How come Diddy Kong Racing never gets any love?

How come Diddy Kong Racing never gets any love?

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>>523546158I don't know, but I wish they'd make another. Recently replayed through the original and I forgot just how good it was. Utterly destroys Mario Kart 64 in just about every way.

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>>523546158This game>>>>>Mario kart

>>523546158Because most normal faggots only played Mario Kart 64.

>>523546158Because its the only good kart racing game and everyone loves playing and making shit games now.

>>523546685Nah, it's a 6/10 at best. Fuck the silver coins.

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>>523546158>hailed as one of the best kart racers ever made>got a DS remake>"never gets any love"

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>>523549747Nothing at all wrong with silver coins including the pic you posted. If you can't play well enough to compensate for lost time gathering coins then you were filtered, plain and simple.

>>523549747Silver coins wouldn't have been as bad if you didn't also need to get first place, they fuck up your lines so bad.>>523550740Hard disagree.

>>523546158best kart racer ever

Too many boomers got filtered


>>523551187>Silver Coinds wouldn't be so bad if you didn't need to get goodSure

Fun kart game that can also be challenging. Takes time to master game as well>>523549747>>523551187How old are you? Must be really shit to be complaining about the coin requirements. The ONLY one id agree with anyone is one of the castle maps that force you to turn around and ring a bell which could cost you the race

>>523546158It was kind of the Rare prototype of the n64, the music while not bad sounds childish, Banjo Kazooie's music is like the looney tunes but Diddy Kong Racing sounds like Nick Jr. shit, the graphics are kind of weak, and its not really that good of a racer

>>523546158If you like this game check out Sonic & All Stars Racing: Transformed. It continues the legacy of a kart racer with a car, boat, and plane, but takes it to the next step by having mid-race transformations. I mean yes technically DKR had a hovercraft not a boat but they control pretty similarly.

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I enjoyed playing the n64 version. But the ds version was so unappealing to learn the additional mechanics

>>523546685It does honestly but both are good fun in their own right. I bought dkr for the ds and its a completely different game. If you got the time try it out but no banjo in it however but they added others to compensate

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>>523551979>and its not really that good of a racerIts the only game to ever do kart racing right and shits on every single mario kart ever made.

>>523546158Best rareware n64 game list>banjo kazooie>diddy kong racing>golden eye>dk64>jet force Gemini >perfect dark>banjo tooie>conker bfd>blast corps>killer instinct gold>Mickey speedway usa

>>523552173ds version was so piss ez I beat it in 2 daysnever even beat the n64 version

>>523552132Im not sure if this is purposefully trying to make mk look bad no way has it become this slow now. I know mk8 the skilled ones would do the bunny hop trick and skid through maps fast.That sonic game looks funntoo bad those dumb japs at sega didnt bring it to current gen. There were some real impressive autists online

>>523550503>>523552173>>523552293Why did the remake feel so weird? I'm not just talking about the controls. But the whole presentation. Especially the sound.

That Darkmoon Caverns music remains in my head years and years after the game Planes were the best

>>52354676264 sure and ctr. Dkr was the best kart racer of the 5th gen but every mk afterwards is better

>>523554786Anyone who takes mario kart games seriously is a brain dead retard. h y e s

>>523552293they pozzed the elephant for political correctness in that game so fuck them i loved that motherfucker

>>523554028Probably the kart customizatio and the elephants voice change. Fucking faggots didnt like the elephant using a poo accent. The kart customization was a nice touch actually it allowed for exploration in races. Also if you just came from playing n64 version, a lot of the changes will be apparent. Biggest one being how the turbo works and i believe hover had a change too not sure

>>523555058Wasn't Taj playable in the DS remake but wasn't in the original. I think he was meant to replace Banjo and Tiny was added to replace Krunch and Dixie to replace Conker

>>523551979>shitting on a David Wise soundtrack.

MKR and CR boys have a hard time facing the facts I the only one who would linger on a character trying to recreate the opening music

>>523551957That was for a key, no need to finish the race with a key if i am not mistaken

>>523556869Nope, I did that too.

>>523546158CTR does the same thing with a higher skill ceiling and without running at like ten frames per second. It was fun in the 90s but it doesn't hold up to modern kart racers or even its later contemporaries that same generation.

>>523555736Taj got Apu'd, except different voice instead of total removal.

>>523557593Meant to add onto >>523555058Why in current millenium, asian accents are too taboo?


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>>523557947Allakazam, bruh

The only things I liked in the remake were vehicle customization and Wish Races. It's cool making your own track and the aesthetic for it was calming.

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Gameplay: 8/10Soundtrack: 10/10

>Darkmoon Caverns

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>>523552376Mickey speedway is also good but can be boring as it plays like a generic kart. It tells how big rare was if they had been able to obtain the rights to using disney characters

>>523546158It's a lazy, uninspired cashgrab.

>>523557947Hello, my friend.

>>523546158Mario Kart: Underground


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Will otherkartlets ever be able to make a thread without randomly seething at Mario Kart?You're like those posters who will mention trannies when nobody was talking about them before that.

>>523559846Dont respond to bait. He's a n00b that couldn't unlock TT.

>>523551187I lap the AI almost every time doing the silver coin challenge. Its not as hard as everyone makes out it is.

Would you guys consider the A tap speed trick to be cheating?I used it to beat Spaceport Alpha


>>523549747>not putting in the Jointventure cheat, playing with your literal bro, having one person get the coins while the other comes in firstNGMI.

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>>523560285Depends sometimes you needed to do it just to get back into it >>523560494Whats happens if 2nd player got first? Would player 1 have to restart?

>>523561232It doesn't matter who gets first, so long as someone got the 8 coins and someone came in first.

>>523546158I enjoyed Diddy Kong Racing way more than Mario Kart. Great game and discovering the "secret" areas of it was great. Wizpig was super tough for me as a kid too, it felt so good when I beat him.

Did you guys know theres Diddy Kong Racing tracks in Mickeys Speedway AND Jet Force Gemini?

>>523560494My man that was such a cool cheat back then also max power ups for multiplayer mode.

It took until I was an adult to be able to beat wizpig 1

>>523560285What is the a tap speed trick?Also fuck spaceport alpha.

>>523559226It's the definition of generic kart racer. Any company could have made. It didn't feel like a rareware game.

>>523562038Smashing the gas pedal makes you go faster than just holding it down.

>>523562194yeah aside from nostalgia I don't know why people praise that one so muchjust felt like an inferior DKR to me

>>523549747>the DS version takes this out in favor of a popping balloons mini gameI hate it.

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