Is he gonna be in?

Is he gonna be in?

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No brcause he's neither interesting nor relevant.

>>523544170Yes>>523544271Cope, seethe, and dilate, tranny. You said the same thing about K. Rool and Banjo.

Maybe but pic related is coming first

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>>523544170if we're getting a new Mario character it's either him or Waluigi

>>523547275Wrong again, memelord.

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>>523544170No, but Reimu will.

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>>523544170I’ll keep supporting him

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>>523544170Do you think Nintendo wants to put in a side character from the one Square game over shilling their own Paper Mario francise?

>>523544170Not a Genofag but its kind of a now or never situation for him as 77 or 78If he's in to celebrate Mario's 35th, he should be out in time for the Smash Mario tournament in November to December

>>523544170No.>>523548817Cheap bait and falseflagging.

>>523548703Based Alternatively, that other user is right and they get spread out over all six packs if it's based on series instead of company>genofags will sperg out when chocobo returns alone, only to get btfo'd at the final challenger pack again

>Nintendo strikes AM2R>Samus Returns is announced>Nintendo strikes Super Mario Battle Royale>Super Mario Bros 35 is announced>Nintendo strikes a Super Mario 64 PC Port project>3D Mario collection>Nintendo strikes Megalovania on YouTube>Sans gets in as a Mii costume>Nintendo strikes Super Mario RPG music on YouTube>Nintendo takes down Legacy XP which has Geno in it>Announce a Mario Smash Bros tournament>Say more details will come about itIts coming together>Imran Khan, Ryze, and Jeff Grubb keep hinting Geno Geno's in Smash baby


>>523544170Is it time to give up hope. Have we truly lost all we had to fight for.

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Considering we haven’t had a reveal since March I’m assuming the rest of the pass is cancelled or something. Sorry genobros


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>>523554436Technically June was our last revealWe still have the end of 2021 and you can reasonably divide each character reveal and release by 2.5 months

>>523548889Best choice for the Kirby series.

>>523544170>naked puppet>in a game where Mai couldn't even get a cameoNot in my family friendly company

>>523544170Geno will never ever be playable in Smash. Enjoy your Mii costume.

>>523544170>OC from a spin-off Mario game>from a third-party company, Square Enix>Square Enixanon...

>>523555117Square Enix has been mostly fine with Smash aside from Final Fantasy

>>523555061>inb4 he stays as a spirit


>>523555175That's true but I'm sure that if given the chance of having another fighter they'll rather promote one of their series (or maybe even an upcoming game) instead of adding another character to the Mario series.

>>523556698Super Mario RPG remake

>>523557160lolI wish

>>523544170 Yes

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>>523557160But... They just had a bunch of Mario announcements. Where's Geno?

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>>523552245Ryze revealed he was shit posting. Jeff Grubb has previously baited with Geno fans for shits and giggles.

>>523557160>Expecting a Mario RPG when the Mario IP integrity team is autistic as they are

>>523557640it could be showed in the mario direct, just NOT happened, periodit can be showed in a future direct

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>>523557640Would they really spoil every Mario related announcement for that Direct?Besides, if Geno's Fighter 8, they can't reveal him before Fighter 7 and if Geno's Fighter 7 Nintendo probably thought a Smash reveal would overshadow everything else too much

>>523558007>he took that baitoh dear...

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>>523558007>Ryze revealed he was shit postingsource?

What if I say that it's more than just Geno joining Smash?


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>>523548817Wouldn't be so bad if this cutie was chosen, but I know it's not gonna happen, just as 2B is not gonna be chosen too

>>523558159Given how much the 3D All Stars collection is selling out, I don't think there was any risk of Geno overshadowing it given Mario RPG didn't actually sell well originally (partly due to the not being localized in Europe thing).

Half of the new ultimate characters are just a mishmash of already existing movesets, at this point they're just churning out clones. Just make a new smash already (with decent netcode)

>>523552245>>Nintendo takes down Legacy XP which has Geno in itThey...they took down Legacy XP because it has everyone in it, not Geno specifically. Ultimate itself would be the impetus for this, not any one character.

>>523558574What are you talking about, no they aren’t.

I mean I feel like it's be a little weird if he wasn't at this point, but I'm not going to lose sleep over it if he isnt

>>523558803Then how come another Smash mod projects are still up?

>>523544170>Mario direct>perfect time to announce Geno in smash with a remake>Didn'tI mean we have our answer, do we REALLY need this thread every day?

>>523559150How come other ROM sites are still up after their crusade against piracy? They did not go "Oh my GOD! JEANEAUX! TAKE IT DOWN!"

Are geno and rayman the ultimate never evers?

>>523559438Well Rayman especially because Japan does not like him. Even Banjo had nostalgic older Japanese fans from the N64 era going for him.

>>523559548Rayman's own company does not like him. Ubisoft's anniversary announcement and birthday gift to Rayman was a Chinese Rabbids game. If Nintendo approached them to ask for Rayman in Smash, they would actively turn them down and ask for another fighter or simply nothing altogether.

>>523559548>>523559674Aren't there rumors about a new Mario Rabbids game with Rayman in it?

>>523552245>Nintendo strikes Megalovania on YouTube>Sans gets in as a Mii costume>Nintendo strikes Super Mario RPG music on YouTube>Nintendo takes down Legacy XP which has Geno in itGENO CONFIRMED FOR MII COSTUME BAY-BEEEEEE!!!!

>>523559968You're in a Geno thread. You should understand what rumors are worth.

>>523560015If Geno just becomes a costume will the Geno community ritualistically murder Fatman and PapaGenos?

>>523560269Why would the entire Geno community murder themselves?

>>523560269They'll be shouting at Ryze, Grubb, and Imran for "letting their hopes go up"

>>523560373Well some of them are already pissed off at Ryce for >>523558325 stating as an insider he isn't allowed to post jokes or his own personal wants etc. because people will take them as leaks.


>>523560269i think they would all collectively commit suicide

>>523560597He historically has been very straightforward with his leaks in plain text format. No hinting, no dumb quizes and no pictures.

>>523558116>>523558159>entire special of Mario announcements>Mario 35 announced>Mario Kart home circuit announced>Mario 3D All Stars announced>Mario 3D World and Bowser's Fury announced>Mario All Stars for Switch Online announced>Mario Game & Watch announced>B-B-BUT THEY DIDN'T ANNOUNCE MARIO RPG BECAUSE R-R-REASONS!Delusional and pathetic.

>>523560269It's going to be like Dr. Facilier's Friends on the Other Side dragging him to hell at the end of the movie. I'm so looking forward to Fatman's comeuppance.

>>523560863Most of them actually seriously believe Geno being in Smash would be bigger news to normal faggots than 3D All Stars.

Super Mario RPG is my favorite video game, and I'd just enjoy Geno getting in to see it represented in Smash with a stage and music more than anything else. I do like Geno (and Mallow), but I always roll with the Mario/Bowser/Peach dream team. More than anything, I just wish the unique view of the Mario world that Square created for this game still had an influence on the Mario setting today.

Fighter Pack 7: King Boo + Geno Mii Costume

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>>523559438No. There will always be never evers.

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>>523548561I'd love Toad but I feel like he's stuck as a special for Peach/Daisy>>523548762maybe next game

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>>523548561Please let the next Mario character be Toadette.>Blue and Yellow Toad alts>Uses Mario Power ups and mechanics.>Makes Geniggers seethe.>Makes Paperfags seethe.>Makes Rosterfags seethe.>Makes Miyamoto seethe.

>>523554791Yup, Marx still has a chance

>>523561521Very few of these characters are true never-evers. Without the history behind them, they're just fads, and there will never be a such thing as a third-party never-ever, after Banjo, and excluding Geno, for that reason. Someone who wasn't even on the table for discussion until Smash 4 will never be a never-ever. The modern speculation seen is comprised of children imitating the Japan Time culture they weren't a part of, and they have likewise taken on the burden of feeling "denied" when their most wanted isn't added. What they don't understand is that the original never-evers were excluded for no good reason and should have been added games before they were, which made the discussion around them something of a righteous crusade. All the kids have with their gun-toting Playstation characters and depreciated indie shit is entitlement.

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