Realms Deep Stream AKA Boomer FPS Kino in here brosI don't know a lot of whats happening but there should be info on gloomwood as well as an announcement from running with scissors and other BASED fps kino related things.

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>>523550989stream is starting in about 20 minutes, shoulda mentioned

They really did a timer for a timer huh

>>523551145what do you mean? It's just a countdown to the stream starting

This is gonna be good.

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>>523551468YouTube said it was gonna start 10 mins ago but another timer for 30 mins just started

it can't be worse than gamescomright?

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tfw there will be no sticky because no bing bing wahoo

>>5235517103D Realms has them beat by default

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>>523551710if you like any of the companies here then there's likely SOMETHING here for youif not then it might be a snooze festeither way I think it'll have some meme potential, John Romero and Cliff Blesinski is gonna be there at some point

New Blood is announcing a new game


>>523551905>Cliff BlesinskiDid he bring his cuck shirt?

>>523552130I hope he announces another DOA project

>>523551528Wheres postal dude and serious sam

>>523552579Not in the picture.

I hope they invited Randy.

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>>523552814I hear he has the best jokes

>>523552920>Null wang

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1min bros

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>an entire event about boomer shootersnoice

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Starts now bros

This looks cool

>Cans of Monster on the table

>>523553452>They are not even open

>>523550989so much boomer juice


>>523553452I want that Bowling Bomb.

>No masksAre they americans?

IS the narrator the voice of Caleb?

nice Half-Life intro

>CUTSCENE CUTSCENE CUTSCENESnice faggot zoomer game you fucking posers lmaoo

>its actually an immersive sim, not another old-school shootersold

>dat Quartz Flask

>CO-OPnow we are talking.

Digging what I'm seeing so far.

>5 different fucking threads"Pinned threads" exist for a reason.

This ps2 nostalgia look is pure soul

This game looks cool

>>523554341to be fair I made mine first, the others should have checked the catalog like I did before making

This looks sick

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That looked really good.

Why is Monster Ultra considered the ultimate boomer juice? Its not even the best Monster.

cringe femoid

Duskdude confirmed for Duskmanlet


>>523554846no sugar, wait till your mid 30's

How do you do fellow boomers

>>523554951fair enough

>>523554586I didn't mean to say any one of them shouldn't be made; just making the point that people would be able to easily see that there's already a thread if it were pinned; wouldn't have to scan the whole catalogue. Why do they almost never use pinned threads? Even major events like GDQ don't get pinned threads.

Based doggo

>>523550989yeey a speedrun...

>that inventoryunf

>autistic inventory tetris

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i liked the simple < and > inventory but tetris is fine too.

I never knew how much I wanted this

How much of the stream did i miss so far?

>>523555802You missed Graven and a speedrun for Ultrakill's demo, only just started really.

>>523555802Graven gameplay and a pointless Ultrakill speed run, so not much.

>>523555802About 30 minutes. The new game at the start was Graven, looks pretty good, has a page on Steam now you can peek at.

>>523555802you missed about 30 minutes3D realm announced a game called GravenThey showed off ultrakillAnd they're talking about the inventory in the upcoming gloomwood game

>>523555802You missed some new game called Graven, which looks like a kind of battlemage action rpg ish game, looks cool, ultrakill trailer and now the gloomwood devs are talking about their inventory design


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I think the guy fucked up.

>>523550989Yo this game looks great

eyy this shit is great, finally browsing Holla Forums pays off. I never would have heard of this otherwise.


So they kinda fuckt up, all games that they will announce are on steam. So if your short on time just look there. Realmsdeep2020

>>523557031Hell Hunt?

>>523557031Hell Hunt

>>523557031Hell Hunt

>>523557031Graven? They told it's an immersive sim.

That brutal doom game looked like shit, boring levels and ONE enemy, who thought that's a good idea?

>>523557116>>523557136>>523557151Wishlisted, thanks bros.

>>523557280There's a demo if you're that keen, it's not bad actually

This stream is max comfy, never thought I'd be pandered to this much by the modern game industry.

Wish I could have won one of those mice, I have a fucking G400S that's double clicking.

>>523557273yeah that was awful, also the artstyle look kinda dull to me.


>>523557445Turns out that today's 30+ year olds have purchasing power and like retro shooters. Feels good to be treated with respect like that, huh?

>Quakeheads shitting on other low skill shootersHeh

With all those boomer shooters and yearly quake arena clones, I wonder, when someone will make successful Tribes revival/successor?

>>523558571It'll happen, it's inevitable.


>>523558571Midair tried, it was DOA.This shit just doesn't work for competitive multiplayer.

>smoke your crack at home, like a normal personlel

>>523558723The last attempt (Midair) was shit though.

I wish Rick Hunter came back. JSJ is amazing but Rick is literally perfect>>523558850Well the guy did say "successful"

>Open that other thread>It's full of shitpsoting Thank fuck for this one.

>this is an /mlp/ thread now

>mike j with the star of david pendantKOSHER DADDY'S MILK

>>523558961>I wish Rick Hunter came back.>tfw he had already done a decent amount of voice acting before leaving the projectIs it because of his new job? JSJ is alright but you really can't replace Hunter.

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>Postal DuskWHAT?!

Getting Shadowman vibes here

Brain Damaged looks like it could be fun, I'm always happy to see more postal dude>>523559253Wasn't it a union thing?

>>523559253Wasn't he doing radio now or something?

>tfw no AI waifu to yell at you to go fasterwhy live?

I wish more game had grappling hook

the last game looked like it was actually released mid 00's and that's not a compliment

>>523559958yeh it looks like one of those early freeware games like warsaw

>>523559958I feel bad that this whole interview is about that game because it doesn't look or feel very good.

>>523560424Warsow still has the best artstyle in APFS though.

>>523560473It also felt like dev knows that his product is utter shovelware shit.

>>523559958Yeah those aesthetics are definitely like, pre 2004 graphics where dynamic lighting wasn't a thing

>>523560572i mentioned it cause it was the only 3d freeware game i know by name

>Lets meet in Zandronum for the next interviewabsolutely based

I can't take it anymore it's 2 am here and I'm gonna die first hour was kinda fun, imo Graven is the only interesting new game other is just re-announcing games and some are borderline shovelwares. Wish they would go all in with showcasing game then interview, but I get where they are going with it.

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>giving away 12 litres of Monster Ultrathey want to kill someone

Voidpoint when

Effigy looks neat.