Holla Forums plays jackbox

how2play:>open jackbox.tv and enter a name>also open the livestream in a new window/device>enter the room code when it appears on the stream to join inAnyone know why smashcast doesn't work?No matter what I tried the stream always failed to connect for every server, even when I tried with a new stream key. Only low-latency option that works is Caffeine and it's hot garbage - Twitch stream delay makes some of the jackbox games unplayable though and I ain't gonna resort to using Discord.

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>>523549119Two questions:what's the streamand when are we doing MVC

Stream is now live!caffeine.tv / vplaysjackbox

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>>523549241>what's the streamsee post above>when are we doing MVCwhen more show up, gonna start things off with Split

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>>523549476get in

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>>523549119if you want more people host these games later in the day

>>523550493nonsense, I hosted one on thursday around this time. Just takes a game or two to get the ball rolling.

MVC with 8 players or we dump porn

What does this mean? Did I do something wrong?

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>>523552312It means wait for the game to start

>>523552363why it take so long

>>523552432waiting for more people

>>523552432cuz you're a faggot

Fuck, I just missed rap battle

Post the room code

>>523549119Why not just use twitch?

>>523552782it's in the stream>>523552842has too much delay, some of the games (like Civic) become unplayable. Used to use Mixer but it got shutdown.

So it's telling to select if a rhyme is Fire or Boo and telling me to listen to a rap but nothing is happening

>>523552942I’m on mobile, the website you’re streaming with has a thing that covers the top left of the screen

ERRORError joining this room

>>523553101are you watching the stream?see instructions in the OP>>523553136try in fullscreen

After this game is over, play the rap one again, i didnt get a chance to play this time

>>523553609this pls

>>523553287didnt know I need to stay on the stream lmao

is uncle gubsy throwing on purpose? what the fuck are these lines

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>>523553739he's either afk or the user too dumb to keep the stream open

What the fuck? That wasn't the line I wrote.

yeah someone is afk, since someone isnt voting

Been getting this, anyone else? Doesn't work on my pc or my phone.

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>>523553963Got to wait for the game to end first

>>523554070I know, but it's not letting me join even the audience.

>>523554132does the audience have a limit?

>>523554170I doubt it.

audience does not have a limit, its not supposed to throw an error code to join audience after game has started.

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after this game i'll quit so others can join.

>>523553963room code is on stream, if it still ain't working I'll be doing another MVC game afterwards anyway (this one is a hot mess as it seems 2 people are afk), hopefully it'll work better then.


>>523554568holy shit I'm doing that from now on


>>523554568>>523554717if you do this, you'll lose by default

>gene wins

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>the actual, literal NPC won.

I don't know what the games are so IDK to choose

>>523554463Works now, I'm in.

>>523554837>>5235548412 people weren't even voting, then everyone voted Gene in the finals just to spite the smashfaggot


why it take so long for you niggas to vote

just an FYI fellas, you need to write the lines like phoenetically, like the voice will say it. not how its spelled always

>>523555646I shouldn't have put the quotations.

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Moave's afk I think

dont join the game if you're going to go afk, faggots

moave you fag

GamerJoe is fucking lethal goddamn

>>523556503i've played this game with my friends so many times

tried an ABAB but it didn't say everything ;_;

good job V

Good one V, i loved your last line. i KNEEL

>>523549476games.jackbox.tv/artifact/RapBattleGame/cb3d460db00079025de9f191a272d0c4/gamerjoe's raps were pretty fire nglwhat game next lads?

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tee ko next

>computer crashed RIGHT as the final matchup appearedfuck.

>>523557381Adolf here, my browser crashed on the last line. But that "I am a good dog" had me piss myself laughing so I ain't even mad.

>>523557357Pick one at random

TeeKO or one of the creative artsy games are best

>tfw trackpad

>tfw tablet

Whoever made that comment about mchitler, you're a fag too

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That cunny one is too perfect

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if you are lurking, post to bump the thread

these are both mine kek

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>>523549476gggames.jackbox.tv/artifact/TeeKOGame/bfe4b3a39e7ceec281e30a7b809e2d10/what game next?

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monster dating game

some drawing autism game

Dictionarium, I miss my waifu's voice

>>523559938Whoever buys the cunny shirt wins infinite internet points

Monster Seeking Monster to see why Holla Forums will be forever virgin

DONT do Monster seeking monster, that game takes forever,

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fuck too slow!


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that tagline was great proxy user

>welcome to the nhk nice

Nothing will trump Poop tube

>never waste your waste againgoddamnit Holla Forums

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>>523560860its funny because in the novel he legit looks at cp and in the manga he looks at loli, and then they cut that part out of the anime altogether

>>523560175could turn off extended timers

At least half are gonna be nazi related


holy fuck this lag is unbearable

>>523561773unfunny dude

>>523561851ok jew

unoriginality aside with the final solution, being in the JEWISH hall of fame would be PRO-jew stuff, not anti-jew stuff you stupid mongoloids

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>>523561782works on my machine

What a desperate last round

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>>523561782at least the delay isn't atrocious

>>523561909cd0m you're not convincing anyone else to be original and creative, or intelligent for that matter.>>523561782It is pretty laggy on my end too

>all these jews itt

monster seeking monster next?

Good job kangzAight that was fun boys but its time for din-dins, hope I catch the next thread

>>523562164nah, spilt next

>cd0m you're not convincing anyone else to be original and creative, or intelligent for that matter.

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>>523562217point in case, here's your (you) pal.

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>>523562209Split the room seems fun

I love drawfag games

>>523562332I couldn't draw the hands rubbing together in time :(


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