Daily reminder that a new generation of children are going to experience for this for the first time. Nintendo won

Daily reminder that a new generation of children are going to experience for this for the first time. Nintendo won.

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>>523548642Lucky kids.

>>523548642>a new generation of children are going to whine about the game aging poorlyftfy

no they aren't because it's a limited run product and all the 30 year old basedboys are going to buy 100 copies each

>>523548642I don't give a shit about kids. fuck those cretins.

Gen Z kids are already savvy enough to use an emulator and aren't obsessed with giving money to Nintendo for an "official copy".

>>523548642No user, kids will think it looks like shit and go back to fortnite or fall guys

>>523549154Urgghhh what is this? Can't you just like, pay for a subscription to get it? I don't want to steal things...

>Daily reminder that a new generation of children are going to experience for this for the first time.

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>>523548642poor kidsthey should've made a collection of good, non-dated games instead.smg, smg2, sm3dl wouldve been way better

>>523548642Nintendo always wins. They’re the only ones that still make actual games and not politically motivated walking sims.

>>523549154Lol, maybe the poor ones but they'll probably download the rom by clicking on a totally real download button giving them romdownloader.exe.Those kids really are not as good with tech as you think.

>>523548642A new generation of children will bring order to this age.

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>>523548642Whenever I was sick as a kid my brother lent me his N64 and Cube, so now I’m really excited about owning it myself on Switch. Ive never played Sunshine and I never finished Galaxy. I’m really hyped,Christmas came early :)

I enjoy Nintendo games and love nintendo platformers, but the portion of Nintendo fans who only play Nintendo games 95% of the time and barely give other games a chance are the most abhorrent people in this world.

>>523550432You're a good friend. But our interest is NOT mutual.

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>>523548642The wii had itThe DS had itThe Wii U had itThe 3DS had it via backwards compWhy are people overhyping another 64 port when this is the first time since 2003 you can buy Sunshine brand new?

>>52354864264 is shit tho

>>523549052name one

Won't the kids just wonder why the graphics are so shit and never play it again? They'll just go back to Odyssey and whatever else they like to play.

>>523554819ya they sure hated minecraft for the horrible graphics, sad that it failed so heard and that noone knows of it or notch

>>523548642>implyingThey are playing fortnight. "WE" are the kids.

>>523551131Sunshine is a horrible game that only got high scores due to the Nintendo bonus. Everyone except absolute retards talks about Sunshine's many flaws. Especially those who played it recently.

>>523548642As if? My nephew thinks that this game looks bad because of the graphics.

>>523548642only if they buy it during the next 7 months

>>523548642Kids only care about fortnight and getting laid.

64 is the worst Mario for nostalgia. I you didn't already miss those old 2d platformers by the time Mario 64 came out...you may as well be nostalgic for any random ass 3d platformer.

>>523550260muy basado senior

>>523548642No, because kids who aren't following nintendo news religiously won't know it exists and convince their parents to buy it before the "limited run" is sold out

>>523556496Convince their parents?It's the parents who are going to go out and buy this for their kids. Who do you think played these games as kids, user?

>>523557052not the gen z kids. They would get bored with it and play fortnight.

>>523557362What?It's parents who will be inclined to buy this, not children. The kids who played these games as children are now adults with their own young children. Do you understand how the passage of time works?


Here's what will actually happen>simps buy game to show their children what they played when they were young>children play for 30 minutes, get bored and go back to fortnite >game sits collecting dust for years

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>>523548642Sad we can't see the "that's it?" face.

Children are playing fortnite and minecraft, the only ones buying this will be 30 year old men addicted to nostalgia. Nintendo lost the next generation, they're fucked.

>>523549154Gotta save up for that surgery you know.


>>523558078Really hoping thats not true.Mario 64 isn't nearly archaic as some older games. Shit is easy to understand.

>>523548642zoomers either don't care about it or played it on their laptops 5 years ago

>>523558078I fucked a milf in Sweden and she'd cracked her SNES Classic to play SM64, and her like 5 or 6 year old kid absolutely loved the game. Gives me hope for the future generation. Maybe they'll be better than zoomers.

>>523550661Good medicine.

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>>523560449It's extremely simple though. Kids would rather play Odyssey because it has better graphics, more complex levels, and it satisfies their short attention spans by rewarding them with a moon every 5 seconds

>>523548642>children buying a two decade old mario game for 60 dollarssure

>>523556346Fuck off Spyro.

>>523549075I bought this and will be forcing my little brother to play galaxy for the first time

>>523548642Lol you think children give a fuck about this? They’re just gonna jump straight to galaxy for the nostalgia

>>523548642They're already fucked up if they're playing this on a switch. Some nu-male dad and probably another nu-male dad or a mutt mother.

>>523548642>A shit game with shit low poly graphicsNo

>>523561234To be fair, if you don't jump straight to Galaxy, you're doing it wrong.

>>523558078You have no reason to think this

>>523561234>They’re just gonna jump straight to galaxyGood

>>523561669why would you jump to galaxy first when sm64 is the better game?

>>523548642the movement was revolutionary but the levels and missions suck ass desu.

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>>523548642>he thinks children care about NintendoThis isn't the 90s.Children love shooters and Minecraft.Only Pedos and manchildren love Nintendo now. Heck, there have dozens of stats that confirm most of Switch owners and players are adults with children being a small percent

Yeah. Playing odyssey now with the kids. Looking forward to the 3d All Stars. I played 64 as a kid. My first real game. Didnt play Sunshine or Galaxy so it'll be fun.

>>523549154As a Zoomer myself i grew up playing the original on my dads 64 and a lot of my friends in gradeschool played the DS Version. This port will be the first 64 experience for the even younger generation after zoomers.


>>523561669>>523561746Filthy zoomers

The only way kids will enjoy these games (especially 64) is if they're really young and haven't been tainted yet by the typical zoomer games. A 5 or a 6 year old, maybe. A 9 or a 10 year old, lol good fucking luck

>>523548642Zoomers won't even like it because the graphics are from 1996 and not even in HD