Persona 5 Royal

They really did add alot with Royal huh

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>>523546993I wish I had a pair of weight training lolis

They really did. People were bitching about it not being a DLC pack, but I don't think a simple DLC could encompass all the changes and extras.

yea they made the game piss easy and added the most aggressive siht waifu bait in video games

OMG they're literally children.This is so scary and creepy. What's wrong with anime fans?

>>523547374Who doesn't?

My wife Lavenza

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>>523546993>Twins help you exercise>Lavenza does it too when she goes to your roomneat


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>Every single weight is 6kgWhat the fuck kinda gym is this?

>>523551056That's why you bring your own lolis

>>523551151Come to think of it, aren't the twins like 30 kg each? So joker is benching over 80 kg with wobbly unstable weights? That's pretty impressive for a Jap teenager, unless Persona are buffing your physical abilities.

Didn't play in person 5. But I like manga.

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>>523551056>Not lifting for SatanNever gonna make it

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>>523551887I mean, his ultimate persona is literally gnostic Satan. Which he uses to shoot gnostic God in the head.

>>523549815>take your two (2) lolis and turn them into one (1) inferior loliwho the fuck thought this was a good idea

>>523551829>piano man didn't die>he became a personafugg

>>523552102It's how you approach DID, you try to bring the two (or more) personalities together into one whole.

>>523546993He's doing the loli bench press all wrong. First of all the lolis are supposed to be on the other side of the weights, the inside. Second, the girls are supposed to be resting with on their tummies on the bar. The goal being that when you lift the bar your reward is you can see up their shorts and see their cute panties and loli nipples assuming the correct attire.

>>523552102Lavenza is superior to the twins though, if you actually played Royal and don't realize this you have shit taste. The twins dates are fine for comedy but there's this sadness when you realize their autism is due to being incomplete people coping with their fractured memories and personalities as well as the fake warden job they're forced into.Lavenza meanwhile is a well rounded character who still has quirks but can actually function. Also she's just straight up prettier.

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>>523552632Yeah, but 2 is a bigger number then 1

>>523546993Yeah. I enjoyed the new content, and characters a lot. They basically steal the spotlight.

>>523552632People mainly don't like her because her outfit doesn't facilitate fetish play.

>>523552854It does if you like ojous. Works better when you see her dom side.

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>>523553029I find it funny when people complain about seeing her "Caroline side" less when she's deredere towards Joker for saving her. If Lavenza split into the twins again long enough for them to talk, Caroline would literally be nice to you because the warden stuff was all an act anyways.

>>523552632I'll take 2 mildly autistic lolis over 1 ""well rounded character"" loli any day.

>>523553384One of the risks of resolving a character's issues and showing beyond their surface personality is that some people will prefer the issues and the surface over what's underneath. It's not bad writing or anything but it can cause issues if you're trying to date/waifu her in this type of game.

>>523549815She is so cute

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>>523553628>mildlyIt's more than mildly. Did you do their dates? It takes the P3 Liz dates where she's learning about your world to the next level, the twins are like 3 year olds.

>>523553630Anyone who dates a tsundere and gets mad when they're dere is a fucking retard and doesn't deserve an opinion. Lavenza was always there under the surface with the twins, under the act forced on them by Yaldy and the exaggerated personality traits. If you were too shallow to see that or just wanted one dimensional lolidom wardens that's your fault.

>>523546993Yeah, Royal added and changed the most shit out of any Atlus re-release but a lot of it isn't immediately in your face and if you haven't played the original P5 in a long time then you might not notice that something wasn't in the original so people think it added nothing but the new extra month.

>>523554357>Anyone who dates a tsundere and gets mad when they're dereWhere do you think the modern-type tsundere fans come from? People who never understood the classic tsundere and LIKE the neverending tsun with no payoff.

>>523554664I don't mind modern tsunderes as long as there is SOME progression. When there is none then yeah the girl just comes off as an unstable bitch.

>>523546993How much does that shit weigh? I can barely bench 30 kg.

> meeting with minorsdisgusting

>>523555604It's okay, they're cops.

So many things happening now. Fuck its so hard trying to keep up with confidants

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>introduce new romance options>they're the best

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>>523558987They're also the youngest. Coincidence?

>>523559119How much of their quality has to do with their age though?

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>>523558987Imagine these two showing up to Valentines day with the 30 year olds.

>>523546993Wouldn't know because I'm not a cuck who buys the same game twice.

>>523560410If someone's valentines is split between cakes and lolis you know he's a man of taste.

>>523558987you can’t romance lavenza

>>523560546You don't need to romance someone already in love with you.

>>523560546Wrong, she's just not treated the same as the others, for better or worse. She's the plot mandatory romance, and as a result became the ONLY one with overt romance in

>>523560947Yeah but it’s unrequited. Sumire loves you but you still get a choice.

>>523561009>It's unrequitedFor you maybe, you fag

First for Haru, the love of my life!

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>>523560968wait is she officially the canon girl then? wew>>523561009>unrequitedretard, joker does everything with her he does with other girls, they just don't give you a choice because you have a maxed out bond already

>>523560968>>523561116>>523561221I don’t know why you retards think her saying she likes you means it’s a romance. She says she loves you in Vanilla too. You don’t even say or do anything romantic with her. She just sleeps on your shoulder because her new quirk is that she gets sleepy. You even have a choice with Elizabeth and Theodore.

>>523561206I fast forwarded every single one of her confidant cutscenes. God I hate this boring 5head bitch.


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>>523561496>girl straightforwardly confesses her undying love to you in THREE different games>Joker is close enough with her that you don't even need to choose, since he could never turn her down, they just proceed assuming you said yes because rank 10 already>uh no doesn't count

>>523561221>joker does everything with her he does with other girlsJoker routinely calls the other girls children and says he’s babysitting?

>>523561556t. Makotofag

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>>523561776He never does that with Lavenza you retard, only with the twins who WERE children mentally as previously discussed in the thread.

>>523561678>Joker is close enough with her that you don't even need to choose, since he could never turn her down, they just proceed assuming you said yes because rank 10 alreadyAre you fucking retarded???? Also learn to speak you ESL.

>>523546993Yes, alot of shit

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>>523561678He's just triggered it's a loli.

>>523561886Joker barely interacts with Lavenza so how does he “does everything with lavenza that he does to other girls”? Invite her to his room? You can invite Futaba (platonically), Ryuji, and Yusuke to your room. Please tell me anything Joker does that constitutes as romantic to Lavenza.

Lavenza is basically Aigis, absolutely in love with you regardless of whether you return those feelings or not, and it's ambiguous how much you do because it's a fucking self-insert. The guy losing his shit at Lavenza needs to cut the shit already and stop getting mad at how other people interpret Joker's reaction.

>>523561886Are you implying Lavenza isn’t mentally a child as well?

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