The great debate

The great debate

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>>523550062soul vs soulless in every sense2 may be a good game, but its undeniable soulless.

Your disks are going to get scratched if you treat them like that user.

>Super Mario Galaxy 2Nice fake. But try to come up with something that at least seems legit next time.

>>523550352I found the pic on google :)

U R M R G A YGood old internet times, bros.

>>523550062>1 shows planetoids with life on them and the huge planets blocking the sun, truly this is the biggest mario adventure yet>2 has a fucking sky in space, a narracistic head with hahas and lumas everywhere. The mystery and scale is gone sith planetoiss looking like levels rather than placesNo contest

>>523550062Definitely 2. People overrate Galaxy 1's atmosphere. Galaxy 2 is a better game where it matters most, gameplay.

>>523550856>2 has a fucking sky in space, a narracistic head with hahas and lumas everywhere.Kek never even realized thatwhat the fuck were they thinking

>>523550062I always found 2 way more fun.

>>523552097Fun is a meme.

>>523550856>The mysterychrist

2 had more variety and the later half was a fun search game instead of doing the same 120 again

2 >>> 1

>>5235500621 is better in pretty much every way but 2 is still cool

2 is a better video game, 1 has novelty and nostalgia behind it

>>523550062I would rather buy Super Mario Galaxy 2, because I don't have it

>>523553057Fun and comfy are words of people incapable of saying actual qualities of a game usually because it lacks of.

There's no debate. Galaxy 2 is better in almost every way. The Observatory was kino but the actual levels in Galaxy 1 sucked and it would be the weakest 3D Mario game if 3D Land/World didn't exist.

>>5235500622 is mostly better but 1 doesn't have the dumb dory/bird levels

>>523550062Galaxy 1 is to Galaxy 2 just like Final Fantasy 13 is to Final Fantasy 13-2

>>523550309Explain I’ve never played 2 and I hardly remember playing 1

>>523550062My disc of Galaxy 1 is scratched, my disk of Galaxy 2 isn't. So Galaxy 2.

>>523550062SMG2 is better. It has a user score of 9.1 vs 9.0 for SMG. The people have

>>5235533163d world is good, its just hardly anyone owns a wii u

>>523550062Galaxy 2 is more fun, has better level design, but 1 has a better sense of greatness that was unique to early-mid gen 7.

>>523550062I prefer the first one for many reasons, but objectively the second one is better

>>523553331Galaxy 1 and 2 are good games though

>>523550765Man, i miss shitty 2010's internet sometimes

>>523553364>hub world > generic mario level traversal>1 has actual story and rosalinas stuff is great>1 was more novel of course, also had more grand and ambitious galaxiesthey're both excellent games obviouslybut galaxy is just more soulful

>>523553535I own a WiiU and fucking hated 3D World. If not for Splatoon I would have regretted getting a WiiU entirely.

Level design in 2 is better. 1 has better music, hub, and pacing. I pick up 2 to run through it mindlessly, I pick up 1 to take my time.

>>523550062I feel they compliment each other. Makes sense considering 2 was supposed to be an expansion of 1.

>>523550062both shit

>>5235500622 is better in every way. I don't care about the "story" in a Mario game.

>>5235500621 has better presentation and atmosphere.. 2 has better gameplay. They're roughly equal.

G2's powerups suck ass and yoshi controls like shitboth are braindead easy1 has the better hub

>>523554182>soulless hub world>soulless "women" character with her literally soulless children>giant "soulless" levelsWhy was Mario Galaxy 1 so soulless bros.....not soulful enough

1 is the better adventure2 is the better platformer

>>523557185cope post

>>523557246Soulless post. My post was soulful while your "cope" has been done a thousand times.

>>523550856100x this, I did not feel at all like I was in space during Galaxy 2. Fucking Mario odyssey’s moon kingdom felt more like I was in space than any galaxy 2 level.

>>523557185That's how I felt too because I wasn't nine years old when I played it. I wad a jaded highschooler disappointed that it wasn't more like 64/Sunshine.

>>523553364>Explain I’ve never played 2storyfags

>>523550765I miss when this was the biggest controversy in video games

2 is a flat out better game with sheer gameplay mechanics, but 1 is more memorable in every single way

>>523550309This.If Galaxy was released today, then Galaxy 2 would be DLC.

Super Mario Galaxy is an incredibly memorable game that you can't forget.I don't remember a single thing about Galaxy 2. It felt like the game was over before I knew it.

>>5235533641 has a "deep" story that might be good if there wasn't a little red midget going BING BING WAHOOOO. 2 doesn't have that.

>>523554182>hub world > generic mario level traversalYeah man, I love having to walk to a shed every time I wan't to go to a different map instead of just jumping on a platform and being able to select whatever world I wan't. It's repetitive as fuck but at least it's innovative for the sake of being innovative.

>>523558218traversing the hub is fun and youd usually finish an observatory before going to the next oneeven the sm3dw overworld is way more soulful than smg2

Did anyone else notice the disapproval of 2 spiked after the collection's announcement?

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>>523550856>narracistic head with hahas>sith planetoisswhat the FUCK are you on about?

>>523550062Is the disc of the first really like that? Looks like some shitty pirate copy.

>>5235500622 is NSMB-ified

Both are shit and Sunshine is unironically the best 3D Mario

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>>523550062Galaxy 1 hands down>hub instead of world map>Fully original levels whereas Galaxy 2 has a lot of copy-pasted planets and even entire levels being a single planet from the first game>introduces Rosalina, a great character with an actual backstory (something unheard of for Mario characters outside of RPGS. Meanwhile the sequel just gives you a fat Luma instead>Rosalina and the storybook gives the game's story a bit more soul, whereas the second game is pretty much just "save Peach" with nothing extra added>kino atmosphere that truly makes you feel like you're exploring the vast expanse of space, can get really sombre at times. Galaxy 2 forgets you're in space for a lot of the levels; amount of levels with skyboxes is massive increased compared to Galaxy 1 (compare Shiverburn to FreezeFlame for a prime example)>Ice Mario instead of the water-freezing switch>most of the level themes in 2 are just pale imitations of better levels from the first game (Sky Station is a poor man's Good Egg, ShiverBurn is a poor man's FreezeFlame).>most of the music is outstanding, Galaxy 2 has a few great songs but a lot try way too hard to be the next Gusty Gardens and turn out as generic and forgettable instead>no Green Star paddingI had fun with 2 but it just doesn't capture that same magic of the first game, and it's not simply because it's a sequel. I had a few more points but I accidentally back out and had to retype it.

>>523553242>>523553057...No. Are you people some kind of automatons or something?

Post your commemorative launch coins.

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>>523550062early wii discs were the best

>>523559314I love Galaxy 2 songs but they're definitely not as "epic" as songs like buoy base and melty molten.This one's pretty

>>523559536I want that

>>523558572>traversing the hub is funIt is for the first 2 sheds you unlock, then it starts to feel like severe padding.>youd usually finish an observatory before going to the next oneNot sure what this has to do with quality or how it doesn't apply to 2's maps as well, but okay.>even the sm3dw overworld is way more soulful than smg2It's near identical outside of the path being more linear and being able to select worlds faster.

I have a poster for each of these games in my childhood bedroom

>>523559314Basically this, based user

>>523559787Can't really think of many themes I liked from 2 but Melty Monster's was definitely the Falls was great too but that's a remix of World music so that's kinda cheating.

i played 2 first. i think it is better designed, but 1 is a better overall experience. better music and atmosphere helps enhance the enjoyable experience.

>>523560087Oh, and Yoshi Star. That one was pretty catchy too.

>>523550309Both are soulless. I had fun when I first played them, but they’re ultimately forgetful games.

>>523560581>forgetful games>Everyone remembers them

The Star Get theme is better in 1

>>523560581massive cope

>2 retcons the whole thing with story book.

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>>523550062galaxy 2

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>>523550062same shit

>>523550062I never played 2 but it must be better because it has yoshi in it

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>>523558773I agree. It's kind of a shame since 2 is an amazing game. But I agree with the people who love SMG 1 more. The arguments over SMG 1 vs SMG 2 reminds me of the debates between portals 1 and 2. With the first portal game bringing this gameplay mechanic players have never seen and will never experience for the first time ever again. And the second game, although having more content than the first, doesn't capture the charm the first game had and players know what to expect when it comes to the game play.