ITT: /fa/ characters in vidya

ITT: /fa/ characters in vidya

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>>523549248Max Payne in MP3 is peak boomer /fa/

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also aiden pearces default outfit is pretty cool

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Only good thing of that shit game.

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>>523552873what game and why its shit?

>>523553020Dishonored 2, that's Corvo the protagonist of the first game, pic related. And it's shit because it and its expansion ruined the universe enough, by either retconning lore or trashing characters, that it effectively killed the IP, while the gameplay wasn't a big enough change to warrant playing it over the first game. A shame too because mechanically the game is pretty good.

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>>523549248I think you meant /fat/

>>523552873>Clockwork Mansion>Emily’s powers>Powers have simple skill-trees to allow customization >Jindosh Riddle and the Dust DistrictThe game had it’s problems but saying Corvo’s attire was the only good thing is a massive overstatement

>>523552873really funny the way his beard texture's very nice and detailed with individual hairs but his actual hair is like some weird goo blob

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>>523553314more like /bulkingbrah/

>>523553386>Clockwork MansionOverrated, Stilton's mansion is far better>Emily’s powersPale in comparison to Corvo's. Far Reach is worse than both Blink and Displace, Domino is worse than Bend Time and you'll never use Doppelgänger if you're going stealth>Powers have simple skill-trees to allow customizationJust an extended version of upgradeable powers and abilities from 1, now in a tree instead of a line >Jindosh Riddle and the Dust DistrictWhat about them? Another level like any other, but with neutral territory and two streets belonging to two gangs>saying Corvo’s attire was the only good thing is a massive overstatementIt was obviously an exaggeration and not to be taken literally to an autistic degree, I did say mechancally the game is good, but it was a pretty garbage sequel overall and DotO was even worse

>>523552873Jfc user thats literally one of those assassin creed lookalike hoodies advertised everywhere on facebook.Just how much shit taste can you have?

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>>523556137First decent post itt


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>>523556634drugs will never be /fa/

>>523556137Red pill me on high neck sweaters

>>523556851cigarettes are /fa/ in the right hands desu

>>523556851>he doesn't know about cocaine bumpsNGMI

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>>523553690lmao they're two different art styles tf is that

>>523554026you're the fag with facebook lol>>523554462ol norman reedus and the funky fetus stylin on the wastes

>>523556962>right handssuch as???

>tfw you own the hoodie and denim

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>that moment when you realized most /fa/ influencers are just thin people

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>>523556851cigs are practically mandatory

>>523553718holy based

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>>523557391cigs are shit but they do look cool

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>>523556926you mean turtlenecks?


>>523557867the fashion industry is run by gay men. there's a reason they only want tall, thin women - they're just clothes-hangers to show off

>>523558172Man, I wish I could stop this unhealthy habit. You be safe user

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>>523557391attractive people

>>523557773Dante is always /fa/ as fuck. In 5 he is peak hobo fashion.

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Some of Yorks suits are very /fa/.

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>>523558448embrace chad smoking lifestyle. we all gonna die. you're not worried about some slim sticks killing you user right?

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post one (1) black /fa/ vidya character


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>>523558856who was the bigger chad, wife cheating man or law dude?

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>>523558858thats easy... theres... uh... theres um...huh. i cant think of any.. dang user whyd you have to do it?

>>523558856lol faggotgo run up a hill or get in a fight, we'll see who the man is

>>523559069jokes on you fagi go to gym 3 times a week and run 1,6-2 km 2 times a week and i smoke 2-3 cigs per day. i realized that i can't live without this so i just reduced the usage. you can be /fit/ and a smoker if you have at least half of your brain left


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>>523559562you are handicapping yourselfdumbass

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>>523558424Sounds like something a fag would say.

>>523559684i don't give a fuck. i'm not a athlete. i just want to be relatively fit and enjoy my life without pain after mundane exercises

Demon's souls had best armors

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>>523559826no. I dated a model and learned how shit goes. the fashion industry is about as homosexual as it gets, and the gay dudes fuck over the women at every opportunity.

>>523560003sounds based to me

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>>523560003so they hate women even more than incels? why???

>>523560104I guess. >>523560241they don't hate the women, they just make fun of them and use them as a resource. they laugh a lot at the girls who think they can get rich just by being pretty but without marrying some old fat rich dude.

>>523560003I have to tolerate fags at work and they're the most backstabby, vile, degenerate people I have ever met so I believe it.

I always thought Fray was pretty /fa/.

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>>523557525delsin was basedi want second son 2 bros...

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>>523556926They can make use look classy as fuck.Or French.


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>>523557047>Doesn't exclusively do Booty Bumps with QT3.16's.NGMI


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>>523561092Dang, I was about to post him