What would your life look like if you weren't addicted to video games?

What would your life look like if you weren't addicted to video games?

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>>523549873But user, I'm not addicted to video games. I'm addicted to reading and shitposting on shitty internet forums like 4chan and Reddit.


I'm not addicted to videogames.I simply don't have any friends or other hobbies. It's entertainment.

>>523549873I'd just be addicted to something else

I’m not addicted to video gameWhat I AM addicted to is coming onto 4chan to look at the fat anime tits that get posted here

>>523550104This. I'm human garbage. What does it matter what I do anymore?

>>523549873It'd probably be exactly the same as it is now except I went out a little more often.

>>523549873Still miserable, only now I would spend my time lying in bed and staring at the ceiling.

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>>523549873I literally would have killed myself. I fucking love videogames and withut this medium allowing me to connect to humanity I otherwise despise I would have no reason to stay around.

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>>523549873I'm sure I would have found something else to be addicted to.

>>523549873Bodybuilding Mr. Universe, billionaire philantropist and beloved CEO of Chad Inc.

>>523549873I've been playing vidya my entire life, I don't know what it would be like with out it.Now post the gif of him spinning.

>>523549873I'm not addicted anymore but i would probably had gfs and have more money if vidya addiction wasn't a thing in my teens and early 20's.

>come from a prestigious family >great grandfather was president >family grooms me to be political figure starting as early as I can remember >fall in love with vidya instead>run away from the pressure of my family into the world of vidya >eventually they give up on meCould've been president, user.

>>523549873Probably dead, games are one of the only few things that keep me from killing myself.

>>523549956this. I spend far more time on 4chan alone than I do playing video games. occasionally I'll get sucked into a game and barely come to this hellhole for a day or two, but then it comes creeping back into my life

>>523550621Bush or Kennedy?

>>523549873I'd probably be more addicted to porn, or actually follow through with my bad thoughts and get into real life degenerate sexual shit.

Daily reminder to every Anons... Ding Ding DingAhemAt least you'll never be Anthony Burch.

>>523550621politicians seem to have easy lives, sounds like you missed out on the big picture

Remember that threads like these are a psyop designed to demoralize you.

>>523550916STFU western aaa gobbeling up normalfag.No one cares about your shitty eceleb trash.


>>523550916>tfw not Randy Pitchford either

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>>523551109You gaymergater shitfarts will forever stay newfags even if you kill every last one of us anons.

>>523549956Shit I wish I was addicted to video games, I might actually feel better about myself rather than pissing away all my free time on this hellhole.

>>523550621What kind of work do politicians even do anyways?


>>523549873Just as bad but I would read more books.

>>523551429they have sex with children

>>523549956Yea, it's about time for a vacation off this place

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I'd probably just be addicted to something else

>>523549873probably drinking all day and doing crackunironically, video game addiction keeps people out of worse addictions

>>523551123Randy "CP on my usb" Pitchford.

>>523549873I would have killed myself since I have nothing else in life

>>523551723this, it's the only thing keeping me from vegging out in front of TV drinking

>>523549873I probably still be a virgin but I'd be a lot more borer.

>>523549873Would have finished my STEM degree, gotten a high paying job and moved out instead of being a neet still living with my parents at 29


>>523552174>STEM degreeare you some kind of faggot?

>>523549956thank you, now i feel free to leave

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>>523549873Would have graduated college by now. Instead I’m only making $100k on sales

>>523552402? not sure I understand the implication here


Healthier. Video games gives me that same rush exercising does without the sweating.

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>>523550621>could have fucked cunny and gained immortality through satanic rituals>played vidya instead

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>>523549873Life is a video game. >you are in constant visual movement = video>you obey rules that enable success or failure, reward or punishment = game

>>523549873I would be even more miserable if I didn't have vidja

>>523550339pretty much thisnot having vidja would change nothing

>>523550916This meme is not funny anymore, Burch is the reason BL2 is somewhat good

>>523553128Jokes on you I'm blind

>>523550995Extrapolate? Why would they want that, whoever they are?

>>523549873Just dropping by to say that your urge to play video games is driven by external factors that you allow yourself to exist within. Mainly being your environment. Your brain is weighing the cost-benefit analysis that playing video games is better than doing that productive thing, typically cause video games are short-term stimulus.Want to do something else? Then do it. Every time you have an urge to play vidya, do that other thing instead. Do it enough times, and your brain will begin to weigh the long-term benefits of this new thing over the short-term vidya benefits, and you'll lose interest.I don't have the problem with games, but youtube has been the absolute worst thing for me to drop consistently.What's usually the problem is that most people often don't have an alternative to go to. So perhaps learning a new instrument, learning a new skill, scale model building, diy engineering projects, facetiming with friends, learning to code, etc. Make a list of things you've always been interested in.Doesn't mean you have to drop games cold turkey, but it's more about being able to control the urge to play it for hours on end.

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>>523551580this guy sounds like a total normalfag>NOOOO THIS PLACE CAN'T MAKE YOU HAPPY IT'S IMPOSSIBLE>NOOOO YOU'RE NOT HAVING FUN THAT'S NOT ALLOWED>YOU HAVE TO BE MISERABLE LIKE MEBeen coming to this shithole for 13 years and I don't regret a moment of it.

>>523551527>more books.Books are a meme. Almost every one are hot garbage that should never have been published t.bookie

>>523550621You never would have made it.They'd have ended up putting an ice-pick through your skull like Rosemary Kennedy.

>>523551429Sell out society to oligarchs.

>>523549873work and alcohol, or unemployed and alcohol

I'd probably be a better artist and could sell porn for more cash than currently.

>>523549873if I didn't get into games I wouldn't even know English, I'd be a fucking pleb wageslaving for the shittiest places, now I am master of my destiny

>>523549873Anon I'm not addicted to video gamesI'm addicted to painting expensive plastic army men

>>523553679>alcoholTastes like piss. Gives you headaches.Literally the idiot's hobby.

>>523551553Omw to become a politician


>>523551429Take bribes from giant corporations to not act in the interest of the country.

>>523549873I would hang out around schoolyards alot if you know what I mean.

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>>523549873Probably addicted to something else to fill the void in my life where friends and family would go.

>>523553982i know, but without vidya what else i would do? i never had any sport hobbies and only collected dusty coins and rocks as kid

>>523554128Why bother when juice/soda/smoothie, literally everything is better flavorwise?

>>523549873I'd be making more money, but I'd probably be not as happy. 50k a year is good enough for me atm.

i imagine i just would have been a gambler or something.

>>523550339>>523553268The difference is that lying in bed and staring at the ceiling leads to thought and introspection, which can lead to change

Before I played video games I spent all my time shitposting on guitar forums and watching television shows. I was still a NEET and still anti-social

>>523549873I would probably be addicted to drugs and alcohol instead due to the kind of people I grew up with, and then kill myself 5 years ago because I would have no online friends and all of my irl friends either moved away or died by then. I never really think much about just how beneficial vidya has been to my life but occasionally someone asks me a question like this and it makes me realize that for all the bullshit I put up with from this industry my life could have turned out much worse.

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>>523554497>gambler or something.one who would waste every coin in slot machines?

>>523549873I'd probably be a good mathmatician, or more into physics and drawing.

>>523549873Im addicted to porn.

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>>523549873Is that Oliver Tree?

>>523554303>what is cider and cocktails

>>523549873I wish I was (still) addicted to video games. Would at least have something to care about.

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>>523554997Fuck off from Holla Forums alrewady you literal waste of oxygen.

I tried quitting videogames for a year and I would just waste my time watching YouTube and Netflix instead so no difference


>>523550621You dodged a fucking bullet, perhaps literally. I don't see not being president as anything but beneficial to both your mental and physical well being.

>>523555089That is rather rude, user.

>>523549873>imagine being so full of shit that you have to blame videogames for being a complete and utter loser

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>>523555228he didn't say which country tho, if he's a pres of some backwater country for like 4 years and then retires he will get presidential pension for life, it's comfy as fuck and he's an idiot for dodging that if he actually had a chance to get it in the first place

>>523554992How expensive are they to make. Always thought they were only for rich folk

>you didn't withdraw from your goal driven peers>you didn't squander the gifts of sports experience and music experience your parents wisely forced upon you >you held on to the academic momentum and noble aims your parents instilled in you>your mom didn't die while you were in high school, deleting all maternal love from your life and removing the greatest external driving force to success in your life>you didn't get addicted to this website and waste 8 years browsing it>you didn't throw away 2-6 years of your life away on miserable minimum wage jobs that neither provided savings nor attractive things to add to your resume>your future wasn't pathetically bleak and your attitude somehow apathetic towards itJust imagine

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>>523555726>wisely forced upon youdoing shit like this is what makes drug addicts

>>523549873I'll probably be a drug addict or death already.

>>523555726I probably got burnt out on studying from all the tiger parenting + going to after school in Asian programs

>>523551580>you are becoming more bitter, narrow minded, haughty, and oldThis part rings true. My parents outright confronted me and asked me what happened that made me so bitter and jaded and how come I'm getting so insecure about myself and getting shy and engaging.

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>>523549873Life is all about addictions.

>>523555726This one lost me halfway through. "Hoping for something to change"? Nah. "Hoping someone will save me"? Is that a joke?I'm glad I don't experience loneliness. I can simply idle without pain. Death is inevitable anyway.

Daily reminder that everyone needs a hobby where they create something, and that straight-up media consumption is NOT a hobby. If you don't have one, get one.

I missed so many milestones in my life that people can sense than I have the mental level of a 10 year old.

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>>523556472gotta get that dopamine hit

>>523556785>Daily reminder that everyone needs a hobby where they create somethingAny retard can make shit, it literally comes out of your ass. You don't need to create things just to be successful or meaningful, other wise we'd all just shit all day. Destroy shit, now that's how you live.

>>523556785>straight-up media consumption is NOT a hobbyWrong.

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>>523557784>Just consoom bro, that's living!Use your brain, retard.

>>523553504You are one of the lucky ones, but for most people being here means wasting time in more fulfilling activities.

>>523549956Fuck off back faggot

I'm fine with the way I live, just bored. I wouldn't be happy having to deal with other people.

>>523558217My brain tells me that "living" is an arbitrary status and nothing you can do can be considered not living, except dying.

>>523554601I think constantly all day every day. It doesn't go anywhere.

>>523549873Wouldn't be much different. I would just use the extra time on all the other things i'm addicted to like>sleeping>eating>drinking>watching anime>browsing 4chan>whacking off

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Give it to me, we are all on drugs, yeahNever gettin' enough (Never gettin' enough)We are all on drugs, yeahGive me some of that stuff, whoo!We are all on drugs (We are all on drugs)We are all on drugs (We are all on drugs)We are all on drugs (We are all on drugs)We are all on drugs (We are all on drugs)

>>523549873I'd probably have killed myself at this point. MS keeps me fairly inactive anymore so I can't do as much outdoor stuff as I used to be able to.

>>523551580Maybe I shouldn't procrastinate so much...

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>>523549873Getting drunk and taking drugs every night instead of playingor surely dead by ODI had a hard time stopping this shit, video games really helped me with it

>>523558704Everything is arbitrary. Except being a talentless retard.

>>523559410>he fell for the "talent" meme


>>523559410Well if you're a talentless retard why bother? Just focus on things you enjoy.

>>523549873I'd work 8 hours a day, come home, be too tired to do anything except watch TV and drink beer.I'd ignore my wife and 1.5 kids and my pets, I'd give money to my wife whenever she asked because it's easier to do that than to have any sort of interactivity with her.I'd spend hours every night watching mindless TV, I wouldn't even enjoy it or know what I was watching or think at all, I'd just be doing it to avoid going to bed because I know once I go to bed I'll wake up and it'll be time to repeat the cycle.Since the entire sum of my life experiences would be high school + college + the self reinforcing insular existence that comes from having the same group of friends / social circle your whole life, I'd have no way of understanding anything my kid(s) were interested in.I'd become angry and jealous of the fact they have the time and energy to pursue interests that are beyond me. And every where I went this song would play in the background. youtube.com/watch?v=UrgpZ0fUixsV I D E O G A M E S

>>523555992>parents enroll you in some rec soccer when you're a kid and orchestra when you're in high school >takes up at most 2 hours of your day>make friends, learn skills, healthy for brain and body, generally enriches you, even if you don't really like it>this somehow makes drug addiction happenNot following your logic

>>523559923Sports just give you lifetime injuries at a young age, 0.001% of the participants might get drafted by a pro team but most won't.There's no creativity in orchestral music, you're literally playing music someone else has written and composed at the pace and measure dictated by the composer, you're literally a flesh machine. Despite all that, both those pursuits are extremely stressful and in the back of your mind you know there's going to be absolutely no payoff to any of the time you spent on sports or music, you know you don't have the aptitude to be the 1% of the 1% that actually "makes" it. But if you can't understand that then you're probably a literal child.

>>523560295Copying is the first act to creativity.

Probably the same shit except I'd be into some other NEET tier hobby. Video games alone didn't make me a shut-in.

>>523549873i would be in the ground most likely on drugs and or killed someone

>>523549873I'd probably be really into firearms. Probably would have killed a bunch of people desu. Video games prevented me from being a school shooter.

>>523553415Demoralized incels are easier to radicalize. You have to chastise them for everything they enjoy, be it video games, other nerd hobbies, looking at tits online, etc. Shame them for finding solace in anything, then make them blame their problems on whoever the opponent is and you've got yourself an army of fat shits ready to blow themselves up.It worked for radical muslim groups and it's working marvels for suburban and rural americans.

>>523553313>BL2 is somewhat good

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Same, I haven't played a game since mid july

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>>523551580Load of bullshit. I dropped out of college at 20 and was a neet for several years and still turned it around, got back into school, graduated, got a job, went on dates, cultivated a healthy social circle, and was on 4chan the entire fucking time. You know what actually fucked me over? Wasting time in college with no plans for the future and no real thought behind what degree I was pursuing. Once I went back with a real, achievable goal to work towards and cut out all the other bullshit everything was fine.

For the longest time I've felt hollow and hated planning out my life, feeling as if it was regimented and restricted when I didn't want that kind of commitment. So vidya allowed me to delve into other worlds and the lives of other people, to experience fantastical things while I wear the masks asked of me and engross myself in whatever challenges were sent my way. If I were to abandon it completely I'd feel way too exposed, too naked in my own self within the real world to feel comfortable existing in any given place. I like wearing those masks, they allow me to hide in plain sight. That impersonality, that polite professionalism where you are a stranger to everyone, is what I covet. So I'm glad I get to enjoy video games, these masks are fun.

>>523558801Why are skeletons so cool

>>523549873Video games?

>>523549873A person can never know. Mine would be I live a tough life, go to prison, come out and start a business, become the present and live on the moon. Now get the fuck out of here with that whiny bullshit


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>>523558764you must be a brainlet

if i didnt play games i would prob have used that time to watch a lot more anime or draw more, which would result in the same me but more angry because i have no outlet for competition

>>523551580didn't read lol

>>523556815Can relate.