Why was Bam erased from THPS1+2?

Why was Bam erased from THPS1+2?

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Okay, that is a bit mean.

>>523547848Cause who the fuck is Bam? Only 30+ people remember him.

Kek, I never noticed that.They probably would've had to pay him to include his likeness, so they just cut him out. He wasn't actually in the game as a skater until THPS 3.

did bam rape somebody or something

Because he's not in the game. That's the simple, boring answer.

>>523548213nah, he's just an alcoholic

>10 seconds of googlingHe was never in them?

>>523548261He's just an earth rocker looking to get his dick sunked.

>>523548340he was edited out of the THUG2 cover

Probably didn't pay to use his likeness

>>523548340How dense are you? This is the boxart for THUG2. See what's missing?

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>>523548530He meant that he was never in the original two games. Bam first appeared in pro skater 3, so why would they pay him just so they could show his face on some in-game poster?

Bam wasn’t in THPS 1 or 2 retard. His first game was THPS3I have no idea why they photoshopped him out of the THUG 2 cover though.

Tony being based once again

Is there anyone in the CKY/Jackass crews worse than Bam?

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>>523547848>>523548530Fucking kek. That cracked me up when I first saw it. Poor earth breaker or whatever his nickname was

>>523548341my names bam margera and this is sunkin phils dick

>there's literal graffiti in the game that says "GIBS"How racist

>>523548973Damn, Phil looks great

>>523548530Jesse James riding a scooter is also removed from the remake poster. It's definitely just a licensing issue.

>>523549227>either Phil got a lot healthier or Bam fell off the wagonKek.

>>523548530Not only is Bam gone, but so is Jesse James.

>>523549258>>523549482OH YOU DIDN'T KNOW?

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>>523549482Yeah, didn't notice that until I went on Reddit. So it probably is just licensing (although you'd think that'd be handled by using assets from an already-released game but whatever).

>>523549567Fucking faggot nigger

>tfw play the game for 7 hours straight>thumbs really hurtAnyone else know this feel?

>>523548530haha good meme, cuz yeah every promotional material has them both.

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I'm actually pissed off one of my favourite songs from the original game wasn't included.youtube.com/watch?v=mqDDtK1FQv4

>>523548973Ryan Dunn might be doing a bit worse.

>>523549890That's not the same piece of artwork.

>>523550139What madman bam out of this picture too?

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>>523549028kek miss uncle fill

>>523547848Does this mean the Tony defeats Bam timeline is canon? Interesting.

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go one step further and remove both

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>>523547848fuck bam. he's a retard with substance abuse issues>boo hoo im rich but i have so many problemsworst. jackass guy. ever

>This guy now has his shit together the most out of all the Jackass/CKY guys

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>>523547848>be a superstar>get bloated>die miserably>your "friend" doesn't even force actijews to pay you respectsBam had a hard life.

>>523551560What is all the blue shit

>>523551560that is one stressful image

>>523551774Whippets, NO2.

>>523551774gas that makes bubbles in soda

>>523547848Didn't want to pay for his likeness

>>523551869>>523551774That's CO2 you're thinking of. Whippets are Nitrous Oxide, not Carbon Dioxide.

>>523552114Nitrous makes cars go fast

>Come home from high school and fire up tony hawk's underground to make stupidly long grinding rails and see how long I can last on them while watching viva la bam and jackass on mtvThose were the days

>>523552415>the Jackass DVDs aren't the full series, but only most episodesBut why. I hate that MTV does this.

>>523549028cmon bam its 4 o clock in the mornin i aint tryna get my dick sunked

>>523552415WHATEVER THE **** I WANT

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god the mid 2000s fucking sucked

>>523549258>>523549482>>523549546>no bam also means no jesseWhat does this mean for the timelines?

>>523551419>remove tony hawk but it's still tony hawk's underground 2

>>523551419>Jessie James' UndergroundIf I had to play that fucking scooter all game I'd kill myself.

>>523555721Mid 2000s were just discount 90ties desu which is still better than the post smartphone/social media era


>>523549546What the fuck, I didn't realise this guy was in Thug2, that's hilarious

>>523558161He's on the first level, how did you not notice?

>>523547848If Tony Hawk did a 900 with a golden ratio spin, will he be able to counter Bam's toki wo tomare?


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>>523559904Italians go through puberty twice or something. This can’t be normal aging

>>523547848Probably didn't want to give him royalties for using his image since he is not in the game.

>>523559904>Why are we filming my scenes first Johnny?

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>>523551560They're all sobering up. Steve-o was the most obvious one to be going into the grave early so they focused a lot on him, and through his own admission there were several failed interventions because he himself was a stubborn idiot.

>>523560305Where's Ryan Dunn?

>>523560418He's dunn.

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>tfw met Tony Hawk and even took a selfie with him.

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>>523558235Maybe he just forget because of how unfunny it was, like the rest of THUG2

>>523547848He's been replaced by Vinny Beedle

>>523560418He Dunn goof'd.

> Bob Burnquist gets his ultimate revenge and replaces Bam in story modeDon't act like you didn't see this coming

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>>523547848The game takes place in the non-bam timeline, I thought it was obvious.

>>523548035Dude, a lot more than 30 people know who Bam is. Jackass was massive.

Crack when? I'm not buying this game on Chinese spyware.

>>523548035are you retarded?

>>523560951Bob can't stop winningtime for Slack!

>>523561241>egs exclusive>published by activision blizzardGonna pirate it too.

>>523561352Tim already paid for it.

>>523561352don't forget Denuvo too!

>>523560951>>523561296bob also took care of himself and looks like this at 43. get your shit together bam

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Guys is the map editor in this game? I need to know before buying.

Tom Green was betterSubway Monkey Hour is the best thing to ever air on cable tv

>>523548530Nice photoshop

>>523553252Almost all the home releases are fucked. Rob and Big is in 480i

>>523561241>>523561352>>523561632>Chinese spyware>EGS exclusive>Activision Blizzard>Denuvo>TranniesJust how deep does this pozhole go?

>>523560951He can't keep getting away with this!

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>>523562113>mask propagandaIt's going deeper. Where are the trannies though?

>>523552114Whippets are CO2. The name originated from people huffing the CO2 from Whipped cream canisters.