They should've left her body natural, she would've been such a better character...

they should've left her body natural, she would've been such a better character, she looks so ridiculous with all that muscle on her

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So you're complaining about a videogame having unrealistic characters? Just wait till you hear about this Italian plumber....

>>523543487im glad druckman also got shit on for not going full ma'am by lefties

So your problem with a character is how they physically look? Not who they are, what they stand for and who they stand with and how it ultimately affects the game?Tell me more.

>>523543487If you argument is she is a bad character because of how she looks, you automatically lost pal, she's not a shit character not because of what she looks like but because of what she did.

>>523543820only difference is this actually strives for depicting a realistic world under a hypothetical scenario of a cordyceps induced pandemic that transforms people into mutant monsters, the world is trying to come at you in a realistic way, Mario isn't, Mario is drawn like a cartoon...

the best part of Abby gameplay is how strong she is compared to Ellie. why remove that and make her design generic as fuck

>4/5 posts are sony defense team brought to you by reseteraimpressive

>>523544417Bro, it has zombies...

>>523544491You're a stupid faggot. I hope you get cancer.

>>523543487actually all they needed to do was keep her chest because with her hair back, and covered in fucking man muscles, she looks like a guyshe has fucking PECS like a dude does, not tiny weird boobs like a really strong girl does

1. Do what OP said2. Way less brutality3 way more angry sexual tension between abby and ellie

Attached: image.png (1280x596, 1.05M)

>>523543487She looked fine in the 2017 trailer, they tripled downed after that for some reason.

>>523544346my argument is that it's hard to take her seriously or allow her to be relatable when she looks like a roid raging she-HULK, why not just design her with normal muscular proportions, her, Ellie is pretty strong herself because she adapted to the world and she isn't represented as a juiced up body builder. All I'm saying is it looks ridiculous and ironically takes away from her plight as a character because the main focus seems to be her grotesquely deformed body (ironic huh)

>>523544417Play the game, retard. There's hulking men and women regularly trying to take your head off with pickaxes. Joel was unrealistically shredded. He was in a coma for months and just woke up and went on a rampage without losing a single pound of muscle.

>>523543487>september>still crying over "unrealistic" body standard of a woman in a game filled with fat and muscular men kek

>>523544491this is the part where I'm supposed to be like >but it's realisticand then you respond with>lol zombiesand sound try to sound like a clever smart ass, right?I completely nullified your response because I said there were mutant monsters, that's why I said under the "hypothetical scenario", it's a realistic world in a hypothetical scenario, you low IQ worthless bird brained goof>>523544643yea her body is all weird and fucked up, she actually has a rather cute face which totally doesn't fit her manlet Joe Rogan body>>523544954I'm in the process of playing the game rn thank you very much

>>523543954Sure, go back

>>523543487Right still looks like a trannoid with down syndromeThis game was a mistake and should've never been made


>>523546130Seething pc gaymer


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>>523543487Abby is cute!

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>>523546847this, irl Abby can get da cack any day of the week

>it ain't me starts playing

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>>523543487>>523546847am I being trolled? she's ugly

>>523547839irl abby is cute. She has a very sweet and innocent looking face despite her in game stuff

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>>523548059She reminds me of the bully from A Christmas Story.

>>523547839she looks like she is going bald.

>>523543487Still ugly

>>523548059How does she feel that she is being purposely made ugly so tranny game designers in SoCal don't get offended?

>>523543487It's to make her emaciated appearance at the end even more dramatic and horrifying. In the earlier demos she wasn't nearly as huge and it wouldn't have been as noticeable.


Attached: 1593592627505.jpg (5230x2140, 2.31M)

>>523546847they clearly made her forehead smaller kek

>>523543487>yet another TLOU2 threadRent free.

>>523549381She's still an ugly gorilla so she can only cope

>>523549381even worse is Dina where they removed her tits and made her nose bulbouswhat's even the point of doing facial scans if you're going to change them anyway

>>523549591what's wrong, it's starting to get to you sweety?



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>>523549791She transitioned into a male long enough to get male pattern baldness and tried to transition back.


>>523543487Why do women wear nose rings? It makes them look like cows.

>>523543487true as fuck, women with muscles is the same thing as men having a vagina desu.

>>523543487I love Abby so much bros...

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>>523550110You will never, EVER have sex

Attached: 1596424363498.png (771x774, 1.29M)

>>523550110the same reason they sag their pants in the hood even though it began as a way to solicit sex in prison.


Attached: 51PJAooDh1L._SX300_QL70_ML2_.jpg (300x225, 11.24K)

>>523550310But I've already deposited sticky, stubborn loads in plenty of panting bitches. Anyway, would also pork the asian on the left. God damn!

>>523543487>Abby is the ugliest "woma-

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>>523550342I feel like niggers know this but still sag their pants anyway because it makes them feel like they're tough or something

>>523550310i just want to pull on her nose ring while she gets fucked like a cow

>>523545639>it's a realistic world in a hypothetical scenario,no it's not, you giant autistic sperg. in a world of zombies, a living woman with muscles makes complete fucking sense

>>523549791>>523549505Protip kids: Never dye the roots of your hair. Its bad on older women and absolute murder for males.

>>523550559same with nose rings. They have to know, but it's some kind of defiant self humiliation

>>523550593>in a world of zombies, a living woman with muscles makes complete fucking senseNo it doesn't you absolute fucking retard>hmmmm yeah lemme just exercise daily to build muscles, nevermind the fact that I shouldn't waste so much energy because resources are scarce teehee I'm such a silly little woman!!!

Why are you still talking about this bad movie?

>>523550836The excercise isn't the problem, it's the fucking diet and equipment and routine she lacks. Which has been elucidated upon hundreds or thousands of times already. A woman cannot be jacked post-collapse unless they found a secret stash of juice and, in that case, LOL.

>>523550676I already have some gray hair. I never plan on dyeing it. It can turn whatever color it wants, as long as it doesn't turn loose.

>>523550593I don't even think Abby is that huge tbqh. People just think women can't be jacked because 99% of women who "work out" just do cardio and bodyweight squats

>>523543487what an angel

>>523551050>People just think women can't be jacked becausethey lack testosterone, and those people are correct. fix'd.

>>523543820Mario more like Fartio.

>>523551050I think the problem is she is so huge in a world where it would be much more difficult, and they make it a point to describe her as the strongest one in a group largely composed of males.

>>523543487Correction, she should have stayed swole but they should have made her cute and give her great tits and ass.

Attached: 1598659767431.jpg (716x1011, 128.06K)

>>523551205Idk this chick looks p big but I'm sure you're a /fit/izen who has never lifted but you're a perfect judge of who's natty >>523551350She works out in the Seahawks' gym and has access to food. People arent starving in the WLF

>>523551050she has bigger muscles (especially deltoids) than a good 75% of males I see

Attached: tlou2.jpg (1024x614, 49.11K)

>>523551421I won't lie. As unrealistic as that would be, the fact that they wouldn't be catering to feminists in that scenario I wouldn't complain.

>>523551524>/fit/izen who has never lifted but you're a perfect judge of who's nattyCasting the first stone, are we? Post pics of your natty body bro.

>>523551651I'm not the one claiming to be the expert

Attached: EgtZtl8UYAAzHsZ.jpg (1171x1200, 185.39K)

>>523551000This, this, this! Even a man her size would have a hard time building that much muscle without steroids, it would take him years of dedicated diet and exercising in a world where resources are scarce and you're always on the run, on top of that you wouldn't even benefit from all that mass, you'd much more benefit from athleticism and dexterity.I know it's been said to death but it bears repeating, TLoU2 really does feel like a bad fanfic. It feels like a complete timeline shift tonally and thematically from the 1st one.

>>523550836>>523551000> joining the paramilitary in an post-apocalyptic world can't possibly lead to fit body because there's a lack of steroids supplyThis is how retarded incels are

>>523543487nose rings get me hard

>>523543487they should've made a fun game

>fuck the patriarchy! fuck toxic masculinity!> how about we make a female character as masculine as possible ????

>>523551765>and exercising in a world where resources are scarce and you're always on the runYou haven't played the game

>>523551731Who started this nose piercing thing, why is it so gross, and when will it stop?

>>523551919no you haven't played the game

>>523551731>I'm not the one claiming to be the expertCool, neither did I. Nice strawman buddy. It's self-evident common knowledge that women do not build muscle as easily as men due to a lack of the hormone testosterone. I don't need to be an expert to have that opinion, nor does it need proving. If you refuse to accept the truth, then you're automatically wrong. In your first post you said>women can't be jacked because 99% of women who "work out" just do cardio and bodyweight squatsWhich is wrong. It's because they lack test. I corrected you with common sense. Deal with it.

>>523551524I am not saying it is impossible. Just the way they presented it was clearly to appease feminists. They say in the game she can lift the most, or so I am told.Guys have been becoming females in name only to compete in female sports. They can't compete with male athletes but they become #1 when they compete against females. The devs created a possible, but highly unlikely scenario.

>>523551798Post pics of modern day paramilitary females and compare. Go ahead, do it. I fucking dare you.

>>523552082The WLF aren't lacking in resources and Abby isn't "always on the run" and when she does leave the WLF she's less jacked because she lost her gym membership with them

Attached: 36445f18-816b-474f-93d9-3b5d165f6148-194525796.jpg (720x405, 59.49K)

>>523552118>possible, but highly unlikely scenario>possiblethe cordicep apocalypse is more possible

>>523551798>just inject steroids and you will instantly gain max muscles! you won't look deformed at all!This is how retarded trannies are

>>523543820>i'm tyna rescue an i-talian princess ova here you stupid bafangool!

>>523552280what are you doing most of the game? Literally running and vaulting over things, they may not be lacking in resources, but if they had access to steroids then you would see other members of WLF who were juiced up to the gills, but no, you don't. There's also no way you like that kind of active lifestyle and still have time and energy to workout so specifically as to target the muscles you want for growth, rest, and eat all in the way you would have to in order to produce such impressive results, and then you add the fact that she's a female who doesn't produce any testosterone and it goes from highly unlikely to straight up silly and retarded.

>>523552301But Abby lifts. A lot

Attached: fPhNIr0v-VgAn2fVGiUtQLpvCmbjWvoXo-eDWQSn1F8.jpg (1280x720, 69.64K)

>>523547621Achievable natty.

>>523543487I want to bash her face in as is.Looks like she smells of farts.

>>523543487It's weird because, in the first trailer she appeared in, she looked like a normal, fit woman. Then they inexplicably added fucking balloons into her biceps.

>>523553012>Then they inexplicably added fucking balloons into her biceps.The reason is trannies, lots of trannies

>>523546847her facial proportions are all over the fucking place! Its as if her maker was at a computer creation screen and said, "Oh, I dunno...forehead there. Make the nose 2--NO 3 times bigger....STILL BIGGER."EtcEtc

>>523546780But I came from Twitter.

>>523553201>make her cock BIGGER!


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>>523552221But it's not a modern day paramilitary, you complete sperg. It's a paramilitary in a future world (mid 30s) with chemistry and biology more advanced than ours. She was obsessed with avenging her dad, a psycho, and physically looks like the average female competitor in arm wrestling competitions. This in a world where fucking zombies exist, which supposedly means the world developed a much bigger understanding of biology, chemistry, genetics and human anatomy/physiology than in real life. Everything about her makes sense just fine. Get laid already you useless sack of shit

Attached: sa.jpg (225x225, 15.2K)

>>523543487>make the face fatter but the body more masculine

Attached: 1298023967337.gif (318x242, 1.72M)

Could Ellie handle Abby's monster tranny cock?

Attached: 1582134174708.png (338x600, 323.53K)

>>523553123>>523553397if a tranny doesn't look like pic related then it doesn't deserve to exist

Attached: 68747470733a2f2f692e706f7374696d672e63632f31527268335977482f57686174732d4170702d496d6167652d323032302d30382d32382d61742d31312d30342d35362d504d2e6a7067.jpg (360x640, 27.43K)

>>523553651Why are you autists so fucking obsessed with trans ppl?

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>>523553715>says the guy with a tranny folder

>>523553507they made her biceps like twice the size of your pic lol

>>523553715>you autistsFeel free to go back any time.

>>523550893>game looks so realistic that people mistakes it for a moviewow naughty dog are truly the goats huh

>>523553848You deranged anti-SJWs are more obsessed with tranny cock than actual trans ppl, it's like you're just in denial about your kink

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>>523554050phoneposters should be automatically banned.

>>523543954the look of a game and the writing of the narrative are two separate things anonalso go back

>>523553507>This in a world where fucking zombies exist, which supposedly means the world developed a much bigger understanding of biology, chemistry, genetics and human anatomy/physiology than in real life. Imagine being this desperate. The apocalypse started in real-world 2013 and humanity's regressed from that point.

>>523547621>fat he's fitter than the average american male (who is skinny, skinny fat or obese)

>>523554217>r*ddit>trannytera>phonepostersDo you have another buzzword bogeyman for me you autistic virgin?

Attached: DqN0QL-XgAA13sB.jpg (750x849, 68.21K)

>>523553507>post apocalyptic world is more advanced than our own despite the fact that research is considerably slower due to the lack of funding/resources>that somehow means woman can look like ogres>pic unrelated btw lmaoHolty fucking shit you're retarded

>>523544346"She" is a bad character because not only of the things it did, but it looks like a tranny too (Colleen Fotsch obviously abuses steroids >>523543487 and they probably made her 3D model look even more man like to push an agenda).

Attached: Abby Anal.png (484x303, 172.08K)


>>523550110You do know we were doing nose rings long before cows right?

>>523554050>trans >ppl Choose one

>>523554528Major Incel Cope

>>523553715>The people who get upset at tranny-bashing are unironic tranny-loversAlways knew

>>523554749>Degenerate on Holla Forums wants to tell others what is human or not when he's more than likely the scum of the Earth.kek

>>523554778Impeccable tranny response

>>523554749Hahaha are you seriously triggered by that, ape?

>>523554823You are also spending your Saturday afternoon anonymously posting on; you aren't any cooler than anyone else here just because you're "trolling."

>>523554823You will never be a woman, now go join the 41%

>>523554654Imagine getting upset by the device someone is using to shitpost on a mongolian underwater basket weaving forum

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>>523554778>No argumentYeah, this is over. You can cope in peace now

>>523554948I'm not the guy you were responding to. But I also know I'm better than you by simply letting people do what they please. You however have a hivemind that you are in some sort of position what is "normal" or not. You're not normal, you're loser like everyone else here including me. Why would anyone take advice from a social outcast that doesn't like people to begin with?>>523555035Good, didn't want to be a woman.

>>523555121>try to boogiepost about people complaining about reddit tranny phoneposters>Imagine getting upset by the device someone is using lol

>>523555154Unironically you should go shill on twitter or reddit or some site where people actually care about your low-tier social shaming.

>>523555253>>Imagine getting upset by the device someone is usingNot him and ironically, that's all Holla Forums does. Holla Forums worries about what devices people play games on. It's some weird cult shit.>>523555314social shaming? If I wanted to be social I wouldn't be on here you fucking moron.

>>523547497>When the trees start whistling.NO COLORS ANYMORE I WANT TO TURN BLACK

>>523555139lol what argument did you bring besides> women can't achieve physiques in the sci-fi story despite proof that they can achieve it in real lifeYou can't argue with sexually frustrated idiots who think a character is "unrealistic" in a zombie video game because it doesn't make their pp hard


>>523543487In the initial trailer she wasn't roided up. Then they fucked her up.

>>523555154>>523555402>You, you, you>Holla Forums, Holla Forums, Holla Forums/v/ is not one person, retard. If you want to fixate on trannyposters and project your assumptions about them onto every other user, that's on you.

>>523554351>the apocalypse started in real-world 2013Yes, which means the chinese invented the world-killing virus 7 years earlier than they've done irl sounds pretty advanced to me

>>523544954He wasn't in a coma for months, he was in a coma for a few weeks.

>>523555605It is on me and I'm right. Simple as that. You're just a piece of shit.

>>523553651Trannies need to wait

>>523543487You don't get it, OP.Strong women NEED to look like men.

>>523555884You know what I noticed? What do actual women think of Abby?

>>523555661m8 just play another game. look at yourself, this isn't healthy. I know you wanted to like it, it's shit, but you can move on.

>>523556019What are you even talking about? I think you're confusing me for someone else. I never even played tlou 1 or 2 before.

>>523555987I think she's cute!


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>>523556115I said actual women.

>>523555661>It is on me and I'm right.if you're serious and not underage, then good luck in life because you'll need it.

>>523556105Can't you tell he's a super paranoid indoctrinated buffoon, just ignore him

>>523543487>Narrator: "In another thread this OP will argue that woman with this natural build would be unable to beat up clickers and argue it's unrealistic."

>>523556262I noticed you had no counter argument. Want to try again?>>523556317So basically the typical Holla Forums zoomer, got it.

>>523555987Why should I care?

>>523556483See >>523556214

>>523556396>I noticed you had no counter admitted, that you yourself are projecting yourself on this whole board. what is there to argue?good luck.

>>523555987depends how hot they are

>>523556396>"I'm right because I'm right you piece of SHIT!!!">"Why don't you have a counter-argument?"Why do women think that they can argue?

>>523556568Asking me good luck for what? I am quite well off already and I'm in my mid 30's. What "lessons" am I not getting that you apparently know kiddo?>>523556606Why are you asking me that? I'm not a woman, and you brought nothing into the conversation yourself. know....maybe you should of not bothered replying in the first place?

>>523556582Please refer to this post >>523556582

>>523556893refer to my own post?

>>523556784>gets called out for being an underage faggot>immediately changes the speech pattern and turns 30

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>>523556893Please go fuck yourself

>>523556930YesBut also refer to this one >>523556214>>523556939>speech patternBut I'm typing, you stupid fuck.

>>523557032I don't do sexual favors to feed into your fetish sorry.

Holy shit i got the feeling there's 1 single user here roasting a couple of incels, it's too easy right chad user.

>>523557178>>523557074Uff! r/roasted! >>523557340>>>>>>>>>>samefagging

>>523557074hacing watched a lot of streams I can tell you that the uglier women are more into Abby and the hotter women are less into Abby. What's the problem with that?


Attached: Takeyourmedsschizo.png (1366x768, 250.18K)

>>523557340is the cooldown done? you gotta reply to>>523557441 with an epic roast!

>>523557441Who said I had a problem?

>>523557583doesn't prove shit lmao

>>523543487>she looks so ridiculous with all that muscle on herthat's what happens when you body scan one person and then put a different person's face scan on top of it

>>523557720How doesn't it? Or are you going into some sort of schizophrenic episode?

>>523555645Same effect on the body. I spent 1 week in a hospital and lost a 10 kg of muscle.

>>523557695>I don't have a problem.>but youre a fucking tranny trololololol

>>523557695You quoted my post and demanded reactions from "actual women" so I'm assuming you think there's something wrong with my answer that opinions are heavily informed by the attractiveness of the woman playing as Abby


>>523557795>what is inspect element lmaoooo>inb4 but i'm a 30 year old boomer! idk how to edit that!you're a teen, fuck off

>>523557817no you didn't, that's ridiculous

>>523543487her character wouldnt have been affected by her appearance, you dumbass shills dont seem to get that people dont care about how she looks, people care about her shitty writing and all the shitty writing that revolves around her part in the story

>>523557821>>523557832I didn't say that either. I said actual women, not tomboys. Tomboys are just the sissy of the female variety.Furthermore global rule 16 clearly states there are no women on the internet. You newfags.

>>523551935Jews, it's their thing, it will stop when people decide to make the holohoax real instead of a fairy tale

>>523543487>white """"""""""women""""""""""Sorry, it's latina, asian and black women for me, in that order.

Attached: *RING* *RING* cagie.jpg (227x250, 4.41K)

>>523557939Show me where I edited then.

>>523557762what is f12

>Holla Forums incels destroying some dumbass boomerwtf? incels are actually based?

>>523550471she looks like one of the bar girls I used to fuck in the Phillipines

>>523558258>Being this butthurt he has to larpMy god you're a loser.

>>523557943lolyes, I went from 71 kg to 61 and then down to 58 until I recovered at home.

>>523558208a garbage game trying to be The Phantom Menace

>>523558358wtf are you talking about you schizo

>>523558435About you being a loser, learn to read.

>>523558505take your meds

>>523558208it;s probably some pedo thing.

>>523558505>He lost it

>>523543487Women are men too!

>>523558581Thanks for the concern but I think you should learn how to read and know that TALKING and TYPING is two different things. You actual retard.

>>523543487I like it. The fact that you can beat the fuck out of armored zombies including the rat king stalker is hilarious.Stay mad at strong women Holla Forums.

>>523558730>TALKING and TYPING is two different thingsnot on the INTERNET you RETARDfirst time using a computer?

>>523558849>not on the INTERNET you RETARDYou need to explain this.

>>523558739The way Abby moves is so smooth and she hits like a freight train. Beating the shit out of zombies is a blast, compared to Ellie who crumbles like wet tissue paper in open combat

>>523553651You get it

>>523543487Yes it's pretty weird to see a female character in this setting who looks like a body builder. Any other game sure, but these people are susposed to be suffering and barely surviving.

>>523558435>>523558581>>523558849Warning warning! Projecting specimen amongst us prepare for retardedness

>>523558910>teach me how internet works young onewho goes around TYPING "wow can we type in dms?" "can->>523559091>he learned how to samefagI'm sure you will be fine from now on, old man

>>523543487the real problem in this game is that the world makes absolutely zero sense and yet tries to present everything with autistic levels of realism

>a woman would have never been able to kill joel !*ND: here, an actual strong woman*>wtf thats unrealistic !Holla Forumsincels cant be plased cant they? unless the game is japanese and on pc my guess is that they cant

>>523559183>who goes around TYPING "wow can we type in dms?" "can-user, typing and talking are still two different things. Writing a letter isn't talking. Typing an email isn't talking. That's how it always has been, you're just highly uneducated and around other uneducated people.Let me guess: American?

>>523559331>blahblahblbahlet me guess. old?

>>523543487neil cuckmann was assblasted about how people made fun of that woman beating up men twice her size in uncharted 2, and of course being the stuck up jew he is, he couldnt not have a woman beat up men for muh feminism and equality in his next game, so he had to make a woman a hulking roided out tranny tier monster so that her beating up men would be believableexcept her being a hulking roided out tranny monster doesnt make any sense in itself without the story explaining that she does roids and somehow manages a 5000 calorie surplus diet in a post apocalyptic wasteland, but doesnt and ruins everyone suspension of disbelief anywayfucking dumbass kike, their hubris is always their downfall

They didn't even give her a female body builders physique. I'm surprised women didnt even bitch about that. Was she said to be a tranny in the game? They literally built a males jacked body, slapped half assed tits on it and put a womans face on it.

>>523559203based makes up arguments with xirself bro

>>523559393I expected no less from a zoomer. Stay stupid, you're really good at it.

>>523544954so you are confirming the series is shit. well played

>>523554050>That imageIf only.

>>523559456>Hmmm yes, I'm so old and refined hmmm

>>523559517Not my fault you didn't pay attention in school. You won't get far in life. Enjoy your ghetto hood lifestyle.

>>523559431>oesnt make any sense in itself without the story explaining that she does roids and somehow manages a 5000 calorie surplus diet in a post apocalyptic wastelandyeah so the problem is with the world rather than the character, like apparently tlou isn't a real apocalypse or something

>>523559590Old people should be hanged

>>523546847What did they mean by this?

Attached: Abbs.jpg (1079x762, 413.75K)

>>523543487For me it's the chin and ultra smooth skin she looks like a gigantic baby

>>523559629Good thing we don't let uneducated lazy pieces of shit decide things for everyone.

>>523559624just shut the fuck up faggot, go lick some niggers boots

>>523559447huh? can anyone tell me what this ape meant to express?at least use the google translator you ESL

>>523559758>at least use the google translator you ESLNot him but google translator is absolutely horrible. You've clearly never used it before.

>>523559758This is what i meant

Attached: Banana.jpg (725x545, 28.31K)

>>523543487/v/ were whining about Ellie's muscles (lol) being unrealistic before anyone knew Abby was even a character. I don't think changing her wouldn't have made a difference to them when they already consider the former to be PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE.

Attached: 74ku47con1p31.jpg (1427x1162, 87.03K)

>>523559203And yet Abby still only manages to kill Joel through impossible luck.


>>523559630it means it's time to take your meds, schizo

>>523559751what a great thread>>523559758based zoomertard

>>523560164>through impossible luck.i dont even want you to play it, at least watch it on youtube mate, thats all im asking fori cant debate like this, its not serious

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>Searching Abby on Rule34 yields no results It seems that people unironically hate Abby

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>>523560643>He's rightHoly shit

>>523555445>lack of necessary diet>lack of testosterone >women IRL who get that big are obvious steroid abusersI dunno m8 seems like a pretty solid argument to me, exercise alone doesn't get you big plus in the flashbacks Abby was a skinny lil lass then it's like her whole skeleton changed

>>523561001I never played either game but I do want to pose one argument:Why do clickers need zero explanation how they work but humans potentially physically evolving in the same fictional world is not acceptable?

>>523561128clickers were explained

>>523560643To be fair, there doesn't seem to be any type of "content" for TLoU2. People only seemed to commission for the first.

>>523561284Explain it then, fungus can't grow inside a human body. Only dead ones. They explained how it can control people? Where it came from? How Ellie is immune?

>>523560643the people making SFMs are weebs who are not interested in western games outside lara croft or overwatchU4 didnt get content too until a year ago

>>523560521>Abby throws a hissyfit and leaves her group behind>blunders into a shitload of infected>luckily gets saved a split second away from death>luckily is saved by the same person she came to kill>luckily they get overwhelmed by infected so they can't take her back to Jackson>luckily they're not so overwhelmed that they can't retreat to Abby's hideout>luckily there's a huge storm so Tommy and Joel have to take shelter with them>luckily Joel tells them his first and last name so that they know it's definitely himIf it wasn't for all this amazing luck Abby would have died like a retard. She kills Joel because the plot created a ton of convenient events that delivered Joel into her lap. It's incredibly retarded that Neil went to so much trouble to make Joel's death so unrealistic when he could have simply had Abby lay a trap for him. Joel lost fights and was caught off-guard several times in TLOU1, they could have had him get killed in any number of ways that would have been realistic, instead they chose to have something so ridiculous it sounds like a parody.

>>523561362>There doesn't seem to be any type of "content" for TLoU2There is. Check again

>>523561545>dude i noticed fictional events are guided by the hands of a writer, I'm a genius xD

>>523561383I'm no biologist but they did say that it's a mutated form of cordyceps, which certain forms have been known to take control of ants bodies and use them as zombies to spread their sporesiirc they don't explain where it came from specifically but I mean that's realistic for a virus that starts in America and kills like over half of the human pop in a matter of months Now Ellie being immune I do not remember how that is so you'll have to forgive my memory on that one

>>523546847Goddamn, they did her dirty with that game model

>>523543487>>523546847i find it extremely pathetic that you dipshits find abby's model to be even remotely attractive. the poor girl isn't even average. don't you have some kind of standards, taste, etc?

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>>523561383>They explained how it can control people?There are species of fungus that can control animals in real life, a variation that can affect humans is plausible, and that's the scenario that the whole story is based off of.>Where it came from?Not important to the story, and there's no reason why any of the characters would even know.>How Ellie is immune?Never precisely answered. It seems to be just a random mutation of the cordyceps. With all the people getting bit, it's really just a numbers game until someone survives it.None of this supports any kind of 'human evolution', that's a coping delusion that I bet even Neil would find ridiculous.

>>523561831Yes, and noticing that fictional events are obvious guided is a flaw in writing.I like how you're saying that I'm overestimating my own intelligence, because if I'm an idiot, then even an idiot can notice glaring flaws in Neil's masterpiece. Any stupidity on my part ironically makes my point stronger.

>>523561979>>523561894Isn't the reason for Ellie being immune kept purposefully kept vague so the end of the game has more emotional uncertainty to it

>>523561973She'd be okay if she washed her hair and did something about that acne.

>>523561545yes, plot suitabilities to tell a story exist since the medium was inventedwhat is your point, exactly?

Trannies are mad as fuck in this thread

>>523562170At the end of the day you're just mad your heckin good joelerino died brutally at the hands of a tranny and you're saying WRITING BAD as a cope for your hurt feefees

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>>523561894>t it's a mutated form of cordyceps, which certain forms have been known to take control of ants bodies and use them as zombies.That again doesn't make sense, that would imply it mutated. Even if it did mutate, it wouldn't be so unnoticed. It would be effect on all living creatures. Furthermore fungus need food. So do they actually eat people? >but I mean that's realistic for a virus that starts in America and kills like over half of the human pop in a matter of months That's remotely not the samething. At all.>>523561979>There are species of fungus that can control animals in real lifeinsects, not animals.>Not important to the storyPretty sure it's pretty important for the sake of lore that there is some sort of explanation that SUDDENLY there's this mutated fungus thing.>Never precisely answered.Yet they knew they needed to kill Ellie for a cure? That's not how that works. If Ellie was immune, it was because of the things that fight within the body. You'd just need to check her blood and conduct trials. What good would killing Ellie do? Nothing makes sense.>None of this supports any kind of 'human evolution', that's a coping delusion that I bet even Neil would find ridiculous.You literally just contradicted yourself.

>>523546847why using a model at that point lol

>>523562390If Joel died to the same character but the same character and overall character writing wasn't flawed and inconsistent it'd be perfectly okay.