Fans do what Nintendon't

Fans do what Nintendon't

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>they do it for freePathetic.

>>523547032>phong shaders on a wrinkly butt

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>>523547032>fans make mario look like some poorly drawn deviantart inflation fetish hentai

>>523547032If they updated the courses and course textures, it may look a little better. Right now it's jarring and doens't capture the look they're going for.

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>>523547537>knowing what deviantart inflation fetish hentai looks likeyikes, that's a you problem bro


>Unofficially licensed Nintendo modSHUT. IT. DOWN.

>>523547032Too much soul for nintendies to handle


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>>523547032Looks like a horrible 2012 unity demo or like pic related, consider suicide

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>>523547032if the remasters were actual remakes and nintendo slavishly recreated every single detail of the promo renders for realtime gameplay i'd pay for that alonei don't know what floorlicker is earnestly going to buy a slightly upsclaed mario 64 with no real adjustments

>>523547603IIRC they plan on it once every character/enemy model gets finalized

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>>523547032>not official>stolen the source codeSoulless. I'll wait for the official Switch release instead, the way it was meant to be played.

>>523547032>phong shade for 64s art style >things look THIS bad i'll play what nintendo gives me because it doesnt look like this kind of dogshit.


>>523548345>>523547603>>523547537>>523547402Bings have been so starved of a decent remaster or a mario game that isn''t in the rehashed NSMB style that they forgot what soul looks like.

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>>523547032Nintendo should unironically hire this man

>>523547032i don't get why everyone's cumming in their pants over this texture/model pack. It looks good in a novel early cg sort of way in the promo pics but it looks horrendous ingame

>>523548689nah you're just a bootlicking faggot. it looks great despite not even being anywhere close to finished.

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>>523548689I don't think anyone is, I think it's just shitposting

Looks like shit. Stay seething pc faggots.

>>523548412>it's just like muh 90s raytraced cgiyou're worse than nintendrönes

>>523547345please reconsider looking at this individuals job resume, I believe he is a worthy candidate to hire for the position in the graphics department. Thank you.


>>523548689It's falseflagging tendies trying to make their project 64 port with upscaled texture pack look good.

>>523547032looks shitty

This is the equivalent of that guy on tumblr who "fixes" art to include more niggers and fat representation. You should never do this shit without permission. Nintendo is not fond of modders so why don't you just fuck off?

>>523548867>that sm64DS fish modelkys


>>523549265what did he mean by this

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>>523549265like I already said, you forgot what soul looks like.

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>>523549195>You should never do this shit without permission. Nintendo is not fond of modders so why don't you just fuck off?

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>>523549195>asking permission for modifying a bunch of 0 and 1.Fuck off

>>523549195>You should never do this shit without permissionI can already tell how you look like in real life

I played this port the other day and it really does capture what mario 64 would have looked like. it felt like I was playing with this mario toy I had when I was a kid

>>523549195i swear a year or two ago it felt like everyone always lashed out at nintendo whenever they took down a fangame or modwhen the hell did this turbo-autistic defense squad crop up, is it just bait

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>>523550287Bait / Stockholm syndrome.Aka: pretend to be retarded for too long, and a bunch of retards will show up and feel right at home.


>>523550287This board has ALWAYS been full of autistic nintendies from reddit

>>523547032Looks good for the most part but the back of Mario's head as seen in your pic looks really horrible and they should fix it. The cap is too short and shows too much of his hair instead of just the bottom part, and the bottom part is made up of weird blobs.

One of my memester friends sent me a video of this shit last night as "proof" of a superior version and I could only wonder if he is blind. This looks objectively worse than the 3d All Stars version.

>>523547032Absolutely disgusting. Why would anyone ever install this mod?

>>523548867>those noisy high res textures on flat simple level geometryPure garbage.

>>523547402No matter how they remodel it, romhackers will never make it look like the promo. N64 lacks dynamic lighting. You'd have to remake the game from scratch in a new engine. Like those Unreal videos but not ass-looking and actually copying the physics.

>>523551370It's not a romhack. This is the PC source port

>>523547537shit taste + seek help

>>523547032You're getting there Mariofags. You've still a ways to go before you reach heights like Sonic and Doom, but you're doing much better than Crashfags. I believe one day you will create genuine good mods though at the moment you've only a handful.

>>523547675they can'tdecompiled code isn't illegal and none of the repositories include any original assets (you need a rom if you want to compile it yourself)it's the same territory as romhacks, you can host them anywhere as long as you don't provide a link to the actual game



>OP is clearly baiting>Nintendo fans are such autistic retards they're seething over itlol

>>523547032That looks awful

>>523548345>i'll play what nintendo gives meNintendo is giving you the same exact game as the original

>>523549412Absolute Chad.

>>523550287That's bullshit, every AM2R thread was full of drone autists crying bitch tears about how the game wasn't canon, that it was shit, and everyone in the whole thread should stop enjoying it. There were even people suddenly praising Nintendo when Mario Battle Royale was taken down, even though most of the board was enjoying it up until its demise.

>>523551306>This looks objectively worse than the 3d All Stars versionSo the N64 version with a single texture edit?

>>523547032In the end, PCfags are the ones that won.>Mario64 for free and at 60fps with tons of modding, can use any controller they want too>Mario Sunshine, Free and 60fps with resolutions over 4k and also mods, can use a gamecube controller if they wish.>Mario Galaxy, free and literally perfect using mouse as pointer, High resolutions>Also get Mario Galaxy 2

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>>523553936PC always winUnless it's Sony exclusives, but one we'll prevail

>>523547032If Nintendo changed a single iota of SM64 this board would call it soulless.

>>523554247Even that is happening

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All the pc port needs is raytracing and they could literally remake the game to look like promo art.

>>523547032This is what graphics will look like in 2002!


>>523548241the funny thing about this, is that there are people who think about this unironically

Yeah, fans do a horribly work. Nintendo doesn't.

>>523557442I don't know what a horribly work is, but Nintendo does horrible work sometimes.

>>523557678>I don't know what a horribly work is,I'm phoneposting rn, I'm the worst.

>why would I pay $60 for rereleases when I can play them on my PC for free>proceeds to shitpost instead of playing the games on PC for freeEmulatards don't play games

You know, I honesty would be bothered with the SM64 port if they just upped it to 16:9. It doesn't seem like it would cause much in the way of issues. It feels like Sunshine is the only one to get much attention. SMG was already ported to the Nvidia Shield and is probably based off that port.

>phoneposting tendiesthis is what abib fought for


>>523557930We already played them, i'm currently playing Crusader Kings 3

>>523547032>the seams and stretching on that thwompplease someone teach them how to UV unwrap and how to make seamless textures


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>>523550287The Wii U flopping turned Nintendo fans into an actual cult

>>523547032That model looks like abject shit, why not just use the 3D Wold or Odyssey models?

>>523559437>Copyright 1996As if disrespectful piratefags gave a fuck about copyrightsNeck yourself.


>>523559437holy fucking based

>>523559437haha cool bro! Now play it portable like we can ;)

>>523560042>leaving the house everhope you're looking forward to your day off monday, wagie.

>>523560132I don't work, I have rich parents and I will never work a day in my life :) now play it portable like we can ;)



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>>523559437Nintendies btfo

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>>523560042>Now play it portable like we canAre you seriously making this argument. The point is that Nintendo isn't making Mario 64 for the Switch the definitive version over all other releases. It's so fucking lazy that you're locked to 4:3 aspect ratio when we know they could easily update the game. They don't even have to remove the original tile graphics or aspect ratio, they could have them as an option, but they don't because Nintendo knows you all love sucking it's cock even when it's smothered with shit and sweetcorn.

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>>523547395You know they all have patreons, right?

>>523550954It's the other way around, kiddo.