What's the vidya equivalent of this?

What's the vidya equivalent of this?

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saying you like arena fps games because you think that will make you "hardcore"

what an idiotic image

>>523546648Only 3 of these are pretentious. This chart was made by a literal brainlet who can't into philosophy or symbolism. It's truly pathetic.

Ping pong, monogatari, and tatami galaxy are not pretentious at all. Nier automata is melodrama and the fans are up their own ass.

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>>523546648how is monogatari pretentious?

>>523546648UndertaleNier Automata"Anything that lives is designed to end"You don't say

>>523546648While games can have pretentious stories I think it'll be more fun to explore what the equivalent in games is of a pretentious story in a storytelling-focused medium.In my case, I think the equivalent is games that people like for stupid reasons. I.E. giving games with shit gameplay a pass because their story is "so deep bro", or liking games with a shit learning curve because "it's so rewarding bro"That being said, the list would probably look like:> At least one dadshmup> At least one walking simulator> Some shitty arena FPS with god tier movement and shit tier everything else> At least one shitty old fighting game- not even something people play anymore, just something people say they play> Your pick of any 1-3 super meat boy-like platformers that are just 90% killzone 10% actual platformer> At least one game that thrives on an edgy aesthetic> Undertale, Earthbound, and/or Persona 3Some of the games that wind up on the list may or may not actually be good, but people don't like them because they're good.

>>523547225Did you skip the K-on also? It's clearly bait.

>>523547118>>523547225monogatari isn't pretentious, it's just garbage

>>523546648metal gearundertalethe last of usdeus exhalf life

>>523547437You are an actual subhuman it's unreal


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>>523547541enjoy your "thinking man's haremshit"

>>523546648probably my favorite games

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>>523546648Don't get me wrong k on is hot garbage but I don't see how it could possibly fit under pretentiousAnyway spec ops the line is the first thing that springs to mind. Maybe monument Valley 2

>>523547437Imagine hating monogatari

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I love how stupid people look when they call a piece of media itself pretentious.

>>523547437shaft is an acquired taste.>>523547543the fans pretend (i hope) it's super deep.

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>>523546793But he's right. I like some of those works and they're even among my favorite anime, but their fans unironically believe they're smart and intellectual for liking them.

>>523546752>Arena FPS>Pretentious Do you know what the word even means? Arena FPS has been normie tier it's entire existence

>>523547764>the fans pretend (i hope) it's super deep.where? when? what drugs are you on?

>>523547408It doesn't have to be just arena shooters, just any game that people like because of an unintentional glitch that actually just makes the game worse like smash melee or Tribes.

>>523547437Both aren't mutually excluding, you know.


>>523546648I love Ping Pong but it's literally just guys playing ping pong, what was so pretentious about it?


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>>523547880that one digi tranny video probably started it.

>>523546648Whats that broken egg one?Only one i don't recognize.

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>>523548021literally who?holy fuck I hate you zoomers and your obsession with internet celebrities

>>523548062Angel's Egg

>>523548108>knowing someone is an obsession take your meds>>523548062>automata babby doesn't know entry level animeand no one was shocked

>>523548009>wojak Like clockwork

>>523546648I watched all of them and only really liked Ping Pong.

>>523546648>k-pn!>bakemonogatariwhat? those are coomer core

This is a joke, right? How could somebody not get Ping Pong? The point is literally "ping pong is fun".

>>523547880Digitranny said it's deep

>>523546648>It's the best the medium has to offer, therefore it's pretentious

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Fuck you, OP, now I want to rewatch Shinsekai Yori.

>>523547437Absolutely true

>>523548247I love Nier: Automata.

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>>523547118>up their own assMore like toobi's ass

>>523548659>It's the best the medium has to offer,kys zoomer

>>523548021I dont remember digi talking about how deep it is, just how good it is.

>>523547298Undertale is the opposite of pretentious, it has massive and broad appeal.

>K-on >Pretentious

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>>523548247>knowing someone is an obsessionyes it is. zoomers cant think for themselves and it's fucking pathetic. always going to ecelebs and repeating their opinions verbatimold series are never discussed until some fag with blue hair makes a video on it and then suddenly there's 20 threads about it

>>523548839more like 2booty amirite bros xD


>>523547437it's a great filter for shounenshitters

K-On! > SSY > Ping Pong > GitS > Madoka > Tatami > Utena > Raguko > VGE > NGE > Monogatari > Lain > TnT > Mononoke > Texhnolyze > HxH

>>523546648Replace Pingpong, HxH with Free! and Gays on ice.

>>523546648>GitSEven brainlets would enjoy the robotic stuff and the action scenes, why is this in there

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>>523549502>gay on fag has shit tastethe absolute state of kyotranny

>>523549502K-on will always be shit no matter how much your idol digitranny loves it

>>523546648Good image besides HxH, what are you actually supposed to get from it? It's just a fun show

>>523546648Thanks for the recommendations, bitch.

Haibane Renmei is missing

>>523549608Too many scenes where nothing happens and it's just long shots of the city. Patlabor is guilty of the same crime.

>>523546648How in the fuck is Ping Pong pretentious. It's a simple sport story.

>>523548659>anything made by kyoto animation>not bottom of the barrel trash

weebs need to be put into gas chambers

>>523546648desu I used to like Eva, HxH and SSY but now I can't because they're popular with normalfags. you contrarian fucks have ruined me

>>523550053So fire force is pretentious now? Or at least season 1 is>m

>>523550053>noooo you cant just enjoy good animation

>>523549681>>523549783Who the fuck is digitranny?

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>>523550053This, just to come off as "lol memes can like mutate and shit and they are also like informative genes woah dude".

Unironically Dark Souls

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>>523550053Slow scenes don't instantly make people's brains stop working, you might actually somehow be managing to underestimate retards

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>>523546648>utena>evangelion>k-on>madokaWhat the fuck is there to get? The story is pretty straight forward.Lain is the only one which requires some thinking because it is a critique of people being more obsessed with internet rather than communicating in real life.

>>523548247>automata babby doesn't know entry level animethat's a good thing, to not care about trash

is psycho pass pretentious?

>>523551007pretentiously based

>Dark Souls>The Last of Us>Witcher 3>Kingdom Hearts>Majoras Mask>Metal Gear Solid>Sonic >Nier: Automata>Melee or Smash Bros in generaljust some of the ones that I think of

>>523550960Automata has worse writing then every show there. about as much melodrama as VEG

lain is goodtexhnolyze is shitping pong is goodutena is whatevermononoke is fineshinsekai yori is mehbakemonogatari is goodevangelios is finetenshi no tamago is whateverviolet evergarden is mehghosts in a shell is finetatami galaxy is goodk-on is goodmadoka is goodhxh is shounenshitshowa genroku rakugo shinjuu is fine

>>523546648>japanese cartoons make me reconsider life persona 3

>>523550781Migh also add I recommend people watching Lain because it is just that, a critique on how obsessed people are with the online world and this came out in 1998. If the creator only knew how correct some of the things in the show was.

>>523551093No, any grounds they had to discuss morality and crime went out the window the moment it was revealed shit was all just brains in jars

>>523551007Not until the last 10minutes where it went all men are over.

>>523551308>bakemonogatari is good>utena is whatevermillennial faggot, I'll kick your ass

>>523550781I thought lain was about family specifically, lains life improved when her parents started to actually pay attention to her.

>>523546648>Nier>Nier Automata>Bloodborne>Undertale>FezThere's probably more that I can't think of right now.

>>523551679That was for the story, yes. Though, I don't think that's how it ended because it basically ended with her being alone accepting what she had become.But during the course of the story the show you have people commenting on the increasing usage of computers and internet.I honestly feel like rewatching it.

>>523546648Can someone explain to me how HiatusxHiatus is pretentious

Texhnolyze isn't pretentious, it's just slow.

there's nothing pretentious about K-On, it's absolutely honest on how trashy SoL it is

>>523552042It's not, it's just the /a/ equivalent of consolewars between wanpisstards and HxHtards and DBtards

I try not to use the word "pretentious" often because I feel it discourages experimentation, but I would still call Thomas Was Alone the most pretentious game I have ever played in my life.

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Slient Hill 2Planescape: TormentMetal Gear Solid 2PathologicXenogears

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>>523546648Any DrakeNier game. Automata gets a pass because half of the fans only like it because they think its fun or they like 2B's fat ass. It's also the only Yoko Taro game that doesn't hurt to play. Any Suda51 gameAny SWERY gameAny visual novel (most notably Fate, When They Cry and Danganronpa)Planetscape: TormentDisco ElysiumDeus Ex>>523551098>Sonic>Kingdom Hearts>Smash>pretentiousjesus christ

>>523552519I forgot Spec Ops: The Line

>>523546648How the fuck is Rakugo even considered pretentious?

>>523547837Really? Even Hunter x Hunter? I just finished the first season, but nothing in it suggests that it would have a pretentious fanbase. All the fans of it I met irl seemed like normal people

>>523552720>danganronpa does it really even try to be more than dumb fun anime?

>>523549502Dropped HxH at the chimera ant arc. It's way too fucking slow for me.

The LongingImagine actually spending 400 days pressing one button lmfao

>>523547626i can understand having any of those in your 3x3 except gears of war 5

>>523546648all anime is pretentious because it fucking sucks and people pretend its funny or epic at all>oh theres the sweat drop, time to laugh! Oh boy, what a tsundere this character is har har.

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>>523552652I don't get it.

>>523546648I've never understood why people think Angel's Egg is extremely complicated.It's avant-garde but the movie has two characters and one theme. It's a visual metaphor for loss of faith, that's it. Liking or disliking it is obviously going to vary based on your tastes but it's not exactly something you can do a 3 hour video essay breakdown for same way as End of Evangelion or Utena.


>>523552968>Even Hunter x Hunter?do yourself a favor and never visit /a/, it's better that you don't know.

>>523552720SOMEONE WHO ACTUALLY KNOWS WHAT THEYRE TALKING ABOUT THANK YOUDeus Ex is still an amazing game though, and Planescape imo.

>>523547437Filtered normalfag

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>>523546648>Slightly well written japanese cartoons are too much for me to handleKek. Kys imbecile redditor cuck.


I don’t typically buy manga, I buy books. I’m not saying that in a snobbish way. I buy classics - Tolstoy, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, James Joyce, Tennyson, Rilke, Goethe, William Gaddis, Julio Cortazar, Ford Madox Ford.But I put my HxH volumes on the same shelves as them. Proudly. There’s a feeling that resonates deeply with me - that the storming of the palace onward is capital-A ART. That the series’ main focus is to render humanity and nothing more or less. The way all the extremes of human nature are displayed in the Chimera Ant arc feels like reading a sort of contemporary Odyssey. It is epic in the original sense of the word -- something majestic that shines light on the nature of living.

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>>523546648>k-onSeriously? SoL are considered pretentious now?

>>523553241Ever try the series multiplayer? It's one of the few I still enjoy. Bouncing around with the shotguns, there's nothing else like it out there. I could show off the og gears instead and imply how I "used" to like to play it. I mean i'm still a fan of the setting and characters anyhow. I think gears is pretty underrated.

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>>523553856did not read, kill yourself weeb

People who are "PC master race" and refuse to buy a console.Compounded when they don't even own a controller.

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Probably my 3x3.

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>>523554206>V3I wonder why I never finished that game.

>>523553856That's cool and all, but I like Yu Yu Hakusho better.

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>>523546648those are all extremely entry level except maybe angel's egg

I'm convinced not a single person actually knows what pretentious means and how they even develop the criteria to label something as such, gosh.

>>523554129>people play action games with a mouse and keyboard

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>>523553856bad pasta

>>523548991Don't blame them, they have no free will.But, so are we.

>>523546858>literal brainlet who can't into philosophy or symbolismThat's the point, the ppl who watch this shit think they are woke

>>523546648i know its anime only but still add fire punch to this list

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>>523546648Okay I don't believe that K-On was originally here.Fate Zero was on this you can't fucking fool me.

>>523554206V3 and Nier Automata are the most overrated shit ever. Everything else is great. Good list.

>>523556059K-on is inanely pushed in anime circles as being a much bigger deal than the generic SoL anime it actually was


>>523556354I guess that's true? But its not pretentious in its own right?Zero is WAY more pretentious than K-On, K-On is literally (as you've said) a SoL anime. Even then, Zero isn't overly pretentious, its seemingly made worse by morons who don't understand its a story and not codes to live by. Madoka you MIGHT have an argument for in terms of what it presents while trying to be a deconstruction of the mahou shoujo formula.

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>>523555857Wrong. The kinds who watch it and are literally too dense to understand what's going on, then proceeding by calling other people pretentious, for he thinks other people could only pretend to have understood it.

>>523556701Anime (and art in general) can't really be pretentious, because they're not "trying" to pretend anything. Madoka for example is clearly trying to be a deconstruction.It's always about the fans and/or critics. They are the ones who are pretentious.

>>523547437based adult sex haver

>>523557664>deconstructionnot this againsubversion is not deconstruction

>>523556048uhhhh... KINO?

Pretentiousness is the mother of sophistication.

is gender bender romance gay?

>>523547917wavedashing doesn't strictly make the game worse, the fact that it's mandatory in higher level play and gameplay before and after you master it is incomparable is the issue. The presence of wavedashing in melee turned out a good thing, because it inspired people to take the mechanic and implement it properly, with buffering and stuff, in their own games.

>>523546648>evangelion>fucking k-onWho made this image? What a dipshit.

>>523546648Literally all of those are really good though.

>>523556796Wont disagree bc i can relate in some way.

>>523547437imagine announcing your shit taste so proudly

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>>523552720This is the one

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>>523557664This, fans are so fucking autistic. It's literally impossible to not be influenced by them in the digital age.


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>>523546648>Ping-PongWhat's wrong with that one? Nothing deep about it. It's just a decent anime about the spirit of competition

>>523558881Swap out 999 for Virtue's Last Reward/Zero Time Dilemma and you are dead on.

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>>523553002It only comes across that way in the english versionThe japanese version completely lets it be known that it's just being stupid. The English version plays it way more straight and has lead to the awful fanbase it has now.

>>523556048Explain Because im never gonna read it

>>523558881>Stanley parable>yet no "getting over it"

>>523553108Pleb successfully filtered

>Cuphead>Hollow KnightAnd any other game where fans unironically say that you got "filtered" if you criticize its shit gameplay. You're not cool for finishing these mediocre sidescrolling games, you're just an autistic fanboy.

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I always thought Bastion was pretentious as shit. Transistor, to an extent, but it has qualities that don't make me gag

Nobody even remembers Mononoke, what the fuck is this bait list?

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Imagine 4cucks el ogro de las americas with sub 60 IQ honestly thinking they have the audacity to judge the value of any media format.

>>523560383Hollow knight's flaw is in it's exploration and world design and cuphead is just fun Also pretentious isn't applicable to cuphead. You could just say "try hard" or "elitist"

>>523546648who's more toxic? anime elitists or music elitists?

>>523558881>the entire franchisedoes that include Drakengard as well?

>>523556479>pathologicIts been in my backlist for awhile but I'm too scared to touch it because I'm worried it's stupid

>>523547437Yes. Yes it is.

>>523552968Ngl I'm 110 IQ but the latest arc (in the manga) is incredibly hard to follow without a re-read, that's where the pretentiousness comes from probably.

>>523560383You're right, but I wouldn't say Cuphead or Hollow Knight fit that bill

>>523547437All these Monogatari fans who actually think they're the ones who don't have shit taste. I fucking hate romancefags so much, just read a vn you fucking faggot, all romance anime sucks automatically because it's done better in another medium 100% of the time.


are people really that challenged by nier: automata or is it a meme that got out of control and went full circle?

>>523561480Its melodrama

>>523546648>all those choices>but Ergo Proxy isn't thereYOU COMPLETE MY FATE

>>523560383Cuphead is hardly a sidescroller game.

>>523547858Found the pretentious fag lol

>>523546648pretentious core is unironically my favorite genre, i would add logh and then it's perfect

>>523559589pretentious animation

>>523546648Evangelion unironically requires a 120+ IQ to properly understand. I support this argument with the fact that I wrote my term paper for a college human mythology class on Eva and got a perfect score.

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>>523562086Hardly. It's a series that sacrifices a clean art style for super fluid animation. There's a trade off there.

Kill la Kill

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>>523551308>texhnolyze is shitStopped reading here.


>>523547437It's both


>>523546648>tatami galaxy>ping pong>madoka>shinsekai yori>NG FUCKING Enone of these are pretentious you slut>>523555857or a nigger