RPG maker thread.What are your favorite games?Played anything good recently?

RPG maker thread.What are your favorite games?Played anything good recently?

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jeez that shit got repetive, never made it past the slumps in two playthrough attempts

>>523548161It gets better further in.Especially the co-op events with her mentor.

>>523548431Too few scenes with her and what’s worse no lesbo scenes

>>523548025>What are your favorite games?OFF and it's fan-made spin-off HOME.>Played anything good recently?No.

>>523548593There are plenty of scenes which open up as you progress.>no lesbo scenesGood, would be a huge waste.

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yeah I played Tobiden. Screw games that are merely a slide show of TNA

>>523548025I love ntr games!

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>>523548025wish I could find more games like sequel blight/awake, monster girl quest paradox and blacksouls 1 & 2I enjoy turned base combat with depth even if that depth is shallowideally with a male protag

>>523550979>combat with depth even if that depth is shallowpardon me?You mean combat with a lot of options and freedom, but questionable balance ? (that's what BS felt like)


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>>523550641Parallel Fantasy IF from the save dev

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>>523551772yes, I enjoy rpg maker games that give you class/skill options

No clue when this comes out but at least the demo is good.

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>>523548025Kagura Games really need to have demos available for every last game they sell. Shit like this is the reason people are glad for Steams return policy. Comparing this to an Acerola game is pure insanity, but Kagura just bundles random games together.

>>523552260played the first game, interesting game ruined by its save system combined with it's trial and error designhope the dev learned and is more lenient on giving players saves

I just want to send a girl into spicy situations till shie becomes a gangbanging slut, why do I always have to play this jrpg shit or worse cuckshit when without combat first?


>corruption>prostitution>gangbang> ntr What games will satiate my hunger? I already played nymphomaniac paradox.

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>>523553171store.steampowered.com/bundle/9476/Acerola_Bundle/Here you go bro

>>523553171asuka and the king of steelmischief warmarried warrior emma

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>>523553171literally any other "school girl/indepted girl walks arround town gameI like flash cycling 1 and 2 for example, it adds some gameplay


>>523553784I would play shrift but nobody has bothered to upload a prepatched version of it

>>523553784Still waiting for the translation to get finished. 4-1 was nice, I hope Camazotz' room gets translated alongside 4-2, she's cute.

>>523554107>>523553989I played it and beat it when it was just auto translated. So I barely understood any of the story. It's worth the wait.

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any games with cute feet?

>>523548906Liz is a corruption game, what better way to emphasize the extent of a (straight) girl’s corruption than by having her get off with another girl?I don’t understand why kids these days can’t enjoy the sight of two hot chicks going at it.

>Quiet Girls still not updated>Witchload still not updated>Vampire Lust still not released.

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I miss Violated Heroine, bros

>hiro splits 4chan into 4chan and 4channel so that he can get more advertising money by having a "sfw" and "nsfw" 4chan>adds a bunch of video game boards no one asked for>doesn't add an eroge board even though there's a huge amount of threads on the subject on Holla Forums and the /vg/ h-game general sucks>almost nowhere to discuss the few good WEGs that existit's a damn shame

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>he plays rpgmaker gamespathetic

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>>523555165theres a weg thread on aco but its a shitshow

>>523555165Its about splitting the community and preventing them from ever working together. Hiro doesn't want a GG-sized event to ever happen and potentially cost him hundreds of thousands in damages.

Virgin Protection Magic, never get another game from that dev though.Rune's Pharmacy dev is releasing a new game soonish so that's cool at least.

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>>523555610Rune's Pharmacy sucked, only the art was good.

>>523548025when's this guys next game coming out?

>>523555165/vg/ thread will become decent again once the eternal summer of Corona-chan ends

>>523555380eroge discussions really are split aren't theyYou used to be able to have the occasional thread on Holla Forums without getting jannie'd but that changed for a while, and now recently in the past year or so there have been multiple daily eroge threads just as long as they mask their intentions a bit "what's your favorite RPGmaker game" for example.Then you have an ero-vn general on /vg/ and recently one that got started on /jp/ for some reason. Certain games like Corruption of Champions you can't even talk about on /vg/ because the slablands (lol) general will go apeshit and crash it. Then there's a 2dhentai game general on /vg/, a weg thread on /aco/ which sucks, a monster girl game general.why not just have an eroge board and be done with it instead of having shit split between 4-5 boards in 6 different recurring threads.it makes very little sense, and although hiro and the mods are crazy against anything that could affect the advertisers the 4chan/4channel split means it wouldn't matter anyway.

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>>523553248>>523553430>>523553581Thank you based anons

>>523555734Not anytime soon.He announced 3 in total.One with outsourcesd art, Salvation 2 and another hypnosis game.

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>>523555791You can't put western erogame alongside nip erogame. They just have way too different demographics, it's going to be a shitfest like having an unified animation board would be.


What are some good non-coomer RPG Maker games?


>>523556564black souls

>>523556196cute sophie. is the full image from the game CG or is it fanart?

I'm playing Black Souls 2 after finishing the first in one sitting last night.Fuck me this game sure is harder.Could I have a rundown on the SEN system btw? It wasn't explained in the read me.

>>523556285idk, theres just as much overlap as in general games, like yeah there are a lot of people that hate one or the other but how is that any didferent than console warring faggots or people that shit on weeb games, theres still plenty of overlap

>>523556809I think SEN works best when you figure it out on your own. Just experiment with it when you feel ready.

>>523557050Ok, you're right. Thanks user.

>>523556809is it really worth it porn wise or just a game that somehow memed itself in these threads?

>>523555165>>adds a bunch of video game boards no one asked for>>doesn't add a DIFFERENT board I wantyou realize the irony of your own post, right? Just because you didn't ask for the new boards doesn't mean that they haven't been a godsend to many others.

>>523553171Nymphomania Priestess?

>>523556809Without going into spoilers, different events/items may appear pending on SEN.Corpses, some of them with actually good skills like Dispel and anticrit only appear with positive 31+ SEN.Best not to think off it too much until a second run.First run 100+ SEN Second less than 0 run.

>>523557257Not him, but if fucking mobile games can get a board I'd say why the hell not have a meme porn game board then too

>>523552879>i hope the dev learned and is more lenient on giving players savesOr you can just go and play one of the myriad "h4rdc0re olskool roguelikes" like Bender the Gungeons, Crypt of the Necrofaggot and pretend you actually like a challenge that way without shitting up any actually existing games with some degree of challenge in them.

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>>523557293Also good but way too early in development for me to be invested

>>523548025Clymenia games have been going downhill. Their best is still the one where you play as those 3 whores in the fantasy setting.

>>523555380The fucking western porn games thread should be wiped of the face of the earth. Since its inception it has contained zero games, only 3DCG screenshot visual novels.

>>523548025>indentifiying yourself with the woman getting rapedThat's the first step into trannydom.

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>>523556196I wouldn't mind another game with a heroine like Sophie.

>>523556196>Salvation 2

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>>523557602Are people incapable of NOT self inserting as FMCs?

>>5235568090 sen = you see things how they really are.100 sen = fully under the illusion


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>>523557761wut gaem

>>523557805Not if you're playing a game that is designed for masturbation with the idea of the female psyche being controlled by a man -- i.e. a man in a woman's body.

>>523557761that's WolfRPG user

>>523557761get out of here with that wolf rpg shit(jk great game. 100% S tier)

>>523557520I'll never understand how anyone even faps to that hideous uncanny valley type shit. Good 3D is possible, but it sure as hell isn't those lazy 3D VNs.

>>523557602>lacking the two braincells to seperate yourself from some waliking porn image generator

>>523557879>>523558030>>523558036Sorry anons, I am but a braindead coomer, I don't know which is fucking which.

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I played one about a tickle fetish producer that was pretty fun that I can't remember. I do not recall where I got it from, I think a hentai piracy board.

>>523558142Anon, why do you think most trannies are either otaku or gamers?

>>523555791>want to talk about hentai games >no threads on Holla Forums and any I make get me a 3 day ban because jannies are fags>go to /vg/ and get screamed at because Im posting western porn games not eastern dumb gaijin>western /vg/ thread is so slow it died and no one made a new one

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>tfw no latex fetish games aside that Latex Dungeon

>>523558040Yeah it's quite a wonder

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>>523558185Is it pathetic that I genuinely don't know if I'd be able to resist fucking her even if it would kill me?I don't think I'd be able to have the willpower to resist bros...I'M SO FUCKING PATHETIC

>>523558320Because they are literary mentally ill.

>>523558320Because those retards that do selfinsert deserve nothing better

>>523558397Yeah that looks creepy. I'd rather just jump to real 3DPD porn at that point. And that looks even worse when animated, too. Stick to anime or even cartoon aesthetic. The tech isn't good enough for the realism ones yet. And yes I've seen that 3D monster game with the nice tit physics, but then you actually download it and see the sex animations and it's atrocious.

>>523558847>and see the sex animations and it's atrociousi hope you're not referring to Wild Life. Cause the sex animations in it are leagues and leagues above all your awful illusion games

>>523558397>/weg/ games>shitty screenshot 3DCG>just a shitty Ren'Py visual novel>the only interaction you do is using the Start and Skip buttons>Patreon scamware so it never gets finished

>>523557419>>523557419fear and hungry design is shit, it has nothing to do with challenge, its way how its designed just pad out its length and that sucks the fun out of itmost deaths come from experimenting and figuring out how the game works, the rest of the deaths are forgetting how to kill a certain enemy or just getting fucked by the rng coin flipfear and hungrys combat is shit, most the fun of the game stems from discovering new things, which padded by how the saves work until you know exactly how to make a safe save spot.fuck that all that reprog until then

>>523558847Are you talking about wild life? The animations are actually pretty good> Double minataur holding dp

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>>523559482he said game so no.

>>523553171My nigger. I'll help you out with some more, though the amount of ntr varies. There's a lot more games out there that focus on that more, but the art is usually complete trash so I don't bother and I won't recommend them. Princess Go RoundKarryn's PrisonFleeting IrisAlmost any ONEONE1 gameTina: Swordswoman of the Scarlet PrisonFallen MakinaAll can be found on F95.

>>523559614dog bless f95 making cooming easier than ever

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>>523559482Pretty annoying that Wild Life barely updated and has become just another patreon milker.

>>523548025is liz and good? I already have it downloadedcivilian defense squad was pure low effort shit

>>523548025>>523555734>>523556196i want another sophie game

>>523559178>>523559482I am, and it's fucking awful. Illusion games have shit animation too, so being better isn't a high bar. I fucking laughed when switching sex positions in Wild Life had the models rotate through each other to reach it. And the sex animations were numerous but didn't look good enough to bother fapping. I deleted the shit after an hour of trying to find something worthwhile. I know there's not much out there of quality, but no need to praise something for being the best of the worst.

>>523548025Why are they all coomer shit?

>>523558439It's alright user, I'm the same. It's death. Obvious end. But the pleasure she can induce. I try to associate her with as much nope as possible but the promise of such intense good feeling keeps making my dick override common sense.

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>>523554850The rebellious youth (which 4chan especially is full of, believe it or not) always swing away from wha the mass media and corporations shove down their throats. And right now lesbians are EVERYWHERE. They're in every TV show, every anime, every videogame, every cartoon, they're called perfect amazing beings by Twitter culture and the mass media.Lesbians are just boring now. They lost that 'forbidden love' aspect they once had. Heterosexuality is where it's at now.

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>>523557761Fuck off shiki

It's so hard to find a game that both hits the fetishes you want and doesn't have art that looks like a blind elementary schooler drew it. Like there's a million female slut MC games out there, but only a handful have good enough art to fap to. Maybe the scenario and dialogue might be amazing and hit you right in the fetish with some game, but if if the art's trash who cares.

>>523560046Nah, you're just a picky little cunt. I suggest you go back to your 3dpd blacked cuck shit faggot.

>>523560353Thankfully yuri and lesbians are two vastly different things.

>>523560124Because nobody would play bland shovelware otherwise

>>523548025is noble man's retort any good?

>>523560512honestly I would prefer if some people just made an erolitrpg with no visuals and just text if they suck at art

>>523560668Its got some really good scenes in it and the art is decent the early game is a grind and NEVER EVER go into the dungeons especially the door dungeon

>>523560668I like it enough.

>>523560556Sorry I just have eyes. Illusion is shit, Wild Life is shit, Honey Select is shit. Maybe one day we'll get a good-looking and good animation realistic graphics fap game, but it's not here yet. I almost envy your low standards letting you get off to whatever garbage you can find. Trying to play the blacked meme card just shows I've touched a nerve.

>>523560668people swear it's clymenia's best game, but I liked Liz and salvation more desu.

>>523560668It's alright, but don't expect any girls that are not on the cover to have scenes with the MC.

>>523556742Fan art done by:>twitter.com/fun_nyari/status/1290526480473063424/photo/1You probably won't like it though

>>523560991I was so disappointed when you couldnt fuck the girl with daddy issues

>>523560992>cropped image is better than the full thingevery fucking time

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Any good Western games like Milfy City that aren't absolute fucking garbage like Being a Dik?

>>523560556If you think wild life's animations are good you're retarded. They get off on having quantity, not quality. Just watch SFM porn of Overwatch or something instead that looks a million times better for 3D.

>>523560668The only worthwhile scene is the tea one.

>>523560992>mosquito bite titsYikes

>>523548025Liz's design is super fucking cute.


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I really liked Witch's Heart and Hellow Charlotte. What's another rpgmaker game I would like?

>>523555329Based. EraTohoTW is good too.

tfw no Peniban Quest 2

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>>523561160I don't understand how you can like one but hate the otherThey are practically the same fucking game

>>523561389>that picso what exactly is the game like?

>>523561341bury (it's in Wolf instead of RPGM, but whatever)

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>>523560353Because lesbians will let you get brownie points but not drive people totally away

>>523548025Blacksouls and MGQ Paradox.

>>523548025Suddenly Feminized?! School Survival is a nice short gameshinobu-kun is a good game too

>>523560668any anons know some games similar to NR where you can slowly corrupt people into becoming degenerates?

Where my Karryn's prison niggas at?

>>523548025[Tsukinomizu Project] The Succubus Trap Island was damn good

>>523561478Hardcore femdom from beginning to end.pic related, getting sodomised over your father's grave whilst listening to your mother getting pleasured by another one of your party members.

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>>523548025>liz.jpgNow that reminds me of DEFINITIVE LISA TIER LISTMust Play Tier:>LISA: The Painful>LISA: The Hopeful>LISA: The Pointless - Mystics of Trash and ViolenceFine Tier>LISA: The Bashful>LISA: The Pointless - Phone Crew>LISA: The Pointless - Gardenias>qol/extra content modsMaybe Tier>LISA: The Unbreakable>LISA: The Wishless (demo)>LISA: The Joyful>LISA: The Vegaful>crossover modsShit Fuck Tier>LISA: The Joyful - Arkantos>LISA: The Lustful (demo)>Liza: The Ungrateful>meme mods>unfinished gamejolt/archive dev buildsDoleful Tier>LISA: The DolefulNot Even Actually Lisa Tier>Lisa The First (aka Lisa the Yumenikkiful)>Rebound>Escape from Detroit>PRiCE RPG

>>523562132>only translation is MTLmakes it uncoomable because even by MTL standards it sucks and half the time breaks the text boxes

Anyone got a torrent for RPGmaker?

>>523548025>Just played Liz's game because I liked her personalityShe's honestly cute.I burned myself out playing Eroge RPG Maker games earlier this year and then once I recovered I did it again with BS 1+2.I might get around to playing LISA once I take another break. Or Vitamin Quest 1 if that's RPG Maker.But what good corruption games are there that feel like the pure degeneration of a person? Clymeme games are fun scene wise but the progression isn't as good as it could be, what with Sophie's game feeling weak, CJL2 being a chore to play, Salvation having the issue of balancing 3 characters and Liz's having the whole purification thing instead of being a constant downwards spiral.

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>>523560908What is your top pick then user?