cards can basically play everything? Raytracing, 144fps, 4k, Luminous Engine level graphics? How many years away is that?

>>523553052tell your mom i said hi

>>523551137970 chad reporting in, has never let me down.

>>523551089A five years old GPU will get you better performance than a next gen console

>>523552645on 720p monitor

>>523553267Never ever

>>523553175Jesus, hopefully I can cop a 2080ti once they are selling for garbage prices Idk tho, I don’t like to mix cards and cpus and I’m using a decent Ryzen CPU (with a budget AMD card)

>>523552885literally looks the same


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>>5235530954k 120hz will be possible in a lot of games with the 3090

>>523550992I had a 660 and finally bought a prebuilt that was on clearance with a 1060 for $500 last year. Depends on how shitty cyberpunk runs I guess.

got a 1070 and i don't plan on upgrading to win10 as of yet. I wouldn't get everything out of my new card if i upgraded without using win10.

>>523553226>no raytracing>no dlss>no mods>25fps

>>523553303900 actually, which is already more than most PS4 games My PC wrecks my PS4 like a red headed stepchild

>>523553330Plenty of 2080ti owners are panic selling, there are others who are selling at damn near full price who wholly deserve to be harassed by dozens of lowball offers

>>523550992>you upgrading?Nope. I have a 2080ti and there is zero reasons to upgrade to a 3080. The 2080ti will STILL be able to run Cyberpunk 60FPS at 4K. I'd say I'm good until the 4xxx series

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>not buying ayymd

>>523553267>When do you actually think Graphics Cards will "top out".They already are in terms of actual engineering. Unless there is some new breakthrough in new tech, at best you're just going to get die size increases.

>>523553340framerate you mouth breather

>>523552549You don't need 3080 for emulators>>523552737VaporwareOverhypedVagueNo games

>>523551089>All my PC gamer friends are buying consoles next generation.might be time to look other ways if you hang out with people this retarded

>>523550992Yes, from 1050ti to 3070.

>>523553421when will you upgrade to windows 10? microsoft discontinued support 9 months ago. it's only a matter of time before driver manufacturers follow suit once they see steam HW survey.

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>>523553526Given that 107FPS is still fine for fast paced gaming, who the fuck cares?

>>523553281BRRRRROTTTTTTTTTTTHEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRR!970 is best gpu thus far

>>523553541>no gamesPretty sure theres like 20000 on steam, epic and GoG


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>>523551137This card is insane. How the fuck am still having 0 issues with this old ass card.

>>523553608It really isn't, you want 120fps minimum. Even my cheapo chink monitor can do 200hz

I thought about it, but I'd want a better monitor, which would mean $600+ which ever card I bought.

>>523550992still using 980

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>>523553723>It really isn't, you want 120fps minimumlolno. I'd be happy with 60fps minimum

You guys ARE getting the 3090, right?

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>>523552698>>523551137>>523551446>>523552009>>523553281Flight sim and FC5 can't maintain 30/60 at 1080 on my 970, so as much as I've loved the 970 I'm upgrading to a 3080 as soon as I can find one for sale.

>>523550992Thinking of upgrading from 1070 to 3080

>>523553684You do not need 3080 to run them

>>523553812I’m not made of money, user

I might upgrade from a 1070 for Hitman 3, depending on its requirements.

>>5235509921050ti here. No, I'm not gonna upgrade. I'd rather spend my money on my scale model hobby.

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>>523553602I gave ten a go when it was first getting pushed out and I didn't have a great time. I figured i'd wait a few years for'em to iron things out before i made the switch. At this point i'm just being lazy and i'll likely do it when i upgrade.

>>523553863You sicken me

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>>523553812I'm a laptop tard, user.

>>523553862Yeah, you actually only need a 250 dollar budget card and all of them will look twice as good as they do on console

>>523553185Screenshots have an average framerate of 0.

>>523551576>i have a budget therefore i have to spend all of it

>>523551089you have no friends

>>523552350Flight Simulator

>>523550992dont see any upcoming games that would make me want to upgrade from my 1660superand even then, i wouldn't mind playing cyberpunk or elden ring on medium settings because im sticking with 1080p for a while

>>523553812I can't justify it. The 3080 is looking real nice though

>>523550992I'm getting a ryzen 3600 instead of my old i5-3570, it was a good friendStill fine with gtx 1070

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>>523551089A 1090Ti bought today will last you years. Anything after is just to exceed consoles.

>>523554003Look man he’s gonna be future proofed until the PS7 if he does spend all of that

I dunno my 1070 is still pretty good

>>523553812It will go great with my core2quatro

>mfw Intel HD graphics>mfw it’s more than enoughEnjoy your pozzed AAA garbage

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>>523550992Not sure if my computer has enough space, connectors, or wattage to upgrade.I can't really name anything my 1080ti can't handle except raytracing but I don't care about raytracing so that's okay with me.

I have a 2k monitor so why should I buy trade my 1080ti in

>>523553702it literally made with witchcraft, holy shit>>523553820fair user, fair enuff'


>>523554095Me in 2018 on a laptop desu

>>523550992going from 1070ti to 3080wish me luck!

>>523554095HOLY BASED

>>523550992Yeah but I recently started looking for a decent monitor upgrade and between choosing a quality display (I want 1440p 32" 144-165 hz) and 3080 it's not an easy choice

>>5235509921080 ti one day purchase here.Didnt fell for the 2080 ti meme, maybe will upgrade to 3080.

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Waiting for new CPUs too, still on a Ryzen 1600 so anything new is stuck in a bottleneck.

>>523550992this pic but replace the "3090" with "970"

>>523553913>>523553421I made the switch in June and if you tweak it a little it's really not bad.

Can a 3070 doing [email protected]?



>>523554095Real chad right there.

actually, i'm already waiting on a 9750H

>>523554236lol no

>>523553807Don't try 120hz+ screens then, they'll ruin 60fps for you

>>523553292If you have a titan, maybe. 5 year old GPUs include the gtx 900 series. Next gen will blow that the fuck out of the water with power equivalent to a 2070/2080.

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>>523552813>port beggingWhat a retarded concept to even consider, there's nothing wrong with asking for games you like to be on an objectively superior platform instead of being hardware locked forever to one shitbox.Stop being a literal corporate drone you consoomer.

>>523553812Literally does not fit in my case user and I don't feel like switching it out for a new one.

>>523550992Eh, I'd have to check if my PC can even support a RTX 3070. I'd be upgrading from a GTX 770.Actually I don't even do any level of PC gaming that warrants that sort of upgrade.

>>523553807nobody cares for your fucking opinion, 144hz has been standard for fps games for 10 years

>>523550992Should I upgrade from 680 now? There's really no titles I'd want to paly that would require more and I don't to video/graphic related stuffBut increase in power does seem interesting, untill now I only investing in stronger cpu and making my setup as quiet as possible.I know Holla Forumstards are fags palying world's faggiest games and being brandfaggots spending cash on shit like morons, but I'm divided between upgrading or not, nobody's making fun or innovative games I'd be interested in but you never know. But I could as well wait untill somethign actually worth playing comes out and upgrade then and maybe save some cash

>>523553330That’s stupid just buy the best card you can afford. Numerous tests have shown that there is no advantage to using both and CPUs and GPUs together. It’s a placebo effect that will cost you money and maybe performance

Yes. I've been on a 970 since I haven't been playing any awful console ports that'd require more. This is finally great value again.

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>>523554236should be doable, at least in online games and older games

Why are snoyfags and nintendies seething so much over the new GPUs? Xbros have been pretty cool though.

>>523553702>>523554113It really was the premier card of this generation. That said, I'm going to very much enjoy turning everything up in GTA 5 and Red Dead while getting 60fps.

>>523553226I mean, you're outing yourself as being ineligible for this argument cause you don't actually know about the massive differences between the high end PC version and the console version. A hint is that it's definitely not just a few pixels and extra frames.

Nvidia:>have tech that can already be labeled 80xx right now>hold off releasing this tech because releasing incremental 10-15% upgrades gets you salespc uck:>fall for it every year How?

>>523553812upgrading from a 2080ti to a 3090 and i am very excited

how long after release usually until the other manufacturers release their cards? I've basically given up hope I'll get a release card

This is the biggest problem with PCs.At least with consoles you know you can buy one for $500 and not worry about having to buy another for at least 5 years. With GPUs, you buy one at launch for $1000 and have to buy the new one that comes out in 2 years.

>>523554305>Next gen will blow that the fuck out of the water with power equivalent to a 2070/2080.Imagine actually falling for the PR stunts, best you are getting is equivalent to a 1660


>>523554608board partners are already showing off their variants. msi, asus, i think gigabyte as well

>>523554548i'm pretty sure this shit will run shit like cybergoipunk at 60fps atleast

>>523554525>Xbros have been pretty cool though.mfw we get all their exclusives anyway

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>>523554613Still using my 7970 from 9 years ago

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>>523554613Are you stupid? You could just keep your GPU if you want the same performance. And also, mod gen console revisions are a thing and I would be pretty stupid to still be playing games on an OG Xbox one

>>523554613Only retards buy them at launch, much like consoles Real chads just upgrade when they need to, and they still stay ahead of consoles(which are obsolete as soon as they are released, sometimes before, like the ninth gen is)

2060 is still good enough for [email protected], I'll wait for the 4k series at the very least.

Yup. 3080 baybeeeee.

>>523554776>he’s playing new games at 30fps or worse and lowest graphics settings PC wins again

>>523551089>All my PC gamer friends are buying consoles next generation.Once you have a PC you always have a PC it is going nowhere unless you actively decide to remove it. They're just buying consoles for exclusives.

>>523554751At 4k no less. It seems the performance increase is drastic enough that it would make sense to upgrade to a 1440p high refresh monitor too.

970 still works fine :)

>>523554669So you’re telling me that it will be around 10% more powerful than my PS4 pro? I doubt that highly, even the current Xbox is more powerful than that

>>523554613You're a complete retard

Using a standard 2080 Ventus on a 2K monitor. The 3 series looks impressive to me.

>>523554613i've had a 970 for like 6 years and i don't even feel like i need to upgrade

>>523554613high end hw devalues slowe than your online subscription + price of console games rack up the bill so the cost of ownership ends up being about the same

>>523550992So I'm not really hip and with the whole graphics card marketWhere does the 1660 super stand? Been looking at it for my first potential build

>>523554918Actually a 7970 could outperform a PS4 if you have a good processor to back it up

>>523554918>still outperforms a PS4The absolute state of snoys

>>523550992Yeah, to a 1080

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>>523550992I have a 1070 and I only play older or non demanding games like: fable, disgaea and space station 13 or things that just need ram like: dwarf fort and emulators.Not interested in any game that demands more then what I have.

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>>523554957>>523554983Digital Foundry did a thing on the Avengers game and they tested a 970. It worked pretty good, but nowhere near stable. I think most games going forward are going to be too much for it, unless you can tolerate lots of dips below 30.

>>5235542362080ti can do 100+ fps at 4k on certain titles. A 3070 shouldn't have problems doing 1440p, 144+ fps at 144hz or more.

My 1060 still works fine, why would I upgrade?If anything, the CPU is what needs an upgrade, but if I'm getting a new CPU I'm just getting a new PC altogether.

>>523555186was the test at 1080?

>>523554989Unless you can get one for free just buy a 3070 and never worry about having enough horsepower.

>>523552885>I upgrade every 2 years.What an absolute waste of money, regardless of how much you make there are good uses of money and there are foolish ones.

>>523550992970 seems to be doing fine and I barely ever play PC games anyway

>>523552350Everything. I like to record and edit videos, but I have shitty GTX1060 (the small version) so anything's an upgrade at this point.

>>523555005>>523555024Show the comparison videos then, where they at? Where are the videos showing your $500+ PC out performs my $300 pro by having 2-3fps more lol fucking plebs

>>523554936i see and i checked , and i'm on a 960, i'm a fucking retard but holy fucking shit , that shitbox of a GPU still runs well

>1080p/60>getting a 3080 regardless

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>>523554204same, just waiting for the tests and board partner performance before buying.

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convince me to build a PC instead of buying a PS5no, seriously. I'm considering building one, but I also have a couple of reasons for staying with a ps5are there any modern games with good mods (games that actually require cutting edge gaming PCs)?how is the PS3 /Switch emulation? Is it actually good or most games are just a buggy mess?

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>>523555238>was the test at 1080?Yes, the 2080ti can't even do 4k60 reliably.

>>523551089>all my friendsSomeone is but a sheep

>>523555112>ss13FUCK OFF CARSH

>>523555205What resolution/fps/refresh rate are you gaming at?What do you usually play? Do you care for the higher resolutions, higher fps, higher refresh rate?Do you play graphically intensive games, AAA games?Those questions should be important for anyone if they want to upgrade. At 500 the 3070 is looking like it'll make 1440p at fps higher than 90 pretty standard.

>>523550992Reached a point where I'm happy with 60fps 1440p. New cards don't have much to offer me until I see some really stunning next-gen games.


>>523555361Why wouldn’t you listen to all of your friends? What if they’re all telling you to not jump off a bridge?

What is the actual point of the 3090 besides dickwaving? Can anybody even name one game out there right now that would require the 3090 over the much more reasonably priced 3080?

>>523554776>>523554095Admirable but not quire there yet, not when this baby exists.

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>>523554983>>523554957you've probably never just known what playing games at 100fps+ 0.1% low feels likeyou'd never go back to 60 fps

>>523555298A quick Google search shows that a PS4 GPU is based on the much weaker 7850It's not some special Sony tech it was always based on AMD tech that was outdated in fucking 2013

1080 non TI reporting.innot selling

>>523555298My 500 dollar pc out performs my 400 dollar PS4 by an extremely large margin.PS4= 25 FPS, low to medium settings and 720-1080pMy budget PC=50-70 FPS, ultra settings at 900p On Black Friday I got a Ryzen 2600x and an RX 580 8GB for 250 dollars, both of which absolutely MOG PS4 hardware and my CPU mogs PS5, considering the PS5 is underclocked and my PC is overclocked

>>523555592He’s talking about the pro, which is based on a slightly weakened version of the rx580 not the 7850. They do share similar CPU’s though.

>>523555357What do you mean buy a PC? Do you now already own a computer? Even with your mom's cheap business machine you can slap a 1660 in it and get a better performing machine than consoles

>>523555493Pretty much if you want to play Flight Sim at 4k above 60fps, you'll most likely need a 3090. But if you aren't a flight sim autist, the 3080 will satisfy everything. Either way, everyone rushing to get the new cards is stupid. Wait till the Ti versions with more vram.

I want a 3070 but I'm afraid my processor(ryzen 3600) will bottleneck at 1440p

>>523554003>The hundreds of dollars of funko pop merch snoygger talking about wasting money

>>523555508I had one of those. It literally never stopped working, it was a champ.


>>523550992I wasn't planning on it but you fags keep memeing this dumbass card so I'll have to get it if I want to run nect gen games at a reasonable framerate

>>523555672If we're talking Pro then I built my niece a $200 PC with an i7 970 ad an 8gb 580, that should be more than sufficient to outperform his PS4 Pro

>>523555508Absolute unit.

No because I'm fine with running games at 1080p. I don't need 1440p or 4K

>>523555676A 1660 will slightly outperform current gen but you’ll have to upgrade in a few months if you want to play new titles so that’s pretty bad advice

>>523555894No you don't. Have you ever tried updating your drivers?

>>523555820Yes that is what we’re talking about

>>523552084Imagine crying over a mere 1400, what are you poor?

>>5235558941660 will likely be as powerful as a ps5, what are you on about?Do you mean if he wants to play above mid to low settings (console default)?

>>523555962Ur right, I should have qualified that you would have to upgrade if you wanted to maintain the same performance levels. Thanks

>>523555672>>523555298>everyone talking about the PS4>brings in the Pro as if it sold in significant numbers to be relevant

>>523551089a GPU that's on par with the PS5's is cheap and will be a lot cheaper by december (PS5 is ~2070 level and nobody's buying the xbox so who cares), 3080's and 3070's aren't for being console-tier they're for ascending console performance by a large margin

>>523551089>Entire consoles are the price of GPUs nowyeah its always been like that zoomer.


>>523556128I was just pointing out that someone else was talking about the pro you dumbass. And that someone incorrectly replied to his post as though he were talking about the base model. But I don’t expect you to be able to read all of that

>>523550992Nah, I'll probably hold onto my 5700XT for another year or soNot really interested in any heavy hitting PC games except for like RE8 and some VR titles

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1080, yes going to wait for 3080ti because im going to just make a new build

i have a 1050 that runs literally everything. whats the point of paying for new graphics cards that arent even going to do much?

>>523556114> 1660 will likely be as powerful as a ps5, what are you on about?Yeah no. A 1660 is slightly more powerful than the current PlayStation

>>523556336Run everything at 200fps

im targeting the 3080 have absolutly no use for the power the 3090 offers

>>523555676>What do you mean buy a PC?one for next gen gaming duh, the fuck else would I be talking about>Do you now already own a computer?I'm using a laptop>Even with your mom's cheap business machine you can slap a 1660 in it and get a better performing machine than consolesdon't give much fuck about "outperforming" consoles. Only thing I missed from consoles is 60fps from some games and it's seemingly getting adressed next gengive me some actual reasons why investing in a PC worths it. I'm interested in emulation, already can emulate everythign up to ps2, but I have no idea how stable ps3/switch emulation is and if it's worth building a pc for that or if I should just get cheap consoles for the games.Also interested in modding but I haven't really seen examples of modern games having good mods


>>523552018is having a 12 inch dick inconvenient at times?

>>523550992Nah keeping my GTX 680

1080ti here, why should I upgrade

>>523553682hows that 500mb of ddr ram treating you ?

I can definitely afford a 3080, but I want to see 1440p benchmarks to see if its necessary over the 3070

>>523556464Consoles are never cheap, you're stuck paying for overpriced games and online Emulation is always improving. Persona 5 is more or less fully playable emulated

>>523556128Seeing as how they aggregate sales data to combine the sales of the base and pro model, I’m not sure how you were able to draw that conclusion.

>>523552560It was obviously a sad lie when he said all his PC gaming friends were moving to console. That is such a rare occurrence because you have so much less freedom on console. Even if you don't upgrade your PC and buy a "next" gen console, you don't stop using your PC, that's just retarded. Dude is mad that the trend is to outgrow consoles and move onto PCs and he wanted to try to spin a narrative that opposes it.

>>523556573uhh user i have 8gb of ramsotherwisegood

>>523556645huehues and fifa bros always buy the cheap model because the pro offers fucking nothing for them

>>523556336translation: runs everything at 720p all low at blazing fast 60 fps

>>523556547if you feel no need to then why bother? i do feel the need to

>>523556474~10% if we’re only talking about gpu. Obviously the PS4 is a whole system

>>523551089mmmmmmmmm delicious poorfag seeeethe lmao

>>5235509923090 /strix/ here

>>523551089Fuck offAll my friends switched to PCs because any console is shit.

>>523556474That nigga high on brand loyalty

>tfw all I use my PC for is oldschool runescape, fightcade, mount and blade, and voice over workI'm still going to end up building a new PC, but I'll wait until AMD releases their competing series and prices drop.

Attached: l_5144.jpg (478x424, 39.81K)

>>523556547What res are you pushing

>>523551137>>523551446it amazes me to this day that there are people who actual bought and defended the 3.5gb meme card

>>523556716Oh, so you pulled it out of your ass. Thanks for telling me that I can ignore your point.

>>523551137This. I mostly play indie and pre-2016 games anyway

>>523551321No responses for a whole hour because they know it’s true

>>523551089Falseflagging this hard, the console cope has begun.>>5235530954k 120hz on an LG cx.

Attached: 1580367196414.png (1600x1062, 2.1M)

>>523554003Spending $599 on something unsatisfying is more of a waste of money than spending $2000 on something you will be satisfied with.

>>523556908>no responses because it’s so retarded it’s not worth the time

>>523553723"120" as minimum, not really.

>>523555592>>523555643So no video comparison?You can pay more money and think you’re getting a better experience because you write down numbers on a post. That’s all on you. Go for it. If your going to claim you still have an old GPU then you are admitting there is nothing wrong with playing at 30fps. If you’re going to claim you bought a newer GPU then you have to admit you spent more and more money chasing an illusion. Meanwhile I’m perfectly happy with my PC and my PS4 and will be buying a PS5 and who knows many in 5 years a new PC. lolol

Nah my gtx 960 is still doing fine.

>>523556916This. 20% of the planet is a pc gamer now. How does it feel being the largest group of normies on Earth?

>>523556908You wish lol, we have all the games. PS5 games will come to PC, multiplats are better on PC, Switch games are free on PC, PS3 games are free on PC, we always win.


Yes and i'll be getting the 4xxx series to go with

Attached: 1536694146733.png (1200x800, 163.82K)

>>523556964It’s true. Only incels are going to upgrade, you don’t need it. All of the GOAT PC games run on potatoes

>>523554389no one asked for you either, retard.

>>523557018You should be more than fine

>>523556968Is this bait? There is visible increase in performance, not gonna spoon feed a poorfag like you.I already said25 FPS vs 70 FPSMid settings vs Ultra settings Go ahead and keep sucking that corporate cock

>>523556873Explain to me in what reality people buy a more expensive variant of something over the cheaper one?Did people buy more iPhone XS' over the iPhone XR?Did people buy more Mercedes C63 AMGs over the C300?Did people by more LG OLEDs over LG ThinQs?

>>523556128Sorry if you need to talk about base PS4 and can’t accept the fact that the pro is still cheaper than just the GPU 7850 was at release. To me comparing parts and performance must also include price.

>>523557043Based but they won't call it 4xxx, probably 5xxx.

>>523557009Yet you spend all your time shitposting. What’s up with that? LmaoEver since I switched back to console I’ve been playing more games and am a happier person

>>523551137based GTX 970 user

Yeah but only because my rig died a week ago.I invented a new computer with a Ryzen 9 3900x in preparation for RTX 3080, it's got no gpu atm so it's just sitting here doing nothing for just a couple more weeks.Parts availability is a real issue right now, so I prepared early just to be safe.

>>523557093Maybe they do maybe they don’t. I’m just saying that you don’t have the data to tell so don’t pretend that you do.

>>523557132All my time? Do you have proof or that or you're gonna keep projecting lmao?

>>523557045Nigga what I been playing ReMake 2 on ultra settings, pretty sure that requires more than a potato you’re right about upgrading, not worth it when the current gen is already more powerful than console ninth gen

>>523556925>it’s all about appeasing my mental state and not actual logic The state of pc


>>523556865>bought and defendedNah, when people were angry and panic selling/refunding it for not being true 4gb, I got it for like, 10$. It's a good card for the price and circustances you would buy it back then.

>>523557093LG oleds are thinQs you fucking retard

>>523557126>4 year difference lmao

>>523551089It's hilarious watching console plebs cope after it turned out their newest toys are obsolete even before release.

>>523556718runs everything at 1080p typically medium or high at least 75 fps

>>523554105It will be fine unless games start requiring it by default.

I don't play on PC much anymore so I'm still using my 960, might get a 3060 eventually

>>523557282And LCDs

Attached: file.png (1084x586, 1.18M)

Planning on going from a GTX 1080 to a RTX 3080 and then upgrading from a 4790k to an AMD CPU once the socket refresh is out/DDR5 is launched. I already know my CPU will be somewhat of a bottleneck, but it will still be a huge boost.

>>523551446>staying with my gtx 970So fucking glad I didn't sell my 970.I don't need 1070, 2070 or 3070.

Attached: 1542293024241.gif (554x400, 237.54K)

So I've been thinking. Nvidia went from 10xx to 20xx to skip 11xx, and now they went to 30xx. What happens when they get to 100xx? It's only 7 generations away. Do they then go to 200xx? Will we see the 20080ti?

>>523551137this but im upgrading. the 3070 is the 970 of the future, i can smell it

>>523551321only like 50% true. having a monster of a graphics card and stuff is so good when an actual non pozzed game comes out. Like when Nier Automata came out, I enjoyed that in 1440p on my PC and loved the shit out of itbut just every day AAA titles are so boring I'd rather play indie shit 80% of the time

>>523557440DDR5 won't be out for over 2 years and whatever you will buy before that won't be compatible with it

>>523556925im gonna waste 2k on having satisfying sex with 900 prostitute while you spend that on shitty pc parts

>>523555820>$200 lol what a liar, show me the receiptsThose two parts alone cost $300, you still need a mobo, ram, PSU, case, mouse and keyboard Why lie this hard?

>>523556865i only got it because its basically a cheaper 780. dont care about the vram meme, most games i play barely even break 2.5-3gigs.

I’m buying a 3070 and a PS5. All games for next gen ready to go. Just save ur money dudes. Both of these together are like a grand and boom no more money in gaming except for games

>>523557545>10 year old PC>receipts

>>523554592Same reason people buy iphones every year.

for what purpose? modern gaming is cancer

>>523557243>>it’s all about appeasing my mental state and not actual logic >The state of pcYes, that's the point of gaming. Glad you admit that PC gaming is the better option.And to entertain you idea of logic, why did you buy a console instead of this ball and string? Both are fun, but the ball on string is way cheaper and doesn't require electricity.

Attached: patriotic-paddle-ball-games~25_1918-a01.jpg (640x640, 15.17K)

>>523557451>70>70>70>70You need a job from the sound of it, poor nigga.

>>523557545>he doesn’t know about Black FridaySlightly “outdated” parts are typically 30-70 percent off on Black Friday

>>523553953Same. Getting a 3080 razer probably

>>523557708What if I’m poor and I do have a job but I don’t make a lot because I’m not very smart?

>>523557708>50, 60 and 80scringe

>>523557085>he buys new amd cards constantly>keep sucking that corporate cock>he says 25fps vs 70fps without any game nameAre pc really this ass blasted?

I have gt 1030

>>523556610>Consoles are never cheap, you're stuck paying for overpriced games and onlinedude, the main reason I went with a ps4 is because I could freely leech on all of my friends libraries, while game sharing still sucks on Steam. Also ps store sale and steam sale prices are usually the exact same pricesI don't think I payed more than 500$ this entire gen, games, controlelrs and all, and could play pretty much everything this gen offered.I'm willing to pay a premium for PC if it has the features I'm looking for but stop shilling it for me as if PC gaming was still the more price efficient choice

>>523557543OK? And what's your point? People spend more than I earn in a decade on a single car.

>>523557847Yeah but someone had to pay for your freeloading.

>>523557827I never buy cards constantly. I’ve bought one card in the past 10 years and it absolutely destroys your precious console Game name: any REmake 2, REmake 3, Borderlands 3, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Skyrim: SE

>>523550992Not for at least a few years. I got a 2080 super last year and I feel that it'll last me until at least late 2022.

>>523551137Based. I do my own adjustment to .inis anyway, because devs are hacks, and run modern games at 1080p with like 90 fps.Only thing I'm getting is maybe a WUXGA monitor (to shitpost better) that's 75-85hz.

Attached: 1580783083766.png (700x500, 9.67K)

>>523557920Do you resent the super rich, or are you content with your lot in life?

>>523550992GTX 1060 here. I'm comfortable where I'm at.

>>523557085>says 50-70fps to give himself 40% wiggle room lmao>then just says 70fps >still no game mentioned LMAO PC!


Attached: 1361652913272.jpg (562x727, 107.19K)

>>523557545Nehalem came out 12 years ago user, it's fucking worthless on the used market

>>523557363LOOOOOOOLt. 1070 user

>>523558072It varies from game to game. For instance Borderlands 3 gets up to 80 sometimes, and Minecraft on max settings with shaders has trouble at anything above 50

>>523557924kek this

>>523555447Not that user, but I'll reply anyways since I have the same GPU.>What resolution/fps/refresh rate are you gaming at?1080p/144hz>What do you usually play?Any games up till today. It runs fine with the 1060 6GB since I still get 50-60fps at high settings for HZD.>Do you care for the higher resolutions, higher fps, higher refresh rate?No.>Do you play graphically intensive games, AAA games?Yes. But I also play older vidya too.

I'm going to get a 3070 and then get a 3700 when those prices come down some more and be set for a long time.

Upgrading my 1080 to a 3080.Every other gen gang where we at?

>>523550992waiting for the benchmarks, between 3070 and 3080, i can't decide.

Attached: 2142141235.jpg (1242x1217, 118.89K)

>>523558125>8k ameribucksholy shit

>>523557968Ahh yeah remind me again how many consoles I’ve bought LOL how much money have I spend lolol bought pro once with $100 rebate paid, $250 for it once 3 years ago ahahahahahahahahaha>he’s been gaming at 30fps for 10 years LMAO PC


I gotta sell my RX 5700 XT to get a 3080

Attached: 1593037638112.png (1070x666, 436.81K)

>>523558268You seem quite angry, consolepoor

i still use a 750ti and no games worth updating for have been releasedwhy would i update?

Why are these threads always full of people trying to make out they are maxing modern games at 60fps on their 10 year old cards?

>>523558268I’ve been gaming at 30 FPS on my PS4 and 360 for ten yearsNow I actually upgrade my PC and see the light

>>523558343Because they're full of unemployed poorfags consolefags who will try anything to make everyone believe they can run game in 4k240hz with a 1060 lol

Eh, in the near future all I would use it for would either be Cyberpunk or some Warhammer 2. My 2060 is doing alright so far but I guess I'll see.

>>523557924being able to do shit like buy games together with friends or discuss who will buy which game is definitely something that makes things a lot cheaper on ps and it's something you can't do comfortably on steam since steam just kicks out one of the players if they are trying to play at the same time

>>523558343because not everyone is interested in playing modern unoptimized shit game that you will finish in 2 days and never touch againmuch less buying a fucking graphic card for that

>>523558343I'm literally playing Monster Hunter: World at 1080p 60fps medium settings on a GTX 970, but cope harder.

>>523558260That's almost $18k in today's money

>>523558343Because I literally am with a RX 580 8GBTbf I have a pretty damn good processor

>>523558343My buddy says he still plays at 144 frames with his 1080ti

I'm going from a 970 to a 1660 Super, this is going to be my last upgrade before I build a new PC from scratch in about 4 years or so.

Attached: 1585088974704.jpg (3000x3000, 2.05M)


>>523558343>10 year old cardI bought my 1060 3 years ago and haven't come across a game I can't run yet bro. Why should I upgrade when I can play on max settings just fine?

Thinkin bout a 3070, I have a 1660s right now though so I might wait a year and see what we get for Ti cards

>>523558339But you could run [Modern FPS] 17 at 240hz at 8k! To see as little as before because of the amount of smoke and cinematic filters!


>>523558468*with fidelity fx upscaling enabled

>>523558610the last modern fps i updated for wasunreal tournament 3i still regret it

>>523558614You know what I meant. I get that card is old but still.

>>523558438I mean ur right. But you implied that console gaming was basically free since you barely spent more than the cost of the console. I’m just pointing out that someone had to pay that price somewhere.

Nah I'm good

Attached: file.png (208x21, 882)

>>523550992I keep thinking I want to, but nothing I play (steam shmups, arcade and sega console emulation) need any power anyways. Maybe when Tokyo Ghostwire comes out? There just doesn't seem to be much on the horizon.

Attached: 1595280705677.jpg (1500x1198, 118.87K)

>>523558491I just built mine with a 1660s a few months ago.Fantastic card, can handle 90% of new games at 1440p/60 high settings.

>>523558736I just replaced my 960 because it can’t even run deep rock galactic, a super low spec indie game at above 60fps at 1080p. It’s time to replace that hunk of shit unless you only play ancient games

All the meme 960 cope itt

>>523558886>deep rock galactic>looks worse than TF2you should consider playing games that aren't optimized like shit

the 960 chads can't stop winning

>>523558886I had a 960, it ran at 70+ fps. Your CPU is a more likely culprit, or you're an idiot that leaves the effects at max.

>>523550992>tfw 1050 and can run most PC games I like just fine on my Legion laptopAnd I wouldn't have it any other way.

Attached: 1429337641109.jpg (1826x1795, 191.09K)

>>523559059>Looks worse than tf2You should get your eyes checked. The game is optimized quite well actually. The 970 I replaced the 960 with never drops below 80fps or so on max settings

>>523550992Wait for 3060, wait for AMDs response, then we can talk

>>523550992Why would I? I'm already maxed on what matters.

>he bought into the upgrading every few years meme

>>523559170>or you're an idiot that leaves the effects at maxWell there it is

>>523550992I still run a GTX 770 but then again all i play is old ass games kek

>>523556916>buying OLED

Attached: 94f.jpg (600x569, 32.03K)

Let's just get this out of the way>consoles

Attached: 1508837548349.jpg (611x611, 327.99K)

>>523559212>he bought into the pay to use your own internet meme

>>523559279>watching the news for 12 hours a day

>>523559097On the 960 it would usually run well, but drops in combat with lots of light sources would drop it to 30’s even with effects at low. A 970 completely elongates the problem. Ryzen 7 3700x btw so cpu is fine

>>523550992>tfw still using gtx 645idk what to upgrade to

>>523559279Yeah? If you're worried about burn in, just don't use hdr. The anti burn in countermeasures are very good now.

>>523559421burn-in will happen regardless of what you do sweaty

>>523559369Eliminates* sorry I’m a filthy mobile poster today

>>523550992Yes, I'm uprgading to 3080 from a 980.

>>523553226You're literally being forced to buy a new console for games with extra pixels and frames, that's just how normal people are controlled.


>>523550992I fell for the AMD meme

>>523550992>1080 ti hereIdk, maybe when cyberpunk comes out. All I play is emulators and factorio.

>>523559490Are consoles 1000 dollars?


>>523559239Why not run on max settings if I can? I’m saying the 960 would drop even on lower settings if you could read like at all

>>523556383considering a 1070 mogs the 2080 maxQ which mogs the PS5 by 25%, yeah I'd say he's probably right.

>>523550992Yea, my r9 380x is getting old and can't keep a steady 60fps with Iceborne/newer games without them looking like shitI'm still waiting for AMD to see if can save up money, no point in getting older gpus even if i want 1080/60fps


>>523559572After paying for a few $70 games, subscriptions only to use your own internet on p2p servers, yes.

>>523556383>A 660 is slightly more powerful than the current PlayStationftfy

>>523555485>jumping off a bridge is buying a GPUbased retard

>>523550992Me on the left

>>523559572The 3080 isn't

my 1080 gives me more than acceptable performance in 1440p so there is no real point.most likely gonna wait for some real changes in cpus so i can properly utilize those powerhouses of gpus that are being shat out.

Attached: 1595794947346.jpg (750x730, 54.22K)

>>523559586Great! I can use my $1500 TV for 2 years before noticable burn-in sets in!

>>523558334>laughter>angerautism explains not being able to tell the difference

>>523554613>have toGood goy.

>>523559623You might want to recheck that because ur wrong as fuck

>>523559170you are the one thats blind if you can't see this looks worse than tf2

Attached: deeprockgalactic_2383263b.jpg (1920x1080, 152.59K)


>>523551137970 chad here. Will be graduating in a few months to a 3080

>>523559717Lol no, ask any non retarded C6 or C5 owners, no burn in whatsoever unless you watch the same static shit with HDR on and max brightness while turning off the TV instead of putting on standby every night.

>>523551089This, if Fable, Scorn and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. turn out to be good than I'm definitely getting a SEXBOX.

>>523558384>had to buy hardware and games all over againI will never deny that spending more and more money will help you achieve piece of mind

Going to get a new PC with 3700X and some Nvidia card if the old toaster can't handle Trannypunk 2077.

Attached: speccy.png (547x374, 21.38K)

>>523559742You're not fooling anybody.

>>523559813> the 1070 is better than a 2080 guys. I hope the head injury heals ok bro

What card should I upgrade to if I want to play Cyberpunk 2077? I have a 1060 currently.

>>523554918>New gamesName one game from last 5 years that's worth playing or one from last decade that's actually goodYou can't.

>>5235599542080 maxQ

>>523559978depends on your monitor, if you run 1080p, 3070 is more than enough.

>>523559890>2500kYeah you need an upgrade. Don't listen to anyone here saying it'll still work fine, it really won't and your 1% lows will be absolute dogshit

>>523559878I wish I could own my games on pc. Too bad I can’t.

>people thinking their 970 that couldn't even run witcher 3 on max in 2015 is enough in 2020third world retards who turned off their fps counter and go with the "feels like the game is running fine for me!" when in reality they run on medium settings at 40 fps


>>523559954The maxQ version of the 2080 is an underclocked version for laptops. So yeah, a desktop 1070 would be better than that 2080 maxQ.

>want to do a new build since my untouched 2012 one>want a 3090>no intel cpus can benefit pcie 4.0>even if i put the 3090 in a pcie 4.0 slot it'll be as if it's in a 3.0 slot because of the intel cpuI don't wanna become buy a shitty AMD CPU but Intel are leaving me with no choice.

>>5235600531920 x 1080, so I'll go for the 3070 thanks.

>>523550992Just bought cheap as shit 2080 TI Yea I'll upgrade in 5 years when 30 series isn't overpriced and useless

>>523560174AMD CPUs are better than Intel ones unless you really need at 10 extra FPS at 1080pThe amount of money you save by going AMD you can just put towards a better GPU

>>523550992Modern games and I have parted ways. The Ubisoft open world formula + multiplayer lootbox + unfinished games (SEASON PASS) + liberal politics + banned for banter + 4K graphical deadend GPU meme = absolutely will not upgrade from my 1060Ti 6gb or my 1080p monitor.Look at the two new AAA Batman games and Gearbox's first next gen games to see if you want to partake in this bloody awful multiplayer lootbox design the industry has. I got all the games I need until I even consider it in 3 years minimum.

>>523560321Yeah this is my issue as well. I kind of want to upgrade, but all I play are nig games that don't need much to run well and look good to begin.

>>523550992I want a build around a 3070Give me

I only play Halo 3 pc so all I need is my 1060 3gb.

Attached: gigachad.jpg (1068x601, 65.13K)

>>523559849OLED starts degrading the moment you turn it on. That's just how OLED works. You pay thousands for a display you can throw in the trash in 2-3 years, depending on use. You can even resell it because nobody would want a used OLED. Thanks, I'll stick with QLED until microLED becomes affordable.

>>523560416I meant nip games not nig games kek.

Attached: 1598417233966.jpg (1022x1024, 118.54K)

>>523550992I'm looking to upgrade my laptop? What's a good gaming laptop that won't break the bank?

>>523560437pair with 3700x and ddr4 ram

>>523560491Qled is shit, it's literally VA with slightly better colors, same for nanocell and microled won't be out for another 10 years.

>>523550992Me as the 1080ti

>>523556610>Consoles are never cheap, you're stuck paying for overpriced gamesBro, games are always cheaper on consoles.Like way fucking cheaper. There are plentyof PS4 games on Ebay selling for $10 thatare still full price on Steam, Epic and every otherPc digital store.

>>523560538>has to upgrade entire laptop instead of just replacing desktop gpu

>>523558614Need all the GPU power to waste it on rendering the same 4 times 1080p because consoles need gimmicks. Bravo salesman. Gonna sell me a 3D monitor or curved monitor next?4K meme, not even once. Look at how NVidis dragged out an 8K GPU, you need 8K now amirite? Resolution wars past 1080p, petty 1990s super charged Mode 8 marketing shitflinging.

>>523559906>he tries to fool people online about his emotional state so often he thinks it’s the same for other peoplelol ok user I’m mad sooo maaaaad

>>523560727>can't jerk off to porn in bed

>>523560789Thanks for admitting it

>>523560690>what are torrents and megaYea consoles are cheaper huh

>>523560776Spoken like a true nintenbro.

Will I actually need to replace my 1070 this decade? It's been going strong for years now.

Attached: Prof Retard HD.jpg (700x734, 47.55K)

>>523560574so between 1000/1200 yuroFine I guess

>>523560690*plus $5 shippingAnd I think you'll find those games have already gone on sale on Steam or GoG for like $2.50 several times anyways. Not to mention you can just pirate whatever the fuck you want for $0 with minimal effort.

>>523560856I stand up jerking off like the alpha Chad I am


>>523557243>logicoh no not one of these people who think that they live life fucking "objectively"

>>523550992Why?Give me one reason wyh?One game. A singular game....why?

>>523560906t. Can't explain why 4x1080p is a good use of GPU muscle other than to sell GPUs. It's like arguing 32xMSAA Crysis in 2007 was a good idea for normal people (or a good idea now).

>>523561082It looks crisper, cope harder consolepoor.

>>523550992Yes.Just dropped £1000 today for the rest of the parts for a new build. Hopefully the 3080s don't all vanish in 5 minutes.

>>523550992GTX 1080 owner, no I will not buy into this generation as the only games I care about run good on this card and by the time the 3000 series has games actually designed for them they'll be announcing the 4000 series (1-2 years from now.) I also hope RTX dies this generation so my next card isn't some gimmick shit that removes soul as opposed to intentional light placement. I already skipped 2000, won't notice skipping 3000 either.

i see nvidia has unleashed their pr and marketing shills

Attached: milk truck.jpg (619x915, 111.9K)

Tests made before the new amazing anti burn in countermeasures. Let me guess, you will use your TV for over 100k hours within 3 years right? lmao.

Attached: 1590309877368.png (1060x352, 24.55K)

>>523560925Replace it when you can't play a game you enjoy at a fps that doesn't annoy youFor me I usually upgrade when I can jump a couple generations and get something that is on a good sale

>>523551089most pc games are free though

>>523551089Kek @ the seething pcautists

>>523561105I recommend a new angle for 4K shilling GPUs when the new Xbos Series S is a 1080p console that plays all next gen games at 60FPS the fraction of the cost of an NVidia GPU. And it'll do that since it will have ample enough GPU room not doing "1080p...but 4 times at the same time for crispy 4K".

>>523560596I bet you wouldn't notice a difference between a good QLED TV and an OLED in a blind test

>>523561031If you were a true alpha Chad, you wouldn't have to jerk off at all

>>5235614514k and 120fps, maxed out graphics. Get a 3090 poorfag.

>>523561568For an alpha Chad like myself jerking off is just a preflight check

>>523561310Well I can safely say there hasn't been a game I've wanted to play recently that I couldn't play on Very High/Ultra at 1080p so I guess I'll keep trucking.

>>523553812I’ll just grab a PS5 you stupid PCfag

>>523550992There's no point, my 2080 is still gonna be overkill for anything that comes out in the next 10 years anyway since everything has to run on consoles too

>>523550992I don't get it, the 2080Ti will age far better than the 1080Ti, basically securing another gen while Pascal couldn't even do 8th gen.

>>523562169lmao no