>FGO is ending soon.Bro

>FGO is ending soon.Bro..........

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Huh I just downloaded all JPGs. I beat the whole game in only 4 minutes

>>523542776Hope you had fun spending hundreds on jpegs!

>>523542776God i wish

some people will probably kill themselves

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>>523542776No way. It makes them too much money for them to kill it.

>>523542776fake news as always

>>523544551>>523544661cope lol

>>523542776It'll end or be dead once Nasu leaves at the end of Arc 2

it's going to be glorious


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>>523542776you wish.tsukihime remake? Lol, never ever

>>523542776> Shitty gacha game that ruined Fate series and kept Nasu from making any genuine good work including Tsukihime Remake is finally closing down

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>>523542776good they're stingy as fuck with the gacha.

>>523544551Maybe if Takeuchi and Nasu are hacks that will sell their company for money.At best Sony can only delay them by giving both free vacation

>>523546996lmao seething

I for one will laugh if the Kingdom Hearts gacha lasts longer than FGO.

>>523542776unironically saved the Fate series. Fate is complete shit with just keep rehashing the holy grail war.

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>>523546598Good Okita pic

>>523542776>>FGO is ending soon.fake news, the game is doing fkn great

>>523542776NA will probably die when they hit the dry period JP's going through now just like Meguca gacha did, but the JP one's not dying for a long while, especially since there's at least two story arcs left.

>>523542776I fucking wish, gacha is cancer


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>>523547540That dry period is going to be fun, people couldn't handle the earlier ones at all

>>523542949Isn't that like saying "I ripped the models from the game"?Progression is part of the game, not just result.

>>523547540Na, meguca gach died because they listened to FGOAltertards that want US server to be 1:1 with JP server, so they hurried the fucked up and made the game just completely boring to play

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>>523547789And, you know, it barely made any money compared to Japan. And I mean BARELY.

>>523546996>Nasu >genuine good work:^)

>>523542776What are you talking about? Arc 3 is coming.

>>523547789I thought Meguca died because they blocked all non-NA IPs or something equally retarded.

>>523547751You aren't playing with the pictures but with adobe flash chibi animations of the said picture. Your statement would be correct if I downloaded the chibi models instead of the pictures but in a gacha games is literally just about getting nice pictures, and certainly not about gameplay.

>>523547392> Unironically saved the franchise > Turned their series that has serious themes and great writing into a slot machine for whalesYeah user, keep telling that to yourself. Maybe it will help you sleep at night

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>>523548168Hence the "not just result" part.

>>523548168FGO actually uses character models, it's just hard to tell because the combat is entirely 2D.

>>523548192>believing the original retardedly written chuuni VN and the retarded rehash games are goodeven the Ooku Labyrinth event is infinitely better written than Fate Stay/Night

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>>523548192>Great writtingYou're delusional if think the VN is much better than FGO story.

>ITT: Seething Tsukihimecucks

>>523546996>Tsukihime Remake>genuine good work

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>>523542776This bait has been used for literally 3 years and it has fooled people every time. F/GO is so profitable to this very day that the gacha closest behind it makes around HALF of what Fate pulls in.

>>523542812ok mini-janitor

>>523548586>>523548592As if you actually care about the shitty story of FGO.Have you actually gave a VN a try to say that? YOU'RE the delusional one for thinking FGO has better writing, or you're baiting for (You).The only reason you fucks keep playing FGO is because FSN doesn't swimsuit girls with massive tits. List 5 reasons why do you think FGO has better writing than Fate/Stay Night.

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>>523548152This is it. All the EN whales are in SEA so if you shut them out of course you're not gonna have any money. Hell I wanted to play it too but even EuroChads weren't allowed

>>523547789Azur Lane is 1:1 with JP/CN at this point and it's still going strong. MR was shit and they overestimated the popularity of Madoka, which only retards have in high regards, the average anime watcher doesn't give a shit about it.

>>523547751>progression is part of the gameIt's the worst part of the game. Super jewish rates, low amount of rolls, tons of resources required to raise characters, and no auto. If you actually play this shit daily for months or god forbid years you lose.

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>>523549495>It's the worst part of the gameI didn't mean just FGO, I meant games in general.


>>523549332do you really want to start??? I think you should go back and read the VN, it is full of retarded shit.

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>>523550060>Her anus is defense

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>FateMiss me with that normalfag shit

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>>523549332Quaternary here pretty sure that fsn sequel with manjew had swimsuits

>>523550353>fateniggers are smelly serial killersHow do we solve the fatenigger problem, bros?

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>>523550060> Uses a scene that was not even written by Nasu and was later replaced in the rerelease and is no longer canonYou really didn't try, didn't you?I said give out reasons why do you think FGO has better writing than the VN.

>>523549332Here's your fate/stay night resumed in one sentence.

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>>523550538>Realta Nua is canonwew lad

>>523549332please, Fate connoisseur, explain to us plebs the brilliance of the writing in this scene

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>>523548124There is no part 3, part 2 is the ending planned by Nasu. The central character of part 1 was Romani, and the central character of part 2 is Olga. Once their stories are over, FGO will end.

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>>523548825in comparison to FGO yes. One could even say its some of the finest work of the decade by comparison between the two alone

>>523550779>OlgaWhat a disappointment

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I can't fucking stop playing FGO anymore because I actually have a Waver now.

>>523550779Don't worry bro we getting fgo2 with a vampire protagonist

>>523550767You know that's from a fandisc that's first and foremost a comedy and fanservice, right?

>no more FGO pornfinally

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>>523550779There'll be a part 3, but without Nasu can you even call it Fate? It's just going to be a return to Arc 1 awful stories

>>523547285My seething is justified. Seeing a company that made actually good games in back then (Melty Blood, Unlimited Codes) and now they make low quality games just for money can make anyone seethe.>>523547982Don't pretend he didn't make ones in the past. His latest work as visual was genuinely good was Hollow Ataraxia. >>523548825How do you know it's gonna suck if nothing about the story revealed? The answer is you don't.

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>>523550767The writing in fate is god awful except for maybe Zero since Zero is just one story instead of three like the original VN.What is compelling the battle royal aspec between known legendary figures in history or mythology.

>>523550803That's a fucking stupid way to look at things. Being better than something else doesn't make something good. Why does Tsukihime even need a remake anyway, besides a cashgrab?

>>523551054I heard the new vn he made sucked


>>523542776>Followed by FGO 2

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>>523551154Mahoutsukai no Yoru? The way everyone forgot about it was pretty funny

>>523551425Everyone forgot about it because it was never translated and Nasu never made a continuation because of FGO

>>523551154>>523551425There's no translation.......

>>523551110>The writing in fate is god awful except for maybe ZeroStopped reading there

>>523551154It didn't suck but it was too fucking short and it was supposed to be the start a series that he never followed up on, like fucking always

>>523551425>Mahoutsukai no YoruI forgot this was even a thing.

>>523542776The Lostbelts have been moving super fucking slow, especially since Nasu got away with chopping one in half and pretending it was two chapters. It'll probably be december 2021 before arc 2 comes to its conclusion.

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>>523551532It is fine. I'm not asking you to read.

>>523551601Atlantis alone was longer than Yuga and Qin put together and Olympus was the longest chapter in the game so far, though.

>>523551610I fucking wish you would. Zero is one of the worst books I've ever read, and I'm fucking dying over you thinking it's well written. It's the most textbook edgefest you can imagine.

Nasu is quitting once Arc 2.0 is over but they were looking for a new director who can do the next story arc.So yeah. FGO is going nowhere as long as it makes more cash for Sony than anything else.

>>523551709And that's a bad thing. Fuck Mandricardo, fuck Caenis, fuck Musashi, dragging shit out is exhausting.

>>523551857That kinda describes all weeb writing to be honest

>>523551857Cry some more. I won't sit here and lie to you. And yes, it is edgy, but god damn is it better than FSN.

>>523550779Bromani...He'll be back, right bros?!

>>523551601Thought the same. The storiy is obviously ending december next year.

>>523551110Zero is a fucking mess despite being a single storyline and having FSN as a frame of reference. And it still managed to fuck up the one job it had of being the prequel to FSN that they had to declare it an alternative timeline, which is pretty fucking embarrassing.

>>523551709Longer isn't better, I would have figured you learnt that from America

>>523542776They've been hiring writers for a part 3. It's known that P2 is the end of Chaldea for the story line and Nasu is taking a break but Wada and others are still signed on to continue. When will this "it's ending" meme end?

>>523552005I like how people are implying FSN had good writing.

>>523551958It's genuinely not. The prose is horrendous, every character contradicts their established characterization without the author realizing it, Uro can't write action to save his life. It's just a damned chuuni mess.

>>523547448Nasu doesn't care. He's already said he's ending it within the next 2-3 years.

>>523551054Literally everything he ever wrote was terrible, FSN especially is an atrocity of horrid writing.

>>523552101If you think so. Sucks to be you.

>>523550353There's also tons of other stuff there too like Gundam and Code Geass

>>523552094It was better than Zero's, hands down. Nasu at least kept a grasp on his characters and how they behaved across three routes. Uro couldn't keep that up for a SINGLE story with Zero.

>>523551964They're both guaranteed to come back, although probably as some single appearance before disappearing again just to give Gudao some closure

>>523552005Zero is so vastly superior to Stay Night in every conceivable way, Stay Night is legit dogshit for midwit pseuds.

>>523552212>It was better than ZeroStopped reading there.

>>523552094Reread the post and you'll see that it's pointing out that Zero's writing is a fucking mess and not stating that FSN's is good. It's not even a long post, actually try please.

>>523550515Wow you are gullible to fall for that.

>>523552283Zero is le edgy shounen trash. It pulled in the worst part of the fanbase. I'd rather talk to an extrafag than a zerofag anyday.

>>523542776The only Gacha I play is the Megaman one, and I don't even spend money on it.

>>523552079Never. Gacha games live rent free on Holla Forums's head.

>>523552212>. Uro couldn't keep that up for a SINGLE story with Zero.While I agree on zero being inconsistent shit with fsn, didnt uro and nasu discuss FSN before it was completely finished?

>>523552319All I saw was delusional opinions of what they believe it was.

>>523552152Yawn, please post everything you think that has good writing.

>>523552283>midwit pseudsNo? It's not pretending to be anything more, its case is very clearcut. Urobuchi's writing by contrast is posturing as fuck.>>523552394>I didn't even read the post so I made shit upFascinating.

>>523552324>Rin: 身だしなみを整えていきなさいよ, Take care of your fucking appearance you filthy otaku pigs.

>>523552542>Fascinating.>made shit upFunny.

>>523542776I'm sad when I look at this picture because I know Saber is suffering

>>523552352>Zero was edgyIt was always a horrible battle royale fight to the death you secondary.

>still no playable vitchtamabros

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>>523552594>This post said x>It literally doesn't>Lul I saw some bullshit that wasn't there XDYou're a moron, go away.

>>523542776Plz b real. The amount of gotcha fags committing would be great. Especially since it’d be 99% white and Asian males, the most privileged groups there are!

>>523552597Yeah, she is the face but is a tertiary character in the game.

>>523552393Yes but that has no bearing on the fact Uro couldn't even stay consistent on characters wholly contained within Zero.

>>523552690You're pretty fucking stupid to think one of the most profitable endeavors in human history is shutting down.

>>523552710My problem is that the Servants are CONSTANTLY stuck in a totally unwinnable situation

>>523552675>You're a moron, go away.What did I say what was wrong. It was all opinions.FSN cultists everyone.

Why no Lovecraft as a servant though? There is an entire class based on his works, but not the dude himself?

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>>523552352Idk if you're aware of this, but FSN is shounen by that definition as well.The only difference is that Zero didn't have endless SoL padding, horribly retarded and unlikable characters, constant asspulls to resolve every conflict (the amount of characters going "I'll let you live for no reason / we'll finish this fight another time" is insane lol) and the braindead pseud shit, especially in UBW, is unbearable.Zero just tried to be an entertaining story and succeeded pretty well at that, FSN is an aimless pile of amateur autistic writing that has nothing to say and only stood the test of time because people want to fuck the girls.

>>523552710You're talking to a mentally deranged shitposter trying to force a really bad meme. Just ignore him.

>>523552831He might become one later. He's in the game already, he showed up in Salem to take Abigail on doctor who-like adventures.

>>523552831Because he's already present as multi-universal traveler (like Zeltrech) as his self-insert Randolph Carter.

>>523550367I can say the same for putting overpriced JPEGS of FGO>>523550767> Main character overcomes his trauma from his past grows during each route and realizes his own flaws> Each route symbolizes the position the hero has about ideals, with Fate route he's fully committed to it, and Heaven's Feels were he throws them to do what he truly wants> Main hero who believed her ideals were the best realizes how conflicting her ideals were by the main protagonist> Main villain is very conflicted with their position, were the only thing brings him joy is the only thing he hates> Both main hero and main villain cannot coexist without others, were the main protagonist purpose is to help others while the main villain's purpose is to hurt others.And that was just a small portion of it. I could go on about Hollow Ataraxia too, but you guys prefer spending all your money on a slot machine of JPEGS of your waifus.

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>>523552634No, he's right, the whole of Zero really is designed to appeal to the edgy crowd. Not the grimmdark edgy, the kind of edgy that runs with the whole "he's a badass epic mage who fights with guns instead of magic! And he fights without honor because he doesn't play by the rules!", that kind of mindset. The puerile mindset that baits easily pleased teens, which considering how childish the setting already is, is pretty impressive in itself.>>523552793>I like how people are implying FSN had good writing.Literally nothing the post was implying that at all. So yeah, you were wrong. Stop being a moron.>cultistsNot an argument.

>>523552831Wouldn't surprise me if he would be grand servant level but not quite there.

>>523553032>Not an argument.Yeah, there usually can't be an argument towards cultists. They are so deep in their shit they can't understand anything else.

>>523552776Like, imagine fighting hard and doing good for your whole life, but then you get shoved into time/space storage instead of being given rest.

>>523553005100% whenever anyone says zero is better than fsn they have only watch the anime, I would not even bother

>>523552831Foreigner is for entities outside Earth not just Lovecraft stuff.>>523553032>No, he's rightI see through you, faggot.

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>>523552874>SoLTASTE OF SLAUGHTER, Rin's magic loli adventure l>retarded and unlikable charactersKiritsugu, Tokiomi, Kayneth, Kariya>constant asspulls to resolve every conflict (the amount of characters going "I'll let you live for no reason / we'll finish this fight another time" is insane lol)Everything to do with Lancelot. Diarmuid sparing Kerry for no reason. Tokiomi pulling back Archer conveniently before he can Shrek Berserker.>And the braindead pseud shit, especially in UBW, is unbearable.The ENTIRETY of Saber and Kiritsugu's conflict


>>523542776Fate is grimdark.Wanna know why?Because it's depressing. Sure, there's a lot of sad moments in things, but oftentimes the characters get some sort of resolution or reprieve.There's none in Fate

>>523552634Zero was a fight between seven manchildren masters

>>523553118Worse. You get stored as data and any mage can download a copy of you for hentai

>>523542776Y'know, I just want to say this:I want to know how Senua and Saber would interact for some weird ass reason that I can't understand

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>>523553114Yes, the person trying to hold an argument is the one who is in the wrong, not the one actively denying things and ignoring the subject. Whatever helps you sleep, I guess.>>523553159>I see through you, faggot.>I'd rather accuse you of samefagging than actually debate the issueI don't know why I expected any better.

>>523553005you are retarded. as Nasu showed, Emiya didn't grow, he is just a psychopath who likes killing and swords and using seigi as an excuse.it shows how much you really understand Fate, which is nothing

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>>523553401You should really really read the original Fate Stay Night one day.

>>523553476>Whatever helps you sleep, I guess.Likewise. Good talk.

>>523542776It will never end. But even on the 1% chance it does, I regret nothing. Fate and DBZ are the pillars of the anime industry like Amazon, Apple, and Tesla are for Tech.

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>>523553502>Implying manchildren are better than literally women and children

>>523553519Thanks for not wasting my time further, if nothing else.

>>523552831The gentleman who travels through time and space has many tasks at hand, he can't just settle down as a heroic spirit.

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>>523553663You're the only one wasting time continuing the engagement when you have the power to stop at any point. You neither lose nor win. You just pick the fights you find worth it.

>>523553496again, most people have on seen the anime so they dont understand the resolution of his character in HF

>>523553410Question:>Normal man starts single-handedly genociding fuckhead mages through sheer skill in an attempt to stop them from fucking over the world moreHow do you feel?

>>523553502Actual children have a reason to be immature. Kiritsugu has no excuse.


>>523552831can't be heroic spirit unless he's dead, he's out there traversing outer worlds

>>523547751Dumb gachafag

>>523553496>Posting someone that isn't actually Emiya as your proof about Emiyalol

>>523553762This is true but having the other side just drop the issue works too, so I'll take it.

>>523553801While blasting this:youtube.com/watch?v=n46zZ_y3hqA

>>523553858>missing the point>calling someone else dumb

>>523551709>>523552010It was longer kino. Atlantis alone was voted best lostbelt and second best. Olympus had the best fights though

>>523553235I disagree on your first two points, i don't think those "SoL" scenes are even remotely comparable to a thousand hours of Fujinee shit and teenage drama, and unlike those things they also actually added at least something to the plot or setting at all, beyond being almost entirely filler.I also don't see how Kiritsugu, Tokiomi or Kariya are retarded, making some bad choices sometimes doesn't even compare to FSN characters consistently acting in ways don't make any sense.I'll give you the other points you've brought up, though i never claimed Zero to be flawless either.It just towers far above FSN, the Saber and Kiritsugu conflict for example isn't even close to being as shit as the entirety of UBW, which YOU KNOW Fatefags extol as deep and meaningful.

>>523553897Fair enough.

>>523553931Never trust polls taken within 2 months of release.

>>523553852Throne exists outside time and space etc etc, it's how we got Musashi as a servant before she died essentially. Also don't forget EMIYA

>>523553931yeah I really enjoyed the entire chapter being nothing but trash mobs fight because the devs couldn't get their dev schedule for a fucking mobile game in order so literally 0 bosses were ready.

>>523550515the one of the left is basically just telling you to go to the road show.

>Retards thinking their DBZ is better than Fate

>>523542776Y'know, I once had this idea for something.I made it before i knew what Fate was, and then, when I look back on it, I think "Yeah, this sounds like Fate"In that it involved bringing figures from the past and whatnot to the present in order to fight with magic and stuff.Except our main protagonist was a Polish WW2 soldier who's mentally fucked.

>>>/vmg/ use it retards

Not until English translation.

>>523551006>no more FGO pornBut that's the best and only redeemable part.

>>523554007Especially given this was after 6+ months of literal reruns and dead content

>>523554348Maybe, maybe not. But it has a longer history.

>>523542776Nasu dying and bombing Aniplex in the process wouldn't be enough to end FGO

>>523551054They literally confirmed they're changing some of the dialogue and settingsiliconera.com/tsukihime-remake-has-new-characters-and-story-elements/There's also the fact that the redesigns makes everyone look like a souless puppet

>>523554384>can't read rulesRetard.

>>523554421People always say this but I never get your fucking logic.FGO doesn't have good character designs or characters worth a shit. Why would you want FGO porn over more porn from literally any other franchise?

>>523554501>people actually like the old artHuh, who would have thought.

>>523554461You really are just weird.

We can all agree gacha games are fucking bad, right?

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>>523554631>executingOh no, poor Aile.


>>523553871lol, retard Muramasa inhabited Emiya because he's a complete psychopath like him. Just like why Isthar inhabited Rin, because Ishtar pleases men for gems

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>>523554312Read the text in the upper right corner and compare it with the poster on the right. It's telling people to keep up ordinary grooming standards, i.e that the otaku should take a shower.

>>523554789Pseudo servants were a mistake

>>523551964hopefully not, Goredolf is infinitely more entertaining than he ever was, magical girl moments notwithstanding.

>EOPs who can't even read Mahou trashtalking RemakeI'm disgusted. God I hate /tmg/ retards,all tsukifags, vnpurists and monologuefags from 4chan/BL. Fuck you. I miss old /fate/ times.

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>>523554849That's cause Romani is just Nasu's shitty self insert

>>523554789You're just coming off like a 11 year old now

>>523554901old /fate/ times like where everyone was reading a tl patch made by an ESL full of errors that haven't been fixed to this day? yeah so great

>>523553124Agreed. The anime doesn't portray the characters the same as the VN. especially with the fact they cut out internal monologues, which responsible for half of his characterization.>>523553496>psychopathPsychoabths are pretty antisocial, which is something exactly the opposite of Shirou> likes killing and swordHe only killed the final bosses of each route, to save the world, wouldn't you do the same?Can't argue about swords, though

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>>523554575All you need is Takeuchi face on a body, and it will sell billions of dollars in gacha. Also millions of porn doujins spawn.

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>>523553159Did they turn the Voyager probe into a cute anime boy/girl? I thought it was only human historical people

>>523542776leftist SJW normalfag westcucks are fucking seething in this threadthey've been doomposting ever since the SEAniggers BTFO the yuricucks during the madoka incident

>>523550353I knew I recognized that face from somewhere.

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>>523555008Yes. The threads were not full of cancerous tsukifags, vnpurists and monologuefags. Or they didn't reach peak cancer form. I bet no one of them even know what is /fate/

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>>523554901Yeah I’m not going to read Mahou since its a female protagonist

>>523551932don't tell me that shitter musashi pops in to deus ex machina save the day yet again after russia. that was so fucking bad, and shimousa was such a shitshow in the first place

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>>523555062I wish I could make billions of dollars just by drawing my waifu over and over and over again

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>>523555123>leftist SJW normalfag westcucks are fucking seething in this threadJesus christ are you telling me spend thousands of dollars rolling for anime tiddies to own the libs. That's just sad

>>523555172>Mahou >MC???

>>523554353Long story short, Polish guy named Gabriel fights abroad in WW2, gets high body count along with bad PTSD, then leaves for the US once the war was over. His PTSD makes it so that he can't fit in civilian life, so he joins the US army and fights in Korea, where he's killed. Then he stays in Purgatory for a few decades, then gets resurrected by Micheal (THAT Micheal) as part of an army of undead warriors.See, supernatural bad guys (Like demons and Yokai and all sorts of shit like that) are making a pretty sneaky incursion into the mortal world. So the good dudes need to do something covert as well. Can't risk all-out warfare. So they send a bunch of undead from throughout time to go and do it with (Relatively) more subtlety.And yes, I did do actual research on how PTSD can affect people.

>>523552756examples on this? I always like more ammo on how rubbish Zero really is.

>>523554901If it was good it would have been translated lmao

>>523555430How long did it take for FSN to get a "translation"?

I heard some other Madoka Magicka gacha game was shutting down in the US. Is it a trend with these types of skinner box games to shut it down once enough people have reached a satisfying level of progression, since they are less profitable that way and will also be desperate to fill the void with the next game and become whales all over again?

>>523555430it isn't the 2000s anymore, the internet doesn't work that way now.


>>5235555034 years for FSN during golden age of fan translation times9 years for HA~7-10 years for KnK~13 years for DDD (translated from bad russian version as I know)

>people to keep comparing FGO with FSNwhy do we do this?what is going to be acomplished by shitting on a pretty ok mobile game with a pretty good VN?is all false equivalence at this point shitposted to death by the most mentally ill contrarians I ever seen holy shit

Attached: 1499916536754.png (500x522, 342.13K)

>>523555430Yeah it probably didn’t get a translation since its gay as hell. Tsukihime and Fate are cool as hell to read since Shiki raped girls. And Shirou displayed his manliness against Gilgamesh and Kotomine. You’re not gonna get those moments in the 2020 soi boy era of gaming

>>523555794He's just a gachanigger baiting for a thread.

>>523555810>4 years for FSN during golden age of fan translation timesHuh, faster than I thought it was.

>>523555194Oh, man, it's 100x worse.

Attached: 1587385225015.jpg (2676x3552, 1.21M)

>>523555821>pretty ok mobile game

Attached: 1577658987236.jpg (500x500, 59.98K)

>>523555821Retards can't understand that FGO is pure fantasy action while FSN is mystery action. They need to compare them.

>>523555821I dunno, but what I do know is that Fate is impossible to enjoy due to it's lack of a satisfying conclusion.


>>523542776Is it really shutting down or is it a magia record situation where only the NA server is going down

>>523555897Do people really look at this and honestly believe this is good writing?

>>523555897Don't really understand what people's problem with this was, it's a pretty good continuation from Shimousa since she wanted to cut muh zero and all. The bad thing is they'll still bring her back since she can't stay dead for some reason.

>>523556001>FGO is pure fantasy action while FSN is mystery actionThat really doesn't mean you can't compare them. Where the hell did you get that idea

>>523556125It's just people riding on the bandwagon.

>>523555897this isn't an elaborate ploy to jerk off musashi even more right? They were just retarded and forgot to finish the bosses for this lostbelt right? This is literally pic related-tier.

Attached: 1578799518949.jpg (640x480, 41.76K)

>>523556109What the fuck do you think?No one in Fate ever gets anything coming close to a happy ending.

>>523555194Olympus is Shimosa 2.0.Shit story that threw away all the buildup Atlantis had for even more Musashiwank and forced Musashi supports.

>>523556125Its a bunch of seething yuri fags in this thread that are bitching about the Chad FGO and Chad Dokkan Battle as usual

>>523556138>Genderbend musashi from an alternate universe with OC donut steel powers winning against Chaos, a dyson sphere revealed to be the one that gave birth to the entire greek pantheon>I don't see the issue

>>523556138"she did something incredible with her sword, we can't describe it, but THE PRIMORDIAL DIVINITY, KHAOS ITSELF isn't a problem anymore"is not good fucking writing

>>523556240why do you talk out of your ass you fucking retard

>>523556256Oh, and I should add the Musashiwank still isn't over. She's 100% coming back to kill at least one of the ayy lmao's disciples given she got a strengthening recently that gives her NP bonus damage against Alter Egos.

>>523556240You again go away

>>523542776And absolutely nothing of value was lost.

>>523547363The KH gacha is unironically worse.

>>523556351>>523556368She didn't win against it, she cut off the portal, or the void that Chaos was peering through. This was built up to in Shimousa and a few random flashbacks in Olympus. You still have your epic battle against Zeus and Kirsch before and after this one single scene.


Attached: dss.jpg (2672x7264, 1.17M)


>>523556562>She didn't win against it>a god, cut, defeated>silenced forever

>>523556508Doesn't mean it can't end up surviving for even longer

>>523556675Defeated, as in she made Chaos unable to destroy Olympus. She didn't literally kill Chaos, she just cut the portal. It's literally explained in the images posted here.

>>523556562I know that. It doesn't matter. Legitimately the inclusion of Khaos and Musashi makes the whole fucking story worse and it never should have been involved.

>>523556256>>523556419i'm fucking dying, did the collective studio lose their minds or is it one madman who loves his waifu this much? I thought EoR was supposed to be an experimental lineup outside of the main story so to speak, yet there's no peace from this evil that is blah blah blah blah muh sword of folded 9000 times blah blah blah niten ichiryu blah blah in this "new" storyline.

Attached: 1570706191820.png (563x888, 646.97K)

>>523555120Kind of an excuse to make The Little Prince a servantLore reasoning is that Voyager is a crystallization of humanity's hopes and dreams for the stars, so he's able to manifest as a conceptual heroic spirit through virtue of basically being a grail, similar to Iri.

>EOP hating character based on EOP anecdotes and JSL biaswait until NA release, keks

>>523554901Oh yes old times I love all discussions devolving into how Type Mercury is the strongest TM character

Attached: thischair.jpg (644x504, 61.9K)

>>523554575>FGO doesn't have good character designs or characters worth a shitI just like the porn. The characters look like horny sluts and that's a turn on for me.I've never even played FGO

>>5235567941. Chaos didn't want to destroy olympus, he wanted to extract resources from the entire planet2. Musashi says she can only close the portal but then Nemo says Chaos is SILENCED FOREVER for literally no reason and with 0 proof3. They don't even explain how the portal was opened, there is literally not 1 single sentence saying Zeus death caused it. There is 0 fucking reason for Chaos to be unable to open another portal to coordinate already in his database now

>>523556921Cope she even gets a dramtic CG death scene and is likely to make a dramatic return

Attached: 1576617179970.png (2161x2148, 2.55M)

>>523555120Fate/Stay Night itself said animals and machines can be heroes, we just had never seen a mechanical servant yet. (Or an animal until Lobo)

>>523556138>>523556562the problem is that this is something that keeps happening, more specifically something that keeps happening whenever sakurai (the writter of olympus, shimousa and septem) has favoritism over a character.same shit happen in fate extella with the nero venus shitand now with musashi and with the primordial god shit in FGOI'm just amazed how much sakurai keeps getting away with it and her retarded plots also hate the fact since shimousa all sakurai chapters have forced supports


>>523557195>sakuraiHe can't keep getting away with it...!

>>523557195Why do they keep giving Sakurai work?

Fate is inherently cringe for genderbending historical figures

>>523557349Smells like they're grooming him to be Part 3 Director

>>523550767The brilliance was it was a funny scene and designed to be a funny scene. Way to prove you just have shit taste.

>>523557352but thats exactly why its based

Your first exposure to the franchise>Primaries: read the VN>Secondaries: watched anime adaptations of the VN, played the spinoff videogames, or read the spinoff LNs>Tertiaries: watched the anime adaptations of the spinoffs>Quaternaries: Played FGO>Quinternaries: Watched the anime adaptations of FGO>Sextanaries: Hentai of characters from the VN or its spinoffs>Septanaires: Hentai of FGO-original charactersWhere do you fall?

>>523557461Where does fanfiction fall

>>523556921It probably ties into Sakurai being a real prominent writer for the game since she's almost always involved in Musashi stuff. The fact the new OP has Douman and Muramasa means that we're likely getting Shimousa 2.0 from Sakurai.

>>523557523Same class as hentai, which is just a type of illustrated fapfiction

>>523557349Sakurai is a long time friend of Nasu and FGO staffing is made of favoritism and she'll likely take over after Nasu steps away after part 2.

>>523557461Anyone who's a primary is going to have to be like fucking 40+, the weeb scene was tiny back in 2004 compared to now

>>523557523Sextenaries, I suppose.

>>523557091Powerlevel threads are peak discussion. Not so long ago we had one in /a/. >arguments>walls of text>jokes>gilkek/jetkek etcit's much better than >FGO did this>FGO DID THIS>I HATE FGO>oh god I hate FGO>my old real TM>rincuck wormcuck>rin is lesbian >rincuck wormcuck x2>real TM was so good >TsUkihiMe oneme when? XD>all adaptations are shit fuck miura/sakurafag FZ uro trash>monologues secondaries monologues secondaries monologues >I have no arguments but I call everyone secondaries because it easy to do


>>523557461Primary who loves this series thoroughly and completely here.

Attached: 8618200600_558e9fd8f3_b.jpg (1024x581, 423.69K)

>>523550908Shut up Wodime, got genderbend another fucking nobody from greek legends into being some stupid dounut steel OC

>>523557753Or a young and impressionable kid. Like me

>>523556420>>523556381I'm right, though

>>523557839>Powerlevel threads are peak discussiont. dbs spic

>>523557091Fun fact, F/GO recently implied that ORT is still the strongest, dwarfing even Beast VII in power.Ultimate Ones are fucking insane.

Gachafags are mentally ill. Good riddance

>>523557461Primary is someone who not only read VN. Who read all TM material.

>>523552874Are you mentally bankrupt? Zero was garbage.

>>523557461But 2hufags told me you can be primary after playing source material. FGO is source material

>>523555338No words?

>>523557993Is GO going to involve ORT, or did I just read some bullshit spoilers?

>>523558250Beasts are jokes at this point. ORT is the only real threat we have left.

>>523558250Nasu is bringing ORT back for lostbelt 7 because he needs his new OC villain to get a powerup, so she wants to eat ORT. This is 100% confirmed at the end of olympus.

>>523558145Nope the VN is the source material of the franchise. Try learning what words actual mean

>>523558250At this point it is overwhelmingly implied that ORT is the menace of Lostbelt 7. Also that it is truly Type-Oort and not Type-Mercury at all, as well as having some unknown relationship with the god Tezcatlipoca.

>>523557415I also have that same feeling too, there is a sense a nepotism in the writting side of things in FGO and for some reason I get the feeling Nasu has favoritism for Sakurai of all people when it comes to writting stuff for the game, as far as I know nasu just wrote some important parts in olympus for continuity sake but everything else was sakurai's doing and it's amazing how far the story quality gap is from Atlantis to Olympus

>>523557993>Hey look guise this one is the most powerful thing evah, it can barf universes and obliterate multiverses just by breathing.Yet they job to some random ass teenager and never use their powers.

Attached: smug hoppo.png (970x678, 547.35K)

>>523557839>walls of text about DUDE GILKEK JETKEK GILKEK JETKEK>"arguments" where both sides just call each other cucks because they misunderstand on a fundamental level how fights progress in TM>"jokes" that are also just popularityfagging and other forms of shitposting>peak discussionFuck off. /a/ is a wasteland of garbage when it comes to Fate discussion.


Attached: __arcueid_brunestud_tsukihime_and_1_more_drawn_by_takeuchi_takashi__sample-e8027a5e6b4cfddbeb88a3fb230d573a.jpg (850x1210, 223.56K)

>>523557461Do we really have any primary in the west? I have a hard time anyone knew who Nasu even was until the Tsukihime anime came to the west.Secondary anyway, though I've read the VNs.

I just want more melty blood

>>523558250It's not random. He was mention in FGO. He's not from Mercury but from Oort Cloud. You can see his shadow in new trailer. At least it looks like his shadow. And he's supposed to appear in last LB. Last LB happens in South America.

>>523557839>Powerlevel threads are peak discussion

Attached: 1343954216820.png (638x477, 297.67K)

>>523558534>Yet they job to some random ass teenager and never use their powersFate villains in a nutshell

>>523557993you are retarded and didn't read saberwars 2

>>523557461Primary, I even helped my friends of mine start the series by playing the VN first to have the best experience>>523557753Anon, people are still playing the VNs today. I finished reading the VN this year, and i'm not even 20 years old. So your argument is pretty flawed.

Attached: Seiba.jpg (3300x2496, 492.16K)

I can't wait for Gudao and Mashu with Musashi to BTFO ORT to dab on you lorefags

>>523558557Nothing you mention happens in /a/ thread. Archives proves you wrong.

>>523558612>I have a hard time anyoneI meant "I have a hard time seeing anyone".

What makes ORT so strong? His wiki page sounds like he's got the same gimmicks as Tiamat.

>>523557461>Primaries: read the VN>Secondaries: watched anime adaptations of the VNThe DEEN anime came out in 2006 and the VN wasn't translated until like 2008 or something though

Attached: Ginji80.png (80x80, 14.36K)

>>523558654"Le Shiki" is not relevant in TM discussions for like 10 years after Nasu confirmed what he can do and what he can not. No one bring Shiki except of ancient olfags or newfriends. I hope you're not from BL

>>523558665There is shit like servants with 50 NPs and you never see even a single one of them because "reasons".I still don't know why people like this shit.

>>523558869>he doesn't know nip

>>523558869That changes nothing.

>>523555194ahh its wonderful to see musashi haters get triggered so easily.

>>523557839>discussing powerlevels on fate>when in most of fate plots the most uber powerful characters get btfo by some weakling teenager or just a normal humanwow! such amazing power scaling faggot

>>523558958I mean I stopped joining the discussions more than a decade ago, the split kinda fucked everything up and the content blackhole meant everything the same shit was getting repeated

>>523559073I know right? I don't know how anyone can hate that adorable genki swordswoman

>>523556132Most people are fine with it as what leads up to it explains more than a couple cherry picked out of context examples. Let us know when you're writing for a million dollar franchise and you can show us your dribble fanfic.

>>523558824Since he's not from Mercury who knows what his Terraforming can do.

>>523559112> He doesn't know about the 40 bad ends

>>523553447I mean, they make... Oddly great foils. I don't get it.>Both utilize heavy amounts of blue in their color scheme>Both are female warriors>Both use glowing swords, one blue, one yellow>Senua is a Pict warrior (In training) who's reasonably good at fighting, Saber is English Royalty who's very good at fighting>Both got unfairly fucked over by the world, and blamed themselves for it>Senua wears mostly cloth and shows off her arms, Saber wears metal and doesn't show much besides above her neck>Both have their hair tied up>Both are deeply troubled>Senua is fucking filthy, Saber is pretty clean.It's so weird.

where does true magic fit into all this powerlevel shit?

>>523555794OP's assthe yuriniggers are salty they got BTFOyuricucks are all mentally ill and madoka is trash

>>523558869Not even the first Nasu-verse we got in the west.

>>523559112Yes? That's why it is interesting. It's not about raw powerlevel like in dbz.

>>523558589Reminder that between now and the time the Tsukihime remake was first announced, Fate/Extra was announced, released, and had its own remake announced with an actual trailer.

>>523558824All Aristoteles lack a concept of death like Tiamat. Unlike Beast II, however, their immortality is unconditional and absolute; even giving them a concept of death doesn't actually kill them.Aristoteles are surrounded by their native environment. It seems harmless when it's Arcueid because she surrounds herself with Earth's logic (which proved devastating on the moon; crushing everything around her with 6x gravity), but nothing you can do will be assured to work the same in the reality of the Oort Cloud that ORT is shrouded by.Meanwhile even among Aristoteles, ORT alone is described as "an attack-type life form". ORT is literally "made" for battle. It is the perfect combat machine, a supreme alien designed at every level to assault and obliterate. The most powerful entities on earth are as nothing to it.We'll learn more in LB7, but as of now I expect firepower to make Ars Almadel Salomonis look like a joke.

>>523559392>Let me explain why Kohaku actually the best heroineThose days were comfy

>>523559328>he is unaware.

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>>523559407Remake is already entering playtest stage and soon Tsuki will reach official anniversary. user should actually start learning japanese. Even if Muramasa soon will be translated by cartel there is no home for TM series

>>523559454>however, their immortality is unconditional and absolute; even giving them a concept of death doesn't actually kill them.lol what? how does that even work

>>523559606nasu aint gotta explain shit

>>523559606You need to destroy their planet to kill them for sure

>>523559454>but as of now I expect firepower to make Ars Almadel Salomonis look like a joke.Oh you mean like Chaos already did and he got cucked by Musashi.

Can someone explain to me who V/V is and what role does she have in the nasuverse?

>>523559606Even if you destroy them utterly and completely, they're not dead. They cannot die, death is not a concept in their existence.At the time of Notes, Type-Venus was given a concept of death and then blasted with enough power to destroy a planet. It then lies in a blasted heap that stretches miles across, immobile for years, but in its own words it could stand up and walk away if it wanted.

Attached: 1553105741951.jpg (850x1034, 322.42K)

>>523546996kekFate was a really shitty and niche series that didn't take off until FGO took the only good aspects about it (wacky mythological and historical figures interacting with each other) and laser focused on them.FSN in particular is extremely bad. The VN is like 50% inner monologues that beat you over the head with the same exact high school level morilizing over and over again. 40% typical dating sim shit with tons of filler and all the girls going gaga for the MC. 10% actual story.Even Nasu himself he regretted how he wrote FSN and he himself admitted FSN is just a dating sim and uses the battle royale as a backdrop and little else.The reason the Zero anime was a huge success is because it completely drops the weeb dating sim garbage and instead focuses on the battle royale aspect and doesn't beat you over the head with the boring MC's retarded thoughts for dozens of hours.FSN boomers will forever seethe because FGO and Zero took the concept of FSN and actually made it good.

Attached: 1341361247.jpg (737x414, 42.79K)

Notes and a lot old Type concepts will be refined for sure. They bring types for a reason. Tsukihime is one of them too since everything in tsuki happened because of type. I bet my ass for vampires having own Alaya that is Dark Six from tsuki 2 prologue. And the reason of Extra world 1999 event

>>523559872>and doesn't beat you over the head with the boring MC's retarded thoughts for dozens of hours.Emiya Kiritsugu’s right hand continued its work of writing while his left hand mechanically shoveled his nutrition – hamburgers from a fast food restaurant he bought while investigating – into his mouth. For nine years, Emiya Kiritsugu had eaten at the table of the Einzberns, who were merely a hair removed from royalty themselves. He had grown tired of the cuisine. This fast food, filled with the sense of slaughter, was more suited to his tastes. Being able to eat without interrupting one’s words or thoughts was better than anything, no matter how you looked at it.

>>523557091what the fuck is so great about new times? some old fashioned 30% arcueid could beat a motivated gilgamesh might heal all of our wounds and transform us not into the men we were but the men we are supposed to be. glory expelling everything.

>>523559872t. animeonly

>>523559831V/V is the thoughtform of Type-Venus, created after Type-Venus devoured the dreams of liners and A-Rays (and the last human).She appears like an angel. Type-Venus's true body is a miles-long stretch of terrain that appears like a carnivorous plant, with two massive trees (wings) growing from its back.As ORT is described as an attack-type being, Type-Venus is described as a consumption-type being. It eats other things and makes them of itself. Its goal was to devour the flesh of Earth and paint it into a second Venus, but in the end Godo shot it down. V/V was born after humans moved onto the immobile bulk of its body, since it proved the only fertile soil in the world of overcount 1999.She mostly hangs around Godo's house like a bum and poorly plays guitar, ruminating on the actions of the Aristoteles and the survivors of planet earth.

Attached: venus.jpg (1920x1080, 732.03K)

>>523559328Yurifag here, I've been on the winning side since day 1

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>>523560072That post was talking about the anime. In the anime Kiritsugu takes up a minimal amount of screen time. He only has 2~3 episodes dedicated to him. The story focuses on the HGW as a whole, not the boring ass MC like FSN does.>>523560257t. seething fsn boomer

>activates Kaleidoscope>travels back in time>kills your Master before they were born>in every universe at once, simultaneously>*psshhh*name five servants that have a counter to Zelretch deciding to do this in a HGW

Attached: zelretch.png (510x798, 686.64K)

>>523560268Yeah, Carnival Phantasm is the sole reason I knew she even exist.Is this some Notes stuff?Is it worth reading?

>>523559831>>523560268 (me)Entered a bit too fast. Anyway, while other Aristoteles can be considered fundamentally inhuman (they don't have anything that really equates to consciousness, they're effectively the most advanced machines in the universe), Type-Venus was able to gain and understand human thought after gnawing on dreams for a bit. She found she likes the survivors of Earth well enough, and wishes the Aristoteles did not have to do what they do.

Attached: Guitar.jpg (350x475, 73.12K)

>>523560268Has she appeared in any TM shit besides CP or is this just an infodump from a settings book or something?

>>523560281>non canon protag>trashusauga yurishitter

>>523560463Yeah, Godo and V/V's conversations makes up half the content of Notes. I would definitely call it worth reading, it's not very long in any case.

Attached: Godo_CharacterMaterial.jpg (350x230, 57.19K)

>>523560327>anime-only secondaryOpinions disqualified

>>52356010630% arcueid posting is worse than Gilkek posting. At least Gilkek has NP, stats etc. You can imagine how the fight is going on. Outside of him using unknown NPs. Vampire powers have no such detailed information. Especially Arcueid's one. Even regeneration is not explained deep like magecraft. >Arc punch strong! Unga Bunga Marble Phantasm!

>>523560583>seething fsn boomerOpinion has never qualified

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>>523560642>boomerAnd a newfag to boot

>>523560580I'll give it a go.

Bros why are the zoomers making fun of us........

>>523560516It's from a short story, called Notes, which Nasu wrote even before Tsukihime and F/SN. I think it was supposed to be a distant, distant epilogue to his setting, but he also left it vague enough to not really matter.mediafire.com/file/4w9jk2bwy8b0xsh/Angel_Notes.zip/fileOnly now with the latest Lostbelt has it shown to become relevant again.

>>523560713Because they are soulless bug people who cannot conceive why people would not enjoy paypigging for .jpgs

>>523560771>142-153Wait, does it mean this is part of something bigger or is it from an info dump book?

>>523560771I'm pretty sure Notes was inspired by NGE. Like original draft of Mahoyo.

>>523560642I'm literally an 18 years, how am I boomer? The boomer argument just doesn't work since people, even today, are still reading the VN.

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>>523560982It was part of an angel-themed doujin anthology called Angel Voice. Notes was Nasu's part of it though.Fun fact, Type-Moon's official company name is "Notes Co., Ltd.". It was really an important story to him, once upon a time.

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>>523561429Oh, okay.

>>523561294ok boomer

>>523542812What's the point of this board if all these games already have generals on /vg/?And the threads are still being made in Holla Forums all the time anyway.

>>523557461The only true first exposure

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>>523542812>>523561625READ THE FUCKING STICKY

>>523561625/v/ is for /vpol/

>>523561552More like ok zoomer desu

>>523561682>kagutsuchiMan, Mai Hime was dope.

>>523561689I don't give a fuck, I'm never going into that shithole.

>>523561930>I don't give a fuck>yet gives a fuck

>>523561930Then don't fucking complain about the board


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>>523561930Yet you'll stay in this shithole.

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>>523562186Go back to /vg/

>>523557461I got interested by the story in Deen's adaptation, then decided to drop it and play the VN instead to get the full story and the rest of the routes.

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