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Is Holla Forums enjoying babby's first mafia?

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>>523546797As a man of above average intellect, Town of Salem is my choice. To each their own however, I'm glad social deduction games are accessible to everyone by having dumbed down variations without complexity.

Didn't this come out 2 years ago? What made it blow up now?

>>523546797Started playing Among Us as a side game with my guildies. Shitting on my guild leader is loads of fun.

>>523548262The developers launched a henry stickmin compilation-game now that flash is going to be discontinued. They put references to this game inside and since lots of youtubers played it people found about it and started playing it with friends for fun.

I really, really like that image

>bumping your own shitty threadLMAO what a loser

>>523548215As a man with an intellect surpassing that of your own, I play Ss13. I do applaud you for supporting the genre though

>>523546797Aren't all those games basically ripoffs of Les Loups Garous de Thiercelieux?

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>>523546797Never played mafia before, wasn't big on town of salem although I only played it with random people.This though, been playing it with friends and I've been having a blast.

>>523546797I saw a bit of gameplay of it, and I only have one question: what's stopping everybody from to stick to groups when doing tasks? If people die from a certain group then it'll be easier to guess who the imposters are.

>>523549579Lifes one fucking rip-off after another. Living under a rock are you?

>>523546797playing with randos is painful and i dont have friendsi regret my choice

>>523549727That tactic is good but only if EVERYONE sticks together and only one impostor is alive.

>>523546797Why would I pay money for a flash game?

>>523549727reactors/oxygen force people to split up plus a group of 4 isn't safe since the imposters can just double kill and then vent

>>523549948But it's free?

the only mafia I like is one night werewolf, I just can't handle the multi round ones.

>guildfor me it's the scpsl steam chat

>>523550149ONUW is great, expansions make it a bit too tedious for the pregame phase

>>523548215>Town of SalemDon't ya have to pay now to play it?

>>523549727i'm pretty sure people can't see animations of a kill, so if you get people running in a blob you can kill someone and nobody would be able to pinpoint who did itit called a stack kill i believe

>>523550442its like 5 bucks tho.

>>523550446unless there's an option to disable them I don't know of you can definitely see those animations

>>523549993>>523550446But then just call a random emergency meeting, check who's not alive and deduce that the survivors from a group are the prime suspects.

>>523546797>see streamer playing Among Us>after he loses a match he accuses other people of stream sniping and they kiss his ass the rest of the game

>>523550442Not if you played 5 games before it went pay to play.

>That dude who throws a tantrum when he gets found out and people start calling him out on it

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>>523548262Some big streamers on twitch played it on a whim.

>>523550616but if it a group made up of EVERYONE like he said then everybody is a suspect and we're back to square one

>>523546797Can you please make a thread on /vm/ so we all can play together?I own the game on steam but I know you kids have all those fancy cellphones and the game is free on those.

>>523548215town of salem is so fast and has so many roles it's barely a social deduction game

>>523549579Isn't Loup-Garous a ripoff of Mafia?

>>523550849I never said a group of everyone. I said groups, plural.If everybody agrees to circle back to middle every now and again and designate a couple of randoms to do emergency meetings, then your probability of catching the imposters seems to be higher.So is there a gameplay mechanic to stop people from doing that? The oxygen seems to be the only thing as someone mentioned but if you split your groups properly you can still make it more of a hassle for imposters and increase your survival greatly.

>guy im with leaves room >gets reported dead 1 second later>ask the reporter what he saw>"uhhh was just walking down the hallway and saw the body yup">point out I saw him alive literally a second earlier and that it has to be a kill and self report>"lol self reporting is dumb and never works xD it's clearly user then vote him out"

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>>523548215I have to agree. Among us feels too simple.

>>523551413Making up tactics like that is full faggot mode tho

>>523552197if it's overly complex the social deduction element is lost and it becomes a game of figuring out a rube goldberg machine

>>523548262extreme similarity to fall guys in graphic design

>>523548215i only like town of salem using the ruleset where the roles are semi-standardized. it's way too hard to deduct what is going on otherwise.

>>523552290>game about figuring out who's the imposter in order to win>"Hey guys lets try this method to figure out who-">NO JUST VOTE RANDOMLY FUCK EVEN TRYINGThanks for reaffirming my suspicions then.No point in trying it out if people have to pretend to be retarded to enjoy it.

Can you pirate it? Been looking for version 54 for ages.

>>523552903>party game>hey guys lets play this video gamey as fuck and metagame so that the imposters have an even harder time when the game is inherently stacked against themya I bet you're real fun to play games with

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hey Holla Forums spell innocent backwards you have 10 seconds

>>523548215Among Us didn't have a giant email and password leak


>>523548215it's also boring

>>523557308ten cute and funny

I prefer epic mafia

Project Winter is way better and with more depth than this. I truly don't now why would you prefer Among Us instead of PW.

>>523555027I played the version on online-fix for some time but it no longer works and I was so hooked by the time I ended buying the game. Maybe they have some fresh steam files on can always get the mobile version, it's free and you can crossplay with the desktop one.

>>523558451>using voice chat with strangersNo, thank you.

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For me it's TTT

I think this style of game would work really with Danganronpa

>>523558237finally someone with taste

SS13 is better.

>>523558832Among Us uses voice chat too.

>>523548215Not fun with friends though since it's just cheating unless you have a group of over 10 people lol

>>523559071Among Us only uad voice chat by default. People using voice online are playing the game in a skype/discord call.

>>523559251**Only had text chat**

>>523558857Based. All 400+ hours of my time in gmod are all from TTT back when servers were less anal about innocents killing each other. I love tricking motherfuckers into killing each other, nowadays most players are too afraid to do anything without being attacked first.

>someone reports body>everybody skips vote

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>>523560039skipping vote should honestly happen the 1st two reports