Dualshock 4 on pc

my DS3 finally crooked and I need a new controller. Do these work well on windows? What software is recommended?

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ds4windows and if you run steam it has drivers for it

>>523546418this and some games need a small mod where you change button prompts from xbox to ps, id wing it but im a retard

>>523546418do I have to run steam through big picture for it to work or does it just work?

>>523546281Steam makes it work flawlessly with everything, and its better than ds4windows.

>>523547809asking again if it only works in big picture mode or if it just works with normal steam.

>>523547997As long as Steam is running in the background, it can act as a driver for the DS4. I have steam open pretty much at all times, and I go back and forth between a DS4 and a switch pro controller for all of my gamepad needs. I've actually got bindings set for desktop use, so the touchpad on the DS4 can act as a mouse if I'm feeling particularly lazy.

>>523547997It uses big picture mode's controller software but big picture itself doesn't actually have to be running.

>>523546281Get an xbox one controller fgt.

>>523548424>No gyro

>>523548310Thanks>>523548304wait, so as long as steam is running I can play a pirated game and it'll work? not only that you can change bindings and use it in windows?

>>523546684It just works, it has bindings on a per-game basis and if you don't have a game on it runs a desktop config.For some reason the default config for DS4 has a digital trigger bind on a full pull of the trigger which can cause double inputs on some games so unbind the button action from the triggers, the analog will still be active.

>>523548638where do I unbind these keys? is it in big picture mode?

>>523548627Yeah, it acts as a general driver for the controller. I use it to play emulators with controllers, too.

>>523548907You go to the game in steam and click controller settings. It opens the big picture controller software menu without opening big picture itself.

>>523548923I thought I'd have to use everything through steam for it to work. What type of controller does it get recognized as in emulators then? Just a generic one? Do all the inputs and nuances of the inputs get recognized as they should? say the sensitivity of the analog stick actually works and isn't just emulating the WSDA keys or something.

>>523549010where is this "controller settings" menu then? am I currently not seeing it because I'm emulating a 360 controller with my DS3?

>>523549242nvm I'm an idiot I found it.

>>523548479gyro is useless

>>523546281Dont listen to>>523546418do not install that buggy shit ds4windowsyou dont need it

>>523549159You add it to Steam as a non-Steam game so you get the overlay.It gets recognized as an Xinput controller.You can bind it to whatever you want, it's emulating an Xbox 360 controller by default but you can bind whatever actions you want to the touch pad or bind the gyro to mouse control.

>>523546281It works! I use it all the time.

>>523549437>You add it to Steam as a non-Steam game so you get the overlay.Yeah that's what I thought I'd have to do. You made it sound as if the controller works period. So you run your emulator through steam too?I kind of wish I could just download a driver on windows and have it recognized after that.

>>523549348>sour grapes

>>523549437You don't have to add it to steam as a non-steam game, but then again I haven't used it for external software like that in quite some time so things may have changed. I would just leave steam open in the background and load up my emulator separately, and the controller inputs would get filtered through Steam and then sent to any other software.

>>523549437From what I understand some steam games recognize dualshock controllers and have icons for them.How does that work if steam is emulating it as a 360 one? does it just detect on a game by game basis if it has DS4 support?

Should I buy a black or white one, lads?

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>>523549586It's two different people replying to you, I'm >>523548923 and >>523549656. The point I'm trying to make is that it is exactly as easy as it sounds, you don't have to run shit through Steam or fuck with the bindings, it'll generally treat anything you run through it as a 360 controller in external software.

*drifts from one spec of dust*

>>523549656>>523549725A lot of games natively support DS4 in Windows, and yeah.Sometimes games lack the proper flags to tell Steam to not apply the controller customization if you have a DS4 so you can manually disable it per game.>>523549586Yes, if you want a universal wrapper use DS4Windows.

>>523547809I still have ds4 for emulation and rpgmaker

>>523549971works on my machine

>>523549997Steam IS a universal wrapper, that's what I'm trying to get at. I used to use DS4Windows before Steam's controller support became an a in one solution.

>>523549889black looks better when dirty, if you don't keep it completely clean white will look like shit

>>523549997What happens in that case? is that when double inputs become an issue? Then it sounds as easy as just turning off steam when playing that game. Or do games within steam itself have this issue? But this sounds great from the sounds of it, happy that some games also have the proper icons and shit even if it really isn't all that important.

>>523549971I have that problem too>>523550202there are plenty forum posts and discussions showing it's a recurring problem

I've had issues where external shit like emulators don't support steam (or the input mappings change) so I end up switching between ds4windows and steam based on what I'm doing.I don't think one is the best solution, they each have their own advantages. Steam is normie friendlier.

>>523550276I've realized that explaining this is a lot more difficult than it is to just use it. Pick up a DS4 for Windows games, heavily recommend it, and just start playing with it. You'll figure it out.

>steamdrones being unable to fathom one might not use steam for games.Use ryochan's DS4Windows fork as OG ds4windows is unmaintained and all your problems are solved.

>>523550240Really, my DS4 doesn't work in unsupported games unless I run it through Steam.>>523550276The only thing that happens then is that the game thinks you're using an Xbox controller when it could be giving you DS4 icons and touchpad actions.Double inputs are only in Steam with the emulated Xinput controller, might cause things like shooting twice in a shooter with one trigger pull.

>>523546281wait for Dualshock5, because DS4 has shitty microusb

>>523547997it works with the normal steam after you set it in big picture

>>523550680>Dualshock5I wish, the DualSense looks like a fucking disaster.

>>523550680but I use mine over bluetooth anyway

Is ds4 enough for rpcs3? It's almost impossible to find working original dualshock3

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>>523550356Is it easy to just disable DS4windows if you wanna switch over to the steam layout? DS4windows sounds like a nice solution, the only downside is cases where the games do have proper dualshock support and then it is a bit of a shame to lose out on the proper icons and shit. >>523550658>Double inputs are only in Steam with the emulated Xinputdidn't some user say that steam emulates the ds4 as a xinput one? >>523549997how would I know this, by the way? if a game has official support for the dualshock I mean, but steam fucking with it and just defaulting to 360 anyways.

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>>523550680The DS5 is probably going to cost like 150 dollars, so fuck that.>shitty microusbwhat's the issue?

>>523551092>Is it easy to just disable DS4windowsJust terminate it. If a game has proper DS4 support ds4windows can get them to show their prompts, just set your profile to report the controller as a DS4 instead of 360.

>>523550396Yeah you're probably right. I just wanted some good idea of what to expect and how it works before I buy one. But all sounds good, I'll be buying one.a final question though. Can I disable the LED light with steam? also a final-final one does steam have bluetooth support for the controller?


>>523551090not without pressure sensitive face buttons

>>523551092>didn't some user say that steam emulates the ds4 as a xinput one? Yes that was me and that's exactly what I'm saying. You have full freedom to bind out however you like but the default by Valve is a little off.You can't know if it has DS4 support unless the developers state as such or you try yourself by just disabling Steam controller configuration.

>>523551380yes yes

>>523551195>what's the issue?USB-C is better in every way?

>>523551195people apparently jump around and do cartwheels while playing games so it gets disconnected or something

>>523551505Does Demons Souls does anything with pressure sensitive inputs?

>>523550606fug I didn't know thatis the fork really better than the OG version or it's just a couple of extra things

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>>523551380Yes and yes. Steam can even control the color of the light and the brightness of it, I keep it a dim red just to let me know that it connects successfully.


>>523551609what way is valve off by default other than the trigger thing you mentioned?

>>523551635all I need my shitty usb connector to do is charge and then it's back to playing on bluetoothwho cares if USB-C gives me a blowjob while charging, I'm not using my controller at that time.

>>523551609Sorry I'm just a little confused. When does double-inputs actually become a problem then? Because I'm not really understanding it.If I JUST use steam and no other software, will I not have any issues with double inputs (unless it is this trigger issue you mention that I can change) ? I've heard people with DS4windows can get double inputs using steam because steam itself has their configs.

So when I get the DS4, what exactly should I check here for support? I currently do not have 360 controller checked despite the fact that I have scptoolkit emulating a 360 controller for me.

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>>523552336completely remove scptoolkit if you won't be using ds3 ever againyou'll never need it. playstation config support lets you do autistic controller remapping on the ds4 otherwise. it's a toggle for a reason. it's safer on but you might give up native ds4 support.

>>523552336BRUH!!! USE YOUR HEAD A BIT!!!

>>523551745Its mostly quality of life improvements and better compatibility. There is zero reason to use jay2kings' release at all anymore.ryochan7.github.io/ds4windows-site/

>>523546281Steam's support for it is excellent, and you can use it in non-Steam games just by adding them and running them via Steam.If that isn't to your taste, use ryochan's fork of DS4Windows which will emulate an xbox 360 controller.Finally, a few games have native support for the pad, but usually only over USB rather than Bluetooth. Steam/DS4Windows work fine over Bluetooth.>>523552131>>523552336The PlayStation option (already enabled) should be enough. As other anons have explained, this is something that sounds convoluted in theory, but generally just works perfectly in practice. I use a DS4 as my main controller and have never encountered a double input issue.

>>523546281>still using snoy chinese low qualoty shitget an xb1 pad or wait for the sex pad.

>>523552492>>523552532>>523552552Thanks lads. This more or less sounds like a "plug and play" thing, I'm just autistic and wanted to have a good idea of it all. I'm still curious about the what other things are off with the valve config other than the trigger thing.

>>523550680>wait for the always on nsa spy micFUCK OFF astroturfer.

>>523552751It's pretty easy. I've been using DS4 controllers, with Steam or DS4Windows, for years and years now.

>>523552653>no gyro

new games have internal support for ds4, including playstation button prompts and everything.

>>523552892what good is gyro

>>523552948I wish more games just gave you an option to pick prompts instead of auto detecting.The shit's already there. Save me the hassle when your auto detect can't figure out my controller because I have it behind 7 proxies.

>>523551945Just that.>>523552131Look, double inputs are only a problem for the L2 & R2 triggers and only in certain games.The issue comes from the fact that the default profile for the DS4 in Steam's controller configuration system has both triggers bound to both LT/RT as analog triggers and as a digital button when you pull it all the way. It makes a lot more sense once you play around with the interface yourself.Most of the time it works perfectly but it's just something to be aware about so you don't sit there wondering why you're sometimes shooting twice or something. Your controller isn't broken.

>>523553310Cheers, man. Thanks for all the help, really appreciate it!

>>523549889I have two white ones for the Pro and after a few months the right stick on both of them is getting stuck while inclined towards the left, so when I play something the camera keeps shifting towards the left.I don't know if it has something to do with the specific model or the way I use it, I can't even open them because the screws are too fucking stiff

>>523549603when was the last time you used gyro on pc?

>>523552993Great for action games that need aiming from time to time. Also neat if you just wanna kick back while playing shooters.

>>523546281all you need is a bluetooth driveryoutube.com/watch?v=z5GQXJL4HgE

Question that isn't really related to the DS4 but just controllers in general. Does having it constantly plugged in damage the battery in the long run? Is it smarter to disconnect it when not using it than just having it in all the time?

>>523553574this is meant for everybody that helped me in the thread


>>523554414people will tell you a lot of bullshit but modern batteries should no longer be affected by stuff like that in any significant anyway

>>523554695>>523554414the ds4 battery is pretty weak tho

>>523554414I'd unplug it when not in use. But that just might be out of habit because old shit didn't really like that. I'm sure newer shit isn't that bad.But either way, I'd assume keeping it plugged in all the time will cause some heat which will reduce the battery lifespan. Probably not much in the greater picture but meh I don't think it's too much trouble to unplug one cord

>>523546281DS4Windows is the best.Also consider using bluetooth, it unironically has less input lag when using over bluetooth since it's using 1000Hz polling rate and the USB polling rate for DS4 is 250Hz. That's 1 ms vs 4 ms of input lag.

>>523554896shutting off the light definitely helps but it definitely doesn't last long. rumble too if you care.

>>523546418Why would you need it at al? DS4 is plug'n'play with many games even changing button prompts to PS4's

>>523556748maybe because of countless games that only support Xinput?

>>523556692if you're using a usb bluetooth adapter, why wouldn't its polling rate also be low?

>>523556748DInput has basically no support anymore and the DS4 isn't supported by XInput natively.

>>523556903DS4 was made for wireless connection and USB was meant solely for pairing and charging the battery, that's why they cheapened out on USB, while they put it all into bluetooth. And in the end it does have better latency than many wired controllers.PS4 didn't even support DS4 wired connection until few years ago, when they added an optional setting.

>>523549409awful post, the few issues I had with DS4windows were resolved by reinstalling it and the 360 controller drivers it relies onyou need it as otherwise any games pre-2014 won't recognise your dualshock natively, most were built with 360 controllers in mind as they were the main controllers in use for PCif you have any better software, feel free to suggest it

>>523557608fun fact: you can use ds4 on pc and ps4 at the same time. wired on pc and bluetooth on ps4.not that it's any use but accidentally noticed it once while charging from pc usb port while playing ps4 game

>>523551090Yes. I've played both Project Diva F games, Persona 5, Demon's Souls, Nier, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, and Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition with a DS4

>>523557717>if you have any better software, feel free to suggest itSteam

>>523557860Now play Future Tone and give me your thoughts on it.

>>523557864He asked for better.

reminder to use actually actively updated DS4Windowsryochan7.github.io/ds4windows-site/

>>523557824I remember some youtuber using that to play two games at the same time for some challenge.

>>523546281Don't need any third party software if the game itself supports them, but most don't. DS4windows or Steam.

>>523557824>not that it's any useThat can be used for benchmarking performance between PC and PS4 at the same time with the same inputs.Back in the day DigitalFoundry did something similar, except for consoles.

>>523557973I play the arcade version of Future Tone with a ds4 and have no problems with it unless there was one for the ps3 I'm not aware of

>>523551090>>523551730The only relevant use of pressure sensitive buttons I can think of on PS3 are MGS2 and MGS3, both PS2 games.There's a reason why they dropped it with DS4, no one really bothered using it.

Windows 10 added native DS4 support back in March. Don't need steam or DS4windows. All games will recognize it as x-input and some games will give you ps4 prompts like Apex and CoD

>>523547997Turn this on so you can get the input config menu when you don't launch through big picture>>523548627I add everything pirated as a non-steam game. Run Steam as administrator and it works on 99% of games.

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>>523558472I do not believe that is the case so i'm going to ask for some sauce user.

>>523558160yea i'm sure it's not some really obscure fact but thought it was funny. tried to play crash 1 with emulator and the remake at the same time out of curiosity but kinda fucked up the syncing and got bored

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How are controller drivers on windows still such a shitty mess? Even linux has this shit figured out

>>523558791Don't have steam open or DS4windows installed at all. CoD, Apex, Wolfenstein 2, and PCSX2 all recognize it as x-input no problem.

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>>523559057>such a shitty mess>360/xbox controller literally just plugs in>DS4 now just plugs inYeah man, SO SHITTY.Linux fags are fucking annoying.

>>523546418>>523546684works but ds4windows is better and steam does its best to sabotage it

>>523558006>using ViGemneatI still use my DS3 and the vigem pack not only never bsod on me but I can use the bluetooth with DS4 (with steam) too. I wonder if this ds4win work with ds3 bluetooth

Does disconnecting the DS4 from the pc also turns on the ps4? I hated when it happened with the DS3.

>>523560125>Does disconnecting the DS4 from the pc also turns on the ps4?nah

>>523560125no, it becomes unpaired from your ps4, have to re-pair it

Avoid DS4

>>523560363>Avoid the most comfortable and ergonomic controller with the best D-padFucking deformed caveman confirmed

>>523558001Steam is superior to ds4windows in every way.

>>523553903Cemu emulation, it works

>>523560363>who could be behind this post?

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>>523561089i might be retarded but i had problems with software outside of steam. so i just use ds4windows for that shit to avoid any potential headache



>>523551090Btw rpcs3 recognizes it just fine without a wrapper.Retroarch as well.

>>523561441whats superior about it besides ease of use?

>>523561024>awful internal battery that will get you 3 hours max in a year>rubber sticks that will degrade in weeks>need to install shareware just to have it work on PC>every game is Xbox controls by default for a reason

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>>523561785>have to install windows 10 to use controller>same rubber sticks that suck>comes with no battery must use wired or purchase additional battery

>>523561785go suck dick somewhere else

>>523561942>not having an Elite 2 as THE controller for everything, even PS4 with a cheap dongle

DS4 works well, I've been using it for years with ds4windows. Lately I'm using the Switch Pro controller with the 8bitdo dongle because I got tired of messing with drivers and other shit, and also, my DS4 has a fucked up usb port and it only charges if I keep it completely still and propped up so that it makes proper contact with the wire. The Switch Pro controller lacks analog triggers but is very comfy and the battery lasts forever.

Doesnt scp toolkit support the DS4? I still use a DS3 but I'm pretty sure it supports both.

>>523562143>additional frame of input lag from dongle at minimumNAH

>>523562143>paying $180 for a controller without gyro

>>523561662CompatibilityGyro supportDs4towindows has nothing superior to it either

>>523561785>Awful internal batteryI'm not 30 feet away from my desktop so I use a wired connection>Rubber sticks that will degrade in weeksFunny how you only ever see this from gorilla retards who throw their controllers. I still have my DS4 from 4 years ago and the rubber hasn't chipped at all.>need to install sharewareI know you niggers are stupid and can't read, but it's been stated by several different people that it works natively on Windows now, just plug and play idiot>every game is xbox controls by defaultApex, CoD, Paladins, and that hyperscape game have PS4 prompts. I'm also not retarded so I know "X" really means Square and so onThe icing on the cake is that you're not only retarded, but also save pepe images.

>>523562307You just got rickrolled!

>>523562276What? sounds like you never used ds4windows before. also make sure you use the latest versions >>523558006