What's his endgame?

what's his endgame?

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>>523543024Suppression of Da’at



>>523543024Bringing carmen back to life

>>523543024Suppressing Da'at, crushing the Head with no survivors

I wouldn't mind if there was no more threads for while if mods didn't kill last one

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>>523543024getting roland to fuck angela

Ayin... had a hard life

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he A dcl A wosw A ldrol A ndA rgaliaA ngelabenj A minbl A ck silencepurple te A rt A nyathenm As A lv A dorosc A r

>>523546326could mozart still be alive?

>>523545887mods are real trigger happy on Holla Forums

>Project moon keeps implementing more and more fucking retarded zero cost cards with crazy effects for enemies>Boss mass attacks are RNG which just completely fuck you up if you get unlucky enough to roll badly.This game always feels like a struggle for the player to do as much as he can to make sure he has consistently strong attacks, consistent light and draw while the miniboss/boss fights just laugh and do whatever the fuck they want and its happening more often.


>>523547536>5 guys vs 1>Advantage of reaccting>wooow why doesn't it get 9 light or 10 speed die

>>523547536My man literally all you need to beat most mass attacks is a 3 cost and you can spam them easily with proper light gen

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>>523547916>5 guys vs 1The biggest offenders are never 5v1 though. The bee fight has 5 enemies, 4 of which have access to a 0 cost attack that has 2 cost dice power and can inflict up to 3 spore (which is just better burn), this attack is ironically better than most of its 1 and 2 cost attacks.Also, reacting isnt an advantage if Project Moon designs the mass attacks with this in mind. Because they know you are reacting, the enemies mass attacks can be this bullshit. The Der fight is fucking retarded because its last phases just keep going and going and you have to hope your strong dice dont choke on you and you didnt lose too much health until that point.I tend to seethe at frustrating things though, I have completed every fight implemented so far so I know its doable but its some of the fights are so unfun because of the rng.

>>523543024Apologizing to Angela and giving her a hug.

>>523548567Why would you apologize to a machine?

>>523548908a machine with an edited scan of a human brain and capable of feeling emotion, as well as forcing the machine to be able to remember everything it ever experiences.

I still wish they would make 1 speed die viable. If there was any sort of fight that made it detrimental to have multiple die (maybe a mass attack that targeted ALL speed die) would be funny.>>523547536>Give boss normal light generation, card cost, and draw rates>Boss runs out of light and cards and becomes a pushover after 2 scenesIf you want any sort of challenge involved with fighting a single enemy they need some sort of advantage to make up for the fact that they have to overcome 5-10 speed die with their 3 speed die.Seriously the baby fight is piss easy. Use one Sweeper page, and have them facetank their hard-hitting attack while the rest of your nuggets clash what they can and just whale on the sucker. Shouldn't take more than 1-2 scenes, and I restricted myself to 1 speed die pages.>>523548542I do agree with this part. Light on enemies should give an ebb and flow to the fight, and disregarding that seems counterintuitive. It's boring how in the Gaze office fight once Bolo drops Binding Tentacles to 1 it's the only card he ever uses.

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>>523549068Four dice page.

>>523549023shut the fuck up angela

>>523549123...must be nice to shitpost

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>>523549553At least that user have soul.


reminder to everyone that malcute is still the CUTEST and STRONGEST librarian and her floor will always be great!also you enjoying the light of 172% SoL managers?

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>My 7th yesod suppression goes down the drain because I failed to seal FotB Angela due to poor RNGI swear to god, I'm starting to loathe those boss rushes more and more. I wish there were a secondary way of beating that phase but no, PM insists that Angela is now fucking resistant to all damage in her abno forms until you do """certain thing""". I really love the rest of the game but this shit alone makes me want to spit on whoever designed those fights.

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>>523549704>Final episodes are just Angela seething that other people have different points of view>Everyone just kind of sighs and deals with her shit

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>>523549936hod is better

>>523548567too late bicth

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so what's your Philip decks?

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>>523550068they force you to create the best decks possible i think they're pretty nice, but you might need a deck building tips if you cant yet figure it out at that point.

>>523550673Why does it seem to me that Angela couldn't physically harm Ayin?I mean she's a fuckin' terminator with huge tits.

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>>523547536>boss doesn't play by your rulesWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW

>>523550840I have THE most meta decks I could think of, user. I normally prefer making decks that match the key page but I buried that desire all the way back when Malkuth boss rush dropped.

>>523550068Didn’t they nerf the sealing cards? What’s the new value you’re clashing against?


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>>523549936>tfw no one was managerposting in that threadWHERE is my KINO?

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>>523549068the issue with 1 speed die is that it removes your ability to cycle like sayos sharpen + clean comboyou would need to give the page a strong card light generator built in for it to stand any chance of being viable

>>523550815Just a pretty generic singleton deck, seems to work quite well so far.The burn effect is nice but the extra damage on burning targets is just what you should be aiming for i think

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>>523551157I got a deck from Holla Forums and did it first time with that.

>>523550068Singleton decks with specialisations for the decks quirk is how you beat her. Oscar singleton is great and the 6-18 attack dabs on Butterfly, Meow/Puppet P.2 are great for blunt and either debuffing or dealing tons of stagger (which is good for Der Angela too). Yujin with Tailoring is also top tier here.

>>523547536>This game always feels like a struggle for the player to do as much as he can to make sure he has consistently strong attacks, consistent light and draw while the miniboss/boss fights just laugh and do whatever the fuck they want and its happening more often.That's the best way to do boss fights.


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>the whispering in Phillip's song is the Lord's Prayer in French backwards>WN also has backwards prayer when breaking the first time>12 cherubs = 12 apostles>seven phases = seven trumpets>the 12th fetus escapesManager, I'm really scared right now

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>>523551191>What’s the new value you’re clashing againstMost of the time it's the 5-9 page.>inb4 use stronger pagesI lost clashes against them even with Transpierce at times, due to shit RNG.>>523551313Congrats user.>>523551383>Oscar singleton>Puppet blunt>Yujin tailoringI use all of them, and I have 0 issues getting to the FotB part of the fight. However due to some fucking cursed luck, I always get fucked over by the RNG and end up only sealing one dice.

>>523551523>Lord's PrayerI thought it was Ave Maria

>>523548567we all know whos behind that post m*chinedon't you have a facility to be dealing with?

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files.catbox.moe/nc2atz.mp3The Beta of Contempt. The Brute of Brawl. The Cultivator of Cowardice. The Duke of Dissapointment. The Trash of The Backstreets. The Wimpiest of Weaklings. The Lowest of Craveness. The Commoner of Prudentlets. The I of Justice. The King of Jesters. The Lord of Laconicness. The Victim of Mortality. The Enabler of Nuggers. The Crack of Dawn. The Setting of Sunlight. The Distorted of the Distortions. The Alexander of Ruina. The Slave of Stigmatize. The Shedder of Tears. The Vaeyen of Discordantness. The Warranter of Clerks. The Example of Weakness. The Boorisher of Ssanghwa-Cha.The Weakest [CENSORED]The Abram of managersThe shortest of the birdsThe trash of the backstreetsThe justicelet of justiceThe manlet of the manletsThe lorestarved amongst loreletsFoolishlip the prudenceletEmotionalip the dishonestRepentlip the sinfulFearlip the spinelessTaciturnlip the speachlessDeaflip the unhearingBlindlip the unseeingSpiritlesslip the feebleTiredlip the soullessPussillanimitylip the gutlessWimpishlip the dishonorableExcuselip the crybabyPhillip the…Phillip the… the…Coward...

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why is A such a shit dadwhy didnt he just give his daughter a hug

Does anyone have the nude mod for LC?

Do anons really not like Mili?

>>523551902>Hug = no meltdown>no meltdown = no da'at suppression>no da'at suppression = no 200% seed of lightyou need more prudence user, suffering is not negotiable

>>523551963I'm not really a fan.

>>523551963i like her music alot, it's just these new songs are kind of lack luster compared to her other worksdoesn't mean i didn't get bummed out by phillips new song though>>523551931drive.google.com/drive/folders/1n3FBxm4oq3zJii0B_01Ogxifvp_fMv1H

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Is Philip more pathetic than average 4chan user?

>>523550068>losing after failure to seal the dice>after THREE nerfs that Lament receivedthat attack barely tickles now, how can you lose to it?

>>523551902literally robophobic

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>>523551902It is what the plan demands, user.Also, he's a robophobe. Sucks to be angela.

>>523551963I don't like the opening song, other are fine by me

>>523551963It just doesnt fit well for battle

>>523551771of course!

>>523551963Mili is what got me to check out LC/LoR

>>523551963Opening is shit, tomerry is shit, phillip is alright.

>>523551963OP and love town are great, don't know how I feel about Philip's.

>>523552529>this user don't get the dolly pink

>>523552307Great guy.

>>523551963Mili is great but I wish the Tommerry theme had a bit of windup like Philips instead of jumping straight into the song.

>>523551963Lovetown was better with the old soundtrack I think. The new one doesnt really fit with the actual fight itself. Yeah I get it, Tomerry is now a brainlet who likes funny shape haha but the song doesnt reflect that, the song reflects that Tommy and Merry still percieve everything going on, remember the purpose of the train itself and foreshadow what happens at the end of the journey as well, which is stupid because its a grand reveal in W Corp fight. Personally I would have been fine with the song if it had less foreshadowing and only started playing once Tommy's head exploded, leaving Merry alone which started jogging her faint memories.

>>523552252>how can you lose to itBeats me, user. There's a few ways it happens.>Lament rolls max value while my card rolls low>Her speed dice rolls high and I can't target it with someone that can easily overpower Lament >I don't have enough light to use another big dick move after sealing her in the first turn>I have a bad handAll in all, this fucking thing wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't at the very end of a boss rush. So if I lose, I now have to do everything all over again just so I can have another shot at the fight. I'd honestly very much rather fight each of Angela's abno form completely separated but way more buffed rather than doing it back to back.

>>523552863>if it wasn't at the very end of a boss rushAnon, I...

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help me manager

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>>523552863>I don't have enough light to use another big dick move after sealing her in the first turn>I have a bad handThese two are entirely your fault user, change your decks up. If you have singleton then the 2 cost which gets +4 power to the first attack is really good for this as well. Singleton is great because zero cost card draw + Prescript 3 cost gives you infinite cards and there are plenty of 0 cost and 1 cost light cards now.

>>523552946Yes, I know there's also fucking Der Shootyfruity after that. I worded it in the wrong way.

What is the Philip's endgame?How long can one run away?

>>523551963the virgin(very doubtful) mili and her commissioned songs vs THE CHAD DARK FANTASY STUDIOS AND HIS SOULFUL SOUNDCLOUD SHIT

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>>523553053Right, I'll try to give my decks a makeover.

>>523552952>malcute still smiling even as she's meltinghow is she so perfect bros?

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>>523552863post your decks

>>523552863you have three phases before that to increase your hand and keep your light high, Singing Machine phase before that is extremely easy at maintaining both

>>523553125Running away until the library collapses and he's the last one standing. WHO WILL LAUGH THEN, HUH?

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>>523553318probably not him since he is such a crybaby

>>523551603I’m not sure what the ebb and flow of the fight is post patch but you should have two turns to seal her, so if you can afford it maybe inflict paralysis or disarm on her to ensure you win the clash on turn 2.

>>523553158how do i obtain this body natty?

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>>523551963I love Philips and hate the rest

>>523553318sure is nice of mr calcium to take care of that brat

>>523553392>nattylook at this loser, genetic modifications and implants are the future, you don't want your fixer colleagues to laugh at you?

>>523553392Become manager


>>523548567A hug... that is a nice thing

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>>523553619shut the fuck up you stupid machine

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>>523551963I like it

>>523553210Maybe later since I'm taking a break from the game and booting it up takes ages because I have a hamster powered PC. But in essence I use the basic bitch Yujin /w tailoring, Singleton Oscar, Puppet 2, Norf and 8 o'clock circus whatshername with Bono's robotic arm and Heavy Rehearsal.

>>523551963her songs are okay, I don't want all Boss songs to be Mili but what we have right is not bad

Haha philip was a hagfag

>>523553318sans undertale

>>523551963Love the Philip one, fits pretty damn well for the fight.Tommery i kinda zone out on also >>523552691 is right, it needs more wind up.OP doesn't really fit the game in my opinion.

>>523553902>hagfagDo we even know how old was Yuna?She doesn't look as old as Salvador, she could just be few years older than Philip

>>523553706it must really sting to get killed by the machine you were always sympathetic to, who then went on to blow up your gay crush's entire scheme and steal all the power for herself. must really be seething about it.

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>>523554157anon you should know by now, everything over 18 is "hag" with those cunnytards

>>523553902Worse, he was an NTR fag, one of his desires was that Salvador was cucking him despite having a wife, though that was the Joker baby twisting his desires to attempt to force him into an abno.

>>523554349>desiresfucking retard, it wasn't his desire but one of rationalization why Yuna would rebuke him

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>>523551963I like her but not every theme fits. I didnt like Phil theme while the intro is top tier

Reminder that abnormalities are much bigger than what they seem in game.

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>>523553849Abuse the fact that you can know when Angela is going to get 1 hp to set up your hand and light. You get tons of healing from reddit Angela and her next phase since that phase is super easy. Use binding strike, good card for clashing and it'll be at 1 costUse leap + cycle its a good combo for your hand and lightAlso, doesn't yujin buff Angela's mass attack?

>>523554748>Malcute always starts with One Sin>in trailer for Asiyah layer>not on Malcute floor in LoRdeep thonk


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Laetitia if grow up

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>>523554748Is One Sin really that big?

>>523554869Not anymore, removed with big Butterfly nerf

>>523554485hm, i wonder why my waifu won't date me>A: she isn't into me>B: my mentor is unloading gallons into her

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>>523554869Alright user, thanks for the tip.

Angela did nothing wrong

>>523551290You really don't though. You're only playing 1 card a scene, my Index and Sweepers are chilling at near-max light and full hands, to the point that I don't even really need light gen in their decks. There are quite a few ways to make them viable:>Add more strong cards that work better with 1 die (example: 2cost, reduce all die power by 4, rolls 7-12)>More counter die (makes up for lack of clashing presence)>Enemies or debuffs that are more effective against multiple die (imagine if burn dealt damage for each speed die on the target)>Abno page that boosts the effectiveness of allies that only play 1 card in a scene>New keypage that passively buffs all allies with 1 speed dieIt's kind of lame that they've decided 2 die is the only way to go. Butterfly's fight is kind of proof of this, since he locks down 1 die at a time you can take a whole extra hit with 2 die.>>523553902Yuna is a tomgirl qt probably only mid 20s. Philip had good taste, shame he's such a beta bitchboy

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>>523554485ntrfag cope

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>>523555086shut up dad!

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>>523554963Size and shape is bonkers thanks to the filter, Yes even size is cover up


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>>523555517I can't wait for Hokma, iirc an user that translated his meeting dialogue he is seething so goddamn hard he doesn't even introduces himself and sends Roland to fuck off



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>>523555841was it a mistake to kill them off so quickly

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>>523555161Erza is a big fixer.

>>523555841haha cute girl go book

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>>523543024Eugenics program.


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>>523556003God damn it Tenma looks way to cute there.

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>>523543024Book of C

>>523556003I want to lick Yujin's flat chest!


>>523556254Wait... it cant be... could it be Ayin never liked Angela because his designs failed and he didnt create a (C)armen (C)unny version?

>>523555667Right now there doesn't seem to be too much a power difference between floors. I wonder how they'll handle Alephs.

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>>523556415he was selling light and enkephalin so he could afford the cunny carmen gacha

>>523556491I assume the later floors will get much stronger EGO pages for this. Gebura having unique bonuses on her default page is super interesting too.

>>523555667Did someone already datamine the meeting dialogues for Hokmaballs and Beaner? Can someone post them?

>>523556665>assume the later floors will get much stronger EGO pages for this.Not really.Right now there is no difference and it is ranging between Zayin and WAW already.

>>523556771Anon, i...

Cute sleeping Kali

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more like Cali

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>>523556841I hope they rework the abno pages later, the ones we have are all very weak

>>523556665I hope the later floors just get a specific niche instead of just shitting on the earlier floors.

>>523556928how much longer until the LoR artists start flooding pixiv with cute and funny kali?

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>>523556841Yeah but in LobCo everything up to WAW was easy as fuck anyway. The real challenge started at Gebura suppression so I believe thats where it'll begin in Library too. Both games go way too fast into hardmode though from what weve seen so far. The Angela fights are going to continue to filter a shit ton of people the same way suppression did.

>>523556665yeah I'm not seeing any inherent connection between a page's usefulness and the rank of the Abno. Most people would say Yesod's floor has the best cards even after Musical Addiction nerf and I'm pretty sure nothing on his floor was worse then HE. Gebura and Tiph both have 2 WAW abnos so far and I'd place both of their card sets strictly in "basically ok"


>>523556880???I probably missed a thread with them

>>523551026Despite all her seething, she still does love him. Now she seeks to just destroy his dream because he never even looked her way.

>>523556996>>523556928I sorry managers, but I need to say what needs to be said, you may not like it but its the truth Gebura's voice fucking sucks

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>>523556996More like loli

>>523557112It's in Proyect Moon's twitter, been there for months before the game even came out


>>523556771Not in the game yet, it was from some tweets way back.files.catbox.moe/sd0k85.pdf

>>523557080If I wasnt busy I would

>>523557106Only the very early rare cards are irrelevant now, Valentin is super useful in the Yesod suppression for example.

>>523557106you seem upset

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>>523556003No lol

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>>523557184I wonder if she already had any bionics, back then.

>>523557302Much obliged, user.

>>523557106Are u using mods? That shit eats my memory

>>523557106I just savescum it when he only drops 1 book

>>523557184>Managed to tie-down Gebura>Not raping herUnrealistic

How many mental breaks will Angela have if oswald gets to her

>>523557106Unity always drains your memory.

>>523557572You can savescum book drops?


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>>523557694just backup your save and restore when you fail

>>523556003Yes>T. ThelmaAlso FUCK argalia

Tiphminer's here?..I wonder what he found else besides Hod and Netzach info.

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>>523557302Ben deserved better

>>523557861Ben's a bitch who ran away rather than try and set A straight. All of this shit is practically his fault.

>>523557716What is this from?Also, translation, please.

Is it save to assume, those two never met?Arglglgl seemed to operate more in Rolands area.

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>>523558081It is "Shall we go meet some other friends" from the smiling face story

>>523558151Maybe? The Red Mist always worked alone

>>523558070His biggest mistake was forcing Ayin to take ownership of her. If it wasnt for that he could have assumed ownership instead and made her happy. But Benjamin is a massive simp for A without really knowing how to break it to him that hes a massive faggot.

>>523558151I'm sure she didn't give a shit about other fixers

>>523558331Guess who saw her few times.

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>>523558347>Phillip is Benjamin

>>523558151We don't even know if blue shaker was a thing before the 10 years happened

>>523558457Vespa better tap her ass every night

Is this game gonna work fine on a fx 6300?

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>>523558151The question is, how strong is he, Roland said maybe the Red mist would be stronger but we dont know if Blue reverb is just hiding his power level under the excuse of "haha just hiring people" or he truly is weaker

>>523558457Next DD fucking when?

>>523550673>>523551675>>523551228>>523548908A will learn the error of his ways and realize that Carmen was a dumb bitch with a shit plan, and he will apologize to Angela.

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>>523557184I like how her gear in the left looks like the mooks and Finn from the Yun office; low grade crappy stuff

>>523558663I'm using a fx 6300 and it's working fine

>>523558637she's morally obligated considering that he was locked in a sex dungeon for a week because of her

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>>523558676I think it's a case of Gebura being the epitome of unga bunga. She's stronger because she's the unga bungaist, but she probably has less resources and connections.

>>523558331>>523558434Kali was able to recognize Roland being more than her claims.I am sure she had to do with Fixer a lot of time.One way or the other.

>>523558676We'll probably see it eventually. I hope his fight isn't as anti-climatic as "Gebura is just stronger than him"

>>523558864>>523558676I could see it being a reversal of Kali vs Garion.

>>523558676Argalia is prone to building up a gang, while Gebura works mostly alone.Argaalia + syndicate > Gebura > Argalia alone


The game keeps on crashing before the song can even begin


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>>523559129too many mods?

>>523559129Try unsubscribing mods

>>523559191>>523559197I only had one, but I'll try that.


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Is angela wearing contacts now? I miss long hair fancy eyed angela

>>523558862Her eyes are fixer scouters

>>523558765Based and hugpilled

>>523559398it's a side effect of all the seething that A caused

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>>523559398She is having a crisis and shearing off your hair is basically a form of self-harm.

>>523557051For sure, I would hate to see any of them get powercrept. The way I see it each floor is something like a deck archetype of sorts, with different abnos being more or less focused on a certain theme. Ideally different floors will be better or worse for different fights rather than just being a slightly different flavour of the same thing. Fortunately we're only at fight 32/50, and Lobco had some major powerspikes late in the game, so if PM plays their cards right we could have some serious gameplay kino here.>>523556491Maybe late in the game we unlock Da'at, but it's not a combat floor, instead you have to face off against ALEPHs with any floors you can spare, and they can kick your ass. On beating them you can equip them to specific floors, so when you reach emotion level 6 you can pick between 3 broken overpowered pages.Speaking of emotion, am I the only person who hopes that on reaching emotion level 4 we can pick another abno card? Only being able to choose 2 feels so limiting, and as interesting as it may be I'd rather have 3 passives than 2 Ego.>>523558864Gebura is weak now though, I don't think she'll reach her previous peak. I kinda wonder how they'll handle her keypage. If it's too busted there won't be much reason to use other floors, but something like "3 speed die, +2 power, +1 card each scene" then if there aren't any other pages with 3 speed she might be balanced-ish. I still think it would be cool if her abno pages were based around supercharging 1 nugget to let her really take off.

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>>523559398She's suffering a severe case of daddy issues. She is trying to emulate A in most aspects.

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>>523559398Get out of this thread before you are spoiled user, theres a reason behind her new look and old look

>>523557574That was the first thing they did.

>>523559560>but something like "3 speed die, +2 power, +1 card each scene"Dude, that's weaker than prime Yujin.

>>523545887>apocalypse bird and whitenight at the same time

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>>523558842>The things you could with her severed arm>He chose to eat it insteadWhat a waste

>>523551963She is good at what she does, but not everything is compatible with her niche. Philip 2.0 for instance is perfect with DFS’s Warriors, so it feels pretty shit to hear they’re gonna replace it with Mili in the future. I didn’t like Philip 3.0 initially but it grew on me after fighting him a couple more times. Tomerry theme change is just cringe.

>>523560016they never said they're going to replace warriors with Mili. they're probably just going to use the same company that does all the rest of their original music.

So far we always won all fights storywise? What is going to happen when we get a defeat dictated by the plot?

>>523559981>he will forever be one with the hagi don't know about you user but that's pretty based

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>>523560112what if defeats are canon but the library reverses time like tt2 at the cost of the books

>>523560360I was thinking something like this, its Angela after all and she doesnt play fair

Timeman‘s abno will be plague doc is it

>>523560462She explicitly plays fair. You bitch. You fucking moron.

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>>523560016Tomerry theme could have worked well, but its very clear the fight was aesthetically designed for its original theme and the song was the shat on top of it. The Mili song references how the thousands of years were actually planned and not a mistake, which ruins the puppetry/W Corp scenes and acts as if Tomerry is still capable of thought that isnt toddler retard unga bunga crap.If the Love Town fight started with the original music, and then when Tommy dies, Merry has dialogue about remembering what she used to be, the background starting to melt and become uncertain along with her mind, then the music starts to make a bit more sense.

>Black Forest Birds>Red and Wolf>Wizard of Oz>Magical GirlsIs there any other abnos that belong in the same setting? Since all 3 middle layer sephirah got abno groups, I’d assume Binah will get birds but not sure what Hokma’s floor will be like.

>>523560824Hokma could be time or distortion, would be interesting to see the most based abno, backwards clock there.

>>523560160Would Beaner have eaten Geburas arm, if she had the chance?

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>>523560824The 4 A’s + X

where were you when we completed the seed of light?

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>>523561152what the fuck is he even supposed to represent?

>>523561245Ayin was raped by a mall santa when he was 6.

>>523561245Some kid who hates santa because he never gets any presents, I guess?

>>523561245"I fucking hate Christmas"

>>523561245I hate my job but I still need to do it, so with all my infinite hatred I give you this gift

>>523561245ghost of christmas company party.

>>523554539More like opposite

>>523560918>backer abnoAnon...

>>523561020is that even a question user?

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>>523561732IT COULD HAPPEN

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So is Hokmas floor going to have Price of Silence on it?

>>523559942Usally means you failed WN suppression and Twilight nugget is death I mess around and trigger alot of breaches in challenge mode

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>>523562091Let me just contact Director-kun and ask him this question really quick

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>>523558796Thanks brother for the answer

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>>523562091it would be wrong for it not to be angela's final ego suit for hokma's floor

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>>523562252What about WN?

>>523562371hopefully the final abono fight for hokmathat is if phillip the coward doesn't turn into him first

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