Fall Guys

Why aren't you cheating? It's not like the devs will do anything to stop you.

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>>523545931but I am!

I will soon. The games are getting harder and I'm barely getting wins anymore.

because i don't have a tiny penis

>cheating in a children's game

>>523545931Because I already did.That was fun for a month but now I feel more like just playing the game.

>>523545931cant cheat on ps4

>>523547207>not cheating when there are zero consequences

>>523545931where do i get the cheats for it?

did the mexicans just wake up or what is this thread

>>523547496Literally Google it.

>>523547346>cheat for high-speed Sanic mode>courses are difficult in a whole new way, though more forgiving on most stages because I'm far ahead>get bored, try turning it off for a bit>everything feels like super slow motion Practice Mode>still beating the shit out of people and having a blastWeirdest fucking feeling.

>>523547359Morals based on consequences are childish. Even though in this case this consequences in that it kills the game population, so people stop playing the game.

>>523545931 Im scared

>>523547957>Even though in this case this consequences in that it kills the game population, so people stop playing the game.Good. Maybe it'll convince the devs to do something about it.

>>523545931Tempted just to get that chell outfitAlso fuck hexagone, it's trash, remove it

>>523548148It makes streams more hilarious. There are definitely some weird advantages to it.

>>523545931Because there is literally no fun if there is no game. Why even play this type of game if you are just going to fly to the finish and ignore the entire game you are literally just wasting your time

>>523545931Might as well go play cookie clicker if you just skip the gameplay to get the rewards.

Cheating is wrong

>see two cheaters in round one>the one that came in second place quits Beyond pathetic

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It makes the game uninteresting. And I say that as someone who used to play in ArcadePreHacks and used to cheat in Stick Arena a lot.

Can't figure out which is the worst>blatant, unimaginative cheating that involves just b lining for the finish line or just floating in the air>grabbing and ramming people off the boards>the guy who thinks he's being subtle and hiding it by only just barely staying ahead but every time fucks up a jump he just zooms back to first place anyways

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>>523545931Whats the point of cheating? If you want to farm crowns for some reason i guess, but its just a grind if youre cheating. It cant be any fun

Everytime there is a 8 people Fall ball I quit instantly knowing the final will inevitably be Royal Fumble

>>523548214Filtered by the most skill based finale git gud

>>523551045Killing the game faster.

>plays games for majority of their life >still has to resort to cheating Holy shit you must be fucking terrible, go back to playing chess. Video games aren't for you, obviously. What kind of moron cheats for a kids' game? Only subhuman garbage that can't actually play. I don't even have Fall Guys but that has to be the stupidest game to cheat in.

>>523551059All the tail games are fucking garbage and I hate them>spawn a bunch of random gold hoops at start>those give you a tail>now make it FFA hoopsie-daisy but you need a tail to get a pointThat's how I'd fix it

>>523551059Ive been getting a few 4 player fall mountain lately.

>>523551729>FM with less than 12 peopleMust be nice

>>523545931Because it isn't fun

>>523547207it's what happens when the only way to get crowns are wins and no way to acquire crowns with kudos. mediatonic is shit at catching cheaters so there's no reason not to do it

>>523545931because you know its not right and in the end you will feel like you did nothing to gain that, even in a videogame

>>523545931I'm on a PS4, the struggle is real for a mediocre player like me.

>>523545931Because I'm on PS4.I do plan on getting it on PC, though, but only if they fix the names. I want to receive fan mail and mock hackers who get shit on by their own teammates or choke a final.

What's the best fall guys cheat right now?

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Supposedly it's possible to have friends banned because you got banned. I'd rather not screw up parties with people.

>>523552040The floating one is a must.

>>523546875ok Mirko

I keep losing finals.

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>>523545931People who cheat in Fall Guys are the same people who don't return the shopping cart.

>>523551059>4v4 Fall ball>With 2 pigeons and a wolf against 2 ninjas and an Alyx

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>>523552040>floating guy holding a see saw near the end

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>>523552687>You're on yellow team too

>>523545931because I like to earn my rewards. nor do I enjoy screwing over 59 people just because I suck at the game

I want to get this, but I'm unconvinced the community will survive over a year. How much longevity does this have?

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>Be me>Get to finale of an episode>Jump Showdown>Some faggot activates flight>Only me and another player left on the last platform>The bars align into an inescapable wall>mfw

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>>523545931why would i? i get 5 wins in 1-2 hours every day by not being shit

There's a high concentration of melanine in your post, OP

>>523545931you barely even see cheaters anymorei've seen maybe 2 in the last 10 hours of gameplay

>>523551002The worst hackers are the one that lock their bodies at the lowest position of the last see saw before the second section preventing literally anyone from proceeding.

win Roll ball, 1st place>QUALIFIEDremaining 2 teams pass the goal at the same time>ELIMINATED>crown gets awarded to random guy from a losing teamnice

>>523545931As usual, pc niggers ruining literally any game they touch.

>>523552764>>523553696holy shit, I need to do this next time I see see-saw

Just put a mode where everyone have cheats like fly etc.

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>being a cheater

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>>523547207>anything without sex or gore is childish

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>>523545931Imagine eventually getting your account VAC banned because you cheated in a game where the hardest thing you do is jump over a pole.

>>523553861It's the most punishing and aggressive trolling you can do in the game without hacks since you respawn there and can just jump back into the see-saw behind but people who are smart can still get past. If a hacker is holding the bottom of it it is literally impossible to get past.

>>523550993oh man I used to cheat in stick arena too. I was 14. Got bored within a day.That might've been the last game I ever cheated in, couldn't imagine doing it now.

>>523553907>>523553926>>523553969Imagine being so salty about a cheater than you expend hours into making a comic with no punchline.

banwave incoming.

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>>523554118Imagine cheating in a video game.

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>>523553389If nothing gets addressed: a month and a half. New season will entertain people, but 2 weeks into it people will realize the devs are too stupid to redo certain maps, actually implement an anticheat, and add more than 4 rehashed maps every season.If they're smart (I doubt it) and they do address everything, then it could last well into next year.

Is it a monthly subscription or how do I get in on it?

>>523545931because i dont feel the need to ruin someone elses fun like a nigger?because i have some amount of self resepct?because im not a douchebag?

>>523553389assuming they dont make any major changes they should have a very functional player base until at least summer 21. if they make the right changes it could blow up into something that last for years

>>523553389It cost $20

How do you deal with two of them?

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>>523554161As a balding man, I take issue with this comic.

>>523554275they've said they plan to add variations of original maps so that there's different whirlygigs etc.having said that, I am extremely doubtful they can achieve any of that seeing as names on PC haven't been fixed for a month+ now and no new games are being added despite it being extremely easy to make something like this in unity.

>>523554118Not to mention>right-to-left readingSo he's a salty weeb

>>523545931No fun in cheating.

>>523554632jumpgrab just as you landtake one down with you and hope someone takes the other as well

>>523554632Jumping and diving above the villains seems to work, but you need some good precision.

>>523554632thats the best, jump over the original bully and become bully #2

>>523547554I am mexican and never hacked at any game, you racist faggot.

>>523554509And? Spend that on three games and that's a full game purchase you're wasting.

>>523554367$20 on steam and PS4. need ps+

>enemy team equalize in the last fucking millisecond>lose in overtime 3-2

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>>523547359>No consequencesIf the dev don't fix the cheating situation, there will be consequences in the playerbase leaving. If this keep escalating, player's will be left in a situation where they either quit or cheat themselves as any other option will simply lead to losing the game.Anybody who cheats is evil and a brainlet that is motivated only by self gain without regard for others. Sad part is there's no money involved, or even popularity. All of that only for a couple crowns to get a couple costumes... Do you remember the first crown you got? can you really say the 30+ ones you've got from cheating gave you the same feeling? You know the answer.Funny thing is, when the anti-cheat mesure will start to be effective, you'll be left behind, if not outright banned. And if you get to stay, you'll be pulverized by the sheer skill that the playerbase developped while you were wasting your time getting good at something you can't rely on anymore. That's where you'll leave, that's where you'll lose. the day approach, and I don't even have to lift a finger for your demise to come. T. PS4 player who didn't have to deal with any cheater I dread the crossplay update tho

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>>523555770Just disable crossplay.

>>523555936>trusting the devs to be competent enough to even do that right

>>523547359That's what the chinese do

nice servers

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15 player Fall Mountain and I'm on the last fucking row, nice.


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>>523555770>T. PS4 player who didn't have to deal with any cheater I dread the crossplay update thoGet your Infallible while you still can ps4bro.Nothing will make you seethe harder than being on a 4 winstreak, about to win the 5th, then a hacker faggot zooms to crown faster than you can disconnect.

>>523556874There was a cheater who posted screenshots of him begging the devs to unban him, he was the complete opposite of a chad.

>>523547359The consequence of cheating in a game is people stop playing with you and people will make sure that everyone will know you're a cheater afterward. I've seen this happen at an MTG event at my local game store. I was playing commander casually with random players. One guy always seemed to draw what he needed at the right moment. At first, we shrugged it off as just dumb luck (Also he was playing a blue green deck and was drawing a lot of cards). Truth is, he was stacking card on top of his deck each time he had to shuffle and someone caught him redhanded in the middle of the second game. Rest of the game, people always asked to cut his deck each time he shuffled for the rest of the game and then we simply stopped playing with him. It wasn't even a tournament or anything, it was just games for fun. I remember future instance of people telling other players to ask to cut the cheating guys deck each time they could because they saw him cheat a well as one instance of him screaming at a player for asking to cut his deck when he was supposedly badly losing.

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How do you do that thing in Jump Showdown where you don't even jump and the beam just goes through you?

>>523557209Saved the images? Because it sounds like something the devs would come up with to excuse their shitty near nonexistent anti cheat.

>>523557564>assuming I ever play with other people

>>523545931how tf do you cheat in this game? like just blatabt flying hax or what?

>>523545931If I wanted to not play and just grind virtual money I would play gachas instead.


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>>523558279inject .dll file with a program called Xenosget dll file from unknowncheats forums


>>523558154You do know Fall Guy is an online multiplayer game right?

Award additional experience for making it to the final round.>B-B-BUT IT'S ALREADY EASY TO GET TO LEVEL 40!!!!Some people have lives.

>>523559618i no-lifed lvl 40 in 3 days. anyone who cares to can do it in 60 days. no changes needed to fame rewards. kudos prices should be cut in half though.

>>523558342>"what's your number?">"4484">"oh you mean this guy">Shows video proof of cheating>"N-no I swear it's not me"I fucking love it when cheaters are backed into a corner.

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>>523551940git gudAlso they give you crowns every X levels per season. Even if you can't win you'll get some eventuallyI give you they have been shit about catching them

>>523559618I would like if they gave you like 1/15 of a crown if you make it to the end

>>523558342>guy says you have 6 wins>no no i have zero winsIf youre cheating and this guy proves can look into your match history why are you trying to trick him. Its pretty obvious he can just figure out youre cheating.

>>523547359Cheaters ruin the experience. And are justifiably antagonized for not playing fair.

I bought it for my 8years old wife's daughtershe hate it so I refund it

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>>523554118Nah fuck you they deserve it. It's like trying to cheat at Mario Party by giving yourself 10 stars at the beginning. Why should anyone want to play with you if you don't want to play by the same rules?

>>523558342>My number is x>Oh, okay here's video evidence of cheating.>ACTUALLY THATS NOT ME.PC niggers are so pathetic.

>>523561391you own a switch?