He fucked up. Expectations are too high now with the unrivaled hype brewing ever since the first reveal trailer...

He fucked up. Expectations are too high now with the unrivaled hype brewing ever since the first reveal trailer. Reflect on every single games event we've had this summer, from the zoomers watching with twitch chat to the contrarian faggots on Holla Forums, the only game people have been dying to see has been Elden Ring. The reality of the situation this game will be good no doubt, but it will never match the hype created from the silence. People will be very disappointed to see PS4/XBONE tier graphics when next gen tech is currently in the consumer spotlight.

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>>523546075FromSoft are probably too scared of Joseph Anderson to release a game.

>>523546075OooOooOOooOOooOOoohhhhHHhhHhhhhhhh Elden Ring....

Elden Ring will be just another shitty Dark Souls copy you faggot.

>>523549447>open-world>horses, mounted combat >"Even when compared to the Dark Souls series, I believe this title will provide even more variety in the ways for players to overcome challenges and tweak their tactics when facing enemies." cope, it will be their magnum opus

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>>523546075this games gonna be great and you can cope and seethe

>>523546075>He fucked upWhen he agreeing working with that lazy fat cunt Martin.

Can't wait for it to be shit and finally Holla Forums can stop sucking this hack's dick and admit 2 was the best Dark Souls game.

>>523546075>he thinks Miyazaki would ever fail usIt's gonna be the game of the millenium.

>>523546075Like I dont really see any hype for the game tho, Its all just people jumping up and down because its fromsoft making anything. How can you be hyped for a game you know nothing about? its going to be a souls game in another setting, its going to be a good game highly likely, bouncing off the walls saying its going to be the best game ever is stupid like any game

Plebs who don't realize this just gonna basically be dark souls 4 with a new theme deserve the dissapointment.

>>523550693sounds good to me, the cut content in DS3 looked amazing, and Miyazaki is a huge Ueda fag, so a Dark Souls 4 with a SotC style open-world and all the things From does best will be absolute ludo-kino

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>>523546075>people getting this excited for Demon's Souls 6


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>>523549447>>523552331You post this in every thread. Please slit your writs right now and do everyone a massive favor. You will not be missed.

>>523546075Not really. I know I used to hate on annual series myself, but I don't really mind Souls, because the core gameplay is tight, and the atmosphere is really immersive. So I'm good with just Dark Souls 3/Bloodborne level of experience in ED. It's not overhyped for me, other than the fact that it was announced early and we still have no details. I'm sure I'll enjoy the game just the same when it comes out.

My guess is it being open world caused development issues but the new consoles provide so much more power that its better for FROM to skip 2020 and go straight for next gen releases

>>523552503still listed for PS4/Xbox One, so I doubt it, no publishers or developers will be making next-gen exclusive games for quite a while yet considering the install base is so massive if anything it's covid that caused a lot of trouble; Japanese devs aren't familiar at all with working from home and Jap culture sees not working face to face as disrespectful, so it likely fucked them up a fair bit

>>523546075The first trailer didn't even reveal anything. I'll get hyped once I see gameplay

>>523546075To be honest I am not very excited. We have seen nothing. Dark Souls 2 and 3 promised a lot of new and interesting mechanics and what was released was just another Demon's Souls. I'm ok with another one but after playing Sekiro and getting bored by its world, my hopes are healthy low.

first from game i will be pirating instead of buying

>>523546075He's just training his mind

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>>523549981There is nothing comparable to running through the whole game using only dual caestus.

>>523549806>one cgi trailer has more kino imagery than 90% of triple AAA games coming out nowhow do From do it?


>>523555426By plagiarizing... I mean """referencing""" Berserk, Lord of the Rings art and now the Nibelungenlied

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>>523555971Sounds like a winning formula.

This is the time where we need Miyazaki the most. Where is he?

>>523546075>the only game people have been dying to see has been Elden RingBotW2. Silksong. Final Fantasy. Metroid. Monolith Soft's game.

>>523556532Look up to the sky


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>>523546075Hes going to deliver and then onto sekiro 2


>>523549806> open-world> implying this is a good thingFrom the moment those words were uttered, it was clear FromSoft is dead. Not that they weren't already dying. Sekiro is their worst post DeS game, and Dark Souls 3 is the second worst. Bloodborne was the last legitimately great thing they made and probably ever will make. >>523549981Uh, based department?

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHI'm kind of tired of OOOOOHs honestly.One of you fucks create another fake leak so some clickbait site and five youtubers pick it up again.

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>>523546075my expectations aren't that high. All we got was some lame trailer of this guy really turned on by the idea of the elden ring and some fanciful cg. It could be anything but it's likely not all that different from Souls so it's not something I'm particularly excited about.

>>523556864I only know what Silksong even is because all the people rambling on about it during gamescom.

>>523560041This. Dark Souls is owned by Bandai Namco. Now that FromSoft is big enough to self-publish like they did with Sekiro, they probably want to get away from them and publish their own games. Just like how they created Dark Souls in the first place to get away from Sony's ownership of Demon's Souls. It's just gonna be Dark Souls 4, or Demon's Souls 5 if you prefer.

>>523556532>abandons you

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>>523559763Hey, retard, Dark Souls is open-world

I don't care if it's delayed another 1-2 years, just announce Sekiro dlc.

>>523560526Not in the contemporary sense it's not. It's open world in the same way as Metroid Prime is open world. And most normies probably wouldn't recognize Metroid Prime as an open world game.

>>523559763heh, that one dumbass doesn't know what open world means.

>>523560670>oPeN wOrLd = baDIts going to be open-world like Dark Souls, just bigger.

>>523546075>He fucked upya, 12 years ago when he shat out the first terrible Souls game that ruined an entire genre of vidya

>>523560779> Its going to be open-world like Dark Souls, just bigger.> Has horse riding(X) doubtIt's going to be a big empty world full of nothing like Shadow of the Colossus that requires a horse to get anywhere because the world is way too big for its own good.

>>523560965>oPeN wOrLd = baDYes, you've said this like 3 times already, we get it, you're dumb.

>>523560619Only chance of this ever happening is at TGS this year since they're doing the GOTY edition with the new update included which seems dumb and suspicious as fuck and the closer we get to the release of that with no corresponding DLC the less likely it gets that it'll ever happen.What they announced last month is the equivalent of the free shit that got added alongside TOH so you'd better pray that TGS brings a formal announcement.

>>523546075>contrarian faggotsThe ohhh shit wasn't our invention, it was a meme made by them or by someone....or something

>>52356093112 year later, you're still madSouls is still the most influential franchise of the decade.

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>>523561067> open world = badYes. Only gay zoomers would say otherwise.

>>523546075>Expectations>hypeWhat kind of fucked up emotional reasoning do you have to employ in order to let things like that color your perception of a piece of media. Do you REALLY factor other people's opinions on how excited they are about a thing when appraising the quality of said thing?My hype and expectations are based solely on its being another game by Miyazaki and his team, who are all talented devs and designers. So my "expectations" are that it'll be in the same quality region as their other games, which is an expectation I would've had regardless of how long a gap there is between news about it.


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>>523546075>>523549323The trailer wasn't really all that hype. And the "oooh" shit is way overblown.

Dark Souls 2 fucking sucks

I'm going hollow from this wait i can't take it

>>523546075no he didn't. new consoles are around the corner. they along with CDPR made the right decision by delaying so they can integrate in advance with upcoming generation.


>>523549981>>523559763*Hangs up*