This game does not respect my time

seriously, what the fuck is up with the checkpoints in this game? there is one right before the (god awful) horse boss fight, but not one after? I was caught off guard, got ganked and had to redo it 3 times until I beat him again. What is up with this shit? What's the purpose of making the player repeat a boss fight they already slogged through?

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Ninja Gaiden Ligma

Isn't this the casual version with MORE checkpoints?

What are you talking about?Are you failing to kill the horse rider, or are you playing on a difficulty too high for you right now and getting destroyed by the master ninja second phase?

>>523540215checkpoints aren't difficulty anyway. repeating something again and again is only tedium.>>523540338I killed him first try, and now killed him again. I didn't get difficulty selections.

nevermind... there was a saving dragon I couldn't see. this post is meaningless then. still kinda fucked up how you can get ganked before you even get to it though!

>>523539964>respect my timeYou sound like a tremendous faggot.

>>523540215Yes. It also added a save point at the bottom of the underground Tairon ruins in case the zombie archers fuck you up, not that it matters since the windmill shuriken works on them unlike in NGB.

>>523540215>>523541472It also adds more Muramasa statues, again in case you run out of resources, you can just farm yellow essence and buy more incendiary shurikens or whatever.

now imagine playing Black with even less checkpoints

>>523540215Sigma is literally the hardest version of the game you dumb faggot. You better not be fucking Vladimir falseflagging.

>>523541831the number of save statues added in Sigma is not even enough to be counted in one hand

>>523541939>>523542024oh its the sigma apologist again

>>523542238kill yourself Vladimir

>>523542343sigma sucks you fuckin faggot

>>523541939I played and prefer Sigma but it's not harder.>More save points>More shops>Tons of small changes in enemy placement that is slightly easier>Swimming made easier (much better to control and less bullshit, but easier nonetheless)>Midair bow firing which enemy AI from Black wasn't ready for (although it makes the awful Tank & Chopper fights a lot more manageable)>Only new content is Rachel stuff, which is easier than any of Ryu's content (I like playing as Rachel personally but unless she gets swarmed she has an easy time handling enemies)

What a pussy. Sigma has MORE checkpoints than the Xbox version.

>>523539964>suck at the game>game doesn't give you respect for suckingyeah no shit you fucking idiot

>>523541939I played Sigma Plus rather than regular Sigma but I didn't see anything significant in terms of difficulty difference.It does feel like enemies are less inclined to counter/block FS in Sigma Plus than in Black, though.

>>523542515No, you haven't. Now fuck off.

>>523542465Sigma and Black are the exact same game

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>>523542515>Midair bow firing which enemy AI from Black wasn't ready for (although it makes the awful Tank & Chopper fights a lot more manageable)Those bosses are only hard in the Sigma Plus version. And that's only because you cannot turn off the fucking motion sensor aiming, which is beyond awful, it's the worst control scheme in the entire series.

>>523542603I guess the game does respect me because there was a statue. It was just obscured by the fire effect.


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>>523543350where your non sigma version then

>>523543395I haven't had an Xbox in many years, nor its games. Call it a cop-out but that's the truth.

>>523542624I cannot vouch for +>More enemies>More bosses>More chapters>More missions>Survial modes>Berserk AI does not turn off when off camera>More ranged AI does not turn off when off camera>Ninpo's default level 3 is less powerful unless you break your controller shaking it>No invincible recovery from wall splats>No healing bracelet in mission mode>Less health in mission mode (Eternal Legend)>Doku has followup to his most punishable move>No double incendiary shuriken from bird flip>No lunar staff in chapter 1 MNMI am probably even forgetting stuff. All that was added was quality of life improvements that X-faggot fanboys and parrot posers pretend make the game easier in any way. Case in point this faggot >>523542515

>>523543594me neither and yet i can still remember most of the differences instead of your bullshit parrot bullet points

Sigmautist never sleeps. Always vigilant to defend his beloved Sigma from xbud lies

The starting costume is the best one. TFW use glitch to keep it for the whole game. not in ligma though

>>523544317Maybe one day when Krokodil finally eats through your bones i will get to have a NG thread where i can finally talk to another NG fan.

>>523543896>More bosses>More chapters>More missionsAgain from Sigma Plus I don't remember anything beyond the stuff with Rachel's missions, what else was there?>Ninpo's default level 3 is less powerful unless you break your controller shaking itThe tapping equivalent in S+ was really annoying because of how imprecise it was, I still wouldn't consider it much of a handicap though.>No healing bracelet in mission modeSigma Plus had a ridiculously OP bracelet which, I do know it wasn't in regular Sigma though.Honestly most of the stuff you listed I think are in S+ but it didn't seem to be enough to make a difference. Shit like certain enemies not blocking FS or the windmill shuriken was a much bigger issue for me.

>>523543896>>523544778Wait, I remember there was a Dynamo rematch before the military base. Which I found more annoying than hard, frankly, especially compared to the bullshit that was the tank and helicopter bosses afterwards because of how bad the Vita aiming controls were.

>>523544778Dark Dragon Blade Doku, Alternator, GamovRachel's chaptersRachel's missions>The tapping equivalent in S+ was really annoying because of how imprecise it was, I still wouldn't consider it much of a handicap thoughI have no idea how annoying it is but i doubt it's worse than a function that barely works. The motion controls in Sigma are set to ridiculously low sensitivity so you have to vibrate a hole in your seat to get the improved ninpo to come out. I literally never bother with this mechanic and just use the regular one, but the it makes ninpo slightly less damage. >Sigma Plus had a ridiculously OP bracelet which, I do know it wasn't in regular Sigma thoughSigma Plus adds a bunch of items that improve your stats. The regular version has none of that. The healing bracelet is from OG NG, it was removed in Black but it's still in the mission mode which makes some missions noticeably easier, like the 100 enemies ones. >Shit like certain enemies not blocking FS or the windmill shuriken was a much bigger issue for meYou are literally making this shit up. I listed ALL the AI differences in Sigma in that post and as for enemy property differences:>Berserkers don't guard break with their first attack in Sigma>Fiend Murai grab has slightly bigger windup in SigmaThat's it. Anything else and you are making it up.

>>523545039It's not Dynamo, it's Alternator. He has an expanded moveset and more importantly, no longer gets stuck in a basic AI loop.

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>>523545781>You are literally making this shit upZombie archers block the windmill shuriken in Black and don't in Sigma Plus. You can accuse me of lying all day long but I know from playing the damn game. Not my problem if you don't believe me.>>523545878I literally didn't notice that it was a different boss. Again, it wasn't of note compared to the fucking artificial bullshit of dealing with the bow controls in the military base mission.

>>523546787And yes I remember this shit distinctly because of how much more annoying the zombie archer section in the underground ruins is in Black than in Sigma Plus, in Sigma Plus it's trivial because you can just spam the WS and get rid them before having to risk jumping.

>>523546787You stupid faggot...zombie archers have a phase in which they block ALL shuriken projectiles and one where they don't. It's the exact fucking same in both versions, they did not touch this enemy AT ALL.>I literally didn't notice that it was a different bossI know, it's almost like you're an imbecile who doesn't know what he is talking about.

>>523547458You cannot cheese the archers in Black with WS, I tried for fucking ages. Fuck off.

NG4 soon

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>>523547865Even if they made it, it'd probably be mediocre.

>>523547458>>523547738Also the fucking archers respawn in Black if you fall down whereas they don't in Sigma. To say nothing of the additional Muramasa statue and save point in the area. The entire section is much more annoying in Black.

>>523547865Where's all the blood?

>>523547918maybe, maybe not. We'll never know until the game releases. It's Schrodinger's Ninja. >>523548097Are you blind, user?

>>523547458>I know, it's almost like you're an imbecile who doesn't know what he is talking about.The boss was extremely unmemorable because it was a repurposed version of a previous boss. But please do keep being a douchebag to someone who was trying to meet you half-way when everyone else hates your fucking guts, it's really endearing.

another zoomer falls to Ninja Gaiden reboot's challenge

>>523548495>untilIf, man. It's if at best right now.

>>523539964You should instead be complaining that there are any checkpoint zoomer fag.

>>523547738Literally no one fucking uses windmill shuriken in that area because it does fuck all damage whole having fuck huge recovery time. Why are you making this shit up?>>523548046It looks like you are trying to be a lying faggot on the internet. Do you need some help? this is what happens when you entire experience with the game is watching the first playlist on youtube where the guy happens to miraculously lands past the point where the zombies spawn. KYS

>>523539964You got filtered on multiple levelsFirstly you are playing the shit version of the gameSecond you didn't learn how to use the bowThird you don't know how to block

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>>523542515>>523543896They also gutted half the fucking game, fuck off with ligmaI think sigma 2 is better than vanilla 2 in many ways though

Why did they do this? Why not just make a straight port?

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Sigma is the best version and there is literally no argument against this. It is absolute FACT and I am EXTREMELY based.

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>>523548672I have no half ways, there is the facts and the truth and there is everything else. I don't give two flying fucks about the couple of regular faggots that continuously make these threads for the sole purpose of repeating this same """""discussion"""" over and over. I don't have an ounce of respect for them so why would i care that that they "hate my guts" or ever want to compromise over something i know i am right about? I have yet to have an argument with anyone that knows a fucking thing about this series in this website. The actual people out there i have discussions with don't hate my guts because they are NG fans like i am, not some loser with an agenda. Get a fucking grip. The only reason i ever enter these threads anymore is to perform like fan civic duty to the series in case any new players who are too dumb to do their own research actually fall for this faggotry.

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>>523548495Not blind, but I played a very different

How many xboxes do you have, Holla Forums?

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>>523539964just wait dude. there is like a 40 minute section before the final boss every time

>>523549451forgot my pic

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>>5235503140. Why must you wound me?

>>523549451>Video shows a guy getting knocked down before killing any of them>Shows him falling next to the Muramasa statue>He switches to the WS straight afterwardsLiterally what are you trying to prove, on any counts? Why is it that the instant someone says something you don't believe to be true, you accuse them of lying instead of thinking you might be mistaken? You didn't even fucking play Sigma Plus. I guess people were right, you are a fucking autist and get snubbed for good reason. Fuck off.

>>523550412How come user?

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>>523550314Two. One is in pieces but still works fine.

>>523550494Not much room. 6 months ago I thought I'd have a career. Now I'd rather have a rope. Things like Xboxes are just a peripheral thought.


>>523550426>literally lying about shit that is happening in a linked video for everyone to seeHow did you become so fucked up in the head? Does your dad beat you in the head with a hammer since birth?

>tfw wallruning and hitting shuriken + Y on the archers to skip those stupid trials

>>523550609falseflag, we emulated it years ago for free

>>523550314Three all crystal and all have a busted PSU. Maybe someday I'll get around to fixing them, again.

>>523550609It's been more than 15 years, so I'd say never. Buy any xbox to play NGB. >>523550719emulating ligma means you get the shit version plus added input lag. no thanks

>>523550719You can only emulate sigma 1 and 3 razor's edge.

>>523539964GIT GUD

>>523550631Literally nothing you are accusing me of lying of is shown in that clip and you can't even be bothered to specify what they are. The enemies don't respawn because he didn't fucking kill any of them before falling down at any point. The Muramasa statue is right fucking there. And people use the fucking WS, he switched to it. It's easy to use in S+ because it takes out the archers easily while costing nothing unlike ninpo or IS. You would know this if you played the fucking game.>HURR UR LYING I CAN'T BE WRONG!!!Actually fuck off you retarded autist.

>>523550816Fix them man. My entire stack is hardmoded either with TSOP flashing or openxenium. Feels amazing when you completely future proof your xbox. I'll probably do a full recap on them when I have the time

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Black > 2 > Sigma = Samurai Jack BTT > 3RE > Dragon Sword = Sigma 2 >>> 3 > Yaiba

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Sigma is simply better because they fixed the pacing of the game removed the so called "puzzles" and focused on pure action and bumping up the difficulty. Diehard Black fans can screech all they want but it's a objective fact.

>>523551162I can confirm the faggot archers respawn in NGB when you fall down.

>>523550631>>523551162Also, don't bother replying, I'm not interested. You want to know why no one will discuss shit with you? It's because you literally cannot conceive that you're wrong on any level and are incapable of holding a functional argument or rational discussion.Sort your fucking life out before you bother using these threads.

>>523551385>focused on pure actionthe combat is worse than black though

>>523551397That's literally what I said, the issue was Sigma. But it doesn't matter because the clip he posted doesn't show any of the things he's talking about, so he didn't even check before posting it. He's a moron. fuck him.

>>523549682>Second you didn't learn how to use the bowI honestly can't be bothered, it feels like absolute shit>blockI do

>>523551537Like I said, keep screeching. No one cares that you're butthurt because someone ported your game. LMAO

>>523548097It's the nu ninja gaiden for playstation players LOL

>>523539964Boss fights are under a minute what are you talking about? You can even farm currency once you're in the airship level. I didn't even finish this game yet, but you sound like you need to just be a better player and stop being a bitch.

>>523551162Why are you insist on being a such a loser? The archers in that area only respawn if you fall past their respawn point in the map, it does not matter how many you kill or if you kill none at all because it's the wave being triggered again that respawns enemies, you literally hear them despawn and respawn again. The only way they do not respawn is if you fall back onto the ramp past the point where the wave activates.He literally does not switch to the windmill shuriken AFTER he is done with that part. He switches because he is playing the fucking game and not trying to prove a fake argument based on a lie on the internet.


Why haven't they given these games the DMC HD collection treatment yet? I just want to play the first one again without having to fix my broken xbox.

>NG threads>People shit themselves screaming over Black vs 2 vs Sigma vs 3RE>DMC threads >People shit themselves screaming over 1 vs 3 vs 4 vs 5>Platinum threads>People shit themselves screaming over Bayo vs Bayo 2 vs Revengeance vs W101 vs Astral Chain vs TFD>Action game threads>People shit themselves screaming over NG vs DMC vs Platinum vs whatever else

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>>523551614>I honestly can't be bothered, it feels like absolute shitThis is why retards spend 40 minutes getting past THAT room

>>523551424I have discussions with NG fans literally all the time. That's because we are all at the same level in terms of information and experience to minor variable degrees. In this case, i know what i am talking about and you don't have any fucking idea whatsoever.

>>523551680I don't get it. 3 had blood and gore on PS3, why did they gut sigma 2 like that?

>>523551960False equivalency. DMC and Bayo fag threads consist of mostly people who have played and have interest in the game. NG threads consist of the same couple Xbox posers autists talking about the only thing they know. You give these faggots way too much credit, DMC and Bayo threads are good

>>523552062No one knows, the blood system is there only they changed it's intensity and color.

>>523552226>DMC and Bayo threads are goodnot him but stopped reading there

I think that NGB fans just feel threatened. They feel if you take away NG from MS they will be left with a hollow childhood unwilling to admit their favorite game migrated to Xboxes biggest rival and was enhanced in the process. They will seek any silly argument to validate their obsessive dependency on a outdated game.


>>523551259For me 2 is way more fun to replay than black.

>>523547918>>523547865Didn't the Ninja Gaiden team make the new Samurai jack game? it actually looks pretty good even if pretty low budget

>>523551959There's literally 0 chance of it happening. Fix your xbox

>>523552575PC chad here, we want Black on PC not shitty sigma trash

>>523552848It's from people that left Team Ninja alongside Itagaki, but not Itagaki himself. You can cross-reference the credits and see the Director and lead gameplay/combat designers for Jack have similar roles in NG Black & 2. It's definitely budget though, and not 1:1 with NG. There's stuff like a Flying Swallow equivalent but you need to learn to space it and Guard Cancel it upon landing to not have a long recovery on it, for example. There's also a lot of weapons that are temporary, and it's weird because you get certain upgrade materials when weapons break but you can repair them if you want; you can steal weapons from enemies if you do a grab on them that kills while Unarmed.

>>523552234Has anyone been able to adjust the values using cfw? Every PS3 can run homebrew now

>>523552575Imagine not having access to all of 6th gen

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>>523553360You sold me on itIs there an XYXXXY?Also how shit is the switch version? I might pirate it

>>523553580Switch version apparently doesn't run as well but it's not unplayable. Apparently it's available on Apple Arcade so it can't be THAT intensive.

>>523550823>input lag

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>>523551959Just play them on XoneX or buy the Series X

so when exactly does this game get hard? at chapter 3 atm. I expected souls level difficulty.

>>523552497They are. You have plenty of people in them that put their interest in the games above anything else. Whenever this vs that discussion happens it's because of a clash of interests and not because one of the games is in different system (at least for DMC).Imagine if all DMC threads consisted of a couple of faggots claiming that Special Edition is the casual version of DMC3 because my dad works at Capcom and he says Hell Prides are 10% more aggressive in the original game trust me bro. Now imagine the rest is a couple more Oblivion NPCs posting "I've heard others say the same".

>>523546787if you played sigma plus you should be glad to have the bow controls, the touch screen makes the control tower a piece of cake since you can just click on the enemies on the control tower on the touch screen instead of actually aiming

>>523552575What ever could give you that idea? >>523550314>>523550494

>>523552575>enhancedNot with those loading screens

I just like every version on NG outside of vanilla 3 and Yaiba. They all are simmlar yet different enough to warrant a playthrough.

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>>523558032>I just like every version on NG outside of vanilla 3 and YaibaMe too.>They all are simmlar yet different enough to warrant a playthrough.Kinda, it is my honest opinion that there is not much reason to play Black after Sigma and 04 after Black. If you really want to see the couple of puzzle sections and those 2 costumes i guess. I do really miss the Black/Red scarf costume, i really liked using it with the Plasma Saber. I really don't like that the saber and the dark dragon are only accessible during the end of the game in Black and Sigma.

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>anons complaining about zombie archersgit gud at platforming and just dont get hit by their arrows. its piss easy

>>523558894If you have access to Hurricane Packs 1 and 2 it's worth another playthrough of 04 and like other annons were saying with Sigma, stuff is placed differently and other stuff added that makes runs of Sigma and Black varied enough to see play. But yeah not having access to the Dark Dragon Blade and Plasma Sword until endgame sucks given that there's no NG+ in Black and Sigma

>>523548965Team Ninja has stated they want to do NG4 once they're done with Nioh multiples times.

>tfw finally got around to getting 1000 kills in all Rachel survival trials yesterday and now I'm ranked top 5 on all of them.Only have one Ryu survival left to get 1000 kills in all

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>>523539964i just can’t get over this game. honestly if it were more focused in combat that in adventure than i would already finish it. But I always drop at the beggining of chapter 3yeah i know i am a brainlet and all that

>>523550274Same amount of blood

>>523560131Sucks that the plasma sword never returned to the series as well.

>>523560405what do you mean?

Will he be in Ninja Gaiden 4?

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>>523556430I don't know about bayo threads but hellllll no about DMC threads, daily general threads are always peak autismo. You can only have the same group of people talking about the same shit every day before it gets retarded, just look at smash bros. if you feel some kind of special bond or belonging to those threads then so help you god

>>523560405nigga what? there are like 4-5 puzzles that are piss easy. it has classic resident evil style design. you should try NG2 if you like the combat cuz its literally room to room slaughtering enemies

One change from the original that I don't like is how to nerf Flying Swallow the devs gave most bosses nonsensical block states where they would block with their backs and shit.Like at least give them a fucking animation for that.

>>523560682it's all a matter of perspective. You see this fucking hellhole of a thread? This is all that NG gets, all the time, every time for years now. DMC threads are bliss compared to this and you should count yourself lucky. I go there just to get away from this place.

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>>523560853What original? I did not play 04 but that's been there since Black. I'm sure it must have been in the original since it is the same animation for blocking projectiles.

>>523561123It wasnt there in the original. They made a lot of enemies block it now (and the heavy soldiers in VH and MN mode counter you) as well as giving a lot of enemies grabs so they can bypass you blocking

>>523561123>What original?04. I understand that FS was almost braindead OP in that and that's how they tried to nerf it, but playing Black for the first time and feeling like your FS just won't connect at random was still frustrating.

>>523561312that i did know, but not about the blocking. >>523561395never really bothered me. FS is only useful against like 2 bosses. I always treated FS as a mobility skill or finishing move for style.

>>523561395if you FS while they are doing an attack or just dropping a smokebomb makes the FS connect. Although a few enemies will block it anyway.And for the record. In NG04 you could cheese dynamo by just FSing nonstop and get him stuck in a loop of just taking it like a

>>523561395>FS doku>he blocks it and grabs you in your recovery animationholy fuck what a cancer of a boss fight. that fucker doesnt even stagger and can instantly grab you midst combo

>>523561790git gud

>>523561790his grab has a noticable startup animation. He will move his hand backwards before lashing out. Dont be stupid and commit to a long combo.Also dont FS right on top someone because then you dont move far away from htem

>>523561790At least you can still cheese him with the flails in Black.In Sigma though...

>>523550494Because you have them all, asshole

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>>523561995not really. that grab is so fast that you can't really react to it. he doesnt stagger and just grab you out of nowhere.